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BeAr'a-ble, a. That may be borne.

BEARD, n. Hair on the lips and clain.

BEARD, V. a. To take by the beard.

AEIOUY, long ; aMois^, short ; AEipv¥> obscure.— fare, far,fAst,f all 3 heir,




BE ard'ed (berd'ed),a. Having a beard.

beard'LiEss. a. Without a beard.

bear'er,, 71. A carrier; a supporter.

bear'-gar-den, n. A place for bears.

bear'herd, n. One wiio tends bears.

BeAr'ing, ?(. Position ; gesture.

beab's'-foot (birz'fut), n. A plant.

beast', n. An irrational animal ; brute.

Beast'ly, a. Likfe a beast ; brutal.

beat, v. a. \i. beat ;p. beaten or beat.j
To strike : — to surpass ; to conquer.

BEAT, V. n. To strike ; to dash ; to throb.

beat, 71. A stroke ; act of striking.

BEAT'E?r (be'tn), p. See BEAT.

be-A-tif'ic, a. Making happy ; blissful.

be-Xt-i-fi-ca'tioiv, 71. Act of beati-
fying, or making happy. [happy.

B^-AT'i-FY, V. a. To bless; to make

BEAt'inGj^ti. Act of striking; correc-

•BE-Xt'I-tude, n. Heavenly joy. [tion.

BEAU (bo), 71. ; pi. BEAUX (boz). A
fop ; a coxcomb ; a gallant ; a lover.

BEAU'ISH (bo'ish), a. Like a beau.

BEAU'TE-otJs, a. Fair ;. beautiful.

beau'ti-fi-er, n. That beautifies.

BEAu'Ti-FUL,,a. Having beauty ; fair.

beau'ti-fy, v. a. To adorn, embellish.

beau'tx-fy, v. n. To grow beautiful.

beau'ty (bu'te), 71. An assemblage
of graces : — a beautiful person.

BEAu'ty-spot, n. A patch ; a foil.

BEA'ver, n. A quadruped valued for
fur ; the fur of the beaver ; a hat.

BE-CAliM' (be-kam'), v. a. To quiet ;

be-came', i. from become. [to calm.

BE-CAU§E',co7i;. For this reason ; for.

BE-chSnce', v. n. To befall, happen.

be-charm', v. a. To please ; to charm.

BECK, V. n. To make a sign with the
head ; to beckon, [head ; to beckon.

BECK, V. a. To call by a motion of the

BECK, 71. A sign with the head ; a nod.

beck'on (bek'kn), v. To make a sigu.

beck'on, 71. A sign ; a beck ; a nod.

be-cloud', v. a. To obscure ; to cloud.

be-come' (be-kiim'), v. n. [i. became ;
p. become.] To be changed to ; to be.

be-come', v. a. To befit; to suit.

be-c5m'ing, a. Graceful ; proper.

BE-CRlP'PLE,?).ffl. Tolame; to cripple.

BED, 71. Something to sleep on ; a bank ;
a layer : — a channel, as of a river.

b£d, v. a. To place in bed ; to fix. [kle.

be-dab'ble, w. a. To wet ; to besprin-

be-dag'gle, v. a. To bemire; to be-
draggle ; to smear with wet dirt.

BE -dash', v. a. To bespatter ; to dash.

bedaub', v. a. To smear; to daub.

BE-DAZ'ZLE, V. a. To dim by lustre.

BED'BtJG, n. Insect that infests beds.

BED'CHAM-BER, 71. Chamber for a bed.

bed'-clothes, Coverlets, &c.

bed'ding, n. 'The materials of a bed.

be-deck', v. a. To deck ; to ornament.

BE-DE\v' (be-du'), 15. a. To moisten.

bed'fel-l6w, 77. One in the same bed.

bed'hang-ing§, 11. pi. Curtains of a

be-dight' (be-dit'),7J.a.To adorn. [bed.

BE-DiM', V. a. To make dim, darken.

BE-Dl'ZEN (be-dl'zu), ;;. a. To adorn.

bed'lam, n. A hospital for lunatics.

bed'eam-ite, n. A madman ; a lu-
natic ; a crazy person.

BfiD'-MAK-ER, 71. One who makes beds.

bed'mate, 71. A bedfellow.

bed'post, n. The post of a bedstead.

BE-DRAG'&LE,r. a. To soil in the dirt.

be-drisnch', v. a. To drench ; to soak-

bed'rid, a. Confined to the bed.

bed'rId-den (-dn), a. Confined to the

bed'room, n. A room for a bed. [bed.

be -DROP', V. a. To besprinkle.

BiiD'siDE, 71. The side of a bed.

bed'stead, 71. The frame of a bed.

bed'time, n. The time to go to bed.

be-duck', v. a. To put under water.

be-dung', v. a. To manure with dung.

be-dust', v. a. To sprinkle with dust.

be-dwarf', v. a. To stunt in growth.

b^-J)YE' (be-dlOjf- a. To stain ; to dye.

bee, 71. An insect that makes honey.

BEECH, 71, A forest tree, [the beech.

beech'en rbe'chn), a. Belonging to

BEEF,^!. Tlie flesh of an ox or cow.

beef'eat-er, n. One who eats beef.

BEEF'STE AK, 71. Steak of beef broiled.

bee'hive, 71. A case for holding bees.

BEEN (bin), p. from the verb be.

BEER, 71. Liquor made of malt, &c.

BEET, 71. A garden vegetable. [maiJet.

BEe'tle, TC. An insect: — a wooden

bee'tle, v. n. To jut out or hangover.

bee'tle-head-ed, a. Thick-headed.

bee'tle-stock,7i. Handle of a beetle.

BEEVE§ (bevz), 71. pi. of beef. Cattle.

be-fall', v. a. [i. befell ; p. befallen.]
To betide ; to happen to ; to overtake.

BE-fAll', v. n. To happen ; to occur.

be-fi't', v. a. To suit ; to become, fit.

be-fit'ting,^. a. Becoming; suitable.

be-f66l', v. a. To make a fool of.

be-fore', prep. In front of ; prior to.

BE -fore', ad. Sooner ; previously.

be-fore 'hand, ad. Previously.

BE-FOt)L.',i5. a. To pollute ; to foul.

EE-friend', v. a. To favor; to assist.

be-frIn^-e', v. a. To deck with fringes.

b£g, v. n. To live upon or ask alms.

her;m!en,sir3d6,nor,s6n; BtLL,BtJR,RtrLE.9,9,sQ/i/ 0,&,hardi §asz;'^as gz.




BEG, V. a. To ask ; to entreat for.

BE-jGET', v. a. [i. begot; p. begotten
0?- begot.] To generate : to procreate.

BE&'C4AR,7i. One who lives by begging.

BE&'&AR, V. a. To reduce to beggary.

Beg'gar-ly, a. Poor. — ad. Jdeanly.

BEG'&AR-Y,?i. Indigence; great want.

BE-xjiiiT', p. a. Gilded or gilt.

BE-;&iN', V. a. &L n. [t. began ; p. be-
gun.-] To enter upon ; to commence.

BE-mpj'NER, n. One who begins.

be-j&in'ning,7i. First cause; first act;
first part; commencement; origin.

BE-j&iRD', V. a, [i. begirt or begirded ;
p. begirt or begirded.] To surround.

be-g6ne' (be-gou'),i??ie7-j. Go away.

BE-g6t', L &cp. from beg'ct.

be-got'ten (he-got'tn), p. from beg-et.

BE-GREASE', V. a. To soil with grease.

BE-GRIME', v. a. To soil with dirt.

BE-gkud^-e', V. fl. To envy the pos-
session of any thing ; to grudge.

BE-guile' (be-gil'), V. a. To deceive ;

BE-gun', ;>. from begin. [to amuse.

be-iiale' (be-haf), n. Favor ; cause ;
interest ; account ; sake ; support.

BE-HAVE'jU.a. To conduct ; to demean.

be-have', v. n. To conduct one's self.

BE-hav'ior (l)e-hav', n. Manner
of demeaning one's self; conduct.

BE-head', v. a. To deprive of the head.

B]i-HELD', i. & p. from behold.

be'he-moth, 71. A large animal.

BE-HfisT',7i. Command; injunction.

BE-HIND',;?re/). At the back of; after.

BE-HlND',rtrf. In the rear ; backwards.

BE-HIND'hand, ad. &L a. In a state of
backwardness ; in arrears ; late.

BE-hold', v. a. [i. beheld; p. beheld.]
To see, in an emphatical sense.

BE-hold', i/iteT;/. See; lo ; observe.

BE-hold'en (be-hold'du), p. a. In-
debted ; bound in gratitude.

be-hold'er, 7?.. One who beholds.

be-h66f', n^ Profit ; advantage.

be-h66v'A-ble, a. Fit ; expedient.

BE-h66ve', v. a. To be fit for ; to be
meet for; to become.

ee'ing, 71. Existence; the person ex-
isting ; a person ; anj' living creature.

BE-la'bor, v. a. To beat ; to ply.

be-late', v. a. To retard ; to make late.

BE-lat'ed, a. Benighted ; too late.

BE-lay', t). a. To besiege; to fasten.

B)!:lch, v. To eject from the stomach.

BELCH, 71. Act of belching ; eructation.

BEL'DAM,n. Ad old woman ; a hag.

BE-leagu'er (be-le'ger), v. a. To
besiege ; to invest, as a fortress.

bel'fry, n. Place for hanging bells.
be-lie', v. a. To slander ; to vilify.
be-lief' (be45f'), ii. Act of believing ;

thing believed ; creed ; faith, [lieved.
BE-LIE v'a-ble, a. That may be be-
be-lieve' (be-lev'), v. a. To exercise

belief in ; to credit ; to think true.
BE-LIE ve ', V. n. To have belief or faith.
be-liev'er, 7!. One who believes.
BELL, 71. A sounding vessel of metal,
bel-la-d6n'na, 71. Deadly nightshade.
BELLE (bel), 7j. A gay young lady.
BELLES-LETTRES (bel-lSt'tr), n. pi.

Polite literature ; rhetoric, poetry, <fe.c.
bell'-flow-er, n. A plant, [bells.
BELL'-FOUND-ER, 11. One who casts
bel-li<^'er-ent, a. Waging war.
bel-l1(^'er-ent, 71. One carrying on
bell'man,7?. a public crier. [war.
bell'-met-AL (bel-met'tl), n. An al-
loy or mixture of copper and tin.
bel'low (bel'lo), V. n. To make a

noise^ as a bull ; to cry aloud ; to roar.
bel'low, n. A loud outcry ; a roar.
bel'lo w-iNG, 7?. Loud noise; roaring.
BEL'lows (bel'liis), n. sing.&cpl. A

machine for blowing a fire. [bells.
bell'-ring-er, n. One who rings
bell'-weth-er, n. A sheep carry-
ing a bell, and leading the flock.
bel'ly, 71. That part of the body

which contains the entrails; abdomen.
bel'ly, jp. n. To swell or puff out.
BEL'L¥-AjeHE,7z. Pain in the bowels.
bel'ly-band, 11. A girth for a hoise.
bel'ly-fijl, n. As much as fills the

belly or satisfies the appetite ; satiety.
be-long', v. n. To be property; to

adhere; to have relation or reference.,
be-lov'ed, a. Much loved ; dear.
be-low' (be-lo'),p?-fij3. Under in place,

itime, or dignitj' ; inferior. [earth.

be-low', ad. In a lower place; on
BiiLT, n. A girdle ; a cincture ; a sash.
BELT, V. a. To encircle, as with a belt.
be-man'gle, v. a. To tear asunder,
be-mask', v. a. To hide ; to mask.
be-maze', v. a. To bewilder, amaze.
be-mire', v. a. To drag in the mire.
be-moan', r. a. To lament; to bewail.
be-mock', v. a. To insult ; to mock,
be-mourn' (be-morn'), 7). a. To mourn.
bench, n. A long seat ; a judge's seat ;

the body of judges ; the court.
bEnd, v. a. [i. bent or bended ; p. bent

07- bended.] To crook ; to bow.
bend, v. n. To be crooked ; to yield,
bend, n. A cm've ; a crook ; a flexure,
bend'a-ble, a. That may be bent.

AEiouy, long ; A1^i6V!^,sIioH ; AlEiIpvy, obscure. — fAbe,far,fSst,f1ll ; HtiR,




BE-NEATH', prep. Under ; lower in
place ; lower in rank or dignity.

BE- NEATH', ad. In a lower place.

BEN-E-DIC'TIQN, n. A blessing ; in-
vocation of blessing or happiness.

e£n-e-fac'tion,7i. Benefit conferred ;
donation ; gratuity ; gift, [a benefit.

ben-e-fac'tor, n. One wlio confers

b£n-e-fac'tress, 11. A female bene-
factor ; a woman who benefits.

BEN'E-FiCE,?i. An ecclesiastical living.

ben'e-fIced, a. Having a benefice.

BE-NEF'I-CENCE, n. Bounty ; kindness.

BE-NEF'i-CENT, a. Kind ; doing good ;
charitable. [vantageoiis ; useful.

BEN-e-f1"ciae (ben-e-fish'al), a. Ad-

b1!:n-e-fx"c!-a-ry (bgn-e-fish'e-a-re),
n. One possessed of a benefice : — a
person who is benefited or assisted.

ben'e-fit, 71. A kindness ; advantage.

BEN'E-FiT, V. a. To do good to 5 to help.

ben'e-fit, v. n. To gain advantage.

BE-NEv'o-LENCE,n. Goodwill; kind-
ness ; benignity ; humanity. '

BE-nev'o-lent, a. Kind ; friendly.

BE-NIGHT' (be-nit'), V. a. To involve in
darkness ; to overtake by night.

BE-nign' (be-nin'), a. Kind; generous ;
gentle ; humane ; benignant.

be-nIg'nant, a. Kind ; benevolent.

BE-nig'ni-ty, 71. Actual kindness ;

BENT, i. &. p. from bend. [bounty.

BENT, n. Flexure ; curve ; tendency.

BE-N tJMB' (-num'), V. a. To make numb.

BEN-zoin', n. A resinous substance.

Be-paint', V. a. To cover with paint.

BE-PRAI§E', V. a. To praise greatly.

be-queath', v. a. To leave by will.

BE-QUEST' (be-kwest'), n. A legacy.

BE-reave', v. a. [i. bereaved or bereft ;
p. bereaved or bereft.] To deprive.

BE-REAVE'MENT,7i. Deprivation; loss.

BE-REFT', i. &, p. from bereave.

ber'ga-mot, n. A pear : — a perfume.

ber-lin' or ber'ein,7i. Kind of coach.

Ber'ry, 71. Any fruit containing seeds.

Berth, n. Station of a ship ; place in
a shi^ to sleep in ; official situation
or employment. [stone.

Ber'yl (ber'il), 7i. A green precious

BE-scat'ter, v. a. To throw loosely

be-scratch', v. a. To scratch, [over.

be-seech', i;. a. [i. besought; p. be-
sought.] To entreat ; to implore.

BE-seem', v. a. To become ; to befit.

BE-seEm'ey, a. Fit; becoming; suit-
able; proper; appropriate; seemly.

BE-set', v. a. [i. ))eset ; p. beset.] To
besiege ; to attack ; to embarrass.

be-slime', v.
be-smear', v.

BE-SBltjT', V. a.

be-side', ) prep. At the side of ; over

be-side§', \ and above ; out of.

BE-SIDE', ) ad. More than that ; more-

he-sides', \ over ; not in this number.

be-sie^e', v. a. To lay siege to.

be-sie^'er, 71. One who besieges.
To soil ; to daub.
.a. To daub ; to slubber.
To bedaub ; to smear.
To soil ; to smut.

BE'§0M (be'zum), n. A broom of twigs.

BE-sot', v. a. To infatuate ; to stupefy.

BE-SOUGHT'(-sa.wt'),i&j?.from beseech.

be-span'gle, v. a. To set or adorn
with spangles ; to spangle. [ing.

be-spat'ter, r. a. To soil by spatter-

be-speak', v. a. [i. bespoke ; p. be-
spoken.] To speak for beforehand : —
to betoken ; to forbode ; to foretell.

BE-SPREAD', V. a. To Spread over.

be-spr1n'kle, v. a. To sprinkle over.

b£st, a. ; superl. of good. Most good.

best, a<f. ,• superl. of well. Very well.

be-stain', v. a. To mark with stains.

BfisT'lAL (best'yal), a. Beastly ; brutal.

be-stick', v. a. To stick over.

BE-stir', v. a. To put into action.

be-stow', v. a. To place ; to confer.

be-stow'aLj a. Act of bestowing.

be-STOw'ment, a. Act of bestowing.

be-strad'dle, v. a. To bestride.

BE-stride',75. a. [i.bestrodeorbestrid ;
p. bestridden or bestrid.] To stride
over ; to step over ; to straddle.

be-stud', v. a. To set with studs.

BET,7i. A wager. — v. a. To lay a wager.

be-take', v. a. [z. betook ; p. betaken.]
To have recourse ; to apply ; to repair.

be'tel (be'tl), 71. East Indian plant.

be-think', v. a. [i. bethought ; p. be-
thought] To recollect ; to remember,

be-think', v. n. To call to memory.

be-thump', v. a. To beat ; to thump.

BE-tide', v. a. To happen to ; to befall.

BE-TIDE', V. 11. To happen ; to become.

BE-TiME§',ad'. Seasonably; early.

BE-to'ken (be-t6'kn),7;. a. To signify.

b£t'o-ny, 7j. A species of plant.

be-took' (be-tiik'), i. from betake.

be-tray', v.' a. To give up or disclose
treacherously ; to discover ; to show.

be-tray'al, 71. The act of betraying.

be-tray'er, 71. One who betrays.

be-trim', v. a. To deck ; to trim.

BE-tr6th', v. a. To promise to give
in marriage ; to affiance.

be-tr6th'ihent,?i. Act of betrothing.

BfiT'TERjC. ,• comp. of good. Superior.

b£t'ter, ad. More ; in a higher degree.

HER;M;iEN,SIR;D6,NOB,s6N;BULL,BUB,RCLE.<;;,{jt,sq/?;,- &,e,hard; § asz j'^as gz.




bet'ter, v. a. To improve ; to advance.

bet'ter-MENT, 71. An improvement.

bet'tor,71. One who bets, or lays bets.

be-tween', prep. In tlie middle of.

BE-TWIXT', prep. In the middle of.

Bfiv'EL, n. A peculiar sort of angle :
— a kind of artificer's square.

Bfiv'EL, V. a. To cut to a bevel angle.

BEV'ER-AgtE, M. Liquor to be drunk.

BE v'Y, n. A flock of birds ; a company.

BE-wail', v. To bemoan ; to lament.

BE-WARE'j V. n. To be cautious.

be-wil'der, v. a. To perplex, [nate.

be-witch', v. a. To charm ; to fasci-

be-witch'ing-, a. Fascinating.

be-yond', prep. On the farther side of.

be-yond', ad. At a distance ; yonder.

Bfiz'EL,, 71. That part of a ring in
which the stone is fixed. [nation.

Bi'as, 71. Weight on one side ; incli-

BI'AS, V. a. To incline to one side.

BIB, 71. A cloth on a child's breast.

BIB'ber, n. A tippler ; a toper ; a sot.

bi'ble,/!. The sacred Scriptures.

bIb'li-cal, a. Relating to the Bible.

BIB-L,i-6G'RA-PHER, 71. One versed
in bibliography or knowledge of books.

BIB-LI-O-GRAPH'IC, \ a. Relating

BiB-Li-o-GRAPH'i-CAi,, ^ to, or par-
taking of, bibliography.

bib-li-6g'ra-phy, 71. ' The science or
knowledge of books, [rage for books.

bib-LiI-o-ma'ni-ac, n. One who has a

BiB'u-liOtJS, a. Absorbing; spongy.

Bi-cip'su-LAR, a. Having two cap-
sules with seeds to each flower, [ment.

BICE, n. A green or light blue pig-

BICk'er, v. n. To wrangle : — to quiver.

BICK'er-ING, 71. A quarrel ; skirmish.

BICk'ern, n. An iron ending in a point.

BI-cor'nous, a. Having two horns.

bi-cor'PO-rai,, a. Having two bodies.

BID, tJ. a. \i. bade or bid ; p. bidden or
bid.] To command ; to order ; to offer.

BID, 71. An offer to give a certain price.

bid'den (bid'dn), p. from bid. [offer.

BId'der, 71. One who bids or makes an

BID'ding, n. Command ; offer of price

BIDE, V. a. To endure ; to wait for.

BIDE, V. n. To dwell ; to abide.

bi-dent'al, a. Having two teeth.

bj-det', 71. A little horse : — a vessel.

EI-en'ni-AIi, a. Living two years: —
happening once in two years.

bier, 71. A carriage or frame for con-
veying the dead. [srfter calving.

biest'ings, 71. pi. First milk of a cow

BI-FA'ri-OUS, a. Twofold ; double.

bi'fid, a. Cleft in two parts.

bIf'i DAT-ED, a. Divided into two.

bi-feo'rous, a. Having two flowers.

BI'fold, a. Twofold ; double.

BI'form, a. Having a double form.

Bi-FiJR'cAT-ED,a. Having two forks.

BIG, a. Great ; huge ; pregnant ; swollen.

BIG'A-MIST, 11. One.guilty of bigamy.

B'lG'A-MY, ?i. The crime of having two
wives or two husbands at once.

BIGG, 11. A kind of winter barley.

BiG'jeiN,7i. A child's cap : — a can.

BIGHT (bit), 71. A small bay or inlet
of the sea: — a bend or coil of a rope.

BIG" NESS, n. Bulk ; size ; dimensions.

big'ot, 71. A blind zealot or partisan.

BiG'OT-ED, a. Full of bigotry.

BIG'OT-RY, n. Blind zeal ; prejudice.

BIJOU (be'zho')} 11. A jewel ; ornament.

BiL'BjgR-RY, 71. A shrub and its fruit.

bil'bo, 71. A rapier ; a sword.

bil'boe^ (bil'boz), 11. pi. A sort of
stocks for the feet, used at sea.

BILE, 71. A yellow or greenish fluid
secreted in the liver. See BoiL.

BlL<j^E,7i. Broadest part of a ship's
bottom : — protuberant part of a cask.

BiL^^EjC. 71. To spring a leak.

BiLGE'-wl-TER, 7i. Water in the bilge.

BIL.'IA-RY (-ya-),a. Relating to the bile.

ei-l,in'guai,, ) a. Having or speaking

bi-lin'guous, \ two tongues.

Biii'ioys (bil'yus), a. Partaking of bile.

bilk, v. a. To cheat; to deceive.

BILL, 71. A beak of a fowl: — an ac-
count ; a note : — a proposed law or

BILL, V. 11. To caress, as doves, [act.

bil'let, n. A note ; a letter : — a log.

bil'let, v. a. To quarter, as soldiers.

bil'let-doux' (biFle-do'), 71. An af-
fectionate billet ; a love-letter.

bill'iards (bll'yardz), n. pi. A game
played wi'tliballs and sticks or cues.

bil'ling§-gate, 71. Foul language.

BiLL'ipN, 71. A million of millions.

BIL'low (bil'lo), n. A large wave.

bil'low-y (bil'lo-e), a. Swelling ; tur-

BI'mane, a. Having two hands. [gi9.

BI-MA'nous, a. Having two hands.

bin, n. A repository for corn, &c.; a box.

BI'na-RY, a. Two ; dual ; double.

BIND, V. a. [i. bound ; p. bound.] To
confine ; to gird ; to fasten to ; to tie :
— to oblige : — to make costive.

BIND, V. n. To contract parts together.

bInd'er, 71. One who binds books, &c.

BTND'ER-y,7i. Place for binding books.

bind'ing, 71. Bandage ; cover of a book.

bind'Jng, p. a. Compelling ; obliging.

bin'na-cle, 71. Compass-box of a ship.

AEioiJy, long j aEIoOy, short ; aeiov¥> obscure.— f Are, far,fast,fAll ; h£:ir,




Em'p-CLE, ??, A kind of telescope.

Bi-NOC'U-LiAR, a. Having two eyes.

Bl-NO'Mi-AL, a. Having two names.

Bi-6G'KA-PHEK,?i. Writer of biography.

BI-O-graph'i-cal,, a. Relating to, re-
sembling, or coHsisting of, biography.

bI-6g'r A-PHYj '*• History of one's life.

BIP'A-RO &s, a. Producing two at a birtii.

BiP'AR-TlTE, a. Having two parts.

Bi-PAR-Ti"TlON, n. Division into two.

BI'PET), 11. An animal with two feet.

BiP'E-DAL, a. Having two feet.

bi-pen'-VATEjo. Having two winss.

Bl-QUAD^RATE (bi-kwod'rat), ?!. The
square of a square, or fourth power.

BT-QUAD-RAT'ic, a. Relating to the
fourth power in algebra.

BIRCH, n. A well-known forest tree.

birch'en (bi'r'chn), a. Made of birdi.

BIRD, 71. One of the feathered kind.

BIRD'-CA^E,??. An enclosure for birds.

BIRd'lime, ?i. A glutinous substance.

BIRD'5'-EYE (birdz'i), n. A plant.

BlRD'ij'-EYE, a. Noting a view of an
object as seen from above, as by a bird.

BIRD'^'-NEST, n. A nest for birds.

BIRTH, v.. Act of t5oming into life ; ex-
traction ; rank by descent ; lineage.

BIRTh'p AY, 11. The day of one's birth ;
the anniversary of one's birth.

birth'place, 91. Place of one's birth.

BIRTh'right (birth'rit), n. The right
or privilege to which a person is born.

Bis'cuiT (bis'kit), n. A kind of bread.

Bi-SECT', V. a. To divide into two
equal parts, as a line. [equal parts.

Bl-s£c'TipN, n. Division into two

bi-seg'ment, 71. One of two equal
parts ; part of a bisected line.

BiSH'pp, n. One of the higher order of
clergy, having charge of a diocese.

BiSH'oP-Ric,7i. Jurisdictionof a bishop.

Bis']viUTH,n. A reddish-white metal.

BI'SQN, n. A kind of wild ox.

Bis-SEX'TlLiE, 71. Leap year.

bIs'tre (bis'ter),?!. A brown pigment.

bi-sOl'cous, a. Cloven-footed.

BIT, V. The iron mouth-piece of a bri-
dle : — a small piece ; a morsel, [a bit.

bit, v. a. To put a bi-t in, or accustom to

BITCH, n. A female canine animal.

BITE , V. a. fi. bit ; p. bit or bitten.] To
pierce or crush with the teeth.

BITE, 71. Act of biting; cheat; trick.

bit'er, h. One that bites ; a cheat.

BIt'ing, p. a. Sharp ; severe ; caustic.

BIT'ten (bit'tn), p. ftom bite. See BiTE.

Bit'ter, a. Having a biting, hot, acrid
taste ; sharp ; cruel ; afflicting.

bit'tvern, 11. A bird with long legs.
bit'ters, n. pi. A bitter liquor.
bi-tu'men, 11. A mineral pitch.
B|-Tu'Mi-NOus, a. Containing bitumen.
bi'valve, a. Having two valves.
Biv'i-otJS, <x. Having two ways.
Blv'ouAC (biv'wak), V. n. To watcli

witliout encamping, as aii army.
biv'ouaCj 71- A wcitching by night.
Biz'AN-TlNE, 71. A large gold coin.
Bl-ziRRE',o. Odd ; strange ; fantastic.
BLAB, V. To tell, as secrets ; to tattle.
BLAB, ?i. A telltale; a babbler: — tattle.
BLACK, a. Of the darkest colox ; dark ;

cloudy ; horrible ; wicked ; dismal.
BLACK, 71. A black color ; a negro.
BLACK, v..a. To make black ; to blacken.
black'a-ivioor, 71. A negro.
black'-art, 11. Magical art ; magic.
black'ball, 11. A ball of black color

used ill voting: — mass of blacking.
BLACK'EER-RY, 71. A plant ; a fruit.
black'bird, iu a black singing bird.
black'-eoard, n^ A board colored

black, used for writing or ciphering on.
black'-cat-tle, 11. pi. Oxen, cows,
black'-cock, 7t. The heafcii-cock.[&c.
blacic'en (blak'kn), 17. a. To make

black ; to darken ; to defame.
black'en, v. n. To grow black.
black'guard (blag'gard), n. Abase

or abusive fellow. [shoes, &c.

black'ing, 71. Substance for blacking
black'ish, a. Somewhat black.
black'-jack, 71. A mineral ; blende.
BLACX-LEAD',n.Plumbago ; a mineral.
black'l£g, 11. A gambler ; a sharper.
BLACK'aiooR, 7?. See Blackamoor,
black'smixh, n. A smitli wlio works

in iron. [cultivated for hedges.

black'thorn, k. a plant ; the sloe,
BLad'der, 71. A thin menabranous

bag or vessel containing the urine.
blade , n. A spire of grass : — the sharp

part of n weapon :— a gay fellow.
blade'bone, n. Bone of tlie shoulder.
blad'ed, a. Having blades, or spires.
BLAIN, 71. A pustule ; a blotch ; a sore.
blam'a-ble, a. Deserving censure.
BLAME, V. a. To charge with a fault.
blame, 71. Imputation of a fault.
BLAME 'ftjl, a. Criminal ; culpable.
blame'less, fi. Free from blame.
BLANCH, t'. a. To whiten: — to peel.
blSnch, V, n. To^row white ; to evade.
BLAND, a. Soft ; mild ; gentle.
BLAn'dish, v. a. To soften ; to soothe.
BLAN'DJsH-MfiNT, n. Act of blandish-
ing ; kind treatment ; soft words.

HEE; MlEN^IEjD6jNOS.,sdN3ByLL,BtJB.,RULE.C^9,so/i,- je.,j&,/iar6?; s asz:^cs ga.




bjlAnk, a. White; without writing.
— Blank-verse, ^etre without rhyme.

BLANK, n. A void space on paper,

BLANK, V. a. To damp ; to confuse.

blank'et,71. a woollen cloth for beds.

blar'ney", /i. Gross iiattery ; twaddle.

BLAs-pheme', v. a. To speak in terms
of impious irreverence of, as of God.

BLAs-PHEME', V n. To speak blas-
phemy or irreverentially. [phemes.

blas-phem'er, 11. One who blas-

BLis'PHE-MotJSjfl. Pull of blasphemy.

BlAs'phe-my, 71. Calumny : — an in-
dignity offered to God or sacred things.

blast, n. A gust of wind ; an explo-
sion : — a blight ; a disease in cattle.

blast, v. a. To wither ; to injure ; to
blight : — to blow up by powder.

BLa'tant, a. Bellowing, as a calf.

BLAZE, ?i. A flame ; a stream of light.

BLAZE, V. n. To burn with a flame.

BLAZE, V. a. To publish ; to mark.

BLA'ZON (bla'zn), V. a. To explain fig-
ures-on, as ensigns armorial ; to deck.

BLA'ZON (bla'zn), n. Blazonry ; show.

BLa'zon-ry, n. The art of drawing
coats of arms ; emblazonry, [white.

BLEACH, V, a. To whiten ; to make

BLEACH, V. n. To grow white.

Bleach'er-Y, n. A place for bleaching.

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