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Lus'tring (Ills' tring or liit' string), n. Glossy
silk cloth.

Lus'trous, a. Bright ; shining ; glossy.

Lust'X) «• Stout ; vigorous ; healthy.

Lute, n. Stringed instrument of music : —
sort of paste or cement of clay, &c. — 2, v. a.
To close or coat with lute.

Lii te' string, n. Same as lustring.

Lu'ther-an, n. Follower of Luther. — 2, a.
Perfeiining to Luther and his tenets.

Lu5-ii'ri-ance, \n. State of being luxu-

Lu?-ii'ri-a.n-C5[, J riant ; rank growth.

Lu?;-5'ri-4nt, a. Exuberant ; very abun-

Luj-u'ri-ate, v. n. To grow exuberantly :
— to live luxuriously : — to delight in.

Lu?-ii'ri-ous, a. Luxuriant : — delighting
in luxury.

Luj'A-rjr (luk'shu-re), n. Indulgence of
the body : — delicious fare ; dainty.

Ly-ce'um, n. Seminary ; academy : — asso-
ciation for literary improvement.

Lye, n. Water impregnated with alkaline

Ly'ing, p- a. Addicted to falsehood : — re-
clining. — 2, n. Act of telling lies : — act of

Lymph (limf), w. Thin, slightly saline fluid
in animal bodies.

Lym-phat'ic, n. Absorbent vessel of the
body, conveying lymph. — 2, a. Pertain-
ing to lymph : — heavy ; sluggish.

Lynch, v. a. To
punish with-
out legal

Lynx, n. Quad-
ruped of the
cat kind,
having a
short tail,
tufted ears,
and remark-
ably keen

Lyre, n. Sort of harp. [lyric poetry.

Lyr'ic, n. Lyric poem : — pi. verses used in

Lyr'ic, \ a. Pertaining to a harp, or to

Lyr'i-c%l, J poetry intended to be suag.






Ma, H. Child's abbreviation for mamma or
Ma'am, n. Contraction for madam.
Mac-ad' am-ize, v. a. To cover or pave with

broken stone, as roads and streets.
Mac-a-To'ni (mak-a-ro'ne), n. Edible paste

of wheat': — fop ; 'coxcomb.
Mac-a-r88n', w. Kind of sweet cake.
Ma-ciw', w. Large species of parrot.
Mace, n. Ornamental staff, as an ensign of

authority : — spicy coat of the nutmeg.
Maf'er-ate, v. a. To make lean ; to wear

away : — to soften by steeping.
Ma5-er-a'tion, n. Act or process of macer-
ating ; sta^te of being macerated.
Maph-i-na'tion, n. Artifice ; contrivance :

— hostile design.
Ma-$hine' (ma-shen'), n. Mechanism which

serves to apply or regulate moving power ;

Ma-chtn'er-jr, n. Machines collectively ;

works of a machine : — agency ; means to

an end.
Ma-9Mne'-shop, n. Shop where machinery

is made.
Ma-9htn'ist, n. Constructor of machines ;

one versed in ma-
Mack'er-el, n. Small

edible sea-fish.
Mack'in-tosh, n.

Water-proof over-
Ma'cro-co§m, n


Mad, a. Insane ; crazy : — enraged.
Mad' am, n. Same as madame.
Mad'ame, \n.; pi. Mesdames (me-dam').
Ma-dame', J Term of address to a lady.
Mid' den (mM'dn), v. To make or become

Mad'der, n. Boot used for dyeing red.
Mad' ding, a. Tumultuous : — bewildering.
Made, i. & p. from malce.
Ma-dei'ra, n. Wine made in the island of

Mad-em-oi-§glle' (mM-em-wa-zel'), n.

Term of address to a girl.
Mad' -house, n. House for the insane.
Mad'man, n. Insane man ; maniac.
Ma-don'na, n. Madame : — picture of the

Virgin Mary.
Mad're-pore, n. Kind of coral.
Mad'ri-gal, n. Pastoral or amorous poem or

Mael'strom, n. Whirlpool on the coast of

Norway : — ^turbulent environment.
Mag-a-ztne', w. Storehouse : — arsenal ; am-
munition-chamber in a gun : — periodical

Ma-fen' ta, n. Keddish-purple hue. •
MSg'got, n. Worm or grub : — whim.

Great or whole world ;

Ma|''ic, n. Pretended art of employing
supernatural powers ; sorcery ; enchant-

Ma|''ic, \ a. Relating to, or done by,

Mag-'i-cal, j magic : — wonderful ; startling.

Ma-i'i"cian (ma-jish'an), n. One who prac-
tises magic ; enchanter.

Ma| - is-te'ri-al, a. Authoritative ; despotic :
— stately ; lofty.

Mat'is-tra-cjr, n. Oifice or dignity of a
magistrate ; magistrates collectively.

Maf is-trate, n. Public civU oflScer ; justice
of the peace.

Mag-nan' i-mous, a. Great in soul or mind ;
noble ; generous ; honorable. — Mag-n^-
nim'i-tj, n.

Mag'nate, n. Man of high rank.

Mag-ne'§i-a (mag-ne'zhe-a), n. White,
earthy substance, gently piirgative.

Mag-ne'§i-um (mag-ne'zhg-um), n. Metal
found in magne'sia, burning with an in-
tense white light.

Mag'net, n. Loadstone, ore of iron which
attracts iron or steel, and points to the
north pole when freely suspended ; piece
of iron or steel having similar properties.

Mag-net'ic, ) a. Relating to the magnet,

Mag-net'i-cal, J or to magnetism : — having
power to attract.

Mag'net-i§m, n. Properties or power of the
magnet : — power of attracting : — science
of the magnet and its properties.

Mag'net-Ize, v. To imbue with, or receive,

Mag-nif i-cat, n. Hymn of praise.

Mag-nif'i-cence, n. Grandeur ; splendor.

Mag-nif i-cent, a. Grand ; splendid : — fond
of splendor.

Mag'ni-fi-er, n. One that magnifies ; lens
for laagnifying objects.

Mag'ni-fy,v. a. To enlarge: — to exaggerate ;
— to praise greatly.

Mag'ni-tiide, n. Greatness in size or im-
portance ; extent : — grandeur.

Mag-no'Ii-a, n. Genus of trees bearing large
fragrant flowers.

Mag' pie (mag'pi), n. Mischievous chatter-
ing bird of the crow family, with vari-
colored plumage.

Mag'uey (mag'we), n. Agave ; century-

Ma-hog'a-ny, n. Tropical American tree,
and its valuable redcUsh-brown wood.

Ma-hom'e-tan, n. & a. Same as Mohamme-

Ma-hom'9-tan-i§m, n. Same as Mohamme-

Maid, n. Maiden : — female servant.

Maid'en (naa'dn), n. Unmarried woman ;
girl. — 2, o. Fresh ; unused ; pure.

Maid'en-h&ir (ma'dn-), n. Delicate fern.

Maid'en-ljr (ma'dn-lg), a. Gentle ; modest




Maid'-ser-v|Jit, n. Female servant.

Kail, n. Armor coat of steel net-work : —
letters, &c., carried by post ; conveyance
carrying the mall ; bag for mail. — 2, v. a.
To arm with mail : — to enclose in, or send
by, the post.

Hail' -bag, w. Bag for letters, &c,

JUail' -coach, n. C!oach that carries a mail.

Uaim, V. a. To disable ; to mutilate. — 2, n.
Mutilation ; a crippling.

Main, a. Principal ; chief : — necessary ; im-
portant : — weighty ; enormous : — forcible.
— 2, n. Bulk ; greater part : — ocean ; sea :
— main-land : — force ; power : — large pipe
for gas or water.

Main' -land, n. CJontinent.

Main' -mast, n. Chief mast of a ship.

Main' -sail, n. Chief sail of a ship.

Main' -spring, w. Chief spring or motive
power, as in a clock.

Main' -stay, n. Chief support ; prop.

Main-tain' (man-tan' or man-tan'), tj. a. To
uphold ; to support : — to preserve : — to
keep up : — to vindicate : — to bear the ex-
pense of.

Main'ten-ance, n. Act of maintaining ;
support : — vindication : — subsistence ;

Maize, n. Indian corn.

Ma-jes'tic, a. Having majesty ; grand ;

Maj'es-tx, n. Dignity ; grandeur : — title
given to sovereigns.

Ma'jor, a. Greater ; larger : — fenior. — 2, w.
Senior : — military oflBcer next above a cap-

Ma'jor-§en'er-al, n. Military officer, in
cornmand of a division.

Ma-jor'i-tx» n. More than half: — ^fuU or
legal age : — office or rank of a major.

Make, v. a. \i. & p. made.] To create ; to
form ; to produce : — to bring into, or be
in, any state or condition : — to compose ;
to constitute : — to perform ; to do : — to
secure ; to establish : — to bring into pros-
perity : — to compel ; to force : — to have ;
to hold : — to obtain ; to acquire : — to put ;
to place : — to represent ; to show : — to pre-
pare for use. — 2, v. n. To travel ; to go : —
to tend : — to have effect : — to show ; to
seem. — 3, n. Form ; structure ; texture.

Make'-be-lieve, n. Pretence. — 2, a. Un-
real ; pretended.

Mak'er, w. One who makes : — Creator.

Make' shift, n. Temporary expedient.

Mak'ing, n. Composition ; structure.

Mal'a-phite, «. Green mineral or stone.

Mal-ad-min-i8-tra'ti9n, n. Bad administra-
tion or management.

Mal'a-dx, n. Disease ; disorder.

Mal'Sp-ro-pos' (mil'fip-prp-po'), a. Unsuit-
able. — 2, ad. Unsuitably.

Mal-a'ri-a, n. Noxious exhalation from
marshy districts, and the fever caused by it.

Mal-a'ri-al, ) a. Pertaining to, or affected

Mil-a'ri-ous, j with, malaria.

Mai' con-tent, «. One who is dissatisfied. —
2, a. Dissatisfied ; discontented.

Male, a. Of the sex that begets young, — 2,
n. One of the male sex.

Mal-e-dic'tion, n. Curse ; execration.

Offender against law;

Mal-e-^c'tor, n.

criminal. "
Ma-lev'o-lence, n.
Ma-lev'o-lent, a.

fK n I -■tA.^' art v«nA /i4


Malignity ; malice.
Dl-disposed ; malicious.

Mal-fea'§ance, n. Unjust or evil deed or act.

M^-for-ma'tion, n. Deformity ; defect of

Mal'ice, «. Hostile or bad feeling ; ill-will.

Ma-li"cious (ma-lish'us), a. Full of malice ;

Ma-lign' (ma-lin'), a. Malicious: — perni-

i clous. — 2, V. a. To hurt ; to defame.

Ma-ligr'nan-ex, ) n. Malice ; malevolence :

Ma-lig'ni-tX( J — fataUty ; perniciousness.

Ma-lignant, a. Malicious: — pernicious;

MSll, a. "Wooden hammer or mallet. — 2, v.
a. To beat or strike with a mall.

Mall,'n. Level and shaded public walk.

Mal'lard, w. Drake of the wild duck.

Mal'le-a-ble, a. Capable of be-
ing spread by beating or roll-
ing. — Mal-le-a-bil'i-tx, w.

Mal'let, n. "VVobden hammer.

Mal'low, n. Mucilaginous

Mal-o'dor-ous, a. Having a bad
smell : — in bad odor or repute.

Mal-prac'tice, n. Dangerous
or unlawful practice, as of a physician.

M^lt, n. Grain steeped in water, fermented,
and dried.

Mai- treat' (mal-tref), v. a. To treat ill ; to
abuse ; to injure.

Mal-treat'ment, n. HI usage ; abuse.

M^m-ma', ) ^_ Familiar word for mother.

Mam ma, j

Mam'mal, n. Animal that suckles its young.

Mam-ma'li-a, n. pi. That class of animals
which suclile their young.

Mam-ma'li-an, a. Belating to mammalia.
—2, n. Mammal.

Mam'mon, n. Riches ; wealth.

Mam'moth, n. Huge extinct elephant. — 2,
a. Huge ; enormous.

Man, n. ; pi. Men. Hiiman race ; mankind ;
— human being : — male human being;
adult male : — husband : — manly person : —
person : — male servant : — piece at chess,
draughts, &c. : — ship of war. — 2, v. a. To
furnish, guard, or fortify with men.

Man'a-cle, v. a. To chain the hands. — 2, n.
pi. ' Chains for the hands.

Man'ag'e, v. a. To conduct ; to control : —
to handle ; to wield : — to economize. — 2,
V. n. To superintend or conduct affairs.

MEn'a^e-a-ble, a. Tractable ; amenable to

MSn'a&e-ment, n. Act or art of managing ;
superintendence : — care ; economy : — skil-
ful treatment : — those who manage.




Kan'a^^^r, n. One who manages ; con-

dHCtor ; director.
]ffan-9,-tee', n. Large sea-animal.
Uan-da'mys, n. Legal writ requiring some

act to be done.
Uan-da-rin', n. Chinese magistrate or pub-
lic oAicer : — variety of orange.
Kan'date, w. Command ; precept ; charge.
Man'da-tp-rx. <»• Containing a mandate.
Man'di-ble, n. Jaw, as of a bird.
Kan'do-ITn, n. Kind of lute.
Han'drake, w. Narcotic herbaceous plant.
MSn'drel, n. Bar or rod for fixing work in

the lathe.
MSn'dril, n. Species of baboon. [&c.

Mane, n. Hair on the neck of a horse, lion,
Kan'ffil, a. Noble : — bold ; valiant.
JS.5.h-g&-ne§e' (mang-ga-ne//), n. Hard
and brittle gray-whit« metal, diflScult to
Kan|:e, n. Scab or itch of dogs, cattle, &c.
Han'gel-wiir'zel (mang'gl-wUr'zl), n.

Root of the beet kind.
Kan'^er, n. Eating-trough for animals.
Man'grle (mang'gl), v. a. To hack ; to mu-
tilate : — to smooth with a mangle. — 2, n.
Machine for pressing and smoothing linen.
Uan'go (mang'go), «. Tropical tree, and
its fruit : — stuffed and pickled muskmelon.
Uan'gold-wUr'zel, n. Same as mangel-

Man'grove, n. Tropical tree, which sends

down secondary shoots like the banian.
Man'tx, a. Infected with the mange.
Man'hood (man'httd), w. State or quality

of being a man.
Ma'ni-ai, n. Violent insanity ; madness.
Ha'ni-ac, n. Person infected with mania.
Ka'ni-ac, 1 a. Infected with mania ; in-
Ma-ni'a-cal, J sane.
Man'i-ciire, n. Care of the hands.
Uan'i-f est, a. Obvious ; plain ; open ;
clear. — 2, n. Account of the cargo of a
ship. — 3, V. a. To make appear ; to show
plainly ; to evince.
Man-i-fes-ta'tion, n. Act of manifesting ;

discovery; revelation.
Han-i-fes'to, «. Public declaration of a

sovereign or a government.
Uan'i-fold, a. Many in number ; various

in kind or quality.
Xan'i-km, n. Dwarf: — anatomical model

of the human body.
Ma'ni-oc, h. Tropical plant yielding cassava

and tapioca.
Ua-nTp'A-Iate, v. To operate or work with

the hands ; to handle skilfully.
lIa-nip-6-la'tipn, w. Act of manipulating ;
skilful use of the hands. [tively.

Man-kind', w. Human race; men collec-
Man'-like, a. Like a man.
Man'Iy., a. Becoming a man ; manful.— 2,

ad. With courage like a man.
Man'na, n. Food supplied to the Israelites
in the wilderness : — medicinal honey-like
gum from various tree&

MSn'ner, n. Mode of doing or acting ; cus-
tom ; way : — certain degree, measure, or
extent : — sort ; kind : — mien ; appearance :
— -pi. morals : — behavior ; civility.
Man'ner-i^m, n. Adherence to a peculiar

style," as by a writer, artist, or musician.
Man'ner-ly, a. Civil ; complaisant. — 2, ad.

Civilly ; courteously.
Man'ni-kin, n. Same as manikin.
Man'nish, a. Like a man ; bold ; masculine.
Ma-noeti'vre (ma-nu'vgr), n. Military or
naval movement : — dexterous manage-
ment ; stratagem ; trick. — 2, v. To act or
manage with address, art, or stratagem.
Man'-9f-wS.r', n. Large ship of war.
Man'or, n. Landed estate.
Man'pr-hofise, n. House of a manor.
Ma-no'ri-al, a. Belonging to a manor.
Man'sard-r88f, n. Roof with a broken
slope, the lower part being steeper than
the upper.
Manse, «. Parsonage-house.
Man'sipn (man'shun), n. Large house;

Man'sl^ugh-ter (man'slaw-tgr), n. Un-
lawful killing of a human being, though
without malice or intention.
MSn'tel (man'tl), \n. Beam or shelf
Man'tel-piece (-pes), j over a fireplace.
Man-til'la, n. Light, loose garment.
Man' tie, n. Cloak or loose garment : — man-
tel. — 2, V. a. To cloak ; to cover.— 3, v. n.
To spread :— to gather any thing on the
surface : — to blush.
Man'{i-al, a. Performed by, or relating to,
the hand. — 2, n. Hand-book : — key-board
of an organ.
M5n-6-fac't9-r3j, «• Place where a manu-
facture is carried on ; factory.
Man-6-fact'Jtre (man-yu-fakt'yur), n. Act
or process of manufacturing ; thing manu-
factured. — 2, r. a. To form by hand or
machinery : — to consume, as raw ma-
terials, in manufactures,
MSn-^i-mis'sipn, n. Liberation from slavery.
Miin-A-mit', V. a. To release from slavery,
Ma-nure', v. a. To fertilize with manure,
—2, n. Any thing that fertilizes, as dung,
compost, guano, &c.
Man'i^-scrTpt, n. Book or paper written.
Man'x (men'e), a. Numerous; manifold,
— 2, M. Great number ; multitude : — ma-
Map, n. Delineation of some part of the
terrestrial or celestial sphere, on a plane
surface.- 2, v. a. To delineate, as in a
map : — to set down.
Ma'ple (ma'pl), n. Tree of many species,

one of which yields a kind of sugar.
Mar, V. a. To injure ; to disfigure.
Ma-raud', v. n. To rove for plunder,
Mar'ble, n. Limestone of many varieties,
susceptible of a high polish : — thing made
of marble : — round stone to play with. — 2,
a. Made of, or like, marble. — 3, v. a. To
variegate like marble.




Karch, n. Third month of tho year : — mili-
tary movemeut or journey ; advance : —
stately or regulated step ; music for SHch :
— pi. frontiers. — 2, v. To move or cause
to move in regulated steps, aa soldiers : — to
walk in a stately manner.

Uar'$hipn-ess (mar'shun-es), n. Wife of
a marquis : — lady of the rank of mar-

Har-co'^ni-gram, n. A telegraphic message
by wireless system.

Hare, n. Female horse.

Mar'^in, «• Border : — edge of a page : —
difference between cost and selling-price.

Kar'i^in-al, a. Being on the margin.

Mar'pruer'-ite (mar'ggr-et), n. Daisy :—

Uar'f-gold, h. Composite plant of several
species, with golden-yellow flowers.

Ma-rtne' (ma-ren'), a. Belonging to the
sea, or to naval affairs : — done at sea : —
near the sea. — 2, u. Sea affairs : — shipping :
— navy : — soldier on a ship of war.

Kar'i-ner, n. Seaman ; sailor.

Mar-i-o-'nette' (-net'), n. Puppet.

Mar'i-tal, a. Pertaining to a husband.

Slar'i-time, a. Same as marine.

Kar'jp-ram, n. Aromatic plant.

Iffark, M. Visible sign : — that which serves
to distinguish, or as a guide ; badge ; evi-
dence : — impressed sign or stamp : — thing
aimed at or striven for : — sign made by
ooe who cannot write. — 2, v. To impress
or inscribe with a mark ; to brand : — to

Mark'ed-l;:, a. Noticeably.

Mar'ket, n. Public place for sale, aa of
provisions : — purchase and sale. — 2, v. To
deal at a market ; to buy or sell.

Mar'ket-a-ble, a. Fit for sale ; salable.

Harks'man, «. Man skilful to hit a mark.

Karl, n. " Fertilizing earth. — 2, v. a. To
manure with marl.

Uar'line, n. Small, slightly-twisted line, to
wind round cables, &c.

Karl'jr, a. Abounding with, or like, marl.

Uar'mfi-lade, n. Confection of fruit boiled
with sugar.

Har-mp-^gt', n. Small monkey.

Mar'mot, \n. Small rodent animal, as the

Mar-mSt', j woodchuck, Ac, or a rabbit-like
animal of Europe.

Ma-r88n', n. Brownish-crimson or claret
color. — 2, a. Brownish-crimson ; of a
claret color. — 3, w. a. To leave on a deso-
late island, as sailors, for punishment.

Mar'plot, n. Officious meddler.

Kar-quee' (mar-ke'), n. Field-tent.

Har'quess (mar'kwgs), ) n. Nobleman next

Mar'quis (mar'kwjs), j below a duke.

Mar'qu?t-ri (mar'kpt-r?), n. Inlaid work.

Il[ar'qui9-atie, n. Dignity or lordship of a

Marquise (mar-kez'), n. Marchioness.

Har'riafe (mar'rjj), n. Act of uniting a
man aud woman for life ; wedlock.

]|IIir'riate*ai-ble (mir'rij-ii-bl), a. That
may be married.

Mar'ried, »'. & p. from marry.

Hir'row (mar'ro), n. Oily substance in
bones : — essence or best part.

Mar' row-fat, n. Large, rich pea.

Mar'rj:, v. To unite in marriage. — 2, interj.
By Mary, an oath.

Mar^, ti. Heathen god of war : — planet
next to the earth, showing red light.

Marseilles (mar-saiz'), n. Fabric made of
two sets of interlacing threads, used for
quilts and for garments.

Marsh, n. Watery tract of land ; swamp.

Mar'sh^I, «. Commander-in-chief of mili-
tary forces: — ofiScer of United States
courts: — master of ceremonies: — hei^ald,
— 2, V. a. To arrange ; to rank in order :
— to lead : — to herald.

Marsh'-mal-low, n. Mallow found in
swampy ground : — sort of confection.

Marsh' jr, <*• Boggy ; wet ; swampy.

Mar-sil'pi-ail, «. Quadruped carrying its
young in a pouch, as the kangaroo or

Mart, n. Same as market.

Mar'ten, n. Animal of the weasel kind, and
its valuable fur : — martiu.

Mar'ti^l (mar'shal), a. Warlike ; military.

Mar'tin, n. Bird of the
swallow kind.

Mar-ti-n2t', n. Kind of
swallow : — strict military

Mar'tin-gUl, > n. Strap to

Mar' tin-gale, / keep a horse
from rearing, by holding its head down :
— spar under the bowsprit of a ship.

Mart'Ift, 71. Kind of swallow ; martin.

Mar'tjjr, w. One who suffers or dies on ac-
count of his belief. — 2, v. a. To put to
death as a martyr.

Mar'txr-d6m, n. Death of a martyr.

Mar'v^l, n. Prodigy ; miracle. — 2, v. n.
To wonder ; to be astonished.

Mar'y^I-loSs, a. Wonderful ; amazing ;

MSs'c6-line, a. Male ; not feminine.

MSs-cd-lIn'i-tjr, n. Masculine quality.

Mash, n. ilixture of ingredients, or of
malt with water. — 2, v. a. To beat into a
mass ; to mix : — to smash.

M&sk, n. Cover to disguise the face : — pre-
tence ; subterfuge : — revel ; masquerade :
— former species of di-ama, by masked
actors, who represented mythological and
allegorical characters : — representation of
the human face in marble or plaster : —
fox's head. — 2, v. a. To disguise, as with
a mask or pretence : — to conceal ; to cover.

Ma' son (ma'sn), n. Builder ia stone or
brick : — freemasou.

Ma-son'ic, a. Relating to masons, or to

Ma'son-rXt «• Work of a mason ; structure
of brick or stone : — freemasonry.





Hisque (maek) , n. Same as masTi.

Mas-quer-ade' (mas-ker-ad'), n. Social
aasembly of persons in masks, for dancing,
conversation, and the like : — disguise. — 2,
V. To go in, assemble in, or put into, dis-

Mass, n. Lump ; heap : — large quantity :
— whole quantity ; entire collection : —
bulk ; size : — confused assemblage : — Eo-
man Catholic celebration of the commun-
ion, and music for it. — 2, v. To assemble
in a mass.

Mas'sa-cre (mas'a-ker), n. Indiscriminate
slaughter of human beings. — 2, v. a. To
slaughter indiscriminately.

Kassagre (ma-sazh'), n. Treatment for cer-
tain ailments by rubbing and kneading
the body.

Mas'sive, 1 a. Bulk^; heavy ; weighty; pon-

Mas'sjr, J derouB.

Mist, n. Upright spar in a vessel, to sup-
port sails and rigging : — fruit or nuts of
oak, beech, and other forest trees.

M&s'tf r, n. One who has rule or direction
over others ; lord ; chief : — commander of
a merchant ship : — teacher ; head teacher :
— possessor ; owner : — one skilled in an
art or science ; adept : — term of address :
— title or degree in colleges : — title of of-
ficial dignity: — husband. — 2, v. a. To
rule ; to control : — to overcome ; to van-
quish : — to excel in ; to execute with skill.

MSs'ter-ful, a. Masterly : — imperious.

MSs'ter-lx, a. Skilful ; able : — imperious ;

MSs't^r-piece, n. Work of great excellence
or superior skill.

MSs'ter-jr, n. Dominion ; rule : — supe-
riority ; victory : — acquirement : — skill.

Mas' tic, n. Sort of gum-resin.

Mas'ti-cate, v. a. To crush with the teeth ;
to chew.

Mas-ti-ca'tion, n. Act of masticating.

Mts'tiff, n. "Large, strong, courageous dog.

Mas'to-don, n. Genus of extinct elephants.

Mat, n. Texture of sedge, rushes, and straw
for a floor-covering : — any thing like a
mat : — tangled strands or fibres : — orna-
mental border for a picture. — 2, v, a. To
cover with mats : — to entangle.

Match, n. Inflammable material to light a
fire, and the like : — one equal to another :
— contest ; game : — union by marriage. —
2, V. To be equal to : — to show an equal
to : — to suit ; to fit : — to marry.

Match'less, a. Having no equal.

Mate, n. Companion ; husband or wife : —
subordinate ship's oflBcer : — checkmate. —
2, V. a. To match ; to marry : — to be
equal to : — to vanquish ; to baffle : — to

Ma-te'ri-al, a. Consisting of matter ; cor-
poreal : — important ; essential. — 2, n. Sub-
stance of which any thing is made ;

Ma-te'ri-al-i§m, n. Doctrine of materialists.

Ma-tS'ri-9,l-ist, n. One who denies the ex-
istence of spiritual substances : — one who
takes a low view of life and its responsi-
bilities, [characterized by, materialism.

Ma-te-ri-al-is'tic, a. Pertaining to, or

Ma-te'ri-gil-Ize, v. a. To form into matter.
— 2, V. n. To assume material form.

Ma-ter'nal, a. Befitting, or relating to, a
mother ; motherly.

Ma-ter'ni-t3C» w- State, character, or rela-
tion of a mother ; motherhood.

Math-9-mat'ic, fa. Pertaining to, or

Math-e-mat'i-cal, j done by, mathematics :
— accurate ; exact.

Matli-e-ma-ti"cian (mSth-e-ma-tish'an), n.
One versed in mathematics.

Math-e-mat'ics, n. Science of numbers and
magnitude, and of their relations.

MEt'in, a. Eelating to the morning.

Mat-i-n6e (mat-e-na'), n. Afternoon musi-
cal or dramatic entertainment.

Mat'in§, n. pi. Morning worship or service.

Ma'trjce (ma'tris), n. Same as matrix.

Mat'ri-cide, n. Murder, or murderer, of a

Ma-tric'{i-late, n. To admit or be admitt«d
to membership, as in a college.

Ma-tric'u-l%te, n. One matriculated.

Ma-tric-A-la'tien, n. Act of matriculating.

MS.t-ri-mo'ni-^1, a. Relating to, or derived
from, marriage.

MS,t'ri-mo-n3r, «• State of those who are

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