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Bro'ker, n. Agent ; factor : — dealer in

Bro'ker-a|-e, n. Business or pay of a broker,

Bron'phi-al, a. Relating to the air-passages.

Bron-phi'tis, n. Inflammation of the air-

Bron'co, n. Half-domesticated horse.

Bronze, \ n. Brownish alloy of copper, tin,

Bronze, J &c. ; color of bronze : — article cast
of bronze. — 2, a. Made of, or like, bronze ;
of a bronze color. — 3, v. a. To harden, or
color, like bronze.

Brooch (broch), n. Jewel ; breastpin.

Brood, V. n. To sit on eggs : — to muse. — 2, n.
Offspring ; progeny: — number of chickens,
&c., hatched at once.

Brook (bruk), n. Small stream. — 2, v. a.
To bear ; to endure.

BroSm, n. Shrub or tree with many twigs
— utensil for sweeping.

Bro8m'-cbrn, n. Sorghum, from which
brooms are made.

Br88m' stick, n. Handle of a broom.

Broth (brawth or broth), n. Liquor in
which flesh has been boiled.

Broth'er, n. ; pi. Br6th'er§ and Breth'ren.
Male'born of the same parents : — associate ;

Broth' er-hood (brtith'er-hM), n. Quality
of being a brother : — fraternity.

Broth'er-ljf , a. Affectionate ; like a brother.

Brougham (bro'am), n. Small closed car-

Brought (braut), i. &p. from bnng.

Brij-^, n. Eidge over the eye ; eyebrow :—
forehead : — edge of a hill.

Br'd-^'beat, v. a. [i. browbeat ; p. brow-
beaten.] To intimidate.

Brb-^n, a. Inclining to black or red. — 2, n.
Color of brown.

Bro^n'ish, a. Tending to brown.

Bro^n-stud'3:, n. Gloomy meditation.

Brb-^ge, v. To feed on branches or leavea
— 2, n. Tender branches or leaves.

Bru'in, n. Name for the bear.

Bruige, v. a. To crush, mangle, or injure
by a blow or fall. — 2, n. Injury by bruis-
ing, [dark complexion.

Bru-nette' (bru-nef), n. Person with a

Brunt, n. Shock ; violence ; blow.

Brush, w. Instrument of bristles, hair, &c.,
for painting, removing dust, &c. : — brush-
wood : — tail of a fox : — skirmish or com-
test. — 2, V. a. To cleanse or paint with a
brush : — to skim lightly. — 3, v. n. To
move lightly or hastily.

Brush'wood (brush'wHd), n. Small bushes :
— refuse of trees.

Briisk, ) a. Blunt or rough in manner or

Brusque, J speech. — Brusk'ly, Briisque'ljc,
ad. — Briisk'n^ss, Briisque'ness, Brusque-
rie (brus-ke-r§), n.

Bru'tal, a. Like a brute ; savage ; cruel.—*
Bru'tal-ljr, ad.

Brii-tal''i-t3r, «• Savagenees ; cruelty.

Bru'tal-ize, v. To make or grow brutal.





BrUte, a. Senseless : — sarage ; bestial. — 2, n.

Irrational animal ; beast : — ^brutish person.
Bnlt'ish, a. Bestial ; savage ; ferocious. —

Brut'ish-ness, n.
Bry'o-njr, «. Wild, climbing plant.
Bub'ble,'n. Little bladder of wat-^j : — any-
thing empty : — cheat. — 2, v. n. To rise in

bubbles : — to run ^vith a gurgle.
Buc-ca-neer', «. West Indian pirate.
Buck, n. Male of deer,

goats, (fee. : — dashing

fellow. — 2, V. n. To

leap, as a vicious horse.

— 3, V. a. To unseat by

Biick' -board, n. Light

four-wheeled vehicle.
Buck'et, n. Vessel for

drawing water ; pail.
Buck'eye, n. Kind of horse-chestnut.
Biic'kle, n. Instrument to fasten straps. —

2, V. a. To fasten with a buckle.
Buck'l^r, n. Shield for the arm.
Buck'ram, n. Stiffened linen cloth. — 2, a.

Stiff like buckram.
Buck' shot, n. Coarse shot of lead.
Buck' skin, w. Leather made of a buck's

skin. [berries.

Biick'thom, n. Shrub that bears cathartic
Biick'wheat, n. Kind of edible grain.
Bi-col'ic, a. Pastoral ; rustic. — 2, n. Pas-
toral poem.
Bud, n. First shoot of a plant : — germ. — 2,

V. n. To put forth shoots or buds. — ^3, v. a.

To graft with a bud.
Biid'ding', a. Youthful. — 2, n. Act of put-
ting forth buds : — method of grafting.
Budf-e, V. n. To stir ; to move off.
Bud'i-et, n. Bag : — compact collection : —

statement of public finances.
Buff, n. Pliant leather from ox hide : —

light yellow. — 2, a. Light yellow.
Buf fa-lo, n. Kind of ox : — incorrectly, the

bison. [the shock of coUiMon.

Biif fer, n. Elastic cushion for breaking
Buffet, n. Blow with the fist ; slap : — cup-
board ; refreshment room. — 2, v. To strike

with the fist ; to box.
Buf-fo6n', n. Low jester ; droll ; clown.
Buf-foon'e-rjj, n. Practice of a buffoon.
Biigr, «. Bed-bug : — insect.
Bug:'a-b88, 1 «. Frightful object; false or
Bugr'beir, J imaginary terror.
Buff'gjr, a. Abounding with bugs. — 2, n.

Light four-wheeled carriage.
Bii'g-le, n. Shining bead of black glass : —

military or hunting

horn : — medicinal plant

of the mint kind.
Bii'grler, «. One who plays

on the bugle.
Biihr' stone (biir'ston), n.

Sort of quartz used for millfttones.
Build (bild), V. [L & p. built or builded.]

To make, as an edifice ; to construct : — to

depend on, — 2, n. Structure ; form.


Build'ing (bild'lng), n. Fabric ; edific«.

Bulb, n. Bound root or protuberance.

Biil'bous, a. Having bulbs ; protuberant.

Biil^-e, n. Leak : — protuberance ; bilge. —
2, V. n. To take in water : — to bilge : — to
swell. " [body or structure.

Biilk, n. Size : — mass ; main part : — huge

Bulk'head (btUk'hed), n. Partition in a
ship, between two decks.

Biilk'x, a. Massy ; large.— Bulk'i-ness, n.

Bdll, n. Male of cattle : — second sign of the
zodiac : — ^letter or edict of the pope : —
blunder in language : — one who seeks to
raise the price of stocks or commodities.

Bdl'lace, n. Sort of wild sour plum.

Bull'dogr, n. Powerful and courageous
species of dog, low in stature, but broad
and compact, with a large head : — obsti-
nately courageous person.

Bul'let, M, Leaden projectile for a gun.

Bdl'le-ttn, "I w. OfiBcial account or an-

Bul'le-tin, J nouncement.

Bull' -fight (-fit), n. Combat -with a bull.

Biill'f inch, n. Bird of the sparrow kind.

Bull' -frog, w. Large species of frog.

Bull' -head, n. Small river fish, with a
large, flat head.

Bflll'ion, n. Gold or silver in mass.

Bfil'lock, 11. Small or young ox.

Bflll'§'-eye (bfilz'i), w. Circular opening
or lens : — centre of a target : — wooden
block in ship's rigging : — sort of lantern.

BuU-ter'ri-er, n. Small fierce dog.

Bull' -trout, n. Kind of large trout.

Bfil'Ix, n. Noisy, quarrelsome fellow. — 2, v.
To overbear with menaces. — 3, a. Dash-
ing ; brisk ; jovial : — first-rate.

BM'rush, w. Kush groAving by or in water,

BQl'wark, n. Fortification ; security ; pBO-

Bum'ble-bee, n. Large, wild bee.

Bump, n. Swelling ; protuberance. — 2, v. a.
To strike ; to thump. — 3, v. n. To make
a loud noise.

Bump'er, n. Cup or glass filled to the brim,

Biimp'kin, n. Clown ; rustic.

Bilmp'tious, a. Domineering ; offensively
self-assertive. — Bump'tious-ness, n.

Bun, w. Common form of lyitnn.

Bunch, n. Cluster of similar things: —
protuberance ; lump ; tuft or knot. — 2,
V. a. To make a bunch of. — 3, v. n. To
swell out in a bunch.

Bunch'x, a. Growing in bunches.

Bun' die, M. Parcel bound together. — 2, v. a.
To tie up in a bundle. — 3, v. n. To go off

Biing, n. Stopper for a barrel or cask. — 2,
V. a. To stop, as a barrel.

Bung'-hffle, n. Hole in the bulge, at which
a barrel is filled.

Biin'gle, v. To do clumsily ; to botch. — 2, n.
Botch : — gross blunder.

Bun'gler, n. Bad or awkward workman.

Bun'gling, a. Clumsy ; awkward.

Bun'i^n, n. Same as hunyon.




B5ak, n. Box used for a bed. — 2, v. n. To
sleep in & bunk.

Bunk'er, n. Coal-bin ; chest.

Bunn, m. Kind of sweet bread.

Bunt'ing', n. Bird of the finch kind : — thin
woollen stuff.

Bunt'Iine, n. Hope for hoisting a sail.

Bun'yoHj «• Inflamed swelling on the ball
of tHe great toe.

Buoy (bwiiy or bojr), n. Floating cask or
light piece of wood, to indicate shoals and
anchorages. — 2, v. Tja keep afloat.

Buoy' ant, a. Floating; light: — hopeful. —
Buoy'an-cy, «. — Buby'ant-ly, ad.

Biir, n. "Prickly head of a plant.

Biir'bot, n. Fish like an eel.

Biir'den (biir'dn), n. Load ; something
grievous : — cargo ; freight : — verse re-
peated in a song : — ^main topic. — 2, v. a.
To load ; to encumber.

Biir'den-sSme, a. Heavy ; grievous ; severe.

BUr'dock, n. Dock bearmg burs.

Bureau (bii-ro' or bii'ro), n. Chest of
drawers ; cabinet : — office : — counting-

Biir'ff ss, n. Citizen ; chief magistrate in a
borough : — representative.

Biirgh (biir'r9), n. Same as borough.

BUrgh'er (biir'ger), n. Citizen.

Biirg'lar, n. One guilty of burglary.

Burg-la'ri-oiis, a. Relating to housebreak-
ing. — Biirg-la'ri-oiis-ly, ad. [night.

Biirg'Ia-ry, «. Crime of housebreaking by

Biir gun-dy, n. Wine made in Burgundy.

Bur'i-al (ber'e-al), n. Act of burying;

Bu'rin, n. Graver. [funeral.

B"V1~' r "* '^o^rse hempen cloth.

Bur-lesque' (bur-lesk'), n. Ludicrous rep-
resentation. — 2, a. Ludicrous ; sportive.
3, V. a. To turn to ridicule.

Biir'ly, a. Bulky; large: — boisterous;
lusty.— Biir'li-ness, n.

Biirn, v. a. [i. & p. burnt or burned.] To
consume or affect with fire. — 2, v. n. To
be on fire, or inflamed. — 3, n. Hurt or

• effect caused by fire : — rivulet or brook.
iirn'er, n. One that burns : — part of a

lamp, &c., from which the flame arises.
Biirn'ing, n. Inflammation ; fire. — 2, a.

Flaming : — vehement : — excessive.
Biir'nish, v. To polish ; to grow bright. —

2, n. Gloss ; brightness.
Biir'nish-er, n. One that burnishes.
Biimt, t. &, p. from bum.
Biirr, n. Lobe of the ear : — prickly head of

a plant : — brogue or accent : — ridge left on

metal by a tool.
Biir'ro, n. Donkey.
Bur' row, n. Hole in the ground for rabbits

and other animals. — 2, v. n. To lodge in

holes in the ground.
Biirr' -stone, n. Same as buhrstone.
Biir'sar, n. Treasurer in colleges, Ac,
Biir'sa-ry, n. Treasury of a college : — en-
dowed scholarship.

BUrst, V. [i. & j>. burst.] To break or fly
open ; to rupture. — 2, n. Sudden disrup-
tion : — explosion.

Biir' then (biir'thn), n. Same as burden.

Bur'y {'ber'e), v. a. To put into a grave;
to inter ; to entomb : — to conceal.

Bur'x-ing (ber'g-ing), n. Same as burial.

Bush, «. Large woody shrub : — thicket ;
forest region : — metal lining for a hole.

Biish'el, n. Dry measure of four pecks. —
2, V.' To mend or alter, as men's clothes.

Bush'§l-ling, n. Act of mending or alter-
ing, as men's clothes.

Bdsh'el-man, n. Man who mends or altera,
as men's clothes.

Bush'y, a. Like a bush : — full of bushes.

Business (biz'ngs), n. Employment ; affair ;
trade : — matter in question. [the stays.

Biisk, n. Steel or whalebone to strengthen

Bus'kin, n. Half boot or high shoe worn
by actors of ancient tragedy.

Buss, n. Kiss : — boat for fishing. — 2, v. a.
To kiss.

Bust, n. Statue of the human figure down
to the breast : — human breast.

Blis'tard. n. Large game bird.

Bus' tie (btxs'sl), v. n. To be busy.— 2, n.
Tumult ; hurry :— pad to expand the skirt
behind. [son.

Bus' tier (bus'ler), n. Active, stirring per-

Buj'x (blz'ze), a. Employed; active: —
officious ; troublesome. — 2, v. a. To make
or keep busy ; to employ.— Bu§'i-ly, ad.

Bu§'y-bod-y (biz'-), n. Meddling' person.

Biit, conj. Except ; besides ; yet. — 2, prep.
Except. — 3, ad. Only ; no more than. —
4, n. Boundary ; limit ; end. — 5, v. n.
To touch at one end ; to abut.

Butch'er, n. One who kills animals for
food :'— murderer. — 2, v. a. To kill and
dress for food : — to murder.

Bdtch'er-Mrd, n. Shrike.

Butch'er-ly, a. Cruel ; bloody.

Butch'er-y, n. Trade of a butcher : —
slaughter ; massacre : — slaughter-house.

But'-Snd, n. Blunt end of any thing.

Biit'ler, n. Servant intrusted with winea
and liquors.

Butt, «. Mark or target : — blow with the
head : — object of ridicule : — cask contain-
ing two hogsheads : — hinge. — 2, v. To
strike with the head. [hill.

Butte (but or biit), n. Mountain peak or

BQt'ter, n. Oily
substance o b-
tained by churn-
ing cream: —
substance like
butter. — 2, v. a.
To spread with

But'ter-cQp, n.
Plant with a yel-
low cup-like flower.

But'ter-fly, n. Beautiful winged insect.

Biit'ter-Ine, n. Artificial butter.





But'ter-milk, n. Whey of churned cream.

But'ter-nut, n. Tree, and its oily nut.

Biit'ter-x, a. Having the appearance of
butter. — 2, n. Room for provisions ; pan-

Biit'tock, w. Kump.

But'ton (but'tn), n. Knob or catch for
fastening clothes, a door, &c. : — bud of a
plant : — ^round mass of metal. — 2, v. a.
To fasten with buttons.

But'ton-hole, n. Hole to admit a button.
— 2, V. a. To detain in conversation.

But'ton§, n. Boy employed as a page.

But' ton-wood (-w^fid), w. Plane ; sycamore.

But' tress, v. a. To support ; to prop. — 2, n.
Prop; support.

Bux'om, a. Gay ; brisk ; lively. — Bux'om-
ness, n.

Buy (bi), V. a. [i. & p. bought.] To ac-
quire by paying a price ; to purchase ; to
bargain for : — to bribe.

Buzz, V. n. To hum like bees : — to whisper,
— 2, V. a. To spread by whispers. — 3, n.
Humming sound : — whisper.

Buz'zard, n. Species of hawk.

By (bi or he), prep. At; in ; near; for. —
2, ad. Near ; beside ; passing. — 3 {or
Bye), n. Object of minor importance ;
side issue.

By' and By', ad. In a short time ; soon.

Bye, n. By : — run on a ball not struck.

By'-end, n. Private advantage ; self-inter-

By'-gone, a. Gone by ; past. [est.

By'-lSw, n. Private or local law or rule.

By'-path, n. Private or obscure path.

By'-play, n. Action carried on at one side.

Byre, n. Cow-house.

By'-road, n. By-way : — by-path.

By'-stand-er, n. Looker-on.

By'-way, n. Private or obscure way.

By'word (bi'wlird), n. Common saying;
proverb : — reproach.


Cab, TC. Kind of light carriage,
Ca-bal', n. Small body of men united
to effect some evil purpose. — 2, v. n.
To form close intrigues.

Cab'a-la, w. Jewish tradition.

Cab'al-ist, w. One skilled in JcAvish tradi-

Cab-a-lis'tic, a. Kelating to the cabala ;

Cab'baf-e, n. Common garden vegetable : —
cloth cabbaged. — 2. v. a. To steal cloth
in cutting garments.

Cab'by, n. Same as cabman.

Cab'in, n. Small room, as in a ship : — cot-
tage or hut.

Cab'^i-net, n. Closet ; private room : — state
administrative council : — set of drawers.
— 2, a. Of, or belonging to, a cabinet.

Cab'i-net-mak'er, n. Maker of wooden

Ca'ble, n. Rope or chain to hold the anchor
of a ship : — submarine telegraph. — 2, v.
To send by submarine telegraph.

Ca'ble-gram, n. Message sent by cable.

Calj'man, n. Driver of a cab.

Ca-bo6se', n. Cook-room of a ship : — rail- car used for tools, &c.

Cab'ri-o-let' (kab're-o-la'), n. Light cov-
ered carriage ; cab.

Ca'cao (ka'kO), n. Tree, and its fruit, which
yields chocolate.

Cach'a-lot, n. Sperm-whale.

Ca^he (kash), n. Hole dug to preserve
baggage, skins, or other valuaVdes.

Cac'kle, v. n. To make a noise like a hen :
— to prattle. — 2, n. Noise of a hen : —

Cac'tus, n. Family of grotesque prickly
plants, of many species.

Cad, n. Conductor of an omnibus: — ^low,
vulgar fellow.

Ca-dav'er-oiis, a. Like a dead body.

Cad'dish, n. Like a cad ; vulgar ; low.

Cad'dy, n. Small box for tea : — attendant
at golf. [or speaking ; modulation.

Ca'dence, n. Fall of the voice in reading

Ca-det', n. Younger brother : — volunteer
in the army : — pupil in a military school.

Ca'di (ka'de), n. Turkish judge.

Cas'cum (se'kum), n. Part of the intestine.

Cafe (kaf'a), w. Coffee-house; restaurant.

Ca§e, n. - Enclosure for birds or beasts. — 2,
V. a. To enclose in a cage.

Cai'man (ka'man), n. Same as cayman.

Cairn (kam), n. Heap of stones.

Cais-son' (ka-s6n'), n. Chest of ammuni-
tion : — wooden case or frame, used in
laying foundations of a bridge, raising a
vessel, and other submarine work.

Cai'tiff, n. Mean villain ; knave. — 2, a.
Base ; knavish ; servile.

Ca-jole', V. a. To coax ; to deceive.

Ca-jol'er-y, n. Flattery ; wheedling.

Cake, n. Delicate sweet bread ; baked
dough : — flat mass, as of soap or wax. —
2, V. To form or harden into cake.

Cal'a-basb, n. Species of large gourd.

Cal'a-boose, n. Prison ; jail.

Ca-lam'i-toiis, a. Miserable ; distressing ;
adverse. — Ca-lam'i-tous-ness, Ca-lam'-
i-ty, n.

Cal'a-mus, n- Eeed : — sweet-flag : — rattan.

Ca-lasix', n. Open carriage with a movable
covering : — sort of head-dress.

Cal-ca're-ous, a. Partaking of lime.

Cal'ci-mine, n. White or tinted wash for
walls. — 2, V. a. To wash or color with




Gal'ci-nate, 1 v. To pulverize by heat : — to

Cal-cine', J oxidize.

Cal-ci-na'tion, n. Reduction to ashes.

Cal'ci-iim, n. Metallic base of chalk, stucco,
and other compounds of lime.

Cal'cu-la-ble, a. That may be computed.

Cal'cu-late, v. To compute ; to reckon : — to
think out.

Cal-cu-la'tion, n. Art, process, or result of

Cal'c6-la-tor, n. One that calculates.

Cal'cu-liis, "w. Stony concretion in the body :
— method of calculatifjn.

C^l'dron, n. Boiler ; large kettle.

Cal'en-dar, n. Annual table of months,
weeks,' and days, or of special facts; al-
manac : — list or record, as of cases in court.

Cal'en-der, v. a. To dress between hot
rollers." — 2, n. Rollers for calendering.

Calf (kaf), n. ; pi. Calves (kavz). Young
of a cow, or of the walrus and other ma-
rine mammals : — thick part of the leg.

Cal'i-ber, ) (kal'e-bur), n. Bore of a gun,

Cal'i-bre J and its' diameter : — capacity of
mind : — sort or kind.

Cal'i-co, n. Printed cotton fabric.

Ca'lif, w. Same as caliph.

Cal'i-per?, n. pi. Compasses
with bowed shanks for meas-
uring round bodies.

Ca'liph, n. Successor or vicar,
as of Mohammed.

Cal'iph-ate, n. Government
of a caliph.

Cal-is-then'ics, n. pi. Exer-
cise for health.

Ca'lix, n. Same as calyx.

CSlk (kawk), v. a. To stop or stuff, as the
seams between planks.

Calkin (kal'kin or kawk'in), n. Pointed
iron on a horseshoe, to prevent slipping.

CSll, V. a. To name : — to summon. — 2, v. n.
To cry out : — to make a visit. — 3, n. Ad-
dress; summons: — divine vocation : — short

Cal-li-gfraph'ic, a. Relating to calligraphy.

Cal-lig'ra-phj, n. Beautiful writing.

Call'ing, n. Vocation ; profession : — act of
crying out.

Cal-los'i-tjr, n. Hard painless swelling on
the skin.

Cal'lous, a. Hard ; indurated : — insensible.

Cal'low (kal'lo), a. Unfledged; naked: —

Calm (kam), a. Quiet; serene. — 2, n. Se-
renity ; quiet ; repose. — 3, v. a. To still ;
to pacify.— Calm'ljr, «d.— Calm'ness, n.

Cal'o-mel, n. Medicinal salt of mercury.

Ca-lor'ic, n. Supposed cause of heat.

Cal-o-rif ic, a. Causing heat.

Cal'i-inet, n. Indian pipe ; emblem of

Ca-lum'ni-ate, v. a. To accuse falsely ; to
slander ; to defame.

G9,-lum-ni-a'tioii, n. False accusation ;


Ga-lum'ni-ous, a. Slanderous.

Cal'um-njr, n. False and malicious accusa-

Calve (kav), v. n. To bring forth, as a eow.

Ca'ljjx, n. Outer cup of a flower.

Cam, n. Device for converting circular
into reciprocal

Cam'bric, n. Fine
linen or cotton

Came, i. from come.

Cam'el, n. Large
quadruped, with a
long neck and one
or two humps.

Ca-mel'li-a, */. Ge-
nus of ornamental
flowering shrubs. Camel.

Ca-mel'o-pard, )



Cam'e-o, n. Design engraved in relief: —

precious stone or shell so engraved.
Cam'e-ra, n. Vaulted roof : — box fitted with

lens, &'c., for making photographs.
Cam'e-ra-ob-scii'ra, n. Camera for throw-
ing images of external objects on a surface

in a dark space.
Cam'o-mile, n. Bitter medicinal plant.
Camp, n. Place for an encamping, as of an

army : — persons encamped. — 2, v. n. To

Cam-paign' (kam-pan'), n. Large, open

country : — time an army keeps the field.

— 2, V. n. To serve in a cami)aign.
Cam-paign'er (-pan'er), n. Old soldier.
Cam-pan'ii-Ia, n. Genus of plants, with

bell-shaped flowers.
Cam-phene', n. Pure oil of turpentine.
Cam'phor, n. Fragrant resin of an East

Indian tree.
Cam'pho-rate, V. a. To impregnate with

Camp'-meet'ingr, n. Religious assembly in

tents or booths.
Camp'-stoSl, n. Folding seat or chair.
Cam wood (-wud), n. Red dye-wood.
Can, n. Metal cup or vessel. — 2, v. n. [i.

covild.] To be able. — 3, v. a. To enclose

in a can.
Ca-na'di-an, a. Of, or belonging to, Canada.

— 2, n. Native of Canada.
Ca-nal', a. Watercourse made by art : — duct

or conduit.
Ca-nard' (ka-nar'), n. Hoax; ridiculous

fabrication. [bird.

Ca-na'rjr-b'ird, v. Small, yellow singing-
Can' eel, V. a. To blot out ; to efface.
Can-cel-la'tion, n. Act of cancelling.
Can'cer, n. The Crab, the fourth sign in

the zodiac : — malignant tumor.
Can'cer-ous, a. Of, or like, a cancer : — af-
fected with cancer.
Can-de-la'brum, n. Branched candlestick.
Can' did, a. Fair ; frank ; ingenuous. — Can'-

did-ljr, ad. — Can'did-ness, n.




Can''di-da>cxi "• State of being a candidate.
CStt'di-dSte/n. One proposed for some oflBco

or etati«n.
CazL'died, p. a. Granulated oi' preserved in

CEn'dle, n. Tallow or wax surrounding a

wick, used for gvnng light.
Caii'dle-llght, n. Light of a candle, [dies.
Can' die-stick, n. Instrument to hold cau-
Can'dor, n. Frankness ; openness ; fairness.
CSn'dj^, V. To preserve with sugar ; to crys-
tallize. — 2, n. Conserve of sugar ; sweet-
Can'dx-tiift, n. Plant, and its flower.
Cane, *n. Reed : — sugar-cane : — walking-
staff. — 2, V. a. To beat with a cane.
Cane'brake, n. Thicket of canes.
Ca-nine', o. Relating to, or like, a dog.
Can'is-ter, «. Box for tea, &c. : — kind of

Can'ker (kang'ker), n. Eating or corroding
ulcer ; gangrene : — disease in trees, or in
horses' feet : — corrupting or consuming
agency. — 2, r. To corrupt ; to decay.
Can'ker-worm (-wiirm), n. Worm destruc-
tive to plants.
Canned (kand), p. & a. Preserved in cans.
Can'nel-coal, n. Coal which burue with a

bright flame.
Can'nj-bal, n. One who eate husMMi fle^.
Can'ni-bal-i9ra, n. The
eating of human flesh.
Can'non, n. Large fire-
arm for war.
Can-non-ade', v. a. To
attack with cannon. —
2, n. Attack with
Can'non-biU, n. Solid shot for a cannon.
Can-non-eer', n. One who manages cannon.
Can'non-shot, «. Solid projectile for a can-
non : — range of a cannon.
Can'nSt, v. n. To be unable.
Can'njr, a. Cautious ; prudent.
Ca-n8e' (ka-no'), n. Small boat or skiff.
Can'on, n. Ecclesiastical rule or law : — re-
ceived books of Holy Scripture : — digni-
tary in a cathedral.
6anon, ) (kan'yon), n. Deep, narrow
Canyon J gorge, or gulch, in the bottom of

which a stream flows.
Ca-non'i-cal, a. Included in the canon.
Ca-non'i-cal$, n. ph Dress of a clergyman.
Can-on-i-za'tion, «. Act of making a saint.
CSn'on-Ize, v. a. To declare one a saint.
Can'o-p5[, "• Covering over a throne, bed,

&c. — 2, t'. a. To cover with a canopy.
Cant, n. Corrupt dialect: — hj^pocritical
speech : — slang : — tuBn ; twist. — 2, a. Of
the nature of cant. — 3, v. n. To speak
whiningly or affectedly. — 4, v. a. To twist
or upset.
Can't. Contraction for cannot.
Can'ta-lSupe, n. Fine sort of muskmelon.
Can-tin'ker-oGs, a. Ill-natured ; conten-


Gan-ta'ta, ) n. Sort of oratorio or opera,

Can-ta'ta, / sung but not acted.

Ca/i-teen', n. Vessel for carrying liquors:
- -club or saloon for soldiers in barracks.

Car'ter, n. Easy gallop. — 2, v. n. To gal-
lop easily or gently.

Cart' -hook (-hfik), n. Hook for rolling

Car'ti- cle, n. Song or non -metrical hymn :
— Song of Solomon.

C5n'ti-le-ver, n. Projection which supports
a cornice, bridge, &c.

Can'tle, n. Fragment : — ^back projection of
a saddle.

Can'to, u. Section of a poem or song.

Can'ton, «. Division of a country. — 2, r. a.
To divide into cantons : — to allot quarters
to, as troops.

Gan'ton-ment, n. Quarters for soldiers.

Can'vas, n. Coarse cloth for sails, &c. : —
sails of a ship.

Can'vas-back, n. American duck, esteemed
for food.

Can'vass, v. a. To examine ; to debate : —
to solicit. — 2, V. n. To solicit votes, sub-

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