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scriptions, &c. — 3, «. Examination : —

Caoutchouc (ko'chfik), n. India-rubber.

Cap, w. Covering for the head : — top. — 2,
V. a. To cover the top or end : — to com-
plete : — to excel.

Ca'pa-ble, a. Having capacity or ability ;
qualified for: — ^intelligent. — Ca'pa-blXi ad.
— Ca-pa-bil'i-tx, Ca'pa-ble-ness, n.

Ca-pa' clous (ka-pa'shus), a. Holding
much ; extensive ; comprehensive : — capa-
ble. — Ca-pa' cious-lx. od. — Ca-pa9'i-tx,
Ca-pa' cious-ness, n.

Cap-a-pie', ad. From head to foot.

Ca-pEr'i-son, n. Superb dress for a horse. —
2, V. a. To dress pompously.

Cape, n. Point of land extending into the
sea : — neck-piece of a cloak.

Ca'per, n. Leap : — bud used for pickle. — 2,
V. n. To dance ; to leap.

Cap'il-la-rx, a. Slender, like a hair. — 2, n.
Tube or blood-vessel with a capillary bore.

Cap'i-tal, a. Relating to, or aff"ecting, the
head or life : — chief : — large : — excellent.
— 2, n. Upper part of a column : — chief
town or city : — principal sum ; stock of a
bank, &c.: — large letter. — Cap'i-tal-lx, ad.

Cap'i-tal-ist, n. One who has capital.

Cap'i-tal-ize, v. a. To convert into capital :
— to print in capital letters.

Cap-i-ta'tion, n. Numeration by heads: —
tax on each individual ; poll-tax. [ing.

C5p'i-tol, «. Temple : — government build-

Ca-pit'i-late, v. n. To surrender upon con-
C^-pit-A-la'tion, n. Surrender upon condi-
Ca'pon (ka'pn), n. Cock bred for eating.
Cap'-pa-per, n. Coarse, brown paper : —
foolscap. [mind.

C^-prtce', n. Whim ; sudden fancy of the





Ca-pri"cioijs (ka-prish'us), a. Changeable ;
'fickle ; whimsical. — Ca-pri"cious-l3r, ad.
— C^-pri"cious-ness, n.

Cip'ri-corn, n. The Goat, the tenth sign of
the "zodiac.

Cap'si-ciim, n. Cayenne
or red pepper plant,
and its fruit.

Cap-size', v. To over-
turn ; to upset.

Cap' Stan, n. Machine in
ships to draw up an-
chors or other great

Cap'su-lar, \ a. Relating to a capsule : —

Cap'sfi-la-rjj, j hollow, as a chest.

Cap'siile, n. Seed-vessel of a plant : — mem-
branous sac.

Cap' tain (kap'tin), n. Commander of a
ship," or of a company of soldiers.

Cap'tain-cjj, 1 n. Post or ofBce of a cap-

Cap'tain-ship, j tain.

Cap'tion, n. Seizure ; arrest : — heading of
a page or chapter.

Gap'tious (kap'shus), a. Fault-finding, —
Cap'tious-ljc, ad. — Cap'tious-ness, n.

C5p'ti-vate, v. a. To take prisoner : — to
charm ; to fascinate.

Cap'ti-vat-ing', a. Charming ; fascinating.

Cap-ti-va'tipn, n. Act of captivating.

Cap'tive, n. ' One taken in war ; prisoner.
— -2, a. Made prisoner ; taken by force.

Cap-tiv'i-tx, «• State of a captive.

Cap' tor, n. One who takes prisoners, &c.

Capt'ire (kapt'yur), n. Act of taking: —
prize or thing taken. — 2, v. a. To take aa
a prize.

Car, n. Wheeled vehicle for pleasure or
transportation on a road, tramway, or
railroad : — chariot of war or triumph.

Car'a-bine, n. Same as carbine.

Car-a-bi-neer', n. Same as carbineer.

Gar'a-cole, n. Oblique tread of a horse : —
spiral staircase. — 2, v. n. To move in cara-

Car'afe, n. Bottle for water or wine.

Gar'^-mel, w. Kind of confection : — burnt

Car'at, n. Weight of four grains, with
which gems are weighed : — unit of fine-
ness for gold.

Car-a-vSn', n. Body of travelling Eastern
merchants or pilgiims : — large carriage.

C5r-ai-van'sa-rx, n. Eastern inn.

Car'a-way, n. Plant, and its spicy seed.

c£-bSe',}"- Sl^ort musket or gun.
Car-bin- eer', n. One armed with a carbine.
Car-bol'ic, a. Noting an antiseptic acid.
Car'bon, n. Pure charcoal.
Cav-bo-na'ceous, a. Containing carbon.
Caar'bon-ate, w. Salt formed by the union

of carbonic acid with a base.
Car-bon'ic, a. Belating to, or containing,

Car-b9-oIf er-eus, a. Affording coal.

Car'bpn-ize, v. a. To char ; to convert into

Car'boy, n. Large bottle in a wicker or
wooden case.

Car'biin-cle (kar'bung-kl), n. Deep-red
gem : — hard, inflammatory tumor.

Car'cass, «. Dead body of an animal, or of
a person — ^in contempt.

Card, n. Piece of pasteboard for business,
civility, or playing at games : — note ; mes-
sage : — instrument for combing wool. — 2,
V. a. To comb, as wool.

Car'da-mom, n. Medicinal, aromatic seed.

Card' -board, n. Kind of pasteboard.

Car'di-nal, n. Boman Catholic dignitary,
next lower than the pope : — cloak. — 2, a.
Chief ; principal : — of a deep scarlet color.

Car'di-nal-bird, n. Fine red song bird.

Cards, n! pi. Games with cards.

Card -ta-ble, n. Table for cards.

Care, n. Solicitude ; caution : — charge. — 2,
V. n. To be anxious : — to incline.

Ca-reen', v. To incline to one side, as a

Ca-reer', n. Course ; race : — procedure. — 2,
V. n. To run swiftly.

Cire'f&l, a. Provident ; prudent ; cautious.
— Cire'fiil-lx, ad. — Care'ful-ness, n.

C^re'less, a. Without care ; heedless ; neg-
ligent. — Cire'less-lx, o,d. — Care'less-
ness, n.

Ca-ress', v. a. To fondle. — 2, n. Act of

Ca'ret, n. Mark [ a ] indicating the omis-
sion of letters, words, &c.

C^re'worn, a. Burdened with care.

Car'go, n. Lading of a ship.

rt5''^,}"P2iJ' >n. American reindeer.

CSr'i-ca-tiire, n. Ludicrous likeness of a

person or a thing.
Car-i-ca-tiire', v. a. To burlesque.
Car-i-ca-tii'rist, n. One who caricatures.
Ca'ri-e§, n. Bottenness of a bone.
Car'i-ole, n. Light one-horse carriage.
Ca'ri-oiis, a. Botten ; ulcerated, as a bone.
Cark'ing, a. Perplexing ; wearing.
Carle, n. Churl : — kind of hemp.
Car'man, n. Man who drives a car.

Car'mlne^ |n. Bright red color or pigment,
CHr'na§e, n. Slaughter ; massacre.
Car'nal, a. Fleshly ; not spiritual. — Car'-

nal-ly, ad.
Car-na'tion, n. Flesh-color : — sort of fine

Car-nSl'ian (kar-nel'yan), n. Bed or flesh-

colored chalcedony.
Car'ni-val, n. Season of festivity, especially

before Lent. [collectively,

Car-niv'o-ra, n. pi. Flesh-eatmg animals
Car-nTv'9-rous, a. Feeding on flesh.
Car'ol, n. Song of exultation ; hymn. — 2, v.

To" sing ; to warble.
Car'om, \v. n. To strike together, as bil-
Car'rom, J liard balls.




Car'o-mel, n. Same as caramel.

Ca-rot'id, n. Artery which conveys blood
to the head.

Ca-rou'§al, n. Carouse.

Ca-rbu§e', v. n. To drink hard ; to revel. —
'2, n. Noisy drinking-match.

Carp, n. Fresh-water fish. — 2, v. n. To find
fault ; to cavil.

Car'pen-ter, n. Worker in wood, as in
houses, ships, &c. — 2, v. n. To work as a

Car'pen-trx, «• Trade or art of a carpenter.

Car'pet, n. ' Cloth covering for the floor. —
2, v'. a. To spread with carpets.

Car'pet-bagr, n. Hand satchel.

Car'pet-ing, n. Materials for carpets.

Carp'ing:, p. a. Captious ; censorious. — 2, n.
Act' of cavilUng ; censure.

Car'riafe (kar'rij), n. Act of carrying;
transportetion : — wheeled vehicle ; car : —
behavior ; deportment.

Car'ri-er, w. One who carries : — sort of

CSr'ri-on, n. Putrefying flesh. — 2, a. Re-
lating to, or feeding on, carcasses.

Car-ron-ade', n. Sort of short cannon.

Car'rot, n. Vegetable with a reddish edible

Car'rot-3:, a. Like carrots ; reddish.

Ca2^r8u-§el, «. Merrj^-go-round.

Car'iy, V. To convey ; to bear : — to e0"ect :
— to gain : — to behave.

Car'rx-all, n. Light four-wheeled carriage.

Cart, n. Heavy two-wheeled vehicle for
burden. — 2, v. To carry in a cart. [it.

Cart'afe, n. Act of carting, or charge for

Carte-blanghe' (kart-blansh'), n. Unlim-
ited authority.

Car-tel', n. Agreement as to the exchange
of prisoners : — challenge.

Cart'er, n. One who drives a cart.

Car'ti-laf e, n. Gristle.

Car-ti-lafi-nous, a- Consisting of cartilage.

Car-tog^ra-pher, n Maker of maps.

Car-tog'ra-phj, n. Construction of maps.

Cir'ton, n. Pasteboard ; pasteboard box.

Car-t6on', n. Working design for tapestry,
<fec. : — large sketch or painting on paper :
— caricature of current events, &c.

Car'trid^e, n. Case with ammunition for
one 'shot.

Car'tridfe-belt, n. Belt with loops for
carrying cartridges.

Cart'-wrigrht (kart'rit), n. Maker of carts.

Carve, *• To cut matter into elegant forms ;
to sculpture : — to cut meat.

Carv'ing, n. Act of a cai-ver ; sculpture.

Cas-cade , n. Small waterfall.

Case, n. Box ; cover : — frame for types : —
condition ; circumstance : — inflection of
nouns : — cause in court : — physician's pa-
tient. — 2, *. o. To encase.

Case'hard-en (kas'har-dn), v. a. To con-
vert the surface (of iron) into steel.

Case' -knife (kas'nlf), n. Large table-knife.

Case'mate, n. Bomb-proof vault.

Case'ment, n. Hinged window.

Ca'se-oiis (ka'se-iis), a. Besembling cheese.

Cash, n. Coin ; ready money : — Chinese in-
ferior copper coin. — 2, v. a. To turn into

Cash'-book {-bfik), n. Book for recording
money received aud expended.

Ca-shier' (ka-sher'), n. One in charge of
money in a bank, &c.

Cash'mere, \ n. Fine woollen fabric : — sort

Cash-mere', J of fine shawl.

Cas'ing', n. Act of covering : — a covering.

Ca-st'no, n. Building for social amusements :
— game at cards.

Cask, n. Barrel-shaped wooden vessel.

Cas'ket, n. Small box for jewels : — coffin.

Casque (kask), n. Helmet.

Cas-sa'va, n. Manioc plant, and its nutri-
cious starch ; tapioca.

Cas'si-a (kash'she-a), n. Tree, and its cin-
namon-like bark.

Cas' si-mere, n. Thin woollen cloth.

Cas'sock, n. Long garment of a priest.

Cas'so-wa-rx, n. Large bird much like an

Cast, V. [i. &p. cast.] To throw ; to send ;
to scatter : — to condemn : — to compute :
— to shed : — to found : — to form. — 2, n.
Throw ; thing thrown : — distance thrown :
— glance of the eye.

Cas'ta-net, n. Small rattle.

Cast'a-way, n. Person abandoned.

Caste", n. Race or class of people.

Cas'tel-lat'ed, a. Formed like a castle.

Cast'er, n. ' One who casts : — vial : — small
box : — small wheel.

Cast'er§, n. pi. Frame for bottles.

Cas'ti-g-ate, v- a. To chastise ; to correct.

Cas-ti-ga'tion, n. Punishment.

Cas-tile'-soap, n. Olive-oil soap.

CSst'ing, n. Act of one who casts ; thing

Cast-ir'on (-i'um), n. Iron fused and
cast into bars or various wares.

Cas' tie (kas'sl), n. Fortified house or man-
sion ; fortress : — piece in the game of

Cas' tor, n. Beaver : — hat made of beaver
fur : — caster : — heavy woollen cloth.

Cas'tor-bil, v. Cathartic medicinal oil.

C&st'-steel, w. Steel fused and cast into
bars or various wares.

Caj'ii-al (kSzh'yu-al), n. Accidental ; in-
cidental. — Ca§'n-al-l3:, ad.

Ca§'6-al-ty (kazh'yu-al-te), w. Accident;
especially, death.

Ca§'i-ist (kazh'yu-ist), n. One who settles
cases of conscience.

Ca.§'A-is-tr3: (kazh'yu-is-tre), tt. Science
of a casxiist.

Cat, n. Domestic feline animal, allied to
the lion, tiger, <fec. : — whip : — hoisting
apparatus : — coal-ship.

Cata-. Greek prefix, signifying do^cn,
against., according to — ae, cotoract, category,




Cat'a-clygm, n. Deluge : — shower-bath.
Cat'a-comb (-k5m), n. Subterraneous place

for burying the dead.
Gat-a-falque' (-falk'), n. Lofty structure

used at state funerals.
Cafa-lep-sx, n. Sort of apoplexy.
Cat-a-lep'tic, a. Pertaining to, or affected

by," catalepsy.
Cat'a-logue (kat'a-log), n. Methodical list

of persons, books, names, and the like. — 2,

V. a. To make a list of.
Ca-tal'pa, n. Tree with profuse flowers and

long pendent pods. '
Cat-a-ma-ran', n. Sort of raft.
Cat'a-moQnt, n. Ferocious wild-cat ; puma.
Cat'a-pla§m, n. Poultice ; plaster.
Cat'a-piilt, n. Ancient military machine

for throwing stones.
Cat'a-ract, n. Large waterfall : — disease of

the eye.
Ca-tarrh' (ka-tar'), n. Fluid discharge

from mucous membrane, as of the nose.
Ca-tarrh'al, \a. Relating to, produced by,
Ca-tarrh'ous, J or like, catarrh.
Ca-tas'tro-phe, n. Final event : calamity ;

Cat' -bird, n. Bird with a mewing note.
Cat' -boat, n. Small boat with one sail.
Cateh, V. a. [i. & p. caught.] To lay hold

on ; to seize : — to ensnare : — to receive. — 2,

V. n. To be contagious : — to lay hold. —

3, n. Seizure ; advantage taken ; snatch :

— hold : — thing that catches : — song, or

part of a song, sung in succession.
Catch'ing, p. a. Contagious.
Catch'pen-njr, n. Worthless publication. —

2, a. Made merely for selling.
Catch'up, n. Sort of sauce or condiment.
Cat'e-)shi§e, v. a. To instruct by questions

and answers ; to question.
Cat'e-phi§m, n. Form of instruction by

questions and answers : — elementary book.
Cat'e-phist, n. One who teaches the cate-
Cat'e-phii, n. Astringent drug and dyestuff.
Cat-e-phu'men, n. One who is in the rudi-
ments of Christianity.
Cat-e-gor'i-cal, a. Absolute ; positive ;

express.— Cat-e-gor'i-cal-lj:, ad.
C&t' e-gq-rj,, n. Comprehensive class or

order "of ideas : — what may be aflBrmed of

a class.
Cat'e-na-rx, n. Line formed by a rope or

chain suspended by both ends.
Ca'ter, v. n. To procure or provide food.
Ca'ter-cor-nered (-nerd), a. Diagonal.
Ca'ter-er, n. Provider ; purveyor.
Cat'er-pil-lar, n. Worm-like larva of a

butterfly or moth.
Cat'er-wS.ul, v. n. To cry as cats. — 2, n.

Cry or squall, as of a cat.
Cat'f ish, n. Bull-head :— wolf-fish.
Cat' gut, n. String for musical instruments :

— species of linen.
Oath-. Greek prefix, a form of ccUa — as,


Ca-thar'tic, n. Purging medicine. — 2, a.
Purgative ; cleansing.

Ca-the'dral, n. Head church of a diocese.

Cath'o-lic, a. Universal : — liberal : — per-
taining to the Roman Catholics. — 2, n.
Member of the Roman Catholic church.

Ca-thol'i-cigm, \ n. Doctrine of the Roman

Cath-o-lic'i-ty, J Catholic church : — liberal-
ity : — universality.

Ca-thol'i-cize, v. To become or render

Cat'km, n. Sort of inflorescence, as on the
birch, &c.

Cat' mint, \ n. Strong-scented plant, liked

Cat' nip, J by cats.

Cat-o'-nine'-tail§, n. Whip -with nine

Cat's' -eye (kats'i), n. Translucent pre-
cious stone, of changeable lustre, like a
cat's eye.

Cat's' -paw, n. Dupe or tool : — light breeze
on the water.

Cat' sup, n. Same as catchup.

Cat'tle, n. pi. Beasts of pasture, as oxen.

C^u'cus, n. Political meeting, or conference.

CsLn'dkl, a. Relating to the taU.

C§.u'dle, n. Warm drink, of wine, &c., for
the sick.

Caught (kawt), I. &p. from catch.

CSul, n. Net for the hair : — membrane
covering the intestines : — membrane cov-
ering the heads of some new-born infants.

CS.u'li-flb-^-er, n. Species of cabbage.

Caulk (kawk), v. a. Same as colic.

CSu'§al, a. Relating to, or expressing, a

Ctuge, n. That which produces an effect : —
reason ; object : — side ; party : — suit at
law. — 2, V. a. To effect ; to produce.

Ciuge'less, a. Having no cause.

Ciuse'way, \n. Way or road raised above

C^u'§ey, J the adjacent ground.

CSus'tic, n. Corrosive or burning substance.
— 2, a. Searing : — corrosive : — sarcastic.

CSu-ter-i-za'tion, n. Act of cauterizing.

CSu'ter-ize, v. a. To burn with a cautery.

C3,u'te-r:K, n. Instrument or drug for cau-
terizing : — cauterization.

C^u'tion, n. Provident care ; prudence •
foresight: — warning: — surety. — 2, v. a.
To admonish ; to warn.

Cau'tion-a-rjr, a. Given as a pledget-

CSu'tious (kaw'shus), a. Wary ; watchful ;
prudent. — CSu'tious-ly, ad. — Ctu'tious-
ness, 71.

Cav-al-cade', n. Procession on horseback.

Cav-a-lier' {kav-a-ler'), n. Armed horse-
man : — knight : — beau. — 2, a. Gay ;
haughty; supercilious. — Cav-a-lier'ljj, ad.

Cav'al-ry, n. Soldiers on horseback.

Cave, n. ' Hollow place in the earth ; den.
— 2, V. a. To make hollow. — 3, v. n. To
fall in or collapse.

Cav'em, n. Cave.

Cav'em-ous, a. Full of caverns.




CSv'il, V. To find fault ; to carp. — 2, n.

Captious objection.
Cav'i-tx, n. HoUowness ; hollow place.
Ca-vort', 0. n. To curvet ; to prance.
G^w, V. n. To cry as the crow, &c. — 2, n.

Cry of a rook, raven, or crow.
Cay, M. Key or islet.

Cay-enne' (ka-en'), n. Pungent red pepper.
Cay'man, n. South American alligator.
Cease, v. To stop ; to give up.
Cease'less, a. Without stop ; incessant.
Ce'dar, n. Large evergreen tree with fra-
grant wood.
Cede, V. a. To yield ; to resign ; to transfer.
Ce-dil'la, n. Mark placed under c [thus, 5] ,

to indicate that it has the sound of s.
Ceil (sel), v. a. To cover the inner roof.
Ceil'ing, n. Covering of the inner roof.
Cel'an-dine, «. Common wild herb, bearing

bright yellow blossoms.
Cel'e-brate, v. a. To commemorate by rites,

as the Communion : — to praise, [eminent.
Cel'e-brat-ed, p. a. Eenowned ; famous ;
Cel-e-bra'tion, n. Act of celebrating.
Ce-llb'ri-tx, n. Fame ; renown : — person

of distinction.
Ce-ler'i-tX) «• Swiftness ; rapidity.
Cil'er-j:, n. Plant used for salad.
Ce-les'tial (se-lest'yal), a. Heavenly. — 2, n

Inhabitant of heaven.
Cel'i-ba-cjr, «• Unmarried state.
Cel'i-bate,' n. Celibacy : — ^bachelor. — 2, a.

Cell, n. Small room, as in a prison or mon-
astery ; cavity : — small vesicle : — smallest

unit of living matter.
CSl'lar, n. Koom under a house.
Cel'lu-lar, a. Consisting of cells or cavities.
Cel'lu-loid, n. Inflammable compound,

used as a substitute for ivory, &c.
Celt, n. Ancient inhabitant of Gaul, &c. :

— stone chisel.
Cel'tic, a. Relating to the Celts or Gauls.

— 2, n. Language of the Celts.
CSm'ent, n. Substance which unites, as

glue, mortar, &c. : — ^bond of union.
Ce-ment', v. To unite by cement.
Cem'e-ter-X) «• Place for burying the dead.
Cen'ser, n. Pan in which incense is burnt.
Cen'sor, n. Inspector of morals : — critic.
Cen-so'ri-ous, a. Containing censure : —

addicted to censure ; severe. — Cen-so'ri-

oiis-lxi (td.
Cen'si-ra-ble (sen'shu-ra-bl), a. Faulty ;

deserving censure. — Cen'sA-ra-bljr, ad.
Cen'siire (sen'shur), n. Imputation of

wrong ; blame ; reproach. — 2, v. a. To

blame ; to reprove.
Cen'sus, n. Official enumeration and regis-
tration, as of inhabitants of a country,

their property, occupations, religious

opinions, and the like, and other general

CSnt, n. A hundred — as, six per cent: —

American copper coin, one hundredth of

a dollar.

Cen'tal, n. Hundred-weight.

Cen'tire, n. Metric measure, of 1550 square

Cen'taur, n. Fabulous being, half man and

half horse.
Cen-te-na'ri-g,n, n. Person one hundred

years old."
Cen'te-na-rx, n. Number of a hundred : —

Cen-ten'ni-al, n. Commemoration of an

event one hundred years ago. — 2, a.

Hundred years old ; associated with a cen-
tennial : — consisting of a hundred years.
Cen-tes'i-mal, a. Hundredth.
Cen'ti-grrade, a. Having a hundred degrees,

as a thermometer.
Cen'ti-gram, "In. Metric weight, of .1543
Cen'ti-gramme, J avoirdupois grain.
Cen'ti-li-ter, ) «. Metric measure, of .6102
Cen'ti-li-tre, j cubic inch.
Cen'ti-me-ter, ) n. Metric measure, of .3937
Cen'ti-me-tre, J inch.

Cen'ti-ped, 1 n. Long insect having many
Cen'ti-pede,/ feet.
Cent'ner, n. Hundred-weight.
Cen'tral, a. Relating to, or placed in, the

centre.— Cen'tral-lx, ad.
Cen'tral-ize, v. a. To make central : — to

place under a central authority.
Cen'tre (sen'ter), n. Central point ; exact

middle. — 2, v. To be, or to place, in a

centre or in the midst.
Cen'tre-bit, n. Tool for drilling holes.
Cen'tre-board, n. Shifting keel, raised or

lowered at will.

Cen'tric, \ ^
Cen'tri-cal, j


Cen-trif i-gal, a. Flying from the centre.
Cen-trip'e-tal, a. Tending or drawing to-
ward the centre.
Cen'ti-ple, a. Hundred-fold. — 2, v. To

multiply a hundred-fold.
Cen-tii'ri-on, n. Roman military officer,

who commanded 100 men. [dred.

Cen'ti-rj:, n. Period of 100 years : — hun-
Cen'tu-rx-plant, n. Agave.
Ce-phal'o-pSd, n. Mollusk of the highest

"group, as the octopus.
Ce-ram'ic, a. Noting the plastic art, or

Ce-ram'ics, n. pi. Plastic art ; potter3\
Ce'rate, n. Unguent of wax, oil, &c.
Cere, v. a. To cover with wax ; to wax.
Ce're-al, a. Relating to grain or com. — 2,

n. Any kind of grain, as wheat, oats, &c.
Cer-e-bel'lum, n. Hinder part of the brain.
Cer'e-bral, a. Relating to the brain.
Cer-e-bra'tion, n. Action of the brain.
Cer'?-briim, n. Upper portion of the brain ;

Cere'-cloth, "I n. Cloth dipped in melted
Cere'ment, j wax or bitumen ; garment for

the dead.
Cgr-e-mo'ni-al, a. Relating to ceremony ;

formal ; ritual. — 2, n. Outward form or





C5r-?-mo'ni-ofi8, a. Full of ceremony ;
scrupulous ; formal ; precise. — Cer-e-m5'-
ni-oQs-lX) od. — Cer-e-mo'ni-ous-ness, w.

CEr'e-mo-njc, n. Outward form or sacred
rite, as in religion or state.

Ce're-us, n. Genus of cactuses, some of
wHich bloom at night.

Cer'tain (ser'tin), a. Sure; indubitable;
fixed; regular- — some or one. — Cer'-
tain-lx, «d- — Cer'tain-ness, n.

CSr'tain-tx (ser'tin-te), n. Certainness :
— real state ; truth : — regularity.

C§r-tif i-cate, n. Written testimony or cre-
dential properly authenicated.

Cer-tif i-cate, v. a. To give a certificate to.

Cer-ti-fi-ca'tion, n. Act of certifying.

Cer'ti-fy, v. a. To give assurance ; to attest.

Cer'ti-tude, n. Certainty ; freedom from

Ce-rii'l?-an, a. Sky-colored ; blue.

Ce-ru'men, n. Ear-wax.

Cer'vi-cal, a. Belonging to the neck.

Cess, v. a. To rate ; to assess. — 2, n. Tax.

Ces-sa'tion, n. Act of ceasing ; rest ; inter-

Ges'sion (sesh'un), n. Act of ceding.

Cess'pSSl, n. Receptacle for sewage.

Ce-ta ce-a, n. pi. Fish-like animals, as the
whale, dolphin, &c.

Ce-ta' cean (se-ta'shan), n. One of the ce-
tacea. [kind.

Ce-ta'ceons (se-ta'shus), a. Of the whale

Chafe, V. To fret by rubbing ; to irritate.
— 2, M. Heat ; irritation : — abrasion.

Chafer, n. Cockchafer.

Chiff, n. Husks of grain ; refuse : — banter-
ing talk. — 2, 1?. To ridicule or banter.

Chaffer, v. n. To bargain ; to haggle. — 2,
V. a. To buy ; to exchange. [kind.

Chaffinch, n. Singing bird of the finch

Chafing-dish, n. Dish kept hot by a lamp.

5ha-green', n. Eough-grained leather.

Cha-grin', n. Mortification ; vexation. — 2,
V. a. To vex ; to mortify.

Chain, n. Series of connected links : — bond :
— fetter : — connected series. — 2, v. a. To
fasten with a chain.

Ch4ir, n. Movable seat : — seat of authority.

Chair'man, n. Presiding ofBcer of a meet-
ing or assembly.

Chiir'man-ship, n. OflBce of a chairman.

(;hai§e (shaz), n. Light two-wheeled pleas-

phal-ced'o-njr, \ n. Variety of beautiful

phal'ce-do-nx, J quartz, used in jewelry.

Chli'drSn } "• ^^^ure of 36 bushels.
Chal'ice, n. Cup, as for the Communion.
Ch^lk (chawk), w. White stony earth, used

in the arts. — 2, v. a. To mark with chalk.
Chtlk'jr (chawk'e), a. Consisting of chalk ;

like chalk ; white.
Chal'len^e, v. a. To call to combat : — to

accuse : — to claim : — to object to. — 2, n.

Summons to fight a duel : — exception


(ihallis (sh§,l'lf), n. Fine woollen fabric,

ph^-lyb'e-ate, a. Impregnated with iron.

Cham'ber, w. Apartment in an upper story :
— cavity : — legislative body : — court. — 2, v.
To lodge : — to shut up, as in a chamber.

Cham'ber-lain, n. Officer of state : — servant
who has the care of the chambers.

Cham'ber-maid, n. Maid who takes care
of bedrooms.

Cham'ber-mii'§ic, n. Music suitable for
private houses.

pha-me'le-on, n. Sort of lizard, able to
change its color.

Cham'fer, v. a. To furrow ; to channel : —
to bevel. — 2, «. Furrow : — bevel.

^hamois (sham'e or sha-mo!'), n. Sort of
Alpine antelope or wild goat, whose skin
yields shammy leather.

pham'o-mile, n. Same as camomile.

Champ, V. To bite ; to chew ; to crush.

gham-pagne' (sham-pan'), n. Kind of
sparkling wine.

gham-paign' (sham-pan'), n. Flat, open
country. — 2, a. Open ; flat.

gham-pign'on (sham-pin'yun), n. Mush-

Cham'pi-on, n. One who upholds or fights
in defence of another or a cause. — 2, v. a.
To uphold or fight in defence of.

Cham'pi-on-ship, n. Rank or condition of
a champion.

Chance, n. Fortuitous event; accident;

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