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Writ'er (rit'er), n. One who writes: —

Writhe (rith), v. To twist ; to contort, as
the body.

Writ'ing (rlt'jng), n. Act of forming let-
ters with a pen, or of composing for
another to write : — any thing written.

Writ'ten (rit'tn), p. from icrite.

Wrong (rdng), n. Injury ; injustice : — error.
— 2, a. Incorrect ; untrue : — unjust ;
wicked. — 3, ad. Incorrectly ; amiss. — 4,
V. a. To injure : — to misjudge.

Wrong' f&l (rdng'ffil), a. Injurious ; un-

Wrong' -head-ed (r6ng'-), a. Perverse.

Wrote (rot), i. from write.

Wroth (rawth or rdth), «. Excited by
wrath ; angry ; exasperated.

Wrought (rawt), i. & p. from worle. — 2, a.
Worked ; elaborated.

Wriing (rang), i. & p. from wring.

Wty (ri), a. Crooked ; distorted ; wrested.

Wry'nSck (ri'nek), n. Distorted neck:—
bird like the woodpecker.


Xe'bec (ze'-), «. A small, three-masted
Xiph'oid (zif-), «• Sword-shaped.
X-ray§, «. pi. Cathode rays, Roentgen rays.
Xy-l£g'ra-pher (zi-), n. Wood-engraver.
Xy-lo-graph'ic, \ (zi-), a. Relating to
Xy-l9-graph'i-cal J wood-engraving.

Xy-lSg'ra-phjr (zl-), n. Art of engraving
on wood.

Xy'19-nite (zi'-), n. Substance like cellu-

Xy'l»-phone (zi'-), n. Musical instrument
made of bars of wood, played with email
wooden mallets.





Yacht (y6t), w. Small steam or sailing
vessel, for racing or pleasure. — 2, v. n.
To sail in a yacht.

Yacht'ing (yot'ing), n. Voyaging in a

Yachts'man (yots'man), w. One who keeps
or sails a yacht.

Yak, n. Thibetan ox, with silky hair.

Yam, n. Large esculent root, like the

Yank, v. a. To jerk ; to twist. — 2, n. Jerk ;
violent quick pull or twist.

Yan'kee (yang'ke), w. Inhabitant or na-
tive of the United States, especially of the
northern States, or of New England.

Yap, V. n. To bark ; to yelp. — 2., n. Bark ;

Yard, n. Small enclosed ground : — measure
of three feet : — timber to support a sail.

Yard' -arm, n. One-half of a ship's yard ;
extremity of a yard. [measure.

Yard' stick, w. Stick a yard long, used as a

Yarn, n. Spun thread of wool, cotton, &c. :
— tale ; narrative.

Yar'row, n. Aromatic perennial herb.

Yat-a-ghan', n. Curved Turkish dagger.

Y&up, V. & n. Same as yap.

Yaw, n. Deviation of a ship from its
course. — 2, v. n. To deviate from the
right course.

Yawl, \ n. Ship's small boat. — 2, v. n. To

Yaul, J cry out ; to yell.

Yawn, V. n. To open the mouth wide in-
voluntarily ; to gape. — 2, n. Act of yawn-
ing ; gape.

Yawn'ingr, a. Gaping ; sleepy.— 2, n. Act
of gaping ; gape.

Y&wp, V. & n. Same as yap.

Ye, pron. Nominative plural of thou ; you.

Yea(yaorye), ad. Yes; ay. — 2, n. Affirma-
tive vote.

Yean, v. n. To bring forth young, as sheep.

Yean'ling, n. Young of sheep.

Year, n. Space of time occupied by the
revolution of the earth in its orbit ; twelve
calendar months — 365 days in common
years ; in leap years, 366 days.

Year'ling, a. Being a year old. — 2, w. Ani-
mal one year old.

Year'lx, a. Happening every year ; an-
nual. — 2, ad. Annually ; once a year.

Yearn (yern), v. n. To feel pity or desire.

Yeam'ing, n. Sympathy :— desire.

Yeast, n. Leaven : — foam.

Yeast'x, a. Containing or resembling yeast :
— frothy.

Yelk, n. Yellow part of an egg.

Yell, V. n. To cry out with pain or terror ;
to shriek. — 2, n. Hideous outcry ; shriek.

YSl'low (yel'lo), a. Golden in color. — 2, n.
Yellow color ; golden hue.

Yel'low-fe'ver, n. Malignant bilious fever.

Yel'low-ham'mer (yel'lo-ham'er), n. Bunt-
ing with yellow plumage.

Yel'low-ish, a. Approaching to yellow.

Yel'low-jack-et, n. Hornet.

YSlp, V. n. To bark shrilly : — to cry out. —
2, n. Shrill bark : — ^yell ; outcry.

Yeo'man (yo'man), n. ; pU Yeo'men. Free-
holder ; farmer.

Yeo'man-rx, «• Yeomen collectively : —
British volunteer cavalry.

Yes, ad. Word of affirmation or consent —
opposed to no.

Yest, or Yest, n. Same as yeast.

Yes'ter-day, \ n. Day next before to-day ;

Yes'ter-day, | day just past. — 2, ad. On the
day last past.

Yest'jr, a. Foamy ; yeasty.

Yet, conj. Nevertheless; however. — 2, ad.
Besides ; still : — hitherto : — even :— «vent-

Yew (yu), n. Evergreen tree with tough,
elastic wood.

Yield (yeld), v. To produce ; to afford : —
to allow ; to concede : — to submit ; to com-
ply. — 2, «. Crop ; produce.

Yield'ing, p. a. Flexible ; not resisting : —
compliant ; submissive.

Yoke, n. Frame to couple oxen together for
working : — pair, as of oxen : — any thing
like a yoke in shape or use : — that which
connects ; bond : — bondage. — 2, v. a. To
put in a yoke : — to enslave : — to join.

Y6ke'-£el-15w, n. Companion ; mate.

Yo'kel, n. Young rustic.

Yoke' -mate, n. Same as yoke-fdlow.

Yolk (yok), n. S&mes.s yelk.

Yon, ) a. & ad. At a distance, but within

Yon'der, J view.

Yore, ad. In time past ; long ago.

You (yu), personal pro^i. Plural of thou, in
the sense of ye ; now used in the singular,
in place of thou.

Young (yung), a. In the first part of life :
— vigorous : — inexperienced. — 2, n. Off-
spring of animals.

Young'ish (yung'ish), a. Somewhat young.

Young'iing (yung'ling), w. Young animal.

Young' ster, n. Young person ; child.

Your, pron. poss. or a. Belonging to you.

Your-self (yur-s6lf'), pron.; pi. Your-
sSlveg'. Yoii, with emphasis : — in your
real character ; sane.

Youth (yuth), n. Age between childhood
and maturity : — young man : — young

Youth'ffil (yuth'ffil), a. Young ; juvenile.

Yuc'ca, n. American woody plant, with
flowers like lilies.

Yiile, n. Christmas.

Yule'-clog, ) n. Huge log for the GhriBtmas

Yule' -log, J fire.

Yiile' -^ade, n. Christmas time.





undue zeal.


Za'nx, «. Clown ; buffoon.
Zial, n. Ardor ; fervency.
Zeal'ot (zel'9t), n. One full of zeal ;

2eal'ot-rx, n. Fanaticism
Zeal'ous '(zel'lus), a.

Enthusiastic ; ardent.
Ze'bra, n. African

animal like an ass,

marked with dark

Ze'hii, n. S m a 1 1,

humped East-Indian

Ze-na'na, n. Woman's

apartraents in East-Indian houses.
Zend, n. Ancient language of Persia.
Ze'nith, n. Point in the heavens directly

overhead : — culmination ; summit.
Zeph'xr (zef'ir), n. West wind : — gentle

breeze : — thin, light woollen yarn : — any

thing light and thin of its kind.
Ze'ro, n. Arithmetical cipher [0] ; naught :

— point on a scale from which reckoning

Zest, n. Eelish ; that which gives relish.
Zig'zag, n. Line with sharp turns or angles.

— 2, a. Having sharp and quick turns. —

3, V. To make a zigzag.
Zinc (zingk), n. Bluish-white malleable

metal. [containing, zinc.

Zin-cifer-ous (zin-sif-), a. Producing, or
Zinck'xi a- Pertaining to, or like, zinc.


Zin-cogr'ra-pher, n. Engraver on zinc.

Zin-co-graph'ic, \ a- Relating to zineog'

Zin-co-graph'i-cal, J raphy.

Zm-cog'rgi-phx, n. Art of engraving, and
printing from, plates
of zinc.

Zith'er, \n. Flat musical

Zith'ern, J instrumeutwith
many strings.

Zo'di-ac, n. Imaginary '
zone in the heavens, con-
taining the twelve con-
stellations after which the signs or divisione
are named, and the apparent paths of the
sun and the larger planets.

Zo-di'a-c^l, a. Relating to the zodiac.

Zone, n. One of the five im-
aginary divisions of the
earth's surface, with re-
gard to climate : — district ;

Zo-og'ra-pher, n. One versed
in zobgraphy.

Zo-o-grrapb'ic, \ a, Ee-

Zo-o-graph'i-cal, J lating to

Zo-og'ra-phx, n. Description of animals.

Zo-o-lSl^'i-cal, a. Relating to zoology.

Zo-ol'o-|'ist, n. One versed in zoology.

Zo-ol'o-fjr, n. Science of animal life.

Zo'o-phyte, n. Term for plant-like animals,
siich as sponge or polyp.

Z8u-ave' (z6-av'), n. Soldier in Arab dresA



A. Answer. — ^Acre. — Adjec-
tive. — a, or aa. Ana, of
each tho same quantity.

a., or(^. At or to.

A. A. G. Assistant Adjutant-

A. A. S. {Academise Ameri-
canse Socius.) Fellow of
the American Academy.

A. A. S. S. {Academise An-
Hquarianse Societatis Socius. )
Member of the Antiqua-
rian Society.

A. B. {Artium. Baccalaureus.)
Bachelor of Arts.

Abbr. Abbreviated.

A. B. C. r. M. American
Board of Commissioners
for Foreign Missions.

Abl. Ablative.

Abp. Archbishop.

Abr. Abridged.

A. B. S. American Bible

A. 0. {Ante Christum.) Be-
fore Christ.

Ace. Accusative.

Acct. Account.

A. C. S. American Coloniza-
tion Society.

A. D. {Anno Domini.) In
the Year of our Lord.

Ad., or Adv. Adverb.

A/d. After date.

A. D. C. Aide-de-Camp.

Adj. Adjective.

Adjt. Adjutant.

Adjt.Gen. Adjutant-General.

Ad lib. {Ad libitum.) At

Adm., or Adml. Admiral. —

Admr. Administrator.

Admx. Administratrix.

Adv. {Ad valorem.) At the
value. — Advent. — Advo-
cate. — Adverb.

.aEt., or M. {.Matis.) Of
age ; aged.

A. & F. B. S. American and
Foreign Bible Society.

Af. Africa.

Ag. {Argentum.) Silver.

Agric. Agriculture.

Agt. Agent.

A. H. {Anno Hegira.) In
the Year of the Hegira.

A. H. M. S. American Home
Missionary Society.

Al. Aluminum.

Ala. Alabama.

Alt. Altitude.

A. M. {Artiwm Magisier.)
Master of Arts.

A.M. {Ante Meridiem.) Be-
fore noon.

A. M. {Anno Mundi.) In
the Year of the World.

Am., or Amer. American.

Amt. Amount.

An. {Anno.) In the Year.

An., or Ans. Answer.

Ana. {Medicine.) In like

Anat. Anatomy.

Ang. Sax. Anglo-Saxon.

Anon. Anonymous.

Ant., or Antiq. Antiquities.

A. 0. S. S. {Americans^ Ori-
entalis Societaiis Socius. )
Member of the American
Oriental Society.

Ap., Apr., or Apl. April.

Ap. Apostle.

Apoc. Apocalypse.

A. R. {Anno Eegni.) In the
Year of the Reign.

Ar., or Arab. Arabic.

A. R. A. Associate of the
Royal Academy.

Arch. Architecture.

Arith. Arithmetic.

Ariz. Arizona.

Ark. Arkansas.

Arm. Armoric. — ^Armenian.

Arr. Arrived.

A. R. S. S. {Antiguariorum
Regise Societatis Socius.)
Fellow of the Royal So-
ciety of Antiquaries.

Art. Article.

As. Arsenic.

A. S., or A. Sax. Anglo-

A. S. S. U. American Sun-
day-School Union.

Astron. Astronomy.

A. T. S. American Tract
Society. — American Tem-
perance Society.

Att., or Atty. Attorney.

Atty. Gen. Attorney-Gen-

Au. {Aunes.) French Ells. —
{Aurum.) Gold.

A. U. C. {Anno Urbis Con-
ditse.) In the Year from
the Building of the City
[Rome] .

Aug. August.

AuBt. Austria ; Austrian.
A. V. Authorized Version.

A. Y. M. Ancient York

Av. Average. — Avenue.
Avoir. Avoirdupois.

B., or Bk. Book. — ^b. born.

B. Boron.

B. A. Bachelor of Arts. —
British America.

Ba. Barium.

Bal. Balance.

Bart., or Bt. Baronet.

Bbl. Barrel.

B. C. Before Christ.— British

B. C. L. Bachelor of Civil

B. D. Bachelor of Divinity.

B/E. Bill of Exchange.

Belg. Belgic ; Belgian.

Berks. Berkshire.

B. I. British India.

Bi. Bismuth.

B. L. {Baccalaureus Legwm.')
Bachelor of Laws.

Bl. Barrel.

B/L. Bill of Lading.

B. M. {Baccalaureus Medi-
cinm.) Bachelor of Medi-

Bot. Botany.

Bp. Bishop.

Br., or Bro. Brother.

Br. Bromine.

Brig. Brigade. — Brigadier.

Brig. Gen. Brigadier-Gen-

Brit. Britain. — British.

B. S. Bachelor of Science.

B/S. Bill of Sale.

Bu., or Bush. Bushel.

Bucks. Buckinghamshire.

B. V. {Beata Virgo.) Blessed

B. V. {Bene Tale.) Fare-

B. V. M. Blessed Virgin

C. Carbon. — Centigrade.

C. {Centum.) A hundred. —
Cent. — Centime. — Con-
gress. — Church.

C, or Cap. {Caput.) Chap-

Ca. Calcium.

Cal. California.

Cal. ( Calendee. ) Calends.



Cantab. Of Cambridge.

Cantuar. Of Canterbury.

Cap. Capital. — Caps. Capi-

Capt. Captain.

Car. Carat.

Cath. Catholic.

C. B. Companion of the

C. B. Cape Breton.

Cb. Columbium.

C. C. County Court. — County

C. 0. (Compte Courant.) Ac-
count Current.

c. c. Cubic Centimetre.

C. C. P. Court of Common

Cd. Cadmium.

C. E. Civil Engineer. —
Christian Endeavor.

Ce. Cerium.

Celt. Celtic. [hundred.

Cent., or Ct. {Cenlvm.) A

Cf. {Confer.) Compare.

C. H. Court-House.

Ch, Chapter.

Ch., or C. Church.

Chal., or Ch. Chaldron.

Chal. Chaldee. — Chaldaic.

Chanc. Chancellor.

Chap., or Ch, Chapter.

Chem. Chemistry.

Chron. Chronicles. — Chro-

Cit. Citizen. — Citation.

C. J. Chief Justice.

CI. Clerk.— Chlorine.

Clk. Clerk.

C. M. Common Metre.

Co. Cobalt. — County. —

C. 0. D. Collect {or Cash)
on Delivery.

Col. Colonel. — Colossians.

Col. Colloquial.

Colo. Colorado.

Coll. College.— Collector.

Com. Commissioner. — Com-
modore. — Commentary. —
Commerce. — Committee.

Comp. Compare. — Com-
pound. — Comparative.

Con. {Contra.) Against, or
in opposition.

Conch. Conchology.

Cong., or C. Congress.
Donj. Conjunction.
Conn. Connecticut.
Dop. Coptic.

Cor. Corinthians.

Corn. Cornish. [retary.

Cor. Sec. Corresponding Sec-
Cos. Cosine.

0. P. Common Pleas. —
Court of Probate.

C. P. S. ( Cusios Privati Si-

gilli.) Keeper of the Privy

C. R. {Cudos Botulorum.)

Keeper of the Rolls.
Cr. Credit. — Creditor. —

Cres. Crescendo.
Crystal. Crystallography.
C. S. ( Custos Sigilli. ) Keeper

of the Seal. — Court of

Cs. Caesium.
C. S. A. Confederate States

of America.

C. S. I. Companion of the
Star of India.

Ct. Count. — Court. — Con-

Ct. Cent.— Cts. Cents.

Cu. ( Cuprum. ) Copper.

Cwt. {Centum and weight.)

Cyc. Cyclopaedia.

D., ord. {Denarius.) Penny,

or Pence.
D., or d. Day. — Died.

D. Dutch.

D., orDeg. Degree.

Dak. Dakota.

Dan. Daniel. — Danish.

Dat. Dative.

D. C. District of Columbia.
— {Da Capo.) Again.

D. C. L. Doctor of Civil

D. D. {Divinitatis Doctor.)
Doctor of Divinity.

Dea. Deacon.

Dec. December. — Declina-

Deg. Degree, or Degrees.

Del. Delaware. — ^Delegate.

Del. {Delineavit.) He drew
it ; — placed on an engrav-
ing with the name of the

Den. Denmark.

Dep., or Dept. Department.

Dep. Deputy.

Dept. Deponent.

Deriv. Derivative.

Deut. Deuteronomy.

D. E. Defender of the Faith.
— ^Dean of the Faculty.

Dft., or Deft. Defendant.

D. G. {Dei Gratid.) By the
Grace of God.

Di. Didymium.

Diam. Diameter.

Diet. Dictator. — ^Dictionary.

Dim. Diminutive.

Dis., Disc., or Diact. Dis-

Dist. District.

Dist. Atty. District Attorney.
Div. Divided. — Division.
D. M. Doctor of Music.
Do. {Ditto.) The same ; aa

Dols., or $. Dollars.
Doz. Dozen.
Dpt. Deponent.
Dr. Doctor. — Debtor. —

D. Sc. Doctor of Science.
D. T. {Doctor Theologiee.)

Doctor of Divinity.
Dut. Dutch.

D. V. {Deo Volente.) God

Dwt. ( Denarius and weigM. )

E. Erbium. — East. — Earl.—

Ebor {Eboracum.) York.

Ecc, or Ecclea. Ecclesiastic

Eccl. Eccleaiastes. — Ecclesi-

Eccl. Hist. Ecclesiastical

Ecclus. Ecclesiasticus.

Ed. Edition.— Editor.

Eds. Editions. — Editors.

E. E. Errors excepted. —
English Ells. — Electrical

E. G., or e. g. {Exempli
Gratid. ) For example.

E. I. East Indies, or Bast

E. I. C. East India Com-

Elec. Electricity.

E. Lon. East Longitude.

E. M. F. Electro-Motive

Emp. Emperor. — Empress.

Ency., or Encyc. Encyclo-

E. N. E. East-north-east.

Eng. England. — ^English.—

Ent. Entomology.

Ep. Epistle.

Eph. Ephesians.

Esd. Esdras.

E. S. E. East-south-east.

Esq., or Esqr. Esquire.

Esth. Esther.

Et. al. {Etalii.) And othera.

Et. al. {Et alibi.) And else,

Etc., or &c. {Eteseiera.) And
others ; and so forth.

Et seq. {Et seguens.) And
what follows.

Et sqq. {Et sequentia.) And
those which follow.



Etfa. Ethiopic.
Ex. Example. — ^Exodue.
Exc. Excellency. — Excep-
Exod. Exodus.
Exoo. (Exonia.) Exeter.
Exr. Executor.
Ez., or Ezr. Ezra.
Ezek. Ezekiel.

F. Fluorine.— Friday.

F., or f. Franc. — Feminine.
— Florin.

Fahr. Fahrenheit.

F. A. M. Free and Accepted

F. A. S. Fellow of the So-
ciety of Arts.

F. D. {Fidei Defetisor or De-
fensatrix. ) Defender of the

Fe. (Ferrum.) Iron.

Feb. February.

Fern. Feminine.

F. G. S. Fellow of the Geo-
logical Society.

Fig. Figure. — Figurative.

Fin. Finland.

Finn. Finnish.

Fir. Firkin.

Fl. Flemish.

Fl., or fl. Flourished.—

Fla. Florida.

F. L. S. Fellow of the Lin-
naean Society.

Fo., or Fol. Folio.

F. 0. B. Free on Board.

For. Foreign.

Fort. Fortification.

Fr. France. — French.

F. R. A. S. Fellow of the
Royal Astronomical Soci-

F. R. C. P. Fellow of the
Royal College of Physi-

F. R. C. S. Fellow of the
Royal College of Surgeons.

Freq. Frequentative.

F. R. G. S. Fellow of the
Royal Geographical Soci-

Fri. Friday.

Frie. Friesic ; Frisian.

F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal

F. R. S. E. Fellow of the
Royal Society, Edinburgh.

F. R. S. L. Fellow of the
Royal Society, London. —
Fellow of the Royal Soci-
ety of Literature.

F. S. A. Fellow of the So-
ciety of Antiquaries. — Fel-
low of the Society of Arts.

F. S. A. E. Fellow of the
Society of Antiquaries,

F. S. S. Fellow of the Sta-
tistical Society.

Ft. Foot, or Feet.— Fort.

Fth. Fathom.

Fur. Furlong.

Fut. Future.

F. Z. S. Fellow of the Zoo-
logical Society.

G. Gramme.

Ga. Georgia. — Gallium.

Gael. Gaelic.

Gal. Gralatians. — Grallon.

G. B. Great Britain.

G. C. B. Grand Cross of the

G. C. M. G. Knight Grand

Cross of St. Michael and

St. George.
G. C. S. I. Knight Grand

Commander of the Star of

Ge. Germanium.
Gen. General. — Genitive. —

G«nt. Gentleman.
G«og. Geography.
Geol. Greology.
Geom. Geometry.
Ger. German. — Germany.
Gl. Glucinum.
Gm. Gramme.
Gn. Guinea.
Groth., or Go. GrotMc.
Gov. Governor.
Gov. Gren. Grovemor-Gen-

Gr. Greek. — gr. grain.
Gram. Grammar.
Gtt. {Gutta, Guttx.) Drop;

Guin. Guinea ; guineas.

H. Hydrogen.

H., h., or hr. Hour.

Hab. Habakkuk.

Hag. Haggai.

Hants. Hampshire.

H. B. C. Hudson's Bay Com-

H. B. M. His, or Her, Bri-
tannic Majesty.

Hdkf. Handkerchief.

H. E., or h. e. {Hoc, or hie,
est. ) That, or this, is.

Heb. Hebrews. — Hebrew.

H. E. I. C. Honorable East
India Company.

Her. Heraldry. [cury.

Hg. ( Hydrargyrum. ) Mer-

Hhd. Hogshead.

H. I. H. His, or Her, Im-
perial Highness.

Hin. Hindoo. — Hindostan.
— Hindostanee.

Hist. History.

H. M. His, or Her, Majesty.

H. M. S. His, or Her, Ma-
jesty's Ship, or Service.

Hon. Honorable.

Hort. Horticulture.

Hos. Hosea.

H. P. Half-pay. — Horse-

H. R. House of Representa-

H. R. E. Holy Roman Em-

H. R. H. His, or Her, Royal

H. S. H. His, or Her, Serene

H. S. S. Fellow of the His-
torical Society.

Hun. Hungary. — Hunga-

Hund. Hundred.

Hyd. Hydrostatics.

I. Iodine.

I., or Isl. Island.

lb., or Ibid. (Ridem.) In
the same place.

Icel. Iceland. — Icelandic.

Ich. Ichthyology.

Id. {Idem.) The same.

I. e., or i. e. {Id est.) That is.

I. H. S. {Jesus Hondnum
Scdvator.) Jesus the Sav-
iour of Men.

111. Illinois.

Imp. Imperial. — Impera-
tive. — Imperfect.

Imp. t. Imperfect tense.

In. Inch ; inches. — Indium.

Inc., or Incor. Incorporated.

Incog. {Licognito.) Un-

Ind. India. — ^Indian. — Indi-

Indie. Indicative.

Ind. T. Indian Territory.

Infin. Infinitive.

In lim. {In limine.) At the

In loc. {In loco.) In the

I. N. R. I. Jesus Nazarenus,
Bex Judmorum.) Jesus of
Nazareth, King of the

Inst. Instant, or of the
present month.

Int. Interest.

Interj. Interjection.

In trans. {In transitu.) On
the passage.

I. O. 0. F. Independent Or-
der of Odd Fellows.



Ipecac. Ipecacuanha.
Ir. Ireland. — Irish. — Irid-
Isa. Isaiah.

It. Italy. — Italian. — Italic.
Itin. Itinerary.

J. Judge.

J. A. Judge Advocate.

Jan. January.

J. C. D. Doctor of Civil Law.

J. D. {Jiwrum Doctor.) Doc-
tor of Laws.

Jer. Jeremiah.

J. H. S. {Jems Hominum
ScdvcUor.) Jesus the Sav-
iour of Men.

Jo. Joel.

Jon. Jonah.

Josh. Joshua.

Jour. Journal.

J. P. Justice of the Peace.

Jr., or Jun. Junior.

J. U. D., or J. V. D. (Juris
utriusque Doctor.) Doctor
of both Laws; i. e., the
Canon and the Civil Law.

Judg. Judges.

Jul. July.

Jun. June.

Jus. P. Justice of the Peace.

J. "V. D. Doctor of Laws.

K. King. — {Kalium.) Po-

Kans. Kansas.

K. B. Knight of the Bath.

K. C. King's Council.

K. C. B. Knight Comman-
der of the Bath.

K. C. S. I. Knight Com-
mander of the Star of

K. G. Knight of the Garter.

K. G. C. Knight Grand

K. G. C. B. Knight Grand
Cross of the Bath.

Kilo., km. Kilometre.

Kilog., kgm. Kilogramme.

K. M. Knight of Malta.

K. P. Knight of St. Patrick.

K. S. M. G. Knight of St.
Michael and St. George.

K. T. Knight of the Thistle.

Kt. Knight.

Ky. Kentucky.

L. Lord. — Lady. — Latin.
L., or Lib. (Liber.) Book.
L., Lib., lb., or ib. (Libra.)

Pound in weight.
L., Z., or £. Pound sterling.
La. Lanthanum.
La. Louisiana.
Lam. Lamsntations.

Lat. Latitude. — Latin.

Lb., or lb. Pound in weight.

L. C., or 1. c. (Loco citato.)
In the place cited. — Small

Lea. League.

Lev. Leviticus.

L. H. D. (Literarum Hu-
maniorum Doctor. ) Doctor
of Literature.

L. I. Long Island.

Li. Lithium.

Lib., or L. (Liber.) Book.

Lieut., or Lt. Lieutenant.

Lieut. Col. Lieutenant-Col-

Lieut. Gen. Lieutenant-Gen-

Lieut. Grov. Lieutenant-Gov-

Litt. D. Doctor of Litera-

LL . B . ( Legum Bacccdaureiis. )
Bachelor of Laws.

LL. D. (Legum Doctor.) Doc-
tor of Laws.

Lon., or Long. Longitude.

Lond. London.

Low L. Low Latin.

L. S. (Locus Sigilli.) Place
of the Seal.

L. S. D., or 1. s. d. Pounds,
shillings, pence.

Lt. Lieutenant.

LXX. The Septuagint.

M. Masculine. — Monsieur,
Sir, or Mister. — Monday. —
Minute. — Mile. — Married.
— Metre.

M. (Mille.) A thousand.

M. (Meridies.) Meridian,
Mid-day, or Noon.

M. A. Master of Arts. —
Military Academy.

Mac, or Mace. Maccabees.

Mad., or Mme. Madame.

Mag. Magazine.

Maj. Major.

Maj. Gen. Major-General.

Mai. Malachi.

Mar. March.

Mas., or Masc. Masculine.

Mass. Massachusetts.

Math. Mathematics. — Math-

Matt. Matthew.

M. B. (Medicinse Baccalau-
reus.) Bachelor of Medi-

M. B. (Musicse Baccalau-
reus. ) Bachelor of Music.

M. C. Member of Congress.

M. D. (Medicinse Doctor.)
Doctor of Medicine.

Md. Maryland.

Me. Maine.

M. E. Methodist EpiscopaL
— Mechanical Engineer.

Mech. Mechanics.

Med. Medicine.

Mem. (Memento.) Bemem"

Mem. Memorandum.

Messrs. , or MM. ( Messieurs. )
Gentlemen ; Sirs.

Met. Metaphysics.

Meteor. Meteorology.

Meth. Methodist.

Mex. Mexico, or Mexican.

M. F. H. Master of Fox-

Mg. Magnesium.

M. H. S. Massachusetts His-
torical Society. — Member
of the Historical Society.

Mic. Micah.

M. I. C. E. Member of the
Institute of Civil Engi-

Mich. Michigan.

Mil. Military.

Min. Mineralogy. [utes.

Min., or min. Minute ; min-

Minn. Minnesota.

Miss. Mississippi.

Mile. Mademoiselle.

MM. Messieurs ; Gentlemen.

Mme. Madame.

Mn. Manganese.

Mo. Missouri. — Month. —

Mod. Modern.

Mon., or Mond. Monday.

Mons. Monsieur, or Sir.

Mont. Montana.

M. P. Member of Parlia«

Mr. Mister, or Master.

M. R. A. S. Member of the
Koyal Asiatic Society.

M. R. C. S. Member of the
Royal College of Surgeons.

M. B. I. Member of the
Royal Institution.

M. R. I. A. Member of the
Royal Irish Academy.

Mrs. Mistress (pron. Missis).

M. R. S. L. Member of the
Royal Society of Litera-

M. S. (Memorise Sacrum.)
Sacred to the Memory.

MS. Manuscript.

MSS. Manuscripts.

Mt. Mount or Mountain.

Mus. Music. — Museum.

Mus. D. Doctor of Music.

Myth. Mythology.

N. North. — Note. — Number.

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