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a trump ; to devise : — to sound.

TRtJM'PER-Y, n. Empty talk ; trifles.

TRtJM['PET,7i. An instrument of music.

TRTJM'PET, t;. ffi. To publish aloud.

TRtJM'P^T-ER, n. One who trumpets.

TrCn'cate, «. a. To maim ; to cut off.

TRUN-c a'tion, n. Act of truncating.

TRtJN'9HEON(tr5n'shun),7t. A staff.

TRtJN'DLE, V, To roll ; to bowl along.

TRtJN'DLE, 71. A little wheel ; a roller.

trun'dle-bed, 77. A bed that runs
on trundles ; — same as truckle-bed.

HER;MlEN,slR;D6,NOR,s6N;Bt>H»,BUR,Rl^l4E. ^,<jr,soft; e,&,hard; § as z ; ^ os gz.




TkUnk, 71. The body without the limbs,
as of a tree or animal : — a chest for
clothes: — proboscis of an elephant.

trOnn'ion (-yun), n. Knob or pivot
of cannon, [a bundle.

TRUSS, n. A bandage for ruptures : —

TRtJSS, V. a. To bind or pack up.

TRUST, 71. Confidence ; reliance ; credit.

TRtJST, V, a. To confide in ; to believe.

TRlJST, V. n. To have confidence, hope.

TRUS-tee', 71. One to whom the man-
agement of property, &.c., is intrusted.

TRtJST'l-LV, ad. Honestly ; faithfully.

TRtJST'i-NESS, 71. Honesty > fidelity.

TRUST'Y, a. Fit to be trusted ; honest.

TRilTH, 71. Conformity to fact or re-
ality; verity; veracity; fidelity; virtue.

TR^Th'fOi., a. Conformable to tilith.

TRYjtJ. a. To examine ; to prove, essay.

TRY, V. n. To endeavor ; to attempt.

TtjB, 7t. A large, open vessel of wood.

TUBE, 71. A long, hollow body ; a pipe.

TU'BER, 71. A vegetable root, as a potato.

TU'BEB-CL.E,7i.Sniiall swelling; pimple.

TV-BJ^B'cv-iiAR, a. Full of tubercles.

tu'beb-oOs, a. Having tubers or knobs.

TU'bv-lab, a. Long and hollow ; like
a tube ; fistular.

TU'BV-LoOs, a. Fistular ; tubular.

TiJcK, n. A fold in dress.

tOck, v. a. To press ; to enclose under.

tDck'er, 71. A linen for the breast.

tue^'day, 7?. Third day of the week.

TUFF, n. A volcanic substance.

TtJFT, 7?.. A cluster of hair, grass, &c.

tCft, v. a. To adorn with tufts.[ters.

tOft'ed, a. Growing in tufts or clus-

tOft'y, a. Having or growing in tufts.

tDg, 75. a. & n. To pull with great eflfort.

Ttre, 7?. A long, hard pull : — a strong
rope : — a tow-boat.

Ty-i"TiON (tu-ish'un), n. Superin-
tendence or instruction, as by a tutor.

TtJ'LiP, n. A plant and flower, [about.

TiJjyi'BL.E, 77. a. & 71. To fall; to roll

tOm'ble, n. Act of tumbling ; a fall.

TtJM'BLEB, 71. One who tumbles, or
shows feats of activity : — a drinking

tCm'brel,,7?. A cart : — a ducking-stool.

TU-me-fAc'tion, n.A swelling; tumor.

TU'me-fy, v. a. To swell ; to puff up.

TU'mid, a. Swelled ; puffed up.

tu'mor^ n. A morbid swelling, [bustle.

TU'muet, 71. A commotion ; a stir ;

TV-MtJLT'y-A-RY, a. Unruly ; tumult-
uous ; turbulent. [lent.

TU-MUl,T'u-oiJS,fl, Disorderly; turbu-

Tt!N,n. A large cask : — a weight ; ton.

TUN'A-BIiE, a. That may be tuned,

TUNE, 71. A series of musical notes ;
harmony : — proper state.

TUNE, V. a. To put into a musical state,

tune'fOl, a. Musical; harmonious.

Tu'Nic,7i. A Roman garment : — a cov-
ering ; a waistcoat ; integument.

TU'Ni-CLE, 71. A covering; thin skin.

tOn'nel, n. A funnel : — a vessel : — an
excavation or passage through a hill.

TUN'NEti, V. a. To form like a tunnel.

tur'ban, 71. An Eastern head-dress.

TtJR'BJD, a. Thick; muddy; not clear.

TUR'BiD-NESSjTi.Muddiness ; thickness.

TiJR'Bi-NAT-ED, a. Twisted ; spiral.

tur'bine, 71. An hydraulic machine,

tur'bot, 71. A delicate flat fish.

TUR'BU-LfiNCE, 71. Tumult ; disorder.

TiJR'BU-LENT, a. Disorderly ; tumult-
uous ; violent ; factious.

tureen', n. A deep vessel for soups.

TURF, n. A clod covered with grass ; a
sod ; peat for fuel : — a race-ground.

TURF, V. a. To cover with turfs, [turf.

TURF'y, a. Full of, or covered with,

TUR-^Es'cENCE, 71. State of being
turgid. [mid.

TUR'^ID, a. Swelling ; pompous ; tu-

tur'key, 71. A large domestic fowl.

TUR-KOis' (tur-kez'), n.A blue mineral.

TiJR'MOii., 71. Trouble; disturbance.

tur-MoTl', 7J. a. &. n. To harass ; to
weary ; to be in commotion.

TURN, V. a. &, n. To move round ; to
revolve ; to change ; to alter.

TiJRN, 71^ Act of turning; change.

turn'coat, n. One who forsakes Jiis
party ; a renegade.

TiJRN'ER-Y, 71. The art of turning.

tur'nip, n. An esculent root.

turn'ke Y, n. A keeper of prison-doors.

turn'pike, 71. A toll-gate on a road.

TiJRN'sdLE, 7!. The heliotrope ; a plant.

TiJRN'sTlLE, 71. A kind of turnpike in
a footpath^

tur'pen-tJne, 71. A resinous juice
from trees of the pine and fir species.

tur'pi-tude, 71. Vileness ; enormity.

TtJR'RET, ti. A slender, tall tower.

tur'ret-ed, a.Furnished with turrets.

TiJR'TLE, 7?. A sea-tortoise : — a dove.

tur'tl.e-d6ve, 7?. A species of dove.

TtJs'CAN, a. Relating to Tuscany: —
noting an order of architecture.

TUSK, n. A long, pointed tooth ; a fang.

TtJS'SLE (tus'sl),7i. A struggle ; contest.

tu'te-la9e,77.. Guardianship; care.

tu'te-la-kv, a. Protecting ; guardian.

tu'tor, n. An instructor ; a teacher.

AEIOUY,7ot» o- ; Afliotj )t, short ; AEIpu Y, obscure. — FARE, fXr, fAst, fAll ; Hf:iR,




tu'tor, v. a. To instruct; to teach.
Tu'TOR-A(^E,n. Instruction ; guardian-
TU't<?r-ess, 71. An instructress, [ship.
twad'dle (twod'dl), n. Idle talk.
TWAIN, a. & n. Two. [JVearly obsolete.]
TWANG, V. To make a sharp sound.
TWANG, n. A sharp, quick sound,
twat'tle (tyvot'tl^jV. n. To prate.
TWEAG, TWEAK, V. a. To pinch.
twee'dle, v. a. To handle lightly.
twee'zer^, Ti.pZ. Small pincers.
twelfth, a. Second after the tenth.
TWi2LVE,ffl. Two and ten ; twice six.
TWELVE 'MONTH, n. A year.
twen'ti-ETH, a. Ordinal of twenty.
twen'ty, a. & n. Twice4en ; a score.
twi'bilLjK. a halberd : — paver's tool.
twice, ad._ Two times. [ond time.
TWi'FAL-LOW, V. a. To plough a sec-
TWlG,_7i. A small shoot or branch.
twi'light (twi'lit), n. The faint light

before sunrise and after sunset.
TW^ILL, V. a. To weave in ribs ; to

quill ; to quilt.
TWIN, n. One of two children born at

the same birth.
TWINE, V, a. & n.. To twist ; to wind.
twine, m. A twisted thread ; twist.
TWINGE, V. a. To torment 3 to pinch.
TWiN(^E,7i. A short, sharp pain ; pinch.
TWINK, n. A motion of the eye; a

twinkle ; a wink.
twin'klEjI'. 71. To sparkle ; to flash.
twin'kle, )n. A sparkling light ;
twink'ling, \ a motion of the eye.
twirl, v. To turn round ; to revolve.
TWIRL, w. Rotation ; a circular motion.
TWlST, r. a. & n. To convolve ; to.wind.
Twi'sT . 7*. A cord : — contortion.

TWIT, V. a. To upbraid ; to reproach.

TWITCH,?;. a. To pluck forcibly, snatch.

TWITCH, 71. A quick pull ; contraction.

twit'ter, v. n. To sing, as swallows.

twit'ter, 71. A small noise; a flutter.

TWO (to), a. One and one.

Tw6'FOLD(i6'iold), a. Double; two.

tym'bal, n. A kind of kettle-drum.

Tyiwc'PAN, 71. A printer's frame for
sheets : — a panel : — a drum.

TYM'PA-NUM, n. Drum of the ear.

TYPE, 71* Emblem ; a figure : — a model ;
a pattern : — a printing letter.

ty'phoid, a. Relating to, or like, ty-

ty-ph66n', 71. a violent tornado, [phus.

TY'Piiys, n. A fever attended by great
debility and cerebral disturbance.

T^p'l-CAL,a. Emblematical : figurative.

TY'^P'i-c^L-LY, ad. In a typical manner.

TYP'l-FY, V. a. To show in emblem.

ty-p6g'ra-pher, n. A printer.

TY-PQ-graph'i-cal, a. Relating to ty-
pography or printing. [types.

ty-pq-graph'I-cal-ly, ad. With

ty-pog'ra-phy, 71. The art of print-

ty-ran'nic, ) a. Relating to tyran-

ty-ran'ni-cal, S ny ; cruel ; despotic.

ty-ran'ni-cal-ly, ad. In the manner
of a tyrant.

ty-ran'ni-cide, 11. A killer or kill-
ing of a tyrant.

Tif r'an-niz E , V. n. To act the tyrant.

tyr'an-nous, a. Tyrannical ; despotic.

t?r'an-ny, 71. The government or con-
<liict of a tyrant ; despotism.

ty'r^nt, 71, A cruel, despotic ruler.

ty^RO, n. A beginner; student.

TZAR (zar), 71. A czar.


IT the fifth English vowel, was for-
/ ) merly the same letter as the con-
sonant V. But the consonant and
vowel have very aifFerent uses, and
are now different characters.

u-BiQ'ui-TA-RY (yu-bik'we-ta-re), a.

_ Existing every where. [presence.

u-B/Q'ui-TY (yu-bik'we-te), ti. Omni-

ud'der, 71. The bag and dugs of a cow.

ug'li-ness, v. State of being ugly;

fjG'LY, a. Deformed ; not handsome.

tjL'oER,M. Asore discharging pus.[cer.

UL'CER-ATE,t5.7i.&a. To tum to an ul-

Cl-cer-a'tion, n. Act of ulcerating.
tJL'CER-ous, a. Afflicted with ulcers.
ul'la^^e, n. What a cask wants of be-

ingfull. [ther.

UL-te'ri-QR, a. Lying beyond ; fur-
tJL'Tl-MATE, a. Last ; final ; furthest.
tJL'TJ-M^TE-LY, ad. Finally ; at last.
Cl-t j-MA'TyM,' n. The last offer.
Cl'tra, a. Beyond ; extreme, [color.
C^L-tra-ma-rIne', n. A beautiful blue
Cl-tra-m6n'tane, a. Being beyond

the rnountains. [the world.

tJL-TR^-MtTN'DANE, a. Being beyond

HER; 1M1EN,SIR; DOjNORjSON; Bl)ljL,BtJR,RtJliE,9,9^,sq/i5;;e,j&,Aarti; §ffl5z;:^a5gz.




um'beLi, 77. A fin like form of inflores-
cence, as in the caraway.

tJj^l'BER, n. A fossil used as a pigment.

tJM-BiL'l-CAL, a. Belonging' to the na-

um'bi^e§, 7i. pZ. A deer's entrails, [vel.

tJM'BR^ftE,??. Resentment ; an affront.

UM-BRA'(j^E-ous, a. Shady, [or rain.

um-brel,'la,72. a screen from the sun

tJM'Pi-RA^^E, n. Arbitration ; adjust-
ment by an umpire.

tJM'piRE, n. An arbitrator ; a referee.

tJN. A prefix implying negation. It is
prefixed chiefly to adjectives, partici-
ples, and adverbs, and almost at pleas-
ure, as MJiable. [ity.

iJN-l'BLE, a. Not able ; not having abil-

iJN-AC-cEPT'A-BLE,a. Not acceptable.

UiN-Ac-c6uNT'A-BLE,a. Not accounta-
ble ; inexplicable.

tJN-AC-QUAlNT']|D, a. Not acquainted.

tJN-A-DUL'TER-AT-ED, a. Not adulter-
ated ; fienuine.

ON-AD-vi§'A-BLE, a. Not advisable.

©N-af-fect'ed, a. Not affected j un-
moved ; real ; candid ; sincere.

tJN-AiD'ED,o. Not assisted ; not helped.

tjn-al'ter-a-ble, a. Unchangeable.

UN-a'MI-A-ble, a. Not amiable.

U-NA-NiM'l-TY,7i. Harmony; agreement.

u-nan'i-mous, a. Being of one mind.

U-NAN'i-MOUs-L,Y,ad. With unanimity.

Ijn-an'swer-a-ble (iin-in'ser-a-bl), a.
That cannot be answered or refuted.

tJN-ARMED' (un-armd'), «• Not armed.

Cn-Asked' (un-ftskt'), a. Not asked.

un-as-sail'a-ble, a. That cannot be
assailed ; impregnable. [helped.

ijN-AS-sIsT'ED, a. Not assisted or

tjN-AS-sUM'lNG,a. Not assuming ; mod-
est ; hujnble. [attained.

■Dn-at-tain'a-ble, a. That cannot be

tJN-ftT-TEMPT'ED, a. Not attempted.

Cn-at-tenu'ed, a. Having no attend-
ants ; alone. [less.

tJN-A-VAiL'lNG, a. Not availing ; use-

tJN-A-voiD'A-BLE, a. Not avoidable.

fi^N-A-WARE§',a«Z. Unexpectedly. [tized.

tJN-BAP-TlZED' (-tlzd'), a. Not bap-

tJN-BAR', v.a. To remove a bar from.

tJN-BE-coBi'lNG, a. Not becoming.

tJN-BE-LlEF', 71. Incredulity; disbelief.

tJN-BE-LlEV'ER, 71. A disbeliever ; an
infidel ; a sceptic ; a doubter. [lax.

tjN-BEND', tj. a. To straighten; to re-

tJN-BEND', V. n. To become relaxed.

tJN-BfiND'lNGjfl. Not yielding ; resolute.

tJN-Bi'As, V. a. To free from prejudice.

tJN-BiND', V. a. To loose; to untie.

tJN-BLEM'lSHE D (-isht), a. Not stained.

tJN-BLEST', a. Not blest ; unhappy.

tJN-BOLT', V. a. To unfasten ; to open.

UN-BORN', a. Not born ; future.

tJN-BO'SQM (-buz'um), V. a. To disclose.

UN-BOUGHT' ( -b£Lwt'),a. Not purchased.

tJN-BOUND'ED, a. Unlimited ; vast.

UN-BRi'DL,E, V. a. To free from the bri-

tJN-BRO'KEN (-kn), a. Not broken. [die.

tJN-BUC'KLE,?;. a. To loose from buckles.

UN-BiJR'DEN (-dn), V. a. To rid of bur-
den or a load.

tJN-BUR 'IE D (-ber'rid ), a. Not buried.

UN-CAN'DiD,_a. Not candid. [nious.

un-cer-e-mo'ni-oCs, a. Not ceremo-

UN-CER'TATN,a. Not Certain; doubtful.

iJN-CER'T.flN-TY,7i. Want of certainty.

tJxV-CHAiN', V. a. To free from chains.

t)N-CHAN(^E'A-BiL,E, a. Immutable.

UN-CHAR'I-TA-BL,E, a. Not charitable.

UN jeHRls'TiAN, a. Not Christian.

tJN-CHURcn', V. a. To deprive of the
character or privileges of a church.

ijN-c'iv'lL, a. Not civil ; impolite ; rude.

UN'CLE,7?. Father's or mother's brother.

UN-clean', a. Not clean ; foul ; dirty.

tjN-coM'FORT-A-BLE, a. Wanting com-
fort ; not comfortable.

tiN-coM'MON, a. Not common ; rare.

ijN-cpN-CERN', 71. Want of concern.

un-con-di"tion-al (-kon-dish'un-al),
a. Not conditional ; absolute. [lax.

tJN-cpN-NECT'ED, a. Not connected;

tJiX-coN'QUER-A-BLE (-kong'ker-a-bl),
a. Not conquerable ; invincible.

tJN-c6N'sciON-A-BLE,fl. Unreasonable.

tJN-coN'scious (lin-kbn'shus), a. Not
conscious. ' [dieted.

tJN-c6N-TRA-DiCT'ED,a. Not contra-

iJN-cpR-RUPT', a. Not corrupt ; honest.

tJN-coURT'LY (-kort'le),a. Not courtly.

un-c6uth', a. Strange; awkward.

tJN-c6v'|:R, V. a. To disclose ; to open.

iJN-CRE-AT'ED, a. Not created unmade.

tJNc'TiON, n. Act of anointing : — oint-
ment ; warmth of devotion.

t'NCT'u-ous,a. Fat; oily; greasy.

Un-cul,'ti-VAT-ET), a. Not cultivated.

UN-CURB', V. a. To free from the curb.

UN-cilRL.', V. a. To loose from curls. •

un-daunt'ed, a. Not daunted ; firm.

t)N-BE-CElVE', V. a. To set right.

un-de-cid'ed, a. Not decided.

tJN-DE-FiLED' (-fild'), a. Not defiled.

tJN-DE-FINED' (-find'), a. Not defined.

UN-DE-Nl'A-BliE,fl. Indisputable; plain.

tJN'DER, prep. Below ; beneath.

tJN'DER, ad. Below ; not above ; less-'.

un'der, a. Inferior; lower; subject.

UN-DER-A'9^ENT,7f. Subordinate agent.

AmoVY, long; X£l6tJ$,«Aor«; AEipyy, obsctire. — fAre,fXr,f1st,falL5 HilR,




tJN-DER-BiD', V. a. To bid or offer less
for. [cooked.

LTN-DER-DONE', a. Slightly done or

tJN-DER-GO',w.a. To suffer 5 to sustain j
to endure ; to bear. [graduated.

UN'DER-GRAD'y-ATE,?i. A Student not

tJN'DER-GROUND, a. Below tile ground.

Cn'der-GROWTH, n. Shrubs under
trees ; underwood.

ijn-der-hand', )a. Secret; clan-

Dn-der-hand'ed, \ destine ; sly.

VN-DBR-L.AY',v.a. To lay under, [er.

un-I)ER-let',i>. a. To let under anotli-

un-der-lie', v. To he under, [der.

UN-DER-LiNE',i). a. To draw lines un-

UN'DER-LlNa, H. An inferior agent.

tJ]V-DER-MiNE',w.a. Todigunder;to sap.

tJN-DER-NEATH',p?-e;). Under; beneath.

tTN-DER-NEATH',a<Z. In a lower place.

Un-der-pin', v. a. To prop ; to support.

tJN-DER-PlN'NlNG, 71. Masonry on
which a building rests. [tain.

tJN-DER-PROP', V. a. To support, sus-

tiiV-DER-RATE', V. a. To rate too low.

tJN-DER-sc5RE', V. a. To draw a line
under ; to underline.

Cn-der-sell', v. a. To sell cheaper.

t)N-DER-siGN', (-sin'), V. a. To sign
under ; to subscribe.

tJN-DER-STAND', V. a. [i. & p. Under-
stood.] To comprehend ; to know.

tJN-DER-STAND'iNG, m. The faculties of
tlie mind ; judgment ; intellect ; sense.

CN-DER-STATE',?j.a. To State too low.

tJN'DER-STRAP-PER, 71. An inferior
agent or workman.

tJN-DER-TAKE', V. a. [i. Undertook ; p.
undertaken.] To attempt; to engage.

tJN-DER-TAK'ER, M. One who under-
takes ; one who manages funerals.

iJN-DER-TAK'lNG,n, Enterprise; busi-
ness ; engagement. [usual.

fjN'DER-TONE, «. A fone lower than

tJN'DER-TOW, n. A current below.

tJN-DER-vAL'UE, V. a. To rate too low.

Cn-der-went', i. from undergo.

ijN'DER-wooD (-wud),7i. Small trees.

Cn-der-work', v. a. To work for less.

©n-der-write' (-rit'),?;. a. To insure.

©N-DER-WRIT'ER, n. An insurer.

©n-de-signed' (-sind')j a- Not de-
signed j unintentional.

tJN-DE-siR'A-BLEjO. Not desirable.

tjN-D£'vi-AT-lNG,a. Not deviating.

tJN-DiD', i. from undo.

Cn-di-^^est'ed, a. Not digested.

tJN-Dis-;eui§ED' (-|Tzd'), a. Open ; art-
less ; ingenuous ; sincere. [dent.

Gn-dis-pijt'ed, a. Not disputed ; evi-

Cn-di-vid'ed, fl. Unbroken; whole.

tJN-DO', V. a. [i. undid ; p. undone.]
reverse : — to loose : — to ruin.

tJN-DO'iNG, 71. A reversal : — ruin.

tJN-DONE', p. from undo.

UN-DRESS', V. a. To divest of clothes.

U]V'DR£ss,7i. A loose or negligent dress.

UN-dressed' (-drest'),a. Not dressed.

t)N-DUE',_a. Not due ; improper.

UN'Dy-LATE,7;. a. To form or play, as
waves ; to wave. [wavy.

tJN'DU-LAT-E D, a. Like waves ; Avaved ;

un-dv-la'tion, n. A waving motion ;
act of undulating. [waves.

tJN'DV-LA-TO-RY, a. Moving like

tJN-DU'EY, ad. Not duly ; not properly.

fJN-DtJ'TJ-FUL, a. Not dutiful ; perverse.

tJN-EA'§l-NESS, n. State of disquiet.

Cn-ea'sv, a. Not easy ; disturbed.

ijN-£N'vi-A-BLE, a. Not enviable.

Dn-en'vJed (-vid), a. Not envied.

tJN-E'QUA.-BLE,a. Not equable; diverse.

tJN-E'QUAE, a. Not equal ; inferior.

UN-E-Quiv'O-CAL, a. Not equivocal.

Cn-er'ring, a. Committing no niis-

UN-:gs-s£N'TiAL,a. Not essential, [take.

Cn-e'VEN (iin-e'vn), a. Not even ; not
level ; not uniform. [tionable.

tJN-EX-CEP'TiON-A-BLE,a. Not excep-

tJN-EX-PECT'ED, a. Not expected.

un-fad'ing, a. Not liable to fade.

tJN-FAlL'iNG, a. Not failing; sure.

im-FAiR', a. Not fair ; disingenuous.

tJN-FAiTH'FUL, a. Not faithful ; false.

tJN-FASH'lON-A-BLE, a. Not fashiona-
ble. ■ ' [ble.

tJN-FXTH'OM-A-BEE, a. Not fatlioma-

ijN-FA'vOR-A-BLE, a. Not favorable.

tJN-FEEE'lN(j, a. Void of feeling ; cal-
lous ; insensible; cruel. [cere.

iJN-FElGNED' (uu-fand'), a. Real ; sin-

tJN-FER-MENT'ED, a. Not fermented.

UN-F£T'TER,75.a. To free from fetters.

DN-FIn'ished (-isht),a. Incomplete.

ijN-FiT', a. Not fit ; improper ; unsuita-

tJN-FlT', V. a. To disqualify. [ble.

tJN-Flx', V. a. To loosen ; to unsettle.

tJN-FOLD',7;. a. To expand ; to display;
to oj)en ; to disclose ; to declare. [hand.

tJN-FORE-SEEN', a. Not seen before -

tJN-FORMED' (-fdrmd'),a. Not formed.

tJN-FORT'u-NATE, a. Not fortunate;
unhappy ; unlucky.

t)N-FotJND'ED, a. Not founded ; false.

tJN-FR]_END'LY, a. Not friendly ; not

tJN-FRo'ZEN(-zn),a. Not frozen. [kind.

tJN-FRtJlT'Fx)E (frut'-), a. Not fruitful.

tJN-FiJRL', V. a. To expand ; to unfold.

tJN-FiJR'NiSH,^.a. To deprive ; to strip.

UER;]ttlEN,slR;D6,NOR,SON;BiyriL,BiJK,RtJ]jE. ^,(^,soft; e,&,hard; f as z ; :^ as gz.




tJN-GAiN'LY, a. Awkward; uncouth.
UN-^EN'ER-oiJs, a. Not generous.

tjN-9^KN'TL,E-MAN-LIKEj ) a. Not be-

. tJN-9-EN'TLE-MAN-Ly, ) coining a
gentleman ; impolite ; rude.

uiv-gird', v. a. To loose from a girdle.

tJN-GLAZED' (-glazd'), a. Not glazed.

tJN-GLUE', V. a. To loose from glue.

tJN-GOD'Li-Niiss, n. Impiety ; sin.

un-god'ly, a. Wicked; impious, [ble.

UN-Goy'ERN-A-BLE, a. Not goverua-

UN-GRA'cioys, a. Odious ; offensive.

tJN-GR4!M-MAT'l-CAL,a. Not gramuiat-

tJN-GRATE'FOLJa. Not grateful, [ical.

tJN-GROUND'ED, a. Having no founda-
tion ; unfounded. [less.

tJN-GUARD'ED, a. Not guarded ; care-

■Dn'guent_ (ung'gwent), n. An oint-

VN-liAL.'L,o\v,v.a. To desecrate, [ment.

tJN-HANn'soiviE (un-han'sum), a. Not
handsome :— disingenuous.

tJN-HAND'spME-LY, ad. Ungracefully.

un-han'dy, a. Not handy ; awkward.

UN-HAP'PI-NESS, n. Infelicity ; misery.

tjN-HAP'PY, a. Miserable ; unfortunate.

tJN-HAR'NEss,^). a. To loose from har-
ness ; to divest from dress.

tJN-HEAD', V. a. To take off the head.

1jn-health'fi)l, a. Not healthful.

tJN-HEALTH'Y, a. Not healthy 3 sickly.

tJN-HEARD', a. Not heard; unknown.

iJN-HEEu'ED,a. Disregarded; neglected.

tJN-HELPED' (-helnf), a. Unassisted.

tJN-HELP'FUL, a. Not helpful ; not aid-

UN-HEWN'(-hun'), a. Not hewn. [ing.

tJN-iiiN(^E', V. a. To take from hinges.

tJN-HiTCH', v.a. To unloose ; to set free.

tJN-HO'LY, a. Not holy; not conse-
crated ; profane ; impious. [ored.

Cn-pion'ored (-6n'urd),_a. Not hon-

tJN-HOOP' (iin-hop' or un-hup'), v. a.
To divest of hoops. [saddle.

t)N-HORSE', V. a. To throw from the

tJN-HOx)§E',i).ffl. To drive from a house.

tJN-HtJRT', a. Not hurt ; uninjured ;
free from injury. [less.

C^n-hurt'fOe, a. Not hurtful ; harm-

U'NI-CORN (yu'ne-korn), n. A quadru-

_ ped that has only one horn : — a bird.

u'Ni-FORM (yu'ne-fdrm), a. Unvaried
in form ; equal , equable ; even.

tj'ni-form,m. a like or uniform dress.

U-Ni-FORM'i-TY, n. State of being uni-
form ; regularity.

tJ'Ni-FORM-EY, ad. Without variation.

tJiV-iM-POR'TANT, a. Not important.

tJN-m-FECT'ED, a. Not infected.

tJN-iN'jURED (-jurd), a. Not injured.

tJN-iN-sPiRED' (-splrd'),a. Not inspired.

tJN-m-STRtJCT'ED, a. Not instructed.

tJN-lN-TEL'Ll-9^T-BLE, a. Not intelli-
gible , not to be understood.

un-in-ten'tion-al, a. Not designed.

un-in'ter-est-ed, a. Not interested ;
not having interest.

un-In'ter-est-ing, a. Not interesting.

UN-iN-TER-MiT'TEDjtt. Not interrupted.

UN-iN-T5R-RtjPT'ED,a.Not interrupted.

UN-iN-viT'ED,a.Not invited ; not asked.

UN'ioN (yun'yun), n. Act of. uniting;
concord , a confederacy

UN'iON-isT, n. A promoter of union.

U-NlQUE' (yu-nek'), a. Sole; without
an equal; unequalled.

u'ni-sqn, n. Accordance of sounds ;

_ harmony ; concord ; agreement.

u-nIs'o-nAnce, n. Accordance of
sounds ; unison.

u-nis'o-nAnt, a. Being in unison.

u'njt, 71. One; the least number.

u-nit'^-BLE, a. Tiiat may be united.

u-ni-ta'ri-an, 71. One who holds that
God exists in one person only. [ism.

u-ni-ta'ri-an, a. Relating to Unitarian-

u-Ni-TA'Ri-AN-i^Mjji. The doctrines of
Unitarians. [here ; to connect.

IJ-NITE', V. To join ; to combine ; to ad-

u-nit'ed-ly, ad. With union.

tJ'Ni-TY, n. State of being one; one-

_ ness ; uniformity; concord , agreement.

u'ni-vXlve, a. Having one valve.

u-ni-ver'sae. a. Total ; comprising all.

tJ-Ni-viER'sAL'-isM, 71. The doctrine of
the salvation of all men.

tJ-Nl-YER'sAL-lsT, n. One who believes
in universalism.

iJ-Ni-VER-SAL'i-TY, 71. State of being

_ universal ; extension to the whole.

u-Nl-VER'sAE-LY, ad. Without excep-
tion ; entirely.

u'ni-verse, n. The sum of created

_ existence ; all created things.

u-Ni-vi2R'si-Ty, n. A seminary where

_ alj the arts and sciences are taught.

U-NIV'O-CAL, a. Having one meaning.

i)N-JiJsT',o._Contrary to justice ; Avrong.

fm-jCs'Tl-Fi-A-BEE, a. Not to be justi-
fied ; wrong; unjust.

tJN-jGsT'LY, ad. In an unjust manner.

UN-kind', a. Not kind ; not benevolent.

t^N-KiND'LY, a. Wanting kindness.

Cn-kind'ness, n. Want of kindness.

UN-knit' (un-nif), v. a. To unweave.

tJN-KNOWN' (un-non'), a. Not known.

tJN-EACE', V. a. To loose ; to unfasten.

tJN-LADE', V. a. To empty ; to unload.

tJN-LA-MENT'ED, a. Not lamented.

iJN-EAw'Ff>E, a. Not lawful ; illegal.

AEloiJY, long; A£16e$, s/ioH / AElpyy, obscure.— Fkn-E, FXR,FisT,FALIi ; h£ir,




?jN-l,aWfOl-n£ss, n. Contrariety to
law ; illegality. [been learned-

tJN-x,EARN^, t7, a. To forget what lias

Un-learn^ed, a. Not learned j igno-
rant ; illiterate. £ened.

C!V-LEAV"'ENEB (-vnd% a. Not leav-

©N-LESS', conj. Except ; if not ; but.

CJN-liET'TERED (un-let'terd), a. Un-
learned ; illiterate.

UN-Ei'CENSED (-senst), a. Not licensed.

On-like', a. Not like ; dissimilar.

On-LIKE^LV, a. Improbable.

On-ejke'ness, 71- Want of resemblance.

jjn-l1m'it-ed, a. Having no lin>its.

tJN-LiNK', V. a To untwist ; to ope«.

tJN-JLOAD', V. a. To free from lead.

tJN-LiOCK', V. a. To open what is slmt.

CN-EOOSE', v. a. To unbind ; to loosen.

ajN-L6 ve''ly, a. Not lovely; not amiable.

IJN-LtJcK' V, a. Unfortunate ; not lucky.

On-MAKE', v. a. To destroy ; to ruin.

i)N-MAN', V. u. To deprive of manly
qualities ; to deject ; to dishearten.

•Ijfi-MAN'A^^E-A-BLE, a. Not manaiiea-

Sjn-man'lYj a. Net manly ; weak. [ble.

Sn-mak'ner-ly^ a. Ill-bred; uncivil.

jjn-mXrked' (un-markf), a. Not
marked ; not observed.

©n-mAr'kied (-rid)j a. Not married.

'©n-mS.r'r?^, v.. a. To separate from
marriage 5 to divorce.

ijN-MASK^, V. a. To strip of a mask.

©n-matchei/ (&n-matcht'), a. Not
matched ; unparalleled.

ftN-iviEAN'lN&, a. Having no meaning.

VN-MER'ci-FtJL, a. Not merciful -, cruei.

■&N-MER'ci-Ft)L.-LY,att'. Without mercy.

iJN-aiER'^lT-ED, a. Not merited.

tJN-MlNrr'FfjL, a. Notmindfiil ; careless.

UN-aip-LEST'EDja.Not molested ; quiet.

Cn-moor', ?5.a.To loose from ancliorage.

Cn-m6ved' (un-movd^), a. Not moved.

tJN-MUF'FLE ,v.a. To divest of a muffle.

fiN-Mtl'^i-CAl,, a. Not musical.

tJN-MUZ'ZLE, V. a. To free from muzzle.

UN-NAT'tJ-RAL, a. Contrary to nature.

Un-ne^'es-sa-ri-ly, ad. Without ne-

tJN-Nlic^ES SA-RY, a. Not necessary.

tJN-NEtGH'BpR-LY (iin-na;'-), a. Net
neighljorly ; not kind. [feeble.

Tjn-Werve', v. a. To weaken; to en-

tTN-No'TlCED (un-no'tist), a. Not no-
ticed ; neglected.

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