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£^Ew'GAw, n. A showy trifle ; a toy.

£tHAST'Li-]VESS, n. Ghostly aspect.

j&aXsT'L.Yi «■ I-ike a ghost ; pale.

;&her'kiiv, lu Small pickled cucumber.

£tHOST, n. Spirit ; soul : — a spectre.

j&host'ly, a. Like a ghost ; spiritual.

£rH5LL (gil), n. A mountain torrent.

<jH' ANT, 71. A man of extraordmarj'^ size.

9^i'ANT-ESS, n. A female giant.

<jn' ANT-LIKE, ai'ANT-LY, a. Gigantic.

jGIB'ber, v. n. To speak inarticulately.

j&ib'ber-Ish, n. Cant ; prate ; jargon.

9^Ib'bet (jlb'bet), n. A gallows.

9^ib'bet, v. a. To hang on a gibbet.

jGIB-bos'i-tv, n. Convexity.

jeiB'Boys, a. Convex ; protuberant.

<jriBE, V. To scoff; to deride ; to taunt.

^IBE, 71. A sneer ; a scoff ; a taunt.

4^ib'lets, n- pL Entrails of a goose, fcc.

j&id'di-ness, 71. State of being giddy.

j&id'dy, a. Whirling ; inconstant ; wild.

JS-lFT, 71. A thing given ; a present.

£tiFT'ED, a. Endowed with faculties.

i&lG, 71. Any thing whirled round : — a
light chaise: — a ship's wherry, [tic.

9^1-gan-te'an, a. Like a giant ; gigan-

^s-I-GtAn'tic, a. Like a giant ; huge.

jKIG'gle, 71. A kind of laugh ; a titter.

jeiG'GLE, V. n. To laugh idly ; to titter.

e^ll,ji,v.a. [i. & p. gilt or gilded.] To
overlay with gold or gold-leaf.

jGILb'ing, 71. Gold laid on a surface.

9 111 (jil), n. The fourth part of a pint.

jeiLL^, Apertures of a fish's head.

^I'L'LY-FLbw-ER, rt. A garden flower;

«hlt, i. & p. of gild. [stock.

9^iivi'crack, n. A trivial mechanism.

jGIm'let, n. A small toDl for boring.

j&'iMV, n. A kind of silk twist or cord.

9^IN, 71. A trap : — a machine : — a spirit.

9^m, V. a. To catch : — to clear, as cotton.

^iN'^tER, 71. A plant or root of a hot,
spicy quality. [sweet cake.

^in'^er-breab (jTn'jer-bred), n. A

j&ing'ham (Sing'am),7i. A cotton stuff.

^in'gle,?!. Ashrill noise. See Jingle.

<^in'seng, n. Aromatic root and plant.

•^"ip'sv, n. See Gypsy.

9I-raffe% 71, The camelopard, a quad-

<,+ir'an-i)OLE,7i. Achandelier. [ruped.

(j^iR'A-soLE. 71. A plant :— a mineral.

e^'iRD, V. a. [i. & p. girt or girded.] To
bind round ; to invest. [floor.

fiiRD'ER, 11. The largest timber in a

^SIR'dle, n, A band ; a belt.

^IR'DLE, V. a. To gird ; to bind :— to
cut round, as a tree. [child.

£^IRL, 71. A young woman ; a female

j&iRL'lSH, a. Suiting, or pertaining to,

jeiRT, i. & p. from gird. [a girl«

GiRTi, or Mrth, n. A leather girdle
buckled under a horse's belly : — :cir-
cumference ; distance round.

9^IST (jist), n. The main point.

j&IVE (giv), V. a. [i. gave ; p. given.]
To bestow ; to confer ; to grant.

£ti VE, v. 71. To relent ; to yield ; to melt.

£^Iv'ER, n. One who gives ; a donor.

j&Iz'zard, n._ The stomach of a fowl.

gla'cial (gla'she-al), a. Icy ; frozen.

gla'ci-ate, v. n.' To turn into ice.

GLA^'l-ER (glas'e-er), n. A field of
ice and snow in elevated valleys.

GLAD, a. Cheerful ; gay ; joyful.

GLAD, V. a. To make glad ; to gladden.

glad'den (glad'dn), v. a. To make
glad ; to cheer ; to delight. [wood.

GLADE, n. A lawn or opening in a

glad'i A-TpR,7i. Afighter ; combatant.

glad'i-ole, u. a bulbous plant.

glad'ly, ad. Joyfully ; with gladness.

glad'ness, n. Cheerfulness ; joy.

GLAd'sq'me (glad'sum), a. Gay ; glad.

GLAIR (glAr), 11. Tbe white of an egg.

GLANCE, n. A sudden shoot of light :
— a snatch of sight ; a glimpse.

glXnce, v. n. To view : — to fly off.

gland, 11. An organ of the body com-
posed of blood-vessels, nerves, &c.

glan'ders, n. pi. A disease in horses.

glan-dIf'er-ous, a. Bearing acorns.

GLAN'Di-FoRM,a. Formed like a gland.

GLAN'Dy-LAR,a. Pertaining to glands.

glan'dule, n. A small gland.

glan'du-lous, a. Relating to, or hav-
ing, glands ; glandular.

GLARE, V. n. To shine so as to dazzle,

glAre, 71. A dazzling light or lustre.

glar'ing, a. Blazing out : — notorious,

GLASS, n. A transparent substance : —
a glass vessel ; a cup : — a mirror.

GLiss, a. Vitreous; made of glass.

GLlss, v^ a. To cover with glass.

glXss'ftjl, Ti.As much as a glass holds.

GLASS'i-NESS, 7?. State of being glassy.

GLASS'v, a. Made of glass ; vitreous.

glAu'cous, ffl. Of a sea-green color.

GLAVE, iu A broadsword ; a halberd.

GLAZE, 71. a. To furnish with glass.

GLA'ziER(gla'zher),7i.One who glazes.

GLAZ'ING, n. Act of setting glass : — a
vitreous substance on potters' ware.

GLEAM, 71. A sudden shoot of light.

aER;aiiEN,jiiv^D6,NOR,soN;BULL,BiJR,Et5LE. 9,9,so/l!/ je,«^,Aard ;§ as Z 5 ? <M gz.




GLEAM, 17. 71. To shine suddenly, flash.

gleam'y, a. Flashing; darting light.

GLEAN, V. a. To gather after reapers.

Gi.EA]V'ER,7i.OneAvbo gleans or gathers.

SLEBEj-K, Tarf; soil: — chnrch land.

Gl.^E,v. Joy ; meiTiment : — a song.

GLJiJ^'FUL, a. Gay; merry; cheerful.

GLEN, n. A narrow valley j a dale.

GLEVV, 71. See Glue. ' [fttsent.

€rLiB, a. Snaooth ; slippery: — voluble j

©LIB'ly, ad. Sniootlily : — volubly.

SLIDE, w. 71. To flow or move gently.

»LIDE, n. Act of passing smoothly : —

GLim'mer, v.n. To shine faintly. [lapse.

©lim'mek, n. Weak light ; gleam.

GLliVi'MER-iNG, n. An imperfect view.

GLIMPSE, V. n. To appear by glimpses.

GLI3IPSE, 7?. A faint light : — short view.

GLis'TEN (glis'sn). V. 71. To sparkle.

GLis'TER, V. n. To shine ; to gliSfer.

glit'ter, ti. 71. To shine ; to sparkle.

Gl'it'tee., 71. Liistre; bright show.

GLOAT (gl&t), V, 71. To stare ; to gaze.

glo'bat-ED, a. Spherical ; globular.

GLOBE, 71. A spliere ; a ball : — the earth.

GLO-B6sE',a. Globular ; round, [ness.

GLQ-Bos'l-iry,!*. Sphericity; spherical-

GLO/BOtrs, a. Spherical ; globular.

GLOB'y-LAR, a. Round : spherical.

GLOB'ULEjTi. A small, round particle.

GLOB'u-Lqus,a. Round ;globular.[ball.

GLOM'er-ate, v. a. To gather into a

glom-er-a'tion, n. Conglomeration:.

GLOOM, 71. Sadiiess; aaetandioly.

GLOOM, v^tt. To. be eloudy or melan-


gloom'y, a._ Aln)Ost dark : — dismal.

GLO-RI-FI-C A'TiON,7t.Act of glorifying.

glo'ri-fy, v. a. To honor ; to exalt
to glory ; to magnify ; 4o. extol.

GLO'Ri-OtJS, ee. Yery excellent ; Eobtei

glo'rJ-oOs-LY, ad. Nobly 5 illustri-
ously. |nown,

glo'ry, n. High honor ; praise ; re-

glc'rYj-o. 71.. To boast, exiilt, vaunt.

GLOSS, 7J. A comment :— lustre ; shine.

GLOSS, V. «. To explain by ecjn>Bf>ent.

GLOS-sl'Ri-AL.,a Jielating to a glossary.

GLOs'sA-RisT, n, A Writer of a gtoss
or glossary ; a scholiast, [mon words.

GLOs'sA-RY,7i. A dictionasy of ancon>-

GLOSS'er, n. Commentator: — polisher.

GLQS'si-NESS, n. State of being glossy.

GLOS'sy, a. Smooth and shining.

glot'tk,?*. An opening in the larynx.

GLOUT, V. w. T& pout ; to look stillen.

GLOVE (gKiv),77. Aeover&r thehand.

GLOV'er, 7?. One who makes gloves.

GL5w,t'.7i. Toshine with intense heat.

GLOW (glo), 71. Shining heat : — passion.
GLOW'ING, p. a, Shining with heat.
GLOW^'-WORM (gl5'wiirm),?i. A grub.
GLOZE, D. 71, To flatter : — to comment
GLOZE, 7». Flattery : — specious show,
GLUE, 71. A viscous substance; a cement.
GLUE, V. a. To join with ghie.
glu'ey, a. Having the nature of glue.
GLUM, a. Sullen ; gloomy ; sour.
GLlJT, V. a. To cloy ; to satiate.
GLUT, n. More than enougii : — wedge,
glu'ten, 71. A viscid, elastif. substance.
GLU-Ti'-NA'TION, 7J. Act of joining

wjth glue. [gluey ; viscous-

GlO'ti-NOBS, a. Seseiiibling glue ;
GLUT'TON (gliit'tn), ?(. One wlio eats

to excess ; a gormandizer. [eating.
glut'ton-ous, a. Given to excessive
glut'ton-y, 71. Excess in eating.
SLVP'Tic,7i. Art of carving on gems,&c.
GNARL (narl), v. n. To growl ; to snarl,
gnarl'ed (niirl'ed), «. Knotty ; gnarly»
Gnar'ly, a. Having knots; knotty.
GNASH (nash), v. n. To grind the teeth,
GNAT (nat), n. A small, stinging insect.
GNAAV (naw), V. a. To bite off, corrode..
gnIw (naw), v.n. To exercise the teeth.
GNEISS (nis), 71. A stratified rock.
GNOME (noin), n. An imaginary being.
gno'mon (uo'mon),7i. The pin of a dial.
GNO-MON'ics, n. pi. Art of dialing.
so, 7). n. \i. went ; p. gone.] To walk ;

to move ; to travel ; to proceed, pass.
GOAD, n. A pointed stick to drive oxen.
GOAD, V. a. To drive with a goad.
GOAL, ». The point to which racers run.
GOAT (got);, n. A ranainant animal.
goat'heud, m. One w^ho tends goatsw
GOB, vr gob'bex, n. A mouthful ; a

lump. [greedily with noise.

Gob'ble, "s. a. To swallow hastily or
GOJB'blje, v. «. To make a noise, as a

turkey. [turkey-cock.

gob'bler, n. One tliat gobbles : — a
gob'let, 71. A drinking cup.
gob'^lin, 71. An evil spirit ; a phantom.
GO'-BY» 71. Evasion ; a passing by ;

omission ; neglect. [dren to walk.
GO'-CART, 7?. A machine to teach chil-
god, 71. The Sapreme Beiag ; Jehovah.
©OD'DESS, n. A female divinity.
GOD'FJi-TiiER, n. Sponsor in baptism.
GOD'iiEAD, 7i. Deity; divine nature.
GOD'L^SS, a. Atlieistical ; impious.
GOD'LIKE,a. Divine; supremely good.
g6d'1.i-WESS, 77. aaality of being godly.
s6d''LY, a. Pious towards God ; good.
god's£nd, n. An unexpected gift or

acquisition, as from God.

AKlQUYjong ; AE.I6UYjSAort ,- AEIoy Y, e&SCltre. — FAREiFARiFASTjFlXJj. J HiilB,




g6i>'s6n (god'sun), n. He for whom
one has become sponsor in baptism.

GOG'gle,^. n. To strain or roll the ej'es.

GO&'GLE, n. A stare. — pi. Blinds for
horses : — a sort of spectacles.

GO'ING, 71. Act of walking : — conduct.

goi'tre (gbi'ter), n. A tumor on the
throat. [with, the goitre.

goI'trous, ffl. Partaking of, or afflicted

GOLD, n. A precious metal : — money.

GOiiB'BEAT-ER, n. A beater of gold.

gold'en (g5l'dn), a. Made of gold.

gold'fInch, n. A small singing bird.

GOLD'leaf, n. Gold beaten into thin
Jeaves for gilding. - [gold.

Gold'smith, n. One who works in

GOLF, ?i. A game played with a ball.

GOME, n. The grease of cart-wheels.

GON'do-la^ n. A long pleasure-boat.

GON-DO-iilER', n. A rower of a gondola.

GONE, p. from go. Advanced ; past.

GONG, n. A sounding instrument.

GOOD (gud), a. Excellent ; not bad ; fit.

GOOD (gud), n. Advantage ; benefit.

good'-breed'ing (gud'-), n. Polite-
ness ; ci_vility. [well.

600d'-by' (gud'bi')) ad. Adieu; fare-

GOOD'li-ness (gud'le-nes), n. Beauty.

GOOd'ly (gud'le), a. Beautiful.

GOOd'ness (gud'nes), n. Excellence.

GOOD§ (gudz), n. pi. Movables ; wares.

GOOD-w^iLL,' (gud-), n. Benevolence.

GOOS-an'der, n. A large waterfowl.

GOOSE, 71. ,• pi. GEESE^ A waterfowl.

g66§e'ber-ry, 71. A shrub and fruit.

GOOSE 'QlJlLL, n. A quill of a goose.

GORE, n. Blood clotted : — a triangular
piece of cloth : — a slip of land.

GORE, V. a. To stab ; to pierce.

GOR^E, n. The throat ; the gullet.

GOR^^E , V. To glut ; to satiate : — to eat.

GbR'<j^EOUS (gbr'jus), a. Splendid ;
showy ; magnificent. [didly.

GOR'9EOUS-L,Y (gor'jus-le), ad. Splen-

Gor'^et, n. Part of armor to defend
the throat : — a surgical instrument.

Gor'gon, n. A fabled monster.

Gor'mand, ra. A greedy eater: — glutton.

gor'man-cize,^. n. To eat greedily.

gor'man-diz-er,7i. a voracious eater.

GORSE, n. A prickly shrub 5 furze ; whin.

gor'y, a. Covered with gore ; bloody.

g6s'hawk,71. a kind of hunting hawk.

gos'ling, 71. A young goose.

GOS'PEL, n. The evangelical history
of Christ ; the Christian revelation.

Goss, n. A kind of low furze ; gorse.

Gos'sA-MER,7i. A film spun by spiders.

Gos'sip, 71. A tattler : — trifling talk.

Gos'sp", V. n. To chat ; to tattle, prate.

GOT, i. & p. from get. [a barbarian.

GOTH, n. One of an ancient people : —

goth'ic, \a. Relating to the Goths,

goth'i-cal, j or a style of architecture.

got'ten (got'tn), p. of get. Got. [el.

Goft^-E (gbuj or g6j),7i. A scooping chis-

GOU9-E or g6u(^e, v. a. To hollow or
scoop out, as witli a gouge. [lea,!.

gou-lard' (go-lard'), 11. An extract uf

gourd (gord or gord), «. A bottle-shaped
fruit, from certain plants.

gour'mand,??.. a glutton ; a gormand.

.GOUT, v.. An inilaiiiinatory disease.

GOUT (go), K. Taste; relish. [gosit.

GOUT'v', a. Diseased with, or like, fhe

GOV'ERN (guv'ern), v. a. To rule ; to
direct; to regulate; to control.

g6v'ern-a-bl,e, ffl. That may be gov-
erned ; controllable. [control.

Gov'ER-NANCE,?i. Government ; rule ;

g6v-ER-nante', n. A governess, [ress.

g6v'ern-ess, n. A directress ; instruct-

Gov'ERN-MENT, H. Direction ; con-
trol ; exercise of authority : — adminis-
tration of a country.

g6v'ern-or, n. One that governs.

GOWN, ?i. A long. upper garment.

GRAB, V, a. To seize suddenly.

grab'ble, «. n. To grope : — to grapple.

GRACE, 71. Unmerited favor ; pardon:
- virtue : — elegance ; beauty : — a title.

GRACE. V. a. To adorn ; to dignify.

grace'ful, a. Beautiful ; becoming.

grace'less, a. Void of grace ; wicked.

GRA'cio us (gra'shus), a. Merciful ; be-
nevolent ; favorable ; kind ; virtuous.

GRA'cioys-LY, ad. Mercifully.

gra-da'tion, n. Regular progress from
one degree to another ; order, [step.

GrId'a-to-ry, a. Proceeding step by

GRADE, 71. Rank ; degree : — rise and de-

gra'di-ent, a. Moving by steps, [scent.

GRAD'il-AL (grad'yu-al), a. Proceeding
by degrees ; advancing step by step.

3rAd'u-^l-l,y, ad. Step by step.

GRAD'y-ATE, V. a. To dignify with a
degree:— to divide into degrees.

GRAD'y-ATE, V. 11. To receive a degree.

GRAD'y-ATE, 71. A man who has re-
ceived a degree, as from a college.

GRAD-y-A'TiON, n. Act of graduating.

grIft, n. A shoot or scion of a tree.

GRAFT, w. a. To insert a scion, shoot,
or branch of one tree into another.

GRAIN, 71. A seed : — corn : — a particle.

GRAIN§, n. pi. Husks of malt in brewing.

gbal'lic, a. Having long legs ; stilted.

GRA-MlN'E-oiJs, a. Relating to grass.

HER;M;iE3Nr,SIK;D6,NOR,s6N;BULL,BUR,RUI.E.9,^,«<>^;je,G,fta7-rf,§ as Z -j^asgz.




GRAM-i-Niv'o-uotJs, a. Living upon
grass or vegetable food.

GRAM' MAR, 11. Art of speaking or Writ-
ing a language correctly, [grammar.

GRAM-MA'ri-AN, n. One versed in

GRAM-3iAT'i-CAi., a. Relating or ac-
cording to grammar. [grammar.

Gram-mXt'i-cal-ly, ad. According to

grAm'pus, n. A cetaceous animal.

grAn'a-'rv, n. A storehouse for grain.

GRAND, a. Great ; illustrious ; splen-
did ; magnificent : — principal ; chief.

gran'dam^ n. Grandmother, [daughter.

grand'chilu, n. Child of a son or

gran-dee', n. A man of high rank.

GRAnd'eur (grand'yur), n. Splendor ;
magnificence ; greatness, [er's father.

grAnd'fa-THER, n. A father's or moth-

gran-dIl'q-quence, 11. Lofty speak-
ing ; bombastic language. [jury-

grand'-ju-RQr, 71. One of a grand-

Gr1nd'-ju-ry, n. A jury that finds
bills of indictment, [mother's mother.

grand'm6th-er, 71. A father's or

grand'sire, 71. A grandfather, [ter.

grand's6n,7i. Son of a son or daugh-

GRANt^E, 71. A farm, or a farm-house.

GRAN'ite, 71. A hard stone or rock.

GRA-nIt'ic, a. Containing granite.

GRA-NIV'Q-ROUS, a. Living upon grain.

GRInt, v. a. To give, bestow, admit.

GrSnt, 71. Any thing granted ; a gift.

GrIn-tee', 71. One to whom any grant
is made ; — correlative to grantor.

GR Jnt-or' , 71. One who makes a grant.

gran'u-laR, a. Consisting of grains.

GRAN'U-IiATE,v. To break into grains.

gran-v-l,a'tion, n. The act of break-
ing into grains. [tide.

GRAN'tJLE (gran'yal), n. A small par-

GRAN'u-L,oiJs, a. Full of grains ; gran-

GRAPE, 71. The fruit of the vine. [ular.

GRAP'ER-y,7i. Enclosure of grape-vines.

GRAPE '-SHOT, 71. Small shot in a bag.

graph'ic, ) a. Descriptive ; well

grXph'j-CAL,, \ dehneated ; vivid.

GRAPH'iTE, n. Black lead ; plumbago.

grap'nel, 71. A small anchor.

GRAP'PLE, V. To seize; to struggle.

GRAP'PLiE, n. Close fight :— a hook.

GRA'py, a. Consisting of, or like, grapes.

GRASP, V. a. To hold in the hand, seize.

GRASP, n. Seizure of the hand ; hold.

GRASS, n. The herbage of the fields.

grIss, v. To breed, or cover with, grass.

grass'hop-per, n. An insect, [grass.

GRASS'-PliOTJ 7?. A spot covered with

GRASs'y, a. Covered with grass.

GRATE j n. A frame made with bars.

GRATE, V. To rub : — to vex : — to make
a harsh sound : — to enclose with bars.

grate'fOl, a. Having a due sense of
benefits : thankful ; acceptable, [ner.

grate'ful.-l.y, ad. In a grateful man-

GRAT'er, n. instrument to grate with.

grat-I-fi-CA'tiqn,?i. Pleasure;delight.

grat'i-FY, v. a. To indulge ; to please.

GKAT'lNG,p. a. Sounding harshly.

GKA'TIS, ad. [L.] For nothing ; freely.

GRAt'i-tude, 71. Thankfulness.

GRA-TU'l-TOtJS, a. Free ; voluntary.

GRA-Tu'i-TY, n. A present ; free gift.

grAt'u-late,!?. a. To congratulate.

6RAT-V-la'tiqn, 7?. Congratulation.

grat'u-la-to-ry, a. Congratulatory.

GRAVE, 71. A pit or hole for the dead.

GRAVE, V. {i. graved ; p. graven or
graved.] To carve ; to cut ; to engrave.

GRAVE, a. Solemn ; serious ; weighty ;
not showy : — not acute or sharp.

grXv'eLi, 71. Hard, rough sand : — cal-
culous matter formed in the kidneys.

GrXVEl, v. a. To cover with gravel.

grave'less, a. Unburied. [gravel.

GRAv'EL,-LY,a. Abounding with,or like,

grave'ly, ad. Solemnly ; seriously.

GRAV'ER,re. A tool to engrave with.

GRAVE 'stone, 71. A stone over a grave.

GRAVE 'yard, 71. A place for burying.

GRAV'lD, a. Heavy from pregnancy.

GRAV'JNG, n. Carved work ; engraving.

GRAV'i-TATE, ^>. 71. To tend to a Cen-
tre of attraction.

grav-i-ta'tion, n. The act of gravi-
tating ; centripetal force. [portance.

grav'i-ty, n. Weight ; heaviness ; iin-

gra'vy, 71. Juice of roasted meat, &c.

GRAY, a^ White mixed with black.

gray'beard (gra'berd),7i. An old man.

GRAY'lSH, a. Somewhat gray.

GRAZE, V. n. To eat grass. [to rub.

GRAZE, V. a. To supply with grass : —

GRAZ'er, n. One that feeds on grass.

GRAZ'iER (gra'zhur),7i. One who grazes

grease, 71. Animal fat. [cattle.

GREA§E, t;. a. To smear with grease.

grea§'i-n£ss, n. State of being greasy.

GRE A§'y (gre'ze),a. Oily; fat; unctuous.

GREAT (grat), a. Large: — chief; prin-
cipal : — eminent ; noble ; grand.

GRE at'ly, ad. In a great degree; highly.

great'ness, 71. Largeness : — dignity.

GREATER, n. pi. Armor for the legs.

gre'cian, a. Relating to Greece.

greed'i-lY) o-d. In a greedy manner.

GREED'i-NESS, 71. Voracity; avidity.

greed'y, a. Ravenous ; voracious.

GREEK, a. Relating to Greece ; Grecian.

AEiouy, long ; AEiotJS, short ,■ .^l:? joyy, oftscwre.— fAre,fS.r,fSst,fAll j heir,




GREEN, a. Verdant ; flourishing ; fresh ;

new ; not dry; unripe; immature.
G-RiiEN, n. Green color : — grassy plain.
green'g-a§-e, n. A species of plum.
GREEN'gro-cer, n. A dealer m greens

and other vegetables.
green'horn,7i. An unpractised youth,
green'house, n. A house for plants.
GREEN'itNG, 11. A large green apple.
green'ish, a. Tending to green.
green'ness, n. State of being green.
green§, h. pi. The stalks and leaves

of vegetaj?les for food, [grass grows.
green's WARD, n. Turf on which
GREET, V. a. To salute, congratulate.
GREET^ING, 71. A friendly salutation.
GR^-GA'Ri-oiJs, a. Going in flocks.
GRE'Ml-AL,a. Pertaining to the lap or

bosom. [iron, thrown by the hand.
GRE-nade'_, n. (Mil.) A hollow ball of
GrEn-A-dier', n. A tall foot-soldier.
GREW (gru), i. of grow. Became.
GREY(gra), a. Gray. See GRAY. [dog.
GREy'hoOnd (gra.'-), n. A tall, fleet
GRId'dle, n. A pan for baking cakes.
GRID'ir-ON (grid'i-urn), 7t. A grate on

which meat is laid to be broiled.
GRIEF (gref), n. Sorrow ; affliction.
GRIEV'ance, 71. A wrong ; an injury.
GRIEVE, V. a. To afflict; to make sad.
GRIEVE, t;. 71. To feel sorrow ; to mourn.
GRIEV'ous, a. Afflictive ; painful.
GRIE v'ous-LY, ad. Painfully ; heavily.
GRIM, a. Horrible ; hideous ; frightful.
GRI-M ACE ',n. A distortion of the coun-
grJ-mXi.'kin,7i. An old cat. [tenance.
GRIME, V. a. To dirt ; to sully deeply.
grime, 71. Dirt deeply insinuated.
grim'ey, ad. Horribly ; hideously.
GRIM'NESS, 71. Horror ; frightful visage.
GRiN,i>. n. To show the teeth, [laugh.
GRIN, 71. The act of grinning ; affected
GRIND, V. [i. &. p. ground.] To reduce

to powder : — to sharpen : — to oppress.
GRJND'ERjTi. One who grinds: — a tooth.

stone on which tools are sharpened.
GRIP, 71. Power of griping ; grasp ; gripe.
GRIPE, V. a. To hold hard ; to grasp.
GRIPE, V. n. To feel the colic : — to be
GRIPE, 71. A grasp ; hold. [miserly.
GRIS'kin, n. The backbone of a hog.
GRI§'l,V)«- Dreadful ; horrible ; grizzly.
GRIST, 71. Corn to be ground : — supply.
GRis'TEE (gris'sl),7i. A cartilage.
GRlST'liY (gris'sle), a. Full of gristle.
GRIT, n. Coarse part of meal : — sand.
GRIt'ti-ness, 71. State of being gritty.
GRIT'ty, a. Consisting of grit ; sandy.

GRlz'ziiE, 71. A gray color; gray.
GR£Z'ZL,Y (griz'zle), a. Gray ; grayish.
GROAN, V. n. To breathe or sigh in pain.
GROAN, n. A deep sigh from pain.
GROAn'ING,71. Lamentation; deep sigh.
groAt (grawt),/!. Four pence sterling.
GROATS, 71. ;;/. Oats with the hulls off.
GP.o'CER, n. A dealer in tea, sugar, &;c.
GUO'CER-Y, 11. Goods sold by grocers.
GROG, 11. Spirit and water for drink.
GROIN, 71. The part next above the thigh.
GROOM, 11. One who tends horses.
GROOVE, B. a. To cut in channels.
GROOVE, m. A channel cut with a tool.
GROPE, V. ri. To feel one's way.
GROPE, V. a. To search or move by

feeling in the dark.
GROSS, a. Thick ; bulky : — indelicate ;

eoarse ; impure : — stupid ; dull ; — fat.
GROSS, 71. The bulk : — twelve dozen.
GROSS'LY, ad. In a gross manner.
GROSS'NESS, 11. State of being gross.
GROT, 11. A cave ; a cavern ; a grotto.
grq-tesque' (-tesk'), a. Fantastic.
grot'to, n. A cave ; a cavern.
GROt^ND, 11. Earth ; land ; soil ; bottom.
GRoOnd, v. a. To place on the ground;

to fix : — to found ; to establish.
GRO0ND, V. n. To strike the bottom.
GROUND, i. &_p. from grind.
GRotND'-FLOOR,7i. The lower floor.
ground'less, a. Void of reason ; false.
GRO^ND'NtJT, 11. A plant and its fruit.
groi)nd'-pl6t, 11. Site of a building.
GRoOnd'-rent, 71. Rent paid for land.
GRoftND'woRK,7i. Foundation; base.
group (grop), //. A cluster ; collection.
GROUP, V. a. To form into groups ; to

collect ; to combine. [varieties.

GRoOsE, 71. A kind of fowl of several
GRO VE , 71. A small wood, or cluster of

trees ; woodland.
grov'el (grov'vl), V. 71. To creep low

on the ground : — to be mean or vile.
GROV'EL-LER (grov'vl-er), 71. One who

grovels ; a low, mean person.
GROW (gro), V. n. [i. grew ; p. grown.]

T^ vegetate : — to increase ; to extend.
GROW (gro), V. a. To cause to grow ; to

raise by cultivation. [muMnur.

GROWL,, V. n. To snarl like a dog ; to
GROWL, 11. A murmur, as of an angry
GROWN (gron), p. from ^?-oiy. [cur.

GROWTH (groth), 71. Vegetation -.—prod-
uct : — increase of stature : — advance.
GRUB, V. a. To dig up ; to root out.
GRfjB, n. A kind of worm or maggot.
GRiJD(^E,7;. To envy the enjoyment of:

— to give unwillingly ; to begrudge.

HER;MiEN,SIR;D6,N6R,s6N;BULL,BUR,Rt5LE. 9,<^,so/t ; 0,G,hard ; s as z ; :^ as gz.




GRt}D(jl^E, n. An old quarrel : — ill will.

GKtJD^'lNG-LY, «(/. Unwillingly', [food.

GRtj'EL, 71. Meal boiled in water for

GKUFF, a. Sour of aspect ; harsh ; rongh.

GR'JFF'ly, ad. In a grufl" manner,

grRff'ness, n. Harshness of manner.

GRUM, a. Sour ; surly ; grim , liarsh.

GrOm'blf, v. n. To murmur, growl.

grDm'bler,3i. One who grumbles.

GRUM'BLtNG, n. A murmuring.

GRUME, ?i. Viscid consistence of a fluid.

grum'ey, ad. Tn a grum manner.

GRtJ'MOUS, a. Thick 5 clotted; viscid.

GRUNT, V. n. To make a noise like a hog.

GRiJNT, n. Noise of a hog : — a groan.

GUAR-AN-TEE' (gar-ran-te'),7!. Surety
for perforniajice ; surety, [formance of.

GUAR-AN tee',«. a. To insure the per-

GUAU-AN-TOR',7i. One who guarantees.

GUAR'an-TY, 71. Surety; guarantee,

GUARD (gard), V. a. To protect, defend.

GUARD (gard), 71. A man, or body of
men, for defence: — protection ; care.

GUARd'ed-ness, 71. Caution ; wariness.

GUAR'di-an (gar'de-an), n. One who
has the care of another ; a protector.

guar' di an-ship, 71. Office of a guar-

guard'less, a. Without defence.fdian.

GU-BER-NA-TO'Rl-AL, a. Relating to
a. governor.

eOD'9EOiv(giad'jun),?7. A fish:— a pin
or part on which a wheel turns.

GUESS (§es), i'. To conjecture ; to judge.

GUESS, n. A conjecture ; surmise.

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