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dle : — to fidget.

Nest'ling (nes'ljng), n. Young bird in the

Net, n. Texture woven with meshes : —
snare ; trap. — 2, v. To knit a net : — to
take, as in a net : — to produce as clear
profit. — 3, a. Clear as profit.

Netfi'er, a. Lower ; not upper : — infernal.

NStfi'er-most, a. superl. Lowest.

Net' ting, n. Act of making nets ; fabric
woven with meshes.

Net' tie, n. Well-known stinging plant.— 2,
V. a. To sting ; to irritate ; to vex.

Net' -work (net'wiirk),n. Piece of netting.

Neii-ral'^i-a, n. Painful disease of the

Neu-ral'fic, a. Relating to, or affected with,

Neu'ter, n. Neither masculine nor feminine
in gender : — intransitive, as applied to
verbs : — neutral ; indifferent. — 2, n. One
who is indifferent or neutral.

Neii'tral, a. Indifferent; not on either
side.— 2, n. One not on either side.

Neu-tr51'i-tx (nu-tral'g-tg), n. State of
being neutral or neuter ; indifference.




Veu'tral-ize, v. a. To render neutral, or of

no effect ; to counteract.
Nev'er, ad. Not ever ; at no time.
Nev-f r-tfi?-less', ad. However ; notwith-
New (qu), a. Occurring or existing for the

first time, or recently : — modern : — not

before known : — unaccustomed : — fresh :

— renewed.
New'el, n. Upright post on a staircase.
New'ljj, ad. Freshly ; lately ; recently.
New§, n. Report of recent events ; fresh

information. /
New§'-mSn-f er, n. Public periodical paper

that conveys news.
Newt (nut), n. Eft, a kind of lizard.
Next, a. Nearest in place, time, or order. —

2, ad. At the time, or in the place or

order, next succeeding.
Nib, n. Bill of a bird : — point of a pen or

any small pointed object.
Nib'ble, v. To eat by small bites or nips. —

2, n. Act of a fish trying the bait : — small

Nice, a. Particular ; dainty : — exact, or

requiring exactness : — subtle ; fine : —

pleasing; delightful.
Nice'ness, ) «. Quality or state of being
Ni'ce-tjr, J nice : — precision : — fastidious

Niche, n. Shallow recess in a wall, for a

statue, &c.
Nick, n. Exact point of time : — notch, — 2,

V. a. To notch : — to hit ; to touch luckily.
Nick'el, n. Whitish metal : — five-cent

Nick'name, n. Name given in familiarity

or derision. — 2, v. a. To call by a famil-
iar or derisive name.
Nic'o-tine, n. Poisonous principle in to-
Niece, n. Daughter of a brother or sister.
Nigr'g-ard, n. Miser ; churl. — 2, a. Nig-
Nig'gard-ljr, a. Parsimonious ; miserly. —

2, ad. Sparingly ; parsimoniously.
Nigh (ni), a. Near ; close ; neighboring. —

2, prep. Not far from ; near. — 3, ad. Not

far off : — almost.
Night (nit), n. Time from sunset to sun-
rise :-— darkness ; obscurity.
Night'oap (nit'kap), n. Cap worn in bed.
Night' -dress, n. Dress worn in bed.
Night' fan, n. Close of day;

Night' -gb^n,«. Gown worn

in bed.
Night'hSwk, n. Hawk that

flies by night
Night'in-gale (nit'-), n.

Small bird which sings at

night, noted for its sweet Nightingale.

Night'ljr (nit'le), n. Done by night, or

every night ; nocturnal. — 2, ad. Every


Night' mire (nit'mar), n. Oppressive dream,
accompanied by a sensation of weight on
the chest.

Night' shade, n. Poisonous plant of various

Ni'hil, n. Nothing.

Ni'hil-i§m, n. Nothingness : — principles or
doctrine of the nihilists.

Ni'hil-ist, n. One who denies that any
thing can be known or shown to exist : —
one of a secret revolutionary party for the
overthrow of all authority.

Ni-hil'i-tx, n. State of being nothing ; non-

Nil, M. Nothing ; nihil.

Nim'ble, a. Quick ; agile ; active.

Nim'bus, n. Eain-cloud : — circle of rays
painted round the head of a divinity or

Nine, a. One more than eight.

Nine fold, a. Repeated nine times.

Nine'pin§, n. Game of bowls played with
nine pieces of wood and a ball.

Nine'teen, a. Nine and ten.

Nine'teenth, a. Next after eighteenth.— 2,
n. One of nineteen equal parts of a

Nine'ti-eth, a. Ordinal of ninety.— 2, n.
One of ninety equal parts of a whole.

Nine'tx, a. Nine times ten.

Nin'njji n. Fool ; simpleton ; dunce.

Ninth,' a. First after the eighth. — 2, n. One
of nine equal parts of a whole.

Ninth'ljr, ad. In the ninth place.

Nip, V. a. To clip : — to pinch : — to blast, as
with cold. — 2, n. Pinch : — small bit : —
blast : — sip.

Nip'per§, n. pi. Small
pincers for cutting.

Nip' pie, n. Teat ; dug ;
pap. [insect.

Nit, n. Egg of a small Nippers,

Ni'tre (ni'ter), n. Saltpetre.

Ni'tro-gen, n. Gas forming four-fifths of the
atmospheric air.

Ni-trofe-nous, a. Containing nitrogen.

Ni'tro-giyc'e-rine, n. Powerful explosive
prepared from glycerine by the action of

Ni'trous, a. Of, or containing, nitre or ni-

No, ad. Word of refusal or denial ; nay : —
not all. — 2, a. Not any ; none. — 3, n. De-
nial ; negative vote.

No-bil'i-tx, n. Quahty or state of being
noble : — dignity of birth or character : —
body of nobles or titled persons.

No'ble, a. High in rank or character : —
grand ; worthy. — 2, w. One of high rank :
— obsolete gold coin. — ^NS'bljr, ad.

No'ble-man, n. One of the nobility.

No'ble-ness, n. Greatness ; worth.

No'bod-x, n. No one : — insignificant per-

Noc-tiir'nal, a. Relating to night :■— oc-
curring at night.





Nod, V. To bend the head, as in assent : —
to be drowsy. — 2, n. Quick bend of the

Nod' die (nod'dl), n. Head — used in con-

NSd'dx, n. Simpleton : — stupid sea-fowl.

Node, w. Knob : — knot : — oval figure made
by a curve crossing itself: —
point where the orbit of a planet
intersects the plane of the eclip-

Nod'i-lar, a. Pertaining to, or in ^sfode.
the form of, nodules.

Nod'ile (nod'yiil), w. Small lump or knot.

Nogr'§in, n. Small mug or cup, or its con-

Noi^e, n. Sound ; discordant or loud sound ;
clamor : — noisy rumor. — 2, v, a. To spread
by rumor or report.

Noi§e'less, a. Silent ; without sound.

Noi'some (noi'sum), a. Noxious ; offen-

Noi'gx, a. Making noise ; clamorous ; full
of noise.

Nom'ad, n. One who leads a wandering or
pastoral life.

No-mad'ic, a. Pertaining to nomads ; wan-
dering'; roving.

No'men-clat'ure (no'men-klat'yur), n. Sys-
tem of naming, especially the terms or
words of a language, art, or science.

Nom'i-nal, a. Pertaining to a name or
to names : — existing only in name.

Nom'i-nal-lx, a<i- By name ; only in name.

Nom'i-nite, 'v. a. To propose ; to appoint
by name, as for an oflBce.

Nom-i-na'tion, n. Act of nominating ; state
of being nominated.

Nom'i-na-t3ve, a. That names — applied to
the subjective case of nouns.

Nom-i-nee', n. Person nominated.

Non-. Latin prefix, signifying not — as non-

Non'ai-e, n. Minority in age.

Non-a-i-e-na'ri-an, n. One ninety years old.

Non-at-tend'ance, n. Failure to attend.

Nonce, n. Present time or occasion.

Non'gha-lant', a. Cool ; unconcerned. —
Non'jha-lance' (non'sha-lans'), n.

Non-com' ba-tant, n. Person who will not
or does not fight.

Non-com-mis' sioned (-mish'und), a. Not
having a comniission.

Non-com-mit'tal, a. Careful not to commit
one's self.

Non-com-pli'ance, n. Failure to comply.

Non-con-duct' or, n. Substance that does not
conduct electricity, heat, Ac.

Non-con-rdrm'ist, n. Dissenter to an estab-
lished church or religion.

Non-c?n-fdrra'i-tx, n. Want of conformity.

Non'd^-script, a. Not described ; not easily
described or classified.

N$ne, a. & pron. Not one ; not any.

Non-en' ti-ty, n. Non-existence : — person of
no importance.

None9, n. pi. Religious service for the ninth

hour, celebrated at mid-day.
N5n-es-sen'tial, n. Thing not necessary.
None'siich (niin'-), n. Thing unequalled.
Non-ej-ist'ence, n. State of not existing ;

thing having no existence.
Non-e?-ist'ent, a. Not existing.
Non-ful-fil'ment, n. Failure to fulfil.
Non-ob-§erv'gince, n. Failure or neglect to

Non-pa-reil' (n6n-pa-rel'), n. Person or

thing without equal : — sort of apple : —

small printing-type. — 2, a. Unequalled.
Non-pay'ment, n. Neglect of payment.
Non'plus, n. Puzzle ; quandary. — 2, v. a.

To puzzle.
Non-re§'i-dent, «. One who does not reside

in the place of his ofiicial duty : — absentee.

— 2, a. Not residing ; absent. — Non-rej'i-

dence, n.
Non-re-§ist'ance, n. Passive obedience.
Non-re-§ist'ant, a. Not resisting ; unop-

posing ; passively obedient.
Non' sense, n. That which is without sense ;

unmeaning language ; folly.
Non-sen'si-cal, a. Unmeaning ; foolish.
Non'siiit (non'siit), w. Withdrawal of a

legal suit by the plaintiff. — 2, v. a. To

stop in a legal process.
NSo'dle (noo'dl), n. Fool; simpleton: —

strip of dough, to put in soup. [retreat.
N8ok (or nuk), «. Corner; narrow place ;
N88n, n. Mid-day ; twelve o'clock in the

day. [day.

Noon'day, or Noon'tide, n. Mid-
NoSn'ing-, n. Kepose or repast at

N68§e, ) w. Running knot, which
N68se, / binds closer the more it is

drawn. — 2, v. a. To bind, catch,

or snare in a noose.
Nor, conj. Negative connecting

particle, marking an alternative,

following neither or not — as, nei-
ther this nor that.
Nbr'mal, a. According to rule ; typical : —

healthy. — Normal school, school for train-
ing school-teachers.
Nor'man, a. Relating to Normandy or the

Norrnans. — 2, n. Native of Normandy.
Norse, n. Language of ancient Scandinavia.

— 2, «. Of, or pertaining to, ancient

Scandinavia, its inhabitants, or language.
Norse'man, n. Ancient Scandinavian.
North, n. Point toward the pole-star : —

northern regions, as of the United States.

— 2, a. Of, in, from, or toward north. —

3, ad. In, from, or toward north.
North-east', n. Point midway between

north and east. — 2, a. Of, in, from, or

toward north-east. — 3, ad. In, from, or

toward north-east.
NSrth-east'er, n. Storm from north-east.
Nbrth-east'er-lx, a- Of, in, from, or to.

ward north-east. — 2, ad. In, from, or

toward north-east.





Korth-east'ern, a. Of, in, from, or toward
north-east. [east.

North-east' ward, ad. & a. Toward north-

Nor^'er, «. Storm from north, especially
in parts of the United States.

Nbrl^'er-lx, «• Of, in, from, or toward
north". — 2', ad. In, from, or toward north.

Northern, a. Of, in, from, or toward
north". — 2, n. Northerner.

IfSrtfi'ern-er, n. Native or inhabitant of
northern parts, as of the United States.

Nortii'ern-most, a. / Farthest north.

North'ingr, n. Motion, direction, or ten-
dency toward north.

North'man, «. Ancient Scandinavian.

North-star', n. Pole-star ; lodestar.

Nbrth'most, a. Farthest north.

North' ward, ad. & a. Toward north. — 2, n.
Northern regions.

North-west', n. Point midway between
north and west : — north-western regions,
as of the United States. — 2, a. Of, in,
from, or toward north-west. — 3, ad. In,
from, or toward north-west.

North-west' er, n. Storm from north-west.

North-west'er-lx, a. Of, in, from, or to-
ward north-west. — 2, ad. In, from, or
toward north-west.

North -west'ern, a. Of, in, from, or to-
ward north-west.

North-west' W9.rd, ad. & a. Toward north-

Nor-we'i'i-an, n. Native of Norway : —
language of Norway. — 2, a. Of, or per-
taining to, Norway, its inhabitants, or its

No§e, w. Prominence on the face ; organ
of smell : — scent : — any thing resembling a
nose, as the spout of a kettle. — 2, v. a.
To scent ; to smell : — to pronounce nasally.

Noge'gray, n. Bunch of flowei's.

No-sol'9-S'x, "I n. Science or classification of

No-§81'o-f jT) J diseases.

Nos-tal i'i-a, n. Homesickness.

Nos'tril, n. ' Opening of the nose.

Nos'trum, w. Quack medicine : — quack
scheme or device.

Not, ad. Particle of negation or refusal.

Not a-ble, a. Capable ; bustling.

Not'a-ble, a. Worthy of notice ; remark-
able. — 2, n. Person of distinction. — No-
ta-bil'i-tjr, n. [notary.

No-ta'ri-al, a. Relating to, or done by, a

N5'ta-rj:, \n. Public officer who

No'ta-rx-pub'lic, J attests contracts or docu-
ments, [by symbols or figures.

No-ta'tion, n. Act of noting or designating

Ni^tch, n. Hollow cut in any thing : — defile.
— 2, V. a. To cut in notches.

Note, n. Distinctive mark or quality ;
token : — musical sound ; tone ; mark rep-
resenting it : — key of a piano, organ, &c. :
— short letter : — written promise to pay :
— ^brief written comment : — heed : — repu-
tation. — 2, V. a. To observe ; to remark :
—to set down.

Note'-book (-btik), w. Book for taking

Not'ed, j3. a. Remarkable ; eminent ; famous.

Note'wor-thx (-wiir-the), a. Remarkable;
worthy of notice.

NSth'ingr, n. Not any thing : — thing of no

Noth'ing'-nSss, n. Nihility ; non-existence.

No'tice, n. Act of noting ; heed ; obser-
vation : — information ; announcement ;
writing containing it : — warning : — at-
tention ; civility. — 2, v. a. To note ; to
observe : — to refer to : — to treat with at-

No'tice-a-ble, a. Evident ; conspicuous ;
worthy of notice.

No-ti-fi-ca'tion, n. Act of notifying ; notice.

No'ti-fy, V. a. ' To inform ; to give notice to,

No'tion, M. Idea ; conception : — whim : —

N5'tion-al, a. Imaginary : — whimsical.

No'tion§, n. pi. Haberdashery ; small wares.

No-to'-ri'e-tjj, n. Stat« of being notorious ;

No-to'ri-oiis, a. Publicly known — in an ill

Not-with-stand'ing:, conj. Although. — 2,
prep.' In spiteof. — 3, ad. In spite of it ;
however ; yet.

Noug-at (n66-ga), n. Sweetmeat made with

Nought (nawt), n. Same && naughi.

Nodn, n. Name of any thing.

Noiir'ish (nur'ish), v. a. To support by
food"; to maintain ; to cherish.

Noiir'ish-ment (ntir'ish-ment), n. Act of
nourishing ; state of being nourished ;
that which nourishes.

Nov'el, a. New ; unusual ; striking. — 2, w.
Fictitious narrative tale, portraying life
and human emotion.

Nov'el-ist, n. Writer of novels.

Nov'el-tx, n. State of being novel ; novel

No-vem'ber, n. Eleventh month of the year.

Nov'ice, n. One unskilled ; beginner.

N9-vi"ti-ate (no-vish'g-at), n. State or
period of being a novice.

No^ (nofi), ad. At this present time : — in
present circumstances : — very lately : — at
a particular time designated.— ^otc and
then, at one time and another.

No'^'a-dayg, ad. In the present time or age.

No'where (no'hwar), ad. Not in any place.

No'wije, ad. Not in any manner or degree.

Nox'ious (ndk'shus), a. Hurtful ; perni-

Noz'zle, n. Nose ; snout ; small open end
of any thing, as of a hose.

Nu'cle-us, n. Kernel ; central part of any
thing, about which matter collects ; start-
ing-point or essential part of any thing.

Niide, a. Bare ; naked. — Nu'di-tx, n.

Niidfe (nilj), v. a. To push or touch gently.
— 2, n. Gentle push.

Nu'ga-to-rjr, a. Trifling ; ineffectual.




Hfig'fet, n. Lump ; small mass, especially

of precious metal.
IN'iii's^.nce, n. Something offensive.
Null, a. Void ; invalid ; useless.
Niil-li-fi-ca'tion, n. Act of nullifying.
Niil'li-fy, v. a. To annul ; to make void.
Niil'li-ty, n. State of being null ; want of

force ; that which is null.
Numb (num), a. Deprived of sensation or

motion. — 2, v. a. To make numb or torpid.
Niim'ber, v. a. To count ; to reckon : — to

mark' with a number : — to amount to in

numbers. — 2, n. Unit, or aggregate of

units : — many : — numerical figure : — pi.

poetic measure ; verses.
Niim'ber-less, a. Immeasurable ; countless.
Niim'berg, n. Fourth book of the Old Tes-
Nii'mer-al, a. Relating to, consisting of,

or expressing, number. — 2, n. Numeral

character or word.
Nu'mer-ate, v. a. To point off and read, as

Nii-mer-a'tion, n. Art of numbering, and

of writing and reading numbers.
Nii'mer-a-tor, n. One who numbers : — in

common "fractions, the number placed

above the line.
NA-mer'i-cal, a. Denoting number ; ex-
pressed' by numbers.
Ni-mer'i-cal-ly, ad. By number ; in num-
Nii'mer-oiis, a. Consisting of many. [bers.
Nu-mi§-mat'ics, n. Science of coins and

Num' skull, n. Dunce ; blockhead.
Niin, n. Woman living in a convent or

nunnery, vowed to religion, chastity, and

Niin'ci-o (nun'she-o), n. Envoy from the

Nun-cii'pa-tive, a. Verbal ; not written.
NGn'ner-x, n. Convent of, or for, nuns.

Nfip'tial, a. Eelating to marriage.
Nup'tial§ (nup'shalz), n. pi. Wedding;

marriage ceremony.
NUrse, n. Woman who nurses an infant or

the sick. — 2, v. a. To nurture ; to cherish :

— to suckle.
Niirs'er-x, n. Plantation of young trees or

vines : — place where any thing is reared

or fostered : — room for children.
Niirs'ling, n. One nursed or cherished, as

a child.
NUrt'Are (ntirt'yur), m. Act of nourishing ;

care ; education : — that which nourishes ;

food. — 2, V. a. To nourish : — 1<) educate ;

to train.
Nut, n. Fruit of certain trees and shrubs,

consisting of a hard shell enclosing a

kernel : — ^block screwed on the end of a

bolt. — 2, V. n. To gather nuts.
Nut'-crack-er, n. Bird like the magpie : —

instrument to crack nuts.
Nfit'gtll, n. Hard excrescence of an oak.
Niit'megr, n. Tropical tree, and its valuable

nut, used for spice.
Nii'tri-ent, n. Substance that nourishes. —

2, a. Nourishing ; nutritious. [food.

Nu'tri-ment, n. That which nourishes ;
N6-tri"tion (nii-trish'un), »i. Process or

act of nourishing, or maintaining life and

growth : — food.
Ni-tri"tioTjs (mi-trish'us), a. Affording

Nii'tri-tive, a. Nourishing ; concerned in

Nil t' shell, n. Hard shell of a nut : — small

compass or extent.
NQt'-tree, n. Tree that bears nuts.
Nut'ty, a. Resembling the flavor of nuts.
Niiz'zie, V. To nurse : — to touch with the

nose : — to nestle.
Nymph, n. Goddess of the woods, meadows,

and waters.


inter}. Exclamation of address ; also
denoting surprise, fear, pain, or
9 pleasure.

Oak (ok), n. Acorn -bearing forest tree of
many species, and its valuable wood.

oak' en (o'kn), a. Made of oak.

Oak'u^i w. Loose hemp, obtained by un-
twisting old ropes, for stopping leaks.

Oar (or), n. Pole with a flat, blade-like end,
to row boats with. — 2, v. To row.

Oars'man, n. One who rows. [desert.

6'a-sis, n. ; pi. o'a-seg. Fertile spot in a

oat (ot), n. ; pi. oats. Well-known cereal
plant, and its edible grain.

Oath (oth),n. ; pi. oat^9. Solemn declara-
tion or promise, with an appeal to God as
a witness : — profane use of a sacred name,
in exclamation.

Oat'meal, n. Meal made from oats.

Ob-. Latin prefix, signifying toward, against

— as object, obstruct.
6b'd6-rate, "I a. Hard of
Qb-du'rate, /heart; un-

yielding ; impenitent. —

bb'dA-ra-cy, Qb-du'ra-cy,

Q-be'di-5nt, a. Submissive

to control or command ;

compliant; dutiful. —

Q-be'di-Snce, n.
Q-bei'sance (9-ba'sans or -«iiibw;ij

9-be'sans), n. Bow; act Obelisk.

of reverence.
5b'e-li8k, M. Tall, slender stone pyramid;

—mark for reference, thus [f] .
Q-bese', a. Excessively fat. — Q-bes'j-tyi »•




Q-hej' (9-ba'), V. a. To yield obedience to ;
to comply with.

9b-ffis'cate, v. a. To darken ; to cloud : —
to bewilder : — to fuddle.

db-fus-ca'ti9n, n. Act of obfuscating ; be-

6'bit, 1 n. Decease : — date of decease : — fu-

6b'it, j neral.

Q-bit'A-a-rjr, «• Relating to deaths. — 2, n.
Register or notice of the dead.

Sb'ject, n. That which is external, visible,
or tangible : — end ; motive : — thing acted

Qb-ject', V. To be opposed to ; to speak in

Qb-jlc'ti^n, n. Act of objecting ; adverse
argument ; opposition.

Qb-jec'ti9n-a-ble, a. Liable to objection : —

Qb-jgc'tive, a. Relating to, or 'directed to-
ward, the object : — external, as opposed to
subjective. — Sb-jSc-tJv'i-tjr, «•

Qb-ject' or, n. One who objects.

Ob-jiir'gate, v. a. To chide ; to reprove,

5b-jur-ga'tion, n. Act of objurgating.

Qb-late , a. ' Flattened at the poles.

pb-la'tion, n. Act of offering ; thing offered
in worship or sacrifice.

6b'li-gate, v. a. To bind by contract or

6b-lj-ga'ti9n, n. State of being obligated ;
binding power of a promise, oath, or duty.

Ob'li-ga-tg-rj:, a. Imposing obligation ;

9-blif e', ,v. a. To impose obligation ; to
bind : — to compel : — to accommodate.

Q-bli§'ing, p. a. "Willing to oblige ; accom-
modating ; kindly.

Qb-ltque', T «• Inclined from the perpen-

9b-lique', j dicular ; slanting : — not parallel
to : — indirect ; not straightforward.

Qb-Hq'uj-tjr (9b-lik'we-tg), n. Quality or
state of being oblique : — deviation from
rectitude or directness.

9b-Ht'er-ate, v. a. To efface ; to destroy

9b-lit-er-a'ti9n, n. Act of obliterating ;

Qb-liv'i-9n, n. Act of forgetting ; forgetful-
ness : forgotten state : — amnesty.

9b-liv'i-ous, a. Forgetful ; unconscious : —
causing oblivion.

6b'long, a. Longer than broad. — 2, n. Ob-
long figure, especially a rectangle.

Ob'lo-qujc, n. Blame ; odium ; slander.

9b-nox'iou8 (9b-n6k'shus), n. Liable to
punishment : — unpopular : — offensive.

6'bo-e, n. Musical wind-instrument with
a liigh, rich tone ; hautboy.

9b-8cene' (9b-sen'), a. Offensive; indeli-
cate ; vile.

5b-sc6-ra'tion, n. Act of obscuring ; state
of being obscured.

9b-scure', a. Dark ; gloomy ; indistinct : —
not clear ; unintelligible : — humble ; un-
known. — 9b-scii'ri-t3:, n.


db'se-qutey (6b'B§-kwIz), n. pi. Fune»l

9b-se'qui-o5s, a. Submissive ; servile.
9b-9erv'ance, n. Act or practice of ob-
serving ; ceremony : — respect ; attention.
9b-5erv'ant, a. Observing ; having power

to observe : — attentive ; heedful.
6b-§er-va'tion, n. Act of observing : — judg-
ment : — remark.
9b-gerv'a-t9-r3r, «. Place for astronomical

or physical observations.
9b-9erve', v. To take notice of ; to attend

to : — to keep with ceremony : — to heed ; to

9b-§erv'ing, p. a. Habitually attentive ; re-
9b-s§s'8ion (9b-6esh'un), n. Molestation or

persistent attack of evil influence, from

5b's9-lete, a. Gone out of use.
5b'sta-cle, n. Hinderance ; obstruction.
5b'sti-nate, a. Stubborn ; perverse : — not

yielding to treatment, as a disease. — 5b'-

sti-na-cjr, n.
9b-3trep'er-ous, a. Clamorous ; noisy.
9b-strQct', V. a. To block up ; to hinder.
9b-striic'ti9n, n. Act of obstructing ; im-
pediment ; hinderance.
9b-struc'tive, a. Tending to obstruct.
9b-tain', v. a. To gain ; to acquire. — 2, v. n.

To be in use ; to prevail.
9b-trlide', v. a. To thrust into ; to intrude.
9b-tril'§ion (9b-tru'zhyn), n. Act of t>b-

truding' ; that which is obtruded.
9b-tru'sive, a. Inclined to obtrude ; intru-
9b-tiise', a. Notacute; blunt: — stupid ; dull

of apprehension : — greater than a right

5b' verse, n. Side of a coin bearing the face

or head : — opposed to reverse.
5b'vi-ate, v. a. To anticipate or remove, as

a diflSculty.
5b'vi-oiis, a. Plain ; evident ; manifest.
Oc— Latin prefix, a form of ob — as, occur.
9c-ca'§i9n (9k-ka'zhun), n. Particular

time or circumstance: — opportunity: —

necessity. — 2, v. a. To cause ; to produce.
9c-ca'§ion-al, a. Relating to, or produced

by, an occasion : — incidental : — occurring

at times.
9c-ca'sion-al-l3:, ad. Incidentally : — at

times. '
6c'ci-dSnt, n. Place of the sun's setting;

west — opposed to orient.
5c-ci-dent'al, a. Western.
9c-cip'i-t^l, a. Relating to the occiput,
oc'ci-piit '(6k's}-pat), n. Hinder part of the

90-cliide', V. a. To close completely.
9c-clii'3ion, n. Act of shutting up; state of

being shut up.
9c-ciilt', a. Secret ; hidden from sight or

understanding ; unknown.
6o-cul-ta'ti9n, n. Act of hiding ; state of

being hidden or occult.




Se'eA-pan-ex, n. Act of occupying.

6c'c6-pant, n. One that occupies.

5e-cft-pa'tion, n. Act of occupying ; state
of being ' occupied : — employment ; busi-

6c'c6-py, V. a. To take possession of ; to
hold : — to employ ; to busy.

Qc-ciir', V. n. To come to the mind : — to

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