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To put forth blossoms.

Blot, t;. a. To efface : — to stain : — to dis-
grace. — 2, n. Obliteration ; blur ; stain :
— disgrace.

BlStch, w. Spot upon the skin ; pustule. —
2, V. a. To mark with blotches.

Blot'ter, «. Counting-house waste-book : —
soft paper to absorb ink.

Blbu§e, n. Loose outer garment.

Blow, 11. Stroke ; calamity : — egg of a fly.
— 2, V. n. [i. blew ; p. blown.] To make
a current of air : — to sound, as a trumpet :
— to pant : — to bloom. — 3, v. a. To drive
by wind : — to kindle : — to sound, as wind
music ; to inflate : — to fly-blow.

Blown (Ijlon), p. from blow.

B15w'-pipe (blo'pTp), n. Tube to produce
an intense flame.

Blo-^ze, n. Ruddy, fat-faced wench.

Blo^'zx, a. Sunburnt ; high-colored.

Blub'bfr, n. Fat of whales. — 2, v. n. To
weep so as to swell the cheeks.

Bludt'e9n (bludj'un), n. Thick club.

Blue, a. Of a blue color : — low in spirits. —
2, n. Color of the clear sky.

Bliie'bell, n. Plant, and its blue, bell-like

Bliie'ber-rx, n. Sort of huckleberry.

Bliie'bird, n. Bird with blue plumage.

Blue'-bot-tle, n. Plant, and its blue flower :
— large fly.

Bliie'-f ish, n. Marine food-fish.

BlSe'-grSss, n. Valuable pasture-grass.

Blue' -jay, n. Jay with blue plumage.

Bliies, n. pi. Melancholy ; despondency.

Blue -stock-ing:, n. Literary woman.

Bluff, n. High, steep bank or shore : —
boast ; pretence of strength. — 2, a. Blus-
tering ; surly ; obtuse. — 3, v. a. To repel
with a gruff answer : — to boast.

Blii'ing:, n. Substance imparting a blue

Blun'der, v. n. To mistake grossly ; to err.
— 2, n. Gross mistake ; error.

Blun'der-buss, n. Short gun with a large

Blun'der-head, n. Careless fellow.

Blunt, a. Dull : — rough ; rude : — abrupt. —
2, V. a. To dull the edge : — to repress. —
Blunt'lj:, ad. — Blunt' ness, n.

Bliir, n. Blot ; stain ; dark spot. — 2, v. a»
To blot ; to stain ; to obscure.

Bliirt, V. a. To speak inadvertently.

Bliish, V. n. To redden in the cheeks. — 2, n.
Color in the cheeks from shame or confu-

Blush' ing',jp. a. Showing blushes ; modest.
— 2, n. Show of blushes.

Blus'ter, v. n. To boast ; to bully :— to roar,,
as a' storm. — 2, n. Noise ; boast ; tu-

BlQs'ter-?ngr, n. Tumult ; n«ise. — 2, p. a.
Storniy ; turbulent.

Blus'trous, a. Blustering ; noisy.





So'a, n. Large serpent which crushes its

prey in its coils : — fur tippet.
Boar (bor), n.

Male swine.
Soard, n. Broad,
flat piece of tim-
ber : — table : —
food : — council ;

— deck of a ship.

— 2, V. a. To en-
ter, as a ship : —

to lay with boards : — to furnish with food.

— 3, V. n. To receive food ; to diet.
Soard'er, n. One who boards.
Board'ing, «. Covering of boards : — living

at the table of another.
Board'ing-sch881, n. School where the

scholars board.
Boast (host), V. To brag ; to vaunt. — 2, n.

Vaunting speech : — boast.
Boast' er, n. One who boasts ; braggart.
Boast'ful, a. Addicted to boasting.
Boast'ing, n. Ostentatious language.
Boat, n. Small vessel to row or sail in. — 2,

V. a. To convey in a boat.
B5at'-h88k (-hilk), n. Hook fixed to a pole,

as for pulling or pushing a boat, raft, or

Boat'ing', n. Act of conveying in a boat.
Boat'man, n. One who manages a boat.
Boat' swain (bot'swan or bo'sn), n. Ship's

officer, in charge of rigging, anchors,

cables, boats, &c.
Bob, V. To play backward and forward or

up and down. — 2, n. Thing that bobs : —

wig. [upon.

Bob'bin, n. Pin or spool to wind thread
Bob'o-link, w. Kice-bird.
Bob' tail, M. Short taU ; tail cut short.
Bob' tail,
Bob'tailed (-tald)
Bob-white', n. North American partridge

or quail.
Bob' -wig, n. Wig of short hair.
Bode, V. a. To portend ; to forebode. — 2, v.

n. To be an omen ; to presage.
Bod'ice (bod'is), n. Short stays for women.
Bod'i-less, a. Incorporeal ; without a body.
Bod'i-ljr, a. Kelating to the body ; corpo-
real.— 2, ad. Corporeally ; completely.
Bod'kin, n. Instrument to draw a thread

through a loop :— punch :— instrument to

dress the hair : — dagger.
Bod'jr, n. Material substance of an animal :

— person : — mass : — army : — main part ;

bulk : — system, as of laws. — 2, v. a. To

produce in some form.
Bod'x-guard (bod'e-gard), n. Guard for

the person.
Bog:, "• Marsh ; morass ; quagmire. — 2, v. a.

To whelm, as in mud or mire.
Bog'grle, V»- Bugbear; spectre. — 2, v. n.
"Bb'gle, ) To hesitate ; to doubt,
B5ff'g3r, a. Full of bogs ; marshy.

Bo'gx, ;"•


Having a short tail.

Boggle ; goblin.

Bo'grus, a. Counterfeit ; spurious.
Boil, V. n. To be agitated by heat. — 2, v. a.
To cook in boiling water ; to seethe.— 3, n.
Painful tumor, containing pus.
Boil'er, «. One who boils : — vessel for boil-
ing water, &c., or generating steam.
Boil'ing, n. Act of boiling ; ebullition.
Bbis'ter-ous, a. Loud ; stormy ; furious. — ■
Bois^ — Bois'ter-ous-nes3, n.
Bold, a. Daring ; brave ; impudent : — well
marked : — steep and abrupt. — Bdld'ljr, ad.
— ^Bold'ness, n.
Bold' -faced (-fast), a. Impudent.
Bole, n. Friable, clayey earth : — tree-trunk.
Boll, n. Seed-pod of a plant : — measure of
corn or salt. — 2, v. n. To form a seed-

Bol'ster, n. Long pillow or cushion. — 2, v.
a. To support : — to swell out.

Bolt, n. Arrow : — bar of a door : — iron or
wooden pin : — sieve : — sudden start or
spring : — roll of canvas, &c. — 2, v. a. To
fasten : — to blurt out : — to sift : — to swal-
low Quickly. — 3, v. n. To spring out
suddenly. — 4, ud. Perpendicularly : —

Bolt'er, n. Sieve : — kind of net.

B6mb (bum), n. Hollow ball filled with
gunpowder, throwm from a mortar.

Bom-bard', v. a. To attack with bombs.

Bom-bard'ment, n. Attack with bombs.

Bom-b^st', ) n. Inflated style or high-

Bom'bast, J sounding language.

BSm-bas'tic, a. High sounding but mean-

Bom-ba-ztne', n. Thin fabric of silk and

B6mb'-pr88f, n. Place designed to be proof
against bombs or projectiles.

BSmb'-shell, n. Shell filled with powder
and thrown by a mortar.

Bon-bon', n. Dainty ; sweetmeat.

BSnd, n. Cord or chain: — ligament: —
union: — written obligation: — ^l. imprison-
ment. — 2, «. Bound; being in a servile
state. — 3, V. a. To give bond for ; to

Bond'af-e, n. Captivity ; slavery.

Bond'maid, n. Female slave.

Bond'man, n. ; pi. Bond'men. Man slave.

Bond'-ser-vant, \„ r,7„ , "

Bond'-slave, T" ^^^^^-

Bondg'man, n. One who gives security for

Bond'wom-an (-wiim-an),n. Female slave.

Bone, n. Hard framework of an animal
body ; member of that framework.

Bone' set, n. Medicinal tonic plant ; thor-

Bon'f Ire, n. Fire made for joy or triumph.

Bon-hom-mie (bon-fim-me), \ n. Geniality ;

Bon-hom-ie, J good nature.

Bon'net, n. Covering for the head.

Bon'ny, a. Handsome ; beautiful : — merry.
— Bon'ni-lx, <^d.

Bon'nx-clib'ber, n. Thick sour milk.




BS'n^i, n. Premium given for a pririlege.

Bo'nXt a- Conrieting of bones ; full of bones.

Bdd'b'x, n. Stupid fellow : — stupid bird of
the gannet kind.

Book (b(ik), n. Volume in which we read
or write : — subdivision of a volume, — 2, v.
a. To register in a book.

Book'bind-^r (bfik'-), n. Binder of books.

Book'case (bftk'-), n. Case for books.

Book'ith (bfik'jsh), a. Devoted to books.

Book'-keep-er, n. Keeper of accounts.

Book'-keep-inp, «. Art of keeping ac-

Book'iSU-fr, n. Seller of books.

Book' worm (bfik'wUrm), n. "Worm that
eats holes in books : — hard student.

B88m, n. Long pole to spread out a sail : —
pole set up as a mark : — bar of wood laid
across a river : — sudden demand for a com-
modity ; enthusiastic popular movement :
— hollow roar. — 2, v. n. To rush with vio-
lence ; to swell : — to roar.

BdSm'f-rSngr, n. Curved wooden club
which returns to the thrower.

BS8n, n. Favor ; gift ; benefit. — 2, a. Gay :
— ^kind ; bountiful.

BSSr, n. Peasant ; clown ; rustic.

B68rish, a. Clownish ; rude ; rustic. —
B88r'i8h-lXt o^- — Bo8r'i8h-n?«s, n.

B88st, «. Lift by pushing. — 2, v. a. To lift
by pushing.

BS8t, V. a. To profit : — to put on boots : — to
kick. — 2, n. Profit : — covering for the leg
and foot : — receptacle or box in a coach :
— covering in a coach or chaise.

Bootfi, n. Temporary shelter of boards, <fec.

B66t'-jick, «. Utensil for pulling off l»oots.

Boot'l?s8, a. Useless ; without success.

Boo'tjr, n. Plunder ; pillage ; spoil.

Bo'rix, «. Salt of soda.

Bor'der, n. Outer part or edge ; frontier ;
margin. — 2, v. n. To be near ; to approach.
— 3, V. a. To adorn with a border.

Bor'der-er, n. One dwelling near a border.

Bore, V. To make a hole in , to perforate :
— 1» weary or annoy. — 2, n. Hole ; size
of any hole : — one who or that which an-
noys or wearies : — rapid influx of the tide.

Bom, p. from bear. [ — .3, i. from bear.

Borne, p. from bear. Carried ; conveyed.

BSr'ougrh (biir'o), n. Corporate town.

BSr'rSw (bflr'ro), v. a. To obtain on loan
or credit : — to appropriate.

Bosh, n. Nonsense ; absurdity.

Bos'kx, a. Woody.

Bo^'pm (bGz'um or bo'zum), n. Breast;
part of the dress covering the breast : —

BSss, n. Stud ; knob ; raised work : — master
or head workman : — political chief. — 2, v.
a. To adorn with bosses : — to manage or

BSs'sy, a. Prominent ; studded.

B5t, n. Small larva infesting horse*.

Bg-t&n'jc, ) a. Relating to botany ; con-

B9-taii'|-e%l, J taining plants.

BSt'a-nKst, n. One versed in botany.

Bot'a-nx, n. Science of plants.

Botch, n. Red pustule : — botcher : — vrork
unskilfully performed. — 2, v. a. To mend
awkwardly ; to patch.

Botch'^r, n. Mender of old clothes; bun gler.

Both, a. One and the other ; the two. — 2,
conj. As well ; on the one side.

Bot&'er, V. a. To perplex ; to confound. —
2, n. Vexation ; trouble.

Both'^r-sfime, a. Vexatious ; troublesome.

BSt'tle, n. Vessel with a narrow mouth,
for liquor : — ^measure or cont«nts of a
bottle. — 2, V. a. To enclose in bottles.

B5t'tom, 7u Lowest part : — ground under
water : — foundation : — dale ; valley : —
ship, or its under part : — endurance. — 2,
V. a. To found or build upon.

Bot't9m-lSss, a. Without a bottom.

BSt't^m-rjr, n. The borrowing of money by
pledging a ship as security for repayment.

Bou-doir' (bo-dwor'), n. Small private

Bo^erh (bofi), n. Branch of a tree.

Bought (biwt), t. &p. from buy.

Bouillon (bol-yfing'), n. Broth ; soup.

Bould'^r, n. Same as bowlder.

BSu'l^-vard', n. Wide public walk or street.

BoQnce, v. n. To spring ; to leap : — to boact.
— 2, n. Heavy blow : — leap : — boast.

Bofind, n. Limit ; boundary : — leap. — 2, v.
a. To limit ; to enclose. — 3, v. «. To
jump ; to rebound. — 4, t. &, p. from bmd.
— 5, a. Destined ; intended to go : — de-

Bofln'df-rjr, n. Limit ; bound.

Bodn'den, a. Obliged ; obligatory.

Bo&nd'less, a. Without bound ; unlimited.
— Bodnd'l^sB-nSss, n.

BoQn'te-ofii, ) a. Liberal; beneficent; kind.

Bofin'ti-f&l, J — Bofin'te-ous-ljr, Bofin'ti-
fftl-ljr, ad. — Bb&n'te-ous-neae, n.

Bofin'tXt n- Beneficence; generosity: —
premium to promote any object.

Bouquet (bo-ka'), n. Bunch of flowers. —
delicate flavor of wine.

Bourg^eoit (bur-jois'), n. Size of printing-
type : — (borzh-wa') person of the middle
class. [rivulet.

Bourn (b5m or b6m), «. Bound ; limit :^ —

B8urse (bSrs), n. Exchange where mer-
chants meet.

Bodt, n. Turn : — attempt :— contest.

Bo'vine, a. Relating to oxen, cows, Ac.

Bo<> (bofl), V. To bend, as in respect. — £,
n. Act of reverence or respect : — fore end
of a ship or boat.

Bow (bO), n. Instrument for shooting ar-
rows : — rainbow : — any thing curved : —
instrument with which the violin, &c.,
are played.

Bo<^'el9 (bSft'plz), n. pi. Entrails :—^^ra-
twely, pity, tenderness.

Bo^^'er, n. Shady recess in a garden ; cot-
tage : — ^knave in the game of euchre. — 2,
t'. a. To embower.




Bowl (bOl), n. Basin for domestic use : —
round mass to be rolled along the ground.
— 2, V. a. To roll : — to throw, as in
cricket : — to play at bowls.

Bowl'd^r, n. Large, round stone.

Bow'-legrg'ed (bo'lfegd), a. Having crooked

Bowl'^r, or Bbi^l'^r, «. One who bowls.

Bow'line, ) n. Ship's rope, to keep a sail to

Boi^'line, J the wind.

Bowl'iner, n. Act of throwing a bowl, or a
ball, as in cricket.

B6wl'fnff-Xl'l?y, n. Enclosure for bowling.

Bowl'inp-grreen, n. Lerel ground for play-
ing with bowls.

Bowly, n. Crame played by rolling bowls.

Bow'm^n (bS'man), n. Archer.

Bow'sprit, n. Spar projecting from the bow
of a ship.

Bow'-win'd5w, w. Recessed or bay-window.

Box, n. Case made of wood, metal, Ac. : —
blow with the hand : — eyergreen shrub or
tree. — 2, v. a. To enclose in a box. — 3, v.
To fight with the fist ; to strike.

Box'er, n. One who fights with his fist.

Boy. n. Male child ; youth.

B(5y'c9tt, V. a. To haye no dealings with.
— 2, n. An organized refusal to deal with.

Boyhood (boi'hftd), n. State of a boy.

Boy'lsh, «. Like, or pertaining to, & boy.
— Bo^^'ish-ly, ad. — Bby'ish-ness, n.

Brace, v. a. To prop ; to strengthen ; to
support ; to tie up. — 2, n. Support ; prop ;
fastening ; bandage ; strap : — crooked line
[. — ■— s] : — pair : — tool to rotate a bit.

Brace'let (bras'lgt), n. Ornament for the

Bra^h'ial, a. Belonging to the arm.

Bra^'ingr, n. System of braces. — 2, a. In-

Brick' en (brik'kn), n. Fern ; brake.

Brack'ft, n. Piece of wood for support : —
pi. hooks [thus] to enclose words.

Briek'igh, a. Somewhat salt ; saltish.

Bract, n. Small leaf ; set of leaves.

BrEd, n. Thin nail without a head.

Br&BTt V. n. To boa«t ; to vaunt. — 2, n.
Boast : — game at cards.

BrEgr-era-do'ci-o (-do'she-o), «. Boast: —

BrEgr'grart, n. Boaster. — 2, a. Boastful.

Braid, v. a. To weave together ; to plait. —
2, n. Something braided.

Brain, n. Soft mass in the skull, the centre
of the nervous system and the seat of un-
derstanding, sensation, thought, and mo-
tion : — understanding. — 2. v. a. To dash
out the brains of.

Briin'lfsi, a. Silly ; thoughtless.

Brai^ie, or Braize, v. a. To stew slowly.

Brake, n. Instrument for dressing flax : —
fern : — thicket : — apparatus for retarding
the motion of a wheel.

Brake' man, n. One who manages a brake.

BrEm'ble', n. Prickly shrub, as the black-

BrEm'bly, a~ Covered with brambles

Br&n, n. * Husk or outer coat of grain.

Br&nch, n. Shoot or limb of a tree : — divi-
sion or department : — offspring or ofishoot.
— 2, V. To spread out ; to divide into

BrEnd, n. Piece of wood burning or partly
burnt : — iron to brand with : — stigma : —
mark of ownership, quality, <tc. : — sword :
— quality or sort. — 2, v. a. To mark with
a brand or stigma.

BrEn'd|sh, v. a. To flourish, as a weapon.
—2, n. Flourish.

Brand' -new, a. New, as from the forge.

BrEn'dy, n. Strong distilled liquor.

BrEn'-new, a. Same as hrand-neie.

BrEnt, n. Species of wild goose.

BrEih, n. Refuse : — ^broken rocks or ice : —
rash : — water-brash. — 2, a. Brittle : —

Bra'yier (bra'zher), n. Same as hroMier.

Brtit, n. Yellow alloy of copper and zinc :
— boldness ; impudence.

Brtsa'y, a. Partaking of brass : — impudait.

BrEt, n! Child — so called in contempt.

Bra-Ta'do, n. Boast ; threat.

Brave, a. Courageous; gallant :—gayly
dressed. — 2, n. Brave man : — Indian war-
rior. — 3, V. a. To defy ; to set at defiance.
— Brave'ly, ad. — Brave'ness, n. [play.

Bra've-ry, n. Courage ; intrepidity : — disr

Bra'vS, \ n. Daring villain ; assassin. — 2,

Bra' TO, J ititerj. Well done.

Br&wl, V. n. To quarrel noisily : — to mur-
mur or gurgle. — 2, n. Noisy quarrel ;

Briwl'^r, n. Wrangler.

Br&wl'iner, n. Act of quarrelling.

Br&wn, n. Flesh of a boar : — muscles :—
strength : — bulk.

Briwn'y, a. Muscular ; fleshy : — iinfeeling.

Bray (bra), v. a. To pound, or grind sm^l.
— 2, V. n. To make a noise like an ass.—
3, n. Noise of an ass : — harsh cry.

Bray'ingr, n. Clamor ; noise.

Braze, v. a. To solder with brass.

Bra'zen (bra'zn), a. Made of brass: — im»

Bra'zier (bra'zher), w. Worker In brass : —
pan for cotds.

Breach, n. Break ; gap : — difference ; quar-
rel : — injury. — 2, v. a. To make a breach
in, as a wall.

Bread (br6d), n. Food made of ground
grain : — food in general : — ^means of living.

BrSadth, n. Measure from side to side.

BrSad'-wIn-n^r, n. One who supports a

Break (brak), v. a. [i. broke ; p. broken or
broke.] To rend ; to open by force : — to
dislocate ; to crush :— to tame : — to make
bankrupt : — to infringe : — to degrade in
rank. — 2, v. n. To part in two ; to burst :
— to open, as the morning : — to become
bankrupt : — to disagree.-^3, n. Breach ;
opening : — ^pause : — ^awn.




Break'af'e, n. Act of breaking : — allowance
for what is broken.

Break'-do^n, n. Act of breaking down ;
destruction : — riotous dance.

Break'er (brak'er), n. One that breaks: —
wave broken by rocks.,

BrSak'fast (brek'fast), n. First meal in
the day. — 2, v. w. To eat breakfast.

Break' neck (brak'uek), m. Steep place. —
2, a. Very hazardous.

Break' w^-ter, n. Barrier to break the force
of the waves.

Bream ("bi'em), w. Small fresh-water fish.

Breast (brest), n. Fore part of the body
between the neck and the abdomen ;
bosom : — nipple : — heart : — conscience. —
2, V. a. To meet in front.

Breast'bone, n. Bone of the breast.

Breast' -high (brest'hi), a. Up to the

Breast' pm, n. Pin or brooch for the breast.

Breast' plate, w. Armor for the breast.

Breast' work (brest'wurk), n. Hastily con-
structed earthwork.

Breath (breth), n. Air drawn in and ex-
pelled by the lungs : — life : — instant : —
pause : — breeze.

Breatie, v. n. To draw air into the lungs
and expel it ; to live ; to take breath. — -2,
V. a. To exhale : — to utter privately.

Breatfi'ing, n. Respiration : — vent : — ac-
cent ; aspirate.

Breath'less, a. Out of breath : — dead.

Bred, i. & p. from breed.

Breech, n. Lower part of the body behind ;
— hinder part, as of a gun, &c. — 2, v. a.
To put into breeches. — 3, v. n. To leap
out of the water, as a whale.

Breech'e§ (brich'gz), n. ^Z. Men's garment
for the lower part of the body.

Breech'ingr (brich'jng), n. Strap behind
the haunches of a horse.

Breed, v. a. [i. & p. bred.] To procreate ;
to give birth to : — to nourish : — to educate :
— to cause. — 2, v. n. To bring forth or be
brought forth. — 3, n. Kind ; race of ani-
mals ; family ; progeny.

Breed'ingr, n. Education ; nurture.

Breeze, n. Gentle gale ; soft wind : — coal-
dust, [lively.

Breez'x, a. Fanned with gales : — brisk ;

Brent, n. Same as hranl.

BrStli'ren, n. ; pi. of brother.

Bret' r el, n. Same as pretxel.

Bre-vet , \ n. Army commiaaion which con-

BrSv'et, j fers title and rank above the pay

Brev'ia-ry (brev'ya-re), n. Abridgment : —
Catholic oflRce-book.

Bre'vier (br?-ver'), n. Small printing-type.

Brev'i-tx, n. Conciseness ; briefness.

Brew (bru), v. To make malt liquor: — to
plot. — 2, n. That which is brewed.

Brew'^r-x (bru'er-e), n. Place for brewing.

Brew'ingr*(bru'i'ng), n. Act of one who
brews : — quantity brewed at once.

Brew'is (bru'is), n. Bread soaked in fat

Bri'ar, n. Same as bHer.
Bribe, n. Eeward to influence the conduct.

— 2, V. To give a bribe.
Bri'ber-jr, n. Crime of taking or giving

Brick, n. Shaped mass of- burnt clay : —

small loaf : — good fellow. — 2, v. a. To lay

or build with bricks.
Brick'-bat, n. Piece of brick.
Brick'kiln (-kil), n. Kiln to bum bricks.
Brick'lay-er, n. One who builds brick

masonry. [made.

Brick' -yard, n. Yard in which bricks are
Bri'dal, n. Nuptial festival ; wedding. — 2,

a. Belonging to a wedding.
Bride, n. Woman newly married.
Bride' -cake, n. Cake for a wedding.
Bride'-cham-b?r, n. Nuptial chamber.
Bride' grSSm, n. Man newly married.
Bride'man, n. He who attends the bride

and bridegroom.
Bride§'maid, «. She who attends the bride.
Brid^'e, n. Eoadway erected over a river,

canal, &c. : — upper part of the nose : —

support for the strings of a violin, &c. —

2, V. a. To form a bridge over.
Bri'dle (bri'dl), «. Instrument by which

a horse is governed : — restraint. — 2, v. a.

To put a bridle on ; to restrain. — 3, v. n.

To hold up the head.
Brief (bref), a. Short ; concise ; contracted.

— 2, n. Concise statement ; abstract. -r-

Brief Ijr, ad. — Briefness, n.
Bri'er, n. Prickly shrub ; bramble : — wild

Bri'er-jr, «• Pull of briers ; rough ; prickly.
Brig:, n. Square-
rigged vessel

with two

Bri-gade', n.

Body of troops,

consisting of

two or more

regiments. — 2,

V. a. To form

into a bri-


Brig-a-dier', In. Commander of

Brig-a-dier'-Gen'er-al, J a brigade.
Brig' and, M. Robber ; freebooter.
Brig'and-ai^e, n. Plunder ; robbery.
Brig'an-tlne, n. Small brig.
Bright (brlt), a. Shining ; full of light : —
lucid :— witty. — Bright'lx, a<Z.— Bright'-
ness, n. [bright.

Bright'en (bri'tn), v. To make or grow
Brill'iance, \n. Lustre;

Brill'ian-cj: (briPyan-sg), J splendor ; daz-
zling brightness.
Brill'iant (bril'yant), a. Shining; spark-
ling. — '2, n. Cut diamond: — smallest
regular size of type. — Brill' iant-ljj, ad. —
Brill'iant-n5ss, »*.





Srim, n. Upper edge of a vessel : — bank of
a river, &c. — 2, v. a. To fill to the top. —
3, V. n. To be full to the brim.

Brim'ful, I „_ Y\A\ to the top ; quite full.

BrHn'mingr, j

Brim' stone, n. Sulphur.

Brin'ded, a. Of a varied color ; streaked.

Brin'die, n. Brinded or streaked color.

Brin'dled (brin'dld), a. Same as brinded.

Brine, w. Water impregnated with salt.

Brine'-pan, \ ^ Reservoir of brine.

Brine -pit, J

Bring:, v. a. [i. & pj brought.] To fetch
from ; to convey or carry to : — to induce.

Bri'nx, a. Saltish, like brine.

Brink, n. Edge ; precipice.

Brisk, a. Lively ; active ; spirited. —
Brisk'lx, ad. — Brisk'ness, n.

Bris'ket, n. Breast of an animal.

Bris'tle (bris'sl), n. Swine's stiff hair. — 2,
V. a. To fix bristles to : — to make bristly.
— 3, V. n. To stand erect, as bristles.

Bris'tlx (bris'le), a. Thick-set ^vith bristles.

Bris'tol-board, n. Kind of fine pasteboard.

Bri-tan'ni-a, n. Sort of pewter.

Bri-tan'nic, a. Relating to Great Britain.

Brit'ish, a. Belonging to, or made in,

Brit'on, n. Native of Britain.

Brit' tie, a. Apt to break ; easily broken. —
Brit'tle-ness, n.

Broach (broch), n. Spit: — taper boring
tool : — ^brooch. — 2, v. a. To spit : — to
pierce : — to open, as a cask : — to begin.

Bro^d (brawd), a. Wide; ample; compre-
hensive : — clear : — indelicate. — 2, n. La-
goon or mere. — ^Brosid'lx, ad.— Bro^d'-
ness, n.

BroS,d'axe (brawd'aks), n. Axe with a
broad edge.

Brotd'cast, n. The sowing of seeds by
scattering them abroad. — 2, a. & ad. Sown
by hand extended. — 3, v. a. To sow broad-

BroSd'cloth, n. Fine woollen cloth.

Brotd'en (braw'dn), v. To make or grow

Brotd'slde, n. Discharge of all the guns at
©nee from the side of a ship.

Bro^d' sword (brawd'sord), n. Cutting
sword with a broad blade.

Bro-cade', n. Silk stuff woven in figures.

Broc'co-li (br6k'o-le), n. Kind of cabbage.

Bro'gan, n. Thick, coarse shoe : — brogue.

Brogue (brog), n. Kind of shoe : — corrupt

Broil, n. Tumult ; quarrel. — 2, v., a. To
eook over coals, or a flame. — 3, v. n. To
be on coals, or in the heat.

Broil'er, n. One that broils.

Broke, i. & p. from break.

Bro'ken (bro'kn), p. from break.

Bro'ken-heart'ed (bro'kn-), a. Crushed by
grief or f«ar.

Bro'ken-wmd'ed, a. Having diseased res-

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