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PRIDE, 71. Inordinate self-esteem.

PRIDE, V. a. To make proud, rate high.

PRIEST ,71. A clergyman ; an ecclesiastic.

priest'crAft, 71. Religious fraud.

priest'ess, 71. A female priest.

priest'hood (prest'hud), 71. The of-
fice of a priest ; the order of priests.

priest'li-ness, 77. Manner of a priest.

PRIEST'ly, a. LiJce a priest ; sacerdotal.

prig, n. A pert, conceited little fellow.

PRiG'j&lSH, a. Conceited ; pert.

PRIM, a. Formal; precise; nice.

PRIM, V. a. To deck precisely ; to prink.

pri'ma-cy, 71. The office or dignity of
primate. [freight.

PRi'MAC^E, n. Charge in addition to

pri'ma-ri-ly, ad. In the first place.

PRl'MA-R¥,a. First; original ; principal.

pri'matEjTI. a prelate of superior dig-
nity; an archbishop.

PRIME, n. The dawn : — the first part :
—the best part : — the spring of life.

PRIME, a. Early; principal; first-rate.

PRIME, V. a. To put powder in the
pan, as of a gun : — to lay the first
coat of paint on.

Prim'eRjTi. a small elementary book
for children ; a kind of type.

HER;MlEN,SIR;Dd,NOR,s6N;BCLL,BUR,RCLE. ^,^,soJi; ld,&,hard; § as z;"^ as gz.




JPEi-BiE'VAli, a. Original; primitive.

PUIM'ING, It. Powder for the pan of a
gun : — the first coat of painting.

PKIM'I-TIVE, a. Original ; first; pri-

prim'ness, 71. Afiectedniceness. [mary.

Pp.I-]VlO-9^E'NI-AL,, a. First-born ; ori-
ginal ; primaryj primitive.

PRi-MQ-9^EN'l-TURE, ?i. State of be-
ing first-born; seniority of birih.

PRI-mor'di-al, a. First in order.

Pr1'm'ro§e, n. A plant and flower.

PRINCE, n. A sovereign ; a king's son.

PRINCE 'dqm, n. State of a prince.

PRINCE 'l,i-ness, n. State of being
princely. [grand.

prince'ly, a. Becoming a prince;

prin'ce'§-fEath'er, 71. An orna-
mental annual plant and flower.

prin'cesSjW.A sovereign or royal lady.

Prin'ci-pal, a. Chief; first; capital.

PRiN'ci-PAL, n. A head; a cliief: —
first officer in a seminary : — a sum of
money placed out at interest, [prince.

PRIN-ci-pal'i-ty, n. Domain of a

Prin'ci-Pal-l, Y, ad. Chiefly; especially.

PRiN'ci-piiE,7i.Constit.uent part ; cause ;
fundamental truth ; motive ; tenet.

PRtNK, V. a. & n. To dress for show.

PRINT, V. a. To mark ; to impress words.

PRINT, n. A mark made by impression :
— a picture : — an impression by types.

PRINT'er, 71. One w^ho prints books, &c.

PRINt'ing, 7?. Business of a printer.

PRl'OR,a. Former ; antecedent ; anterior.

PRi'OR, 71. Head of a convent of monks.

PRl'OR-Ess,7(. A superior of a nunnery.

Pri-6r'i-ty, 11. State of being first ; pre-

PRl'o-RY, 71. A convent. [cedence.

PRi§iVl, n. A solid figure whose ends are
triangles, equal, parallel, and straight,
and whose sides are parallelograms.

pri§-mat'ic, a. Relating to, or re-
sembling, a prism.

PRis'ON (priz'zn), 71. A jail, [confine.

PRISON (prlz^zn), V. a. To imprison ; to

PRi§'ON-ER (priz'zn-er), n. One who
is confined in prison ; a captive.

PRIs'tine, a. First; ancient ; original.

PRITH'ee. a corruption of I pray thee.

PRl'VA-CY, n. Secrecy ; retirement.

PRI'VATE, tt. Secret; alone; not pub-
lic ; belonging to an individual.

PRI'vate, 21. A common soldier, [sliip.

PRI-va-teer', n. A private armed

PRI-va-teer', v. n. To manage pri-
vateers, in order to take prizes at sea.

PRl'v^TE-LY, ad. In a private manner.

pri-va'tion,m. The loss of any thing.

prIv'a-tive, a. Causing privation.

priv'a-tive, 71. A negative property.

PRiv'A-TiVE-LY, ad. By privation.

PRiv'ET,7i. A flowering plant or shrub.

priv'i-lE(^e,7i. a peculiar advantage.

PRiv'l-LE9-E,tJ. a. To grant a privilege

PRIV'I-LY, ad. Secretly; privately, [to.

PRiv'i-TY, n. Private concurrence.

priv'y, a. Private; privatelj' knowing.

priv'y, n. A necessary house.

prize, 7!. A reward gained by contest ;
soniething taken from an enemy.

PRIZE, /). a. To rate; to esteem : to raise.

pr5'a, n. A long canoe witli a sail.

pr6b-a-bii,'i-ty, 71. State of being
probable ; likelihood ; appearance of

pr6b'a-Ble, a. That may be ; likely.

PROB'A-BLY,arf. Likely.

pro'bAng, 71. A surgical instrument.

pro'bate, 77. The legal proof of a will.

pro'bate, a. Relating to proof of wills.

PRO-bX'tion, 77. State of trial ; proof.

pro-ba'tion-a-ry, a. Being on trial.

PRQ-BA'TION-ER, 71. One Upon trial.

PRO'ba-TO-rv, a. Serving for trial.

probe, 71. A surgeon's instrument.

probe, v. a. To try with a probe ; to

pr6b'i-ty, 71. Uprightness. [search.

pr6b'i.em, n. A question for solution.

PROB-LEM-AT'i-CALjffl. Uncertain, [ly.

PROB-LEM-AT'i-CAL-E Yjoc?. Uncertain-

PRQ-Bos'cis, n. The trunk or snout
of an elephant.

pro-ced'ure, 71. Conduct; process.

pro-ceed', V. 71. To go on ;to advance.

prq-ceed'ing, 71. A transaction.

pr6'CEED§ or PRO-CEEDS', 11. pi. Prod-
uce ; income; rent; issue.

pr6(;!'ess,7i. a progress; an order.

PRO-cEs'sion (pro-sesh'un), rt. Act of
proceeding : — a numerous body or train
marching in order.

PRO-CES'siON-AL, ) a. Relating to a

PRO-CES'siON-A-RY, \ pri.cession.

proclaim', v. a. To declare public-
ly ; to announce; to publish.

proc-LA-ma'tion, 71. A public, official
declaration ; a decree ; an edict, [tinn.

pro-clJEy'i-ty, 11. Tendency ; inclina-

pro-con'sul, n. A Roman governor.

PRO c6n'su-ear, a. Relating to, or
directed by, a proconsul. [sul.

pro-con'su-late, n. Office of procon-

pro-cras'ti-nate, v. To defer ; to de-

PRp-CRAS-Ti-NA'TiON, 11. Delay, [lay.

prq-cras'ti-na-tor, 77. A dilatory
person. _ [produce.

pro'cre-ate, v. a. To generate; to

pro-cre-a'tion, n. Generation.

AEIOUYjZong- ; Atiotj^ , short ; AEipuy, obscure.— vkKZ, fXe, fSst, fAlL ; HtiR,




PBo'CRE-A-TlVE, a. Generative.

PRO'CRE-A-TOR, n, A generator.

proc'tqr, M. An attorney in a spiritual
court :— an officer in a university.

PROC-TO'RI-AL, a. Relating to a proctor.

proc'tor-shIp, n. Office of a proctor.

pro-cum'bent, a. Lying down ; prone.

PKO-ctJR'A-BLE, a. That may be pro-
cured ; obtainable ; acquirable.

Pr6c-u-ra'tion, n. Act of procuring.

pr6c'u-ra-tor, 71. An agent , a proctor.

pro-cure', v. a. To obtain ; to acquire.

pro-cure'ment, 7!. Act of procuring.

PR6D'l-GrAL,a. Profuse ; wasteful.

prod'i-gal, 71. A waster ; a spendthrift.

Pr6d-i-gAl,'i-ty, 71. Profusion ; excess.

PROD'i-GrAL,-LY, ad. Profusely ; waste-
fully, [raous; amazing; monstrous.

PRQ-Di(^'ious (pro-dij'us), a. Enor-

PRO-Dl^'ious-LY, ad. Amazingly.

pr6d'i-9Y,7i. a monster; a wonder.

produce',?^, a. To bring forth; to
yield ; to affijrd ; to bear ; to exhibit.

PROD'tJCE (prod'dus), n. That which
is produced ; product ; profit.

PRP-i)u'cER,7i. One who produces.

PRQ-Du'ci-BLE, a. That may be pro-
duced, [suit.

PROD'ycT, 71. A thing produced; re-

PRO-Dijc'TiLE, a. That may be drawn
out ; ductile. [uct.

PRQ-DUC'TION, 71. A producing; prod-

PRQ-DiJc'TlVE, a. Producing; genera-
tive ; fertile ; efficient. [productive.

PRQ-Dttc'TlVE-N£ss,7i. State of being

PRO'EM,7i. A preface ; an introduction.

PRp-E'Ml-^L,a. Introductory ;prefatory.

pr6f-A-nA'tion, 71. Act of profaning.

prq-fIne', a. Irreverent to things sa-
cred ; irreligious; blasphemous.

PRP-fane',7;. a. To violate ; to dese-
crate ; to pollute ; to abuse.

prq-fane'ly, ad. With irreverence.

pro-fane 'NESS, 71. Profanity.

PRp-FXN'l-TY,7t. Impiety; blasphemy.

PRP-FESS', V. a. To declare openly or
publicly ; to avow ; to acknowledge.

PRp-Ffiss'ED-LY, ad. With profession.

PRp-FES'siON (-fesh'un), n. A declara-
tion :— a vocation ; employment.

PRp-FES'sipN-AL, a. Relating to a pro-
fession ; done by a professor. [sion.

PRO-FES'SION-AL-LY, ad. By profes-

PRp-FESS'pR, n. One who professes :
— a public teacher of some science or
art. _ [fessor.

PRO-fes-so'ri-al, a. Relating to a pro-

PRO-FEss'pR-SHiPjTi. State or office
of a professor.

prof'fer, v. a. To propose ; to offer.

PROF'feRjTI. Anoffer made; a proposal

PRp-Fi"'ciEN-CY (-fish'-), 71. Progress.

PRP-FI"CIENT (pro-fish'ent), n. One
who has made progress.

PRO'riLE, pro-file', ur PRO'FILE.7l.
A head or portrait represented side-
waj s ; side-face.

PROF'IT, 71. Gain ; advantage; benefit.

PROF'iTjU.fl.&Ti. To benefit; to improve.

PR6F'iT-A-BLE,a. Gainful; lucrative.

pr6f'it-a-ble-ness, 77. Usefulness,

prof'it-a-bey, ad. Advantageously.

PR6F'i.l-GA-cv, «• Profligate conduct.

PROF'Li-GATE,a. Abandoned to vice.

PR6F'Li-GATE,7i. Abandoned wretch.

PR6F'Li-GATE-LY,ad. With profligacy.

PRp-FOfJND', a. Deep ; thorough ; low.

pro-found', n. The sea ; the abyss.

PRp-FOUND'i.Y,a(f. Deeply; thoroughly.

PRO-FotND'NESS, / 71. Depth of place

prP-fun'di-ty, \ or of knowledge.

piio-fCse', a. Lavish; prodigal.

PRP-fOse'ly, ad. In a profuse manner.

PRp-FiI'^xpN (pro-lu'zhuu), 71. Prodi-
gality; extravagance; abundance.

PROG, V. n. To shift meanly for food.

PROG, n. Victuals ; provisions.

PRp-^EN'l-TPR, 7(. An ancestor.

pr6(^'e-ny, 77. Offspring; descendants.

PRPG-N6s'Tlc,a. Foreshowing.

prog-nos'tJc, 71. A sign ; a token.

PRpGNOS'TJ-CATE, 7;. a. To foreteli.

PROG-NOS-TJ-CA'TlpN, n. Act of prog-
nosticating or foretelling. [tells.

PRPG n6s'ti-ca-tqr,7i. One who fore-

pro'gram, or pro'gramme, 71. An
order or outline of exercises.

prog'ress, 71. Course; advancement.

prP-gress',7j. n. To proceed, advance.


PRO-GRES'sipN-AL, a. Advancing.

PRp-GRES'siVE,a. Going forward.

PRP-hib'it, v. a. To forbid, interdict.

PRO-Hl-Bl"TIpN (pro-he-bish'un), n.
Act of prohibiting; interdiction.

prP-hib'i-tive, } a. Prohibiting; ira-

PRO-HiB'i-Tp-RV, ) plying prohibition.

PRp-JiiCT',7;.a. To scheme; to contrive.

pro-jegt', u. n. To jut out ; to extend.

proj'ect, 77. A scheme; a design.

pro-jeg'tile, n. A body projected.

pe-P-jkc'tiTjE, a. Impelling forward.

PRp-jfic'Tlo>f , n. Act of projecting : —
a pl;:ii ; a delineation.

PRp-jKCT'pR,7t. One who projects. [out.

PRQ-ject'ure (-jekt'yur), 77. A jutting

PRo'LATE,a. Drawn out at the poles.

PRO-LiF'ic, a. Fruitful ; productive.

HER; MIENjSIR; d6,NOR,SON; B0LL,BlJR,RtJl,E.9,9^,so/i:;e,;a,Aa7-cZ,- ^oszjjfosgz.




PT?o-i,iF-i-CA'TiON, n. Productive.
PKOLix'ja. Long; tedious; wordy.
PKO-iJx'l-TY, 71. Tiresome length, [ty.
PRO-Lix'N_Ess,n. Tediousness ; prolixi-


7i. A spokesman ; a speaker.

PROl'ogue (prol'og), n. Introduction.

pro-long', -y. a. To lengthen out ; to
protract ; to delay. [ing.

PRO-LON-GA'TION, ?(. Act of prolong-

pr6j\i-E-nXde',7i. a walk, as forpleas-

PROM-E-NJi.DE',?;.?i. To walk. [ure.

PROjVI'I-NENCE, ) 71. State of being

PROM'i-NEN-CY, j prominent; a projec-
tion ; protuberance.

PROM'I-NENT, a. Standing out ; full.

PROj\l'i-NENT-LY,a<Z. With prominence.

PRO-Mis'cu-oijsj a. Mingled ; confused.

pRO-Mls'cu-ous-i,Y,a<Z. With mixture.

Pr6m'ise,7i. a declaration which binds
the one who makes it ; word.

PROM'ISE, V. To assure by a promise ;
to give hojpe. fise is made.

Pr6m-i-see', n. One to wliom a prom-

PR6M'is-so-RY,a. Containing apromise.

Prom'qn-tq-ry, 71. High land jutting
into tjie sea ; headland. [raise.

PRQ-MOTE', v. a. To forward ; advance,

PRO-mot'er, 71. One that promotes.

PRO-MO'TIQN, 71. Advancement.

PRO-MO'TIVE, a. Tending to promote.

PROMPT (promt), a. Q,uick ; ready.

PROMPT (promt), 7J. a. To assist, incite.

prompt'er, 77. One who prompts.

Pr6mp'ti-tude,7?. Readiness ; quick-
PR 6MPT'i,Y,ad. Readily; quickly, [ness.

PROMPt'ness (promt'-), 7i. Readiness.

PRO-mtJl'gate, v. a. To make known.

prom-ul-ga'tiqn, 77. Publication.

PROM'UL-GA-TpR, 77. One who promul-
gates or makes known.

Prq-Mul^^e', 7;. a. To promulgate.

PRONE, a. Lying with the face down-
ward ; bending downward ; inclined.

PRONE 'NESS, n. State of being prone.

PRONG, 77. The tine of a fork, &c. [noun.

PRQ-NOM'l-NAr,, a. Relating to a pro-

PRO'NouN,7i. A word used for a noun.

PRO-NOUNCE', V. a. To speak ; to utter.

pro-nun-ci-a-men'to, n. A procla-
mation or declaration.

PRO-NtJN-ci-A'TiON (pronun-she-a'-
sium), 77. Act or mode of pronouncing.

PROOF, 77. Evidence ; test ; trial ; dem-
onstration : — a proof-sheet.

PROOF, a. Impenetrable ; able to resist.

proof'-sheet, 77. Sheet of paper with
an impression for examination or cor-

PROP, ■». a. To support; to sustain.

prop, 77. That which sustains ; support.

pr6p-A-gAn'dist, 77. A proselyter.

prop' A-GATE ,75. To extend; to increase.


PROP'A-GA-TQR, 71. One who propa-
gates, [ward.

PRO-PEL,', V, a. To drive or urge for-

pro-pel'ler, 77. One who propels : —
a sort of screw : — a screw-steamer.

PRO-pense', a. Leaning; inclined.

PRP-pen'si-ty,77. Natural tendency;
inclination. [fit.

PROP'ER, a. One's own ; natural ; just ;

PROP'ER-LY, ad. In a proper manner.

Pr6p'er-ty, 77. A peculiar quality : —
a possession ; an estate ; goods, [tion.

pr6pii'e-cy, 77. A foretelling; predic-

pr6ph'E-si-er, 77. One who prophesies.

Pr6ph'e-sy, v. a. To predict; to fore

Pr6ph'et,77. One who prophesies. [tell.

pr6ph'et-ess, 71. A female prophet.

PRQ-PHfiT'lc, ) a.Relatingtoproph-

PRO-PHET'I-CAL, I ecy; foretelling.

PRQ-PHET'i-CAL-LY,a<£. As by proph-
ecy, [dred.

pro-pin'QUJ-ty, 77. Nearness ; kin-

prq-pI"ti-ate (propish'e-at), v, a.
To conciliate ; to make propitious.

PRp-Pi-Ti-A'TlQN (pro-pish-e-a'shun),
V. Act of propitiating ; atonement.

PRp-Pi"Tl-A-TpR (pro-pish'e-a-tur), 77.
An appeaser ; one who propitiates.

PRp-Pi"TI-A-Tp-RY (-pish'-), a. Able
to make propitious; conciliatory.

PRp-Pl"Tl-A-Tp-RY,77. The mercy-seat.

PRp-Pi"Tlous (-pish'us), a. Favorable ;
auspicious ; kind ; benevolent.

PRp-Pl"Tlous-Ly,a<?. Favorably. [bees.

PRO'Pp-liis, 77. A substance used by

PRp-PO'NENT,77. A maker of a proposal.

PRp-POR'TipN,77. The comparative re-
lation of one thing to another ; ratio.

PEP-p5r'tipn, v. a. To adjust by com-
parative relation. [proportioned.

PRp-POR'TipN-A-BliE , a. That may be

pro-por'tion-a-bly, ad. In propor-
tion, [tion.

PRp-POR'TipN-4L, a. Having propor-

PRO-poe'tion-ate, 7J. a. To adjust.

PRO-POR'TlpN-ATE, fl. Proportional.

PR6-POR'TlON-ATE-LY,arf. Proportion-
ally. _ ' ' [tion.

PRp-PO'§AL, 77. An ofFer; a proposi-

pro-po^e', v. a. To offer ; to bid.

Pr6p-P-sI"tipn (pr6p-o-zish'un), 77.
Act of proposing ; a proposal ; offer.

PRp-POUND', V. a. To offer ; to propose.

PRP-PRl'E-TA-RY, 77. A proprietor.

aEiovy, long; AeioC$, sftor*; a^eiqvy, obscure. — fArEjFARjFIsTjFAll; heir,




pro-pri'e-ta-ry, a. Relating to an
owiier^or proprietor.

pko-pri'e-tor, n. A possessor in his
own r[glit. [er; fitness; justness.

PRO-PRi'E-TY, n. State of being prop-

PRp-PtjLi'siON, n. Act of propelling or
driving forward.

pro-RQ-Ga'tion, n. Act of proroguing.

PRO-RoaUE' (pro-rog'), v. a. To put
off: — to adjourn, as a parliament.

PRQ-§a'ic, a. Belonging to or like prose.

PRO-SCRIBE', V. a. To condemn; to out-

pro-scrip'tion, n. Condemnation.

prq-scrip'tive, a. Tending to pro-
scribe; proscribing.

PRO§E,n. Composition not in verse.

PRO^E ,v.n. To make a tedious relation.

PROs'E-ctJTE, V. To pursue ; to contin-
ue ; — to sue by law, as an offender.

pr6s-e-cu'tion, 71. Act of prosecut-
ing ; pursuit. [cutes.

pr6s'e-cu-tor, n. One who prose-
PR os'e-lyte, n. A convert to a new
tenet or sect ; a convert.

PR6s'E-LYTE,f . a. To make proselytes.

Pr6s'e-lyt-1§m,7i. Act of proselyting.

PRO-soD'i-CAL, a. Relating to prosody.

PR6s'o-DisT,?i. One versed in prosody.

pr6s'o-dy, v. That part of grammar
which treats of accent, quantity, ver-
sification, and harmony.

pnos'PECT, n. A view ; object of view.

PRQ spfic'TlON, n. Act of looking for-
ward, [future ; coming.

PRO-SPEC'TIVE, a. Looking forward ;

PRO-spJ3c'TUS, 71. The plan or outline
of a literary work.

PROS'PER, V. a. To make prosperous.

PROS'PER, 7>. 71. To be prosperous ; to
thrive ; to succeed. [tune.

Pros-per'i-ty, n. Success ; good for-

PR6s'PER-ous,a. Successful; fortunate.

PROS'PER otJS-L.Y,arf. Successfully.

PROS'Tl-TtJTE, V. a. To sell to vile pur-
poses ; to devote to bad use. [vile.

PROS'tI-TUTE, a. Vicious for hire;

PROS'TJ-TUTE, «. A hireling ; strumpet.

PR6s-TI-Tu'TION,re. Act of prostituting.

PR6s'TR^TE,a. Lying flat; prostrated.

PROS'TRATE ,u. a. To throw down ; to
lay flat ; to overthrow.

PRQS-tra'tion, 71. Act of prostrating.

PRO-TECT',?3.a. To defend ; to guard.

PRQ-tec'tion, ?i. Defence; a shelter.

PRO-tec'tive, a. Defensive; sheltering.

PRO-t£ct'or,ji. a defender; supporter.

PRQ-t£ct'q-rate, n. The office or
government of a protector.

PRO-t£c'tress, 71. A woman who pro.

pro-test', r. 71. To affirm with solem-
nity ; to assert. [own,

PRQ-test', v. a. To declare : — to dis-

pro'test,7i. a solemn declaration.

prot'es-tant, n. One of the Reformed
religion. [Protestants.

pr6t'es-T4NT-i§m, n. The religion of

pr6t-es-ta'tion, n. Act of protest-
ing ; a solemn declaration.

prq-th6n'p-ta-ry, n. A chief nota-
ry : — g. chief clerk of a court, [ty, &c.

PRo'TO-coLi, 71. Original copy of a trea-

PRO-TO-JVIAR'TYR, n. The first martyr.

PRO'TO-TYPE, 71. The original ; arche-
type ; antitype. [lay.

PRO-trAct', v. a. To prolong; to de-

PRQ-TRAc'TlON,7i. The act of protract-
ing ; a lengthening. [ing-

pro-trXc'tive, a. Dilatory; prolong-

PRp-TRtJDE', V, To thrust or move for-
ward ; to shoot or project out.

PRO-TRiJ'siON, 71. Act of protruding.

PRO-TRtJ'siVE, a. Thrusting forward.

PRO-TU'BER-ANCE,7J. A prominence.

PRO-TU'BER-ANT,a. Swelling; promi-
nent ; projecting.

pro-tu'ber-ate,7;. 71. To swell out.

PRQ-TU-BER-A'TiON, 7i. Act of swell-
ing out ; a swelling.

PROl>D,a. Possessing pride ; elated ; ar-
rogant ; haughty ; grand ; high.

PROUB'ly, ad. In a proud manner.

PROv'A-BLE, a. That may be proved.

PROVE , V. a. To evince ; to demonstrate;
to show ; to try ; to endure.

PROVE, 7J. 71. To make trial ; to succeed.

PROV'EN-DER, n. Dry food for beasts.

prov'erb, 71. An old or familiar say-
mg ; an aphorism ; an adage ; a maxim.

pro-ver'bi-al, a. Used in, suitable
to, or like, a proverb.

prq-ver'bi-al-ly, ad. As a proverb.

PRO- VIDE ', t;. a. To procure ; to furnish.

pr6v'i-d£nce,71. The divine superin-
tendence ; timely care ; foresight.

PROV'x-DfiwT, a. Forecasting; cautious.

PROv-i-DEN'TiAL,, a. Relating to or
done by providence. [dence.

pr6v-i-den'tial-ly, ad. By provi-

pr6v'j[-dent-ly,«'^. In a prudent man-

pro-vid'er,71. One vvlio provides, [net.

pro v'mcE , n. A subject country ; sub-
division of a country; district; office.

PRO-vlN'ciAt,,a. Relating to a province.

PRQ-vin'cial, n. One belonging to a
province. [word or idiom.

prO-vin'cial-i§m, 71. A provincial





PRO-Vi"§lON (-vizh'un), n. Act of pro-
viding ; preparation : — victuals ; food.

PRp-vx"§iON,?;.a, To supply with food.

PRO-Vl"§lON-Ali, a. For present use.

pRO-v["§jpN-AL-LY, ad. Temporarily.

PRO-vi'^o, n. A conditional agreement.

PROV-Q-ca'tiqn, 71. A cause of anger.

PRO-vo'CA-TiVE, a. Inciting; provok-

PRO-vo'cA-TiVE,??. A stimulant, [ing.

PRO-vOKE',w.a. To incite; to stimulate:
— to irritate ; to offend ; to vex. [&c.

PROV'osT, n. Tlie chief of a college,

PROV'osT {or pro-vo'), n. The execu-
tioner of an army. [part of a ship.

PROW (prbu or pro), n. Tiie head or fore

PROW'ESS, n. Bravery ; valor, [prey.

PROWL, V. 11. To rove or wander for

PROWL, n. A ramble for plunder.

PROW"l'er, n. One that roves for prey.

PROx'l-MATE, a. Next ; nearest, [next.

PROX'i-MATE-LY, ad. Immediately ;

PROX-JLM'i-TY, 7t. Nearness; adjacen-

PROX'y, n. A substitute. [cy.

PRUDE, 71. A woman over-scrupulous.

PRU'dence, 71. Caution; discretion.

PRU'DENT,a. Wise; discreet; cautious.

PRU-den'tial, a. Guided by prudence.

PRtt'DENT-LY, ad. In a prudent man-

PRiJd'er-y, n. Too great reserve, [ner.

PRiJD'lSH, a. Affectedly precise or shy.

PRUNE, V. a. To lop or cut off j to trim.

PRUNE, 71. A dried plum.

Pru-nel'lo, n. A kind of cloth.

PrO'ri-ence, n. An itching desire.

PRtj'RJ-ENT, a. Itching ; uneasy, [acid.

PRtJs'sic or prCs'sic, a. Noting an

PRY, V. a. To raise with a lever ; to prize.

PRV,7'.7?. To inspect closely or curiously.

PSALM (sam), 71. A sacred song or hymn.

PSAL'mist (sal'mist or sam'ist), n. A
writer of psalms. [ing psalms.

PSAL'MQ-DY(sal'mo-de),7?. Actofsing-

Psal'ter (sa,wl'-), 71. Book of Psalms.

Psal'ter-y (sa.wl'ter-e), n. A kind of
Hebrew harp-, [tempt.

PshAw (shaw), interj. Expressing con-

PSY-je3H6L'p-9^Y (si-kol'o-J?)» '>i- The
doctrine of the soul ; mental philoso-
phy ; metjiphysics.

Pt6l-e-ma'ic (tol-e-ma'ik), a. Belong-
ing to Ptolemy, the astronomer.

pty'A-LISM (ti'a-lTzm), n. Salivation.

pu'ber-ty, 71. The ripe age of the sexes.

PU-Bfis'cENCE, 71. Nubility -.—down.

PU-BES'CENT, a. Arriving at puberty.

PtJB'Lic, a. Belonging to the communi-
ty ; not private ; common ; general.

PtJB'Lic, K. The body of the people.

PtJB'LJ-clN, n. A Roman officer who

collected taxes or tribute : — keeper of
a house of entertainment.

pub-li-ca'tion, 71. The act of publish-
ing: — a work printed and publislied.

PUB-Li^'l-TY, n. State of being public.

pub'lic-ly, ad. In a public manner.

PUB'LisH, V. a. To make known ; to
make public ; to advertise, announce.

PUB'Llstj-ER,7i. One who publishes.

PUB'lJsh-MENT, n. Act of puhlisliing.

pu'ce-r6n,71. Vine-fretter ; plant louse.

PtJCK'ER, V. a. To gather into folds.

PUCk'er, 71. A small fold ; a wrinkle.

PUd'cing, 11. A kind of food, various-
ly compounded, boiled or baked.

ptjD'DlNG-STONE, 11. Conglomerate
stone. [mixture of clay and sand.

PtJD'DLEjTi. A small, muddj' pool : — a

PUD'dlEjW. a. To make muddy : — to fill
^r stop up : — to convert into wrought

pu'den-cy, 71. Modesty. [iron.

PU'E-RILE, a. Childish ; boyish ; juve-
nile; youthful.

PU-E-RIL'I-TY, n. Childishness; folly.

PU-ER'PE-RALjfl. Relating to childbirth.

PUFF, 71. A sm-all blastof wind: — a puff-
ball : — exaggerated praise.

PtJFF, V. To swell with wind ; to blow ;
to pant :— to praise extravagantlj'.

Puff'ball, n. A fungus filled with

ptJF'FY, a. Windy; tumid. [dust.

pCGt, 71. A pug-dog : — a monkey.

PUG'-DOG, 71. A small dog ; a lapdog.

PUGH (poh), interj. Noting contempt.

Pu'9lL-T§M, 71. A fighting with the fist.

PU'qjJL-isT, 71. A fighter with the fist.

PU-^lL-iST'iCja. Relating to pugilism,

PUG-NA'CIOVS (-na'shus),a. Fighting;
contentious; quarrelsome, [nacious.-

PUG-NA^'l-TY, 71. State of being pug-

pOis'ne (pu'ne), a. Small :— inferior.

PtJ'ls-SANCE, 71. Power; strength.

pu'is-SANT, a. Powerful ; strong.

PUKE, 71. A medicine causing vomit.

PUKE, V. 71. To spew ; to vomit.

PULE, V. n. To cry ; to whine.

PULL, t5. a. To draw ; to pluck; to tear.

PULL, n. The act of pulling : — contest.

pul'let, v. a young hen. [a pivot.

pOl'ley, n. A small wheel turning on

PtJL'MQ-NA-RY, ) a. Relating to the

PUL-M6N'ic, ] lungs ; affectinsf the
lungs. ' [fri'it.

PULP, 7). A soft mass: — soft part of

pul'pit, 71. A stnicture to speak in.

PtJLP'ous,j a. Consisting of, or rcsem-

PtJLP'Y, \ bling, pulp.

Pt^L'sA-TiLE, a. That may be struck.

pyL-sX'TION,?i. Act of beating; a throb.

AmovY, long; XMotJ^, short; .A.EloVY,o6scMre.— F Are, Fii.R,FAST,FALL; HEIR,




pOf.'sA-TiVE,a. Beating; throbbing-

pul'sa-to-E-V ,s. Beating like tlip pulse.

PULSE, 7U Throbbing of the blood in an
artery : — leguminous plant*- [verized.

PUL'VER-A-BLE, a. That may be pul-

PUL-VER-i-ZA'TlON, n. Act of pulver-
izing or reducing to powder. [der.

PULi'VER-iZE, V. a. To reduce to pow-

pyL-viE'y-LENT, a- Dusty ; powdery.

PU'aiiCE or pu.ii'iCE, 7u A volcanic
scoria ; a spongy substance. [ice.

PU-MX"CE09S (-mi3h'us),a. Like pum-

pCmp, 71. Engine for drawing water,
&c. :— A shoe with a thin sole.

PiJMP. «• To raise out; to draw out.

Pujip'kjn, n. A plant and its fruit.

PiJX , n. A play upon words ; a quibble.

piJN, V. Tu To make puns ; to quibble.

PUNCH, V. a. To perforate ; to push.

pOnch, 11. A pointed instrument ; a
borer : — a liquor or beverage : — a buf-
foon : — a blow or push.

pOnch'eon, n. A tool :— a large cask.

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