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DRtJNK'EN (drung'kn), a. Drunk, [ty.
DRtiNK'EN-NESS (drung'kn-), n. Ebrie-

DRUPE,-7i. A one-celled fruit, as a plum.

DRY, a. Arid ; not wet ; thirsty : — keen.

DRY, V. a. & 71. 'Jo free from moisture:
— to grow dry : — to wither, as a limb.

DRY'LY, ad. in a dry manner. [ity.

dry'ness, 71. Want of moisture ; arid-

dry'-r6t, n. A disease m timber.

dry'-shod, a. Having dry feet.-

Du'cAL, a. Pertaining to a duke.

duc'at, n. A European coin.

Ducii'Ess, 71. The wife of a duke.

duch'y, 71. The territory of a duke.

DUCK, n. A water-fowl : — canvas.

HXJCK, V. a. To put under water.

DiJCK'lNG. n. Act of immersing.

duck'ling, n. A young or surall duck.

DUCT, n. A tube in the body ; a canal.

duc'tile, a. Pliable ; easily extended.

DUC-TlL.'f-TY, n. Capacity of extension.

DUD, 7). A rag : — pi. Rags ; tatters.

dCd'(^eon (-jun), n. Anger j ill will.

DUE (duj, a. Owed ; proper ; fit ; exact.

DUE (du), ad. Directly ; as, due north.

DUE, 71. A debt J right; title; tribute.

du'el, n. A combat between two.

du'el, v. n. To fight a single combat.

dC'el-LXNG, n. Act of fighting duels.

DU'EL-LIST, n. One who fights a duel.

DV-en'na, 71. An old woman.

DV-et', n. Music for two performers.

DtJG, 71. A pap or teat of a beast ; a nip-

DtJG, i. &, p. from dig. [pie ; an udder,

DUKE, 71. One of the highest order of
nobility in England : — ^a prince.

Duke'dom, 71. Possessions of a duke.

DUii'CET, a._ Sweet ; harmonious.

dOl-ci-fj-ca'tion, n. Act of sweet-

DtJL'ci-FY, V. a. To sweeten, [ening.

DtJli'ci-MER, n. An ancient musical
instrument, mentioned in the Bible.

dCll, a. Not sharp ; not bright ; stu-
pid ; blunt ; obtuse : — sad ; dejected.

dCll, v. a. To stupefy ; to blunt.

dDl'lard, n. A blockhead ; a dolt.

Dul'ness, n. Stupidity ; bluntness.

'JJU'ly, ad. In due manner ; properly.

DCmb (diim), a. Speechless ; mute.

Dumb'belLi, 71. A weight for exercise.

DOmb'ness (dum'^nes), n. State of be-
ing dumj) ; speechlessness. [mime.

DtJMB'SHOW (diim'sho), n. A panto-

dOmp, n. Melancholy ; sadness.

DttMP'isH, a. Melancholy ; dejected.

dOmp'ling, n. A small, round mass
of dough or pudding. [obscure.

DtJN, a. Of a dark color ; dark ; gloomy;

dOn, v. a. To press ; to ask for a debt

DUN, n. An importunate creditor: — a
demand for a debt : — a mound ; a bank.

DUNCE, n. A blockhead ; a dolt.

dCng, n. Excrement ; manure.

dun'c^eon (diin'jun), n. A close prison.

dung'hi'll, n._ A heap of dung.

•DU-p-DE9'i-Mo, 71. A book formed by
folding each sheet into twelve leaves.

DUPE, 71. A person imposed on.

DUPE, V. a. To trick ; to impose upon.

DU'PLI-CATE, a. Double ; twofold.

DU'PLi-CATE, ?!. Exact copy; a tran-
script ; a counterpart. [ — a fold.

DU-PLl-CA'TrON, n. Act of doubling :

DU'PLI-CA-TURE, 71. A fold.

DV-PLi9'l-TY, n. Deceit ; deception.

du-ra-bil'i-ty, n. Power of lasting.

DU'RA-BEE, a. Lasting; permanent.

du'rant, n. A glazed woollen clotli.

Dy-RA'TION, 71. Continuance; time.

DU'Riiss, 71. Constraint; continemont.

DUR'lNG,/>re/7. For the time of the con-

DURST, i. from dare. [tinuaiice of.

D&SK, a. Tending to darkness ; dusky.

DUSK, 71. Tendency to darkness.

dusk'ISH, ft. Inclined to darkness.

dusk'y, a. f^omewhat dark; dusk: — sad.

DtJST, n. Earth reduced to powder.

dust, v. a. To free from dust.

dust'y, a. Filled or covered with dust.

DU'te-oOs, ft. Obedient; dutiful. [duty,

du'ti-A-ble, a. Subject to impost or

DU'Ti-FiJL,,«. Obedient; submissive.

du'ti-ful-ly, ad. Submissively.

du'ty, 71. Whatever one is bound to
perform; obedience: — tax; custom.

DWARF, 4i. A person or plant much
below the usual size. [stunted.

DWARF, a. Very small; dwarfish;

DwARF,«.a. To hinder from full growth.

DWARF'ISH, a. Below the natural size.

DWELL, V. n. [i. & p. dwelt.] To re-
main ; to inhabit ; to live ; to reside.

DWJELL'iNG, Tfi. A place of residence.

dwin'dle, 77. To grow or make less.

DYE, V. a. To tinge ; to color ; to stain.

D YE , 71. Color ; coloring matter ; tinge.

DYE'ING, 71. Art of coloring cloth, &c.

dy'er, 71. One who dyes cloth, &c.

DYE'sTiJFF, 78. Materials for dyeing.

dy'ing, p. from die. Expiring.

DYKE, n. A mound. See Dike.

dy'nas-ty or dyn'as-ty,7i. A succes-
sion,race,or family of sovereigns. [terj\

d|^s-en-ter'ic, a. Relating to dysen-

dt?s'en-ter-y, n. A painful disease.

DYS-PEP'si-A, 71. Dyspepsy. [gestion.

D$S'PEP-SY or DYS-PEP'SY, n. Indi-

DYS-Pfip'TJc, a. Having bad digestion.

UER;iVliEN5SIR;D6,NOR,SON;BtyLL,BiJR,RULE. C,9^,S£»/t5,- ;e;,;G,Aar<f ;§ OS Z ;?; OS gz





EACH (ech), a.&cpron. Either of two
or more ; every one separately.
Ea'«-er, a. Keenly desirous ; ardent.
ea'jGER-ly, G<Z. Ardently; keenly.
EA'£tER-N£ss, n. Strong desire.
ea'gle (e'gl), 71. A bird of prey :— a

military standard : — a gold coin. [ed.
EA'&LE-EYED (e'gl-id),a. Sliarp-siglit-
EA'&EET (e'glet), n. A young eagle.
EAR (er), n. Tiie organ of hearing ;
_ sense of liearing:— a spike of corn.
EAR (er), V. n. To form ears, as corn.
ear'ajCHE, 71. Pain in tlie ear.
EARED (erd), a. Having ears. [ity.
earl (eri), 71. A title of English nobil-
E arl'dom, 71. Tlie seigniory of an earl.
ear'less (er'les),a. Destitute of ears.
ear'li-ness (er'le-nes), n. State of

being early ; seasonableness.
EAR'-LOCK, n. A curl or twist of hair.
ear'ly, a. Being in season : seasonable.
ear'ly (er'le), ad. In good season.
earn (ern), v. a. To gain by labor.
ear'nest, a. Ardent ; zealous ; eager.
EAr'nest, n. Seriousness : — money ad-
ear'nest-ly, ad. Warmly, [vanced.
EARN'ING, 71. That which is earned.
E ar'rIns, 71. An ornament for the ear.
EARTH (erth),7i. The terraqueous globe ;

world ; terrene matter ; sog ; ground.
EARTH, ?5^ To hide in earth; to bury.
earth'board, 71. Board of a plough.
EARTH'EN (er'flin), a. Made of earth.
EARTH'LY,a.Relating to earth; worldly.
EARTH'NtJT (ertli'nut), 71. A pignut.
earth'quake, n. A tremor, violent

agitation,- or convulsion of the earth.
earth'y (erth'e),«. Consisting of eartii.
ear'wax, 71. Cerumen of the ear.
ear'wig (er'wig), n. An insect.
ea§e (ez), 71. Cluiet ; rest : — facility.
ea^e, v. a. To free from pain, relieve,
EA§'EL (e'zl), 11. A painter's frame.
EA^e'ment (ez'ment), n. Ease ; relief.
EA'si-LY(e'ze-le),arf. Without difficulty.
ea'§i-ness, n. Readiness ; ease ; rest.
EAST (est), 71. The quarter or place

where the sun rises. [rising sun.

Sast, a. Being from, or towards, the
east'er (est'er), n. The festival of
_ the resurrection of Christ.
E ast'er-ey, a. & ad. Towards the east.

east'ern (est'ern), a. Being in the east.

east'ward, ad. Towards the east.

EA'SY (e'ze), a. Not difficult : — quiet.

EAT (et), V. a. [i. ate; p. eaten.] To

_ devour : — to consume :— to corrode.

EAT (et), V. 11. To feed ; to take food.

E at'a-ble, a. Capable of being eaten.

EAT'A-BLE, n. Any thing to be eaten.

eat'en (e'tn),p. from eat.

EAVE§, 11. pi. The edges of a roof.

E ave§'br6p-PER,7?. Insidious listener.

EBB, 71. The reflux of tlie tide : — waste.

EBB, v.n. To flow back : — to decline.

ebb'-tide, 71. Tlie reflux of tlie tide.

EB'ON, a. Made of ebony ; dark ; black.

eb'o-ny, 71. A hard, valuable wood.

E-BRi'E-TY,7i. Drunkenness ; inebriety.

e-bull'ient (e-bul'yent), a. Boiling
over ; bubbling up. [boiling.

eb-ul-ei"tion (eb-ul-lTsh'un), n. A

e-bItr'ne-an, a. Relating to ivory.

ec-cen'tric, .)a. Deviating from

ec-cen'tri-cal, \ the centre: — sin-
gular ; peculiar ; strange ; odd.

EC-CEN-TRl9'l-TY (ek-sen-tris'e-te), ru
State of being eccentric ; singularity.

ec-cle-§i-as'tic, 71. A clergyman.

EC-CLE-§i-AS'Tic, ) a. Relating to

EC-CLE-§i-AS*Ti-CAE, \ the church.

ejBh'o, n. Sound reflected or returned.

EjEh'o, v. n. To be sounded back.[voice.

EjBii'o (ek'o),75. <z. To send back, as a

e-clair'ci^se-ment ,71. Explanation.

e-clat' (e-kla'), 71. A striking eflect;
splendor ; show ; lustre : — applause.

EC-LEC'Tic, a. Selecting ; choosing.

e-ceipse' (e-klTps'), n. The obscura-

' tion of the light of a heavenly body.

E-CLlPSE', V. a. To darken, obscure.

e-ceip'tic, 11. A great circle of the
sphere ; the apparent path of the sun.

EC'LOG-UE (ek'log), n. Pastoral poem.

ec-0-n6m'i-cal, a. Frugal ; thrifty.

e-c6n'o-mist, 71. One who is frugal.

e-c6n'o-mize, f. a. To use frugally.

E-CON'p-MY, 7!. Thrifty management ;
frugality : — disposition of things.

EC'STA-SY, n. Excessive joy ; rapture.

ec-stXt'ic, a. Ravished ; rapturous.

£c-u-men'i-cal, a. General ; universal.

E-DX'cioys(-slius),«.Eating; voracious.

e-da9'i-tV (e-d'as'e-te), n. Voracity.

AEiouY, longi AeioO$, shoH) aeiouy, o&scure.— fAre, fXr, fast, fale; heir,




jBd'der, 7i. Wood to bind hedge-stakes.

ED'dy, h. a contrary current ; a whirl-

Sd'dy, a. Whirling 5 turning, [pool.

ed'dV) 'V- II. To whirl, as in an eddy.

ED^-E (ej), n. The sharp side of a cut-
ting instrument: — keenness : — brink.

ED^-E (ej), V. a. To sharpen : — to border.

ED^ED (ejd 07-edj'ed), p. a. Sharp.

£d<^e '-tool., 11. Sharp tool to cut with.

ed^e'wi^e, ad. Along the edge.

EDW'iNG, ?i. A border 3 a fringe.

ED'I-BLE, a. Fit to be eaten ; eatable.

E'uiCT, lu A proclamation ; a decree.

ed-i-fi-ca'tion, 71. Instruction.

Eo'l-FlCE, n. A fabric ; a building.

£d'i-fy, v. a. To instruct ; to improve.

ED'j-FY-iNG, p. a. Tending to edify.

e'dile, n. A Roman magistrate, [tion.

ED'iT, V. a. To superintend for publica-

E-Di"TlON, n. Publication of a book.

i:D'i-TpR, n. One who edits. [tor.

ED-i-TO'Ri-AL, a. Belonging to an edi-

EB'i-TpB.-SHlP, 71. Office of an editor.

ED'ii-CATE (ed'yu-kat),7?. a. To bring
up ; to instruct ; to teach ; to nurture.

ED-y-c a'tion, 71. Act of educating.

£r)-V-CA'TlON-AL, a. Relating to edu-
cation, [instructor.

Ea'y-CA-TpR, n. One who instructs ;

E-DiJCE',u. a. To bring out ; to extract.

E-ptJC'TlON, n. Act of bringing out.

EEL (el), n. A serpentine, sliuiy fish.

EF-FACE', V. a. To blot out ; to erase.

EF-face'm?NT, n. Act of effacing.

EF-FECT', 71. Result; issue, [produce.

ef-fect', v. a. To bring to pass ; to

JEF-FECT'l-BLE, a. Practicable.

ef-fEc'tive, a. Efficacious ; efficient.

ef-fec'tive-ly, ad. With effect.

EF-FECT'i.J-Ali, a. Producing effect.

EF-FECT'ii-iL-LY, ad. With effect.

ef-fect'u-ate,7j. a. To bring to pass.

EF-FEM'i-kA-CY, 71. Softness ; delicacy.

EF-FEM'i-NATE, a. Womanish ; soft.

EF-fer-vesce' (ef-fer-ves'), «• n. To
send out gas or elastic vapor, ferment.

£f-fer-ves'cence, 77. Escape of va-
per ; intestine commotion of a fluid.

flF-FER-VEs'CENT, a. Gently boiling.

EF-FETE',a. Barren; worn out with age.

EF-Fl-CA'cious (ef-fe-ka'shus), a. Act-
ually producing effects ; effectual.

EF'Fi-CA-CY,?i.Power to produce effects.

EF-Fi'"ciEN-CY (ef-fish'en-se), n. Act
of producing effects ; efficacy.

EF-Fi"ciENT (-fish'ent), 71. An agent.

EF-FI"CIENT, a. Causing effects.

ef'fi-^y, n. Image ; representation.

EF-Fi,ATE', V. a. To puff up. I

ef-flq-resce' (ef-flo-res'), v. n. To
form dust or powder on the surface.

EF-FLO-REs'cENCE, 71. Act of efflo-
rescing : — production of flowers : —
eruption, as in measles. [cence.

EF-FLO-Riis'cENTjrt. Having efflores-

EF'FLU-ENCE,7i. A flowing out ; efflux.

EF'FL,y-ENT; a. Flowing out ; issuing.

EF-FLU'VI-OM, n. ,• pi. EF-FLU'VI-A.

Small particles or exhalations.

EF'FiitJX, 71. The act of flowing out.

ef-flOx'ion (ef-fluk'shun),7i. Efflux.

ef'foe-T, n. A struggle ; endeavor.

ef-fr6n'ter-y, 7i. Impudence.

EF-FUii'9^ENCE,7i. Lustre ; brightness.

EF-FUL'^ENT, a. Shining; luminous.

ef-fuse', v. a. To pour out ; to shed.

EF-FU'§iON(-fu'zhun),?i. A pouring out.

EF-FU'siVE, a. Pouring out ; dispersing.

EFT (eft), 71. A newt ; a sort of lizard.

EGG, 71. That which is laid by birds, and
from which their young is produced.

eg'lan-tine, 71. A species of wild

_ rose ; sweetbrier : — honeysuckle.

e'go-ti§m, n. Self-commendation.

e'go-tist, n. One who talks much of
himself; one addicted to egotism.

E-GO-Tis'Tlc, \a. Addicted to ego-

e-go-tIs'ti-cal, i tisra; conceited.

E'GO-TlZE, v.'n. To talk of one's self.

E-GRE'(^iovs (-jus), a. Eminent; great.

5-GRE'<^lovs-LY, ad. Remarkably. [ure.

e'gress, 7(. Act of going out ; depart-

]|-GRES'siON (e-gresh'un), 71. Egress.

e'gret, 71. A fowl of' the heron kind.

E-^-YP'TlAN, a. Relating to Egypt.

ei'der-down, n. Down of the eider-

EIGHT (atX a. Twice four. [duck.

eigh'teen (a'ten), a. Twice nine.

EIGHT'FOLD (at'fold), a. Eight times.

EIGHTH (atth), a. Next to the seventh.

eigh'ty (a'te), a. &. n. Eight times ten.

El'THER, pron. One or the other.

ei'ther (e'ther), covj. Or.

E-JAC'y-L,ATE',7;. ffl. Tothrow;toshnot.

E-Jlc-y-LA'TiQN, 71. A throwing out.

E-JAC'y-L,A-Tp-RY,a. Darted out; hasty.

E-jfiCT', V. a. To throw out, cast forth.

E-JEC'TiON,7i. Acastingout; expulsion.

e-ject'ment, 71. (Law.) A writ for re-
covering possession of real property.

EKE (ek), V. a. To supply ; to protract.

EKE,arf. Also ; likewise ; beside, [labor.

E-LAB'o-RATE,2J. a. To produce with

E-LAB'o-R^TE,a. Mucli labored upon.

E-LAB-p-RA'TlON,7«. Act of elaborating.

E-1,a'o-LITE, 71. A brittle mineral, of
a greasy lustre, used in jewellery.

e-lXpse', v. n. To pass away ; to glide.

HER;MiEN,SIR;D6,NOR,s6N;BUl.l.,BUR,RULE. (}^q,soJi j e,&yhard ; § as z ; !{. as gz.




E-lXs'TIC, )a. Having elasticity 3

Jg-LAS'TI-CAL, \ springy; rebounding.

E-LAS-TIC'I-TY, u. Property of bodies
by which they restore tliemselves to
tiieir original I'orni ; springiness.

E-late', a. Raised in spirits ; elated.

E-late', v. a. To pufF up ; to exalt.

e-la'tion, n. High spirits ; elevation.

£l'bow, n. Curvature of the arui.

fiL'BOW, V, To push vs^ith the elbow.

ELi'BOW-CHAiR, ii. A cliair with arras.

£l,'der, a. Having lived longer ; older.

el'der, 71. A ruler : — a seuior : — plant.

JEli'DER-LY, a. Bordering upoa old age.

EL'BEii-SHiP, n. State of an elder;
seniority : — order of elders.

el'dest, a. Oldest ; most aged.

Eii-E-CAM-PANE', n. A plant or herb.

E-lect', v. a. To choose ; to select.

E-LiECT', a. Chosen ; taken by choice.

E-L,EC'TipN,7t^._Act of choosing ; choice.

E-lec-tion-eer', v. n. To use means
for promoting an election, [thatelects.

E-LEC'tive, a. Regulated by choice ;

E-LECT'OE,, 71. One wlio elects ; a voter.

E-Li!:c'TO-RAL,a. Relating to an elector.

E-EiiC'TRic, [a. Relating to, orcon-

E-Li;c'TRi-CAL, j tainiug, electricity.

E-LEC-TRi"cxAN (-trlsli'an), 77. One
who is versed in electricity.

E-LEC-TRic'i-TY, 77. A subtile tluid or
agent : — science which explains the
laws of the electric fluid, [electrified.

E-LEc'tri-FI_-A-ble, a. That may be

E-LEC'tri-fv, /;. a. To communicate
electricity to ; to make electric.

E-lec'trize, v. a. To electrify.

E-LECT'u-A-RY, 7t. A compound medi-
cine; a powder mixed with sirup.

EE-EE-MOS'Y-NA-Ry (-e-moz'e-na-re),
a. Relating to, or living on, alms.

el'e-gance, 77. The beauty of propri-
ety ; polish; refinement; politeness.

£L'E-&AiVT,a. Having elegance ; grace-
ful ; refined ; polished. [gracefully.

£l'e-G^NT-LY, ad. With elegance ;

fiE-E-^i'AC, a. Pertaining to elegy ;
mournful ; sorrowful ; plaintive; sad.

£l-E-9^i'a-cae, a. Pertaining to elegy.

£l'E-9^ist, n. A writer of elegies.

ee'e-^^y, 71. A funeral song ; a dirge.

iEL'E-MENT, 71. A constituent principle ;
atom ; ingredient : — proper sphere.

EL-E-MENT'AL,a. Relating to elements.

£L-E-MENT'A-RY,fl. Primary ; simple.

el'e-phant, 77. A large quadruped.

JEL'E-VATE,i'. a. To raise ; to exalt.

£L'E-VAT-ED,p.a. Exalted; high; lofty

el-e-va'tion, ?7. Exaltation : — height

el'e-va-tor, 77. A raiser or lifter up.
e-lev'en (e-lev'vn), a. Ten and one.
ELF, n. ; pL ELVE§. A spirit; a fairy.
eef'in, a. Relating to elves or fairies.
EEF'isH, £e v'iSH, a. Relating to elves,
E-L19'IT, 73. a. To draw out ; to educe.
fiL-i-^l-Bli^'i-Ty, 71. Eligible state.
EL'i-91-BLE, a. That may be elected.
E-LliVl'i-NATE, V. a. To turn out of

doors : — to release ; to set free : — to

separate ; to cause to disappear.
E-Li"§lQN (e-lizh'un), Ji. The cutting

off a vowel, as at the end of a word.
E-Llx'iR, 77. A medicine ; a cordial.
ELK, 77. A large quadruped ; moose-deer.
ELL, 77. A yard and a quarter in length.
el-lipse', 77. An oval figure ;_ellipsis.
EL-LIP'SIS, 77. ,• pi. EL-LIP'SES. An

oval figure : — omission of a word, &c.
el-lip'tic, ) a. Having the form
EL-LIP'TI-CAL, I of an ellipse : — hav-
ing omission of words understood.
el-l1p-TI9'I-ty, 77. The quality of
ELM,77._ A forest-tree, [being elliptical.
el-0-cu'tion, 77. Art of speaking;

utterance ; delivery. [cution.

el-o-cu'tion-a-r Y, <x. Relating to elo-
el-o-cu'tiqn-ist, 77. A teacher of

elocution ; one versed in elocution.
E-LON'txATE,!;. To lengthen,draw out.
i L-QN-tfA'TiQN, 77. Act of lengthening.
e-lope', v. 77. To run away ; to escape.
e-lope'ment, 77. Act of eloping.
EL'o-CiUENCE,77. Art of speaking well ;

oratory ; persuasion. [torical.

el'o-quent, a. Having eloquence; ora-
£lse (els), pro7i. Other ; one besides.
ELSE (els), ad. Otherwise ; besides.
else'where, ad. In another place.
E-Lu'ci-DATE, V. a. To explain ; to

make clear ; to illustrate, [position.
E-lu-CI-da'tion, 77. Explanation; ex-
E-Lu'ci-DA-TOR, 77. An explainer.
e-lude', v. a. To escape by art, evade-
e-lu'di-ble, a. That may be eluded.
E-LU'^iON (-zliun), 77. Evasion; artifice.
E-Lu'siVE,a. Practising elusion, [sive.
E-LU^so-RV, a. Tending to elude 5 elu'
e-lu'tri-ate, 7;. a. To purify by wash-
£lve§ (elvz),77. The pi. of elf. [ing.
e-ly"§i-an (e-lizh'e-an), a. Relating

to Elysium ; delightful ; happy.
E-L5"si-iJM (-lizh'e-um),7?. The heaven

of the heathen ; a very happy place.
E-MA'CI-ATE (-ma'she-at),7;. To waste.
E-MA-ci-A'TipN,77. Act of growing lean.
EM' A-NANT,a. Flowing from something.
EM'a-nate, v. 77. To issue ; to arise.
EM-A-na'tion,77. Act of issuing ; efflux.

AEiouy,io77o-,-X£ioDi2^,sAort,-AEiouY, ofi^cTtre.— fAre,far,fast,fAll ; heir,




EM'A-NA-TivE,a. Issuing from another.

e-mXn'ci-pate, X). «, To set free.

E-MAN-ci-PA'TiOK, n. Act of Setting

i^-MAN'c'l-PA-TOR, n. Liberator, [free.

em-balm' (em-bam'), v. <u To impreg-
nate and preserve witk aroniatics.

em-bank', v. a. To heap up ; to bank.

em-bank'MENT,?i. a mound of earth.

^ m-bar'go, lu A prohii>ition upon ves-
sels to pr«v«nt theif leaving port.

E M-B A rk' , J). To put or go on shi pboard .

2:m-bar-ka'tion, m. Actof embarking.

EM-bar'rass, V, a. To perplex, harass.

EM-BAR'RASS-iN&, j). «. Perplexing.

EM-bar'rass-MENT, 71. Perplexity.

EM-BAs'sA-DOR, 71. See Ambassador.

EM'BAS-sy, n. A public message: —
bearer of a public message ; legation.

em-bat'^tle, v. a. &c n. To range for
battle ; to place in order of battle.

EM-BAY', V. a. To enclose in a bay.

em-bed', v. a. To place in bed, imbed.

EM-bel'lish, v. a. To adorn, beautify.

jem-bel'lish-ment, n. Ornament.

Ew'bers, 71. pL Hot cinders or ashes.

EM-BEZ^ZL.E,7;. a. To Steal by breach
of trust; to peculate. [embezzling.

EM-BEZ'ZL,E-MENT, 71. The act of

EM-BLA'zoN(-bla'zn),'i5. a. To adorn
with ensigns armorial ; to display.

IJM-BLA'ZON-RY (embla'zn-re), n. De-
vices or pictures upon shields, [type.

£M'Bt,EM, n. Picture ; device ; symbol ;

jfeM-BLEM-AT'ic, } a. Representa-

£M-BEEM-AT'i-CAL, i tive ; allusive.

EM-Bob'Y, V. a. To form into a body.

EJffi-BOLD'EN, V. a. To make bold.

EM-Boss', V. a. To form with protuber-
ances ; to ornament with relief.

em-b6ss'ment, n. A prominence ; jut.

EM-BOvV'EL, V. a. To eviscerate.

EM-BOW'ER, V. To lodge in a bower.

Eai-BRACE',75.«. To hold in the arms ;
to clasp ; to enclose : — to comprise.

EM-BRACE% V. n. To join in an embrace.

EM-BRACE', 71. Clasp; fond pressure.

EM-BBACE'MENT,7i. Clasp; embrace.

EM-BRA'CER-Y, 71. Attempt unlawfully
to influence a court or jury.

EMBRASURE (em-brfi-zhur' or em-bra'-
zhur), 71. An aperture or opening in
fortifications, for cannon.

£m'bro-cate, 7J. a. To moisten and
rub witha liquid, as a diseased part.

£m-brp-ca'tion,71. Act of embrocating.

EM-broId'er, v. a. To adorn with
figured needle-work. [work.

em-broid'er-y,?!. Variegated needle-

em-broii.', «. a. To disturb, confuse.

em-broil'ment, Ti. Disturbance.

em'bry-o, 7t. The rudiments of an
animal, plant, &c., unformed, [dation.

e-mend'4-ble, a. Capable of emen-

£m-en-d1'tion,7i. Correction of errors;
improvement ; amendment.

E-men'da-to-ry, a. Improving.

£m'er-ALD,71. A green precious stone.

E-MERCjtE ',75.71, To rise out of water j &c.

E-MER'^ENCE, )n. The act of emerg-

E-MER'<^EN-CY, I ing :— exigency.

E-MER'g^ENT, ffl. Rising; emerging.

i:M'ER-oiD§, Hemorrhoids ; piles.

E-mEr'siqn, 71. The act of emerging.

Em'er-y,7i. a very hard mineral-

E-3IEt'ic, 71. Medicine causing vom-
iting, [ing to vomit.

e-met'ic. a. Producing vomiting ; caus-

£m'i-grant, 71. One who emigrates.

EM'i-&RATE, e. 71. To leave one's na-
tive country to reside in another.

em-i-gra'tion, 71. Act of emigrating.

EM'i-NENCE, 71. Loftiness; height;
conspicuous place : — fame. [mous.

EM'i-NENT, a. High; exalted: — fa-

EM'i-NENT-LY, ad. Conspicuously.

iiM'is-SA-RY, 71. One sent on a mission.

E-Mls'sioN, 71. Act of sending out.

E-MiT', V. a. To send forth ; to let fly.

em'biet, 71. An ant ; a pismire.

e-m6l.'lient (-m61'yent),a. Softening.

E-MOL'y-MENT, 71. Profit ; advantage.

E-Mo'TipN,7i. A moving of the mind.

em-pale', v. a. To fence ivith stakes ;
to enclose : — to fix on a stake.

:i?m-pale'ment, m- Act of empaling.

em-park', v. a. To enclose in a park.

em-per'il, v. a. To endanger ; to peril.

fiai'PE-ROR, H. Ruler of an empire.

£m'pha-sis,7i.,- pi. em'pha-se§. Stress
or force of voice : — significance, [on.

EM'PHA-siZE, V. a. To place emphasis

em-phat'ic, ; a. Having empha-

EM-PHAT'i-CAL, \ sis ; impressive.

EM-PHAT'i-CAL-LY,ad. Strongly; for-
cibly. [governed by an emperor,

em'pire, 71. A country of countries

EM-pIr'ic or £m'pi-EIC, 71, A quack,

EM-PiR'ic, or em-pir'j-caLjO. Relat-
ing to empiricism ; charlatanic.

em-pir'i-cism, 71. Dependence on ex-

• perience only j quackery. [plaster.

EM-plIs'ter, v. a. "to cover with

EM-PLO$', V. a. To keep at work ; to
exercise :.™tQ use ; to make use of.

EM-PLOY', 71. Business; occupation.

EM-ploy'er, 71. One who employs.

EM-PLO?'MENT, 71. Business ; office.

EM-POX'§ON (-pbl'zn), V. a. To poison.

HER;MiEN,SiR;D6,N6R,s6N;Bl>LIi,BUB,RCLE.9,9^,SO/T5, jejSj/iard,- § aa Z j }j: O* g^




|:M-ro'Ri-t;M, 77. A place of coimaerce.

EM-Pov'ER-isHy r. a. To mske poor.

^5T-PO\V']i:R,?). a. Toauthorizeyenable.

JEM'PRESS, n. Wife or consort of an

EM-PRiijE', 7/. Enterprise'. [eTi>i>eror.

EMP'TI-NESS (eiij'te-iies), n. Vacuity.

£MP'TY(eii! te),«. Void ; unfurnished.

emp'ty (eni'te),r. a. &h. To make void.

EMP'TY-ixGS; 71. pL Lees of beer, &c.

Ei\i-Pi^R'PLEVt'. a. Toniake pfurple.

em-pyr'e-al, a. Formed of fire or lisht.

£m-py-r£'ats'' or em-pyr'e-an, 71. Tlie
Jiighestjieaven, of ^Mue fire.

EM-Py-RE'AN or EM P YR'lJ-^N, (/.■
Highly refined ; empyreal.

J:m'V-i>ate, v. a. To rival ; to vie with.

£m-u-la'tion, 77. Rivalry ; contest.

£M'ij-L.^-TiVE,a.Inclinedi to emulation.

EM'u-LA-TOR, 71. A nval ; comi>efitor.

E-MUL'^-ENT, (I. Milking ; draining out.

£m;'U-I>oOs, a. Kivallinj; ; auihitious.

e-Mtjl'sioim, 77. A lubricating medicine.

E-MfJE'siVE, a. Tending to soften,

E-mDnc'to-rv, 77. An excretory duct.

EN-a'ble, v. a. To make able.

en-Act', 7- a. To establish ; to decree.

EN-ACT'MENT, 77. Act of enacting : —

EN-ACT'oii,?i. One whoenacts. [a law.

jen-am'el, 7?- A hard substance resem-
bling gUsst — li>jjrd surface of leetii.

EN-Xm'el, v. a. To cover with enam-
el : — to variegate with colors

EN-AM'OUR, V. a. To inflame with love.

EN-CAGE', v. a. To shut up ; to incage,

encXmp', V- To pitch tents , to halt

EN-camp'ment, 77. Act of encamping.

en-case', t'. a. To enclose. [li'>g.

EN-CAUS'TlC, a. Burnt in, as enamel-

EN-CAVE','73. a. To hide, asirt a cave.

en-chafe', v. a. To chafe ; to enrane.

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