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r^-bust', a. Strong; sinewy ; vigorous.
ROCH'ET or r6£!H'et, n. A surplice:
ROCK, n. A mass of stone. £ — a fish-
ROCK, V. a. & iu To move backwards

and forwards 3 to reel : — to soothe.
rock'et. n. An artificial firework.
ROCK'I-NESS, n. State of being rocky,
rock'-salt, n. Common mineral salt.
rock'y, a. Full of rocks 3 hard 5 stony^
ROD, w, A twig : — a perch j 16| feet.
RODE, L &L -p. from ride.
ro'dent, a. Gnawing, as an animal,
ROD-p-MON-TADE', n. Empty bluster.
r6d-p-M9N-ta'dist, «. A boaster 3 a
rodoaaontador. [ters ; boaster,

ROD-p-mpN-TA'DpR, IU One who bins-
ROE, n. Female of the hart : — spawn.
RQE'BiJCK,?!. A small species of deer,
rq-ga'tion, 71, Litany; supplication,
ROGUE (rog), a. A knave ; a villain.
rogu'er-y (r6'gur-e),?j. Villany. [gish.
ROGU'i'sH (r6|'ish)/a. Knavish ; wag-
ROIL, V, a. To reicider turbid ; to disturb.
ROXiL, z). a. & 71. To move or turn iu a

circle; to revolve; to inwrap.
ROLL, n. Act of rolling:— a mass made
round ; a roller : — register ; catalogue.
roll'er, n. He or that wliicli rolls ; a

thing turning ow its axis ; a fillet.
ROL,L''iNG-PiN,7i. Round piece of wood.
ROLLi'iNG-PRESs, 71. A press for roll-
ing iron, &c., into plates.

ro-mXnce%7?. Tale of wild adventures.
Rp-MANCE^, V. n. To forire stories, &c.
R0-1ViXn'cer,71. a writer of romances.
RO'MAN-IST, n. A Roman Catholic.
RP-mXn'tic, a. Relating To, or pnrtak-

jng of, romance ; fantastic ; wild.
RO'mish, a. Relating to Rome.
ROMP, n. A rude, awkward girl.
ROMP, V. n. To play rudely.
ROMP'ISH, a. Inclined to rude play.
ROOD, 7?. The fourth nart of an acre.
ROOF, 71. The cover of a house ; vault-
Ro6f,t. a. To cover with a roof. [ered.
ROOF'liESS, a. Wanting a roof; uncov-
ROOj'let, n. A small roof or covering.
||r66k (ruk or rok), n. A bird ; a cheat.
jJROOK, V. a. & 71, To cheat ; to plunder,
||r66k'er-y, v. A nursery of rooks.
ROOM, 71. Space ; stead :— apartment.
ROOM'y? at- Spacioiis ; large ; rapacious.
roost, 77. That on which a bird rests.
Ro6sT,tJ.7i. To sleep as abird: — to lodge.
ROOST^ER, 71. One that roosts ; a cocfe.

HERjMlEN3SIE3DO,NOR,s6N:B0LL>.BUBjRfil,E.9,9jS^,je,j6f,Afflrd;f OSZj^O^gZ.
16 .




KOOT, n. That part of the plant which

rests in tlie ground :— original.
KOOT, «. a. &7I. To take root; to fix deep,
root'ed, a. Fixed by roots. ; deep.
ro6t'let,7i. Small root; fibre of a root,
KOPK, n'. A large cord ; halter; cahle,
kope'-dAn-ckr,?!. a dancer on a rope.
rope'-mak-es, ?t> One vvlio makes

S.OP'ER-Y (rop/er-e), ) n. A place
ROPE'WALK (rop'\val^), ) wliereropes
Ko'Pi-NESSj n. Viscosity, [are made.
RO'PY, a. Viscous ; glutinous.
KO'§A-RY, ?!. A string or bunch of beads.
ROs'ciDya. Dewy; abounding with de\T.
RO§E,n. A plant and flower : — a color.
ROSE, *. fi'om rise^ [grant.

Ro'^^E-ATE (ro'zhe-at), a. Rosy ; fra-
r5§e'-bu&, 71. An insect; a beetle.
ro''set/71. A xed color for painters.
ro-§ette',. 7t. Au artificial rose.
ro§e'-wA-tek, 71. Water obtained by

distilling roses. [of wood.

ro§e'WO0d (roz'wiid), 7j. A line kind
ROS'IN, 71. Inspissated turpentine ; resin.
RO''§i-NJ:ss,. n. State of being rosy.
'RO^' m-Y y a. Resembling sosin.
ROSS, 71. The outer, rough bark of trees,
Ros'TRAli, a. Like a beak.
Eos'TRUM, 71. The beak of a bird or of
'a ship :— a scaffold or pulpit.
RO'§Y, a. Resembling a rose ; blooming.
ROT, V. T9 putrefy; to make putrid.
ROT, 71. A di&i'emper among slieep^ &c.
Ro'ta-ry M- Turning on its axis,

RO'TA-TO-RV, \ as a wheel ; whirling.
ro'tate,^). Toniove round ; to revolve.
Rp-TA'TlOKr,7i. A turning roand; a turn.
rote, n. A mere repetition of words.
ROT'TEisr (rot'tn), a. Putrid ; not firmv
r6t'tew-n£ss (-tn-nes), 71. Futrrdness.
RO-T0ND^,ffl. Eound; circular; spherical.
Rp-TtJN'DA, ro-tun'do,. 71. A round

or circular building. [rieity.

ro-tijn'dt-ty, v. Roundness ; sphe-
ROUt (r6-a"0,M. [Fr.l Dissipated person-.
ROUGE (rozh), n. [Fr.] A red color.
ROUGE (rozh), V. To paint with rouge.
ROUGH (raf), a. Not smooth ; harsh.
roOgh'cast? (riif'kast), v. a. To form-

or cast rudely :— to plaster roughly.
ROtJGH'CAST (ruf Mst),7!,.A rude mo.del.
ROUGh'dkaw (ruf'draw),y. a. To trace.
ROfJGH'EN (_ruf'fn')','i>. a. To make rou^gh.
BOtJGH-HE-w' (ruf-hfi' or riif'hii), v. a.

To hew or form coarsely.
ROfJGH'liY (riif'le), ad. With roughness.
BOtJGH'NESS (rufnes), n. Ruggedness.

ROtJGH'-SHOD (riiPshod), a. Having

the feet shod with rougliened shoes.
r6u-lette', n. A game of hazard.
ROUND, a. Circular ; spherical ; full.
RO'f)pfD,7i. A eircle ; a sphere ; a course,
ROUND, ad. On all sides; around.
ROUND, prfp. On every side of; around,
ROUND, V. a. & n. To make or go round.
Rot)ND'A-Bo£'T,a. Clrcuitous; indirect.
Rot)N'DE.-L.AY, 71, A poetn ;^ a scng.
round'head, 71. A Puritan. [ly,

round'lv, ad. In around form : — piain-
r6und'ness,71. Rotu-ndity ; openness,
Roi)ND'-R6B-iN,7i. A petition ar writing

signed by name&in ai circle or ring.
R ou se ,. V. To wake from rest ; to start.
roxtt, n. A rabble : — evening party : —

the confusion af an army defeated.
rout, v. a. To put into confusion.
route or route, ?!. A journey: —

road ; path ; way ; passage ; course.
r6u-tine' (ra-ten'), n. A course.
ROVE, V. n. To ramble; to range,
R5'VERy7i. Onewlio roves; a wanderer.
ROW (ro), 71. A range of things ; a rank.
ROW, 77. A riotous disturbance ; a riot.
ROW (ro), V. To impel a vessel by oars,
ROW'Eii, n. Point of a spur : — a soton»
Row'Ei,, V. a. T® insert a rowel in.
row'en, n. A second crop of grass.
ROW'ER (ro'er), n. ©ne who rows.
ROY'AX.,.a. Kingly; regal: — noble.
roy'ai., 7J. A kind of paper.
ROY'AL-is'?, 71.. An adherent to royalty.
RO^'AL-EY, ai. As becomes a king.
ROV'AL-TY, ?i. Office or state of a kirrg;.
RtB, v.. To scour ; to wip® ; to polish.
RUB, 71. Friction; collision; difficulty^
r.ub'ber, n. He who or that which rubs^
RtJB'BiSH, 71. Ruins ; fia.gments.
RiJ'Bl-CUND, a. Inclining to redness,.
ru'eJed (rti'bid), a. Like a ruby.
RtJ'Bi,E,.7i. A Russian coin.
rC^bric,,?!. The order of the liturgy t

— a writing or pi'inting in red ink.
Rtj'BRl-CAL,, a. Placed in rubrics.
Ru'BRi-CATE,i'. a. To mark with red'..
Rtl^BY 71. A precious stone of red color>
R^c-TA:'Tl8N,7i. Act of belching wind.
RtJD'DER, 71. The instrument hy whick

a ship is steered.
RUD'DI-NESS, n. Q-uality of being ruddy.
RtJD''D¥, a. Pale red ; florid.
RtJDE,a. Rough; coarse; harsh; unciviU
rude'ly, ad. In a rude manner.
RU DE 'NESS, 7?.. Q-uality of being rude..
Ru'Di-MfiNT, 77, A first principle.
RtJ-Di-MENT'AE,. ft. Relating to rudp-

merits; elementary.

AElDtJY, long ;. AEIOiil^, sAort i.A.EIpy Y, oftscwre.— pArE, EAJliFAST^Flia. ;, hIUBs




Rt!tE,w. a. To grieve for; to be sorry for.

R^E, n. A plant or herb : — sorrow.

rOe'fOl, a. Mournful; wofiil.

RUFF, n. A puckered ornament ; a ruffle.

RUFF'IAN (ruf'yan), n. A brutal fellow.

R&FF'IAN (ruFyan), a. Brutal ; vile.

RUF'FiiE, V. a. To disorder : — to plait.

ruf'flEjIJ. n. To g'-ow rougU; to flutter.

ruf'fle, 71. Fine cloth ruffled : — a jar.

Rtj'FOUS, a. Reddish-brown ; orange.

rCg, 71. A coarse, nappy, woollen cloth.

RUG-'j&ED, a. Rough ; uneven ; harsh.

rOg'sed-ly, ad. In a rugged manner.

RiJG'j&ED-NESS,7i. Rougliness; rudeness.

RlJ'iN, 77. Destruction ; overthrow : —
remains of buildings, cities, &c.

Rti'lN, V. a. To demolish ; to destroy.

RU'lN-ous, a. Fallen to ruin: — caus-
ing ruin ; pernicious.

RtJ'iN-OUS-LY, ad. In a ruinous manner.

rOl'a-BLE, a. That may be ruled.

RtJLE, n. Government : — a standard ; a
canon ; a mode : — an instrument.

RtriiE, tJ. a. To govern ; to manage.

rCle, v. 77. To have power or command.

rOl'er, n. One who rules ; a governor :
— an instrument ; a rule.

RtJM, n. A spirit distilled from molasses.

Ruivi'Bt,E,w. 71. To make a hoarse noise.

RUM'BLlNG,7i.Ahoarse,continued noise.

rC'mi-nXnt, a. Chewing the cud.

RtT'lui-NATE, V. To chew the cud, muse.

Rtf-Ml-NA'TION, n. Act ot ruminating.

RCm'jvta^^e, Vi To search ; to examine.

RtJM'MAi^E, 77. A search ; a bustle.

RtJ'MOR, n. A flying report ; fame.

Ru'MOR, V. a. To report ; to circulate.

RUMP, 77. End of the backbone.

RtJM'PiiE, 77. A wrinkle ; a rude plait.

RtJM'PLE, V. a. To wrinkle.

RUN, V. n. [i. ran ; p. run.] To move
swiftly ; to flee ; to flow ; to melt.

RtJ'N, V. a. To pierce ; to fuse, smuggle.

EtJN, n. Act of running ; flow : — way ; fi-
nal result : — a small stream ; a runlet.

RiJN' A-G Aj'E , n. A fugitive ; renegade.

RtJN'A-WAY, 77. A fugitive; renegade.

RtJN'DLE, 77. A round ; step of a ladder.

RUNG, i. &, p. from 7^77^.

rOn'let, 77. A cask : — a small stream.

run'ner, 77. He or that which runs.

run'net, 71. A substance in a calf's
stomach used to change milk to curds ;
— written also lennet. See Rennet.

RijNT, 77. A small, stunted animal.

ru-pee', 77. An East Indian coin both
of gold and of silver. [hernia.

RUPT'urE (riSpt'yur), 77. A broacii : — a

rupt'ure, v. a. ' To break ; to burst.

RU'ral, a. Relating to the country.

Rtl§E (ruz), n. [Fr.] Trick ; stratairem.

RUSH, 77. A plant : — any thing wortliiess.

RUSH, 77. 77. To move with violence,

RUSH, r7._ A violent motion or course.

rush'-light (-lit), 77, A rush-candle.

RUSh'y, a. Abounding with rushes.

RiJsK, ;.. A light cake ; hard bread.

RUSS, 11. A Russian. — a. Russicin.

RiJs'sET, a. Reddishly brown ; gray.

RUS'SIAN, a. Relating to Russia.

RtJsT, n. A reddish crust on iron, &;c.

RUS'Tic,77. An inhabitant of the country.

RiJS'Tic, i a. Relating to the coun-

RUs'TJ-c^L, i try ; rural ; plain ; rude.

RUS'TJ-CATE, V. 77. To reside in the
country^ [country, as from college.

RUS'TI-CATE, V. a. To banish into the

ROs-Ti-CA'TipN,77. Act of nisticating.

Rys-Ti^'i-TY, 77. Rustic manners.

RtJST'i-NESS, 77. The state of being rusty.

riJs'tle (rijs'sl), v. n. To make a low
rattle, as with leaves, [paired ; dull.

rust'y, a. Covered with rust : — im-

RUT, n. The track of a wheel.

RUT, V. n._ To cry or lust, as a deer. '

rO'ta-ba^ga, 71. The Swedish turnip.

RUTH'iiESS,a.Cruel; pitiless^ barbarous.

RCt'ty, a. Full of ruts; cut by wheels.

RYE (ri), 77. An esculent grain : — a dis-
ease in the hawk.


SA-BA'OTH or sXb'a-oth, 71. Ar-
mies ; hosts. [the Lord's day.
sab'bath, 71. The day of rest ; Sunday ;
SAB-bat'ic, ) a. Belonging to the
siB-BAT'i-CAL, \ Sabbath.
sa'bee, 71. A quadruped, and its fur.
sa'ble, a. Of the color of sable ; dark.

sa'bre (sa'ber), 7i. A kind of sword.
SAC, 77. A jittle pouch ; a sack.
Having the qualities of sugar ; sweet.
slc'jeHA-RoiD, } a. Resembling a
slc-jBHA-RoiD'AL, ) loaf of sugar.
SA^-ER-DO'TAL, a. Relating to priests.

HER;]VliEN,SIR;D6,NOR,s6N;BtTi,Ii,BtJR,RtfLE. <;^,^,sqft ; 0,&,hard ; § OS z J ?: as gz.




sa'chem, w. An American Indian chief.

SACK, 71. A bag : — pillage of a town : —
a garment : — sherry wine.

SACK, V. a. To pillage; to plunder.

sack'but, 7i. A kind of trumpet.

sack'cloth, n. Cloth for sacks.

sac'ra-m£nt, ?i. A religious rite; the
Lord's supper ; eucharist.

SAC-RA-MENT'ALja. Pertaining to a sac-
rameni ; sacredly binding.

SA'CRED,a. Holy ; divine; consecrated.

SA'cRED-L,V,rtrf. Inviolably; religiously.

SA'CRED-NESS, n. State of being sacred.

sa-cr1f'ic, a. Used in sacrifice.

sAc'Rt-FiCE (sak're-fiz),z;. a. To offer to
Heaven ; to devote with loss.

sac'ri-fice (sak're-fiz),n. An offering
made to God ; devotion with loss.

SAC-R!-Fi"ciAL (sak-re-ftsh'al), a. Re-
lating to sacrifice. ' [sacred.

sac'ri-lec^e, 71. A violation of things

SAC-RJ-liE'^-TOUS (sak-re-le'jus),a. Re-
lating to sacrilege ; irreverent, [lege.

SAC-Rl-L.E'9-lovs-liY, ad. With sacri-

sAc'Rls-TAN, 71. Vestry -ke eper ; sexton.

SAC'Ris-TYjTi. Vestry-room of a church.

SAD, a. Sorrowful ; gloomy ; grave.

sXd'den (sad'dn), v. a. To make sad.

sad'dle, n. A seat for a horse's back.

SAD'DLE,^3.a. Tocover with a saddle.

SAD'DiiER, 71. One who makes saddles.

sad'dle-ry, 71. Manufacture of saddles.

sad'du-cee, n. One of a Jewish sect.

sad'ly, a<Z. Sorrowfully; mournfully.

SAT)'NESS, 71. State of being sad.

SAFE,a.Free from danger; secure; trusty.

SAFE, 71. A place of safety.

SAFE-coN'nucT, 71. A Warrant to pass.

safe'&uard (saf'gard), n. A defence.

tSAFE'LY, ad. In a safe manner, [curity.

safe'ty, n. Freedom from danger ; se-

SAF'fron (saf run or saf'furn), n. A
plant with a yellow flower.

SA&,j'. 71. To sink down ; to settle.

sa-ga'cious (sa-ga'shus), a. Discern-
ing ; acute ; sage ; wise ; judicious.

SA-ga'cious-i.y, ad. With sagacity.

SA-GAC'l-TY,7i. Discernment; acuteness.

sia'A-MORE,?!. Chiefofan Indian tribe.
SA(^E, ffl. Wise; grave ; judicious.
SAGE , n. A wise man : — an herb or plant.
SA9-e'l,Y, ad. Wisely ; sagaciously.
SA^-'iT-TAii, a. Belonging to an arrow.
SA^^-iT-Ti'Ri-us, Ji. The Archer; one

of the 12 signs of the zodiac.
sa'go, v. a nutritious substance ex-
tracted from the pith of a species of
SAID (sed), i. &, p. from say. [palm-tree.
SAIL, 71. An expanded sheet : — a ship.

SAIL, V. a. & 71. To pass or move by sails.

SAIL'-CLOTH, n. Cloth used for sails.

sail'er, 71. A ship or vessel that sails.

sail'ing, n. Act of one who sails.

sail'-loft, 71. Place where sails are
made. _ [sails.

sail'-mak-ER, n. One who makes

sail'or, n. A seaman ; a mariner.

sail '-YARD, 71. A pole to extend a sail.

saint, n. A person eminent for piety.

saint'ed, a. Holy ; pious ; virtuous.

saint'ly, a. Like a saint ; religious.

sake, 71. Final cause; end; account.

sal'a-ble, a. That may be sold.

SA-lI'cious (-la'shus),a. Lustful ; lewd.

sal' AD, V. Food composed of raw herbs.

sal'a-mAn-der, n. A species of lizard
fabled to live in fire. [services.

sal'a-ry,7». a periodical payment for

sale, 71. _ Act of selling; vent; market.

sal-e-ra'tus, 71. A sort of refined
pearl ash. [ing- '

SALES' MAN, 71. One employed in sell-

SAL'IC, a. Noting a French law ex-
cluding females from the throne.

sa'li-ent, a. Leaping; bounding: —
projecting ; standing out prominently.

sal'i-fi-a-ble , a. That may be salified.

sal'j-fy, v. a. To change into salt.

SA-LlNE'jffl. Consisting of salt ; briny.

sa-line', n. A repository of salt ; a salt-
spring ; a salt-pit.

SA-Li'VA, 71. A viscid fluid; spittle.

SA-Li'VAL, a. Relating to saliva ; sal-

sXl'i-va-ry, a. Relating to saliva or
spittle^ as salivary glands. [saliva.

sal'i-A''ate, v. a. To produce a flow of

SAL-i-VA'TlpN, n. Act of salivating.

SAL'LO"w,7i. A small species of willow.

sal'low, ffi. Sickly ; yellow ; pale.

SAL'LOW-NESS,7?.Yellowness; paleness.

sal'ly, n. A quick egress : — a frolic.

sal'ly, v^n. To issue out. [are made.

sal'ly-porTjTi. a gate at which sallies

sal-ma-gun'di, n. A mixture of meat,
oil, onions, &c. : — a medley.

SAl'mon (sam'un), n. A fish.

sa-l66n', n. A spacious hall or room.

salt, 71. A substance used for seasoning.

SALT, V. a. To season with salt. [beat.

sal-ta'tion, n. Act of leaping: — a
siLT'-CEL-LAR, n. A small table-
vessel for salt.
salt'ern, 71. A place for making salt.
SALT'lSH,a. Somewhat salt.
salt'-lick,7i. a saline spring, [found.
salt'-mine, 71. A place where salt is
sAlt'ness, 71. State of being salt.

AEIOUY, long ; SeioM, short ; Ailiovy, obscure. — FARE,FAR,FAST,FALli ; utlR,




sal,t-pe'tre (-ter), 7i. Nitrate of pot-
ash ; nitre ; a njineral salt.

salt'-rheTjm, 71. A disease in the skin.

SA-LU'BRi-ouSja.Healtiiful; wholesome.

sa-lu'bri-ty, 71. Wholesomeness.

SAL,'y-T4-RY, a. HealrJiful ; beneficial.

sAL-y-T a'tion, 71. Tiie act of saluting.

SA-LUTE',t'.a. To greet; to hail: — to kiss.

SA-lute', 71. A salutation ; a greeting.

sAl-VA-bil'I-ty,71. State of being salva-

SAi,'VA-BLE,a. That may besaved.[ble,

SAL'v.|.9-E,n. A reward for saving goods.

sAL-vi'TiON,7!.D6Uverance from death.

sXlve (sav or salv), n. An ointment.

sAl.' V5R,7i.Plate to present any thing on.

sAl'vo, 71. A reservation : — a salute.

SAME, a. Identical ; not different.

SAMe'nesSjTi. State of being the same.

S A' MI-EL, 71. A wind. See SiMOOM.

sAm'Let, 7!. A little salmon.

sXmp, n. Food made of maize broken.

SAM'PHIRE, n. A plant used for pickle.

sXm'PLE,71. a part shown; a specimen.

SAM'PLER, n. A pattern of needlework.

sAn'A-BEE, a. Curable ; remediable.

sXn'a-tjEve, ) a. Tending to cure; heal-

san'a-tq-ry,_^ ing ; relating to health.

sAnc-ti-fi-c A'TiON, 71. Act of sancti-
fying ; consecration.

SANc'Ti-Fi-ER,7i. One who sanctifies.

sXnc'tJ-fv, 77. a. To make holy, purify.

SANC-Tl-HIO'NI-Otjs, a. Appearing holy.

sAnc'tJ-mq-nV, n. Holiness ; sanctity.

sANC'TJQNjTi.Confirmation; ratification.

sAnc'tion,7). a. To confirm ; to author-

sAnc'ti-ty, 71. Holiness ; purity, [ize.

place ; a temple ; a sacred asylum.

sAnd, 71. Fine particles of stoiie.

sAnd, v. a. To sprinkle with sand.

sAn'dal, 71. A sort of slipper or shoe.

sAn'bal-wood (-wud),M. An aromatic

SANU'-EEL,, 71. A kind of eel. [wood.

sAnd'i-ness, n. State of being sandy.

san'dJ-vj^r, n. Dross or scum of glass.

sAnd'stone, 71. A species of freestone.

sAnd'wich (-widj), 71. Two slices of
bread with a slice of meat between.

sAnd'y, a. Abounding with sand.

SANE, a. Sound in mind ; not insane.

sAng, i. from sing: [indifference.

SANG-FROID (sang'frwa'), 72. Coolness ;

SAN-GUlF']|R-oiJS, a. Conveying blood.

sAn'gui-fy, v. 71. To produce blood.

sAn'gui-na-ry, a. Cruel ; bloody.

sAn'guine I'sang'gwin), a. Red; full of
blood : — ardent ; confident.

san'guine-ly, ad. Confidently.

SAN-GUiN'E-otJs, a. Full of blood.

sAn'he-drim, 71. The highest tribunal,
_or chief council, of the Jews.

sa'ni-e^, 71. Thin matter from a sore.

SA'Ni-oas, a. Rehiting to sanies ; serous.

sAn'I-TY, n. Soundness of mind.

SANK, i. from sink. [Obsolescent.]

SAN'scRlT,)i. Ancient language of India.

SAP, n. The juice of plants.

SAP, V. a. To undermine ; to subvert.

SAP'rj, a. Tasteful ; palatable ; savory.

sa'pi-ence, 71. Wisdom; knowledge.

SA'Pl-ENT,a. Wise; sage; sagacious.

sap'less, a. Wanting sap; dry; husky.

sap'ling, 7t. A young tree.

SAP-Q-NA'c_EOUS (-slius), a. Soapy.

S4-p6n'i-fy, t. a. To convert into soap.

sa'por, 71. Taste; relish; savor.

sAp-P-rif'ic, a. Producing taste.

sAp'phic (saFfik), a. Denoting a kind
of verse invented by Sappho.

sAp'phire (saf'fir), 71. A preciotis stone.

sAp'phir-ine (saf'fir-in), a,. Made of
sai)phire; resembling sapphire.

sAp'PY,a. Abounding in sap; juicy.

SAP'-ROT, n. A disease of timber ; dry-

sAr'a-bAnd, 71. A Spanish dance, [rot.

sAr-A-c£n'ic, a. Relating to the Sara-
cens, or their architecture.

sar'cA§m,7i. a keen reproach ; a taunt.

sar-cas'tic, ) a. Relating to sar-

sar-cAs'ti-cal, \ casm: keen: severe.

sar-cAs'ti-cal-ly, ad. With sarcasm.

sarce'net,7i. a fine, thin-woven silk.-

sar-coph'a-gous, a. Feeding on flesh.

sar-coph'A-gus, 71. Sort of stone coffin.

SAR'DINE or SAR-DINE', 71. A fish.

sar'dj-us, 71. A precious stone.

sar-do'ni-an, ) a. Forced or feigned, as

sar-don'ic, \ applied to laughter.

SAR'DQ-Ni^x, 71. A precious stone.

sar-sa-pa-r'il,'la,?i.A medicinal plant.

sAsH, 71. A silk belt : — a window-frame.

sas'sa-frAs, 71. An aromatic tree.

sat, i. & p. from sit.

sa'tan, 71. The devil ; the arch-enemy.


sAtch'eLj 7j. a bag used by schoolboys.

SATE, V. a. To satiate ; to glut ; to pall.

sAt'el-lite, n. A small planet revolv-
ing round a larger : — a follower, [dut.

SA'ti-ATE (sa'she-at), v. a. To fill ; to

SA'TJ-ATE (sa'she-at), a. Full to sat iet3'.

sa-ti'e-ty, 71. Fulness beyond desire.

sAt'IN, 71. A soft, close, and shining silk.

sAt-J-NET'jTI. a twilled woollen stuil'

sAt'IRE , S A'TIRE , or SAT'IRE , 7). Poem
censuring vice, folly, &;c. ; ridicule.

sa-t1r'ic, ) a. Belonging to satire ,

SA-TiR'i-CAL, ) severe ; sarcastic.

HER;MlEN,SIR;I)6,NOR,s63V;BtJLL,Bi;R,RUIiE.9,9,S(>/t,■;e,£^,/tard,•^a5Z jlf-asg?..




sa-tir'i-cal-ly, ad. In a satirical
manner ; sarcastically.

SAT'lR-is?T, n. One who satirizes, [tire.

sat'ir-Ize, v. a. To censure, as in a sa-

SAT-IS-FAC'TION, ?t. Act of sati.-ify iiiji ;
gratilication ; recompense. L'^'V*

SAT-IS-FACTO-RI-LY, ad. So a.s ru sat-

sAt-IS-fac'to-ry, a. Giving satisfac-
tion ; pleasing ; sufficient.

SAT'IS-F\f, r. a. To couteat ; to please ;
to satiate ; to recompense ; to convince.

SA'TRA?, /(. A Persian viceroy.

SAT'u-r.v i!i,E,a.That may he saturated.

SAT'u-iiATK, r.a. To impregnate fully.

SAT-U-RA'TION, n. Act of saturating.

sAt'ur-dav, «. Last day of tiie week.

sAt'URNjW. a lieatlien deity: — a planet.

sat-UR-na'IjI-an, a. Sportive; loose.

SAT'ur-NINE, a. Gloomy; grave; sad.

SA'TYR ur sat'YR, n. A sylvan god.

SAUCE, n. Something to give relish to

SAUCE'Eox, 71. A saucy fellow, [food.

slucE'p'^N, n. A pan for sauce.

SAU'CER, lu A small platter for a teacup.

SAU'CY, a. Insolent ; impudent ; rude.

IJSAUN'TERor SAUN'TER,t!. n. To loiter.

||SAUN'ter-ER, ?i. A rambler; an idler.

SAU'RI-AN, n. A reptile ; a lizard.

SAu'sA(;iE, 72. A roll of seasoned minced
meat enclosed in a skin.

sav'a-ble, a. Capable of being saved.

SAV'A(^E, a. Cruel; barbarous; wild.

SAV'Ai^E, n. A man wholly unci\'ilized.

SAV'A(^!2-NESS, 71. Barbarousness; cruel-

sAv'ao-e-ry, 71. Cruelty; barbarity, [ty.

sa-vXn'na, 71. An open meadow.

SAVANT (sa-viing'), 7?. A learned man.

SAVE, (•. a. To preserve; to rescue ; to

SAV'iN. 7<. A tree; red-cedar, [spare.

SAV'iNG, a. Frugal; parsimonious.

SAV'iiVG, prep. With exceptiou of.

sAv'iNG, 74. Any thing saved.

SAV'iouR, or SAv'iOR (^sav'yur), n. One
who saves : — the Redeemer of man-
kind ; Jesus Christ.

SA'VOR, n. A scent ; odor ; taste ; relish.

SA'VOR, v. To like; to taste or smell.

SA'vQ-ri-nes3, n. A pleasing taste or

SA'voa-LESS, a. Wanting savor.[smell.

sa'vo-ry, a. Pleasing to the taste.

SA-vo ?', 71. A species of cabbage.

SAW, i. from see.

sAw, n. An instrument for cutting
boards, &c. : — a saying ; a proverb.

SAW, V. a. To cut with a saw. [ing.

SAW'DUST, 71. Dust arising from saw-

SAW'PIT, 71. A pit where wood is sawed.

saw'yer, n. One who saws.

sax'i-frage, n. An Alpine plant.

SAX'ON, a. Belonging to the Saxona.

say (sa), V. a. &c n. [/. & p. said (sed).]
To speak ; to utter; to tell.

SAY, n. What one has to say ; a speech.

sAv'iNa, 7i. An expression ; a proverb.

SCAB, n. An incrustation over a sore.

scab'bard, 71. The slieatli of a sword.

scAb'bed, a. Covered wirii scabs ; vile.

scAb'by, a. Full of scabs; scabbed.

scA'Bi-ous, a. Itchy ; leprous ; scabby.

scA'BROTJS,a. Rough; rugged ; harsh.

scaf'foed, n. A temporary support oi
stage for shows, for hay, &c.

scAF'FOx.D-iNGr, ?t. A temporary frame.

scal'a-ble, a. That may bo scaled.

sca-lade', 11. An assault; an escalade.

SCALD, V. a. To burn with hot liquor.

SCALD, 11. Scurf on the head : — a burn.

SCALD or SCALD, 11. An ancient Scan-
dinavian poet or bard.

scald'head, 71. A disease of the scalp.

SCALD'ic or scAl'dic, a. Relating to
poets called scalds.

scale, 71. A balance : — a plate or. lam-
ina :— gradation : — gamut.

SCALE ,'«. a. To climb: — to strip of scales.

scALE,y.7i. To peel off in thin particles.

sca-lene', a. Having three unequal
sides, as a triangle.

scA'Li-NESS,7i. The state of being scaly.

scALL'ipiV (skal'yun), n. Kind of onion.

sc al'l OP (skol'lop), n. A shell-fish ; —
an indentation ; notch. [notch.

sc al'lop (skol'lup), v. a. To indent ; to

scAlp, n. The skin of the top of the
head, on which the hair grows.

scXlp, v. a. To deprive of the scalp.

scal'pel, 11. A surgeon's knife.

sca'ly, a. Covered with scales ; paltry.

scXm'ble,77. To stir quick; to scramble.

scam'mq-ny, 71. A plant : — a gum resin.

scamp, 7i. A worthless fellow; a knave.

SCAM'PER, V. 11. To run with speed.

scXn, v. a. To examine; to mensure.

scan'dal, w. Offence; disgrace; infamy.

SCAN'DAL-iZE,tJ. a. To offend; to defame.

SCA^''DAL-oDs,a. Opprobrious; shame-

scAN'DAL-oOs-LY,arf. Shamefully, [ful.

scan'ning, n. Measurement of verse.

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