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cpN-CEP'TlVE, a. Producing concep-

con-cern', v. a. To belong to ; to affect.

concern', 71. Business; affair; care.

CQN-CERN'ing, prep. Relating to.

cqn-cern'ment, 71. Concern ; care.

CQN-cert'j v. To settle ; to contrive.

con'cert, 71. A plan ; conjunction :
— a musical entertainment. [grant.

CQN-ciis'siON, 71. Actof conceding ; a

CON-CEs'siVE , a. Implying concession.

conjBh (kongk), 7?. A marine shell.

coN'jeHolD (kong'kbid), 7?. A kind of
mathematical curve. [conchology.

CQN-;eH6L'Q-(^lST, n. One versed in

CON-^BHOL^p-^Y, n. Science of shells.

cqn-cil'i-ate, ij. a. To gain by favor.

C0N-ciL-i-A'Ti0N57i.Act of conciliating.

CON-ciii'i-A-TpR, n. One who concili-

coN-ciL'i-A-TO-RY,a. Pacifying, [ates.

CQN-ciN'kf-TY, 71. Decency ; fitness.

CON-ciSE','a. Brief; short; laconic.

CQN-cise'LiY, ad. In a concise manner.

cpN-Cl"§lON (-sizh'un), n. Excision.

c6n-ci-t A'TipN, 71. Act of stirring up.

c6N'CL,AVE)7i.Assembly, as of cardinals

cpN-clitJDE'jW. a. To determine, finish.

CON-CLUDE', V. 71. To end ; to infer.

cpn-clud'er, 71. One who concludes.

cpN-CL,u'§rpN (kon-klu'zhun), n. Act
of concluding; final decision ; end.

cpN-CLtJ'siVE, a. Decisive; final.

con-coct', v. a. To digest ; to mature.

coN-coc'TlpN, 71. Act of concocting.

cpN-c6c'TiVE,a. Of concocting nature.

cpn-com'i-tAnce, / 71. Joint subsist-

CON-coai'i-TAN-CY, \ ence or con-
nection ; accompaniment, [conjoined.

pON-coM'l-TANT, a. Accompanying:

poN-coM'i-TANT, 71. An attendant.

CON'CORD, 71. Agreement ; union ; uni-
ty ; harmony ; just proportion of sound.

con-cord'ance, 71. An index to the
Scriptures, or to any other work.

con-cord' ant, a. Harmonious; united.

c6n'c5urse,7i. An assembly; meeting.

cpN-CR£s'ciVE,a. Growing together.

CON-CRETE', V. 71. To unite in a mass.

cpN-CRETE', V. a. To form by concre-
tion, [compound ; not abstract.

con'crete, a. Formed by concretion ;

con'crete, 71. A compound mass.

coN-CRE'TipN, 71. Act of concreting.

con-cre'tive, a. Having power to
cause concretion ; coagulative.

cpN-cu'Bi-NA<j^E , 71. Act of living with
an unmarried woman as a wife.

con'cv-bine, 71. A woman kept in
concubinage ; a mistress.

cpN-ctJ'Pis-CENCE, 71. Carnal desire.

cpN-ciJR', 7J. 71. To unite ; to agree.

cpN-ctJR'RENCE, 71. Act of concurring.

cpN-ctJR'RENT,a. Acting in conjunction

CON-cus'siON (-kiish'un),?!. A shaking.

cpN-cus'siVE, a. Tending to shake.

CON-demn' (kon-dem'), v. a. To doom
to punishment ; to censure ; to blame.

CON-dem-na'tion, 71. Act of con-
demning ; a sentence of punishment.

cpN-DEBi'NA-Tp-RY, a. Ceusorious.

cpN-DEM'NER, 71. One who condemns.

con-den'sa-ble, a. Capable of con-
densation | compressible. [ing-

con-den-sa'tion, 71. Act of condens-

cpN-DENSE',7). a. To make more dense.

cpN-DENSE', V. n. To grow thick.

cpN-DENSE',a. Thick; dense; compact.

cpN-DENs'ER, 71. One that condenses.

c6n-de-scj6nd', v. 71. To descend from
superior rank ; to yield ; to stoop.

con-de-scend'in&, p. a. Stooping;
kind; meek; accommodating, [inferior.

c6n-d]ij;-scen'sipn, ?i. Kindness to an

con-dign' (kon-din'),a. Merited; fit.

cpN-DiG'Ni-TY, 71. Merit ; desert.

cpN-DiGN'LY (-din'le), ad. Deservedly.

con'di-ment, n. A seasoning ; a sauce.

con-dis-ci'ple, 71. A fellow-disciple.

cpN-Di"TipN (kon-dish'un), n. (Qual-
ity ; state; rank ; tferm of compact.

cpN-Di"TipN, V. 71. To stipulate.

cpN-Di"TipN-AL,a. Having conditions.

cpN-Di"TipN-A-Ry, a. Conditional.

cpN-Dl"TipNEb (dlsh'und), a. Having
qualities or properties : — stipulated.

con-dole', v. a. & 71. To lament with.

con-do'lence, 71. Sympathy; pity.

cpN-DOL'ER, 71. One who condoles.

con'dor, 71. A very large bird. [ute.

cpN-DtJCE', V. n. To tend ; to contrib-

CON-DU'CI-BLE, a. Promoting; tending.

cpN-DU'civE, a. Conducing ; aiding.

c6n'duct,7i. Management; behavior.

cpN-DUCT', V. a. To lead ; to direct.

c6N-DUC-Ti"Tioys, a. Employed or
working for wages ; hired.

cpN-DtJCT'pR, n. A leader ; a director.

cpN-DCc'TRESS,7i. A female conductor.

cSn'duit (kiin'dit), ti. A water-pipe.

cpN-DU'PLi-c^TE, a. Doubled together.

cpN-DtJ-Piii-CA'TipN, 71. A doubling.

CONE, 71. A body like a sugar-loaf.

cpN-FAB'u-L.ATE,7J.7i. To talk together.

cpn-fAb-u-l.a'tipn,7i. Conversation.

HER;MiEN,siR;D6,NOB,sdN; BOliL.BURjRfiLE. ^,<},soft; 0,e,,hard} f OS Zj ^ OS gz.




CON'f£CT, 11. A sweetmeat ; confection.

con-fec'tion, 11. A sweetineat..[meats.

CQN-fec'tion-er, n. Maker of sweet-

CQN-fec'tiox-er-y, n. Sweetmeats
in general : — a place for sweetmeats.

CQN-FEB'ER-A-cy, Ji. League; alliance.

CQN-FED'ER-ATEjU.Tojoinin a league.

CON-FED'ER-ATE,a. United in a league.

con-fed'er-ate, /!. Anally; an ac-
complice; an assistant; an associate.

cpN-FED-ER-A'TiON,«. An alliance.

CON-FER.', V. n. To disoourse; to con-

con-fer', v. a. To give, bestow, [suit.

CON'FER-ENCE, n. A discourse ; parley.

CON-FESS', V. To acknowledge ; to
own ; to grant : — to hear confession.

CQN-FESs'ed-ly, ad. Avowedly.

CON-FES'SIQN (kon-fesli'un), n. Tlie act
of confessing ; acknowledgment.

CON-FES'siON-AL,7!. Acoufessor's seat.

c6n'FESS-OR or CQN-FESS'OR, n. One
who confesses, or hears confessions.

CON-FJ-DANX',?!. A confidential friend.

CON-FIDE', V. a. & 71. To have confi-
dence ; to rely ; to trust ; to intrust.

con'fi-dence, n. Firm belief; assur-
ance ; credit ; reliance ; boldness.

CON'FI-DiliNT, a. Positive; daring; bold.

CON-Fl-DiiN'TIAL, a. Private ; trusty.

c6n'fi-dent-ly, ad. Without doubt.

OON-FiG-y-RA'TioN, 71. External form.

con-fig'urEjZ;. a. To dispose into form.

<!ON-Fi'NA-BLE ,a.That may be confined

con'fine,?!. Boundary; border; edge.

CON- FINE' or CO]y'FiNE,f. 71. To border.

con-fine', TJ. a. To limit; torestrain.

CQN-fInb'ment, n. Imprisonment ; re-

con-fin'i-ty, n. Nearness, [straint.

CON-FIRBI', V. a. To make sure ; to es-
tablish : — to admit to communion.

con-firim'a-ble, a. Capable of being
confirmed or satisfied. [evidence.

c6n-fir-ma'tion,71. Act of confirming;

c on-firm' a-tive, a. Having power to
confirm ; corroborative. [firm.

con-firm'a-to-ry, a. Serving to con-

con-firm'er, n. One who confirms.

CQN-Fis'c^-BLE, a. Liable to forfeiture.

CQN-Fls'cATE, w. a. To transfer to the
state ; to cause to be forfeited. [lie.

CON-Fis'c^TE, a. Forfeited to the pub-

c6N-Fls-CA'TioN,?i.Act of confiscating.

con'fJs-c A- TpR,7i.Onewrho confiscates.

CON-FiiA-GRA'TlpN, 71. A great fire.

CON-FlilCT', V. n. To strive ; to contest.

con'flict, 71. Collision; contest; strife.

con'flu-ence, 71. A flowing together.

con'flu-ent, a. Flowing together.

coN'FLy-ENT, 71. A tributary Stream.

con'flux, 71. Union of several currents.

con-form', 7J. To make like ; to yield.

con-form' A-BLE, a. Agreeable; suita-

CON FORM'^-BLY, af^. Agreeably, [ble.

con-fqr-bta'tiqn, 71. Act of conform-
ing ; likeness of form : — structure.

CON-FORM'iST, n. One who conforms
with the established church, [itude.

con-form'i-ty, n. Compliance ; simil-

con-found', V, a. To mingle, perplex.

con-found'eb,^. a. Mixed ; confused.

c6n-fr a-ter'ni-t Y, n. A brotherhood.

con-front'^u. a. To face ; to oppose.

con-fron-ta'tion, 71. Act of con-
fronting, or bringing face to face. [plex.

con-fuse', v. a. To confound ; to per-

CON-FU§'ed-l,Y, ad. Indistinctly.

CON-FU'§iON (kon-fii'zhun),?i. Tumult ;
disorder ; overthrow ; astonishment.

cqn-fu't4-bl,e, a. Refutable.

con-fu-ta'tiqn, 11. Act of confuting.

con-fute', 73. a. To disprove ; to refute.

con-fut'er, n. One who confutes.

coN'^E, 71. A bow ; courtesy ; leave.

con'^-e or coN-if^E', v. n. To take leave.

CON-^^EAL,', 73. To freeze: — to clot.

coN-(^EAL,'A-BLE,a.That can be frozen.

CON-^EAL^MENT, 71. Congelation ; clot.

con-^e-la'tion, 7!. Act of congealing.

c6n'(^e-ner,7i. One ofthe same nature.

c6N-9^:i-Ni:R'ic, a. Of the same genus.

con-(^e'ni-al, a. Of the same nature ;
kindred; similar; like. [congenial.

con-(^e-ni-1l'i-ty, n. State of being

coN'jet^R (k^ng'ger), n. The sea-eel.

con-(^e'ri-e§, n. A mass of small

CON-fjJEST', V. a. To heap up. [bodies.

con-c^es'tiqn, n. Collection of matter.

cpN-(^Es'TlVE,a. Implying congestion.

con-gi,5'bate,u. To gather into a ball.

CON-GLO'B^TE,a. Moulded into a ball.

con-glo-bX'tion, 71. Collection into
a ball or round mass. [ules.

C0N-Gii0B'u-LATE,73. 71. To form glob-

con-&l6m'er-ate, v. a. To form into
balls or in masses. [a ball.

cqn-glom'er-^te, a. Gathered into

cqn-glom-er-a'tion, 71. Collection
into a ball; accumulation; aggregation.

CpN-GLU'Tl-NANT,7i. Healing medicine.

CON-GEU'Ti-NATE,t). To cement,unite.

cqn-glu't j-N^TE , a. Joined together.

CQN-GLU-T i-NA'TION,7l. Act of uniting.

con-glu'ti-na-tIve, a. Tending to
unitej having power to unite.

CON'go, n. A species of black tea.

con-grIt'u-l^nt, a. Rejoicing with.

con-grat'u-l ATE, V. a. To wish joy
to ; to felicitate on some happy event.

AElouy, long ,■ X£IotJ$, short ; ^LiEioyy, oftscwre.— fAeEjFXRjFIsTjFAll ; hI:ir,




cpN-&RiT-u-LA'TlON, 11. Expression
of joy and sympathy. [joy.

CON-GRAT'y-LA-TO-RY, a. Expressing

con'gre-GtATE, v. To assemble ; to
meet ; to gatlier ; to collect. [gated.

CON'&RE-Gr^TE,a. Collected ; congre-

c6n-&re-ga'tion, n. An assembly.

c6n-gre-ga'tion-al, a. Pertaining
to a congregation. [religious sect.

OON&RE-GA'TION-AIi-IST, n.. One of a

con'gress, 31. A meeting: — the legis-
lature of the United States,

CON-GREs'siON-AL, (-gresli'un-al), a.
Relating to, or done by, congress.

CQN-GREs'sivE, a. Coming together.

con'gru-ence, 71. - Agreement.

con'gru-ent, a. Agreeing; fit.

con-grO'i-ty, 71. Suitableness ; fitness.

con'gru-oOs, a. Suitable; fit; meet.

con'ic, ) a. Having the form ef a

coN'i-CAi,, \ cone ; relating to a cone.

con' i-c AL-LY, ad. In the form of a cone.

CQ-Nip'ES-ous, a. Bearing fruit in the
form of cones, as the pine, &;c.

CQN-JECT'\i-R4.ii, a. Doubtful, [guess,

con-ject'ure' (kon-jekt'yur), n. A

cqn-j£ct'ure, t;. a. &7i. To guess.

con-join', v. To unite ; to associate.

con-joint', a. United ; connected.

CQN-JOlNT'LiY, ad. In union ; together.

con'ju-gal, a. Relating to marriage.

con'ju-gAte, v. a. To inflect, as a verb.

coN-jy-GA'TiON, 71. Act of conjugat-
ing ; inflection of verbs.

CON-jONCT',a. Conjoined, [ing word.

cpN-JiJNC'TiON,7i. Union : — a connect-

coN-jtJNc'TiVE, a. Uniting.

coN-jtJNC_T'URE, 71. A crisis ; occasion.

con-jv-ra'tiqn, 71, Incantation; a plot.

CQN-jtJRE', V. a. To wljoin solemnly.

con'jure (kiin'jur), v. a. To influence
by magic ; to enchant. [magic.

con'jure (kiin'jtir), v. n. To practise

coN'jyR-ER, n. An enchanter.

con-nate', a. Born with another.

con-nat'u-ral, a. Connected by na-
ture ; inherent ; natural. [nature.

con-nat-u-ral'i-ty, n. Union by

con-nect', v. a. & 71. To join ; to unite.

cpN-NEC'TiON, 71. Junction; union;
communication; intercourse: — relation

con-nec'tive, ffl. Serving to connect.

con-nec'tiVe,7i. That which connects:
— a portion of a stamen.


con-ni'vance, 71. Act of conniving.
con-nive"', v. n. To wink at any act.
CON-Nl'VENT, a. Conniving.
cpN-Nlv'ER, 71. One who connives.

coN-NOis-SEUR', n. A judge in the fine
arts, letters, or literature ; a critic.

cpN-NU'Bl-AL, a. Nuptial; matrimonial.

co'NOlD, n. A figure resembling a cone.

CON'QUER (kong'ker), v. a. To gain by
conquest ; to overcome. [come.

c 6 N'QUER-A-BiiE , a. Possible to be o ver-

con'QUER-or, 71. One who conquers.

CON'QUEST (kong'kwest), 7i. Act of
conquering ; victory ; success, [blood.

CON-SAN-GUiN'E-otJS, a. Of the Same

c6n-san-guin'i-ty, n. Relation by
blood ; descent from one ancestor.

coN'sciENCE (kon'sliens),7t. The moral
sense ; sense of right and wrong.

coN-sci-EN'Tioys (kon-she-en'slius),
a. Regulated by conscience ; exact.

coN'scioys (kon'shus), a. Knowing ;
knowing by mental perception.

coN'scioys-NESs, 71. The perception
of what passes in one's own mind.

con'scrIpt, a. Registered ; enrolled.

con'script,?i. An enrolled soldier.

cpN-scRiP'_TipN, 71. Act of enrolling.

CON'SE-CRATEjV.a. To dedicate,devote.

con'se-cr^te, a. Consecrated; sacred.

c6n'se-crat-ed, p. a. Made sacred.

CON-SE-CRA'TipN, n. Act of consecrat-
ing ; dedication to sacred use. [crates.

c6n'se-cp«,a-tpr, 71. One who conse-

cpN-sic'y-TiVE, a. Following in order.

coN-SEC'y-TiVE-LY, ad. Successively.

CPN-SENT', 71. Agreement ; compliance.

cpN-SENT', V. 71. To yield ; to agree.

CON-SEN-TA'NE-otJs, a.

cpN-SENT'ER, n. One who consents.

CON-SEN'TIENT, a. Agreeing.

CON'SE-QUENCE, 71. The effect of a
cause ; inference ; event ; importance.

con'se-QUENT, a. Following naturally.

con-se-quen'tiali, a. Following as
the effect ; consequent : — important.

CON'SE-QUENKT-LY ad. By consequence.

cpN-SER'VANT, a. That preserves.

CON-SER-VA'TipN, 71. Act of preserving.

cpN-s£RV'.^-TlVE, a. Tending to pre-

c6n'ser-"VA-tpr,7i.A preserver, [serve.

cpN-SER'VA-TO-RY, 71. A place for pre-
serving plants, &.C. ; greenhouse.

cpN-SER'VA-Tp-RY, a. Preservative.

cpN-SERVE',z>.a. To preserve; to candy.

CON'SERVE, 71. Sweetmeat; preserve.

cpN-siERV'ER, 71. One who conserves.

coN-siB'ER, V. a. To think upon.

con-sid'er, v. n. To reflect, deliberate.

cpN-siB'ER-A-BLE,a. Deserving notice.

con-sid'er-a-bly, ad. In a degree.

cpN-siD'ER-ATE, a. Thoughtful.

cpN-siD'ER-ATE-LY, ad. Prudently.

HER;MiEN,siR;D6,NOR,soN;BULL,BUR,EtIl.E. c,9^,so/t,-/e,£^, Aard; §asz; :^asgz.




con-sid-er-a'tion, n. Act of consid-
ering ; contemplation : — importance.

con-sid'er-er, n. One who considers.

con-sYd'er-Ing, prep. Having regard to.

CON-SIGN' (Icon-sin'), v. a. To give in
trust ; to^ommit ; to devote.

c6n-sign-ee' (kon-se-nS'), n. One to
whom goods are consigned.

CON-sign'er, n. One wlio consigns.

con-sign'ment (kon-sin'ment),?i. Act
of consigning ; thing consigned.

c6n-sign-or' (kon-se-nbr'), n. One
wlio consigns goods. [posed.

CQN-siST', V. n. To subsist ; to be com-

con-sist'ence, \n. State of being

CQN-sisT'EN-cy, I Consistent; fixed
state ; agreement ; congruity.

CQn-sist'ent, a. Accordant; agreeing.

C0N-siST':gNT-Ey, ad. Agreeably.

con-sis-to'ri-al, a. Relating to a
consistory or spiritual church.

c6n'SIS-TO-RY or CON-Sis'TO-RY, n. A
spiritual court; solemn assembly.

CQN-so'ci-ATE (kon-s6'she-at), n. An
associate ^ a companion. [associate.

CON-so'ci-ATE (kon-s5'she-at), V. a. To

CON-so'ci-ATE, V. 11. To coalesce.

CQN-so-ci-A'TlON (kon-so-she-a'shun),
u. Union ; an ecclesiastical body.

CQN-sOL'A-BLE,a. That may be con-
soled ; capable of being comforted.

CON-so-la'tion, n. Comfort ; solace.

con-sol'a-to-ry, a. Giving comfort.

CON-SOLE', V. a. To comfort ; to cheer.

CPN-SOL'ER, n. One who consoles.

con-sol'i-date, v. a. To make solid.

CQN-soL'i-DATE, w. n. To grow solid.

coN-soL-i-DA'TiON, 71. Solidification.

con-s6l.§' or c6n's6l§, M. pZ. A sort
of English transferable stocks.

c6N'so-NANCE,n. Accord, as of sound.

CON'sp-NANT, a. Agreeable ; consistent.

CON'so-NANT, n. A letter which can-
not be perfectly sounded by itself.

goN'sO-NANT-EY, ad. Agreeably.

Con'sort, n. A husband or wife ; com-

CON-soRT',tJ. re. To associate, [panion.

con-sort', v. a. To join ; to mix.

cON-spic'u-otJ'S,a. Obvious to the sight.

cpN-sPiR'A-CY,?i. A plot ;.combination.

cpN-SPiR'ANT, a. Conspiring ; plotting.

CPn-spir'a-tor, n. A plotter of evil.

CPn-spire', v. n. To concert ; to plot.

CPn-spir'er, n. One who conspires.

c6N'STA-BEE,re. A peace officer, [ness.

Con'stan-cy, n. Firmness ; steadfast-

con'stant, a. Firm ; steadfast.

c6N'STANT-L.Y,a<Z. Perpetually; firmly

c6N-STEii-i,A'TipN,re. Cluster of Stars

coN-STER-na'tion, n. Astonishment.

CON'STI-PATE, V. a. To make costive.

con-stJ-pa'tion, 71. Costiveness. [ents.

cpN-STiT'u-EN-CY,re. Body of constitu-

cpN-STiT'y-ENT,"a. Constituting.

cpN-STlT'u-ENT, 11. One wlio deputes :
— a part ;_an element. [point.

Con'sti-tute, z;. a. Tomake;toap-

c6n'sti-tut-er, 11. One who consti-
tutes ; aninstituter ; an appointor.

CON-STi-TU'TlONjji. The frame of body
or mind :— form of government.

CON-STi-TU'TipN-AL, a. Of, or con-
sistent wUh, the constitution ; legal.

cpN-STi-Tu'TipN-AL-iST,7i. An adher-
ent to a constitution.

con-sti-tu-tion-ae'i-ty, 11. Agree-
ment with the constitution.

c6n'sti-tu-tive, ff. That constitutes.

cpN-STRAiN', v. a. To compel ; to force.

con-straxn'a-ble, a. Liable to con-
straint ;_repiessible, [strains.

cpn-strain'er, n. One who con-

con-straint',?*. Force ; confinement.

con-strict', v. a. To bind ; to contract.

con-stric'tion, w. Contraction.

cpN-STRlN^^E', V. a. To bind ; to con-

con-strin'^ent, a. Binding, [tract.

CON-STRiJcT', V. a. To build ; to form.

con-struct'er, n. One who forms.

CON-STRUC'TlpN, n. Act of building ;
fabrication ; form : — meaning.

cpN-STRUc'TipN-lST, M. One wlio con-
strues any instrument. [struction.

con-struc'tive, a. Formed by con-

c6N'STRtJE,t5.a.To translate; to explain.

con-stu-pra'tioNj re. Violation.

CON-SUB -sist', v. n. To exist together.

con-sub-stan'tial, a. Being of the
same substalfte or essence.

shun), re. (Eccl.) The substantial pres-
ence of the body and blood of Christ
with the sacramental elements.

c6N'suii,re. An ancient Roman magis'
trate : — an agent for commerce.

Con'su-ear, a. Relating to a consul.

CON'sil-LATE, re. State, jurisdiction,
or office of consul ; consulship, [sul.

con'sue-ship, n. The office of con-

con-sOlt', v. n. To take counsel.

cpN-suLT',_r. a. To ask advice of.

c6N-syE-TA'TipN, re. Act of consulting.

cpN-stJLT'ER, n. One who consults.

cpN-suM'A-BLE, a. That may be con-
sumed ; exhaustible ; destructible.

con-sujVLE', v. a. To waste ; to spend.

cpN-suME', tJ. re. To waste away.

CpN-stJM'ER, re. One who consumes.

coN-STEL-EA'TipN,re. uiusterot Stars. cpN-suM'ER, re. une wno consumes.

AElOtjy, long ; AEiOtjy^, S]wrt ; AEIOU y, obscure. — FARE ,FAR,FiST,FALIi J HJEIE,



con-s6m'mate, v. a. To complete.

CiON-sCm'mate, a. Complete ; perfect.

con-s-om-ma'tion, 71. Completion.

CON-SUMP'TION (kon-sum'sliun), n.
Act of consuming : — a disease, [ing.

CQN-stJMP'TlVE, a. Wasting ; d<3clin-

con'tact, n. Touch ; close union.

CON-TA'GHpN, n. Propagation of dis-
ease by'contact ; infection.

coN-TA'c^ioys, a. Communicated by
contact, as a disease ; infectious.

con-tain', v^sl. To hold; to comprise.

CON-TAIN'', V. n. To live. in continence.

con-tain'a-ble, a. Thai may be con-
tained or comprised. {pollute,

con-tam'i-nate, 1'. a. To defile; to

cqn-tajM'i-n^te, a. Polluted.

CON-TAM-i-NA'TlON, lu Defilement.

con-tep/in' (koii-tem'), v. a. To despise.

con-tem'ner, «.• One who contemns.

CQN-TETti'PER, V. a. To moderate.

<CPN-TEM'PER-A-MENT, n. State of
being tempered ; temperament.

CpN-TEM'PEATE,?j. a. To consider at-
tentively ; to study ; to meditate on.

CpN-TEM'PLATE, V. n. To meditate.

CbN-TEM-PLA'TION, n. Meditation.

■con-t£m'pl^-tive, ffi. Thoughtful.

•CpN-TEM'PLA-TpR., n. One who con-
templates ; a ponderer.

cpN-TEM-Pp-RA'NE-OUS, a. Living at
the same time ; contemporary.

cpN-TEM'pp-RA-RY, a. Living at the
sam,e time ; contemporaneous.

cpN-TEM'pp-RA-RT, n. One who lives
at the same tiiae with another.

CPN-TEMPT' (kon-temf), n. Act of
despising ; scorn ; disdain ; disgrace.

cpN-TEMPT'l-BLE,ff. Despicable ; vile.

cpN-TEMPT'i-BLY, ad. Despicably.

cpN-TEMPT'U-oiJS,a. Scornful.

cpN-TENi>', V. n. To strive ; to struggle.

cpn-tEnd'er, n. One w1k> coHtends.

cpN-TENT', a. Contented ; quiet ; easy.

con-tent',?;, a. To satisfy ; to please.

CON-TENT', n. Satisfaction ; capacity.

cpn-tent'ed, p. a. Satisfied ; content.

cpN-TfiNT'ED-'LY, ad. auietly.

con-ten'tion, n. Strife ; contest ; zeal.

cpN-TEN'Tlous, a. Quarrelsome.

con-tent'ment, n. Satisfaction.

CON-TENTS' or con'tents, w. pi. In-
dex : — that which is contained.

cpN-TER'Ml-NA-BLE, a. Capable of
the same bounds or limits.

cpN-TEB'Mi-NoiJs,a. Having the same
bounds ; bordering upon :— allied.

cpN-TEST'',?7.ffi. To dispute; to ddbate.

cpN-TEST',t). ?i. To strive; to contend.

CON'TEST, n. Dispute ; strife ; a debate.

CPN-TEST'A-BJLE, a. Disputable.

con'text,?!. The series of a discourse.

cpN-TEXT'URE (kon-text'yurj, u. Com-
position of parts ; texture ; system.

CON-Ti-GU'i-TY, M. Actual contact.

coN-Tibr'u-ous, a. Touching; close.

con-tig' u-otJS-LY, ad. In contact.

con'ti-nence, n. Restraint ; forbear-
ance of pleasure ; chastity.

CGN'Ti-NENT, a. Chaste ; abstemious.

con'ti-nent,?!. a ^reat extent of land.

c6n-ti-nen'tal', a. Relating or be-
longing to a continent.

CPN-TIN(9ENCE, ) n. A contingent

cpN-T"lN'(^EN-CY, ^ event; casualty.

cpN-TlN'9-ENT,a. Happening by chance.

cpN-TiN'(/^ENT, 7i. Chance; proportion.

cpN-TiN'9^ENT-LY, ad. Accidentally.

cpJV-TiN'y-AL, a. Incessant ; constant.

cpN-TiN'''u-AL-LY,ad. Without cessation

cpN-TiN'u-^NCE, n. Duration ; abode.

coN-TiN-y-A'TiON, n. Act of continu-
ing ; eontiiiued succession. [tinues.

COK-TiN'-U-A-TpR, n. One who con-
op n-tin'jje, V. 11. To remain ; to last.

CON-TiN'yE, i;.<z.To protract ; to extend.

c6n-TI-nu'i-ty, n. Uninterrupted con-
nection ; close union ; coliesion,

cpN-TiN'u-otfS, a. Closely joined.

con-tort', v. a. To twist ; to writhe.

cpN-TOR'TipN, 7? .Twisting ; distortion.

con-tour', 7(. The outline of a figure.

con'tra. a Latin preposition wMoh
signifies against or i)i. opposition.

con'tra-band, a. Prohibited ; illegal.

con'tra-band, n. Illegal traffic.

con-trXct', v. a. To draw together;
to bargain for ; to betroth ; to abridge.

cpN-TRACT', V. 11. To shrink ; to
shrivel :— to bargain ; to agree.

con'tract, 11. A covenant ; a bargain.

cpn-tbXct'ed, a. Selfish, [traction.

cpN-TRACT'i-BEE, a. Capable of con-

cpN-TRAC'TlLE,a.Causing contraction

CON-TRAC-TIL'I-TY, n. Power or qual-
ity of contractins. [rugatiofl.

cpN-TRAC'TiON, 71. A shrinking ; cor-

cpN-TRACT'pR,7t. One who contracts.

con'tra-dance, 71. A dance in op-
posite lines ; country-dance. [deny.

CON-TfRA-BiCT', V. a. To oppose; to

CON-TRA-oic'TipN, 11. Opposition.

CON-TRA-Djc'Tloys, a. Contradicting.

c6n-te,a-dic'tp-ry, a. Contrary.

.cdN-TRA-Dis-TiNC'TiON, 71. Distinc-
tion by opposite qualities.

con-tra-dis-tinc'tive, a. Opposite
in qualities or properties ; different.

HEajMjEN,SIB;DO^KOR,SO:EfiB&I.I.3BURjRfiLE. 5^9^,S</t; jejS^Afird/ § as Z J^^WgZ.



tinguish by opposite qualities.

c6n-tra-mure', «. An outer wall,

CON'tra-ries, n. pi. Things opposed ;
propositions which destroy each other.

CON-TRA-Ri'E-TYj n. Inconsistency.

c6N'TRA-Ri-wi§E,a«Z. Conversely.

Con'tra-ry, a. Opposite; inconsistent.

c6N'TRisT,?i.Exhibition of differences.

CQN-TRASX', V. a. To place or exhibit in
opposition ; to show the differences of.

c6n-tra-val-la'tipn,?i. a fortifica-
tion to hinder sallies of the besieged.

CON-tra-vene', t). a. To oppose; to
hinder ; to obstruct. [opposition.

CON-TRA-VEN'TlpN, n. Obstruction ;

con-tra-ver'sion, ?i. Act of turning

cpN-TRiB'vTE,i7.a. To bestow. [against.

CON-TRIB'UTE, V. n. To bear a part.

c6n-tri-bu'tion, n. Act of contrib-
uting ; that which is contributed.

CQN-TRiB'y-TlVE,a. Helping, [utes.

CON-trib'u-tqr, n. One who contrib-

CpN-TRlB'u-TO-RY, a. Contributing.

c6N'TRJTE,a. Hunable; penitent.

cpN-TRi"TipN (kon-trish'un), n. Pen-
itencej sorrow for sin ; repentance.

cpN-TRi'VANCE, ». ScheDoe; device.

cpN-TRiVE',i>. a. To plan ; to devise.

cpN-TRiVE', V. n. To form or design.

cpN-TRiv'ER, n. An inventor, schemer.

cpn-trol', ?4. Check a restraint.

cpN-TROL', V. a. To govern ; to restrain.

cpN-TROL'LA-BLE, o. Governable.

coN-TROL'iiER, n. One who controls.

CON-TROL'LER-SHIP, n. The office of
a controller. [troversy.

CON-TRp-VER'siAL, a. Relating to con-

c6n-trp-ver'sial-ist,?i.A disputant.

c6n'trp-ver-sy', n. Dispute ; debate.

c6N'TRp-VERT,v.a. To debate, dispute.

CON-TRO-VERT'I-BLE, a. Disputable.

coN'TRO-VERT-isT, n. A disputant.

con-tu-ma'cious (kon-tu-ma'shus), a.
Obstinate ; perverse ; stubborn.

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