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coN-TV-MA'cioys-LY, ad. Obstinately.

Con'tv-m^-cy, n. Obstinacy, [rude.

CON-TU-ME'LJ-ous, a. Reproachful;

c6N'Ty-ME-LY,m. Rudeness ; insolence.

CpN-TU?E', V. a. To beat ; to bruise.

CpN-TU'§ipN (-tu'zhun), n. A bruise.

co-nCn'drum, n. A sort of riddle.

cdN-VA-LEs'cENCE, n. Recovery or
renewal of health after sickness.

CON- VA-i,ES'CENT,a.Recovering health.

cpN-VENE', V. n. To come together.

con-vene',!;. a. To call together.

cpN-VEN'iENCE, ) n. Fitness; pro-

CON-ven'ien-cy, \ priety; ease.

CpN-VEN'lENT, a. Fit ; commodious.

cpN-VEN'iENT-LY, ad. Commodiously.

con'venTjW.A houseofmonksor nuns

cpN-VEN'Ti-ci.E, n. An assembly for
schismatical worship ; a meeting.

CON-VEN'TipN, n. Assembly ; contract.

cpN-VEN'TipN-ALjO. Agreed on. [vent.

CON- vent' y-AL, a. Relating to a con-

cpN-VERGE'j-jj.Ti. To tend to one point.

CPN-VER'^9^ENCE, ?u Act of converging.

CPN-VER'9^ENT, ) a. Tending to one

CON-VER'^iNG, \ point from differ-
ent places. [verse ; sociable.

CON-VER'SA-BLE, a. Inclined to con-

cPn' VER-s^NT, a. Versed in ; familiar.

CON-VER-SA'TION, ?i. Discourse.

con-ver-sa'tion-al, a. Colloquial.

cpN-VERSE', I). 3i. To discourse; to talk.

con' VERSE, n. Conversation : — an op-
posite, reciprocal proposition.

con' VERSE, a. Reciprocally opposite.

CON'verse-ly, ad. By change of order.

CON-VER'sipN, n. Act of converting ;
state of being converted ; change.

CpN-VERT', V. a. To change from one
course to another ; to turn ; to apply.

CON'VERT, n. A person converted.

CpN-VERT'EB, n. One who converts.

cpN-VERX-l-BiL'l-TY, n. The state of
being convertible. [change.

cpN-VERT'i-BLE, a. Suscep'ible of

COn'vex, a. Rounded outwards.

con'vSx, «. A spherical body

cpN-VEXED' (kon-vekst'),p. a. Formed
convex or protuberant outwards.

CON-vfex'l-TY, 71. A convex form.

c ON ' VEX-NE ss,7i.State of being con vex.

CpN-VEY' (kon-vaO, v. a. To carry;
to transport ; to deliver ; to transfer. ,

CpN-VEY'ANCE (kon-va'ans), n. The
act or means of conveying.

CPN-VEY'AN-CER (kon-va'an-ser), tu
A lawyer who draws deeds, &:c.

CpN-VEY'AN^-lNG (kon-va'ans-ing), n.
The business of a conveyancer. [veys.

CpN-VEY'ER (-va'-), 71. One who con-

CPN-VICT', V. a. To prove guilty.

CON'viCTjji. One legally proved guilty.

CON-Vic'TlpN, 7». Detection of guilt.

cpN-vic'TiVE,a. Tending to convict.

CPN-VINCE', V. a. To satisfy hy proof.

CON-vin'ci-BLE, a. To be convinced.

CpN-Vlv'l-AL, a. Festive ; social ; gay.

CpN-vlv-i-AL'l-TY, 71. Convivial prac-

c6n'VP-CATE,7;. a. To convoke, [tice.

C6N-vp-CA'TipN,7i. An ecclesiastical
assembly ; a convention ; a meeting.

CON-VOKE^ V. a. To call together.

c5n-vP-i.ut'ed,^. a. Rolled together.

AEiouY, long; AElotJ'f ,5Aorf j^^EipvYjOftscure.— EAREjFARjFisTjFlLL ; heir.




c6n-vo-lu'tion, n. A rolling together.

con-volve', v. a. To roll together.

CON-VOT?', V. a. To attend for defence.

c6n'voy,w. An attendance for defence.

con-vClse',^. a. To shake; to disturb.

coN-vtJL'siQNjTi. Tumult; spasm.

coN-vuL'sjVE,a.Producing convulsion.

CON'y or CO'NY, n, A rabbit : — a dupe.

coo, u. n. To cry as a dove or pigeon.

c66'iN&, «. The note of the dove.

COOK (kuk), 11. A dresser of victuals.

COOK(kuk),T). a. To dress or prepare,
as victuals ; to boil, bake, or roast.

cook'er-y (kuk'-), 71. Art of cooking.

cook'y (kuk'e), n. A small cake.

cool, a. Somewhat cold ; not warm.

cool, n. A moderate state of cold.

c66l,«. a. To make cool ; to quiet.

COOL, V. n. To lose heat or warmth.

cool'er, n. That w^hicli cools.

COOL'ISH, a. Somewhat cool. [affection.

cool'ness, 71. Gentle cold :— want of

cool'y, 11. A laborer or porter.

COOM, n. Soot; dirty grease, [bushels.

COOMB (kom), 71. A corn measure of 4

coop, n. A barrel ; a cage •, a pen.

COOP, V. a. To shut up ; to confine.

coop'er, 71. A maker of barrels, &c.

coop'ER-Ajji-E^ 71. The work of a cooper.

CO-6P'ER-ATE,i7. n. To labor jointly
for the same end ; to work together.

CO-op-er-a'tion, 71. Joint operation.

c5-6p'ER-A-TiVE, a. Promoting the
same end ; helping; assisting.

co-6p'er-a-tor, n. A joint operator.

cp-OR'i)i-NATE, a. Having the same
rank ; not subordinate. [rank.

co-or'di-nate-ly, ad. In the same

COOT, 71. A black water-fowl.

CO'pal, n. A resin used in varnish.

co-PAR'CE-NA-RY,7i. Joint inheritance.

cq-par'ce-ner, 72. A joint heir.

co-PART'NER, 71. A joint partner.

co-part'ner-ship, n. Joint partner-
ship or concern in business. [arch.

COPE^ 71. A priest's cloak : — a concave

cope, v. a. To cover, as with a cope.

COPE, V. ji. To contend ; to struggle.

cop'i-ER, n. One who copies ; a copyist.

cop'JNG, 71. The top or cover of a wall.

co'pi-ofis, a. Plentiful ; abundant.

co'pi-otJs-LY, ad. Plentifully.

co'pi-oy3-Ni:ss,7i. Plenty ; abundance.

coP'PER, 71. A metal ; a boiler.

cop'PER, V. a. To cover with copper.

c6p'per-as,w. Sulphate of iron.

cop'PER-PL ATE,7i. An engraved plate :
— an impression from the plate.

c6p'per-y, a. Containing copper.

c6p'pice,77. a copse.

COPSE (kops), 71. A wood of small trees.

COP'U-LATE, V. a. &. 71. To unite; to
conjoinj — to have intercourse.

c6p-u-la'tion, 71. Act of copulating.

c6p'u-LA-TiVE,a. Tending to connect.

cop'y, 71. A manuscript ; an imitation ;
a pattern to write after ; a transcript.

cop'y, v.a. To transcribe ; to imitate.

cop'y-hold, 71. A kind of tenure.

cop'Y-isT, 71. One who copies ; a copier.

COP'Y-Ri&HT, 71. Sole right to print.

co-QUET' (ko-ketO,r.a. To deceive.

co-QUET' l-ket'},v. n. To trifle in love.

co-QUET'RY (-ket're), n. Deceit in love.

co-QUETTE' (ko-ket'), 7J. A gay, jilting

co-quet'tish, a. Like a coquette, [girl.

cor'a-cle, 71. A boat used by fishers.

cor'al, 71. A calcareous substance,
growing in thesea :— a child's toy.

cor'al-lIne, a. ■ Consisting of coral.

core, 71. An ornament : — a basket.

cor'ban,71. An alms-bagket ; a gift.

cord, n. A rope ; a band : — a measure
of wood containing 128 cubic feet.

CORD, 11. a. To fasten : — to pile in cords.

cord'a9^e,7i. Ropes; cords, [heart.

coR'DATE,_a. Having the form of a

cor-de-lier', 71. A Franciscan friar.

llcoRD'iAL (kbrd'yal or kbr'de-al), it.
A strengthening or exhilarating drink.

IIcord'ial, a. Reviving ; sincere ; kind.

IICORD-I-AL'I-TY, 71. Warm affection.

||coRD'iAL-Ly,a<i. Sincerely • heartily.

cor'don, 71. A line of military posts.

cor'du-roy,7i. a ribbed, cotton stuff.

cord'wain-er, 71. A shoemaker.

cORE_, 71. The heart : — the inner part.

CO-RE'^ENT, 71. A joint regent.

co-RE-OP'sis, 71. An American plant.

CORF, 71. A basket for coals, &c.

CO-RI-A'CEOUS (ko-re-a'shus), a. Con-
sisting of leather; resembling leather.

c6-ri-an'der, 71. A hot, spicy seed.

co-rin'thi-an, a. Relating to Cor-
inth, or to an order of architecture.

CORK, 71. A tree and its bark : — a stop-
ple : — a steel point on a horseshoe.

CORK, V. a. To stop with corks.

cork'screw (-skru), ti. A screw for
drawing corks from bottles.

cork'y, a. Resembling cork.

cor'mo-rant,7i. a water-fowl.

corn, 71. Grain, wheat, rye, &c. ; maize :
— an excrescence on the feet.

corn, v. a. To preserve with salt.

cor'nel, 71. A plant and its fruit.

cor'ne-ous, a. Horny ; like horn.

cor'ner, 71. An angle : — a secret place.





cor'nered (-nerd), a. Having corners.

cor'ner-stone, n. Principal stone.

COR'NER-wisE, ad. From corner to
corner. ' [an officer of cavalry.

cor'net, n. A musical instrument : —

coR'NET-cy, n. The office of a cornet.

cor'nice, ?i. The top of a column, &c.

cor'nx-cee, 71. A little horn.

CORN-MIT.L,) n. A mill to grind corn.

COR-NV-co'fi-A, n. Horn of plenty.

cor-nOt'ed, a. Having horns.

CORN'y, a. Horny ; producing corn.

COR'pL, n. Same as corolla.

co-R ol'l A, 7i» Inner leaves of a flower.

c6r'o_l-la-ry, 71. A consequent truth.

Iico-RO'NAL or cor'o-nal, 77. A crown.

II co-RO'NAL, a. Relating to the crown.

c6r'o-na-ry, a. Relating to a crown.

cor-o-na'tiojv, 72. Act of crowning.

c6r'o-!NER,?j, An officer whose duty it
is to inquire, by a jury, how any cas-
ual or violent death was occasioned.

cor'q-net, 71. An inferior crown.

cor'po-ral, 71. A low military officer.

cor'PO-ral, a. Relating to the body.

COR-PO-RAL'I-TY, 7i. Embodied state.

coR'pp-RAL-L Y,arf. Bodily; in the body.

COR'PO-R^TE, a. United ; incorporated.

cor-po-ra'tion, 71. A corporate body.

coR'pp-RA-TOR,7i.0ne of a corporation.

cor-po're-al, a. Having a body.

CQr-po're-al-ist, n. A materialist.

cOR-Po'R:^-Aii-LY, ad. In a bodily man-

COR-PO-RE'i-TY, 71. Materiality, [nsr.

CORPS (kor), 71. A body of troops.

CORPSE, 7!. A dead human body.

cor'pu-lence,71. Fleshiness.

COR'PU-LENT, a. Fleshy; fat; stout.

cor'pus-cle (kbr'pus-sl),n. A particle.

CQR-PDs'cy-EAR,ft. Relating to corpus-
cles ; comprising corpuscles.

cor-rect', v. a. To free from faults ;
to amend ; to rectify ; to punish, [rate.

correct', a. Free from faults ; accu-

COR-REC'TION, 7^. Act of correcting.

cor-rec'tion-al, a. Corrective.

COR-REc'TlVE,a. Able to correct.

cor-rec'tive,7i. That which corrects

COR-RECt'Ly, ad. Accurately ; exactly,

cor-rect'ness, n. Accuracy.

cor-rect'qr, 71. One who corrects,

cpR-p^EL,'A-TiVE, a. Having a recip-
rocal relation ; reciprocal.

cpR-REL'A-TiVE, 71. He wlio, or that
which, stands in a reciprocal relation.

c6r-re-sp6nd', v. 71. To suit ; to an-
swer ; to agree ; to interchange letters.

c6r-re-spond'ence, n. Reciprocal
adaptation ; epistolary intercourse.

c6r-re-sp6nd'ent, a. Suitable :
adapted ; conformable. [responds.

c6r-re-sp6nd'ent, n. One who cor-

coR-RE-SPdND'jNG, p. a. Suiting.

c6R'Ri-DOR,7i. A gallery or passage.

cor'ri-^i-ble, a. That may be cor-
rected : — deserving of punishment.

cpR-Rl'VAE, 71. A rival ; a competitor.

coR-ROB'p-R^NT, a. Confirming.

cor-rob'p-rate, v. a. To confirm.

cpR-ROB-p-RA'TipN, 71. Confirmation.

COR-ROB'p-RA-TiVE, a. Confirming.

C'PR-rode', v. a. To eat away.

cor-bo'dent, a. Tending to corrode.

cor-ro'dent, 71. Eating away.[roded.

cpR-RO'Di-BLE, a. That may be cor-

cpR-RO'siON (kor-ro'zhun), n. Act of
corroding, eating, or wearing away,

COR-RO'siVE, a. Consuming; eating.

coR-RO'sivE, 71. A corroding substance.

cor'ru-gate, 75. a. To wrinkle, [led.

cor'ru-gate, a. Contracted; wrink-

c6R-Ry-Gi'TipN,7i. Act of corrugating.

cpR-RijPT', V. a. To infect ; to defile.

cpR-RtJPT', V. n. To become vitiated.

cor-rupt', a. Spoiled ; tainted ; putrid.

cpr-rOpt'er, n. One who corrupts.

COR-RUPT-l-BlE'I-TY, 71. Possibility
to be corrupted. [ruption.

cpR-RUPT'i-BLE,ffi. Susceptible of cor-

CpR-RUP'TipN, 11. Act of corrupting ;
depravity : — putrescence : — vice.

cpB-RiJp'TlVE, a. Tending to corrupt.

cor-rupt'Ly, ad. With corruption;
viciously ; wickedly ; improperly.

COR'SAIB (kbr'sir), n. A pirate.

corse or CORSE, 71. A corpse.

corse'let. 71. A light breastplate.

cor'set, n. Bodice ; stays.

coR'Tl-CAii, a. Barky; like bark.

cp-RUs'c^NT, a. Glittering ; flashing.

cp-Rfis'CATEjTJ. 71. To glitter; to flash.

c6R-ys-CA'TipN,7i.A vibration of light.

cpR-VETTE', n. A small vessel of war.

cor'vine, a. Relating to the crow,

cor'ymb, 71, A species of inflorescence.

co'SEY, a. Snug; warm; social.

cps-MET'lc, 71. A wash for the skin.

cp§-jvrET'ic, a. Increasing beauty.

cp§-m6g'p-ny, n. The science that
treats of the origin of the world or
universe. [cosmography.

cp§-m6g'ra-pher, 11. One versed in

cps-MOG'BA-PHY, 71. A description of
tlie world. [cosmology.

cp^-MOL'p-^iST, n. Oae versed in

cp^-MOL'p-^-Y, 71. The s»«ence of the
world, its structure, &c. [world.

cp§-m6p'P-lixe, 71. A citizen of the

AEiou Y, long i AfiiouY, short ; AEipy y, obscure. — fare, FJVR, fast, fall. ; heir,




c6§-MO-ra'ma,?i. An optical machine.
COS'SET, «. Alainb brought up by hand ;
COs'sET, V. a. To make a pet of. [pet.
IICOST (kost or kaust), n. Price paid ;

charge ; expense ; loss ; detriment.
IICOST (kbst or kaust), v. a. [i. cost ;

p. cost.] To be had or bought for.
cos'tal, a. Relating to the ribs or side.
cos'TiVE, a. Bound in the bowels.
c6s'TivE-NESs,7i. The state of being

costive J constipation.
JICOST^LY, a. Expensive ; of great price.
cos-tume', n. Style or mode of dress.
COT, 11. A cottage ; a small house : — a

jjover for the finger : — a small bed.
COTE, 7i. A cottage ; a sheep-fold ; a cot.
co-tem'po-ra-ry, a. See Contem-
porary, [club ; association.
c5-te-rie' (ko-te-re'), n. A society ;
Cp-TIL'LON (ko-til'yun), n. A lively

dance, usually for eight persons.
Ct>T'TA(;iE, n. A hut ; a small house.
COt'ta-(,4-er, 71. One living in a cottage.
cot'ter, or cot'tier, n. A cottager.
cot'ton (kot'tn),7i. A plant: — down

of the plant : — cotton cloth.
cot'ton (kot'tn), a. Made of cotton.
cot'ton-y (kot'tn-e), a. Full of cotton.
COUCH, V. n. To lie down ; to crouch.
couch, v. a. To lay down ; to hide :

— to include : — to remove or depress,

as a cataract from the eye.
CoOcH, 71. A seat of repose J abed.
licoUGH (kof or kauf), n. A convulsion

of the lungs. [convulsed.

IICOUGH (kof), V. n. To have the lungs
IJCOUGH (kof), V. a. To eject by a cough.
COULB (kud), i. from can. Was able.
coue'ter (kol'ter), 77. See Colter,
coun'cil, 71. An assembly for advice.
couN'cJL-LOR, 71. Member of a council.
coun'sel, 71. Advice; consultation;

secrecy : — a counsellor or advocate.
cbuN'sEL, V. a. To give advice to.
coOn'sel-lor, n. One who gives ad-
vice : — a lawyer ; a barrister.
COUNT, V. a. To number ; to reckon.
count, v. n. To reckon ; to rely on.
COUNT, n. Number ; charge : — a title.
couN'TE-NANCEjTi. Form of the face;

air ; look : — patronage ; support.
coun'te-nance, v. a. To support.
coun'ter, n. The table of a shop.
COUNT'ER, ad. Contrary ; wrong, [to.
coun-ter-act', v. a. To act contrary
coUN-TER-Ac'TigN,7i. Opposite action.
coun-ter-bai.'ance, v. a. To weigh

against. [destroys a charm.

coftN'TER-CHARM, n. That which

coun'ter-ch£ck, n. A stop ; rebuksi

coOn'ter-cur'rent, 77. A current
running opposite to another current.

coun'ter-feit (kdun'ter-fit), v. a.
To forge ; to imitate ; to copy.

c6uN'TER-FE][T,a. Forged ; fictitious.

coun'ter-feit, h. Impostor ; forgery.

coun'ter-feit-er, 78. A forger.

COUN-TER-MAND', V. a. To revoke
or recall, as a command or order.

couN'TER-MiND, n. Repeal or change
of a former order. [back.

coun-ter-march', v. n. To march

coun'ter-march,77.A marching back.

coun'ter-mark, n. An after mark
on goods. [countermark on.

coun-ter-mark', v. a. To place a

coun'ter-mine, n. A mine to frus-
trate the use of one made by an enemy.

coun'ter-panEjM. a coverlet.

coun'ter-part. 77. A correspondent
part : — a duplicate j a copy,

coun'ter-plea, 71. A replication.

c6un'ter~pl6t,7i. a plot opposed to
another plot ; artifice against artifice.

coUN'TER-POlNT,7i. An opposite point.

coun-ter-poi§e', t;. a. To counter-
balance, [^weight ; equiponderance.

coiyN'TER-pbi§E, n._ Equivalence of

coun'ter-rev-o-lu'tion,7i. a rev-
olution succeeding another, and oppo-
site to it. _ [secretary'.

coun-ter-sign', v. a. To sign ag

coun'ter-sign (-sin), n. A military
watchword : — signature. [signal.

coOn'ter-sig-nal, n. A responsive

coun'ter-stroke, n. A stroke re-
turned ; a stroke opposed to another.

coun-ter-ten'or, 11. The second
part in music, sung bj' a male voice.

cbuN-TER-VAlL', V. a. To be equal
or equivalent to ; to balance.

couN'TER-viEW, 71. Contrast.

cbUN-TER-wORK' (-wurk'), v..a. To
counteract. [earl or count.

coOnt'ess, n. The wife or lady of an

coOnt'ing-hoijse,7i. House in which
accounts are kept ; a counting-room.

count'ing-room, 71. A room in which
merchants keep their accounts.

count'less, a. Innumerable.

coun'tri-fied (kun'tre-fid),a. Rustic.

COiJN'TRY (kiin'tre), n. A tract of
land ; a region ; rural parts.

cotJN'TRY (kiin'tre), a. Rustic ; rura?.

cotJN'TRY-DANCE, 71. A contra-dance.

coun'try-man, 71. One born in the
same country ; a rustic ; a farmer.

Cot)N'TY, n. A shire ; a district.

HSE;MiEN5SIR;D6,NOR,s6N; Bl)liL,BiJR,RCLE. ^,(^,soJi; J2,G,hardj § as z; ^ as gz.




cou-pee', n. A motion in dancing.

coDp'LiE (kup'pl), m. Two; a pair.

COUP'le (kfip'pl), V. To join ; to marry.

coup'LiET, n. Two verses ; a pair.

cotJR'^G-E (kiir'aj), n. Bravery ; valor.

COUR-A'^-Eoys (kur-ra'jus), a. Brave.

coiiR-A/^EOUS-LY, ad. Bravely.

cou'rier (k6'rer),w. A messenj^er.

COURSE (kors), ?i. Race; career; prog-
ress ; conduct ; service of dishes.

COURSE (kors), V. n. To run ; to hunt.

cours'er (kors'er), n. A race-horse.

COURs'iNG, n. The sport of hunting.

COURT (kort), 71. The residence of a
prince ; a kind of street : — a hall or
seat of justice : — address ; attentions.

COURT (kort), V. a. To woo ; to solicit.

court'-carp, n. See Coat-card.

llCOiJR'TE-otJS (kiir'te-iis or kort'yus),
a. Polite ; well-bred ; respectful ; civil.

||COUr'te-ous-ly, ad. Politely;^

cotJR-TE-SAN', 11. A prostitute.

cour'te-sy (kUr'te-se), n. Civility.

COtJRTE'sv (kurt'se)i n. Act, of re-
spect by women and girls, [courtesy.

COiJRTE'SY (kiirt'se), v. n. To make a

COURT'iER (kort'yer), n. One who
_frequents courts. [polite.

court'like (kort'lik), a. Elegant;

court'li-ness, 71. Elegance of manner.

COURt'ly, a. Relating to a court ; po-
lite, [for trying military oflFences.

c5uRT'-MAR'TlAL,n. A military court

court'ship, 71. Act of making love.

cou^'iN (kiiz'zn), 71. The child of an
uncle or of an aunt.

cove, n. A small bay ; inlet; shelter.

cove, v. a. To arch over ; to cover.

c6v'?-NANT, n. Contract ; agreement.

Cov'e-nant, v. n. To bargain ; to
contract ; to agree ; to stipulate.[with.

Cov-E-NANT-EE',n. Party covenanted

c6v'e-nant-er, n. A person who
makes a covenant. [ceal.

cov'er, v. a. To overspread ; to con-

COV'jSR, 71. - A concealment ; a screen.

c6v'er-ing, n. Dress ; vesture ; cover.

c6v'ER-LET,7i.Upper covering of a bed.

cov'ert, n. A shelter ; a thicket.

cov'ert, a. Sheltered ; private ; hid.

cov'ert-ly, ad. In a covert manner.

c6v'ER-TURE,7i. The state of a wife.

cov'et, v. a. To desire inordinately.

cov'ET-ous, a. Eager for gain; avari-

cov'et-ous-ness, n. Avarice, [cious.

Cov'ey (kiiv'e), n. A brood ; a flock>

COV'iNG, n. A projection in a building.

COW, n. The female of the bovine ge-
nus of animals, as of the ox.

co# (kbu), V. a. To depress with fear.

covv'ARD, 71. One wanting courage.

cow'ARD, a. Timid ; base ; cowardly.

cow'ARD-lCE, 71. Fear ; timidity.

cow'ard-li-ness, n. Timidity ; cow-
ardice ; pusillanimity. [mous.

cow'ARD-LiY, a. Fearful ; pusiUani-

cow'ERjTJ. n. To sink by bending the
knees ; to crouch. [cover.

cowE,7i. A monk's hood : — a chimney

covv'lick, n. A reversed tuft of hair.

cow'-pox, 71. The vaccine disease.

cow'slTp, 71. A plant and flower,

cox'coBiB (koks'kom), 7t. A fop.

c6x'coMB-RY (-kom-), 71. Foppishness.

cox-c6M'l-CAL,a. Foppish; conceited.

COY, a. Modest ; reserved ; shy.

coy'ish, a. Somewhat coy ; reserved.

coy'Ly, ad. In a coy manner; shyly.

coy'ness, 71. Reserve ; shyness.

coz'en (kiiz'zn), v. a. To cheat, trick.

c6z'en-A(^e, 71. Fraud; deceit.

coz'en-er (k\iz'zn-er), 7?. A cheater.

CRAB, 71. A shell-fish: — a sour apple.

crab'bed, a. Peevish ; morose; harsh.

CRAB'BEr)-LY,arf. Peevishly ; morosely.

crack, 71. A sudden noise ; a fissure.

CR.ACK, V. a. To break into chinks ; to

CRACK, V. n._ To burst ; to open, [split.

crXck'-brained (-brand), a. Crazy.

crack'er, 77. A charge of gunpow-
der ; a firework : — a hard biscuit.

crac'kle (krak'kl), v. n. To make
small and frequent sharp sounds.

CRACK'iilNG,7i. A sharp,snapping noise.

CRACK'NEli, n. A kind of hard cake.

cra'dle, 11. A machine for rocking
children : — also one for cutting grain.

cra'dle, u. a. To apply a cradle to ; to

CRiFT, n. Trade ; art ; cunning, [rock.

crAft'i-ly, ad. Cunningly ; artfully.

crAft'J-n Jiss, 71. Cunning ; stratagem.

crafts'man, n. Artificer ; mechanic.

crIft'y, a. Cunning ; artful ; shrewd.

CRAG, n. A rough, steep rock.

crAg'j&ed, a. Rough ; craggy.

crag'.6I-ness, 77. State of being craggy.

crXg';&y, a. Rugged ; full of crags.

CRAKE, 71. A bird ; the corn-crake.

cram, v. a. To stuff; to thrust in.

CRAM, v^ n. To eat greedily.

cram'bo, n. A play : — a rhyme.

crAmp, 77. A painful spasm : — restraint.

crXmp, v. a. To restrain ; to confine.

CR^P'lR-ON, 71. An iron for fastening.

cr&'ber-ry, n. A red berry, of an
acid taste, much used for sauce.

crane, 71. A bird: — a machine for
raising or lowering heavy weights.

AEIOUY, long ; AeioCI?, short ; .AlEiov y, oAscMre.— FARE,FiR,FisT,FALL ; heik,




CRA-NI-6l'Q-(^y, m. The art of dis-
covering character from tiie skull ;

CRA'Ni-UM, n. Tlie skull, [phrenology.

CRANK, n. The bent end of an axis.

CRANK, a. Liable to be overset :— bold.

cran'kle, u. a. &. n. To run into angles.

cran'kle, n. A bend ; a turn ; crinkle.

cran'nied (-njd), a. Full of chinks.

cran'ny, n. A chink ; a fissure.

CRAPE, n. A thin stuff or gauze.

crash, u. n. To make a loud noise, as
by falling and breaking.

CRASH, n. A loud, sudden, mixed sound.

CRAs'si-TUBE,w. Grossness; coarseness.

CRATE, 78. A basket for crockery, &;c.

cra'ter, n. The mouth of a volcano.

CRAUNCH, V. a. To crush in the mouth.

CR4-VAT', n. A neckcloth.

CRAVE, V. a. To ask earnestly ; to beg.

CRA'VEN (kra'vn), a. Cowardly ; base,

CRAVV^, 71. The crop of birds. [fish.

craw'fIsh, or cray'fxsh, n. A shell-

CRAWL, V. n. To creep ; to move.

CRAY'QN(kra'un),7i. A pencil ; a draw-

CRAZE, t;. a. To make crazy. [ing.

cra'zi-ness, 71. Disorder of nnnd.

CRA'ZY, a. Disordered in mind ; insane.

creak, v. n. To make a harsh noise.

creak'ing, n. A small, harsh noise.

CREAM, n. The oily part of milk.

CREAM, V. a. To skim the cream from.

cream'y, a. Of the nature of cream.

CREASE, 71. A mark made by folding.

CREATE, V. a. To mark by doubling.

CRE-ATE',u. a. To cause to exist.

cre-a'tiqn, 71. The act of creating.

CRE-a'tive, a. Having power to create.

CRE-a'tor, n. One who creates ; a
rnaker : — the Supreme Being.

CREAt'ure (kret'yur),7?. A being cre-
ated ; a man ; a person : — a brute

Cre'dence, 71. Belief; credit.

CRE-DJlN'TIAL, ?i. Testimonial.

cr£d-i-bit.'i-ty, 71. State of being
credible; worthiness of belief.

CRED'i-BiiE, a. That may be believed.

CR£D'i-BLY,arf. In a credible manner.

cred'it, n. Belief; honor; reputa-
tion ; influence ; trust : — sum due.

cred'it, v. a. To believe ; to trust.

CREt)'iT-A-BLE,a. Reputable; honor-
able ; estimable. [is owed.

cred'it- OR, 71. One to whom a debt

cre-du'li-ty, 71. Easiness of belief.

CREd'v-loDs, a. Too easy of belief.

creed, 71. Summary of articles of faith.

CREEK,7i. A small bay or river ; an inlet.

CREEk'y, a. Full of creeks ; winding.

CREEL, n. A kind of fishing-basket.

creep, 7). 71. [i. &, p. crept.] To move
slowly ; to crawl : — to fawn.

creep'er_, 71. A plant: — insect, [fuge.

CREEP'-HOLE, 71. A retreat ; a subter-

CRE'oiiE, n. A person born in Span-
ish America or the West Indies, taut
of European descent. [stance.

Cre'p-sote, 71. An antiseptic sub-

CREP'i-TATE, V. n. To ciackle.

CREP-i-TA'TiQN, 71. A crackliug noise.

CREPT, i. & p. from c?-eep.

CRES'cENT,a. Increasing; growing.

CRES'CENT, n. The new or increasing

CRES'ciVE, a. Increasing. [moon.

CR]5ss, 71. A plant of several species.

CRiis'sET, n. A light or beacon.

CREST, 71. A plume of feathers ; a tuft.

crest'ed, a. Adorned with a crest.

crest'-fallen (krest'-faln), a. De-
jected ; dispirited ; disheartened.


CR]i:v'lCE,7i. A crack ; a cleft ; fissure.

CREW (kru), 71. A ship's company.

CREW (kru), i. from crow.

CRE w'jEL, (kru'el), ti. A ball of yarn.

CRIB, 71. A manger ; a stall ; a rack.

crib'ba^^e, 71. A game at cards.

CRiB'BLE, 7i. A sieve for sifting corn.

CRICK, n. Cramp, as of the neck.

crick'et, n. An insect ; stool ; game.

cri'er, n. One who cries.

CRIME, 71. An infraction of law ; a fel-
ony ; an offence ; a wicked act.

CRIm'i-nal, a. Guilty of a crime; faulty.

CRiM'i-NAti, n. One guilty of a crime.

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