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filling their duties of patriotism and loyalty to the supreme Head of the
Republic and Chief of the political group, under the obligation of giving
prestige to the reform and of cementing it on the national respect and
support; and they will continue thus firm immovable and at their post
in the battle, obeying the orders dictated by the first Magistrate of the
Nation with a view to ensure the Victory over the nefarious work of
baseness ingratitude and military treachery. Aurelio Estrada, Juan
M. Arce, Felix P. Zelaya R., Jenaro Lugo, Jose D. Estrada, E. Rivas
(hijoj, Le6n F. Aragon, Mariano Espinosa, J. Santos Ramirez, Fi-an.
Cisco E. Torres, Felix Garcia Torres, Juan de Dios Moreira, Pvdro
R. Cuadra, Francisco Uriarte B., Jose D. Gdmez, David A. Fornos,
Ascensidn Flores R., Guadalupe Espinosa, Manuel Zamora, Julidn
Corea, Saturnino Cuadra, Juan A. Perez, Eufreciano Gdmez, Felix
P. Zelaya M., Timoteo Cajina, Isidoro Morales, Clemente Cabezas,
Manuel Maltes, Francisco Pdrez, Eugenio Corea, Alfredo Zelaya, Ar-
turo Zelaya, Manuel Obando, Juan DoTia , Epaminondas Torres.
(And other signatures.)*


Granada at 11 a. m. Oct. 20, 1909.

The Municipality of Granada has had cognizance of the fact that in
the city of Bluefields a subversive movement has broken out, lead by the
Governor and Intendant D. Juan J. Estrada, an officer te whom had
been confided the destinies of so important a department of the Repu-
blic. For this disloyal member, the remembrance of heroic sacrifices
made in 1894 was of no avail, for his incorporation into the national
Life of no avail was the patriotic mission of identifiying the interests of
that coastland with those of the rest of the Republic; nor were of an}^
avail the special considerations of his Chief and friend, whose desire
it was to raise the name of his subordinate, now a rebel, ever .presen-
ting him as a type of soldierlike honour and loyalty, nor we f&dl sure,
did he ever have a thought of the grave responsibility that weighed
down upon him for having scandalized the world with no other result

- 16 -

thau that of anarchy in the reduced circle of his influence and the cons-
quent paralysation of the resources of the national life.

0n account of these antecedents and in accordance as this Corpora-
tion is with the Government presided over by General D. J. S. Zelaya?

Firstly. To reprove the conduct of the ex-Governor and Intendant
of the Department of Zelaya D. J. J. Estrada as being disloyal trea-
cherous and inconsistent towards his Comtry his chief and his friend.

Secondly. To offer to the Goverment constituted and presided over
by General Zelaya the entire moral and material force at the disposal of
this body, to maintain the institutions, restore peace, and punish the one
who is guilty and those who abet him.

Thirdly. Call upon all the citizens of this town to make manifesta-
tions to the same end, restoring in this way honour to the Republic and
especially to the national Army that would blot out the stain made upon
it by those unnatural sons of Nicaragua.

Fourthly. To forward this resolution to the President of the Repu-
blic and have it published in the press of the Country. Coronado Ur-
bina, Luis Benard, Francisco Bustos, G. Robleto, Tiburcio Moreira,
Gonzalo Ocon, Grilberto Buitrago D., Pilar A. Ortega, Secretary.*


In the city of Masaya at 3 p. m. of Oct. 14, 1909.
The undersigned members of the municipal Corporation of this city
here assembled have learned through the press that General D. Juan
J. Estrada, Intendant of the Atlantic Coast failing in his duty as a
citizen and officer has taken up arms with a view to making his coun-
try bleed by fomenting civil war, of which it is difficult to foresee the
consequences; this corporation interpreting the feelings of the inhabi-
tants of this city, who- fully appreciate the merits of President J. Santos
Zelaya, do resolve:

Firstly. To reprove the conduct of the rebel chief D. Juan J. Es-

Secondly. To manifest to General President D. J. Santos Zelaya
the firm adherance of this body to his Government that they offer to
uphold with their persons and property.

Thirdly. To publish the present resolution in the paper of the wi-

- 17 -

olest circulation and that a copy of the same should be sent to the Pre-

This resolution was read approved and signed by all. Alcalde, Car-
los Abaunza; Syndic, Jose Maiia Fe^a/Regidores: J. Jacinto Perez 8.,
Fabio Boza, G. OrdeTiana and Juan D. Gutierrez. In my presence,
F. Ignacio Bolanos, Secretary.*


In the Hall of public meetings of the municipal Palace of Jinotepe
at 12 p. m. of Oct. 17, 1909.

The Municipality and local Committees with the attendance of the
Central Liberal Club and the undersigned citizens, the Secretary read
the preceding invitation and considering that the memory is still fresh
of the presidency during which the community without shades of poli-
tical colour in various manners vied for the honour of showing subor-
dination to and sympathy for the First Magistrate of the Republic with
acts and festivities of which a record has been perpetuated by the art
of the photographer and the talent of the correspondents of the press.

Considering that these manifestations on the part of a city of hard
workers are foreign to all servile spirit and alone bear the mark of the
sincerity of a loyal honourable and independent people.

Considering that if a revolution is on certain occasions a right of
the people, rebellion on the other hand at all times and in all places is a
base and punishable act, unanimously agree:

Firstly. To condemn the rebellion, of which notice has been brought
to us, committed on the Atlantic Coast by the authorites presided over
ly General D. Juan Estrada.

Secondly. To renew to the worthy Government presided over by Ge-
neral D. Jose Santos Zelaya in the present circumstances the expression
of devotion and support felt by the city of Jinotepe.

Thirdly. Take steps to send a deputation to Managua to place in
the hands of the President this resolution.

Read approved and signed. F. M. Romdn, Pedro P. Ramirez, Na-
poletn Miranda, Francisco Zuniga M., Llodomiro Buitrago, Nemesio
Porras C., Jose Narvdez, Carlos A. Gutierrez, Virgilio Zuuiga, Cesar
Amaya, H. Sanchez, Noe Morales. (Other signatures follow.)*

- 18 -


Chinandega, Oct. 18, 1909.

A special meeting of the Municipal Council took place to deal with
the unjustifiable events occurred in the Department of Zelaya, the lead-
ing actor in which stands the representave of authority itself General
D. J. J. Estrada.

This Council in view of the fact that the conduct of this officer in-
vested in authority, places him in the rank of traitors; that by rebelling
against the Constituted Government of the Department whose destiny
had bee*n entrusted to him he must be stigmatized as disloyal; that by
joining the relentless enemies of the institutions that govern us he has
broken the promise he made to defended them at the cost of his life's
blood, resolved:

Firstly. To strongly censure the conduct of General J. J. Estrada
condemning the movement of which he is the instigator as antipatriotic
treacherous and disloyal.

Secondly. Knowing the honourable sentiments of this community,
and in the assurance that they are animated by those expressed by this
Council, these proceedings will be left open that the greatest number of
citizens possible may append their signatures to the same, thus de-
monstrating that the ignominious act referred to falls alone on the back
of the authors of so unqualifiable a crime.

Thirdly. To offer the Government presided over by General Zela-
ya our entire moral and material support to lay bare the insurrection.
In proof of which our signatures.

Fourthly. To depute the Mayor (Alcalde) General Robert Gonzalez
to deliver into the hands of the President of the Republic General Zela-
ya the present proceedings. Let it be stated that the Municipal Counsil-
lors present were the Mayor Gonzalez: regidores: Dr. Gabriel Rivas,
Dr. Esteban Sotomayor, D. Justino Sanson, D. Ramon Valladares; y
Sindico, Manuel H. Guevara.

Alcalde, Roberto Gonzalez; regidores: Dr. Gabriel Rivas, Justino
Sanson, Esteban Sotomayor, J. Francisco Prez, J. F. Martinez.
(Follow other signatures.) Chinandega, Oct. 25, 1909. J. A. Corea,


In the city of Leon a special meeting was held by the Municipal
Council under the presidency of the Mayor Sr. Cortes, assisted by the
Regidores Berrios Guerrero, M. Mayorga Pineda, Enrique Salamanca,
Telleria Valle y Valladares; Treasurer, Sacasa, y Syndic, Jerez, on the
subject of the news published in the papers as to the rebellions move-
ment that has broken out on the Atlantic Coast of the Republic.

Considering that by that movement public order has been disturbed
and that for the restoring of the same all citizens should co-operate, it
is agreed:

Firstly. To consider as deserving censure the attitude taken up by
the Governor and Intendant General D. Juan J. Estrada.

Secondly. To make it clear to the President of the Republic that
this community deplore this ocurrence and to offer him all the moral
and material support of the citizens and corporation necessary to put-
down the rebellion and restore constitutional order.

Thirdly. Remit the present minutes to the President and publish
the same.

The resolution being passed the meeting was adjourned. Pedro
Cortes. In my presence, Andres Ramirez S. (Secretary).


The town Council in special sitting under the present date, on lear-
ning that General Juan J. Estrada has raised the cry of rebellion on the
Atlantic Coast committing by so doing an act of treason to his country
and to his party, and that it is the duty of this Corporation to pass a vote
of censure upon the conduct of Sr. Estrada and at the same time one of
support for the Gorvernment of General J. Santos Zelaya, agree:

Firstly. To censure the conduct of the aforesaid Sr. Estrada for the
treachery of which he is guilty, being at the time a servant of the Go-
vernment for which reason he deserves the epithet of traitor.

Secondly. To offer the Government in the present emergency our
determined support for which we stake our interests and were it neces-


Sary our lives. Magdalcno Arauz, Mayor; Regidores: Toribio Hriones,
Antonio Icaza, Alberto Valdivia, Carmen M. Montenegro; R. Ireneo
Rodriguez, Syndic; Juan C. Meza, Secretary.


Somoto at 4 p. m. Oct. 17, 1909.

The Municipal Corporation assembled at a special meeting presided
over by the Mayor General D. Erasmo Calderon, landed proprietor as-
sisted by the Regidores D. J. Andres Tercero, D. Manuel J. Martinez.
D. Macario Rivas, D. Ramon Alfaro C., and Syndic D. J. Antolin Ta-
lavera. The sitting began by the reading of the minutes of the last mee-
ting and was approved. The Mayor gave an account of the treachery of
the Intendant of the Atlantic Coast, General Estrada who by abandoning
the liberal party has failed in the trust placed in him b}' the Govern-
ment and leader of the party Sr. D. J. Santos Zelaya. This Municipality
and community should adopt measures in keeping with those principles
that have ever distinguished the people of this city and it was unani-
mously voted and agreed:

Firstly. To strongly censure the criminal and antipatriotic con-
duct of the aforesaid General Estrada as a discordant note in a distin-
guished member of the liberal party.

Secondly. This Corporation and community in a frank and decisive
manner offer to the President General J. Santos Zelaya their ready co-
operation in the present circumstances placing at his disposal their lives
and interests.

Thirdly. To persuade the other Municipalities of the Department to,
should they think, fit draw up to the same effect statements of their ad-
hesion to the supreme Head of the Republic. That these proceedings
should be transcribed in due form. Read, approved and signed. Meeting
closed. Erasmo Calderdn, J. Andres Tercero } Manuel J. Martinez,
Mac,ario Rivas, Ramon Alfaro C., J. Antolin Talavera (h.), Sebas-
tian Espinosa, Miguel 8. Moreno (Secretary), J. Marcial Rios, Jose
Maria Padilla S., Juan A. Ayuilc.ra, L. Castellon. (More signatures



At a meeting extraordinary on Oct. 18, 1909, presided over by the
acting Mayor Mauricio Castro, assisted by the Regidores Carlos Solorza-
no, Rosendo Rivera, Francisco Gonzalez, C. Gustavo Duarte, Francisco
L. Mejia.

0n opening the sitting the last minutes were approved and they
passed the one and only resolution:

To the effect that an armed rebellion having broken ont headed by
the Intendant of the Atlantic Coast General Juan J. Estrada protest
aganist this unjustifiable plot and offer to the Head of the State as the
representative of his people, their support either material or personal.
That this be made known to the political leader that he may commu-
nicate the same to the Government. The meeting was dissolved, it being
notified that Francisco Luis Mejia did not attend, as he was out of
town. M. Castro, G. Duarte G ., F. Gonzalez, C. Solorzano, Rosendo
Rivera, Leonardo Vaca (Secretary).

The Heads of the Departments of Matagalpa and Rivas also sent a
written resolution in similar terms which we do not reproduce as the
originals are not in our hands.

But we have kept those of the municipal Corporations and Nationa-
list Liberal Clubs of the following towns: Cincopinos, Catarina, Belen,
Mosonte, Murra. San Fernando, Yala^uina, Jicaro, Muy Muy, Masate-
pe, Chichigalpa, San Ramon, La Libertad, Mindiri, Metapa, La Con-
cepcion, Panaloya, Telpaneca, Posoltega, San Rafael del Sur, Villanue-
va, Diria, Ocotal, San Jorge, San Juan de Tola, Comalapa, Ciudad An-
tigua, Somotillo, San Jose de Jerez, Macuelizo, Nandaime, Alta Gracia,
La Concordia, San Isidro, Diriomo, El Viejo, Potosi; and the ports of
Corinto, San Juan del Sur... and thus also the towns of the Departments
that we would likewise name if their enumeration were not long and te-
dious, but we keep the proofs of their adhesion.

Protestations also exist of important Corporations of the first cities
of the Republic.


22 -

From the reproduction in full which we have furnished of the muni-
cipal resolutions, the unanimity and general feeling noticeable even to
the similarity of language will have been observed. This renders it-
unnecessary for us to continue copying in iull the documents quoted
wishing, as we do to avoid the monotony of repetition.

We do not however think it- advisable owing to the importance of
their origin to omit some of them.

For instance the censorious manifestation of the Society of Leon:

In. the city of Leon on Oct. 23, 1909, the undersigned assembled in
the face of events occurred on the Atlantic Coast owing to the defection
of General Estrada Intendant of that coastline, who unmindful of his
duties as a high official and soldier in the ranks of the liberals, has fal-
len in with the suggestions of the conservatives, constant enemies of pu-
blic order, and our democratic institutions. Bearing in mind that the
prouunciamiento of General Estrada not only implies an ignorance of his
obligations as military Chief, but also is indeed prejudicial to the com-
merce and agriculture of the country on account of the unsettling of
peace and order, for which cause it is the duty of every loyal citizen to
contribute in the measure of his power to the restoring of the national
tranquillity determine:

l sfc . To condemn the pronunciainiento of General Estrada, Intendant
of the Atlantic Coast.

2nd TO offer to the Chief of the State the most decided support in
the present emergency.

3 od . lo bring to the knowledge of the leader of the liberal party
General Santos Zelaya, President this resolution as a proof of our adhe-
sion and sympathy. Federico Sacasa, J. Sanson, C. Aguilar, Bruno
N., Buiirago, A. Herdocia, Pdnfilo Lacayo, Francisco J. Wassmer,
R. Alonso, Manuel A. Sacasa, M. Salinas, J. Aguilar, J. B. Sacasa,
N. Salinas, Francisco Machado, Alfonso Saravia, Jose Francisco Sa-
casa, J. R. Sevilla, J. R. Barrios, Roman Buitrago, S. Salinas,
T. A. Aguilar, N. Buitrago, Leonardo Argiiello, S. Marin, Orisanto
Sacasa, Arturo Aguilar, F. Gustavo Cortes, Alberto Herdocia (hi jo),
Ramdn Ramirez S., Joaquin U. Salinas, Salvador Cortes, Samuel
Otero, Soldn Salinas, Santiago Barber ena, F. Zacarias Barberena,
Jose de Grijalva, Juan R. Navas, David Pineda, Francisco Prado Sa-
linas, M. E. Castro, B. M. Gom.ez, Ernesto Ocampos, Salvador Valla-
dares, Gonzalo Vado, Julidn Mantilla, lomds Ddvila, Tomds Perez
Vanegas, C. Sosa, Francisco Tellerias D., L. J. Pravia, Gregorio

- 23 -

Talavera, Francisco M. Arriaza, Manuel Paniagua, Alejandro Del-
gado, Jose D. Hurt ado f J. Constantino Hernandez, J. Benito Ifcr-

In the same way the Society of Artesans of Managua expressed their
indignation at the treachery and their loyalty to General Zelaya in the
following manner:

The undersigned members of the Society of Artesans of Managua
assembled in session extraordinary on Oct. 21, 1909, in view of the pre-
sent abnormal circumstances through which the country is passing

Firstly. To lament profoundly the act of rebellion perpetrated in
Bluefield by General Estrada formerly most important member of the
liberal party and who now falls away betraying his principles and

Secondly. To assure President Zelaya of our firm and unconditio-
nal support.

Thirdly. To depute Colonel Jose Felix Cuevas and Constantino Pe-
reira P. to deliver into the hands of our honorary President General Ze-
laya, the present resolution. Enrique Ramirez M., President; J. S.
Ramirez, Agustin Cruz C. (Other signatures follow. )

Besides the proceedings of resolutions passed of other collective
bodies, which we have already reproduced, the^Government received nu-
merous offers of support from native and foreign private individuals who
placed at their disposal either their persons or fortunes. Of the former
we may mention the following: Manuel Ortega, Horacio Portocarrero,
Alejandro Rojas, Luis B. Castillo, Enrique Jacoti, Dr. L. Ramirez M.,
G. Abaunza, Alberto Alfaro M., Tomas Castaiieda, Agustin Chamorro,
general Erasino Calderon, Benito Irias Machado, Benicio Guerrero,
J. Dolores Romano, Dr. Joaquin Sanson, Santiago Callejas, Dr. German
Arellano, Roberto Martinez, Dr. Salomon Selva, Dr. J. Carlos Serrano,
Agustin Pasos e Hijos, Cesar Vigil, Cristobal Argiiello, J. R. Nunez,
D. a Mercedes Vega, viuda de Solano, Dr. Jose Maria Borgen, Joaquin
Benavides, Dr. Jose Cepeda, D. Aubrisson, Samuel Talavera, Dr. Ga-
briel Rivas, Dr. Justo P. Zamora, Pedro Chaves, Jose F. Cuevas, Ho-
iiorio C. Trejos, Salomon Argiiello, Manuel A. Sacasa, Andres Gomez,
D. a Susana de Arana, Ponciano Espinosa, Dr. C. de la Rocha, T. Nunez
Perrales, Dr. H. Moreira, Lorenzo Lopez, A. Fabio Eva, Felix Pedro
Cepeda M., Francisco Montoya, Frutos Salgado E., Rafael Caldera G.,
Dr. J. Dolores Soto, J. A. Amador M., J. Caldera F., J. Salazar, Fila-

- 24 -

delfo y J. Jacinto Perez, Juan Francisco Ponciario, Pedro Vigil, Caye-
tano Vazquez, Pedro J. Cuadra, Dr. Jose Perez S., J. Julian Rodriguez,
Luciano Astorga, Juan S. Barr antes, Irias, Jose Zeledon D., and about
1.000 thousand signatures more.

Amongst the numerous foreigners that came forward to help the Go-
vernment with ample pecuniary aid may be mentioned in the first place
MM. Julius C. Bableke, Miinkel & Miiller, Francisco Brockmann & C.,
Angel Caligaris, Tomas Wheclock, Wilfredo Wheclock, Min Sun
Lon C., Alejandro Reniotti, Luisi y Ferracutti, Bernardino Giusto,
Edmund Bernheim, Jorge Dreyfus, Juan F. Aguirre, Carlos Caso, Quon
Chon Lon. Carlos Wheclock, F. K. Morris, Lorenzo Araquistain, Juan
Herrera Lopez and many others.

As may be gathered by the above documents, the whole country
through the persons of its principal citizens took from the very first
moment the part of the Government. Of the thirteen Departments of
the Republic twelve were on the side of Zelaya and in the one in which
the revolutionists appeared the latter to swell their ranks had to have
recourse to the negro h'sheunen of the littoral. At the time the infor-
mation came out thus:

The soldiers who have enlisted in the ranks of the revolution
without knowing why or what for, are negroes from the coast thai live
by fishing for the crabs they ean catch amongst the rocks of the

With the exception of a few wandering scamps, the others, that is,
the most part belong to that race. These negroes like maraunding, they
are cowardly and for the most part can neither read nor write.*

In the towns occupied by the rebels persons of note were thrown
into prison as they all adhered to the Government of General Zelaya.

In the face of the unanimous attitude of his followers the President
of the Republic sent forth the proclamation we here subjoin.

People of Nicaragua:

You are now r all acquainted, through with the misfortune
that again afflicts Nicaragua. A young officer for whom there seemed
to open ont a bright horizon in the field of prestige and honour; a high
functionary of the present administration, in whom we had placed the
blindest trust; one of those in whom the liberal ensign might seem to
count as its immovable bulwark; a man to whom I had ever held ont my
hand to help him climb up to power and fame; General Estrada Governor
and Intendant of the Atlantic Littoral has raised the cry of rebellion


against his chief, his country and party. The sword I gave him to
defend the nation's flag has only served him to tear his honour to pieces.
The soldiers I entrusted to him to maintain the national autonomy have
been transformed by him into bandits against their own mother, the
Republic. And the red band I pinned to his uniform as an amulet of
triumph is no longer the flashing symbol of liberty but the forerunning
stigma of his crime, a sign of the future blood of the liberal party,
which he will be the cause of shedding on the alters of conservatism, a
stigma of blood that has already gushed forth to the eternal shame of his
creed and his conscience.

When the country had scarcely recovered from its passed struggle
in which not long since it crowned itself with glory at Namasigile; when
the blood of its veins was still exhausted and its wounds still open, it-
must now make new and superhuman efforts and once more go forth to
the battlefield to give it' necessary its last drop of blood in defense of
order, law and liberty.

The reaction party, that party that hides behind the Cross of Christ
the dagger and poison of a Borgia that Jesuitical legion that believe that
the power of office is the patrimony reserved to them by providence and
who aspire to raise the throne of the privileged above the servile men of
their country thus enslaved, has shouldered the rifle a hun-ired times and
a.s many times has put it down in the bitter disappointment resulting
from its ineptitude and impopularity. And what it was ever unable to
achieve by dash and boldness it now attempts with bribery; what it was
unable to attain by valour it now endeavours to get with deceit. It has
lured its liberal Chief with promises with the perfidious intention of pro-
fiting by the triumph imagined, and to snatch it from him afterwards and
leave the rebel forsaken, with ouly the remembrance of bis ignominious

And there is still more, it is grievous to have to confess it, but I
must do so, that liberal who has just denied his faith that soldier who
has just betrayed his flag, that man who has just sold his friend is ope-
ning up with the edge of his sword a way for foreign greed; and the
unbridled ambition of this rebel exposes the nation to the degrading
danger of dismemberment or slavery.

But I put my trust in this people that draws strength from their
very sorrows, arid supplies with the vitality, of its enthusiasm what
it is lacking in vitality of blood. It hastens to combat villany w r ith more
eagerness thau ever for to its ardor for the fray that has ever been its


strongest point in the field are added to-day the indignation of an af-
front, the urgent necessity of punishing, the forced march onward that
will brook no delay, to scythe down that vile and treacherous parasite

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