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AN-Ti-PA-THET'lc,a.Having antipathy.

AN-tIp'a-thy, 71. Dislike J aversion.

An-ti-pEs-ti-len'tial, fl. Efficacious
against the plague or pestilence.

an'ti-phon, 1%. Alternate singing

AN-TipH'o-NY, \ in choirs 3 response.

an-tiph'o-nal, a. Relating to, or con-
sisting of, antiphony ; responsive.

AN-TiPH'p-NAL^7i. A book of anthems.

AN-TIP'O-DAL, a. Relating to the an-
tipodes ; diametrically opposite.

An'ti-p6de_, 71. One of the antipodes.

AN-tIp'O-de^, n. pi. People living on
the other side of the globe, [popedom.

aN'ti-POPE, 71. One who usurps the

An-tJ-pre-lat'i-cal, a. Adverse or
opposedto prelacy. [quity.

Xn-ti-qua'ri-an, a. Relating to anti-

An-tJ-QUA'rJ-an, n. An antiquary.

An'ti-qua-ry, 71. One versed in anti-
quities ;_an antiquarian. [obsolete.

An'ti-QITATE, v. a. To make old or

an-tIque' (an-tek'^), a. Ancient ; old.

AN-TiQtTE'^, n. A piece of ancient art.

AN-TlQ'ui-TY (^n-tik'we-te), n. Old
times, or remains of old times.

An-ti-scor-bu'tic, > a. Good or

AN-TJ-scoR-Btl'Ti-CAL, \ efficacious
against the scurvy. [tion.

An-ti-sep'tic, a. Resisting putrefac-

An-ti-sla've-ry, n. Opposition or
hostility to slavery.

An-ti-s5'cial, a. Adverse to society.

AN-Ti-SPA§-M6D'lc,a.Resisting spasm.

AN-TITH'E-SIS, 71. ;pl. an-tith'e-se§.
Opposition of words or sentiments.

An-ti-th£t'ic, )^ a. Relating to an-

AN-TJ-THET'i-CAii, \ tithesis ; placed
in contrast ; given to antithesis.

An'ti-type, n. The original, or that
of which the type is the representation.

AN-Tl-TYP'l-CAL,(z. Relating to an an-
titype ; of the nature of an antitype.

Ant'i-er, 71. A branch of a stag's horn.

an'vjl, 71. The iran block for smiths.

ANX-i'E-TY (ang-zi'e-te), ti. Trouble
of mind ; concern ; solicitude.

AjNTx'ious (angk'shus), a. Solicitous,

an'y («n'e), a. Every j whoever.

a'o-r'Ist, n. A G-reek tense.

a-or'ta, 71. The great artery, [speed.

A-pace', ad. Q,uickly ; hastily ; with

a-part', ad. Separately ; at a dis-
tance ; away ; asunder ; aside.

a-part'ment,7i. Part of a house ; room,

AP-A-THET'IC, a. Having no feeling.

AP'A-THY, 71. Want of feeling.

APE , 7t. A kind of monkey : — a mimic.

APE_, V. a. To imitate ; to mimic.

a-pe'ri-ent, a. Gently purgative;
laxative ; counteracting constipation.

AP'ER-TURE,7i. An opening; a hole.

AP'E-RY, 71. Act of aping ; imitation.

a-PjIt'a-lous, a. Without petals or
flower leaves; having no corolla.

A'PEX, 71. ; pi. A'PEX-E^ or AP'l-CE§i,

The tip or angular point ;_the top.

a-phe'ei-on, 71. ; pi. a-phe'li-a. The
point of a planet's orbit that is far-
thest from the sun.

Aph'p-rism, 71. A maxim ; a proverb.

aph'o-rist, 71. A writer of aphorisms.

aph-o-rist'I-cal, a. Having apho-

_ risms ; of the nature of an aphorism.

A'PI-4-ry, 7?. A place for keeping bees.

a-piece' (a-pes'), ad. To each one's

_ part or share ; for one or each.

a'pish, a. Like an ape ; foppish ; silly.

a-p6c'a-lypse,71. Book of Revelation.

a-p6c-a-l^p'tic, > a. Relating to

A-POC-A-EY^P'^Ti-CAE, \ the Apoca-
lypse or Revelation.

a-p6c'o-pe, 71. The cutting off of the
last letter or syllable of a word.

a-p6c'ry-pha, Books appended
to the bid Testament. [uncertain.

A-Poc'Ry-PHAL, a. Not canonical ;

AP'o-9-EE, n. The point in the orbit
of the moon, and the apparent orbit
of the sun and planets, in which they
are farthest from the earth.

ap'O-grAph, 71. A copy ; a transcript.

a-p6l-o-9^£:t'ic, ) a. Containing

A-p6E-p-9^ET'i-CAE, \ apology or ex-
cuses ; said in excuse or defence.

A-pol'q-^^ist, n. One who apologizes.

a-p6e'P-<jHZE,7;. 71. To make apology.

AP'p-EdGUE (ap'o-log), 7i. A fable.

AEIOUY, loTig ,• AMotstyShort ; AEiQUY, o&scitre.— fArEjFARjFasTjFall ; heir.




A-POL'p-9^Y,7i. A defence ; a vindica-
tion ; an excuse ; a plea ; explanation.

iP'pPH-THEG-M (ap'o-tliem), n. A
maxim. See Apothegm.

AP-o-PL.Ec'Tic,a. Relating fo apoplexy.

Ap'o-plex-y, n. A disorder which
suddenly takes away all sensation.

a-p6s'ta-sy, n. A departure from the
principles which one has professed.

a-p6s'tate, n. One wlio apostatizes.

A-Pos'TA-TiZE, V. n. To renounce
one's principles, faith, or party.

AP'Q-STEME,m. Abscess ; imposthume.

a-pos'tTuE (a-pos'sl), n. A person sent ;
a messenger: — one of the twelve
persons deputed by Christ. [tie.

A-p6s'TLE-SHiP,7i. Office of an apoa-

AP-os-Toii'lc, ) a. Relating to, or

AP-QS-TOL'i-CAL, ] taught by, the
apostles ; according to the apostles.

a-p6s'tro-phe, n. A digressive ad-
dress: — a mark ('), showing that a
word iB contracted : — sign of the pos-
sessive case. [trophe.

1p-os-tr6ph'jc, a. Denoting apos-

A-pos'TRO-PHiZEjt?. a. To address.

a-poth'e-ca-ry, 71. A keeper of a
medicine shop ; a compounder of med-
icines ; a druggist.

Ap'o-thegm (ap'o-them), n. A re-
markable saying J maxim ; aphorism.

Ap-o-the'o-sis, «. Deification.

AP-PALL', V. a. To fright ; to terrify.

AP'PA-NA^E, n. Lands set apart by
princestbr younger children.

ap-pa-ra'tus, n. ; pi. AP-PA-RA'TUS
or Ap-pa-ra'tus-es. Furniture; in-
struments ; implements ; utensils.

AP-par'el, n. Dress ; clothing; vesture.

AP-p1r'el, v. a. To dress ; to clothe.

ap-par'ent, a. Plain ; visible.

AP-PA-Ri"TiON (ap-pa-risk'un), w. Ap-
pearance; visibility; ghost; spectre.

ap-par'i-tor, n. A messenger in an
eccksiastical court. [tribunal.

AP-Peal', v. n. To refqr to a higher

ap-peal', n. Application for justice
to a superior tribunal ; recourse.

ap-peal'a-ble, a. That may be ap-
pealed ; subject to an appeal.

ap-pear', 11. n. To be in sight ; to seem.

ap-pear'ance, n. Act of appearing ;
semblance ; show ; mien ; air.[peased.

AP-peas'a-ble, a. That may be ap-

AP-PEase', v. a. To quiet; to pacify.

AP-PEA'sivE, a. Mitigating ; quieting.

ap-pei,'i,ant, w. One who appeals.

ap-pel'l^te, a. Relating to appeals.

Ap-PEr,-L,A'TlON,?i. Name"; title ; style.

AP-Pel'la-tive, n. A title; an ap-
pellation : — a common name or noun.

AP-PEL'L4-TiVE,a.Common,as a noun.

Ap-pel-lee', 71. (Law.) One who is ap-
pealed against ; a respondent.

ap-PEL-lor', n. (Law.) An appellant.

AP-PiiND', V. a. To attach ; to add.

ap-pen'da(^e,7i. Something annexed.

ap-pen'dant, a. Hanging ; annexed.

ap-PEn'dant,71. An adventitious part.

AP-PEN'EIX, 71. ; pi. ap-pen'di-ce§
or ap-pen'dix-e§. a supplement
added at the end of a book.

ap-PER-cep'tion, 71. Consciousness.

ap-per-tain', v. 71. To belong or relate.

AP'PE-TENCE, ) n. Desire; sensual

AP'PE-TEN-CY, \ desire ; appetite.

ap'te-tent, a. Very desirous; desiring.

AP'PE-TlTE,7i. Desire ; relish for food.

ap-PLAud', v. a. To praise h!ghly,extol.

ap-plause', n. Loud commendation.

AP-PLAU'*STVE, a. Applauding; lauda-
tory ; praising ; commending. [the eye.

AP'PJLE (ap'pl), n. A fruit: — pupil of

AP'PLE-TRiiE, 71. The tree which pro-
ducej apples. [applied.

ap-pei'a-ble, a. Capable of being

AP-PLi' ANCE , 71. The act of applying ;
application : — that which is applied.

ap-pli-ca-bil'i-ty, 71. State or qual-
ity of being applicable. [plied*

AP'PLi-CA-BLE, a. That may be ap -

AP'PLi-CANT, n. One who applies.

Xp-PLI-ca'tion, n. Act of applying 5
entreaty ; assiduity ; intense study.

AP-ply', v. a. To put ; to devote.

AP-PL y', v. n. To suit ; to have recourse.

ap-point', v. a. To fix, settle, establish.

ap-point'ed, p. a. Settled ; equipped.

AP-PoiNT'MENT, 71. Act of appoint-
ing ; decree ; direction ; equipment.

AP-por'tion, v. a. To set out or di-
vide in just parts ; to allot, distribute.

ap-por'tion-ment, 71. Act of appor-
tioning ; division into shares.

Xp'PO-§iTE, a. Proper; fit; suitable.

AP'PO-siTE-LY, ad. Properly ; suitably.

Ap-PQ-si"tion, 71. Addition : — the put-
ting of two nouns in the same case.

AP-PRAISe', v. a. To set a price upon.

ap-PRAISE'ment, 71, Act of appraising.

ap-prai|'er, n. One who appraises.

ap-PRE'ci-a-BLE (ap-pre'she-a-bl), a.
That_ma}f_be appreciated.

ap-pre'ci-ate, v. a. To estimate.

AP-?RE-ci-A'TION (ap-pre-slie-a'shun),
n. Act of appreciating ; estimation.

AP-PRE-HiJND', V. a. To lay hold on ;

■ to conceive by the mind : — to fear.

HER;MiEN,SIR;D6,NOR,sdN;BULL,BtJR,RtiIiE. q,^,softi a,er,liard; ^as7.;:^as gz.




ap-pre-hen'si-ble, a. That may be
apprehended ; conceivable.

ap-pre-hen'siqn, n. Act of appre-
hending ; conception : — fear, [fearful.

ap-PRE-hen'sive, a. Perceiving: —

ap-PREN'tice,7i. One bound by inden-
ture to a tradesman or artisan.

ap-pren'tice, v. a. To put out as an
apprentice, [an apprentice's service.

ap-pren'tice-shIp, 11. State or term of

AP-PRiSE', V. a. To inform ; to ac-
quaint ; to give notice to. [appraise.

ap-prIze', v. a. To set a price on ; to

ap-proach', v. n. To draw near.

AP-PROACH', V, a. To draw near to.

ap-proach', n. Act of drawing near ;
advance ; access ; admittance.

AP-proach'a-bee, a. Accessible.

Xp-prQ-ba'tion, n. Act of approving ;

AP'PRO-BA-TiVE,a. Approving. [support.

ap'prq-ba-tq-ry, a. Approving.

^-PRO'PRi-ATE. V. a. To set apart 5 to
takeas one's own ; to consign.

AP-VRo'PRi-^TE, a. Peculiar ; adapted.

ap-pro-pri-a'tion, 71. Act of appro-
priating; any thing appropriated, [tion.

ap-prov'a-ble, a. Meriting approba-

AP-PROv'Aii, w. Approbation; praise.

ap-pr6ve', v. a. To like ; to commend.

^p-PR6x'l-M^TE,a. Near; nigh. [near.

AP-PROx'i-MATE, V. a. & 71. To draw

AP-PROX-i-MA'TiON, 11. Approach to.

AP-PROX'i-MA-TiVE, a. Approaching.

ap'pPlse, 11. Act of striking against.

ap-pul'sion, 71. Act of striking against.

AP-PtJR'TE-NANCE, n. That which ap-

^p-PiJR'TE-NANT, a. Joined, [pertains.

a'pri-c6t, n. An early stone fruit.

a'pril, n. Fourth month of the year.

A'PRON (a'purn), n, A part of dress.

APT, a. Fit; proper; ready; quick.

ap'ti-tude,7i. Fitness; tendency.

apt'ness, n. Fitness ; aptitude.

a-QUA-for'tis, n. Nitric acid.

a-quAt'ic, a. Living in water.

iQ'UE-DiJC-T (ak'v/e-diikt),w. An arti-

_ ficial channel for conveying water.

a'QUE-ous (a'kwe-iis), a. Watery, [ter.

a'QUI-form, a. Having the form of wa-

AQ'ui-LlNE 07- AQ'ui-LiNE,a. Pertain-
ing to an eagle ; hooked ; curved.

AR'a-BESQUE (ar'a-besk), a. Relating
to^or resembling, Arabic architecture.

a-ra'bi-an, a. Relating to Arabia.

Ar'a-bic, a. Relating to Arabia,

ar'a-bic, n. The language of xlrabia.

ar'a-ble ,a. Fit for the plough or tillage.

ar'bi-ter,7i. Ajudge; an umpire, [tion.

ar-bit'ra-ment, 71. Will ; determina-

ar'bi-tra-ry, ff. Bound by no law;
despotic; absolute; unlimited, [of.

ar'bi-trate,^, a. To decide ; to judge

AR'Bi-TRATE, 1!. n. To give judgment.

ar-bJ-tra'tion, n. Determination of
a cause by persons mutually agreed on.

ar'bi-tra-tqr, 71. An umpire ; judge.

ar'bi-tress, n. A female arbiter.

ar'bor, 71. A place covered with
branches or vines ; a bower : — an axis.

ar-bo're-ous, a. Belonging to trees.

iR-BO-Rfis'CENT, a. Growing like a

AR'BO-BOUS,a. Belonging to atre8.[tree.

ARC, 71, A segment of a circle ; an arch.

ar-cade', 71. A series of arches with
a walk under them ; a small arch.

ar-ca'num:,7i. ,-pl. ar-ca'ka. A secret.

ARCH, 77. Part of a curved line ; an arc :
— a concave, hollow structure.

ARCH, V. a. To form into an arch.

ARCH, a. Waggish: — chief ; first.

AR-£!H^-6L'o-qty,7^ The science which
treats of antiquities ; antiquities.

ar-jCha'xc, a. Old ; ancient ; obsolete.

iR^CH-AN'^^EL, 71. A chief angel.

arch-bIsh'op, n. A chief bishop.

ARCH-BlSH'op-Ric, 71. Olhce, jurisdic-
tion, or province of an archbishop.

ARCH-DE A'coN (arch-dS'kn), n. A sub-
stitute for, or deputy of, a bishop.

arch-duch'ess, n. Archduke's wife.

ARCH-DUKE', n. A prince of Austria.

ar'ched (arch'ed or archt), p. a.
Formed like an arch. [bow.

arch'er, 71. One who shoots with a

ARCH'ER-y, 77. The use of the bow.

ar-^he-ty'pal, a. Original. [el.

AR';eHE-TYPE,7i. The original; amod-

ARCH-FIEND', 71. The chief of fiends.

AR-jeHI-E-Pls'cQ-PAE, (I. Belonging to
an archbishop ojr archbishopric,

ar-jChi-pel'a-go, 71. A sea which
abounds in small islands.

ar'£!hi-tect, 7?.. A scientific builder.

AR-jCHI-TJiCT'V-RAli, a. Relating to
architecture. ' [ence of building.

AR'.eHl-TECT-URE, 77. The art or sci-.

ar'jChJ-trave, 11. A chief beam.

ar'£;hive§, 77. pi. Ancient records.

arch'nj^ss, 77. Shrewdness ; sly humor.

arch'way, 71, A passage under an arch.

arc'tic, a. Northern": — .Arctic circle,
the circle which forms the southern
limit of the northern frigid zone,

ar'den-cy, 71. Ardor ; eagerness ; heat.

AR'DENT,a. Having ardor; hot; zealous.

ar'doRjTi. Heat; heat of affection ;zeal.

AR'DU-OiJSj a. Lofty ; high : — difficult.

a're-a, 77. Superficial content.

AEIOUY, long ; AEIoiJ5?, short ; AElpy y, obscure. — FARE, far,f1st,f all ; HEIR,




ar-e-fac'tion,m. Act of growing dry.

A-Rf'NA, 71. An open space or ground.

Ar-e-na'ceous (-na'shus), a. Sandy.

4-re-6m'e-try, n. The art of measur-
ing the specific gravity of fluids, [ver.

AR'^ENT, a. Silvery ; sliining like sil-

ar'^-en-tine, a. Pertaining to silver.

ar'^-ijc, ?^ Clay ; argillaceous earth.

AR-^-ili-LA'CEOUS (-la'shus), a. Clayey.

ar'gq-sy, n. A large merchant vessel.

ar'g-ue ; V. n. &, a. To reason ; to debate.

AR'G-y-MENT, n. A reason alleged; plea.

ar-gu-men-ta'tion, 11. Act or pro-
cess of reasoning. [argument.

ar-gu-ment'a-tive, a. Consisting of

a'ri-an-i§m, ri. The doctrine of Arius.

ar'id, a. Dry : parched with heat.

A-RID^I-TY, n. State of being arid.

a'rj-es, n. Earn ; a sign of the zodiac.

a-right' (a-rlf), ad. Rightly; correctly.

a-rise',v. 11. [i. arose; p. arisen.] To
get up ; to ascend ; to rise ; to mount.

ar-is-t6c'ra-cy, n. Government by
nobles; nobility; gentry; chief persons.

One who favors aristocracy.

Ar-is-tq-crat'ic, )a. Relating to

XR-is-TO-CRAT'i-CAL, ] aristocracy.

A-RlTn'ME-Tic, 71. Science of numbers.

Sr-ith-met'i-cal,, a. Pertaining, or
according, to arithmetic.

A-RiTH-ME-Ti"ciAN (a-rith-me-tish'-
an), n. One versed in arithmetic.

ARK, 71. A chest : — a large vessel.

ARM, n. The limb -which reaches from
the hand to the shoulder : — a branch.

Xrm, u. a. & 71. To furnish with arms.

Xr-ma'da, 77.. A fleet of armed vessels.

Xr'ma-ment, 71. A warlike force.

ar'ma-ture, n. Armor for the body.

arm'-chair, 71. An easy chair, [hold.

ARM'Ffi[L,7i. As much as the arms can

Xrm'hole, 71. A cavity under the
shoulder : — the opening of a sleeve.

AR-Mi^-'ER-ofrs, a. Bearing arms.

AR'MiE-EA-RY,a.Resembling a bracelet.

AR-MIN'IAN (ar-min'yan), n. A follower
of James Arminius. [Arminius.

AR-MiN'iAN-iSM, It. The doctrine of

AR-MiP'o-TENCE, 71. Power in war.

iR'Mis-TiCE, 71. A cessation from arms.

arm'leTjJi. a little arm; a bracelet.

ar'mqr, n. Defensive arms for the body.

AR'MQR-ER, n. Maker of armor or arms.

ar-mo'ri-al,, a. Belonging to armor.

ar'mo-ry, 71. A repository for arms.

ARM'PIT, n. The cavity under the shoul-

ARM§, n. pi. Weapons : — war. [der.

ar'my, n. A large body of armed men.

a-ro'ma, 71. The odorant principle of
plants ; a pleasant odor ; fragrance.

AR-p-iViAT'lc, a. Spicy ; fragrant.

AR-Q-MAT'lcs, 71. pi. Fragrant spices.

A-RO§E', i. from arise. See Arise.

a-round', a<Z. In a circle ; about.

A-ROUND',;>rep. About ; near to.

a-rouse', v. a. To rouse, as from sleep.

AR'QUE-BUSE,7i. A hand-guii ; a fusee.

ar-r^ck', n. A spirit procured from
the cocoa-tree, rice, &c. [accuse.

ar-raign' (ar-ran')) v. a. To indict ; to

AR-R AIGN'MENT, 71. Act of arraigning.

AK-RAtiq'E.', V. a. To put in order.

AR-RAN(^E'lviENT,7i. Act of arranging.

AR'RANT, a. Bad in a high degree ; vile.

ar'r^s, 71. A rich kind of tapestry.

ar-ray', 71. Order of battle ; dress.

AR-R ay', v. a. To put in order ; to deck.

ar-rear', n. That which is unpaid.

ar-rear'a^e,7i. Remainder; arrear.

ar-rect', a. Erected ; attentive ; erect.

ar-rest', 71. A seizure by legal process.

ar-rest', v. a. To seize; to obstruct.

ar-ret', n. Decree ; decision of a court.

AR-Ri'vAL, 11. Act of coming to a place.

AR-RiVE', V. n. To come to' any place.

AR'RO-GANCE, 71. Assumption; inso-
lence of bearing ; haughtiness.

Xr'ro-g^nt, a. Assuming : haughty.

Xr'rq-GATE, v. a. To claim unjustly.

ar'row, n. A weapon shot from a bow.

1r'ro\v-r66t, 71. A farinaceous sub-

AR'SE-NAL,?i.Magazine of arms. [stance.

ar'SE-nic, 7?,, A poisonous substance.

ar-s£n'i-cal, a. Containing arsenic.

ar'son, 71. The crime of house-burning.

ART, 2d person of the verb to be. [fice.

ART, 71. Practical skill ; a trade ; arti-

ar-te'ri-al, a. Relating to an artery.

ar'te-ry, 77. A cylindrical vessel or
tube conveying blood from the heart.

art'eOl, a. Cunning ; sly ; dexterous.

ar-thrit'ic, a. Relating to the gout.

ar'ti-choke, 71. A kind of vegetable.

ar'ti-cee, 71. A part of speech: — a
single clause : — pi. terms ; stipulation.

ar'ti-cle, v. a. To bind by articles.

AR-Tic'y-LAR, a. Relating to articu-
lations or joints. [join.

AR-Tic'u-LATE,7J. a. &7i. To speak ; to

AR-Tlc'y-L.^TE,a. Distinct: — jointed.

AR-Tic-ii-EA'TlON, 11. Act of articu-
lating : — a joint ; juncture of bones.

ar'ti-fice, 11. Trick ; fraud ; deceit.

ar-tIe'i-cer, 77. A mechanic ; artist.

iR-Tl-Fi"ciAL (ar-te-fish'al),ffl. Made
by art ; not natural ; fictitious.

Xr-ti-fi''cial-i, y, ad. By art or skill.

HER3MiEN,siR;D6,NOR,s6N;BUEIi,BUB,RttLE.9,9^,s<?/i;; 0,JS;hard; § as Z)^ asgz.




AR-til'ler-y, 71. Weapons ; ordnance j

troops that manage ordnance, &c.
ar'ti-san, 11. A mechanic, [fine arts.
art'ist, n. One who practises one of the
ar-tis'tic, a. Relating to the arts.
Xrt'less, a. Void of art ; simple.
A§, conj. & ad. In like manner ; that ;

for example ; like ; while ; equally.
AS-BES'tine, a. Pertaining to asbestos.
i&.§-BES'TOS, or a§-bes'tus, n. A soft,

fibrous, incombustible mineral.
AS-cend', v. n. To move upwards.
as-cend', v. a. To climb up ; to mount.
as-cend'ant,?i. Elevation; superiority.
as-cend'ant, a. Superior; elevated.
as-cen'den-cy, 71. Influence ; author-
AS-cen'sion, 71. Act of ascending, [ity.
AS-CENt', n. Act of rising ; rise.
as-ceiS-tain', v. a. To make certain.
as-cer-tain'a-ble, a. That may be

ascertained ; determinable, [taining.
Xs-cer-tain'ment, n. Act of ascer-
AS-cet'ic, a. Austere ; recluse.
AS-CET'ic, n. A devout recluse ; hermit.
AS-CET'i-ci§M, n. Practice of ascetics.
AS-CRi'BA-BEE,a.That may be ascribed.
AS-cribe', v. a. To attribute, assign.
AS-crip'tion, 71. Act of ascribing.
ASH, 71. A tree ; the v/ood of the ash.
A-shamed', a. Touched with shame.
Ash'e§, n. pi. The incombustible dust

or remains of any thing burnt.
;A.-shore', ad. On shore ; to the shore.
Xsh'y, a. Ash-colored ; like ashes.
a-si-at'ic (a-she-at'ik), a. Pertaining

to Asia. — n. A native of Asia.
A-siBE'. ad. To one side ; apart.
As'l-NINE, a. Relating to an ass.
SsK, V. a. To beg, demand, question.
ASK, V. n. To petition ; to make inquiry.
AS-KANCE', ) ad. Sideways; obliquely;
AS-kant', \ aside ; askew ; aslant.
A-SKEw' (a-sku')j o-d. Aside ; awry.
a-slXnt', ad. In a slanting manner.
A-SLEEP', a. & ad. Sleeping : — dead.
A-SLOPE',-ad. With declivity; oblique-
isp, n. A poisonous serpent. [ly.

as-par'a-gijs, 71. An esculent plant.
Xs'PECT, 71. Look; countenance; air.
As'PEN, 71. A species of poplar.
as-per'i-ty, n. Roughness ; harshness.
as-perse', v. a. To vilify ; to censure.
AS-per'sion, 71. Censure ; calumny.
AS-Phalt', 71. A mineral ; asphaltum.
as-phal'tic, a. Bituminous.
AS-PHAL'TijM,7i. Bituminous mineral.
Xs'PHO-DEL, n. A plant ; the day-lily.
As'Pjc, n. A poisonous serpent ; asp.
as-pIr'ant, 71. One who aspires.

Is'pi-RATE, V. a. To pronounce with

a breathing or full breath.
AS'PI-RATE, a. Pronounced with full

breath'. [aspirated pronunciation.

As'Pi-R^TE, n. A mark to denote an
as-pi-ra'tion, 71. An ardent wish ;

longing : — act of aspirating, [gerly.
as-pire', v. n. To aim ; to desire ea-
as-pir'ing-j p. a. Ambitious ; emulous.
A-SQTJXNT', ad. Obliquely ; askance.
Iss, n. An animal of burden : — a dolt.
AS-SA-fcet'I-da (as-a-fet'e-da), n. A

very fetid gum resin, used in medicine.
as-saie', v. a. To attack ; to assault.
AS-SAiL'A-BLE,a. That may be assailed.
as-sail'ant, 7!. One who attacks.
AS-SAS'siN,^?. A secret murderer.
AS-SAs'si-NATE, V. a. To murder by

secret assault, or by lying in wait.
AS-SAS-si-NA'TiQK, 11. Secret murder.
as-sault', n. A hostile attack ; storm.
AS-SAULT', V. a. To attack ; to storm.
as-say' (as-sa'), n. A trial ; attempt.
as-say', v. n. To try ; to endeavor.
as-say', v. a. To try or prove, as metals.
as-say'er, 71. One who assays metals.
as-sem'bla(^e, 71. Collection; group.
as-sem'ble, v. a. To liring together.
as-sem'ble, v. n. To meet together.
as-sem'bl Y, 71. A company ; a meeting.
AS-SENT', 71. Act of agreeing ; consent.
as-sent', ^^ n. To concede ; to agree to.
as-sert', v. a. To maintain ; to affirm.
as-ser'tion, 71. Act of asserting.
AS-SESS', V. a. To charge ; to rate.
AS-s£s'sA-BLE,a. That may be assessed.
as-sess'ment,7i. Act of assessing; sum.
AS-SESS'OR, 71. One who assesses,
is'sETS, n. pi. Goods and chattels for

the discharge of debts, legacies, &c.
AS-SEV'ER-ATE,zj.a.To affirm solemnly.
as-sev-j;r-a'tion,7i. Solemn affirma-
is-si-DU'l-TY, 71. Diligence. [tion.
AS-siD'U-btJS, a. Very diligent; busy.
as-si&n' (as-sin'), V. a. To mark out ;

to appropriate ; to make over.
AS-siG-N'j^7?. An assignee. [meet.

is-SIG-NA'j'IQN, n. Appointment to
as-SIGN-ee' (as-se-ne'), n. One to

whom an assignment is made.
as-sign'ment (as-sin'ment),7?. Act of

assigning ; a transfer of property.
as-sign-or', n. One who assigns.
AS-siM'i-L,ATE, V. n. To grow similar.
AS-slM'i-LATE, V. a. To make similar.
AS-slM-i-LA'TlON,7i. Act of assimilating.
as-sI'st', v. a. To help ; to aid, succor.
as-sist'ance, 71. Help; aid; support.
as-sxst'ant, 71. One who assists.

AEIOUY, long; AElot/Y, short ; ^eiouy, o&scwre.—F are,fS.r,fSst,fAll ; HfilE,




AS-siZE', n. A court of judicature.

as-size', v. a. To fix the rate or price of.

as-siz'er, n. Oiie wlio assizes.

AS-s5'ci-ATE (as-so'slie-at), v. a. To
uii|te with ; to join in company, [ny.

AS-so'ci-ATEj-u. ?i. To unite in compa-

^S-so'ci-ATE (as-s6'siie-at), a. United.

AS-so'ci-ATE,?i. A partner; companion.

AS-SO-CI-A'tion (as-so-she-a'sliun), n.
Union; conjunction; society; assembly.

as'so-nance, 71. Similarity of sound.

as'so-nant, a. Having a similar sound.

as-sort', V, a. To arrange ; to class.

as-sort'ment,?i. Collection assorted.

as-sua^-e' (as-swaj'), v. a. To allay.

AS-suAfi-E'MENT, n. Mitigation.

AS-suA'siVE (as-swa'siv), a. Allaying.

as-sume', v. a. To take ; to arrogate.

as-sume', v. n. To be arrogant.

as-sOm'pntg, p. a. Arrogant; haughty.

AS-sump'tion (as-siira'shun), n. Act
of assuming ; adoption ; a supposition.

as-sur'ance (a-shur'ans), n. An as-
suring ; confidence ; insurance.

as-sure' (a-shur'), v. a. To make se-
cure ; to assert positively ; to insure.

as'ter, n. A plant ; starwort.

as'ter-"isk,?i. Star in printing ; as, (*),

as'ter-ism, ?j. a constellation ; aster-

a-stern'', ad. Behind a ship. [isk.

as'te-roid, n. A small planet.

asth'ma (ast'-), n. Shortness of breath.

ASTH-mat'ic, a. Eelating to astlima.

as-t6n'ish, v. a. To amaze ; to surprise.

as-t6n'ish-ing, a. Very wonderful.

as-ton'ish-ment, n. Amazement.

as-tound', «. a. Toastonisli; amaze.

A-STR ad'dle , ad. With the legs apart.

AS'XR^L,a. Starry; relating to the stars.

a-stray', ad. Out of the right way.

as-tric'tion, 71. Restraint : — contrac-

A-STElDE',a(Z. With the legs apart. [tion.

as-tring-e', v. a. To draw together.

AS-TRiNM^EN-CY, 71. Power of binding.

AS-TRlN'G-ENT,ffi. Binding; contracting.

as-tk6l'Q-(^er, 71. One versed in as-
trology ; a practiser of astrology.

as-tro-l6(;}'ic, ) a. Relating to,

AS-TRO-LOf/'l-CAL,, \ or professing,
astrology ; given to astrology.

as-tr6l'o-9^y, n. The art of foretell-
ing events by the aspect of the heavens.

as-tron'o-mer, n. One versed or
skilled in astronomy. [astronomy.

as-tro-n6jVI'i-cal, a. Belonging to

as-tron'q-my, n. The science which
treats of the heavenly bodies.

as-tute', a. Cunning ; shrewd ; acute.

a-sun'der, ad. Apart; in two parts.

a-sy'lum, n. A sanctuary ; a refuge.

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