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mu-le-teer', 77. A mule-driver.

MUL'iSH, a. Like a mule; obstinate.

MULL,7j.a.To heat,sweeten,&c.,as wine.

mul'ler, 77. A stone for grinding.

mul'let, 77. A sea-fish, [dow-frame.

MUL'LlpN(mul'yun),77. Abarinawin-

MULT-ANG'y-LAR, a. Many-cornered.

MCL-Ti-FA'Ri-otJS,a. Having great mul-
tiplicity ; diversified; numerous.

mul-ti-fa'ri-ous-ly, ad. With mul-
tiplicity^ [versity.

MtJii-Tl-FA'Ri-OUS-NESS, 77. Great di-

AJElouy, long ; AEl6u$, short; AEioyy, obscure. — FAREjFJVEjFisTjFALL ; heir,




JvrtJii-Tl-FLo'ROtJS, a. Having many

MUii'Tl-FORM, a. Having various forms.

MtJI.-Ti-FORM'l-TY, n. Diversity of
forms. [sides.

Mi)L-Tl-LAT'ER-AL, a. Having many

MtJL-TJ-LlN'E-ALja.Having many lines.

MUL,-Ti-NO'MI-Al,, a. Having many
names. _ [parts.

MUii-TiP'AR-TITE, a. Having many

MUL'TI-PEDjM.An insect with many feet.

MtrL'TI-PLE, n. {Arith.) A number
whicii exactly contains another num-
ber several times, [tiplied.
-. MtJL'Tl-PLi-A-BLE,a. That may be mul-

MUL-TJ-PLi-CAND', n. The number to
be multiplied. [tiplying.

mul-ti-pli-ca'tiqn, n. Act of mul-

MtJL-Ti-PLicj'i-TY, n. Great variety.

MtJL'TJ-PLi-ER, n. He wlio, or that
which, multiplies.

MtJL 'Ti-PLY, V. To increase in number.

MiJL'Ti-TUDE,n. Many; the populace.

MiJli-Tl-TU'Dl-NOtJs, a. Numerous.

MUL'TJ-YALVEjffi. Having many valves.

MiJM, w. Ale brewed with wheat.

MiJM'Biii, V. To speak indistinctly.

MUM'chAnce, n. A game : — a dance.

mOm'mer, w. A masker; a jester.

MUM'aiER-Y, n. A masking; farcical
show ; frolic in masks ; foolery.

MtJM'Ml-FY, V. a. To make a mummy of.

MUM'jVlY, n. A dead body preserved by
the Egyptian art of embalming.

MtJMP'iSH, a. Sullen ; obstinate.

MUMPS, n. pi. A disease in the throat.

MUNCH, V. a. &, n. To chew greedily.

MUN'DANE,a. Belonging to this world.

MU-Nic'l-PAL, a. Belonging to a mu-
nicipality, corporation, or city.

MU-NI9-I-PAL'I-TY, n. A district and its
inhabitants ; government of a city.

mu-nif'i-cence, rt. Liberality; bounty.

My-NiF'i-CENT, a. Liberal ; generous.

MV-NiF'i-CENT-LY, a(Z. Liberally; gen-
erously ; bountifully. [deed.

MU'Nl-MENT, m. A fortification: — a

MiJ-Ni"TiON, 71. Materials for war.

MU'ral, a. Pertaining to a wall.

MUR'bjER, n. The act of killing a hu-
man being with premeditated malice.

MiJR'DER, V. a. To kill a man with mal-
ice prepense ; to kill ; to destroy.

mijr'der-er, n. One guilty of murder.

MUR'DER-oiJs, a. Guilty of murder.

MU-ri-It'IC, a. Of the nature of brine.

mu'rine, a. Of, or relating to, mice.

MURK'y, a. Dark ; cloudy ; obscure.

mur'mur, n. A low noise : — complaint.

Mur'mur, v. n. To mutter ; to grumble.

mur'rain, 71. A plague among cattle.

mur'rhine (mQr'rin), n. A sort of stone.

MUS'^LE (-sl), n. A contracting organ
in animals :— a bivalve shell-fish.

mus-co-va'do, n. Unrefined sugar.

Mirs'cy-LAR, a. Relating to the mus-
cles ; composed of muscles ; strong.

MU§E, 71. The goddess of poetry; the
power of poetry : — deep tliought.

MV^BjV.a.&.n. To think on; to meditate.

MU-§e'um, 71. A cabinet of curiosities.

mush'room, 71. A spongy plant.

MU'§ic, n. Tlie science of harmonical
sounds ; harmony ; melody.

MU'§i-CAL, a. Harmonious ; melodious.

Mu'^i-CAL-LY, ad. Harmoniously.

MU-si"ciAN (mu-zish'an), n. One
skilled in music ; performer of music.

MiJSK, n. A strong perfume; the ani-
mal that produces musk.

MUSK, V. a. To perfume with musk.

mus'ket, 71, A soldier's hand-gun.

MiJs'KET-RY, 71. Muskets collectively.

MtJS'Kl-NESS, 71. State of being musky.

MiJSK'MEL-ON, n. Melon of musky odor.

musk'y, a. Having the perfume of musk.

MUS'LIN, n. A fine, thin, cotton stuff.

mu§-lin-et', 71. A coarse muslin.

MUs-Qui'TO, n. See Mosquito.

MCs'SUL-MAN, 71. ; pi. MtjfS'SUL-MAN§.
A Mohammedan or Mahometan.

MlJST, verb auxiliary. To be obliged.

mOst. n. New wine not fermented.

mus-ta'9he§, mus-tache' (mus-tash'
or mus-tash'), 7t. Hair on the upper lip.

Mtjs'TARD, 71. A plant and its seed.

MiJS'TER, V. a. & 71. To assemble, as
troops ; to meet. [forces.

MIJS'TER, n._ A review or a register of

MiJS'TER-ROLL,,7?. A register of forces.

MiJs'Tl-NESS, n. State of being musty.

mus'ty, a. Mouldy ; fetid ; stale.

MU-TA-Blii'l-TY, 71. Inconstancy, [fickle.

Mu'T^-BiiE, a. Changeable; variable;

My-TA'TipN, 71. Change; alteration.

MUTE, a. Silent ; not speaking.

MUTE, 71. One who is speechless.

MUTE, 77. 71. To dung, as birds.

MUTE'LY, ad. Silently ; not vocally.

mute'ni^ss, 71. State of being mute.

Mu'ti-late, v. a. To deprive of an es-
sential jjart ; to cut off, as a limb.

mu-ti-la'tion, n. Act of mutilating.

mu-ti-neer', 71. One guilty of mutiny.

mu't i-NOtJs, a. Seditious ; turbulent.

mu'ti-ny,7?.7i. To rise against authority.

mu'ti-ny,7i. An insurrection of soldiers
or seamen ; sedition ; revolt.

HER;MlEN,SIR;DO,NOR5S6N;Bt)LL,BUR,RULE.9,9^,sojft,- !2,&,hard; § as z •,'^as gz.




MttT'TERjB.Ti. To murmur; to grumble.

MUT'ton (mut'tn), n. Flesh of sheep.

Mut'ton-chop, 71. A slice of mutton.

MUT'u-AL (mut'j'u-5tl), a. Acting in re-
turn ; reciprocal ; interchangeable.

MUT-u-AL,'i-Ty, n. Reciprocation. [turn.

MUT'y-AL-iLY,ad. Reciprocally; in re-

MtJZ'ZLE, n. The nose or mouth of an
animal :— a fastening for the mouth.

MUz'ZLE, V. a. To bind the mouth.

MY or MY, pron. a. Belonging to me.

Mv'oPE, ) 71. A near-sighted person : —

My'ops, ) one who is purblind.

Mi'o-PY, ». Shortness of sight.

MYR'i-ad, 71. Ten thousand : — an in-
definitely large number.

Myr'mi-d6n, n. A rough soldier.

MYRRH (mir), n. A strong aromatic gum.

Myr'tle, n. A fragrant tree or shrub.

MY-SELi"', pron. I or me,with emphasis.

mys-te'ri-oCs, a. Full of mystery ; un-
explained ; obscure ; secret.

MYS-te'ri-ous-l,y, ad. Obscurely.

BlYS-TE'Rl-ous-KESs, 71. Obscurity.

m1?s'te-ry, n. A secret.; an enigma.

MYs'Tic,7i. One imbued with mysticism.

MYs'Tic, ) a. Partaking of mysti-

MYs'Ti-CAL, ) cism ; obscure. [ner.

MYS'Ti-CAL-LY, ad. In a mystical man-

MYS'Tl-ciSM, n. A belief in a direct in-
tercourse between God and man. [ing.

mys-ti-f^-ca'tion, 71. Act of mystify-

MYs'Tl-Fyr, V. a. To involve in mystery.

MYTH, 71. A fabulous story ; a fable.

MYTH-0-L6(^'i-CAL,a. Relating to my-
thology ; fabulous.

MY-THOL'p-^^iST, 71. One versed in my-

my-th6l,'0-9^y, 71. A system of fables ;
fabulous history of the heathen gods.


"VTab, v. a. To catch suddenly with a
i.| quick grasp ; to knab.
na'bit, 71. A powered sugar-candy.
KA'BOB, 71. An East Indian governor.
NA'CRE (na'kur), 7i. Mother of pearl.
NA'dir, 71. The point opposite to the
NAGr, n. A small horse. [zenith.

na'iad (ua'yad), ti. A water-nymph.
NAiii, 71. A horny substance on the

fingers and toes : — a claw : — an iron

spike : — a boss : — 2 j inches.
NAIL (nal), V. a. To fasten with nails.
nail'er-y, 71. A manufactory for nails.
na'ked, a. Uncovered; unclothed; bare.
na'ked-l,y, ad. Without covering.
Na'ked-n£ss, 71. Want of covering.
NAME, 71. That by which a person or

thing is called ; title : — fame.
NAME,7J. a. To give a name to ; to call.
name'less, a. Destitute of a name.
NAME 'EJ, ad. By name ; that is to say.
name',7i. One of the same name.
NlN-KEEN', 71. A kind of cotton cloth.
nXp, n. A short sleep : — down on cloth.
NlP, V. n. To have a short sleep.
NAPE, 91. The back of the neck.
NAph'tha (nap'tha), ti. A bituminous

and very inflammable fluid.
nXp'kin, 71. A cloth to wipe the hands.
NXp'LESS,a. Having no nap; threadbare.
NAp'py, a. Frothy : — having mucli nap

or down.

NAR-cis'sys, 71. A bulbous plant.

nar-cot'ic, 71. A drug producing sleep.

NAR-coT'ic, ■ )a. Producing sleep J

nar-cot'i-cal, ) soporific.

NARD, 71, A plant : — an ointment.

nar'rate, v. a. To relate ; to tell.

nar-ra'tion,7i. An account; a relation.

nar'ra-tivEjO. Relating; apt to relate.

nar'r^^-tive, 71. A relation; an account.

nar-rX'tor, 71. A teller ; a relator.

nAr'row, a. Not wide; not broad; con-
tracted ; straitened : — covetous.

nXr'row, v. a. To contract ; to limit.

nar'rqw-ly, ad. Contractedly; nearly.

nar'rq W-Niiss, 71. Want of extent; pov-

nAr'ROW§,7i.pZ. a strait; a sound. [erty.

na'§al, a. Belonging to the nose.

nXs'CENT, a. Beginning to grow.

nAs'TY, a. Dirty ; filthy ; nauseous.

NA'tAL, a. Native ; relating to nativity.

na't ANT,a.Lying on the water; floating.

na'tion, 71. A distinct people ; a race.

NA"TION-AIi (nash'un-al), a. Relating
to a nation ; public ; general.

na-tion-Xl'i-ty (nash-un-al'e-te), n.
State or quality of being national.

NA'TlVE,a. Produced by nature; natural.

na'tive, 71. One born in any place.

na-tIy'i-TY, n. Birth ; manner of birth.

llNAT'U-kAL (nat'yu-ral),a. Produced by
nature ; not acquired ; unaffected.

||NAT'v-BAii, 71. An idiot ; a fool.

AEIOUy, long ; A£l6tJ5, short , aeiouy, o&scMre.— FARE,FXR,FAsT,rAliIij HilR,




jlNlT'y-RAii-i§M,TC.Merestateof nature.

||nat'u-rai,-ist, 71. One versed in nat-
ural science : — a deist, [naturalizing.

IInat-V-RAL-j-za'tion, n. The act of

llNAT'V-RAL-izE, V. a. To invest with
the rights of a citizen; to make natural.

||jsrXT'U-RAii-L,Y, ad. According to na-
ture ; in a natural manner.

NAT'ure (nat'yur), ?i. The visible cre-
ation ; the universe ; native state ; nat-
ural affection ; disposition; sort; birth.

NOUGHT (navvt), a. Bad ; corrupt.

nAught (nawt), n. Nothing. [ly.

NAUGHT'i-LY (njlw'te-le), ad. Corrupt-

nIught'y (naw'te), a. Bad ; wicked.

nIu'se-A (naw'she-a), n. Disposition
or tendency to vomit ; loathing.

NAU'SE-ATE (naw'shs-at), v. To loathe.

NAU'SEOUS (na.w'shus), a. Loathsome.

NAu'SEOUS-LY (liaw'shus-le), ad.
Loathsomely. [naval ; maritime.

nIu'ti-cal, a. Relating to navigation ;

NA'VAL.,fl. Relating to ships; nautical.

NAVE, n. The middle part of a wheel ;
^he middle part of a church. [belly.

NA' VEL Cna'vl), n. Middle point of the

na've w, n. A plant like a small turnip.

nAv'i-g^-ble ,a.That may he navigated.

NA v'l-GATE, u. To sail; to pass by ships
on water. [naval science.

NAV-i-GA'TiON, n. Act of navigating ;

NAv'i-GA-TOR, M. One who navigates.

NA'vv, 71. A nation's ships of war ; a

NAY (na), ad. No. [fleet.

NEAP (nep), a. Low ; — applied to tide.

NEAR, a. Not distant; dear; intimate.

NEAR, prep. Close to ; not far from.

NEAR, «<Z. Almost; not far off ; nigh.

NEAR, V. To draw near; to approach.

Near'ly, ad. Not far; almost ; closely.

near'nj;ss, n. State of being near.

NEAR-si'ght'ed (ner-sit'ed), a. Short-

NEAT, n. Oxen, cows, &c. [sighted.

NEAT, a. Very clean ; cleanly; pure.

NEAT'-CAT-TLE, n. Oxen and cows.

Neat'lv, ad. With neatness ; cleanlily.

neat'ness, 7?. Cleanliness ; pureness.

NEB, 71. Nose ; beak ; nib ; bill of a bird.

NEB'U-LA, n. ; pi. nIsb' U-LiE. A cloudy
appearance ; a dark spot : — a film.

NEB'y-LOOs, a. Having nebulae ; misty.

NE9'ES-SA-RiE§,7?.joZ. Things needful.

NEg'ES-SA-RJ-LY, ad. Inevitably.

NE^'ES-SA-RY, a. That must be ; indis-
pensable ; needful ; inevitable.

NE-CES'ST-TATE, t;. a. To make neces-
sary, [sjon.

NE-CES-si-TA'TlpN, n. Fatal compul

NE-CEs'si-TOtjs, a. Being in want; poor.

NE-CEs'si-TY, n. State of being neces-
sary: — fatality: — want; poverty.[body.

NECK, n. Part between the head and

NECK' CLOTH, n. A cloth for the neck.

NECK'ER-CHIEF, 71. A cravat.

neck'lace, 71. Ornament for the neck.

NE-CR6L'p-^-i-iST,7i. Writer of necrology.

NE-CROL'o-^y, 71. A register of deaths.

nec'ro-man-CER, 71. A conjurer; sor-

NEc'KO-MAN-CY, 7). Conjuration. [cerer.

nec't^r, 7?. Fabled drink of the gods.

nec-ta're-AN, ) a. Resembling nec-

nec-ta're-6us, I tar; delicious.

nec'ta-rine, 11. A fruit like the peach.

NEC'TAR-oiJS, a. Sweet as nectar.

NEc'TA-Ry,7i.The honey-cup of a flower.

NEED, n. Exigency; necessity; want.

NEED, V. To want ; to require ; to lack.

need'fOl, a. Necessary; requisite.

NEE'DiiE, 71. A small instrument for
sewing : — a small steel pointer.

NEED't,ESS,a. Unnecessary; not needed.

NEED'less-l.y, ad. Unnecessarily.

NEED§,ad. Necessarily; indispensably.

need'y, a. Poor; necessitous; indigent.

NE'ER (ndr), ad. Contracted for 7ie«er.

NE-FA'Ri-otjs, a. Wicked; abominable.

NE-ga'tion, 71. Act of denying; denial.

nS;g'A-tive, a. Implying denial.

neg'a-tive, n. A word that denies.

neg'a-tive, v. a. To refuse ; to reject.

NEG'A-TIVE -LY, ad With or by denial.

neg-lect', v. a. To omit ; to slight.

NEG-LfiCT', 7(. Inattention; slight.


neg'li-(^ence,7i. Inattention; neglect.

NEG'Li-9^ENT,a. Careless; inattentive.

NE-GO'Ti-A-BLE (-she-a-bl), a. That
may be negotiated or exchanged.

NE-GO'Ti-ATE (ne-go'slie-at), v. To
manage ;_to conclude by treaty.

ne-g6-ti-a'tion (ne-go-she-a'shun), n.
Act_of negotiating ; a treaty.

NE-Go'Ti-A-TOR,7i.One who negotiates.

ne'gress, n. A female of the black
race of Africa. [rica ; a blackamoor.

ne'gro, 71. One of the black race of Af-

NEIGH (na), V. n. To whinny, as a horse.

NEIGH (na), n. The voice of a horse.

neigh'bor (na'bur), n. One who lives

NElGH'BOR(na'-),t\rt. To adjoin, [near.

NEIGh/bor-hood (na'-), n. Vicinity.

neigh'bor-'ing (na'-), a. Being near.

neigh'bor-ly (na'-),a. Kind; friendly.

NEi'THER,pro7i. Not either. — conj. Nor.

NE-9-L69-'l-CAL,a. Relating to neology.

NE-6L'p-(^i§Bi, n. New word or terra.

NE-ol'o-^ist, n. Adherent to neology.

NE-oL o-9^is'Tic,a.Relating to neology.

HER; MIENjSiBj d6,NOR,s5]!^3 ^^JAj,B\Jn,ntl,1S..(^,^,soft: 0,&,hard; ^asz;^asgz.




NE-OL'p-^Y, n. A system or use of

new words, or of doctrines.
ne'o-phyte,7i. a new convert, [sister.
NEPH'e w (nev'vu),7i. Son of a brother or
NE-PHRlT'lC,n.A medicine for the stone.
NE-PHRiT'ic, a. Relating to the stone.
nep'p-t1sm:,7i. Fondness for nephews.
]S:^p-tu'nj;-an, a. Relating to Neptune or
ne're-id,?i. A sea-nymph, [the ocean.
NERVE, n. An organ of sensation and

motion in animals : — strength.
NERVE, V. a. To strengthen, invigorate.
NERVE'LESS, a. Witliout strength.
ner'vine, a. Good for the nerves.
ner'vous, a. Relating to the nerves:

— vigorous: — having diseased nerves.
ner'vous-ly, ad. With strength.
NER'vous-NESS, n. Vigor J strength.
Niis'ci-ENCE (nesh'e-ens),7i. Ignorance.
NEST, 71. The bed of a bird : — an abode :

—a collection, as of boxes. [get.

nes'tle (nes'sl), V. n. To lie close, fid-
NEST'LING, n. A young bird in the nest.
nest'ling, a. Newly hatched.
NET, n. A texture woven with meshes.
NET, V. n. To knit a net ; to knot.
NET, a. Clear after deductions.
NET,!), a. To bring as clear produce.
NETH'ER,a._Lowerj not upper; infernal.
neth'er-most, a. Lowest, [net-work.
NET'TiNG,7i.A reticulated pieceofwork;
NET'tle, 71. A well-known stinging

plant. [vex.

NET'tle, v. a. To sting ; to irritate ; to
net'tle-rash, n. An eruptive disease.
net'work (-wUrk), n. Knotted work.
NEU-RAL'(^l-A, n. Disease of the nerves.
neu-ral'^ic, a. Relating to neuralgia.
NEu'ter (nii'ter), a. Of neither party :

— of neither gender: — not active.
neu'ter, 71. One indifferent or neutral.
NEu'TRAL,a. Not on either side or party.
NEU'TRAii, n. One not on either side.
NEU-TRAL'i-TY , ti. State of being neu-

trjil or neuter ; indifference.
neu'trae-izEjTj. a. To render neutral.
NEV'er, acZ. Not ever; at no time.
nev-er-the-jlEss', ad. However; yet.
NEvy (nu), a. Not old; fresh; recent.
new-fan'gled (-gld), a. New-made.
NEw'ey, ad. Freshly; lately; recently.
new-m6d'el, 7). a. To model anew.
new'ness,7i. Freshness; recentness.
NEWS, 71. Fresh accounts ; intelligence.
NE w§'-]\i6n-£}ER, 71. A dealer in news.
NE w§'pa-PER, 71. A print or paper that

conveys news ; a gazette.
WE v"T (nut), 71. An eft ; a kind of lizard.
NEXT,a. Nearest in place, time, or order.

NEXT, ad. At the time or turn nearest.

NIB, n. Bill of a bird : — point of a pen.

nib'ble, v. a. To eat slowly : — to carp.

n'ib'bee, 71. Act of a fish trying the bait.

nIb/bler, n. One that nibbles; a carper.

NICE, a. Exact; fine; neat; delicate.

nice'ey, arf. Precisely; delicately.-

nice'ness, 71. Exactness; delicacy.

Ni'cE-TY,7i.Exactness; delicacy; dainty,

NICHE, n. A hollow for a statue, &c.

NICK, 71. Point of time; a notch; a score,

NICK, V. a. To hit ; to cut in notches.

NICK'EL, 71. A whitish metal.

NICk'name, n. A name given in de-
rision^ [opprobrious name.

nick'name, v. a. I'o call by a false or

nic'tate,!). n. To wink ; to nictitate.

nic-ta't^on, n. A winking of the eye.

N'ic'TI-TATE,7), n. To wiiik ; to nictate.

nic-ti-ta'tiqn, 71. A winking; nicta-
tion, [nests.

nid-i-fi-ca'tion, 77. Act of building

niece (nes), 77. A daughter of a brother
or sister. [a curmudgeon.

NiGr'GARD, 71. A miser ; a sordid person j

nig'gard, a. Sordid ; parsimonious.

nig'gard-li-ness, 71. Parsimony.

nig'gard-LiY, a. Sordid; parsimonious.

NIGH (ni), a. Near ; not distant.

nigh (nl), yrep. Not far from ; near.

NIGH (ni), ad. Not far off; almost.

NlGH'NESs(ni'nes),77. Nearness; prox-
imity, [sunrise; darkness; obscurity.

NIGHT (nit), 77. The time from sunset to

NlGHT'-BRiWL,7i. Abrawl in the night.

night'c Ap (nit'-), 71. Cap worn in bed.

night'fall, 71. Close of day ; evening.

NiGHT'GowN,7i.Gown Used for undress.

night'hawk,7i. a hawk that flies by
iiight. _ [at night.

night'in-gale, 71. A bird that sings

night'ly, o. Done or acting by night.

night'ey (nlt'Ie), ad. Every night.

night'mAre, 71. A morbid and oppres-
sive sensation during sleep ; incubus.

night'shade, 71. Darkness : — a plant.

night'watch (nit'woch), ti. A period
of the night ; a watch by night.

ni-hil'i-ty, w. Nothingness; nonentity.

NlM'BLE,a. Cluick; active; speedy.

nim'ble-n£ss, 71. Ciuickness ; activity.

NjM'BLY, arf. Quickly; actively.

NlNE,a^ One more than eight.

NINE 'FOLD, a. Repeated nine times.

nine'pin§,7i.^Z. a play with nine or ten

nine'teen, a. Nine and ten. [pins.

nine'ti-eth, a. The ordinal of ninety.

nine'ty, a. Nine times ten. [head.

nin'NY, n. A fool; a simpleton; a block-

AEIOtJy, long i l£i6tJ$, shoH} AEIQVy, oftscure.— rARE,FXR,FAST,FALL ; h£ie,




nIn'ny-ham'mer, n.^ A simpleton.

nInth, a. First afteAhe eiglith.

NIP, V. a. To cut ; to pinch : — to blast.

NIP, n. A pincli ; a small cut ; a blast.

NtP'PER§, n. pi. Small pincers.

NlP'piiE, «. A teat; a dug; a pap.

NIT, n. The egg of a louse or small insect.

NlT'lD, a. Bright; shining; gay; spruce.

NI'tre (ni'ter), n. Saltpetre.

ni'tric, a. Containing nitre.

NI'tro-(^en, n. A gas which, together
with oxygen, forms atmospheric air.

Nl'TROys, a. Partaking of nitre.

NO, ad. The word of refusal, negation,

NO, a. Not any ; none. [or denial.

Np-Bll,'l-Ty,7i. Antiquity of family; dig-
nity ; rank ; people of rank. [thy.

No'ble, a. Exalted in rank; great; wor-

NO'ble, n. One of high rank : — a coin.

no'ble-MAN, 71. One of the nobility.

n5'ble-n£ss, n. Greatness ; worth.

liO'BL.Y, ad. In a noble manner; greatly.

NO'Boi)-Y, n. No one ; not any one.

Npc-T Am-bv-i- A'TlpN, n. Act of walk-
ing in sleep ; somnambulism.

NQC-tAm'bv-list, 11. A somnambulist.

NQC-TtJR'NAL,a.Done at night; nightly.

NOD, V. n. To bend the head ; to bow.

NOD, n. A quick bend of the head.

n6d'dle,7J. The head; — in contempt.

NOD'dy, n. Simpleton : — water-fowl.

NODE, 71. A knot ; a knob :— the point
vvhere the orbit of a planet intersects
the plane of the ecliptic.

Np-DOSE', a. Knotty ; full of knots.

NOD'y-LAR, a. Formed into nodules.

NOTJ'uiiE, 71. A small lump or knot.

NOG, 71. A mug; a noggin: — ale.

NOG'jaiN, 71. A small mug or cup.

NOISE, 71. Any kind of sound ; clamor.

NOi^E, V. a. To spread by rumor.

noi^e'less, a. Silent ; without sound.

Noi'si-NESS, 71. Loudness of sound.

Noi'spME, a. Noxious ; offensive.

NOi'§Y, a. Making a noise ; clamorous.

NOM' AD, n. A person who leads a wan-
dering or pastoral life.

NP-MAD'lC,_a. Pastoral ; wandering.

NO'MEN-CliAT-URE. (no'men-klat-yur),
71. Terms of an art or science.

NOm'i-NAL, a. Only in name ; not real.

NOM'i-Nili-LY, ad. By name only.

NOM'i-NATE, z). a. To name; to propose.

NOM-j-N a'tion, n. Act of nominating.

NOM'T-NA-TIVE, a. That names: — ap-
plied to the first case of nouns. ^

nom'I-NA-TPR, n. One who nominates.

NOM-i-NEE', 7j, A person nominated.

n6n, ad. Not ; — used in composition.

non'a^-e, 71. Minority in age.

NON-AT-TEND'ANCE,7i. Want, or fail-
ure, of attendance.

NON-cpN-FORM'iST, n. One who does
not conform ; a dissenter. [formity.

NON-CPN-FORM'I-TY, 71. Want of con-

non'de-script, a. Not yet described.

NONE (niin), a. &.pron. No one ; not one.

non-en'ti-ty, 71. Non-existence.

NONE§, n. pi. (Roman Calendar.) In
each month, the ninth day, recljoned
inclusively, before the ides.

NONE'strcH, n. An unequalled thing.

NON-Ejf-iST'ENCE, n. The state of not
existing. [swear allegiance.

NON-Ju'RpR, 71. One who refuses to

n6n-pa-reil' (-rel'), ?r. An apple: —
a printer's type smaller than minion.

n6n-pay'ment,/i. Neglect of payment.

NON'PLitJs, n. A puzzle ; a difficulty.

NON'PLiJS, V. a. To confound, puzzle.

NON-RES'l-DENCE, n. Failure of res-
idence, [sent.

NON-RE§'l-DENT, a. Not residing; ab-

N6N-RE-§isT'ANCE, 71. Want of re-
sistance; passive obedience.

non-re-§ist'ant, a. Not resisting.

non'sense, n. Unmeaning language.

NON-SEN'si-CALjfl.Unmeaning; foolish.

NON-SEN'si-CAL-LY, ad. Foolishly.

n6n'suit,?i. Stoppage of a suit at law.

non'suit, v. a. To quash in a suit.

NOOK, 71. A corner ; a narrow place.

NOON, 71^ Midday ; Jwelve o'clock.

noon'day, noon'tide, n. Midday.

n66n'ing,?i. Repose or repast at noon.

NOOSE or NOOSE, n. A running knot,

n66§e, 75. a. To tie in a noose ; to catch.

NOR, coiip A negative particle.

NOR'mal, a. Regular ; perpendicular.

NORTH, n. Point opposite to the south.

NORTH, a. Northern ; being in the north.

north-east', 71. The point midway
between the north and east. [east.

north-east'ern, a. In the north-

north'er-ly, a. Being towards the
north ; northern. [north.

North'ern. a. Being in the north;

noRth'ward, a. Being towards the
north ; northern.

north'ward, ad. Towards the north.

north-west', n. The point between
the north and the west, [north-west.

north-west'ern, a. Being* in the

NOSE, n. The prominence on the face.

]No|e, v.a. To scent ; to smell ; to face.

nose'gay, n. A bunch of flowers.

no^e'less, flo Destitute of a nose.

Np-soL'p-(^Y, n. Science of diseases.

HER; MiENjSi'R; D6,NOR,SON;BOLL,BUR,RULE.9,9-,5o/i5,- ^,S,/tar(Z,- §asz[:^as gz.




kos'tril, n. The cavity of the nose.

rvos'TRUM, n. A quack medicine.

KOT, ad. A particle of negation.

Not'a-ble, a. Industrious ; careful.

NOT'A-BLE,a.Remarkable ; memorable.

not' A. - BL.Y, ad. Carefully; with bustle.

NOT'^-BLY,<wf. Memorably; remarkably.

NQ-ta'ri-al, a. Relating to a notary.

NO'ta-ry, re. An officer who attests
contracts, &c. [a marking.

NO-TA'TiON,re. Act of noting by marks ;

NOTCH, n. A nick ; a cut in any thing.

NOTCH, V, a. To cut in small hollows.

NOTE, 71. A mark ; a remark : — an ac-
count : — a tune : — a written paper ; a
billet : — a promissory note.

ViOTE,v.a. To observe ; to set down.

NOTE'BOOit (-buk), re. A book for notes.

not'ed, p. a. Remarkable; eminent.

NOTH'ING (niith'ing), re. Not anything.

noth'ing-ness, re. Nihility ; nothing.

Ko'TlCE,7i. A remark; information.

No'TicE,w. a. To note ; to heed, observe.

NO'TicE-A-BLE, a. Worthy of notice.

NO-TI-FI_-CA'TIpN, re. Act of notifying.

No'ti-fy, v. a. To make known.

No'TipN, n. Thought; idea; opinion.

NO'tion-al, a. Imaginary ; visionary.

NO-tq-ri'e-ty, re. Public knowledge.

Np-TO'Ri-oCs, a. Publicly known.

NO-to'rJ-ous-LY, ad. Publicly; evi-
dently, [less.

NOT-WITH-STAND'ing, conj. Neverthe-

N6T-WITH-STAND'iNG,p?'ep.In Spite of.

NOUGHT (nawt), re. See Naught.
Noi^N, re. The name of any thing.
NoOr'ish (nur'ish), v. a. To support

by food ; to maintain ; to encourage.
noOr'ish-ment, re. Food; sustenance.
Nov'EL, a. New ; not ancient ; unusual.
Nov'EL, re. A fictitious narrative ; tale.
nov'el-ist, re. A writer of novels.
NOV'EL-TY, re. Newness ; innovation.
NO-vjSm'ber, re. 11th month of the year.
NOV'iCE, 11. A beginner ; a probationer.

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