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60B W. TUBiTKB, and the Metrical Versloa
by Abraham Moobe.
Plato's Works. Translated by th«
Hbv. H. Caet and others, in 6 vols.
VoL 1. The Apology of Socrates, Crlto^
Fhsdo, Sorglaa, Protagoras, Phffldrtu,
Thetetetus, Buthyphron. Lysis.
VoL X TheRepubhc,TtmiBiifl, ftCrltlaB,
Vol 3. Meno, Enthydemua, Tbs So-
phist, Statesman, Cratylns, Fanno-
nides, and the Banquet
VoL 4. Phllebns, Charmldei, Laohei,
The Two Aldblades, and Ten otne?
VoL 6. The Laws.

VoL 8. The Doubttol Works. WltS
r^eneral Index.

Dialogues, an Analysis and

Index to. With References to the Tram-
latioo in Bohn's Classical Library. By Dr
Plautufl's Comedies. Literally Trans-
lated, with Notes, by H. T. Bon, B.A.
In 2 vols.
Pliny's Natural History. Translated,
with Copious Notes, by the late Johh
BoaiooK, M.D., F£.S., and H. T. Biixr.
B.A In 6 vols.
Pliny the Younger, The Letters of,
Mklmoth's TrauBlatioH revised. By the
Tiev. F. O T. BosAlnjtreT, M.A
Plutarch's Morals. By C. W. King,

Propertius, Fetronius, and Johannes
Secimdus, and Aristenaetus. Literally
Translated, and accompanied by Poetical
Veralona, from various sources.



Qsintilian'i Institutei of Oratory,

Literally Translated, with Notes, Ac., b;
J. a Watsoh, ILA. In 2 vols.

Sallnit, Flonu, and Tellelni Fater-
onlns. With CoplonB Notes, Biographical
Notices, and Index, by J. S. Waibqh.

Bophoelei. Th« Oxford Tiaaslation

Standard Library Atlai of Claiaical

Geography. Twenty-two large coloured
Mdpt ac&yrdiit^ to tlu latest auSurritiet.
With a complete Index (accentuated),
giving the latitude and longitude of even
place named In the Maps. lmp.8T0. It.Qd.

Btrabo'i Geography, Translated,
with Copious Notes, by W. Fauohxb,
M.A., and H. C. Haioltoh, Esq. With
Index, giving the Ancient and Modem
Names. In 3 vols.

Baetonini' Lives of the TweWe

CsBsars, and other Works. Thomson's
Translation, revised, with Notes, by T.


Tacitos. Literally Translated, with
Notes. In 2 vols.
Vol. 1. The Annals.

Vol. 2. The History, Oemianla. Agri-
cola, In. With Index.
Terence and Fhaednu. By H. T.

RaxT. B.A.
Theocritni, Bion, UoBchni, and
TyrtKos. By J. Biinffl, M.A. With the
Metrical Versions of Chapman.
Thncydidei. Literally Translated by
Bev. H. Daia. In 2 vols. 3i. Sd. each.
Tirgil, LiterallyTranslated by David-
B0» Vew Edition, oarefdlly revised. 3s. 6d.
Zenophon'i Worki. in 3 Vols.

VoL 1. The Anabasis and Memorabilia.
Translated, with Notes, by J. S. Wat-
floH, M.A. And a Geographical Com-
mentary, by W. F. AiHSWOBTH, V&A..,
F.B.a.S., 8k:.
VoL 2. CyropEsdla and Hellenlos. By
J. S. Watsoh, UJL, and the Bev. H.
Vol. 3. The Minor Works. By J. 8.
Waisob, M.A.


66 Voli. at 6s. each, exc^tms Vum nuerktd eOierwiti.

Agauiz and Oonld'i Comparative
Fhyslolog;!. Knlarged by Dr. Wbishi.
UpKordi qf 400 Engravmgt.

Bacon'i Hovnm Organnm and Ad<

vancement of Learning. Complete, with
Notes, by J. Dzvxr, MJL

BoUey*! Uannal of Technical Analy-
sis. A Guide tor the Testing of Natural
and Artificial Substances. By B. H. Padl.
100 Ifood Bngracingt.


• Bell on the Hand. Its h' echa-

nlsm and Vital Endowments as evincing
Design. Senenfh Edition iSeviisd.

— — Kirby on the Hiatory , Habiti,
and Instincts of Animals. Edited, wltb
Notes, by T. Btues Jokes, tfumeroui
BngTai>ingM,m<mii<irfy>hi£h art oMitiondl.
In 3 vols.

— ^— Kidd on the Adaptation of

iBxtemal Nature to the Physical Condition
ol Man. 3s. €d.

— ^ Whewell'i Astronomy and

General Physics, considered wll^ refer-
ence to Nattual Theology. St. 6d.
— ^— Chalmers on the Adaptation

of External Nature to the Moral and In-
tellectual Constltutlan of Man.


— — — Front's Treatise on Chemis-
try, Meteorology, and Digestion Edited
by Dr. J. W. Gsitvitb.

Bnckland's Beology and

Mineralogy. 2 vols. 16s.
' Boget's Animal and Vege-

table FhyslologT. njMttrated. In 2 vols.
Os. each.

Carpenter's (Dr. W, B.) Zoology. A

Systematic view of the Stmctuie, Habits,
Instincts, and Uses, of the principal Fami-
lies of the Animal Kingdom, and of the
chief forms of Fossil Bomains. Revised
by W. 8. Daiaas, F.L.S. Ohatrated with
many hunirei Wood Bagraoingi. In
2 vols. 6s. each.

Uechanical Philosophy, As-
tronomy, anu Horology. A Popular Ex-
position. 18JI TUus^ottons.

Vegetable Physiology and

Systematic Botany. A complete Intro-
duction to the Knowledge of Plants.
Bevised, under arrangement wltb the
Author, by E. LANKxaiBB, M.D., fto.
Btmralliimdred JUiutratiau on Wood. 6>.

— — Animal Physiology. In part
re-written by the Author. DpioardM of
300 capital abutratioitM. St.


Chevreol on Colour. Containing the
Principles of Harmony and Contract of
OoloniB, and their application to the Arts, i
Translated from the French fay Oharlbs
Mabtbl. Only complete Edition. Seoeral
Platet. Or, with an additional lertei ot
18 PUtMi In Colonro. 1i. 6d.

EnnemoBer'i History of Kagic.

Trrmslated by William Howttt. Wltb
an Appendix of the most remarkable and
best antheDttcated Stories of Apparitions,
r^reama, Table-Tnmliig, and Splrlt-Bap-
plng. ftc, b) a volB.

Eogg*8 (Jabez) Elementi of Experi-
mental and Natnral Philosophy. Con-
taining Mechanics, FnenmatioB, Hydro-
statics, Hydraolicfi, Aconstlca, C^tlcu,
Caloric, Electricity, Voltaism, Rnd MaR
netism. New Edition, enlarged. Vp-
wardi <tf 400 Woodcutt,

Hind's Introduction to Astronomy.

With a Vocabnlary, containing an Expla-
nation of all the Terms in present nae
New Edition, enlarged. Numeroat Er^
grawngt. St. 6d.

Humboldt's Cosmos ; or, Sketch of a
Physical Description of the UnlTeree.
Translated by E, C. Orrd and W. u.
Dallas, FX.S. Fine Portrait. In five
Tola. 3s. 6d. each ; excepting VoL V.* 6f.

•«* In this edition the notes are placed
beneath the text, Hnmboldt's analytlca]
Summaries and ttie passages hitherto snp-
preased are Included, and new and com-
prehensive Indices are added.

— TraTols in America. In 3


-^— - Views of Katnre ; or, Con-
templations of the Snblime Phenomena of
Creation. Ttanslated by E. 0. Ott« and
H. Q. BOBN. With a complete Index.

Hunt's (Bobert) Poetry of Scienco ;

or, Stndies of the Physical Phenomena of
Nature. By Professor Hdht. New Edi-
tion, enlarged.

Joyce's Scientiilc Dialogues. By
Dr. Gbiffitb. Nwmerom Woodajdt.

_ Introduction to the Arts and

Sciences. With Examination Qaestions.

Knight's (Chas.) Knowledge is Power.
A Popnlar Manual of Political Economy.

Lectures on Painting. By the Royal
Academidana. With Introdnctory Essay,
and Notes by B. WoitmWt Esq.

Lilly's Introduction to Astrology.

With nnmerouB Emendationa, by


Kantell's (Dr.) Geological Ezcut-

elons through the Isle of Wight and Dor-
BOtshlre. New Edition, by T. RnpEEt
Jokes, Esq. Nwmerow Mxuiifully bb&-
mtUd Woodouti, and a Geological Hap

Medals of Creation ;

or, Fl:Bt Lessons In Geology and the titndj-
of Organic Bemalos ; Including G^eologlcfc]
Excnrslons, New Edition, revised. Co-
loured Plata, <md tffoeral hundred beau-
Uful Woodcutt In 3 vols., 7 1. 6d. each.

» ■ Petrifactions and their

I'eachlngs. An Illnstrated Handbook ia
the Organic Remains In tiie British Mn-
seom. NfimpTouc Bnfp'avmgi, 6c.

-* Wonders of Geology ; or, a

Familiar Exposition of Geologioil nie<
nomena. New Edition, augmented by T.
RuPEST JoiTXB, F.G.S. Coloured Oeologiaal
£fap of England, Plates, and nearly 200
beauiiftil Woodofits. In2vols„7<.6d.eacb.

Morphy's Games of Chess. Being
toe Matches and best Games played by
the American Champion, with Explana-
tory and Analytical Notes, by J. Lowiek-
TBAL. Portrait and Memoir.

It contains by far the largest collection
of games played by Mr. Morphy extant in
any form, and has received his endorse-
ment and co-operation.

Schouw's Earth, Plants, and Han ; and
Eobell'B Sketches from the Mineral King-
dom. Translated by A. Bjsstsei, F.R.S,
Coloured Map of the Oeograpfiy of PUmtt

Smith's (Pye) Geology and Scrip-
ture ; or, The Relation between the Holy
Scriptures and Geological Science.

Stanley's Classified Synopsis of the

Principal, Painters of the Dutch and Fle-
mlib Schools.

Staunton's Chess-player's Handbook.

Ifumerous Diagrami*.

— ~— - Chess Praxis. A Supplement
to the Chess-player'g Handbook. Con-
taining all the most Important modem
Improvements In the Opemngs, lUnstrated
by actual Games ; a revleed C!ode of Chess
Iawb; and a Selection of Mr. Morphy'c
Games in England and France. 6e.

Chess-player's Companion.

Comprising a new Treatise on Odds. Col-
lection of Match Games, and a Selection
of Original f^oblemi.



Staimton'B ChesB Tournament of

1816. Numemut IBiutlrationt.

StocldiaTdt's FrinoipleBof diemiBtiy,

exemplified In a Mrles of simple experi-
ments. Based apon the GerinAn work of
Profeesor Stookhabdt, and Edited by C.
W. HsATOH, Professor of Chemistry at
Charing Cross HospitaL ^puwdi <f 370

TTie'i (Dr. A..) Cotton Uannfactiua
of Groat Britain, aystematlcally Investi-
gated; with an introdnctoiy view of its
oompbTadve state Id Foreign Conntrles.
New Edition, rovlsad by P. L. SnmosDa.
Om hundred and ftfty lOuttratioKi. In
3 vols.

Fhiloiophy of Uann&etnrei ;

or. An Exposition of the Factory System
of Qreat Britain Contlnned by E. L.
StmcoEiDS. ?i. ed.


Gilbait's History, Principles, and Practice of Banking, New Edition.
Revised to the Present Date by A. S. Michie, of the Royal Bank of Scotland, with
Portrait of GUbart, 2 vols. 10s.


26 FoZf . ai variotii prica.

Slair'aChronological Tables, Bevised
and Enlarged. Comprehending the Chro-
nology and Hlrtory of the World, from
the earliest Omea. By J. WnxocaHBT
Bossx. Donble Volume. lOi.; or, halt-
boimd, lOi. 64.

dark's (Hogh) Introduction t«
Heraldry. WWtneart^ 1000 Hhittration*.
I81h Edition. Revised and enlarged by J. R.
ThAXtoBt, Ronge Croix. 6s. Or, with all
the ninatrationa coloored, 16s,

Chronicles of the Tombs. A Collec-
tion of Remarkable Epitaphs. By T. J.
PsiTiOBirw, FJLS„ FJS.A. 61.

Handbook of Domestic Hedicine. Po-

polarly arranged. By Dr. Hbhut Da vixs.
?00 pages, with complete Index. 61.

- Oames. By various Ataateurs

and ProteRsoTB. Edited by H. G. Bohk.
Illustrated oy numeroiu JHofframi. 6s.

' Proverbs. Comprising all

Ray's RnRllah Proverbs, with additions;
his VorvAKa Proverbs; and an Alphabetical
Index. &C.

Humphrej's Coin Collector's Ma-
nual. A popular Introduction to the
Study of Coins Biahliii finithei JBngraxi-
ingt. In 2 vols. Ittf.

Index of Dates, Comprehending the
principal Facts In the Chronology and

History of the World, bom the earliest
time, alphabetically arranged. By J. W.
BossB. Double volimie, loi. ; or, balf-
boond, 10s. fid.

Lowndes' Bibliographer's Tffannal of

l£ngllBh Llteratore. New Edition, en-
larged, by H G. Bomi. Farts I. to Z. (A
to Z). 31. ed. each. Part XL (the Ap-
pendix Volimte). 6t. Or the II parts In
i vols., half morocco, 31. 3g.

Polyglot of Foreign Proverbs, With

Enellsh Translations, and aGenero] Index,
bringing 'the whole Into parallels, by H. G.
BoHH. et.

Political Cyclopaedia. In 4 toIs,
3t. ed. each.

•^— ^ Also In 2 vols, bound. 15«,

Smith's (Archdeacon) Complete Col-
lection of Synonyms and Antonyms. 6i.

The Epigrammatists. Selections from
the Bpi^ammatlc Llteratntv of Ancient,
Medieeval, and Modem Times. With
Notes, Observations, lUustratioDS, and an
Introduction. By the Rev. Hehbt Philic-
DoDD, M.A. Second Edition, revised and
enlargt-d. 6jl.

Wheeler's (W. A,, M.A.) Dictionary
of Noted Names of Fictitious Persons and
Places. 6s.

Wright's (T.) Dictionary of Obsolete
and Prevlndal English. In 2 vols. 6s.
each ; or halt-boimd In I voL, lOi. 6d.



8 Vols, ai 3s. 6(2., excepting those marked otherwise.

Barney's Evelina. With an Intro-
ducLiun and Notr-B by A. U. Ellis.

Burney's Cecilia. Edited hj A. R.

HazLzonif Alessandro) The Betrothed
(I promesBl Sposi). The only complete
English tranaUtion. With numeroni
Woodcata 6<.

Uncle Tsm'B Cabin. With Introduc-
tory Remarka by the Rev. J. Shxbuan.
Printed in a large clear tgpe. iZltuEra-
tUms. Zs. 6ci.

Tom Jones ; the History of a Found'

ling. By Henet Fibldino. Roscoe's
Edition, revised. Witb lUAistrations by
George Oruikshank. In 2 vols. Is.

Joseph Andrews. By Henry Field-
TSQ. Koscoe's Edition, revised. With
JlWstTati<yns hy George Cruikshwnk, In
1 vol. 3s. 6(2.

Amelia. By Hbnrt Fielding,
RoBcoe'a Edition, revised. With CriUk-
shauk's Illustrations. 5s.

6rosse*s Marco Viaoonti. Translated
from the Italian by A. F. D.


6 volt, at various prioa.

Leonardo da Vinci's Treatise on

Painting. NmnerooB Plates. New Edition,
reoised. 6s.

Planche's History of British Cos-
tame. Third Edition. WUh numerouf
Wondeutt. 6c.

Demmin's (A.) Illustrated History of

^ Arms and Armoar from the Earlieatl'eriod.

I With nearly 2,000 Illustrations. 7«. 6d.

Flazman's Lectures on Settlptiti*.
Numeroui lUiatToUoni. 6f.

The Anatomy and Philosophy of Ex-
pression as connected with the Fine
Arts. By Sir Ghaeles Bszl, E.H.
Seventh Edition, reviKd. With numa-otts
Woodcutt amd 20 Plata. 6s.


BoBwell's Life of Johnson, and John-

aonlana. Inclnding his Tonr to the Hebrides,
Tour In Wales, tx. Edited by the Kt,
Hon. J. W. Gboeke. XJpwarit <f 60
Bngraraingt. In 6 vols, cloth. 20«.

Carpenter's (Dr. W. B.) Physiology

of Temperance and Total Abstinence, ll.

FranUin's 3enjamin) Gennine An-
toDlography. From the Original Mann'
script By .lABun Spabss. 1>.

Hawthorne's (Hathaniel) Twice Told
Tales. First and Second Series. 2 vols, in
one. «».; cloth. 2j. 6l!. SnOW Image aid
other Tales. Is. Scarlet Letter. i«. 6<J.
Bouse with the Seven Gables. A
Romance. Is. cdl.

HazUtts Table Talk. Parts 1, 2,
and 3. i>. each. Plain Sneaker.
Parts!, 2. and 3. 1«. each. Lectures
on the English Comic Writers, is- 6d.
Lectures on the English Poets. is.6<J.
Lectures on the Literature of the
A^e of Elizabeth. !»• Lectures
on the Characters of Shakespeare's
Flays. i»- ^d

Emerson's Twenty Essays. Is. 6(2.,
cloth, 2s. English Characteristics.
Is.; cloth, Is. ed. Orations and Lec-
tures. Is. Bepresentative Hen.
Complete. Is. ; clotji. Is. ed.

Irving's (Washington) Life of Mo-
hammed. Portrait. Is. 8d. Successors
of Mohammed, is- 6<J. Life of Gold-
smith. Is. ed. Sketch Book. is. 6d.;
doth, is.ed. Tales of a Traveller, is. 6d.
Tour on the Prairies, is. Con-
quests of Granada and Spain. 2
vols. is. 6d. each. Life of Columbus. 2
vols. is. 6<2. each. Companions of
Columbus, 21. Adventures of
Captain Bonneville, is.ed. Knick-
erbocker's New York, is- 6d. Tales
of the Alhambra. is.ed. Conquest
of Florida. i«. ^d. Abbotsford and
Newstead. !«■ Salmaeundi. is. 6d.
BracebridgeHall. is.ed. Astoria. 2s.
Wolfert's Boost, and other Tales.
Is. 6d.

Lamb's (Charles) Essays of Elia. Is.
Last Essays of Elia. is. Eliana,
with Biographical Sketch, is-

Marryat's Pirate and Three Cutters,
IS, 6d.


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