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CLUB'-LAW,7i. The law of brute force.

CLtJCK, V. To call chickent, as a hen.

CLUE, n. See Clew.

CLUMP, 71. Amass; a cluster, as of trees.

CLUM'§Y, a. Awkward ; heavy ; un-

CLUNG, i. &. p. from cling. [couth.

CLijs'TER, 71. A bunch; a collection.

clus'ter,7j. To unite in bunches.

clus'ter-y, a. Growing in clusters.

CLUTCH, V. a. To gripe ; to grasp.

CLUTCH, 71. Grasp.— pZ. The paws.

CLt;T'TER,?i. Abustle ; disorder ; clatter.

clut'ter, v. 11. To make a clutter.

clys'ter, 71. An injection.

coach (koch), n. A four-wheeled car-
jiage, for pleasure, travelling, &c.

coach, v. To ride or carry in a coach.

coach'man, 71. The driver of a coach.

co-ac'tion, 71. Force; compulsion.

co-ac'tive, a. Compulsory.

co-AD'jy-TANT,a. Helping; assisting.

co-ad-ju'tqr,71. An assistant; helper.

co-4.D-Ju'TRlx, n. She who assists.

CO-A'(jtENT, n. An associate in any
jict ; a fellow-agent. [tion.

co-AG'u-L^-BLE, a. Capable of concre-

co-ag'u-late, v. a. To curdle, [died.

cq-ag'u-late, v. n. To become cur-

co-AG-TJ-LA'TlQN,7i.Act of coagulating.

co-AG'ii-LA-TiVE, a. Causing coagu-

CQ-AG'u-LUM, n. Runnet. [lation.

COAL (kol), 71. A combustible fossil :
J— combustible substance ignited.

coal'er-Y, n. A colliery, [to combine.

CO-A-LfisCE' (k5-a-les'), v. n. To unite ;

co-A-LEs'cENCE,7i. Union ; concretion.

coAL'-HousE, 71. A place for coals.

co-A-Ll"TipN, n. Union ; junction.

coal'-me-ter, 71. A measurer of coal.

coal'-mine, ) 71. A mine or pit in

COAL'-PIT, \ which coals are dug.

coal'y (ko'le), a. Resembling coal.

HERjMIEN,SIR5D6,NOR,s6N;BULL,BUR,RtJLE.9,9-,S0/t,-£J,j&,/ta7-(i,- § OS Zj ^ 05 gZ.




CO-APT a'tiqn, ». Adjustment of parts.
c5a'rse (kors), a. Not fine ; not soft ;

rough ; rude ; uncivil ; gross ; mean.
coarse'ness, 7?. Rudeness; grossness.
COAST, 71. Land by tlie sea ; shore.
COAST, V. n. To sail near the coast.
c5ast'er, n. A person or a trading

vessel that sails along the shore.
coat (kot), n. The upper garment:— a

petticoat : — hair or fur of a beast.
COAT, V. a. To cover ; to invest.
coat'-card, 11. A card ; court-card.
coat'ing, n. Act of covering ; a cover.
COAX, 7J. a. To wheedle ; to flatter.
COAX'ER (koks'er), n. A wheedler.
COB, 71. A pony : — a spike of maize.
CO'balt or cob'alt, n. A brittle,

reddish-gray mineral, used for coloring
COB'BiiE, V. a. To mend coarsely, [blue.
cob'ble, 71. A round stone : — a bird.
cob'bler. 71. A mender of shoes.
cob'nut, 71. A large nut : a boy's game.
Cob'web,7j. The web of a spider.
coc-clF':i?R-otJs, a. Bearing berries.
COCh'I-ne AE, n. A substance consist-
ing of dried insects, used as a red dye.
cojBh'le-^-RY, ) a. Having the form
cojBh'le-At-ed, I of a screw.
cock, n. A male bird: — a spout: —

part of a gun-lock : — a heap of hay. [of.
COCK, V. a. To set up : — to fix the cock
c6ck-ade', 71. A knot worn on the hat.
c6ck-a-t6o', 71. A kind of parrot.
Cock'a-trice, 71. A fabulous serpent.
cock'-boat, 71. A small boat of a ship.
c6ck'er-EL, n. A young cock.
COCk'et, n. A seal of the custom-

house;_a ticket from the custom-house.
cock'fight, 71. A battle of cocks.
coc'kee (kok'kl), 71. A small shell-fish.
coc'kle, v. To contract into wrinkles.
cock'loft, 71. The top loft ; garret.
cock'mAtch, 7?. A cock-fight.
cock'ney, n. A native of London.
cock'pit, n. Area where cocks fight :

— part or apartment in a ship of war.
cock'roach, 71. A kind of insect.
cock's'comb (koks'kSm), 71. A plant.
COCK'stJRE (kok'shur), a. Confidently

sure ; quite certain ; well-assured.
COCk'swain (kok'swan or kok'sn), n.

Commander of a boat and crew.
co'coA (ko'ko), n. Cocoa-nut tree ;

chocolate-nut tree, and its seeds.
co-c66n', n. Ball made by silk-worms.
c6c'TlLE,a. Made by baking, as brick.
coc'TiON, 71. The act of boiling.
COD, or cod'fIsh, n. A sea-fieh.
COD, n. A case containing seeds ; bag.

cod'DLE, v. a. To parboil : — to fondle.

CODE, 71. A collection or digest of laws.

cod'^^er, 71. A queer old man ; a miser.

c6d'i-cie, n. An appendage to a will.

COD'LiNGr, 71. A cooking apple.

co-ef'fi-ca-cy, 71. Joint efficacy.

co-EF-Fi"ciEN-CY, 71. Cooperation.

co-EF-Fl' CIENT,71. Something which
j;obperates . — a factor in algebra.

CO-EF-Fl"CIENT, a. Cooperating.

cge'li-1c, a. Pertaining to the belly.

co-e'qual, a. Equal ; of the same rank.

co-E-QUAE'l-TY2-kw61'-),7z. Equality.

co-erce',u. a. To restrain; to force.

co-er'ci-ble, a. That may be re-
strained or forced. [compulsion.

co-ER'cipN (ko-er'shun), n. Restraint ;

co-ER'ciVE,a. Restraining ; checking.

co-es-s£n'tiae, a. Of the same es-
sence ; essentially the same. [age.

co-e-ta'ne-an, n. One of the same

co-E-TA'NE-oiJS, a. Of the same age.

co-e-ter'nal, a. Equally eternal.

co-e-ter'ni-ty, 7?. Equal eternity.

c5-e'val, a. Being of the same age.

c5-e'vae, 71. One of the same age.

c5-E'vbus, a. Being of the same age.

co-e^-Ist' (ko-eg-zist'), v. n. To exist
at the same time. [same time.

co-e^-ist'ence, n. Existence at the

co-Ejf-lST'ENT, a. Existing together.

co-ex-tend', v. a. To extend equally.

co-ex-tSn'siqn, n. Equal extension.

co-EX-TEN'siVE,a. Of the same extent.

cof'fee, 71. A berry, and the drink
made from it. [tainment.

cof'fee-house, 71. House of enter-

c6F'FEE-MlLli,7i. Mill to grind coffee.

c6f'fee-pot, 7t. A pot to boil coffee,

COF'fer, 71. A money -chest ; treasure.

cof'fin, n. A box in which a dead
body is enclosed for burial. [fin.

cof'fin, v. a. To enclose, as in a cof-

COG, V. a. To flatter : — to fix cogs to.

cog, n. The tooth of a wheel : — a boat.

co'9^EN-CY, 11. Force ; strength ; power.

co'qtENT, a. Forcible ; powerful.

co^'l-T^-BLE, a. That may be thought.

c6<^'i-TXTE,r.7i.To think ; to meditate.

c6<^-i-TA'TiON,7i. Meditation; thought.

CO^'i-TA-TIVEjfl.Thinking ; reflecting.

COG'NATE, a. Allied by blood ; kindred.

CQG-NA'TlpN,7i.Relationship ; kindred.

coG-Nl"TlON, n. Knowledge.

c6g'ni-za-bee, a. That may be
known : — liable to be tried in court.

COG'Ni-ZANCE (kog'ne-zans or kon'e-
zans), 71. Judicial notice. [known.

COG-Nos'ci-BEE, a. That may be

AElouy, long ; A£I6tJ$, short ; aeiqv¥> obscure. — fAre jFXRjFAsTjFAll ; h£ir,




cog'-wheeIi, n. A wheel with cogs.
co-HAB'iT,j;, w. To dwell together.
co-HAB-i-TA'TiON, 71. A cohabiting.
co-heir' (ko-Ar'), n. A joint heir.
co-h£ir'ess (ko-ar'es), 71. Joint lieiress.
CO-HERE', t;. 71. To stick together.
CO-he'rence, }n. Act of cohering ;
c5-he'ren-cy, \ cohesion^ connection.
co-he'rent, a. Sticking together.
CO-he'sion (ko-he'zhun), n. Act or

jtate of cohering ; connection ; affinity.
co-he'sive, a. Sticking; adhesive.
co-ho-ba'tion, n. A redistillation.
co'horTjTI. Body of about 500 soldiers.
COIF, 71. A head-dress ; a cap.
coiF'FtfRE, 71. A head-dress ; a coif.
coiGNE (kbin), 71. A comer ; a wedge.
coI'l, v. a. To gather into a ring.
COIL, 71. A thing coiled, as a rope.
COIN, 71. Money bearing a legal stamp.
COIN, V. a. To stamp ; to invent.
coIn'a^i-e, 71. Act or art of coining.
CO-in-cide', v. 71. To agree with.
co-in'ci-bence, 71. Agreement.
co-iN'ci-DENT, a. Agreeing.
co-in-di-ca'tion, n. Concurrent sign.
coin'er, n. One who coins.
co-I"TipN (kg-ish'un), n. Copulation,
CO-joIn', v. n. To join ; to unite.
COKE, 71. Fossil coal burnt to charcoal.
Coii'^N-DER, 71. A strainer ; cullender.
cq-la'tiqn, 71. Act of straining ; fil-
col'a-tOre, 71. Filtration, [tration.
COLD, a. Not hot ; frigid ; reserved.
COLD, 71. Privation of heat : — a disease.
COLD'-HEXRT-ED,a. Wanting feeling.
cold'ness, 71. Want of heat. [bage.
COLE' WORT (-wiirt), 71. A sort of cab-
col'IC, n. A disease of the bowels.
col-lapse', n. A fall ; a shrinking.
col-lapse', v. n. To fall together.
CQL-lapsed' (kgl-lapsf), a. Closed.
cpL-L AP'sipN, n. Act of collapsing.
COL'lar, n. A ring round the neck.
col'l^r, v. a. To seize by a collar.
CpL-LATE', V. a. To collect or compare,

as things similar ; to confer ; to gather.
CQL-lAt'er-al, a. Being side by side ;

not djrect ; subordinate. [repast.

CQL-L A'TION, n. Act of collating :— a
cql-la'tor, 71. One who collates,
c 6l 'L E A GUE 5 71. A partn er ; associate .
cql-lect', v. a. To gather together.
col'lect, 71. A short prayer.
COL-Lfic'TlON, 71. Act of collecting;

contribution; assemblage; a group.
COL-LEC'TIVE, o. Gatliered in a body.
CPL-LEC'TJVE-LY, ad. In a general

mass ; in a body ; not singly.

cpL-LfiCT'OR, n. One who collects.

CpL-LECT'OR-SHiP, n. The state or
office of a collector of customs, &c.

c6l'le^e,7i. a community ; a semi-
nary of learning ; house for collegians.

cpL-LE'(^i-AL,ffl. Relating to a college.

cpL-LE'4^i-AN, 71. Member of a college.

cpL-LE'^i-ATE, a. Pertaining to, or
resembling, a college ; collegial.

col'let, 71. The part of a ring in
which the stone is set. [to clash.

CPL-LIDE', 7J. n. To strike together;

coll'ier (kol'yer),n. A digger of coals.

c6ll'ier-y (kol'yer-e), n. A coal-mine.

cpL-LiQ'UA-TlVE ,'a. Melting;disolvent.

COL-LlQ-UE-FAC'TipN, 71. A melting.

cpL-Ll"§ipN (kol-lizh'un), 77. Act of
coUidingj opposition ; interference.

COL'lp-cate, 77. a. To place in order.

c6l-lp-ca'tipn,77. Act of placing.

CPL-LOGUE' (kol-l6g'),7;.a. To wheedle.

coL'Lpp, n. A small slice of meat.

cpL-LO'QUl-AL, a. Relating to, or used
in, common conversation. [logue.

col'lp-quxst, 71. A speaker in a dia-

coL'Lp-Quy,7i. Conversation; dialogue.

col-lude', v. n. To conspire in a fraud.

cpL-LU'sipN, n. Deceitful agreement.

coL-LU'siVE, a. Fraudulent; knavish.

cpL-LtJ'sp-RY, a. Containing collusion.

co'LpN, n. The point thus [:].

colonel (kur'nel),7i. The commander
of a regiment. [a colonel.

colonelcy (kiir'nel-se), n. Office of

cp-LO'Ni-AL, a. Relating to a colony.

c6l'p-nist,_?i. Inhabitant of a colony.

coL-p-Ni-ZA'TipN, n. The act of colo-
nizing._ [ony in.

coL'p-NiZE, V. a. To establish a col-

c6l-pn-nade', 71. Range of columns.

col'p-ny, 7*. A body of people who
remove and settle in a foreign coun-
try, subject to the mother country.

col'p-phon, 71. Conclusion of a book.

col'pr (kul'ur), 71. The appearance
of bodies to the eye ; hue ; tint ; pig-
jment. — pi. A standard ; a flag.

CoL'pR (kiil'ur), V. a. To mark with
some hue ; to paint ; to tinge ; to dye.

coL'pR (kiil'ur), V. n. To blush.

COL'pR-^-BLE, a. Specious; plausible.

c6l-pr-if'ic, a. Able to give color.

col'pr-ing, 71. An art in painting.

c5l'pr-l£ss, a. Destitute of color.

cp-L'6s'sAL, a. Like a colossus ; gigan-

cp-Los'siis, 11. A gigantic statue, [tic.

colt, n. A young horse.

col'ter, 71. Cutting-iron of a plough.

COLT'ish, a. Like a colt ; wanton.

HER;MiEN,si'R;D6,N6R,s6N; Bl)LL,BtJR,RtJLE .(^^(^^soft; iG,&,hard; ^asz;^asgz.




COLTs'-FOOT (kolts'fut), n. A plant.

col'u-brine, a. Relating to a serpent.

coiyuM-B^-RV, ?i. A pigeon-house.

COL'UM-BiNEi n. A genus of plants.

COL'iiMN (kol'um), n. A cylindrical
pillar : — part of a page ; body of troops.

co-lOm'nar, a. Formed in columns.

CO-LURE', n. One of two imaginary
great circles, supposed to intersect
each other in the celestial poles.

co'MA, n. Lethargy : — hairiness.

com-a-tose', a. Lethargic ; drowsy.

COMB (kom), n. An instrument for the
hair : — crest, as of a cock : — cells of
_bees, containing the honey.

COMB (k5m), V. a. To dress with a comb.

IIcom'bat or com'bat, v. n. To fight ;
to contend ; to act in opposition.

IIcom'bat or com'bat, «. a. To oppose.

IICOM'BAT, 71. Contest; battle; fight.

I|c^6m'bat-ant, n. One who combats.

comb'^r (k6m'er),7t. One who combs.

com-bi'na-ble', a. Capable of being
-combined or united. [tion.

com-bj-na'tiqn, 71. Union ; associa-

cqm-bine', v. a. To join ; to unite.

com-bine', 7j. 7i. To unite; to coalesce.

cpM-BiJs-Ti-BlL'l-TY, ) n. The state

com-bus'ti-ble-ness, ) or the qual-
ity of being combustible.

CQM-bCs'ti-ble, a. That may be burnt.

com-bCs'tion, 71. Act of burning.

COME (kum), V. n. [i. came ; p. come.]
To draw near ; to arrive ; to approach.

cq-me'di-an, 71. An actor of comedy.

c6m'e-dy, 72. An amusing drama,

COME'LI-NESS, n. Grace ; beauty ; dig-

coME'liY, a. Graceful ; becoming. [nity.

Com'et,7i. a nebulous heavenly body,
commonly with a traia of light.

com'e-ta-ry, a. Relating to a comet.

com'fit, 71. A dry sweetmeat.

com'fqrt, v. a. To enliven ; to console.

com'fort, 71. Support ; countenance.

com'fqrt- a-ble, a. Possessing com-
fort ; affording comfort ; satisfying.

com'fort-er, 71. One who comforts.

Com'fort-less, a. Wanting comfort.

coM'FREy,?i. A medicinal plant.

Com'ic, a. Relating to comedy.

com' i-CAL,ff. Diverting ; sportive; droll.

com'ing (kum'ing), n. Arrival.

COM'i-TY, 11. Courtesy ; civility.

com'ma, n. A point marked thus [,].

COM-MAND', V. a. To govern ; to order.

cqm-mAnd', v. 71. To have authority.

COM-MAND', 71. Power ; rule ; direction.

c6m-man-dS.nt', n. A military officer.

CpM-MAND'ER, 71. One who commands.

CPM-mAnd'er-y,7?. District of knights.

cpM-MAND'iN&, a. Ordering ; powerful.

com-mand'ment, n. A command.

com-mem'o-r'^-ble, a. Memorable.

CQiM-MEM'o-RATE, V. a. To celebrate.

com-mem-p-ra'tion, n. Celebration.

cpM-MEM'p-RA-TiVE,a. Preserving or
keeping in memory. [enter upon.

com-MENCE', v. a. & n. To begin ; to

cpM-MENCE'MENT, 11. A beginning:
— the time of conferring degrees in a
college or university. [praise.

cpM-MEND', V. a. To recommend ; to

com-mend'^-ble, a. Worthy of praise.

com-men-da'tion, 71. Recommenda-
tion ; approval ; praise ; respects.

cpM-MEN'DA-Tp-RY, a. Giving praise.


CpM-MENS'U-RA-BLE-NESS, \ pacity
or state of having a common measure.

cpM-MENS'y-RA-BLE, o. Having a
common measure or divisor.

COM-MENS'U-RATE, V. a. To reduce
to some common measure.

cpM-MENS'u-R^TE, a. Coextensive.

cpm-m£ns-u-ra'tipn, n. Reduction
to some common measure ; proportion.

Com'ment, v. n. To explain, expound.

com'ment, 7i. A note; explanation.

com'men-ta-ry, n. An exposition.

com'men-tA-tor, 71. An expositor.

com'merce,7i. Trade ; traffic ; famil-
iar intercourse : — game at cards.

cpM-MER'ciAL (-mer'shal), a. Relat-
ing to commerce ; mercantile.

c6m-mi-na'tipn, n. A denunciation.

cpM-MiN'A-Tp-RY, a. Denunciatory.

CPM-MIN'GLE, V. a. To mix together.

com'mi-nute, D. a. To pulverize.

COM-MJ-NU'TION, 71. Pulverization.

cpM-Mi§'ER-ATE, V. a. To pity.

cpM-Mi§-ER-A'TipN, 71. . Compassion.

c6m'mis-sa-ry, 71. A commissioner J
an officer attending an army.

cpM-Mis'sipN (kom-mish'un), n. Act
of committing ; perpetration ; a trust ;
a warrant ; charge ; office.

cpM-Mis'sipN, V. a. To empower.

COM-Mls'sipN-ER, n. One empowered.

cpM-Miss'URE (kom-mish'yur), n. Line
of union ; a seam ; a suture.

COM-MIT', V. a. To intrust ; to imprison ;
to do ; to perpetrate ; to expose.

CPM-MIT'MENT, n. Act of committing.

com-mit'tal, n. Commitment.

com-mit'tee, 11. A number of per-
sons appointed to manage any matter.

cpM-Mix', V. a. To mingle ; to mix.

COM-Mix', V. n. To unite ; to be mixed.

A£louy, long ', ifiiotJfY, short ; .fli^ipVYj obscure.— jkKE ,FiiR,FSsT,EALL j H£IB,




CQM-MlxT'lON (-mixt'yun), n. Mixture.
CQM-MIXT'URE (-yur), 71. A compound.
COM-MODE', ft. An' article of furniture.
CPM-MO'DI-ous, a. Convenient.
eOM-MOD'j-TY, n. Profit ; mercjiandise.


A commander of a squadron of sh'ps.

COM'mqn, a. Belonging to many ; vul-
gar ; not scarce; public; usual.

COiM'mon, n. An open, public ground.

com'mon, v.n. To possess with others.

c63i'MON-Aii-TY, 71. Common people.

c6m'imo.n-er, k. a man not noble.

com'mon-law', n. Unwritten law.

com' M.ON-i.Y,_ad. Frequently ; usually.


com'mon-place, n. Usual or ordi-
nary topic : — a memorandum.

com'mon^, n.pL The common people :
— the lower house of the British par-
liament : — food on equal pay.

COM-MQN-WEAL,', 71, The public good.

com'mqn-wealth, n. A free state.

cpM-MO'TlQN, 11. Tumult; disturbance.

com-mune', v. tu To converse together.

CQM-MU'Ni-CA-BliE, a. That may be
imparted :— communicative ; sociable.

com-mu'ni-cant, n. A partaker of
the sacrament of the Lord's supper.

com-mu'ni-cate, V, a. To impart.

COM-MU'NJ-CATE, 7;. n. To partake of
the Lord's supper ; to be connected.

com-mu-ni-ca'tion, n. Act of com-
municating ; connection ; intercourse.

CQM-Jia'Nl-CA-TlVE, a. Ready to com-
municate or impart ; not reserved ,ifree.

com-mOn'iqn (-yyn), n. Fellowship ;
sacrament of the Lord's supper.

coM'MV'Nl-TY,n. The public ; society :
— common possession. [exchange.

C'OM-MU-TA-Bii,'i-TY, n. Capacity of

com-mu'T4-ble, a.' Changeable.


COM-MU'TA-xiVE, a. Relating to ex-

COM-MUTE',i;. a. To exchange.[cliange.

CQM-MUT'y-AL, a. Mutual ; reciprocal.

com'pact, 71. A contract ; agreement.

COM-PACT', V, a. To join firmly.

coai-PACT^ a. Firm ; solid ; close.

com-pan'ion, n. An associate ; mate.

com-pan'ion-a-ble, a. Agreeable,

cQjm-pan'ion-shTp, n. Fellowship.

c6m'pa-ny, 71. An assembly ; fellow-
ship ; a band ; a society ; a body.

c6m'pa-ra-ble, a. To be compared.

COM-PAR'A-TiVEjffl. Estimated by com-
parison ; relative ; not positive.

com-pare', v. a. To measure by some-
thing else ; to liken ; to illustrate.

coM-PARE'j 7j. Comparison; simile.

CQM-PAR'I-SON (-sn), n. Act of com-
paring; a simile; similitude. [out.

CQM-PART', V. a. To divide; to mark

COM-PAR-TI'^TION, 7u Act of dividing.

cqm-part'ment, 71. Division ; part.

com'pass, v. a. ■ To encircle ; to grasp.

com'pass, 71. A circle ; grasp ; extent :
— apparatus for steering ships, &c.

c6m'pass-e§, 77. pi. An instrument
for dividing, making circles, &c.

coivl-PAS'siON, n. Pity ; commiseration,

coIM-PAS'sIO^-ATE, a. Having pity.

C9M-pas'sion-Xte,7). a. To pity.

com-pat-i-bil'i-ty, 77. Consistency.

cojM-PAT^i-Bi.E5 a. Fit for; consistent.

co.^i-pa'tri-ot, 11. A fellow-patriot.

com-peer', 77. An equal ; companion,

co5I-p£l',75. a. To force; to constrain.

coM-PEL.'L.5.-BLE,a.That may be forced

com-pel-la'tion, a. Style oP<«iddress.

COBI'PEND, 77. A compendium.

com-pen'di-ous, a. Short ; concise,

coM-PEN'Dj-fJM, 71. An abridgment.

com-pen'sate, v.a. To pay ; to requite.

COM-PEN-SA'TION, 7t. Recompense.

COM-PEN'sA-TiVEja.That compensates
COM-PEN'SA-TO-RY, a.Making amends.
COM-PETE', V. n. To carry on compe-
tition ; to contend ; to vie ; to strive,
COM'PE-TENCE, ) 71. Capacity ; abil-
COM'PE-TEN-CY, \ ity ; sufficiency.
COM'PE-TENT, a. Suitable; fit; able.
c6m-pe-ti"tion, 77. Rivalry ; contest.
COM-PET'J-TOR, 71. A rival ; opponent.
coiM-Pi-LA'TiON, 77, Act of compiling;

collection from various authors.
cpM-PlLE', V. a. To form by collecting

parts from various authors.
cobi-pile'ivient, 77. Compilation.
cpM-PiL_'ER,'77. One who compiles.
COM-PLA'CENCE, i n. Pleasure ; sat-
COM-PLA'CEN-CY, \ isfaction ; civility.
COM-PEA'CENT, a. Civil ; affable ; mild.
cOxM-PLAiN', V. n. To find fault.[suit.
co3i-PLAiN'A]yT,77. One wlio urges a
com-pi.ain'eb,77. One who complains.
cpM-PLAiN'iNG, 11. Expression of sor-
row ; lamentation ; complaint.
com-plaint', n. Accusation ; lamen-
tation ; information against ; disease.
coai-PEAi-i^ANCE', n. Civility; po-
liteness ; urbanity ; condescension.
C6M-PI.AI-5ANT', a. Courteous ; polite.
coM'PLE-MENT, 71. A full number.
COJVI-PIiE-MfiNT'AL, a. Filling up.
cpM-PLETE', a. Perfect ; full ; finished.
COM-PliETE', V. a. To perfect ; to finish.
cpM-PIiETE'liY, a(f. Fully; perfectly.





COM-PliE'TlON, n. Accomplishment;
perfect state. [of many parts.

COM'PLEX, a. Intricate ; complicated ;

COM'PiiEX, 7i.Complication ; collection.

COM-PL.EXED' (plext'),a. Complicated.

CQM-PLiEX'lON (kom-plek'shun), n.
The color of the skin ot face.

CQM-Pi.EX'lON-AL, a. Pertaining to
the complexion or to the temperament.

COM-PLEx'i-Ty, K. Complex state.

COM-PLi'A-iBLE ^a. Disposed to comply.

cpM-PL,l'ANCE, n. Act of complying.

COM-PEi'ANT, a. Yielding; bending.

com'pli-cate, v. a. To involve; in-
fold ; to entangle; to interweave.

coim'pli-c^te, a. Complicated, [cacy.

COM-PLJ-CA'TION, 71. Mixture; intri-

c6m'pli-ment, 71. An act of civility.

COM'PLii-MENT, V. a. To flatter, praise.

COM-PI^-MENT'AL, a. Complimentary.

COM-PLl-MENT'A-RY,a. Expressive of
civility ; civil ; flattering.

c6M'PEaT, 71. A confederacy ; a plot.

CQM-PLOT', V. n. To plot ; to conspire.

COM-ply', v. 71. To yield ; to assent.

cpitt-PO'NENT, a. Forming a part.

CQM-port', v. n. To agree ; to suit.

COM-PORT', v. a. To bear ; to behave.

com-port'^A-bl.e, a. Suitable.

COM-PO^e', v. a. To form; tr write,
as an author : — to quiet : — to arrange.

com-POSED' (-pozd'), p.a. Calm ; quiet.

COiVl-POS'ER, 71. One who composes,

coai-Pos'iTE, a. Compounded.

c6iM-PO-§i''TiON (kom-po-zlsh'un), n.
Mixture ; union ; conjunction ; com-
bination : — a written work ; compact.

COM-Pos'i-TQR, n. One who sets type.

COM'POST, n. A manure ; any mixture.

COM-PO^'URE (kom-po'zhar), n. Ad-
justment; tranquillity ; calmness.

c6m-po-ta'tion,7i. Drinking together.

com-Pound', v. a. To form of differ-
ent parts ; to mingle ; to adjust.

com-pounq', v. n. To come to terms.

com'pound, a. Formed of different in-

com'pound, 71. A mixture, [gradients.

com-p6und'er, n. One who mixes ;
one who compounds for a debt.

c6m-pre-hend', v. a. To comprise ;
to include : — to understand.

COiM-PRE-HEN'si-BLE, a. Intelligible.

com-pre-hen'sioiv, n. A comprising.

COM-PRE-HEN'siVE, a. Capacious.

CQM-prEss', v. a. To press together.

coM'PRESSjW. A bolster or pad of linen.

CQm-pres-si-bil'i-ty, n. The state
of being compressible, [compressed.

com-pr£s'si-ble, a. That* may be

cqm-pres'sion (kom-presh'im), 71. Act
of compressing ; condensation.

coM-PREs'siVE, a. Having the power
to compress. [of pressing.

cOM-PRESs'tJRE (kom-presh'ur), n. Act

coM-PRl'sAli, 71. Compendium.

CQM-PRIse', v. a. To contain, include.

c6iV['PRQ'-MiSE,7i. A compact in which
concessiony are made on each side.

COM'pro-mise, 77. a. To adjust, as u
dispute, by mutual concessions.

com'pro-mise, V, n. To agree, accord.

com'pro-jviit, v. a. To pledge, promise,

comp-trol'ler (kon-trol'ler), n. An
oflicer who examines public accounts.

cqm-pul'sa-tIve, a. Compelling.

cpjvr-PUL'SA-TO-RY, a. Compelling.

com-pDl'sion, n. Act of compelling.

cosi-pul'sive, a. Compelling ; forcing.

coM-PDii^'so-Ry,a. Compelling ; forcing.

COM-PUNC'TION, 7i. Remorse ; sorrow.

cpM-puNC'Tlous, a. Rei>entant ; sorry.

com-put'a-ble, a. That may be com-
puted or numbered ; calculable.

caM-py-TA'TiON, 78. Act of reckoning.

COM-PUTE', V. a. To reckon, calculate.

com-pUt'er, 71. One who computes.

COM'PU-TiST, 71. A computer.

com'rAde or com'rade, n. A com-
panion ; an associate ; a mate.

CON, V. a. To^ study ; to think on.

con-cam'er-ate,75. a. To arch over.

CQN-CAM-ER-A'TioiSf,7i. An arcb;vault.

CQN-CAT'E-NATE, V. a. To link to-
gether ; to connect ; to unite ; to join.

CON-C at-e-na'TxON, n. Series of links.

con'cave, a. Hollow ; not convex.

con'cave, 71. A hollow ; a cavity.

CON-CAV'l-TY, 77. Cavity ; hoUowness.

con-ceal', v. a. To hide ; to secrete:.

con-ceae'a-ble, a. That may be
concealed ; capable of being hid.

con-ceal'ment, n. Act of hiding.

con-cede', v. To yield ; to admit. ,

conceit', 71. Fancy ; notion ; vauity,

CON-CEIT', V. a. To conceive, imagir.e.

CQN-CElT'ED,p. a. Prond ; vain.

con-ceiv'a-ble, a. That may be
conceived ; imaginable.

CQN-ceive' (kon-sev'), v. To admit
into the womb : — to imagine ; to think.

con-cen'trate, v. a. To bring to-
gether or to a centre ; to condense.

con-cen-tra'tion, n. Act of con-
centrating ; condensation.

con-cen'tre (kon-sen'ter), v. a. &, n.
To bring or tend to a common centre.

cqn-cen'tric, ; a. Having a com-

con-cen'tri-cae, 5 mon centre.

AEiouy, long j aeioDy, short ,• AEigyy, obscure. — fAre,far,fast,faIiI4 j ntiR,




c6n-cen-tri9'I-ty, n. State of being
c6ncentric,or having a common centre.

CON-CEP'TA-CLE, 71. A receptacle.

CON-CEP'TIQN, n. Act of conceiving ;
tiling conceived; notion; thought, [tion

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