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al-ien-a'tion, 71. Act of alienating;
transfer of property ; derangement.

al'ien-a-tor, n. One who alienates.

AL-IEN-ee' (al-yen-e'), n. One to whom
property is alienated or transferred.

A-ligiit',7;.7?. To descend ; to light. []y.

a-like', ad. With resemblance ; equal-

al'i-mest, 71. Nourishment ; food.[ing.

Al-i-MENT'al, a. Nutritious ; uourish-

Al-i-bient'a-ry, a. Belonging to, or
affording, aliment; conveying aliment.

AL'l-MQ-NY, n. An allowance to a wife
upon separation from her husband.

Al'i-QUAnt, a. Noting such parts of a
number as do not measure it exactly,
or without a remainder.

Al'i-quot, a. Noting such parts of a
number as will divide it without a re-

A-LIVE', ffl. Not dead; active; lively.

Al'ka-hest, 71. A universal solvent.

AL-KA-LEs'CENT,o.Partakiug of alkali.

Al'ka-LI or Al'ka-li, n. ; pi, Al'ka-
LIES. A substance that neutralizes
acids. Potash is vegetable, soda min-
eral, and ammonia volatile alkali,

Al'ka-line or Al'ka-line, a. Hav-
ing the qualities of alkali.

Jiiy ; prouuceu oy aicuemy. lug uie quauims vi aiKciu.

AEIOUY, long ; a£i6C$, short ; AEipyy, obscure.— vkHB ,fAr,fAst,FALL ; HfilR,




Al'ka-lize, v. a. To make alkaline.
Al'ka-loid, n. A vegetable principle

having alkaline properties.
Aiii., n. The whole ; every thing.
ALL, a. The whole ; every one.
All, a<f. duite; completely 5 wholly.
all-a-l6n&', ad. Throughout.
Ill-fool 's-DAY',?i. The first of April.
All-hail', int. A term of salutation.
Ill'-HEAL (ai'hel), n. A plant.
all-saint§-day', 71. The 1st day of

Novecnber. _ [November.

All-soul§-day', 71. The Sd day of
Ill-wise', a. Possessing infinite wis-
AL-LAY',jy ,«. To quiet ; to pacif}^ [dom.
Al-le-ga'tion, n. Act of alleging ;

thing alleged; affirmation; declaration.
AL-leg-e', v. a. To aflirm ; to declare.
AL-LE'^^IANCE (al-le'jans), n. The

obedience of a subject or citizen due

to a sovereign or government.
al-le-g6r'ic, ^ a. Relating to alle-
Al-le-g-or'i-cal, \ gory ; figurative.
AL-LE-GOR'i-CAL-LY, ad. By use of

allegory ; figuratively. [legory.

Xl'le-go-rIze, v. a. To turn into al-
Al'le-go-rize, v. n. To speak alle-

gorically ; to use allegory.
Al'l:|-go-ry,7i. a figurative discourse.
4L-LE'GR0, a. (Mus.) Sprightly.
XL-LE-LU'jAH(al-le-lu'ya),t?ii. Sen. A

word of exultation, signifying praise

God ; a song of praise.
AL-le'vi-ate, v. a. To ease ; to allay.
AL-LE-vi-A'Tlox, 71. Act of alleviating ;

that wiiich alleviates ; mitigation.
al'ley, 71. ,• pi. al'leys. a narrow

^valk or passage 3 a lane. [league.

al-lT'ance, 71. A ■ confederacy ; a
al'li-gate, V, a. To join togetlier.
al-li-ga'tion, 71. A rule of arithmetic.
al'li-ga-tor,7?. American crocodile.
al-lI'/^ion (al-lizh'un), n. The act of

striking one thing against another.
al-lit-er-a'tion, 71. Repetition of a

letter at the beginning of words.
Al-lq-ca'tiojV, 71. Act of placing to.
Al-lq-cu'tion, n. Act of speaking to,
al-lo'di-al, a. Not feudal.
AL-Lo'Di-UM, 71. Land held in one's

own right, free from feudal obligation.
AL-L06', V. a. To set on, as a dog.
AL-L9T', V. a. To grant ; to distribute.
al-l6t'ment, n. A share ; a part al-
AL-Low', V. a. To admit ; to permit ;

to grant.; to yield; to concede as an

abatement or compensation.
AL-low'a-ble, a. Permissible.

al-loa^'ance, n. That which is al-
lowed ; permission ; abatement.

AL-LOW'ANCE, V. a. To put upon al-
lowance, or limited supply of food.

al-loy', n. A combination of metals
by fusion ; a baser metal mixed with
a finer one ; a debased substance.

al-loy', v. a. To debase by mixing.

All'spice, n. Jamaica pepper or pi-

al-lude', v. n. To refer ; to hint at.

al-lure', v. a. To entice; to attract.

al-lure'ment, n. An enticement.

al-lur'ing, a. Tempting ; enticing.

AL-LU'§iON (al-lu'zhun), n. Act of al-
luding ; a reference to something.

AL-Lu'siVE, a. Making allusion; hinting.

AL-LU'vi.-AL, a. Relating to, or com-
posed of, alluvium. [um.

AL-LU'vi-ON, n. Alluvial land ; alluvi-

AL-LU'vi-tlM, n. ,• pi. AL-LtJ'VI-A. An
accumulation of earth, &c., by water.

AL-ly', v. a. To unite by compact.

al-ly', n. ; pi. AL-LIES'. One who is
allied by kindped, friendship, or com-
pact ; a confederate ; an associate.

al'ma-nac, 11. An annual calendar of
montiis, weeks, days, &c. [ruby.

Al'm^n-dine, 71. An inferior kind of

al-migh'ty (al-mi'te), a. Having un-
limked power ; omnipotent. [vah.

al-migh'ty (al-mi'te), n. God ; Jeho-

al'mond (a'mund), n. A tree and nut.

al'mond^ (i'mundz),!!. pi. Two glands
on the sides of the tongue ; tonsils.

al'mox-er, 71. An officer employed in
the distribution of alms or charity.

al'mqn-ry, n. The place for alms.

al'most, ad. Nearly ; well-nigh.

ALMS (amz), 71. sing. &. pi. A benefac-
tion to_the poor ; a charitable gift.

alms'deed (amz'-), n. Act of charity.

ALMS'£tiv-ER, n. A giver of alms.

alms'house (amz'hbus), n. A house
devoted to the support of the poor.

alm§'man, 71. A man living on alms.

Al'na^^e, 7!. A measure by the ell.

AL'OE,7i. ,• pi. al'oes (al'oz). A plant;
a wood for perfumes : — a resinous
substance or drug from the plant.

al-Q-et'ic, ) a. Relating to aloes j

al-o-et'i-cal, ) consisting of aloes.

a-loft', W. On high ; above.

a-lone', a. Single ; without company.

A-L6NG',a<?. Throughout; forward.

k-Jj6^G',prep. Near; by the side of.

a-l6ng-side', ad. (J\,''aut.) By the side,

a-l66f', ad. At a distance ; far apart.

a-loiJd', ad. Loudly; with a great noise.

HtR;MiEN,siR;D6,NOR,s6N;BULli,BiJR,E tTLE,. <;^,<},sofi; 0y&,haxd; ^ as z;ii. as gz.




al-PAC'a, n. A species of Peruvian
sheep or llama : — a sort of thin cloth.

ALi'PHA, n. The first letter in the Greek
alphabet, answering to the English A.

al'pha-eiSt, n. Letters of a language.

al'-pha-bet'ic, ) a. Relating to, or

AL-PHA-BET'i-CAL,, \ in the order of,
the alphabet ; arranged alphabetically.

al-pha-bet'i-cal-ly, ad. In an al-
phabetical manner or order.

al'pine or al'pine, a. Relating to
the Alps ; high; mountainous.

Al-read'y, aii' Now ; at this time.

al'so, ad. In like manner ; lilcewise.

Al'so, co?y. Noting addition ; and.

ae'tar, n._ A place for offerings.

al'tar-piece,?). a painting or piece
of sculpture placed over the altar.

Il'ter, v. a. &.11. To change ; to vary.

al'ter-A-ble, a. That may be altered.

li.-TER-A'TtON, n. Act of altering.

al'ter-a-tive, 71. A term for any
medicine that operates on disease by
slow and imperceptible degrees.

al'ter-a-tive, a. Causing alteration.

al,'ter-cate, v. 71.- To wrangle 5 to
contend ; to dispute ; to contest.

ae-ter-ca'tion, n. Wrangle ; dispute.

AL-ter'nate, a. Being by turns.

AE-ter'nate, n. Vicissitude ; change.

al-ter'nIte or ae'ter-nate, z'.' a.
To perform alternately ; to reciprocate,

ae-ter-na'tion, n. Reciprocal suc-
cession ; reciprocation, [two tilings.

al-ter'na-tive, n. Choice of one of

AE-TER'T-fA-Tl'vE, a. Reciprocally
changing ; implying alternation.

al-the'a, n. : pi. al-tiie'as. A shviib.

1l-THOUGH' (Cil-tho')) conj. Though; if.

al-tim'e-try, 7?. Art of measuring
heights, whether accessible or not.

Xe'ti-tube, n. Height ; elevation.

Al-to-geth'er, ad. Completely ; en-
tirely ; conjunctly ; in company.

al'u-del, n. A chemical distilling pot.

Al'um, n. An acid mineral salt.

A-eu'mi-na, 7?. A kind of earth.

ae'v-mine, ?i. Kind of earth; alumina.

A-L,U;[^Ml-NOtJSj a. Like alum ; clayey.

ae'vine, a. Relating to the belly.

Il'ways, ad. Perpetually ; constantly.

AM._ The first person of the verb to be.

a-main', ad. With vehemence or vigor.

a-mae'gam, n. (Chem.) A combina-
tion of mercury with another metal.

A-mal'ga-mate, v. a. To combine
mercury wijth other metals ; to mix.

a-mae-g"a-3IA'tion, 71. The act of
amalgamating ; a mixture.

A-M_AN-y-EN'SIS, n. ; pi. A-MAN-y-EN'-

SES. One who writes from dictation.

am'a'-rantii, ?!,. A plant ; a flower.

am-a-ran'thine, a. Like amaranth ;
unfading ; undecaying ; imperishable.

A-MASS', V. a. To collect ; to heap up.

A-MASS']\'n3:iVT,7i.A heap; accumulation.

am-a-teur', 71, A lover of, or adept
in, any art or science ; a virtuoso.

am'a-tive-ness, n. Propensity to love.

am'a-to-ry, a. Relating to love.[sight.

A3i-AU-RO'sis, n. Dimness or loss of

a-maze', v. a. To astonish ; to confuse.

A-jMAZE'MENT, 11. Astonishment.

A-MAZ'IKG, p. a. Wonderful ; strange.

am'a-zon, 71. A warlike woman.

abi-a-zo'ni-aiv, a. Relating to Ama-
zons ; witii the qualities of Amazons.

AM-BAS'SA-DOR, 71. A minister sent
from one sovereign power to another.

abi'ber, n. A fossil, indurated, vege-
table juice, used for ornament, &c.

am'eer-gris, 7i. A fragrant substance.

am-bi-dex'ter, n. One that can use
both hands alike; a double-dealer.

Xm-bi-dex-ter'i-ty, 71. State of be-
ing ambidextrous : — double-dealing.

am-BI-dex'trous, a. Using both
hands, the left as well as the right.

AM'Bl-ENT,a, Surrounding; investing.

AM-si-GU'i-TY, n. State of being am.-
biguous ; uncertainty of signification ;
equivocalness ; double meaning.

AM-BlG'U-OtJs, a. Doubtful ; having
two meanings ; equivocal ; uncertain.

am'bit, 71. Compass or circuit.

A3i-Bi"Tio?r (am-bish'un), n. Eager
desire of power or fame ; emulation.

am-bi"tious («m-bish'us), a. Pos-
sessed of ambition : aspiring ; emulous.

am'bee, v. n. To move upon an amble.

am'ble, 71. An easy motion of a horse.

am'be^r, n. A horse that ambles.

AjVI-bro'si-a (am-bro'zhe-a), n. Food
of the^gods : — a genus of plants,

AM-BRo'si-AL, ) a. Of the nature of

AM-BRO'si-AN, \ ambrosia; delicious.

am'brYjW. An almonry : — a pantry.

AMB§-1ce' (amz-as'), 7f. A double ace.

am'bu-Lance, 71, A moving hospital.

am-BU-la'tion, n. Act of walking.

am'bu-LA-to-ry, a. Walking about;
fitted for walking ; movable. "

AM'By-LA-Tp-Ry, n. Place for walking.

am-bus-cade', ?!. A station in which
men lie to surprise others ; an ambush ;
a body of troops placed in ambush.

AM'BtJSH,7i, The place where persons
lie in wait ; an ambuscade.

AEIOtJy, long ; AEIOO^, short ; AEJptlY, oJsCMT-e.— fA.BE, FiR,FlST,FALL, ; HEIR,




A-Me'liQ-rate (a-mel'yo-rat), v. a.
To improve ; to make better.

n. Act of making better ; melioration.

a'mEn', ad. So be it ; verily ; truly.

A-ME'NA-BiiE,a. Responsible J liable.

a-mEnd', v. a. To correct; to reform.

A-MiiND', V. n. To grow better, [ble.

a-mend'a-ble, a. Reparable ; corrigi-

a-jiSnd'ment, n. Reformation ; re-

A-MENDS', ?i. pZ. Recompense, [covery.

a-men'i-ty, n. Pleasantness.

A-merce', v. a. To punish by fine.

a-merce'a-ble, a. Liable to amerce-
ment ; that may be amerced or fined.

a-merce'ment, ?i. Fine ; penalty.

a-mer'cer, n. One who amerces.

a-mer'i-can-i§m, 71. A word, phrase,
or idiom peculiar to America.

am'e-tiiyst,w. A precious violet stone.

am-e-thyst'ine, a. Like an amethyst.

A-Ml-A-BiE'l-TY, n. Amiableness.

a'mi-a-ble, a. Worthy of love ; lovely.

A'JVli-A-BEE-NESS, 71. Loveliness.

AM'i-lNTH, n. Earth-flax ; amianthus.

Am-i-AN'THUS, n. The flaxen asbestos.

AM'i-CA-BLE, a. Friendly ; kind.

A- mid', "I prep. In the midst of; min-

a^mtdst', J gled with ; among.

A-Miss', ad. Faultily ; improperlj\

am'i-ty, 71.^ Friendship; harmony.

AM-ivro'Ni-A, 71. A volatile alkali.

am-mo'ni-aCjTi. a gum-resin, [monia.

Am-bio-ni'a-cae, a. Containing am-

Am-jviu-n1"tion (am-mu-nish'un), n.
Military stores, as powder, balls, &c.

Am'nes-ty, n. A general pardon.

A-aiONG-', )prep. Mingled with; con-

a-mongst', \ joined with ; amidst.

Am'o-rous, a. Full of love ; loving.

a-mor'phous, a. Shapeless ; without

a-mount', v. n. To rise to. [form.

a-mount', n. The aggregate ; sum total.

a-ivi6ur', n. Affair of love ; intrigue.

AM-phib'i-an, n. An amphibious ani-
mal, or one living in air and in water.

AM-phib'I-ous (am-fib'e-us), a. Hav-
ing the faculty of living in air and
in water ; of a mixed nature, [course.

am-phi-b6l'o-(^y, 71. Ambiguous dis-

Am-piii-the'a-tre (am-fe-the'a-ter),
n. A building of a circular or oval
form, used for public shows, &c.

am-phi-the-at'r'i-cal, a. Relating
to, or resembling, sin amphitheatre.

am'ple, a. Large; wide; diffusive.

Ah-pli-fi-ca'tion, n. Enlargement.

AM'PLi-Fi-ER, n. One who amplifies.

am'pli-fy, v. To enlarge ; to extend.

AM'Piii-TUDE, 71. Extent ; largeness.

AM.' vj^Y, ad. Largely ; liberally.

am'pu-tate, ?j. a. To cut off, as a limb.

am-pu-ta'tiow, 72. Act of cutting off.

A3i'y-LET, 77. Something worn to pro-
tect from injurj^ ; a charm.

a-muse', v. a. To entertain ; to divert.

A-MtlSE'MENT, 7i. That wliicli amuses.

A-MTJS'iNG, a. Affording amusement.

A-Jiu'siVE, a. Amusing ; divertisig.

a-?>iyg'da-late, a. Made of almonds.

AN. The same with the article a ,• one.

an-a-bap'tist, 71. One who allows
and maintains re-baptizing.

AN-Ajen'o-RITE, n. A monk ; a hermit,

a-na^h'ro-nI^M, 71. An error in com-
puting time or dates of events.

an-a-c6n'da, 77. A very large serpent.

an'a-glyph, n.K sculptured ornament.

an'a-gram, 71. The transposition of
the letters of a word. [anagrams.

AN-A-GRAM'aiA-TlZE, V. 11. To make

an-a-lep'tic, 71. Restorative medicine.

AN-A-Loq^'j-CAL, a. Having analogy.

A-NlL'o-GizE, V. a. To explain or
represent by way of analogy, [similar.

A-NAL'o-GOtJS, a. Having analogy;

A-NAii'0-(^Y, 71, Proportion between
different things ; resemblance^

a-nal'y-sis, n. ; pi. a-nal'y-se§. The
resolution of a thing into its elements.

an'a-lyst, n. One who analyzes.

1n-a-lyt'ic, I a. Relating to anal-

AN-A-EYT'i-CAL, j ysis ; resolving in-
to elements ; performed by analysis.

an-a-lv;t'ics, 77. pi. Art of analyzing.

an'a-lyze, 7J. a. To resolve into first
principles ; to solve by analysis.

An'a-lyz-er, 71. One who analyzes.

a-nA'nas, n. The pineapple.

iN'A-PfisT, n. A metrical foot, having
two short syllables and one long one.

AN-A-PEs'Tlc,a.Relatingto the anapest.

A-NXR';eHlc, ) a. Relating to an-

A-NAR'.eHi-CAL, ) archy ; disorderly.

An'ar-;0HIST,7i. a promoter of anarchy.

an'ar-jEHY, 71. Want of government ;
lawlessness ; confusion ; disorder.

a-nath'e-ma, n. An ecclesiastical
curse; excommunication; malediction.

A-nath'e-ma-tize, v. a. To pro-
nounce accursed ; to excommunicate.

an-A-t6m'i-cal, a. Belonging to anat-
omy or dissection. [omy.

a-nat'o-m'ist, 71. One skilled in anat-

a-kat'o-my, n. Art of dissecting an
animal body; structure of the body.

an'bu-ry, 71. A tumor on an animal ;
excrescence on turnips, &c.

her; MiEN,siR;D6,NOR,s6N;BULL,BiJR,RtJliE.9,9-,sc)/i5; 0,&,hard; § as z;^as gz.




an'ces-tor, 71. A progenitor.

an'ces-traIi, a. Relating to ancestors.

an'ces-try, n. Series of ancestors ;
lineage ; honorable descent or birth.

anjEh'or (ang'bur), n. A heavy in-
strument to liold a ship or vessel.

anjBh'or (ang'kur), v. To cast anchor.

ANjEh'or-a^-e, 71. Ground for anchor-
ing in ; a duty for anclioring.

aNjSh'Q-ress (ang'ko-res), n. A female
recluse or hermit ; a herniitess.

anjBh'o-ret, 71. A recluse ; a hermit.

anjBh'o-rite, 71. A recluse ; anchoret.

iNjEH'OR-SMlTH, n. Maker of anchors.

^N-CHO'VY,7i.A little sea-fish for sauce.

AN'ciENT (au'shent), a. Old ; not mod-

_ ern ; past ; former : of old time.

AN'CIENTS (an'shents),?i. pi. Men of
ancient times ; old men.

an'cient-ly (an'shent-le), ad. In an-
cient'times ; formerly. [maid.

an'cil.-la-ry, a. Relating to a hand-

AND, conj. A word or particle imply-
ing addition, by which sentences,
words, or terms are joined.

and'ir-on (and'i-urn), n. An kon
utensil to lay wood on in a fireplace.

AN-DRO^'Y-NAL, ) a. Having two

^N-DR6(^'Y-NbiJs, \ sexes 5 hermaph-
roditical ;_hermaphrodite. [man.

AN-DRoi^DE§, 71. An automaton like a

An'ec-dote, n. A short story or in-
cident related to some person.

AN-ec-dot'i-cal, a. Relative to an-
ecdotes ; of the nature of anecdotes.

A-nem'o-ne, 71. A plant; wind-flower.

an'eu-rism, 71. A tumor formed by
the morbid dilatation of an artery.

^-NEw''(a-nu')5 ad. Over again ; again.

an'^el,, 71. A messenger: — a celes-
tial spirit 3 an inhabitant of heaven.

AN-^-el'ic, ) a. Belonging to, or re-

AN-^-EL'i-CAL, \ sembliug, angels.

an-9^el'i-ca, 77. A genus of medicinal
plants, with a fragrant smell.

5.n'£!-er (ang'gur),7i. Resentment ; rage.

AN'jej;R(ang'gur), v. a. To make angry.

AN-^i'na, 71. A disease in the throat.

AN'&liE (ang'gl), n. A point where
two lines meet : — fishing apparatus.

AN'GiiE, V. n. To fish with an angle.

an'gler (ang'gler),7i.Onewho angles.

an'gli-cXn, a. Belonging to England.

AN'Gl.i-cI§M, 71. An English idiom.

an'gli-cize, v. a. To make English.

In'g-lJng, 71. Art of fishing with a rod.

An'gry, a. Excited by anger; pro-
voked ; exasperated ; irritated.

Sn'GUISH (ang'gwish), n. Great pain.

an'gu-lar, a. Having' angles, [gular-

an-gu-lXr'i-ty, n. State of being an'

an'gu-lat-ed, a. Formed with an'gles.

an'ile, a. Like an old woman ; doting.

a-wil'i-ty, 77. State of an old woman.

Xn-i-mad-ver'sion, 71. Reproof; cen-
sure ; stricture ; criticism, [censure.

an-i-mad-vert', v. n. To perceive ; to

an'i-mal, n. A creature liaving an or-
ganized body, life, sensation, and
voluntary motion ; an irrational crea-
ture ; a creature inferior to man.

an'i-mal, a. That belongs to animals.

AN-i-MAL,'cy-l.AR, a. Animalculiue.

AN-i-MAL,'cuLE, 71. A minute animal.

AN-i-MAL,'cu-i,iNE, a. Relating to, or
resembling,animalcule3 ; anin;alcular.

AN-I-MAL'CU-EUM, 77. ,• pi. AN-I-MAL'-

cii-LA. An animalcule.

AN'i-MAL-FX,ow-ER, 7t. The sea-nettle.

AN-1-MAL.'l-TY, 77. Animal existence.

AN'i-MAL-MAG'NET-i§M, 71. Mesmer-
ism ; magnetic sleep. [courage.

an'i-mate, v. a. To quicken ; to en-

an'i-M4.te, a. Possessing animal life.

AN'i-MiT-ED,2J. a. Lively ; having life.

AN'i-MAT-iNG, p. a. Giving life ; en-
livenijig ; quickening ; cheering.

Xn-I-ma'tion, 77. Life ; spirit ; vigor.

AN'i-MA-TOR, 77. One who gives life.

AN-i-Mos'l-TY, 71. Hatred ; malignity.

Xn'ise, 71. A species of parsley.

ank'er, 77. A Dutch liquid measure
of about 10 gallons. [and leg.

Xn'kle, 77. The joint between the foot

an'nal-ist, 77. A writer of annals.

an'nal§, 77. pi. History digested into
years ; records ; chronicles.

an-neal', v. a. To temper, as glass,
by heat ; to fix colors on, as on glass;

AN-neal'ing, 77. Tempering of glass ;
art of fixing colors on glass.

AN-NEX',_7;. a. To unite to at the end.

an-nj;x-a'tion, 77. Act of annexing.

AN-Nl'Hi-iiATE, V. a. To reduce to
notliing ; J;o destroy. . [to nothing.

an-ni-hi-la'tion, 71. Act of reducing

AN-NI-VER'SA-RY, 77. A day celebrated
yearly ; annual celebration.

an-ni-ver'sa-ry, a. Annual ; yearly.

an'no-tate, 7). 71. To make annota-
tions, notes,or comments ; to comment.

an-nq-ta'tion, 77. A note ; comment.

an'no-ta^or, 77. A commentator.

an-not'to, n. A dry, hard paste.

AN-woiTNCE', 77. a. To publish ; to pro-
claim ; to declare ; to pronounce.

an-noOnce'ment, 77. Declaration.

AN-NOY', V. a. To incommode ; to vex.

AElOVfflong; A.MotJ'i, short j ^^IQVYi obscure. — FARE,FAE,FAST,faLL; HEIRj




AN-N0lt"'A3S'CE,Ti. That which annoys.
Xn'nu-AL, a. Yearly ; coming yearly.
an'nu-ai., v.. a literary publication

issued annually : — an annual plant.
XN'Ny-AL-L,Ys <^d,. Every year, [nuity.
AN-NU'l-TANT, n. One having an an-
AN-NtJ'i-TY, 71. A sum of money re-
ceived yearly ; a yearly allowance.
an-NUl'j -0. a. To abolish ; to repeal.
ir^'NU-LAR, ) a. Having the form of
an'nu-la-ry, \ a ring; circular.
an'nu-let, n. A little ring ; a fillet.
an-nOl'ment, 71, Act of annulling.
an-nO'mer-ate, v. a. To add.
an-nu-mer-a'tion, n. Addition to.
an-nun'cI-ate (an-niin'she-at), v. a.

To announce ; to proclaim ; to report.

71. Act of announcing. ' [pain.

an'Q-dyne, n. Medicine assuaging
an'p-dyne, a. Mitigating pain.
a-noint', v. a. To rub, as with oil.
a-noint'ment, n. Act of anointing.
A-NOM'A-LISM, n. Anomaly ; irregu-
a-n6m-a-lis'tic, a. Irregular, [larity,
a-nom'a-loCs, a. Irregular ; out of rule.
a-n6m'a-ly,71. Irregularity ; deviation.
A-n6n', ad. duickly ; soon ; shortly.
A-non'y-MOUS, a. Wanting a name.
A-N6N'Y-iviotJS-l.Y,a(f. Without a name.
an'o-rex-Y, n. Want of appetite.
AN-6th'er (an-uth'er), a. Not the

same ; one more ; any 3 not one's self.
Sn'swer (Sn'ser), 7;. 74. To speak in

return ; to reply ; to accolint ; to suit.
An'sweb (in'ser), v. a. To speak in

return to ; to reply to ; to satisfy.
An'swer (Sn'ser), n. That which is

said in return to a question ; a reply ;

result of mathematical calculation.
iN'swER-A-BLE (in'ser-a-bl), a. Ad-
mitting reply ; liable to account ; suit-
Xnt, 71. An insect ; emmet; pismire.
AN-TXG'o-Ni§M,7i. Opposition ; contest.
AN-Tl&'p-NIST, 7i. A contender ; an

opponent ; a competitor. [against.
an-tag-O-nIs'tic, a. Contending
an-tXg'p-nize, 7;. a. & 7?. To contend

against ; to strive against. [pain.

an-tal'9^ic, 71. Medicine to relieve
AjNfT-ARC'Tic, a. Relating to the south

pole ; — opposite to arctic, [the gout.
Xnt-ar-thrIt'ic, a. Counteracting
an'te, a Latin particle signifying

before, used in composition, [on ants.
Xnt'eat-er, 71. An animal that feeds
An-te-ce'dence, ) 71. A going before;
Xn-te-ce'den-cy, ) precedence.

Xn-te-ce'dent, a. Going before.

Xn-te-ce'dent, n. That goes before.

an'te-chXm-ber, n. A chamber or
room tliat leads to a chief apartment.

Xn'te-date, n, A previous date.

Xn'te-date, v. a. To date before the
true time ;_to give by anticipation.

Xn-te-di-lu'vi-an, a. Existing be-
fore the flood or deluge.

Xn-te-di-lu'vi-an,7i. One that lived
before the flood or deluge. [deer.

Xn^te-lope, n. An animal like the

Xn-te-lu'can, a. Before daylight.

XN-TE-ME-RlD't-AN, a. Before noon.

Xn-te-mun'dane, a. Before the crea-
tion or formation of the world.

Xn-te-pXs'jGhal, a. Before Easter.

Xn'te-past, 71. A foretaste ; antici-
pation, [of a word but two.

Xn-te-pe-nult', 71. The last syllable

Xn-te-pe-nOl'ti-mate, a. Relating
to the last syllable but two. [nult.

Xn-t^-pe-ntje'ti-mate, 71. Antepe-

an-te'ri-or, a. Going before ; prior.

an-te-ri-or'i-ty, 71. Priority ; pre- '
cedence. ^ [principal apartment.

Xn'te-roojM, 71. A room leading to a

A^f'THEM, lu A sacred song or hymn.

an' THE R, n. The case or part of a
flower containing the pollen.

Xnt'-hill, n. A hillock formed by ants.

Xn-tho-l6(J^'i-cal, a. Relating to, or
containing, anthology, [or of poems.

an-th6l.^P-9^y,m. Collection of flowers,

Xn'thq-ny^s-fire', n. Erysipelas.

Xn'thra-cite, 71. A hard mineral coaL

Xn-thrp-p6l,'o-<^y, 71. Human phys-
iology : — anatomy.

an-thr5-pp-mor'phi§m, 71. The doc-
trine that God is in the human form.

Xn-thrp-p6ph'a-9-y, n. Cannibalism.

Xn'ti, a Greek particle, signifying con-
trary to, in place of, or against.

Xn'tic, 71. Trick ; one who plays antics.

Xn'tic, a. Odd; fantastic; playful.

Xn'tJ-zShrtst, 72. The great enemy of
Christ or of Christianity.

AN-Tl-jeHRlsT'iAN (an-te-krist'yan), «.
Opposite to Christianity. [to foretaste.

AN-TI9'I-PATE, V. a. To take before ;

AN-Ti^-i-PA'TlON, n. Act of anticipat-
ing ; foretaste ; antepast. [pates.

AN-Ti9'l-PA-TpR, n. One who antici-

Xn-ti-cl,i'mXx, 71. A sentence in which
the last part is lower than the first.

Xn-ti-cps-m£t'ic, a. Destroying,
impairing, or diminishing beauty.

Xn'ti-do-tal, ) a. Having the qual-

Xn'ti-do-ta-ry, \ ity of aa antidote.

|iER;MiEN,siR;D6,NOEjSON;BULL,BiJR,]^tJLE. ^,<^,soJi; 12,G,hard; ^asz; ^as gz.




Sn'ti-dote, n. A medicine that coun-
teracts poison ; a preservative.
AN-Tl-FEB'Rji,E,(z.Good against fevers.
An-ti-ma'son, n. One hostile to tlie
order of freemasons. [masonry.

Xn-TI-ma'son-ry, n. Opposition to
AN-TJ-MlN-ls-TE'Rl-Aii, a. Opixjsing
the ministry. [monarchy.

XN-TI-MQ-NAR/3H'l-CAL,a. Hostile to
AN-TJ-Mo'Nl-ALija. Relating to anti-
an'ti-MQ-nV)"- a brittle metal. [mony.
3.N-Tl-No'Mi-AN, n. One who denies

the obligation of the moral law.
An-ti-no'mi-an, a. Relating or belong-
ing to the Antinomians. [tenets.
iN-Ti-No'MI-AN-i^M, 71. Antinomian
AN-TiN'p-MY, or AN'TI-NO-MY, n. A

contradiction between two laws.

an-ti-pa'pal, a. Opposing the pope.

ATsr-Ti-PAR-A-i'^T'JCi a- Curing pa'lsy.

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