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NO-vif"Ti-ATE (no-vish'e-at), re. State

of a novice ; time of learning an art.
NOW, ad. At this time ; recently.
now'a-DAY§, ad. In the present time.
NO WH^RE, ad. Not in any place.
NO'wiSE, ad. Not in any manner.
Nox'io'us (-shus), a. Hurtful ; harmful.
Nox'ioys-LY (-shus-le), ad. HurtfuUy.
NOZ'Lfi, or NOZ'ZLE, re. The nose;

snout ; the end, as of a bellows.
NU'cLE-tJS, n. The kernel of a nut : —

that about which matter is collected.
NUDE, a. Bare; naked: — void.
NtJ'Di-TY, re. Naked parts ; nakedness.

nu'ga-to-ry, a. Trifling; insignificant.

nui'sance (nu'sans), n. Something of-

NtJLL, a. Void ; of no force, [fensive,

nul-li-fi-ca'tion, re. Act of nulli-
fying ormaking void.

NUL'Li-FY, V. a. To annul ; to make

nul'li-ty, re. Want of validity, [void.

NUMB (num), a. Torpid ; motionless.

NUMB (uiim), V. a. To make torpid.

num'ber, v. a. To count ; to reckon.

NtJM'BER,re. Any aggregate of units;
a unit ; one ; many.— pZ. Verses ; po~

num'ber-less, a. Innumerable, [etry.

num'ber^, re. Fourth book in the Bible.

wumb'ness (num'nes), re. Torpidness,

Nu'MEK-A-Br.E,a. That may be counted.

NU'MER-AL, a. Relating to number.

Nu'MER-^-RY, a. Relating to a number.

NU-mer-a'tion, re. Art of numbering.

NU/MER-A-TOR, n. ( Vulgar Fractions.)
The number placed above the line.

NU-mer'i-cal, a. Denoting number.

Ny-MER'i-CAL-LY, ad. By number.

Nu'MER-biJS, a. Consisting of many.

NU-Mis-MAT'i-CAL,fl. Relating to coins.

nu-mis-mat'ics, The science of
coins and medals.

NijM'MA-RY, a. Relating to money.

NtJM'sKULL, re. A dunce ; a blockhead.

NUN, re. A woman who lives in a nun-
nery or convent. [the pope.

NtJN'ci-5 (nun'she-o), re. An envoy from

NUN-cO'PA-TiVE,a.Verbal; not written.

nun'nek-y, re. A convent for nuns.

nup'tial, a. Relating to marriage.

nup'txal,§ (nup'shalz),?!. pi. Marriage.

NURSE, re. A woman who nurses.

NURSE, V. a. To cherish as a nurse.

nurs'er-y, re. A plantation of young
trees : — a room for children.

nurs'eing, re. One nursed ; an infant.

NiiRT'URE (-yur), re. Food ; education.

NlJRT'URE, V. a. To educate ; to train.

NiJT,re. A fruit of certain trees.

ntj-ta'tion, re. A tremulous motion.

nut'gAll, re. An excrescence of the oak.

nut'm£g, re. A species of spice.

Np'TRi-MENT,re. Nourishment; food.

NtJ-TRJ-MfiNT'AL,, a. Nourishing.

NU-tri"tiOn (nu-trish'un), re. Act of
nourishing ; nourishment ; food.


NU'TRI-TIVE, a. Nourishing ; nutri-

NtJT'-SHELIi, re. The shell of a nut.

jyuy'-TREE, v. A tree that bears nuts.

NUZ'ZEE,??. To hide the head, nestle.

NifMPH, re. A rural goddess : — a lady.

Ni^M'PHA, re. The chrysalis of an insect.

AEIOUy, long ; AfilotJt, short ; AEipvYj o&scttre.— FARE,FiR,FiST,FAl.L ; HEIR,




OinUrj. Expressing exclamation, wish,
J or earnestness 5 oh.

OAF (of)? «• An idiot; a foolisli cliild,

OAK (ok), 71. A forest tree and its wood.

oak'en (o'fcn), a. Made of oak.

oak'um, to. Old ropes untwisted.

OAR (or), n. A pole to row boats with.

oar, v. To impel by rowing ; to row.

o'A-sIs, 71. A fertile spot in a desert.

OAT (ot), 71. A grain. See Oats,

oat'en (o'tn), «. Made of oats.

OATH (6th), 71. A solemn declaration
or promise, made with an appeal to
God for its truth.

OAT^MEAL, 71. Flour made of oat&

OATS (6ts), 71. pU A kind of grain.

ob'dv-ra-cy or ob-du'ra-cv, n. Im-
penitence ; hardnessof heart.

dB'DU-RATE or ob-du'rate, a. Hard
of heart ; obstinate ; stubborn.

O-be'dj-ence, 71. Act of obeying ; sub-
mission to authority. [compliant.

O-Be'di-ent, a. Submissive : dutiful ;

Q-BEl'SANCE (o-ba's^ns 07- o-be's?ns),
n. A bow ; an act of reverence.

ob'e-lisk, n. A slender stone pyra-
mid : — a mark for reference, thus [f.]

O-BESE', a. Fat ; corpulent.

o-bese'ness, o-bes'i-ty, n. Fatness.

9-bey' (o-ba'), V. a. To yield obedience
to ; to submit to ; to comply with.

OB-FUS-CA'TipN, n. Act of darkening.

o'bit,7i.. Decease : — a funeral rite.

p-BtT'u-A-RY, «.. Relating tn deaths.

o-bit'u-a-ry, ??. Arcfrister of the dead.

ob'ject, 77. That about which one is
employed ; desijfn ; end ; aim.

QB-j£ct', V, a. To oppose ; to resist.

QB-jEc'TtON,77. An adverse argument;
fault found ; opposition ; doubt.

OB-jec'tio]x-a-bi,e, o. Liable to ob-
jection ; exceptionable.

OB-JiSc'TlVE, a. Relating to the object.

OB-jiiCT'OK, n. One who objects, [ing.

OB-jUR'GA-TO-RY,a. Reproving; chid-

OB-LATE', a. Flattened at the poles.

OB-E ACTION, 71. An offering; a sacrifice.

OB-li-ga'tion, 7!. The binding power

^ of an oath, vow, or duty ; a contract

ob'li-GA-tq-ey, a. Imposing an ob-
ligation ; binding.

o-blI^^e', v. a. To bind; to impose
obligation ; to compel ; to gratify.

oB-LI-^^EE^, n. The person to whom
another, called the obligor^ is bound.

0-BLi9^'i]yG, p. a. Friendly ; engaging;

pB-LiQUE' or OB-LiQUEi', a. Not di-
rect ; not perpendicular ; not parallel,

pB-LIQUE'EV or QB-LiQUE'EY, ad. Not
directly ; not perpendicularly.

OB-LiQ'ui-TY (ob-lik'we-te), tu Stat©
of being oblique : — deviation from
physical or moral rectitude, [out.

ob-eit'er-ate, V, a. To efface ; to rub

ob-lit-er-a'tion, n. Effacement.

OB-Liv'i pN,7i. Forgelfulness; amnesty,

pB-Liv'i-oijs, a. Causing forgetfulness.

dB'L'6N&, a. Longer than broad.

ob'lo-quy, 71. Blame ; slander; abuse.

pB-Nox'idus (ob-nok'shus), tu Sub-
ject ; liable ; exposed : — unpopular,

OB-Nox'ious-NESS, n. Liableness.[egg,

PB-o'vate, a. Having the shape of an

ob-scene', a. Offensive to chastity;
indelicate ; lewd ; immodest. [ner.

ob-scene'ly, ad. In an obscene man-

ob-scen'j-ty, n. Impurity ; lewdness.

ob-scv-ra'tion, 77. Act of darkening.

ob-sgure', a. Dark ; gloomy; abstruse;
indistinct; little known. [scure,

pB-scURE', V. G. To darken ; to makeob-

pB-scijRE'LY,af/. In an obscure manner.

OB-scu'RJ-TY, n. State of being obscure.

ob-se-cra'tion, 71. An entreaty.

OB's^-QUlE?, ?!.;>/. Funeral solemnities.

ob-se'QUI-ous, a. Submissive ; servile.

pB-SE'Qui-ous-LY, ad. With servility,

pB-sE'QUi-oys-NESS, w. Obedience;
compliance; servility,

pB siiRv'A-BLEjO. Remarkable; visible.

pB-^ERv'A-BLY,a<;?.So as to be Observed,

pB-siiR'vANCE, 7?. Respect; attention.

pB-§iJR'V4NT, a. Attentive ; watchful.

OB-§ER-VA'TipN, w. Act of observing ;
show ; note ; remark ; observance.

PB-§ERV'A-Tp-RY, 77. A place built
for astronomical or other observations.

PB-serve', v. a. & H. To watch ; to
see ; to note ; to obey ; to attend to.

PB-§erv'er,77. One who observes.

pB-SERV'mG,p. a. Watchful ; attentive.

OB-SES'SION (ob-sesh'un), 7i. A siege.

6B-sp-LES'CENT,a. Growing out of use.

oB'sp-LETE, a. Gone out of use.

OB'sp-LETE-NESS, ??.. State of disuse.





cb'sta-cle, n. An obstruction.

ob-stet'RIC, a. Relating to obstetrics.

PB-stet'RICS, Art of midwifery.

6b'sti-NA-C¥, 71. Stubbornness.

6b''stj-NATE, a. Stubborn ; perverse.

6B'sri-If-iTE-l.y, ad. Stubbornly,

OB-STI-P ACTION, n. Act of stopping op.

OB-STkEP'ER-oiJs,a.Clamorous ; noisy.


PB-strep'er-ous-jvess, 71. Clamor;
noise. [der.

<)B-STRtJcT',». a. To block up; to liin-

OB-STRUC'TION, n. Whateveif ob-
._^,.*tructs ; hinderance ; obstacle, [tion.

pB-STRtJc'TlVE, a. Causing obstruc-

QB-tain', v. a. To gain ; to acquire.

<)B-tain', v. n. To get into use, prevail.

PB-TAIN'A-BLE, a. That may be ob-
tained ; procurable.

pB-TEST'jj). a. To beseech, supplicate.

ob-tes-ta'tion, n. A supplication.

pB-TRt)DE', V. a. To thrust into; to

PB-TrC'§IQN (-tru'zhun), n. Intrusion.

QB-trCsive, a. Obtruding; intrusive.

QB-TUND', v. a. To blunt ; to deaden.

VB-TUSe', a. Not pointed; dull; stu-
pid : — larger than a right angle. .

PB-tuse'ly, ad. In an obtuse manner.

pB-TUSE'NESS, 11. Blnntness ; dulness.

pB-Ti;'§lQN (-tu'zhan),?). Act of dulling.

ob'verse, n. The face of a medal or

pB-VERT',t'.a. To turn towards, [coin.

6b'vi-ate, v. a. To remove ; to prevent.

6b'vi-o0s, a. Open ; plain ; evident.

OB'vi-oOs-LVjffl*?. Evidently ; plainly.

pc-CA'§lON (ok-ka'zhun),?i. An occur-
rence ; opportunity ; need ; exigence.

pc-c A'sipN, V. a. To cause ; to produce.

pC-CA'§iOiV-Al,, a. Incidental ; casual.

pc-CA'§ipN-AL-LY, ad. Incidentally.

oc'ci-DENT, 71. Place of the sun's set-

oc-ci-DENT'AL, a. Western. [ting.

pc-clP'l-TAL, a. Relating to the oc-

oc'ci-PUT, n. Hinder part of the head.

pc-CLu'sipN, 71. Act of shutting up.

pc-cuLT',_fl. Secret ; hidden ; unknown.

gc-cul-ta'tion, 71. Act of hiding.

oc'cu-PlN-CY, 7?. Act of occupying.

oc'cu-PANT,/?. One having possession.

oc-cu-pa'tion, 71. Act of occupying;
possession ; employment ; business.

6c'cu-pT-eb, n. One who occupies.

6c'cu-PY, V. a. To possess ; to keep.

pc-CTJR', V. n. To come ; to happen.

pc-CUR'RENCE,7i. An incident; event.

o'cean (o'shan), n. The vast body of
salt water on the globe.

6-ce-Sn'ic (o-she-an'jk), a. Relating
to the ocean.

P-cel'lat-ed, a. Resembling the eye.

o'^HRE (6'ker), ». A species of earth,

6c 'ta-jB HORDES. Musical instrument.

6c'ta-g6n, m. A figare of eight sides
and eight angles. [and sides,

pc-TAGr'p-NAi.,a. Having eight angles

oc-TA-HE'i>RAii,a. Having eight sides
ar faces. [equal sides.

oc-ta-he'dron, n. A figure of eight

pc-TAN'GU-L AR,a.Having eight angles.

6c'tave_, n. An eighth in music.

pc-TA'vo, 71. A book formed by fold-
ing the sheets into eight leaves each.

Pc-ten'ni-al, a. Htippening every
eighth year : — lasting eight years.

pc-TO'BER, 71. The tenth month of
the year. _ [years old.

6c-Tp-(jtE-NA'Rl-AN, n. A person 80

oc'u-LAR, a. Relating to the eye.

6c'tJ-LAR-L,Y,a<f. By use of the eye.

oc'u-LiST, 71. One skilled in diseases
of the eyes. [peculiar.

ODD, a. Not even ; singular; strange j

6dd'i-ty, 71. Singularity : — odd person.

odd'ly, ad. In an odd manner.

odd§ (odz), n. Excess ; inequality.

OD^ 71. A short song ; a lyric poem.

||o'Koys (od'yus or 6'de-iis), a. Hate-
ful ; detestable; invidious.

||o'Dious-LY_07-o'Di-otJs-LY, ad. Hate-

|[o'di-um or od'ium, 71. Hatred, [fully.

o'dor, n. Scent ; fragrance ; perfume.

o DOR-iF'ER-otJS, a. Fragrant; scented.

o'DOR-l.iiSS, ffl. Destitute uf odor.

o'dor-ous, a. Having odor ; fragrant.

o'er (or). Contracted from over,

OF (6v),prep, From ; concerning. -

||6ff (of or auf), ad. Noting distance.

fjoFF, prep. Not on : — distant from.

(|6ff, interj. Away ! begone ! depart !

of'fal, n. Waste meat ; garbage.

OF-piNCE', n. Crime ; injury ; insult.

of-fend', v. To displease, transgress.

pF-FEND'ER, 71. One who offends; a
criminal "; a transgressor.

PF-fen'sive, a. Displeasing; injuri-
ous : — assailant ; making invasion.

OF-fen'sive-ly, ad. So as to offend.

6f'FER, v. a. To present ; to propose.

of'fer, v. n. To be present ; to occur.

OF'FER, 71. A proposal ; price bid.

6f'fer-A-BLE, a. That may be offered.

of'fer-ING, 71. That which is offered ;
a sacrifice; thing offered. [ly.

6ff'-hand, ad. At the moment ; direct-

of'FICE, 71. A public charge ; agency ;
peculiar use ; business : — a room.

AEIOUY, long ; A£i6u?, short ; AEipUY, obscure. — FARE,FAR,rSsT jFliiL ; h£ir.




of'fi-ceRjTC. a man holding an office.
pF-Fi"ciAIi (of-fish'al), a. Depending

on office ; done by virtue of office.
OF-Fi"ciAL,n. An ecclesiastical judge.
pF-Fi"ciA_L-L,Y, ad. By authority.
OF-Fl"CI-ATE (ot'-fish'e-at), v. n. To

discharge or perform an office.
pF-Fl"ciOUS (of-fJsh'us), a. Busy ;

overforward ; meddling ; obtrusive.
pF-Fi"cioys-LY, ad. In an officious

manner ; obtrusively.
pF-Fi"cioys-NJiss, n. Forwardness.
off'ing, 71. Deep water at a distance

from the sea-shore. [recrement.

6ff'scour-in&, n. Rejected matter ;
off'set, n. A sprout ; shoot : — set-off.
off'set, v. a. To cancel by an equiva-
6ff'sprin&, n. A child ; children. [lent.
OFT (5ft or auft), ad. Often ; frequently.
oft'en (of'fn or kw'fn), ad. Frequently;

not seldom ; many times.
oft'en-times (of fn-tlmz), ad. Often.
O-i^EE', n. A sort of moulding.
o'GiiE (o'gl), V. To view with side
o'&LE (6'gl),ri. A side glance. [glances.
o'gler, n. One who ogles ; a sly gazer.
OH (6), interj. Denoting pain or surprise.
oiL,?i. An animal or vegetable substance.
oiIj, v. a. To smear with oil.
bii^'-CLOTH, n. Cloth having a coat

of oil paint.
olL'l-NESS, n. Unctuousness.
oil'y, a. Containing oil ; greasy.
oiNT, V. a. To smear ; to anoint.
oint'ment, n. An unctuous matter.
oiiD, a. Not young ; not new ; ancient.
old'en (ol'dn), a. Old ; ancient.
o-L,E-Ag^'l-NOiJS,a. Oily; unctuous.
pL-FAC'TQ-RY, a. Pertaining to, or

having, the sense of smell.
P-lib'a-nu]vi,w. a gum-resin, [igarchy.
ol-i-gar'£!HI-cal,, a. Relating to ol-
ot.'i-GAR-jeHY, n. A government in

thejiands of a few persons.
o'Li-o_(o'le-6 or ol'yo),7i. A medley.
OL-i-VA'cEOTJS (-shus), a. Relating to,

or resembling, olives. [of tlie olive.
ol'ive, 7t. A tree and its fruit : — color
OL'ivE, a. Of the color of the olive.
P-li?m'pi-ad, n. The space of four

years in Grecian history. [Greece.

P-i.t^m'pic, a. Relating to games in
P-me'ga, n. The last letter of the

Greek alphabet. [with eggs, cfcc.

ome'let (om'let), w. A pancake made
o'men, re. A sign; a prognostic.
oiM'i-NOUS,a. Foreboding good or evil.
6M'i-NOt's-L,Y, ad. With good or bad

omens ; portentously.

p-Mis'sipN (o-mish'un), n. Act of omit-
ting; slight; neglect; a failure.

P-mit', v. a. To leave out ; to pass by.

om'ni-bDs, n. A large, covered, four-
wheeled vehicle for passengers.

pM-NiF'lc, a. All-creating."

pM-NfP'p-TENCE, re. Almighty power.

pM-?s'lP'p-TENT, a. Almighty.

piM-NiP'p-TENT-LY,arf.With all power.

OM-NI-PRE^'ENCE, n. The quality of
being present in every place, [place.

6m-ni-pres'ent, a. Present in every

p]Vl-Ni"sGjENCE (om-nish'ens),n. The
knowledge of all things, [knowing.

pM-Ni"sciENT (om-nish-ent), a. All-

pai-Nlv'p-ROtJs, «. Eating every tiling.

OTS, prep. Not off ; upon; at; near.

ON, ad. Forward ; onward.

ONCE (wuns), arf. Onetime; formerly.

ONE (wun), a. &. pron. One of two ;

one'ness (wiin'ries), ?t. Unity, [any.

6n'e-ra-ry, a. Burdensome ; onerous.

on'er-ous, a. Burdensome; oppressive.

ON'ipN (un'jain), re. A garden plant.

ON'liY, a. Single ; one and no more.

ON'ly, ad. Simply; singly; merely.

on'set, re. An attack; an assault.

on'slaught (on'slawt), n. An attack.

6n-tp-lo9^'i-cal, a. Relating to ontol-

PN-t6l.'P-9Yi n. Metaphysics, [ogy.

on'ward, 6n'ward§, ad. Forward.

on'ward, a. Advanced ; forward.

o'nvx (6'niks), re. A precious stone.

OOZE, )i. Soft mud ; mire: — soft filow.

OOZE, V. re. To flow ; to run gently.

ooz'y (6'ze), a. Miry ; muddy ; slimy.

p-PAp'l-TY, re. State of being opaque.

p-PA'cous, a. Dark ; opaque ; obscure.

p-PAKE', a. Dark. See Opaque.

o'PAL, n. A precious stone.

o-P4L-£s'cENT, a. Resembling opal.

P-PAQUE' (p-pak'), a. Dark ; not clear;

_ impervious to light; not transparent.

OPE, V. To open ; — used in poetry.

o'PEN (6'pn), V. To unclose ; to extend ;

_ to unlock; to explain; to disclose.

o'PEN (6'pn), a. Unclosed; not shut:

_ — evident; plain; clear: — frank.

o'PEN-iNG (o'pn-), re. An aperture.

o'PEN-LY, ad. In an open manner.

o'PEN-Nfiss, n. State of being open.

6p'e-r^, n. A musical drama.

op'er-ate, v. n. To act ; to work.

op-er-a'tipn, re. Agency ; action.

op'er-a-tive, a. Active; vigorous.

6p'er-^-tive, re. A mechanic ; artisan.

op'er-a-tpr, re. One who operates.

6P-E-ROSE',a. Laborious; full of labor.

oph-i-ol'p-^y, re. Science of serpents.

HER;MiEN,slK;D6,NOR,s6N;BlJliL,BUR,RliLE.9,9,5q/i; j0,e,^r<f; § as z ; ^ as gz.




o'PHiTE, n. The serpent stone, [my.
OPH-THAL'MIC,a. Relating to opluhal-
oPii'THAL-MY, 11. Disease of the e^ves.
o'Pl-ATE, a. Causing sleep; sopoviferoiis.
o'Pl-ATE, ?i. Medicine that causes sleep.
O-PIN'ION (o-pin'yun), n. That which is

thought; supposition ; judgment.
O-pin'ion-AT-ed (o piii'yun-at-ed), a.

Obstinate in opinion; conceited.
^-PiN'lQN-A-TiVE, a. Stiff in opinion.
o'Pi-tJM, 71. The inspissated or concrete

juice of a species of poppy.
6p-o-del'doc,?i.A plaster:— ointment,
o-pos'susr, n. An American quadruped.
pp-PO'.\ENT,7i. An antagonist; adversa-
OP-ro']VENT, a. Opposite; adverse, [ry.
6p-POR,-tune', a. .Seasonable; timely.
6p-POR-TUNE'LV,a<Z. Seasonably. [sion.
op-pqr-tu'ni-ty, ?'• A fit time or occa-
pP-POSE', V. a. To act against ; to resist.
QP-posed' (op-p6z(l'),/7. a. Oj)posite.
pp-Po§'ER, 11. One who opposes, [ry.
pp'pp-SiTE, a. Facing; adverse; contra-
6P-pp-|l'"TipN (op-po-zish'un), 7i. Hos-
tile resistance ; contrariety. [poses.
6P-pp-si"TipN-iST, n. One wno op-
pp-PRESS', r. a. To crush ; to subdue.
pP-PRES'siON (op-presh'un), n. Act of

oppressing ; hardship ; cruelty, [vere.
pP-PRES'siVE, a. Cruel ; inhuman ; se-
pp-PRES'sivE-LY,arf.In a harsh manner.
pp-PRESS'OR, n. One who oppresses.
pp-PRO'BRi-oOs-LV) o-d- Scurrilously,
pp-PKO'BRl-tJM, n. Disgrace ; infamy.
pp-PUGN' (op-pun'), V. a. To oppose.
pp-PUGN'ER (gp-pun'er), n. Assailer.
op'ta-tive, a. Expressive of desire.
OP'Tlc, ) a. Relating to sistht, or to
6p'ti-cae, I the science of optics.
PP-TI"CIAN (-tish'an), 71. One skilled in

the science of optics. [vision.

OP'Tics, 71. pi. The science of light and
op'tJ-MISM, n. The doctrine that every

thing is' ordered for the best.
op'tI-MIST, n. A believer in optimism.
6p'TipN,7i. Power of choosing ; choice.
OP'TipN-AL, a. Depending upon choice.
op'u-iiENCE, 7!. Wealth; affluence.
6p'u-LENT,a. Rich ; wealthy; afliuent.
OR, cnvj. A disjunctive particle.
6r'a-cle, 77. A response delivered by

supernatural wisdom : — a wise man.
p-RAC'y-LAR, a. Uttering oracles, [ner.
p-RAC'y-LAR-LY,a(Z.In an oracularman-
o'ral, a. Delivered by mouth ; spoken.
o'rat,-ey, ad. By mouth ; verbally.
Pr'an^^EjTi. a kindof tree, and its fruit.
OR' an9^e ,a. Of the color of an orange.

6r'an-9^er-y, 71. Orchard of oranges.

o-RANG'-6u-TANG',7?. A species of ape.

p-RA'Tipj>f, n. A rhetorical speech.

OR'A-TpR,^. An eloquent speaker.

6R-A-T6R'i-CAE,a. Relating to oratory. .

OR-A-TOR'i-CAL-LY, ad. Rhetorically.

OR-A-TORJ-o, 71. A sacred drama.

6r'a-tp-ry, n. Art of speaking well ;
eloquence ; rhetoric ; elocution.

ORB, 77. A round body ; a sphere.

or'bate, a. Bereaved ; childless.

PR-BXC'u-iiAR, a. Spherical; circular.

or'bit, 71. A path described by a heaven-
ly body in its revolution,

or'bi-tal, a. Relating to an orbit.

or'chard, n. Enclosure of fruit-trees.

qr'chard-ist, n. One who cultivates

_ an orchard, [chorus, or for musicians.

or'£;hes-tra, n. An apartment for a

or'£;hil, 77. A plant; a species of lichen.

or'jEhis, 71. A genus of plants.

PR-dain', v. a. To appoint ; to decree.

or'de-al, n. A form of trial by fire or
water : — a severe trial ; a test.

or'djer, 71. A method ; a rule : — a man-
date : — a series : — a class ; a society.

or'der, v. a. To regulate ; to manage.

OR'uER-iiY, a. Methodical ; regular.

OR'Di-NAL,a. Noting order; 3iS, second.

or'di-]N"ANCe,71. a law ; an established
rule ; a decree ; an appointment.

OR'Di-NA-Ri-LY,arf.Commonly; usually.

OR'Di-NA-RY,a.Common;usual: — mean.

or'di-na-ry, n. An ecclesiastical judge.

or'dJ-na-ry or ORD'iNA-RY,?7. A place
for eating : — price of a meal.

or'di-n^te, a. Regular; methodical.

OR-Ol-NA'Tipw, n. Act of ordaining.

0Pi^D'NAiVCE,7i. Cannon; heavy artillery.

ord'ure (brd'yur), 71. Dung; filth.

ore, n. Metal in its mineral state.

or'gan, n. An essential part of the
body : — a musical wind instrument.

PR-gan'ic, ) a. Relating to an organ;

PR-gan'i-cal, \ instrumental, [gans.

PR-gXn' i-c AL.-L Y, ad. By means of or-

or'gan-i^m, n. An organical structure.

or'gan-Ist^??. a player on the organ.

OR-GAN-l-ZA'TipN, 71. Act of organiz-
ing; a due construction of parts.

or'gan-ize, v. a. To form properly.

or'gasm, n. A sudden vehemence.

or'^^ie's, 7?. pi. Frantic revels ; revelry.

o'ri-eivt, a. Rising, as the sun; eastern.

o'rJ-ent, 77. The east. [em.

o-Ri-Eif'TAL, a. Being in the east ; east-

5-Ri-EN'TAli-iST, 71. One versed in Ori-
ental learning: — an Oriental person.

OR'I-FICE, 71. An opening; a hole.

AEIOtJY, long ,• ifetotjfl?, short ; AEipyy, o&acwre.— fAre,FAR,f1st,f1lIj ; h£ir,




or'i-^In, n. A beginning ; cause ; rise ;
fountain ; source ; descent.

p-Rl<^'l-NAL, n Origin ; first copy.

o-Rl9'i-NAL, a. Firstj having new ideas.

o-r'%-i-nal'i-ty, n. State of being orig-

o-Ri^-'l-N^L-lrY, ad. Primarily, [inal.

P-ric^'i-nXte, v. a. To cause to exist.

O-Rl^'i-NATB, V. 11. To begin to exist.

p-Ri<^-i-N a'tion, n. Act of originating.

p-Ri^'x-NA-TOR, 11. One wlio originates.

o'rj-ole, 71. A bird ; a sort of thrush.

o-Ri'QN, n. A southern constellation.

OR'i-soN, n. A prayer ; a supplication.

or'lqp, n. (JVa«L) A lower deck.

or'jva-ment, 11. An embellishment.

or'na-ment, v. a. To embellish, adorn.

OR-na-ment'al, a. Giving embellish-

OR'iNATE,a. Bedecked; decorated; fine.

pR-NiTH'o-LiTE, n. A petrified bird.

OR-Ni-THO-iiO^'i-CAli, a. Relating to
ornithology. [ornilhology.

OR-Nl-THpLi'p-^^lisT, n. One versed in

OR-Ni-THOL'p-qrY, 71. That part of nat-
ural history which treats of birds.

p-ROL'p-c^y, n. Treatise on mountains.

OR'PHAN, 71. A child who has lost either
father or mother, or both.

ok'phan-ac^e, n. State of an orphan.

5r're-ry, 71. A machine to show the
revolutions of the heavenly bodies.

or'thp-d6x, a. Sound in religious
opinion or doctrine. [dox.

oR'THpD6x-Y,7i. State of being ortho-

OR-THp-EP'l-CAL, a. Relating to or-

or'tho-e-pist, n. One who is versed

_ in orthoepy. [words properly.

6r'thp-E-Py, n. Art of pronouncing

PR-th6g'ra-pher, 71. One who is
versed in orthography. [thography.

6R-THp-GRAPH'l-CAL,a. Relating to or-

PR-th6g'ra-phy, n. Art of spelling

OR'TIVE, a. Rising; eastern, [words.

or'tp-lS.N,7i. a bird esteemed for food.

ORTS, 71. jij,. Refuse ; fragments.

6s'cili-LiATE,7>. 71. To vibrate; to swing.

6s-ciii-l,A'TipN, 71. Act of oscillating.

os'cJL-LiA-Tp-RY, a: Moving like a pen-

6s'ci-TAN-CY, n. A yawning, [dulum.

os'ci-TANT,a. Yawning; gaping; sleepy.

os'CI-TATE, V. n. To yawn ; to gape.

os-ci-TA^TipN, n. The act of yawning.

os'cu-LATE, V. a. To kiss ; to touch.

o'siER (6'zher), n. A species of willow.

os'NA-BiJRG, n. A coarse linen.

os'PREY, n. A large, blackish hawk.

os'SE-bbs, a. Bony ; resembling bone.

os'si-CLE (os'se-kl), 71. A small bone.

ps-siF'ic, a. Having power to ossify.
6s-si-Fl-CA'TipN, n. Act of ossifying.
os'si-FRAqtE, n. The sea-eagle.
6s'si-FY, V. a. & n. To change to bone.
ps-siv'p-ROtiS, a. Devouring bones.
ps-TEN'si-BLE,a. Professed ; apparent.
os-ten-ta'tiOjV, n. Ambitious display.
6s-TEN-TA'Tioys, a. Making display ;

fond of show : vain. [boastfully

os-TEN-TA'Tioys-LY, ad. Vainly;
6s-te-6l'p-(^er, ) n. One versed in
6s-te-6l'p-9IST, \ osteology.
OS te-ol'p-^^YjM. Description of bones.
6s'Ti-A-RY, n. The mouth of a river.
6s'TRA-ci§M, 71. A Grecian mode of ban-

ishmentj — banishment; public censure.
os'tra-cize, 75. a. To banish ; to expel.
os'trich, n. A very large bud.
P-Tal'9^ic, 77. A remedy for the earache.
oth'er (utfi'er), pron. Not the same.
oth'er-wise, ad. In another way.
ot'ter, 71. ' An amphibious animal.
ot'to-man, a. Relating-to Turkey, — n.

A Turk : — a hassock : — a seat.
ouGHT(awt),7i. Anything. See Aught.
OUGHT (awt), verb defective. To be

bound by duty or to be obliged, [raal.
6t)NCE, 77. A small weight; — an ani-
ot)R, pron. & a. Belonging to us.
bUR§, pron. poss. Belonging to us.
our-s£lve§', pron. pi. We, not others.
OUST, V. a. To remove ; to eject.
OIJT, ad. Not in ; not at home.
oaT-BiD'j^t), To exceed in bidding.
oOt'break,?!. A breaking out; eruption.
ouT'BURSTjTi. An explosion ; outbreak.
oOT'cisT, p. a. Thrown away; cast out.
ot)T'cAsT, n. An exile ; one expelled.
btJT'CRY,77. A cry of distress ; clamor.
OUT DO', 7J. a. To excel ; to surpass.
oOt'er, a._ Being without. [middle.
OUT'ER-MOST, a. Farthest from the
otT-FACB',v.a. To brave; to stare down.
out'fit, 78. The means of fitting out ;

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