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the equipment of a person or ship.
6iyT-9^EN'ER-AL,7;. a. Tosurpassin mil-
OUT-GO', V. a. To surpass, [itary skill.
OUT-Go'iNG, n. Egress: — expenditure.
oOt-grow', v. a. To surpass in growth.
ot>T'-HoOsE, 71. A barn, stable, &c.
ol>T-l,AND'isH, a. Not native ; foreign.
ot^T-liisT', V. a. To surpass in duration.
out'eaw, n. One who is outlawed.
oijt'law, v. a. To deprive of the benefit

and protection of the law.
bUT'LAW-RY, 71. An act for depriving

a man of the protection of the law.
bt)T'LiAY,7i. A sum expended ; expense.
bt>T'LET, 71. A passage outwards.

HER;MiEN,siR;D6,NOR,s6N;BtJLIi,BUR,RtJLE. 9,9,soyi ,• £J,j&,Aard ,- § as z ; ^ as gz.




otT-l.m'E',v. a. To form a sketch of.

oOt'line, 71. An exterior line : — sketch.

oOT-l,lVE',y.o. To live beyond, survive.

oOT-iVUM'BERjW.a.Toexceed in number.

out'port, n. A port distant from a citJ^

oOt'post, n. A station at a distance.

out-pour', v. a. To pour out.

out'R4(^e,w. Violence 3 wanton abuse.

out'rage, v. a. To abuse violently.

OlJT-RA'^EOUS (out-ra'jus), a. Violent ;
furious ; enormous ; excessive.

out-ra'^eous-ly, ad. Violently.

outride', v. a. To pass by in riding.

ouT'Ri-DER,?t. Attendant on horseback.

oOt-right' (out-rit'), ad. Immediately.

out-run', v. a. To leave behind.

OUT-SAIL', V. a. To pass by in sailing.

OUT-SELL.', V. a. To exceed in selling.

out'set, n. An opening; a beginning.

OUT-SHINE', V. a. To excel in lustre.

oi)t'side, M. Surface; external part.

OUT'siDE,a. Being without ; exterior.

ot)t'skirt, n. A suburb ; border.

ouT-STAND'iNG,a. Existing abroad; un-

ot>T-STR£TCH', «. a. To extend, [paid.

oi)t-strip', v. a. To leave behind.

OUT-VOTE', V. a. To surpass by voting.

oi)t-walk', v. a. To exceed in walking.

oOt'wall, n. An exterior wall.

oOt'ward, a. External ; exterior.

oOt'ward, ad. To outward parts.

out'ward-ly, ad. Externally ; in ap-

otyT-WEiGH' (-wa'), V. a. To exceed in
weight ; to excel in value.

ot>T-wiT', V. a. To surpass in craft.

OUT'woRK(-wurk),?i.An exterior work.

oOt-work' (-wurk')j v. a. To outdo.

ou'ZEL (6'zl), n. A blackbird.

o'val, a. Shaped like an egg ; ovate.

6'v^L,n. A figure shaped as an egg.

P-VA'Ri-otJS, a. Consisting of eggs.

6'v^-RY, 71. (Anat.) The seat of eggs.

o'VATE,a. Oval ; egg-shaped.

O-va'tion, n-. An inferior triumph.

oVen (uv'vn), n. A cavity to bake in.

o'VER, prep. Above; across; upon.

o'VER, ffl<Z. Above the top ; more.

o-VER-act',?;.To act more than enough.

o'VER-A.LL§, 71. pi. Loose trousers.

6-ver-arch', v. a. To cover as with

_ an arch. [intimidate.

o-ver-awe', v. a. To keep in awe ; to

o-VER-BAL'ANCE,t'.a. To preponderate.

o'ver-bXl-ANce, n. A greater weight.

o-VER-BEAR',^). a. To bear down. [vere.

o-ver-be ar'JNG, p. a. Oppressive ; se-

o'VER-BOARD, ad. Out of the ship.

5-VER-BUR'DEN (-dn),«.a. To overload.

o-VER-clST', V. a. To cloud ; to darken.
o'VER-clsT, a. Cloudy ; obscured.
o-ver-char9^e', v. a. To charge toe
_ high; to overburden,
o' ve r-charge , n. Too high a charge.
o'ver-coat, n. An outside coat. [due.
o-VER-coME',?;. a. To conquer; tosub-
o-VER-DO', V. To do more than enough.
o'VER-DOSE, 71. An excessive dose.
over-draw', v. a. To draw too much.
o-ver-drTve', v. a. To drive too hard.
o'ver-fIll, 71. A cataract : — a shoal.
o-ver-feed', ??. To feed too much,
o- VE R-FL ow',7; ,71. To be more than full.
0-VER-FLOW',v. a. To deluge ; to inun-
O'VER-FLOW, n. An inundation, [date.
o-VER-fi^RO w',77. To cover with growth;
_ to rise abj)ve ; to grow beyond.
o'VER-GROWTH,7i. Exuberant growth.
o-VER-HANG'jW. Tojut or impend over.
o-VER-HAUL',7J.<i. To unfold ; toexam-
o-ver-head', arf. Aloft; above, [ine.
o-VER-HE ar', v. a. To hear privately.
o-ver-heat', v. a. To heat too mucli.
o-VER-jqY',75.a. To transport; to ravish.
o-VER-LA'BOR,i;.ffl. To Oppress by labor.
6-ver-lade', v. a. To overburden.
o'v^R-LAND, a. Carried on by land.
o-VER-L AY', V, a. To smother; to crush.
O-VER-LE AP', V. a. To pass by a jump.
O-VER-LIE', V. a. To lie upon or over.
o-ver-load', v. a. To load too much.
o-ver-look' (6-ver-luk'),7J. a. Toover-
_ see ; to inspect : — to excuse : — to neg-
o-VER-]VlATCH',«. a. To conquer. [lect.
o'VER-MATCH, 71. One of superior
_ strength or powers.
o-ver-mOch', a. More than enough.
o-VER-MpCH', ad. In too great a degree.
5-VER-NlGHT', ad. Through the night.
o-ver-pAss', v. a. To cross ; to omit.
o'VER-PLUS, 71. Remainder; a surplus.
o-VER-Poi§E', w. a. To outweigh.
o'VER-Poi§E,7i.A preponderant weight.
5-VER-Pow'ER, V. a. To vanquish.
o-ver-prize', v. a. To value too high.
o-ver-rate', v. a. To rate at too much.
o-ver-reach'j v. a. To deceive.
O-VER-RIDE', v. a. To ride over.
o-VER-Rt^LE', V. a. To control ; to reject.
o-ver-rCn',w. a. To ravage, overspread.
o-ver-see', v. a. To superintend.
o-ver-se'er, n. One who oversees.
o-VER-sfiT', V. To overturn ; to upset.
o-ver-shade', v. a. To cover with
_ darkness : — to overshadow.
o-ver-shXd'ow^jTj.g. To cover, protect,

6-ver-sh66t', v. To shoot beyond.

AEIOUY, ZoTi^- / A-mbXit, short; AEioyy,o65cu?-e.— fAre,far,fast,5'Ai.l; h£ir»




o'VER-siGHT (Sit), n. Superintend-
ence : — a mistake : — inattention.

o-VER-SKlp[, V. a. Too pass by leaping.

0-VER-SL.EEP', V. To sleep too long.

over-spread', v. a. To cover over.

■O-VER-ST ATE', ». a. To State too highlj'^.

o-ver-st6ck',«. a. To fill too full.

OVER-STRAIN-', V. To Strain too far.

o'VERT, a. Open ; apparent ; manifest.

o-ver-take', v. a. To catch by pursuit.

o-VER-task', v. a. To task too much.

o-VER-THRO W, V. a. To ruin; to defeat.

o'VER-THROW, B. Ruin^ defeat.

o'vJERT-LY, ad. In an overt manner.

o-VER T6P',t5. a. To rise above, surpass.

o-VER-TK.ADE',«. 71- To trade too much.

O'VER-TURE, 71. A proposal: — a flourish

o-VER-TtJRN',75.a.To subvert, [of music.

o'VER-TURN, 71. Subversion; overthrow.

•C-ver-VAl'^e, v. a. To rate too higk.

O-VER-w^eEN'ING, a. Vain j conceited.

o-ver-w^eI'GH' (-wa'), V. a. To pre-

_ ponderate. [ance :— greater weiglu.

O'VER-WEI&HT (-wat)j 7i- Pieponder-

O-VER-WHELM', «. u. To overflow ; to
crush underneatli.

o-VER-WHEi:.M'li>f&,p. a. Overflowing.

o-ver-work', v. a. To work too much.

O-VER-WROUGrHT' (6-ver-rawt'), p. a.
Labored too much : — worked all ov«er.

o'vi-FORM, a. Shaped like an egg.
O-vip'a-eoCs, a. Producing young by

eggs. [have from.

OWE (5), V. a. To be indebted to ; lo
OWE (o), V. n. To be bound or obliged.
ow'iNCr (o'ing), p. a. Due: — imputable.
o\i"L, 71. A bird that flies by night.
owii'isH, a. Resembling an owl.
OWN (on), a. Belonging to ; as, my own.
OWN («u), V, a. To possess : — to confess.
own'er (6'ner), n. Rightful proprietor,
ox, n^: pi. ox'en (ok'sn). A bullock,
ox'BOW, n. A bow for yoking an ox.
ox'EYE (5x'i), 71. A plaut: — titmouse.
ox'sTALL, n. A stand for oxen.
ox'i-DATE, «. &. To jceavext into au

oxide ; to oxidize.
ox'iBE, r«. A substance -camljined with

ox'iD-iZE, V. a. To convert into an

dx'v-9^E5f> tt- A gas which generates

acids, and forms the respirable or vital

part of common air.
6x'y-^EN-iZE,<j. a. To impregnate with
_ oxygen.
O'yer, 71. A court of oyer aiid terminer

is a judicature, where causes are heard

And determined.
gx^s'ter, 71. A bivalve, testaceous fish.


PACE, n. A step ; gait : — a motion of
a horse: — one fifth of a rod.
PACE, V. n. To move on slowly; to go.
PACE, ». a. To measure by steps or paces.
pa^'er, 71. A horse that paces.
PA-cif'ic, ) a. Peaceable ; proraot-
PA-ciF'l-c^L, \ ing peace ; gentle,
PXp-l-FI-cX'TlpN, 71. Act of pacifying.
PX^-f-FJ-CA'TpR, 71. A peacemaker.
PA-ciF'j-CA-TO-RY,a. Promoting peace.
PXq'i-fy, v. a. To appease ; to quiet-
PAck, n. A bundle ; a set ; a number.
PlCK, V. a. To bind up : — to send off.
PXcK'Aij^E, ru A bai-e ; goods packed.
PACK^ET, 71. A small pack ; a post-ship,

or vessel for letters and passengers.'h6rse, n. A ho?se of burden.
pIck'man, 71. Man who carries a pack.
pXck'tH95.£ad, 71. Twine for packing.
PACT, 71. A bargain ; a covenant.
pXd, 71. A soft saddle : — a robber.
pXd, v. a. To fix with a pad ; to staff.

pXd'dle, v. To row ; to play In Trater.
pXd'dle, 71. A small oar. [sure.

pad'dock, 71. A frog : — a small enclo-
pXd'dy, n. Rice in the husk. [lock.
pXb'lock, n. A pendent or hanging
PXd-UA-so 5'(pa.d-u-soi'), n. A silk stuff.
p^'an (pe'an),7t. A song of praise or joy«
pa'gan, 71.' A lieathen ; an idolater.
pa'gan, a. Heathenish ; gentile.
pa'gak-I^M, n. Heathenism.
PA/&AN-IZ E , 75. «.To render heathenish.
PA(^E, n. One side of a leaf: — a boy.
PA^^E, V. a. To mark the pages of.
pXc^'eant, 7t. A pompous show.
pX^^'eant-ry, n. Show ; a spectacle.
pX^-'i-nal, a, Ccnsisting of pages.
PA-g-o'da, 71-. An East Indian temple
containing an idol : — an Indian coin.
PAID (pad), i.&:.p. from pay. [water, &e.
PAIL (pal), n. A vessel with a bail for
pail'fijl, 71. As much as a pail holds.
PAIN, 71. Distress; suffering j penalty.

HERiaUEN,SIEjDO,NOR,SONj BVLl^;BVR,B.Vl.B.^,(^,so/tj )d^,hard; S as7.; ^ AS gZ-




FAIN, V. a. To afflict with pain.

pain'fi&L, a. Full of pain ; afflictive.

PAilN'Fta.-l*Y, ad. In a painful manner.

pain'less, a. Free from pain.

PAIN^, 71. Labor ; care ; toil ; trouble.

pain§'tak-ing-, a. Laborious ; indus-
trious j careful.

PAlNTj^.a. To color 3 to represent.

PAiNTjtJ.Ti.To lay colors on the face, &c.

PAINT, n. Color ; a coloring substance.

PAINt'er, n. One ■wIk^ practises paint-
Jng : — a rope to fasten a boat.

PAiNT'iNG, n. Tke art or work of a
painter : — a picture : — color laid on.

pAir, m» Two of a sort ; a couple.

PAIR, tJ, n. To be joined in pairs.

PAIR, v.- a- To join in couples ; to unite.

pal'acEjM- a royal or splendid horrse.

PAL,'A-r)iN,?t. Knight-errant: — chieftain.

pAl-an-quin' (p&l-an-ken'), n. A kind
of covered carriage in the East.

pXL'A-TA-BliE, a. Pleasing to the taste.

pal'a-tAi,, a. Relating to the palate.

PXL>'ATE,n. Theroofof themouthj the
organ of taste : — ^mental relish.

pa-la'tial, a. Relating to a palace.

pXl'a-tine, n. Dignitary in a court.

pXl'a-tine, a. Possessing royal privi-
leges, [flattery ; conversation.

PA-lX'ver,^m. Idle or deceitful talk;

P^-liA' VER, V. To flatter ; to talk idly.

PALE, a. Not ruddy ; whitish ; pallid.

PALE, n. A pointed stake : — a jurisdic-
tion ; an enclosure ; a district.

PALE, V. a. To enclose with pales.

PALE 'NESS, n. state of being pale.

5»A-LE-6G'RA-PHy, n. Ancient mode
of writing ; ancient waitings. [ties.

PA-LE-OL'o-^^y, n. Science of antiqui-

PA-LE-aN-TOL'o-(jtY, n. The science
that treats of fossil remains.

pa-l£s'tric, ) a. Belonging to

pa-les'tri-cal, ) wrestling; athletic.

pXl'ette, n. A painter^s oval board.

Pal'frey orPXL'FREY, n. A gentle
Jiorse, fit for ladies to ride.

PAL'iNG, n. A fence made of pales.

PAL'iN-5DE,7i. A poem ; a recantation.

pXl-J-sade', n. A stake or pale: — a
defence formed by pales. [sades.

Pal-i-sade', v. a. To enclose with pali-

PALL,7i. A cloak : covering for the dead.

PALL, V. n. To grow vapid or insipid.

PALL, V. a. To make insipid or vapid.

PAL-la'di-Gm, 11. Statue ; protection.

pXl'las, n. A small planet or asteroid.

Pal'let, n. A small or rude bed : — a
part of clock or watch-work.

PAL'Ll-ATE,ti.a.To extenuate; to soften.

pXl-li-a'tiC>n, n. An extenuation.

pal'li-A-tive , a. Extenuating ; easing;

plL'LJ-A-TlVE, n. Something that pal-
liates or extenuates.

pXl'lid, a. Pale ; wan ; not bright.

PALM (pam), n. A tree : — victory : — in-
ner part of the hand : — a measure.

PALM (pam), V. a. To conceal, impose.

pal'mat-ed,. fl. Having webbed feet.

PAL-MET'TOf,«. A species of palm-tree.

pAl'mi-ped, a. Web-fboted ; fin-footed.

pal'mis-try, n. The art or act of tell-
ing fortunes by the palm. [isliiiije.

pXLM'Y(pa'me),fl. Bearing palms ; floiir-

pXl'pa-ble, a. That may be felt ; plain.

pXl'pa-bly, ad. In a palpable manner.

pal'pi-tatEjD.g. To beat, as the heart.

PAL-pi-T a'tion, n. Act of palpitating j.
throbbing of the heart.

PAL'^iED (pil'zid), a. Diseased with
the palsy ; paralytic. [ralysis,

pal'§^y, n. A privation ©f motion ; pa-

pXl'ter, v. 11. To dodge ; to play tricks.

pal'tri-ness, 71, State of being paltry.

pXl'try, a. Worthless; despicable;:
contemptible ; vile ; mean.

PAM'PER, V. a. To feed to the full.

PAM'^HLET (^m'flet), n. A small
stitched book.

pXm-phlet-eer', n. A writer of, or
dealer in, pamphlets.

pXn, n. A hollow vessel j a hollow.

pan-a-_ce'a, n. A universal medicine.

Pan'c AKE, 71. A cake fried in a pan.

pXn'cre-Xs, b. a gland ; sweetbread.

pXn'dect, 71. A treatise ; digest of law.

PAN-dem'ic, a. Incidentto a whole peo-

PAn'der, 71. A pimp ; a procurer. Tple.

pXn'der, v..n. To be subservient to lust.

PAN-DORE^, 71. A musical instrument.

PANE , n. A square^ particularly of glass.

pXn-e-9YR'ic, 71. A eulogy; encomium.

pXN-E-^i?R'ic, > a. Containing

pXn-E-9^t?r' i-CAL, ) praise ; eulogistic.

pXN-E-^Y^R'pT, 71. A eulogist ; a praiser,

pXN'E-9^YR-izE, V. «. To commend
highly ; to eulogize.

pXn'el, 71. A square in a wainscot, &c. :
— a roll of the names of jurors.

pXn'el, v. a. To form into panels :—
to enter in a panel, as jurors.

pAng, n. Extreme pain ; anguish.

pXn'ic, 71. A sudden fright ; an plarm.

PAn'IC, a. Extreme ; sudden ; violent.

pan'nel, n. A kind of rustic saddle.

pAn'nier (pan'yer or pan'ni-er), n. A
basket carried on a horse, &c.

pXn'p-ply, 71. A full suit of armor
for the body.

AEIOVY tlo/llg i AeIoD Y, short ; AEIOUYj o6sciire»— fArEj FARsFlSTiFAIili 1 H^IR,




pXn-O-RA'MA or pAn-O-rX'ma, n. A
large painting, representing a complete
and entire view, as of a country, [ma.

pan-Q-ram'ic, a. Relating to a panora-

p.\N'§y, n. A garden flower, or violet.

PAKT, V. n. To throb : — to breathe quick-

PAKT, n. Q,uick motion or breathing, [ly.

pIn'ta-grAph, n. A copying machine.

Pan-ta-let', n. A woman's garment.

p1n-ta-l66n§', 71. pLA man's garment.

pXn'the-i§m, n. The doctrine which
identifies the universe with God.

PAn'the-ist, n. A believer in panthe-
ism, [ism.

PlN-TH]|-is'Tlc,a. Relating to panthe-

PAN-the'on, n. A temple at Rome, &c.

pAn'ther, n. A spotted wild beast.

pan'tIle, 71. A hollowed tile.

pan-t6'fl,e (pan-to'fl), n. A slipper.

PAN-tog'ra-phy, 71. A full description.

pan'tq-mime, n. A representation in
gesture and dumb show : — a mimic.

pAn-tq-mim'ic, ) a. , Representing

PAN-TO-MiM'i-cAL,, \ by dumb show.

pAn'try, 71. Apartment for provisions.

PAp, 71. A nipple : — soft food ; pulp.

PA pA', 71. A fond name (oi father.

PA'PA-cY,7i. Popedom ; papal authority.

PA'PAii, a. Belonging to the pope.

pa-pav'er-oDs, a. Resembling poppies.

P^-PAW', 71. A tree, and its fruit.

pa'per, 71. A substance to write on, &c.

PA'PER, V. a. To cover with paper.

pa'per-hAng'ing§, 71. pi. Colored pa-
per for jhe wails of rooms. [terfly.

PA-p1l'IO (-yo), n. An insect ; the but-

PA-pil-IQ-na'ce ous (pa-pil-yo-na'-
shus), a. Resembling a butterfly.

PAp'lli-l.A-RY, a. Having emulgent ves-
sels, nipples, or paps.

PA'PIST,7^. An adherent to the pope ; a
Roman Catholic.

pa-pis'tic, ) a. Roman Catholic ;

PA-Pis^TJ-CAL, \ popish.

pap-p66se', n. Indian word for child.

PAp'pous, a. Downy ; soft, [culent.

pAp'py, a. Resembling pap ; soft ; suc-

PAP'y-LOUs, a. Full of pustules.

PA-py'RUS, 71. An Egyptian plant,
which was formerly used for paper.

pAr, 71. State of equality ; equal value.

PAK'a-ble, 71. A fable; a similitude.

PA-rAb'o-LiA, n. A conic section.

pAr-A-b6l,'ic, ) a. Relating to a

pAr-a-bol'i-cal, \ parable, or to a

pAr-a-9hute',7i. An instrument to pre-
vent too japid descent of an aeronaut.

pAr'a-clete, 71. The Holy Spirit.

PA-RADE',7i. Show; ostentation ; order :
— a place where troops assemble.

pa-rade', v. n. To assemble, as troops.

p A-R ADE ',v.a. To assemble ; to exhibit.

pAr'a-digm (par'a-dim),7i. An example.

par'a-dise, 71. A place of bliss ; heaven.

pAr-a-di-§;i'a-cai., a. Relating to para-
dise ; celestial ; heavenly.

pAr'a-dox, 71. An assertion apparent-
ly false or absurd, but not really so.

pAr-a-d6x'i-cal, a. Partaking of par-
adox, [tern.

pAr'a-gon, 71. A perfect model ; a pat-

pAr'a-grAph, n. A distinct part of a
discourse : — the mark thus [TT].

pAr-al-lAc'tic, ) a. Pertaining to

pAr-al-lAc'tJ-cal, \ a parallax.

pAr'al-LiAX, 71. The distance between
the true and apparent place of the
sun, or a star.

pAr'al-lel, a. Equally distant ; like.

pAr'al-lel, 74. A line equidistant
throughout from another line : — like-
ness ; a parallel line.

pAr'al-LEL, v. a. To make parallel.

pAr'al-lel-1§m, n. State of being

par-al-lei,'o-grAm, 71. A quadrilat-
eral figure, whose opposite sides are
parallel and equal. [reasoning.

pa-rAl'p-^i^m, n. A false argument or

pa-rAl'p-9^y, 77. False reasoning.

pa-rAl'y-sis, 77. Loss of motion in
a part of the body ; a palsy, [ralysis.

pAr-a-lyt'ic, 71. One struck by pa-

pAr-a-eyt'ic, ) a. Having paraly-

pAr-a-lyt'i-cal, 5 sis; palsied, [sis.

pAr'a-lyze, 73. a. To affect with paraly-

pAr'a-mount, a. Highest ; superior.

pAr'a-mour, 71. A lover; a wooer.

pAr'a-pet, 77. A breastwork or wall.

pAr-a-pher-na'l,i-a,7i. pi. Goods of a
wife, besides her dowry : — trappings.

pAr'a-phra^e, 77. A free translation ;
an explanation in many words.

pAr'A-phrase, v. a. To translate loose-
ly; to explain in many words.

pAR'A-PHRAsT,77.0ne who paraphrases.

pAr-a-phrAs'tic, ) a. Relating to

pAr-A-PHrAs'ti-cal, \ paraphrase ;
diff'usej free ; not verbal or literal.

pAr'a-site , 77. A flatterer ; a sycophant.

PAR-A-s1t'1C, ia. Like a parasite ;

pAr-a-sit'i-cal, \ flattering: — grow-
ing on another tree.

pAr'a-sol, 77. A screen from the sun.

pAr'boil, v. a. To half boil, boil in part.

Par'cel,77. A small bundle or quantity.

par'cel, v. a. To divide into portions.

JiER;MiEN,siR;D6,NOR5SON;Bt)LL,BUR,RtLE. ^,^,soft; 0,&,hard ,- § as z ; :^ as gz.




par'cen-a-ry, n. Joint inheritance,

Par'cen-er, w. A joint heir.

PARCH, V. a. To bum sliglitlyj to dry up.»

pXrch'ment, n. The skin of an ani-
mal dressed to write on.

PARD, n. Leopard : — a spotted animal.

PAR'DON (par'dn),t;.a.To forgive, remit.

par'don (par'dn), n. Forgiveness.

par'don-a-ble, a. Venial ; excusable.

PARE, V. a. To cut off the surface of.

PAR-e-gor'ic, n. An assuaging medi-
cine ; an anodyne. [Hortatory.


par'ent, n. A father or mother.

par'ent-a^e, m. Extraction 5 birth.

PA-RENT'AL,a. Like a parent ; tender.

pa-ren'the-sis, n. A clause inserted
in a sentence : — the mark tluis ( ).

PAR-EN-THET'ic, ) a. Pertaining to

PAR-EN-THET'i-cAL, \ a parenthesis.

PAR-EN-THET'i-CAL-L,y, o^- By pa-
renthesis, [pares.

par'er, 71. One who, or that which,

Par'9^:^t, n. Plaster; gypsum : — paint.

PAR-he'li-qn or par-hel'ion, n. ;
pi. PAR-HE'lil-A. A mock sun; a me-
teor, [wall.

PA-Ri'E-TAii, a. Relating to the sides or

pIr'ing, n. A cutting ; that which is
pared off; the rind.

Par'ish, n. An ecclesiastical district.

PA-RisH'iON-ER,n. One who belongs to
a parish. [likeness.

pXr'i-ty, 71. Equality ; resemblance ;

PARK, ?i. An enclosure of land.

PARK, V. a. To enclose, as in a park.

Par'l,ance, n. Conversation; dis-
course ; talk. [talk.

pXr'ley, v. n. To treat verbally ; to

par'ley, n. Oral treaty ; conference.

Par'lia-ment, 71. The British legisla-
tive assembly of lords and commons.

Par-lia-mI&nt'a-ry, a. Relating to
parliament. [ing-room.

par'lor, 71. A sitting-room ; a draw-

pa-ro'£;hi-al,, a. Belonging to a parish.

PA-ROD'rc, a. Relating to a parody.

pAr'o-dy, 71. A ludicrous caricature of
another's words or performance.

Par'o-dy, v. a. To imitate by parody.

par'qi,, a. Oral ; by word of mouth.

PA-kole', 71. Word of promise, or
word given as an assurance.

Par'o-nyme, 71. A paronymous word.

PA-RON'Y-MOtJs, a. Alike in sound,
but different in meaning. [rot.

Par'o-quet (par'o-ket), 7i. A small par-

PA-rot'id, a. Relating to the parotis.

pa-rot'id, pa-r6'tis, n. A gland.

pXr'ox-^SM, n. A fit ; a convulsion.

PAR-Rl-cr DAL, a. Relating to parricide.

par'ri-cide, 7t. The murder, or mur-
derer, of a parent.

par'rot, 11. A party-colored bird.

par'ry, v. a. To turn aside ; to ward off.

PARSE, v^ a. To resolve by grammar.

PAR-si-Mo'Nl-otis, a. Penurious; spar-
ing ; covetous ; stingy.

PAR-si-Mo'Ni-ous-EY, ad. Sparingly.

PAR'si-MO-Ny, 11, Penuriousness.

Pars'ley, n. A garden plant or herb.

pars'nip, n. A garden vegetable or root.

par'son (par'sn), n, A clergyman.

par'son-a^^e, 71. A parson's house, &;e.

PART, 71. A portion ; share ; piece ; side.

PART, V, a. To divide ; to separate.

PAR-TAKE ',7J. [i. partook;;?. partaken.]
To take part in ; to participate.


par-tak'er, n. One who partakes.

pXr-terre' (par-tir'), 7i. A system*
of beds for flowers, &c.

par'tial (piir'sh^l), a. Inclined to one
party ; not impartial : — not total.

PAR-ti-al'i-ty (par-she-al'e-te), n.
State of being partial ; an undue bias.

pXr'tial-ly, ad. With partiality:— in
part ; partly.

par'ti-ble, a. That may be parted.

PAR-Ti9'l-pXNT,a.Having share or part.

PAR-Tic'i-PANT,n.A partaker; a sharer.

par-ti9'i-pate,7j.To partake; to share.

pX.R-Ti9-i-PA'TipN, 71. The act of shar-
ing ; aivision. [ticipates.

PAR-Tig'l-PA-TOR, n. One who par-

pXR-Ti-cip'i-AL, a. Of the nature of a
participle. [parts of speech.

par'ti-ci-ple, 71. (Oram.) One of the

pXr'ti-clj;, 71. A minute part ; atom.

par-tic ' V-l ar, a. Not general ; indi-
vidual ; exact ; minute ; peculiar ; odd.

PAR-TIC'V-LAR, n. A single case or
point, [nicety.

PAR-Tlc-y-lilR'j-TY, n. Exactness ;

PAR-T'ic'u-LiAR-izE, V. a. To specify.

PAR-Tic'y-LAR-LY, ad. Individually.

par'ti-§an, 71. An adherent to a party.

PAR-Ti"TlON, n. A division ; a part.

par-ti"tion, v. a. To divide into parts.

pXr'tI-TIVE, a. Distributive.

part'Ly, ad. In some measure ; in part.

PJi.RT'NER,7i. A partaker; an associate.

pXrt'ner-sh'i'p, n. A joint interest j a
union of two or more in trade.

par-took' (par-tuk'), i- from partake.

pXr'trid^^e, 71. A bird of game.

PAR-TU'Rl-£NT,a.Bringing forth young.

piR-TV-Ri"TlQN, n. Childbirth.

AEIOUY, long ; AEi6U$, short / AEIQUy, obscure FA.RE,FJtE,FAST,T'AliL ; HilR,




Par'ty, n. A body of men confederated ;
a faction : — a select assembly : — one
of two litigants. [colors.

PAR'TY-coL'OREDja. Having different

PAS'jBHALjfl. Relating to the passover.

Pas-QUIN-ade', n. A lampoon, [fy.

PAS-QUlN-ADE', V. a. To lampoon, vili-

PASS, V. n. To go ; to be current.

pAss, v. a. To go beyond ; to spend ; to
omit ; to enact ; to utter ; to thrust.

PASS, 71. A passage ; license to go ; push.

PASS'A-BLE, a. That may be passed ; tol-

pXss'a-bly, ad. Tolerably. [arable.

PAS'sA^E, 71. Act of passing ; journey ;
way : — incident : — part of a book.

pAs'sen-^er, 71. A traveller J a way-
farer. ' [sible.

pas-si-bil'i-ty, n. State of being pas-

PAs'si-BLE, a. That may feel or suffer.

pAs'sioN (pash'un), n. Anger ; ardor.

PAS'siON-ATE, a. Moved by passion.

PAs'siON-ATE-LY, ad. With passion.

pas'sion-fi,o#'er, 71. A plant and

PAs'siON-LESS, a. Undisturbed ; calm.

PAs'siVE, a. Not active; unresisting.

PAs'sjVE-iiY, ad. In a passive manner.

PASs'o-^VER, n. A festival of the Jews.

pAss'port, 71. A permission of passage.

PASS'-WORD (-wiird), n. A watchword.

pisTjp. a. Not present ; gone by.

PAST, 71. The time gone by ; past time.

PiST, prep. After ; beyond ; as, past age.

PASTE , 71. A tenacious mixture ; cement.

paste, v.a. To fasten with paste.

PASTE 'BOARD, 71. A thick, Stiff paper.

PIs'tern, 71. The part of a horse's leg
between the lower joint and coronet.

pAs'tjl, 71. A roll of paste: — a crayon.

Pis'TlME, 71. Sport; play; diversion.

Pas'tor, 71. A shepherd : — a clergyman.

pIs'to-ral, a. Relating to a shepherd
or to a pastor ; rural.

pas'to-ral, 77. A rural poem ; an idyl.

Pis 'tor- ATE, 71. The office of a pastor.

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