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untwist ; to unravel. [cation.

rave'lin (rav'ljn),?!. Part of a fortifi-
ra'ven (ra' vn), 7i. A large bird jaf prey.
rav'en (rav'vn), 7i. Plunder ; rapine.
rAv'en (rav'vn), v. To plunder, prey.
RAV'EN-ous (rav'vn-iis), a. Voracious.
RA-viNE', 71, A deep, long hollow.
rXv'ish, v. a. To deflower by violence ;

to seize by violence : — to delight,
rXv'ish-ment, 71. Act of ravishing.
RAW, a. Not subdued by the fire ; crude :

— sore : — unripe ; new : — bleak.
rAw'BONED (raw'bond), a. Very lean.
bA"W'h£ad (raw'hed), ti. A spectre.
rAw'ness, 71. The state of being raw.
RAY (ra), 71, A beam of light : — a fish,
RAY, V. a. To streak ; to shoot forth.
ray'less, a. Dark ; without a ray.
RAZE, ^7. a. To overthrow ; to ruin.
ra-zee', n. Ship of war made smaller.
rI'zor, 71. A tool used for shaving.
ra'zure (ra'zhur), 71. Act of erasing.
REACH, V. a. To arrive at ; to extend to.
reach, 71. Power; limit; extent: — fetch.
RE-ACT', 75. a. & 71. To act or do again.
re-ac'tion, 71. A counteraction.
READ (red), V. a. [i. & p. read (red).]

To peruse ; to learn ; to know.
READ, V. n. To peruse books ; to tell.

AEiotjy, long ; Aei6u$, short ; AEigyy, oJscure.— fare, FAR,FSsT,FALii ; HfeiR,




T.'£ A »' ABLE , a. That may be read.

rkad'er, n. One who reads.

kSad'i-ly, ad. With speed, quickly.

k'cad'i-ness (red'de-nes), n. State of
being ready ; promptitude.

S.E ad'in&5 iu Perusal of books ; a lec-
ture ; recital : — a variation of copies.

ke-ad-jMIs'siqn, n. Act of readmitting.

re-ad-mit', v. a. To admit again.

head'y (red'de), a. Prompt; prepared.

RE'AL,ii. Relating to things, not per-
sons-: — true; certain; genuine.

R:?-XL'l-Ty, n. State of being real ; faci,

B.E-AL,-i-ZA'TlQN, 71. Act q£ realizing.

iiE'Aii-iZE, V. a. To bring into being
or act ; to make real or certain.

re'al-ly^ ad. With reality ; truly.

KEALM, n. A kingdom ; an empire.

HEAM, M- Twenty quires of paper.

he-an'i-MATE-, v. a. To restore to life.

RE-AN-NEX', V. a. To annex agaiiu

REAP, V. a^&c 7L. To cut grain : — to geL

HEixP'ER, ra. One who reaps. [auce,

re-ap-pear'ance, n. A new appear-

re-ap-point', v. a. To appoint again.

RE AR,7i.The hinder troop, class, or part.

rear, V, a. To raise up; to educate.

S-EAR'-lD'ivri-RAL, 71. An officer nejct
in rank below a vice-admiral, [last.

SE ar'-&uard, M.The guard that passes

rear'-mouse, n. Leather-winged h;it

aEAR'-RXNK,7i.Lastrank of aiattaliou.

hear'wIrd^b. Rear-guard : — last pari

re-as-cend', v. To mount again.

sea'§on (re'zn),)?i. The rational facul-
ty of man : — cause ; end ; motive.

REA'§ON (re'zn),u. To argue rationally.

REA'^ON-A-ble (re'zn-a-bl), a. Endued
with reason ; ^.ust ; rational ; fair.

S.EA'|ON-A-BLE-lvfESS (re'zn-a-bl-ngs},
7t. Quality of being reasonable,

iREA'§iON-A-BliYj <J<^ With reason.

rea'§on-er, 71. Ojie who reasons.

rea'§on-ing, n. Argumentatioi'L

re-as-sem'ble, v.a.To assemble anew.

re-as-sert', c- e. To assert anew.

se-as-sume', v. a. To take again.

SE-AS-sftRE' (-shiir'), V. a. To assure
anew ; to reinsure.

R]^-bate', v. a. To blunt ; lo diminish.

RE'bec, n. A stringed instrument.

REb'el,, 71. One who resists authority.

JEIE-bel'., U.71.T0 resist lawful authority.

JRE-BELL'IGN (-yun), n. Act of rebel-
ling ; revolt ; insurrection.

ilE-B£t.L'loys (re-bel'yus), fi. Resist-
ing or contrary to lawful authority.

RE-Bot>5fD'5U. n. To spring or fly back.

RE-BoftND',7i. The act of rebounding.

RE-BiJFF', M. Quick resistance ; check.

re-buff', v. a. To beat back ; to repel.

RE-BUILD' (-bild'), V. a. To build anew.

re-buke', v. a. To chide ; to reprehend.

re-buke', 71. A reprehension ; repr«oL

Rig-BUR' Y (re-ber'e)j v. a. To bury again.

re'bus, n. A sort of riddie or enigma.

re-but', v. a. To beat back ; to repeL

re-c1ll'j 7j. a. To call back ; to revoke.

re-call', 71. Act of calling back.

RE-CANT',_p.<u&; 71.T0 retract an opinion,

RE-CAN-Tl'TlpN, 71. Act of recanting.

EE-CA-PlT'y-LATE, V. a. To repeat tlie
principal poiiits of ; to recite.

RE-CA-PiT-y-LA'TiON, n. Repetition.

RE-CA-PiT'y-LA-TO-RY, a. Repeating
again. [prisaL

re-cap'tion, 71. Act of retaking ; re-

BE-CAPT'ure (re-kapt'yyr), v. a. To
retake ; to recover. [taking.

re-capt'ure (re-kapt'yur), n. A re-

RE-cast', v. a. To cast again.

RE-CEDE', V. n. To retreat ; to fall back.

RE-CEIPT' (re-sef), 72. Reception : —
recipe ; a written acknowledgment
of money, &;c., received. [ceived-

re-ceiy'a-ble, a. That may be re-

re-ceive', v. a. To take ; to allow.

re-ceiv'ee, n-. One that receives-:—
a vessel exhausted of air.

ee'cen-cy, 71. State of being recent.

R5-cen'sioiv,, u. a review ; a revisal.

re'c ENT, a. New ; late ; fresh ; modern.

RE'CENT-LY,fli. Lately; newly; freshly.

re'cent-n£ss^ 7?, Newness ; freshness.

re-cep'ta-cle, 71. A vessel or place
into which any thing is received.

RE-ciiP'TT-BLE, a. That may be re-
ceived ; receivable.

re-cep'tion, n. The act of receiving.

RE-CEP^TIVE , a. Able to receive.

RE -CESS', 71. Retirement; privacy: —
nicJie : — ^^intermission ; suspension.

RE-ci^s'siQN {re-seslr'un), iu Act of
receding ; retreating. '

RE-CHARqrE', v^ a. To charge again.

re-ch66se', v. n. To choose agairu

RE\7'l-PE,'7i. Receipt; prescription,

RE-ciP'j-ENT, n. One who receives.

re-cip'ro-cal, a. Acting by turns ;
mutual ; alternate ; interchangeable.

RE-clP'RiO-CAL-LT, ad. interchange-
ably, [change, reciprocally..

RE-c'fp'RO-CATE, V. To act,jor to ex-

re-cip-r.o-ca'tiqn, 71. Act of recip-
rocating ; akernation.

RE^-i-PROC'l-TY, n. A reciprocal ob-
ligation, right, or act.

RE-ci"sipN, n. Act of cutting off.

jaER;MlEJ!fjSIR,D6,JSOR^SON;BULLjBUBjRfiLE. ^,(^,soft;&,&,liaxd ; § as z ; ?; OS gz.




RE-ci'TAL, n. Aci of reciting; a re-
kearsai ; recitation. [cital.

b£9-i-ta'tipn, 11. Act of reciting ; re-
Kit 9-i-TA-TiVE'j re. A sort of musical
representation used in operas.

BE-ciTE', V. a. To setiearse ; to repeat.

reck'less, a. Careless ; lieedless.

RE,CK'i.ESS-NESS, 71. Carelessness.

f|R£CK'ON (rek'kn), v. a. &c n. To num-
ber ; to esteem ; to compute.

I|b.eck'on-er, 71. One who reckons.

||KECK'on-1NG, 71. Computation ; bill.

RE-CLAIM', V. a. T& reform ; to recover.

KE-CLAlM'A-BL.E,ffl. Recoverable.

re-ceaim'ant, 71. One who reclaims.

Rfic-Lj-NA'TIQN^ 71. Act of reclining.

re-CLINe', v. To lean back ; to repose.

r£-ceo§e', v. a. To close again.

RE-ciiUSE', 7i. A retired person, [ry.

re-cluse', a. Shut up ; retired ; solita-

RE-CLU'§iON, 71. State of a recluse.

RE-CLU'siVE, a. Affording seclusion.

Bi;c-QG-Ni"TlON,7i. Act of recognizing.

se-cog'ni-za-bLiE, a. That may be
recognized. [bond of record.

re-c6g'n_|-zXnce,m. Recognition : — a

Rfic'pe-NlZE^'j;. a. To know again.

BE-co tL', V. n. To fall back ; to rebotaid.

re-coil', 7t. A falling back ; a rebound.

rE-cSin', v. a. To coin over again.

be-coin'a^e, 71. Act of coining anew.

rec-ol-lect', v. a.To recover to mem-
ory ; to recall to mind ; to remember.

BEC-OL-l£c'tipn, 71. Act of recollect-
ing;, remembrance; memory.

re-com-m£nce'^, ®. a. To begin anew.

BEC-pM-MEND',. 7). a. To commend to
another. _ [tion ; a credential.

BEC-pM-MEN-D A'TipN, 71. Commenda-

bec-om-mEn'da-tp-ry, a. Laudatory.

RE-cpM-MiT', V. a. To commit cuiew.

BE-cpM-MiT'MENT, 1 7i. New eommit-

BE-cpM-MiT'TAL, J ment. [quite.

sec'pm-pense',,77. a. To repay ; to re-

rec'pm-pEn«e,7i. a rewartJ ; pay.

RE-cpM-PO^E'yTJ. a. Toeompose anew.

REC-pN-ciL'A-BLE, 3- That may be
reconciled ; placable.

BEc'pN-ciLE, r. o. To conciliate; to
restore to favor ; to adjust.

b£c-pn-cil-i-a'tipn, n. Act of recon-
ciling; a reoewal ic^ friendship.

BEC'pN-piTE,. a. Hidden ; abstruse.

BE-c^-Dt?CT', V. a. To conduct again.

BEC-ON-NoI'TRE (rek-on-nea'tur), tj. a.
To examine ; to view ; to suarvey.

be-c6n'queb, t). a. To conquey again.

BE-cpN-s'iD'EBj V. a. To consider

BE-CON-VEY' (re-kon-va'), v. a. To
convey again. [to chronicle.

re-cord', v. a. To register ; to enroll ;

REC'pRD,75. A register; a memorial.

RE-coRB'ER,7i. A register : — a judge.

RE-caCfNT', V. a. To relate in detail.

re-course', n. Application; access.

re-cov'er, I'. a.To restore; to regtun.

RE-c6v'ER, V. 71. To regain health.

re-c6v'er-a-bl.Ej a. That may be re-

RE-CO v'ER-y, 71. Act of recovering.

REC're-^NT, a. Cow;irdly; base ; false,

RiiC'RE- ATE, V. a. To refresh ;toaiiiusc' ;
to divert ; to entertain.

re-cre-ate', v. a. To create anew.

RE-C-re-a'tion, 71. Act of recreating ;
amusement ; diversion. [ing.

BEc'RE-A-TlVEt a. Amusiiig ; divert-

r£:c'be-me.nt, n. Dross ; useless part.

RiiC-BE-MEN-Ti"Tlous, a. Drossy.

re-cr'im'i-nate, v. To return an. ac-
cusation ; to repioach. [nating.

re-crim-i-na'tion, ?i. Act of recrimi-

BE-cRtJlT'v V. a. To repair ; to supply.

RE-CRtlT'^7;.?i. To raise new soldiers :
—to receive new strength or health.

re-criIIT', n. A supply: — anew soldier.

R£c'TAN-GLEj7i. A right-angled paral-
lelogram, [gles ; right-angled.

rec-tAn'G^-lar, a. Having right an-

r£c-ti-fi-c A'Tlp.N,?t. Act of rectifying.

rec'ti-f? , V. a. Toset right : — to refine.

bec-ti-lIn'e-al, } a. Right-lined ;

bec-ti-lin'e-ab, \ straight.

rSc'tJ-tude, 7z. Uprightness; equity.

bec'tor, n. A ruler :— liead of a sen>-
inary: — minister of a parish, [church.

rec'tQ-ry, 7!v a rector'^s house oif

be-cOm'ben-cY} «• Kest ; repose.

BE-ciJM'BENT^ a. Lying ; reposing.

BE-ciJR'^, 7;. 71. To come back ; to return.

re-cub'renc/e, n. EettEm.

re-cUb^bent, o. Returning ; receiving.

RE-ctJBVE'^,. V, a. To bend back.

re-cu'§an-cy, 71. Non-conformity.

RE-cu'§ANT,, 71. A non-conformist.

RE-cu'§A]NT, ff. Refusing to conform.

r£d, a. Of the color s>f Mood ; ssariet.

RED, 71. One of the primitive ecl&rs.

RE-DAN^ or BE'dan, 77. A fortification.

rEd'-bODj 7i. The Judas-tree. [red.

bed'den (red'dn), v. To make or grow

BED'^DiiSH, a. Somewhat red.

BED-Di"TipN, 71. A restitution.

re-deem', v. a. ToransoiB.; to rescue.

be-deem'a-ble, «5. Ee^eo veyable.

BE-DEEM'EB,?7.Ransomev;th© Saviour.

b£-de-liv'er, v. a. To deliver again.

IMovYylong ; 5.Ei6C5?isAtfrf ; AEipvY»o6sczire.— FABE^faBiFasTjFIll ; heir.




RE-DEMP'TIQN (re-dem'sliun), n. The
act of redeemiiig ; ransom.

ked'-hot, a. Heated to redness.

RE-DIN'TE-GRATE, v. a. To restore 5
to renew.

red'ness, n. duality of being red.

RED'o-LENCE, 71. Sweet scent.

red'o-lent, a. Diffusing fragrance.

RE-DO Db'le (-dfib'bl), 13. To double
again ; to be repeated.

re-uoubt' (re-dbut'), «• A fortress.

RE-DO ubt'A-ble (redout'a-bl), a. For-
midable ; terrible.

redound', v. 71. To conduce ; to result.

red'poee, n. A bird j a sort of finch.

re-dress', v. a. To set right ; to amend.

re-dress', n. Amendment ; remedy.

r:^-dres'sive, a. Affording relief.

red'top, 11. A valuable sort of grass.

re-dCce', ?'. a. To degrade ; to sub-
due ; to bring into any state.

RE-DU'ci-BLE,a. Possible to be reduced.

re-duc'tion, n. The act of reducing ;
conquest : — a rule of arithmetic.

re-d{jc'tive, a. Tending to reduce.

re-dun'dance, n. Superabundance.

RE-DUN'DANT, a. Superabundant.


RE-Du'PLl-CATE,v.a. To double again.

re-dO-pli-c a'tion, 71. Act of doubling.

re-exdh'o, v. n. To return an echo.

RE-E£H'o, 71. The return of an echo.

REED, 71. A knotted stalk :— a pipe.

re-£d'I-fy,7'. fi. To edify again, rebuild.

reed'y, a. Abounding with reeds.

REEF, n. A portion of a sail : — a chain
of rocks lying in the water.

REEF, V. a. To reduce or fold, as a sail.

REEK, 71. Smoke , steam ; vapor.

REEK, V. n. To smoke ; to emit vapor.

reek'y, a. Smoky ; tanned ; black.

REEL, n. A frame for yarn : — a dance.

REEL, 7J. a. To gather yarn off a spindle.

REEL, V. 71. To stagger ; to vacillate.

Pi^e-e-lect', v. a. To elect again.

RE-E-LEC'TipN,7i. A repeated election.

re-en-force', V, a. To enforce anew.

re-en-force'ment, n. Act of rein-
forcing; fresh assistance.

re-en-ga^e', v. a. To engage anew.

re-en-list', v. a. To enlist anew. ,

re-en'ter, v. a. To enter again.

RE-en'trance , 71. A repeated entrance.

RE-ES-TAB'LISH, V. a. To establish

re-e?:-am'ine, v. a. To examine anew.

re-ex-port', v. a. To export again.

RE-FEC'TION, n. Refreshment ; repast.

R &-FE c ' TIVE .a.Hefreshing; restorative.

re-f£c'to-ry, 71. An eating-room.

re-fee', v. a. To direct to another.

RE-FEE ',v.n. To respect ; to liave re-
lation or reference. [referrible.

REF'ER-^-BLE,a.That may be refeiTed ;

ref-ER-ee', n. One to whom any thing
is referred. [an arbitration.

r£f'er-ence, 71. Relation ; respect : —

RE-F J:R'Rl-BLE,(x.That may be referred.

re-fine', v. a. To purify ; to polish.

re-fine', v. n. To become refined.

re-fine'ment, n. Act of refining;
state of being refined ; elegance.

re-fTn'er, 11. One who refines.

r^-fin'er-y, 71. A place for refining.

re-fit', v. a. To fit anew ; to repair.

re-fTt'ment, 77. The act of refitting.

re-fliSct', v. a. To throw or cast back.

RE-FLI2CT', V. 71. To throw back light :
— to think :— to cast reproach^

re-flect'ing, p. a. Making reflection.

re-flec'tion, ?(. Act of reflecting;
thought ; consideration ; censure.

EE-FLJEC'TIVE, a. Reflecting ; musing.

Rjg-FLi5CT'OR, 7!. One that reflects.

EE'FLiJX, 71. Backward course of water.

RE-FORM', V. a. To form anew.

RE-FORM', V. a. To amend ; to correct.

RE-FORJi', V. n. To grow better.

re-form',_77. a reformation.

ref-or-ma'tion. 71. Act of reforming.

re-foem'a-tive, ) a. Tending to re-

re-form'a-to-ry, \ form.

re-form'er, 71. One who reforms.

RE-form'ist, 71. An adherent to reform.

re-fract', v. a. To turn aside, as rays.

re-feac'tion, 72. Act of refracting.

re-frac'tive, a. Tending to refract.

re-frac'tp-ri-n£ss, ti. Sullen obsti-
nacy ; stubbornness. [verse.

re-frac'to-ry, a. Obstinate; per-

Riip'R^-GA-BLE, a. Refutable.

re-frain',w. To hold back ; to abstain.

re-frain', 7!. The burden of a song.

re-fran-(?i-bil'i-ty, 71. State of being
refrangible.. [refracted.

re-fran'^-i-BLE, a. Capable of being

re-fresh', v. a. To relieve; to revive.

RE-FRfisH'MENT,7i. Act of refreshing ;
relief after pain ; food ; rest. [ing.

re-frI(^'er-ant, a. Cooling; refresh-

RE-FRt'(;4'ER-ATE, V. a. To make cool.

RE-FRi(^-ER-A'TiON, 71. Act of cooling.

eTe-fric^'er-a-tor, ) 71. A cooling

RE-FRi'9-'ER-A-TO-RY, \ vessel ; cool-

RE-FRi'^'EE-A-TO-RY, a. Cooling. [er.

RfiF'tJ^E, 7(. Shelter; an asylum.

r£f-U-gee',72. One who flies for safety.

RE-FrjL'(^ENCE, 71. Brightness.

IIER;MiEN,SIR;D&jNORjS6N; BULL,BUR^tLE. q^(^,snfi;e.&,!iardi S as z; ;?f o.? gz.




re-ful'^ent, a. Bright ; shining.

RE fund', v. a. To repay ; to restore.

RE-FU§'A-BLE, a. That may be refused.

re-fu§'al, 71. Act of refusing ; a deni-
al :— right of choice ; option ; offer.

re-fu§e', v. a. To deny ; to reject.

re-fuse', v. n. Not to accept or comply.

ref'use, n. Worthless remains ; dregs.

RE-fut'^-BLE, a. That may be refuted.

r£f-V-ta'tipn, n. Act of refuting.

r^-fute', V, a. To disprove ; to confute.

RE-GAIN', V. a. To gain anew, recover.

re'gal, a. Relating to a king ; royal.

RE-GALE', V. a. To refresh ; to entertain.

RE-GA'Ll-A,7i.pL [L.] The ensigns of
royalty, crowns, sceptres, ornamental
dress, badges, jewels, &c.

re-gae'i-ty, 71. Royalty ; sovereignty.

re'gal-ly, ad. In a regal manner.

re-gard', v. a. To esteem ; to observe.

re-gard', 71. Attention ; respect ; heed.

re-gard'eOl, a. Attentive ; heedful.

RE-GARD'liESS, a. Heedless ; negligent.

RI-gAt'ta, 71. [It.] A boat-race.

RE'9EN-CY,7i. Government by a regent.

RE-(;tEN'ER-ATE, 7;.a.To produce anew.

R^-qtEN'ER-^TE, a. Born anew.

RE-(^EN-ER-X'TIQN, 71. Birth by grace.

re'9^ent, a. Exercising authority.

RE'(jfENT, 71. A governor ; a ruler : — a
vicarious ruler. [of a king.

R£(^'l-ciDE, n. A murderer or murder


RE(^'i-MEN, n. Regulation of diet : — a
rule prescribed or followed.

RE^'l-MfiNT, 7t. A body of troops.

RE^^-l-aiENT'AE, a. Relating to a regi-
ment ; military. [form.

RE(^-i-ment'al§, 71. pi. Military uni-

RE'(^iON (re'jun),7i. A country; a tract.

RE^'is-TER, n. A list ; a record ; a cat-
alogue : — registrar : — a plate or shut-
ter to regulate : — a stop.

RE^'is-TER, V a. To record ; to enroll.

RE^'ls-TRAR, n, A keeper of records.

rE^^-is-tra'tion, n. Act of recording.

RE^^'is-TRy, }i. Act of recording ; record.

reg'nant, a. Reigning , ruling.

r^-gor^^e', r. a. To vomit up.

re-grXnt', v. a. To grant again.

R^-GR ATE'j^.a.To engross ; tolbrestall.

Re'gress,?i. a passage back , a return.

RE-GRfis'siON (re-grgsh'un), ?i. Return.

RE-GRES'siVE,a. Passing or going back.

RE-GRET', n. Grief for the past ; sorrow

RE-gret', v. a. To grieve at ; to lament.

Reg'u-ear, a. Agreeable to rule.

BEG'V-L^R, n. A priest observing the 3
vows : — soldier of a permanent army.

reg-u-lar'1-ty, n. Conformity to rule.
REG'y-L4R-LY,a(i.In a regular manner.
REG'U-LATE, V. a. To adjust by rule.
reg-u-la'tion, n. Act of regulating.
reg'U-LA-tor, 71. One that regulates.
r:^-gur'(^i-tate, v. a. To pour back.
re-hear', v. a. To hear again.
re-hear'ing, 71. A second hearing.
re-hears' AL, n. A repetition; recital.
r:^-hearse', v. a. To repeat ; to recite.
REi'GEE, 71. A hollow or groove for any

thing to run in ; channel.
REIGN (ran), v. n. To rule, as a king.
REIGN (ran), n. Royal authority ; rule ;

a king's government ; power.
re-im-burse', v. a.To repay ; to refund.
RE-JM-BURSE'MENT, n. Repaymeiit.
REIN (ran), n. The strap of a bridle : —

restraint > check. [ — to check,

REIN (ran), v. a. To govern by a bridle :
rein'deer ^ran'der), 71. Northern deer.
RE-IN-FORM', V. a. To inform again.
REIN§ (ranz), n. pi. The kidneys : — the

inward parts ; the heart.
re-in-st1ll', v. a. To install anew.
re-in-state', v. a. To instate anew.
re-in-vest', v. a. To invest anew.
RE-is'suE (re-ish'u), v. To issue again.
re-it'er-ate, V, a. To repeat again.
re-It-er-a'tiqn, 71. Act of reiterating.
re-ject'j v. a. To cast off; to refuse.
RE-jEc'TlON,7i. Act of rejecting; refusal.
re-jo'ice', v. n. To be glad ; to exult.
r:^-joi'cing, 71. An expression of joy.
re-join', v. a. & n. To join again.
re-join'der, 71. An answer to a reply
RE-JtJ'VE-NATE, V. a. To restore youth

to ;_to make young. [youth.

R^-JU-VE-NES'CENCE, n. Renewal of
re-kin'dle, v. a. To kindle again.
RE-LAND', V. a. & n. To land again.
RE-LAPSE', V. n. To slide or fall back.
re-lapse', 71. Act of relapsing ; return.
re-late', v. a. To tell ; to recite.
re-late', v. n. To have relation.
re-la'tiqn, 71. Act of relating ; recital :

— reference: — kindred; a relative.
RE-LA'TION-SHIP, n. State of being

related ; connection.
rel'a-tive, a. Having relation.
REL'A-TiVE, n. A person . related ; z

relation : — a relative pronoun.
rel'a-tive-ly, a(Z. In relation to.
RE-L AX',_«.a.& n.To slacken ; to unbend.
r.El-.^x-a'tion, 72. Act of relaxing.
re-lay',71. Horses,&c.,to relieve others.
re-lease', v. a. To set free ; to let go.
RE-lease', n. Liberation ; discharge.
RE-l£nt', v. Ti.To yield; to grow tender.

AEiouy, long } MHotJt, short ; AEJ9VY, oiscure.—rARE, fXRjFIsXjFall , heie,




RE-L£NT'LESs,a.Unpitying ; unmoved.

RtL'E-VAN-CY, n. State or quality of
being relevant.

rel'^-vant, a. Lending aid ; pertinent.

RE-Li'ANCE, ;?. Trust; dependence.

rel'ic, n. That which remains. — pi.
A dead body ; a corpse. [is dead.

rel'ict, 7i. A woman whose husband

re-lief' (re-lef'),72. Alleviation 3 suc-
cor :— the prominence of a figure.

RE-LIE v'a-bl,e, a. Capable of relief.

RE-EIEVE_', V. a. To ease; to succor.

RE-EiE'vo (re-l6'vo), ii. The promi-
nence of a figure, &c. ; relief.

RE-Li(^'iON (re-lid'jun), n. Duty to God :
— a system of faith and worship.

RE-Li9^'lON-iST, n. A devotee ; a bigot.

tii-jji^'ious (re-lid'jus), a. Relating
to religion ; pious ; iioly. [ously.

RE-Li^'ioys-LY (re-lid'jus-le), ad. Pi-

RE-LiK'QuisH (re-l'ing'kwjsh), v. a. To
forsake ; to abandon ; to leave, quit.

RE-liiN'QUlSH.-MENT,?i,Act of quitting.

rel'i-QUA-ry, n. Casket for relics.

REL'isH, n. Taste ; liking ; flavor.

REL'ISH, V. a. To have a liking for.

REL'ISH, V. V. To have a pleasing taste.

REL'isH-A-BLE,a.That may be relished.

re-luc'tance, n. Repugnance ; aver-
sion ; unwillingness.

RE-LtJC/TANT, a. Unwilling 5 averse.

re-luc'tant-ly, ad. With unwill-
ingness or reluctance.

RE-Ly', v. n. To trust ; to depend.

re-main', v. n.To continue, abide, stay.

RE-main'der, ??.Wliatis left ; remnant.

R]|-MAINS', n. pi. Relics : — a corpse.

rIj-make'', v. a. To make anew.

re-mSnd', v. a. To send or call back.

RE-mXrk', n. Observation ; note.

re-mark', v. a. To note ; to observe.

re-mark' A-BLE, a. Worthy of notice ;
uncommon ; extraordinary.

re-m'ark'a-BLY, ad. Uncommonly.

r:|-mark'er, n. One who remarks.

re-mXr'ry, v. a. To marry a second

RE-ME'Di-A-BLE, a. Curable, [time.

RE-ME'Dj-AL, a. . Aflfording remedy.

rem'e-di-less or re-m£d'i-less, a.
Not admitting remedy ; incurable.

rem'e-dy, n. A medicine ; a cure.

rem'e-dy, v. a. To cure ; to repair.

RE-mem'ber, v. a. To bear in mind ;
to call to mind ; to recollect.

re-mem'brance, n. Retention in
mind ; recollection. [minds.

RE-MEM'BRAN-CER, 71. One who re-

re-mind', v. a. To put in mind.

r£m-i-nis'cence, 71. Recollection.

re-mi§e', v. a. To grant back.

re-miss', a. Slack ; careless ; negligent.

RE-Mls'si-BLE,a.Thatmay be remitted.

RE-Mis'siON (re-mish'un), n. Pardon :
— release or relinquishment.

RE-MISS'LY, ad. Carelessly; negligently.

RE-Miss'NESS, 71. Carelessness.

RE-MIT', V. a. To pardon ; to give upj
to resign : — to send or transmit.

RE-MiT', V. n. To slacken ; to relax.

RE-MiT'MENT, ) /!. Act of remitting;

re-mit'tal, \ remittance.

re-mit'tance, II. A sum remitted.

re-mit'tent, a. Ceasing fur a time.

r£m'nant, 74. What is left ; residue.

re-m6u'el, v. a. To model anew.

re-m6n'strance, n. Expostulation.

re-m6n'strant, n. One who remon-
strates. '

re-m6n'strate, v. n. To exhibit rea-
sons against ; to expostulate.

re-morse', n. Painful ^nse of guilt;
compunction ; repentance. [guilt.

RE-MORSE'FiJL, a. Full of a sens^ of

re-morse'less, a. Unpitying ; cEuel.

re-mote', a. Distant; not near; alien.

RE-MOTE'LY, ad. At a distance.

re-mote 'NESs,7i.State of being remote.

RE-Mot)NT', V. n. &. a. To mount again.

re-m6v'a-ble, a. That may be re-

re-m6v'al, n. Act of removing.

RE-MO VE', TJ.To change place ; to move.

RE-MOVE', 71. A change of place.

re-mu'ner-ate, v. a. To recompense,

RE-MU-NER-A'TipN, n, Act of remu-
nerating ; compensation ; recompense.

RE-MU'NER-A-TiVE, ) a. Affording re-

R^-MtJ'NER-A-TO-RY, \ muneration.

re'nal, a. Belonging to the kidneys.

rEn'ard, v. a fox ; reynard. [ing.

R|;-NAS'CENT, a. Rising again into be-

re-nXv'i-gate, 7J.7J.To navigate again.

REN-coOnt'er, n. Encounter ; attack.

ren-co0nt'er, v. To attack ; to clash.

REND, V. a. [i. & p. rent.] To tear with
violence ; to lacerate ; to break-

r£n'der, v. a. To return ; to give pay:
— to assign ; to give : — to make : — to
afford. [dered.

r£n'der-A-BLE, a. That may be ren-

IJRENDEZVOUS (ren'de-v6 or ren'de-
v6z), 71. A place for a meeting.

IIrendezvous (ren-de-v6' or ren-de-
voz'),7).7i.To meet at a place appointe(i.

REN-di"tion, n. A surrendering.

r£n'e-gade_, ) n. An apostate ; a de-

r£n-e-ga'do, ( serter ; a revolter.

RE-NEw', V. a. To make new ; to repeat.

HER:MiEN,SIR;D6,NOR,s6N3BULL,BUR,RtJLE. 9,9^,30/^,- Sd^&^hard; § OS z, ^ as gz.




RE-NEw'A-BLE, a. That may be re-

BE-NEw'AL, n. The act of renewing.

ren'net, n. Membrane of a calf's
stomach used to coagulate milk ; run-
net, [up ; to relinquish ; to forsake.

RE-NOl^NCE', V. a. To disown ; to give

re-nounce'ment, n. Renunciation.

ren'o-vate,?j. a. To renew; to restore.

ren-o-va'tion, n. Act of renewing.

RE-NO wn', n. Fame ; celebrity.

re-nowned' (re-nbund'), j). a. Fa-

r£nt, L &, p. from rend. [mous.

RiiNT, 71. An annual payment for a

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