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BLEAK, a. Open ; exposed to the wind.

BLEAR, a. Dim with rheum or water.

BLEAR, V. a. To make dim, as eyes.

BLEAR'EYEi>(-Td), a. Having sore eyes.

BLEAT (blet),'y. w. To cry as af sheep.

BLEAT, n. The cry of a sheep or lamb.

BLEAt'ing, n. Cry of lambs or sheep.

BLEED, V. n. [i.bled ; p. bled.} To lose
blood ; to drop or flow, as blood.

BLEED, V. a. To draw blood from.

BLEM'ISH, V. a. To mark ; to tarnish.

BLEM'isH,7i. Mark of deformity ; taint.

Bl£nd, z). a. To mingle ; to mix.

BLENDE, n. Ore of zinc and sulphur.

BL£ss, v. a. [i. blessed or blest ; p.
blessed or blest.] To make happy ; to
implore a blessing on. [licity.

ELESS'ED, p. a. Happy ; enjoying fe-

BLfiss'ED-N£ss,w. Happiness; felicity.

BL£ss'jNGr,».Benediction ; divine favor.

BLfiST, i. &.p. from Mess. See Bless.

BLEW (blu), i. from Mow.

Blight (blit), n. A disease ; a blast.

BLIGHT, V. a. To blast ; to injure.

BLIND, a. Destitute of sight ; dark.

BLIND, V. a. To make blind ; to darken.

BLIND, 71. Something to hinder sight.

BLInd'fold, v. a. To liinder from
seeing ; to cover the eyes of.

BLIND'FOLD, a. Having the eyes cov-

BLlND'-MAN's-BtJFF',7i. A play. [ered.

blind'ness, n. Want of sight.

BLiND'siDEjTi. A weakness; weak side.

BLINK, V. n. To wink ; to see obscurely.

BLINK, u. a. To evade ; to avoid.

BLINK, n. A glimpse ; a glance.

blink'ard, 71. One who has bad eyes.

BLISS, Ji. Happiness of heaven ; high-
est happiness ; felicity ; blessedness.

BlIss'ful, a. Happy in a high d^fri'se-

BLIs'ter, n. A pustule ; a vesicle.

blIs'ter, v. n. To ris© in blisters.

blIs'ter, v. a. Ts> raise a blister mi,

BLITHE, a. Gay; joj^ous ; mirthful.

BLITHE'F^L, a. Gay ; blithesome.

blithe 'some, a. Cheerful ; meny.

BLOAT, V. a. To swell ; to make tuigid.

BLOAT, V. n. To grow turgid ; to dilate.

bloat'ed, ffl. Grown turgid ; puffed up.

BLOCK, 7!. A heavy piece, as of wood,
marble, or stone : — part of a pulley.

BLOCK, V. a. To shut up; to obstruct.

bl6ck-ade',7i. a shutting up of a port.

block-ade', 1). a. 'To shut up a port.

block'head, 71. A stupid fellow.

bl6ck'head-ed, a. Stupid ; dull.

block'-house, n. A sort of fortress.

BLOCk'ish, a. Like a block ; stupid.

BLOCK-TIN', 71. Tin east into blocks.

BLOOD (blud),7i. The red fluid that cir-
culates m animal bodies : — ^race.

BLOOD'-FLow-ER,?i. A bulbous plant.

bl6od'guilt-i-ness, n. Murder.

BLOod'heat (bliid'het), n. Heat of
the same d^ree with that of the blood.

blood'hound, n. A fierce hound.

blood'less, a. Without blood.

blood'shed, 7t. Murder; slaughter.

BL6oD'sH6T,a. Filled with blood; red.

bl6od's0ck-er, ?i. That which sucks
blood ; a leech ; a cruel man. [blood.

bl6od'thirs-ty, a. Desirous to shed

blood'ves-sel, 11. A vein or artery.

BLOOD'Y (bliid'e),a. Stained with blood.

BLOOD'Y-FLiJx", 11. Dysentery.

BLood'y-mind'ed, a. Disposed to
murder ; cruel ; sanguinary,

BLOOM, n. A blossom ; flower ; native
flush or color : — a mass of iron.

BLOOM, V. n. To flower ; to blossom.

BLOOM'ING, a. Flourishing with bloom.

BLOOM'Y, c. Full of blooms ; flowery.

ELOS'SOM, 11. The flower oC a plant.

BLOS'SOM, f. 71. To put forth blossoms.

BLOT, v.a. To efface ; to spot ; to stain.

BL6T,7i. Obliteration ; a spot ; a stain.

blotch, 71. A pustule on the skin.

BLOTCH, V. a. To mark with spots.

AEIOtJy, Zo7ig-;AEi6u5^,s7iort,-AEioyY,o6scKre.— FARE, FARjFisTjF ALL; heir.




BLOUSE, n. A frock ; a blowze.
BLOw'(bl6), 71. A stroke :— egg of a fly.
BLOW (bio), V. n. [i. blew ; p. blown.]

To make a current of air ; to puff: —

to pant : — to flower ; to bloom.
Blidw (bio), V. a. To drive by wind ;

to kindle ; to inflate : — to flyblow,
BLO'w'ER (blo'er), n. One that blows.
BLOWN ^blon), p. from blow.
BLOW'PIPE (blo'pip), n. A tube used

to produce an intense flame. [ment.
BLOWZE, n. A ruddy wench : — a gar-
BLOw'zy, a. Sunburnt; tawdry.
blOb'ber, 11. The fat of whales.
BLUB'ber, v. n. To weep in such a

manner as to swell the cheeks.
BLUD'9-eon (bliid'jun),?;. A thick club.
BLUE, a. Of the color of blue.
BLUE, 71. One of the original colors.
BLUE'B6T-TLE,m. A flower ; a fly.
BLUE 'eyed, a. Having blue eyes.
BLUFF, 11. A high, steep bank or shore.
blOff, a. Pompous ; surly ; obtuse.
BLU'lSH, a. Blue in some degree.
BLUN'der, v. n. To mistake grossly.
blijn'der, n. A gross mistake ; error.
blun'der-buss, 11. A gun of large bore.
BLUN'DER-HEAD, 11. A Stupid fellow.
BLtJNT, a. Dull ; rough ; rude ; abrupt.
blOnt, v. a. To dull the edge or point

of: — to repress; to weaken.
BlOnt'ly, ad. In a blunt manner.
BLUR, n. A blot ; a stain ; a dark spot.
blur, v. a. To blot ; to stain ; to spot.
BLURT, V. a. To utter inadvertently.
BLUSH, V. 11. To redden in the face.
BLUSH, n. Reddish color on the cheeks.
BLtJSH'lNG, n. Exhibition of blushes.
BLUSH'JNG-, p. a. Manifesting blushes.
blush'y, a. Having the color of a blush.
BLtJs'TER, V. 11. To boast ; to bully.
blDs'ter, ?i. Noise ; boast ; tumult.
BLtJs'TER-ER, 11. A swaggerer ; a bully.
BLUS'TER-ING, m. Tumult; noise.
bo'a, 11. A huge serpent : — a tippet.
BOAR (bor), n. The male swine.
board, «.. A flat piece of sawed wood :

_— a table ; food : — deck of a ship.
BOARD, V. a. To enter by force, as a

jhjp ; to lay with boards : — to feed.
BOARD, u. n. To receive food ; to diet.
BOARD'ER, 11. One who boards.
BOARD' in&-s£;h66l, n. A school

where scholars live with the teacher.
BOAST (bost),^;. To brag; to vaunt.
BOAST, TO. A vaunting speech.
boast'er, n. One who boasts ; bragger.
boast'fOl, a. Addicted to boasting.
BOAT (bot), n. A small sailing vessel.

boat, v. a. To carry or convey in a boat.

BOAT'A-BLE, a. Navigable with boats.

BOAT'iNG,jt. Act of conveying in a boat.

boat'man, n. One who manages a boat.

BOAT'swain (bot'swan or bo'sn), n.
An officer who has charge of a ship's
rigging, boats, cables, &c.

BOB, 11. Something that plays loosely.

BOB'BIN, 11. A pin to wind thread upon.

bob'cheb-ry, 11. A play of children.

bob'tail, n. A short tail ; a tail cut

BOB'wia, 71. A short wig. [short.

bode, v. a. To portend ; to forebode.

BODE, 'u. n. To be an omen ; to forebode.

BOD'iCE (bod'is),9i. Short stays ; corset.

BOD'JED (bod'id), a. Having a body.

BOD'i-LESS, a. Without a body.

bod'i-ly, a. Relating to the body ; real.

bod'ins, 11. Foreshowing; an omen.

BOD'kin, n. A dagger: — an instru-
ment to bore holes with : — an instru-
ment used to dress the hair.

bod'y, n. The material substance of
an animal ; a person: — mass ; army;
main part ; the bulk : — a system.

bod'y, v. a. To produce in some form.

Bod'y-guard (-gard), n. A life-guard.

B6&,7t. A marsh; a morass ; quagmire.

BOG-'GLE, or BO'GLE,7i. A liobgoblin.

bog'gle, v. 11. To hesitate ; to doubt.

bog'gler, n'. One who boggles.

BOG'^^Y, a. Full of bogs ; marshy.

BO-HE A', 71. A species of black tea.

BOIL, V. 11. To be agitated by heat.

BOIL, -y. a. To cook or heat in boiling

BOIL, n. A painful tumor. [water.

boil'er, 11. One who boils ; a vessel.

boil'er-y,71. Place where salt is boiled.

BOIL'ING, 71. Act of boiling; ebullition.

Bols'TER-ous,a.Stormy; furious; noisy.

BOLD, a. _ Daring ; brave ; confident.

bold'-faced (bold'fast), a. Impudent.

bold'ness, 71. Courage; confidence.

BOLE, 71. A kind of earth: — a measure.

BOLL, n. A pod or capsule ; a measure..

BOLL, V. 11. To form a seed-vessel.

bol'ster, n. A long pillow or cushion.

bol'ster, v. a. To support with a
bolster ; to uphold ; to swell out.

BOLT, 11. A pin or bar for fastening.

BOLT, V. a. To fasten with a bolt : — to
blurt out ; to sift : — to swallow hastily.

BOLT, V. n. To spring out suddenly.

bolt'er, n. A sieve; a kind of net.

bolt'hjSad, 11. A cliemical vessel.

eo'lus,?i. a large pill ; a kind of earth.

BOMB (biim), 11. A shell filled with
gunpowder, to be thrown by a mortar.

BoM-bard', v. a. To attack with bombs.

HER;MiEN,SIR;D6,NOR,SON;BUrLL,BiJR,RULE.9,9-^o/i5 ;)3,&,hard ; § as z J }f OS gz.




Bom-bar-dier', n. An engineer who

discliavges bombs. [bombs.

bom-bar'b'ment, 11. An attack with
Bom-bast' or bom'bast, ?i. Inflated

style or language ; fustian.
bom-bas'tic, a. Partaking of bombast.
b6m-ba-zette', n. A kind of thin

woollen cloth or stuff.
b6m-ba-zine' (bum-ba-zen')j n. A

slight stuff made of silk and worsted.
Bomb'ketch, ) n- A vessel forthrow-
Bomb'ves-sel, \ ing bombs.
BOND, 7!. Cord or chain ; ligament : —

union: — a written obligation.
eond'a^^e, 7!. Captivity; slavery.
bond'maid, 71. A female slave.
bond'man, n. ; pi. bond'men. A man
bond'-ser-vant, 71. A slave, [slave.
bond^'man, 7K One who is bound as

security for another. [^slave.

eonb'wo-man (-vvuni'an),7?, Atemale
bone, 71. The firm, hard substance in

an animal body ; a piece of bone.
bone'lace, 71. A species of lace.
BONE'-SET-TER,7!.One wlio sets bones.
Bon'firEjJj. a fire for joy or triumph.
bon'net, n. A covering for the head.
bon'ny, a. Handsome ; beautiful ; gay.
b6n'nv-ci.ab'ber,7i. Sour buttermilk.
Bo'nus, 71. A premium given in addi-
tion to interest, for a privilege.
bo'nv^, a. Having, or full of, bones.
boo'by, n. A stupid fellow : — a bird.
book (buk), n. A volume ; a work ; a

part or division of a work or volume.
book (buk), V. a. To register in a book.
book'bind-er, n. A binder of books.
Book'-case (buk'-), 71. Case for books.
BOOK'isH_(buk'ish), a. Given to books.
BOOK'keep-er (buk'kep-er), n. A

keeper of account-books.
BooK'KEEP-iwa (buk'-), n. The art,

or Hie practice, of keeping accounts.

book'sell-er, 71. A seller of books.

-book'worm (buk'wurm), n. A great

reader or student of books.
BOOM, 71. A pole used to spread out

a sail ; a pole : — a bar or chain laid

across a harbor or river.
BOOM, V. n. To roar, as the waves ;

to rush with roaring or violence.
BOON, n. A gift ; a grant ; a favor.
BOON, a. Gay ; merry ; kind ; bountiful.
BOOR, 71. A clown ; a rustic ; a peasant.
boor'ish, a. Clownish ; rude ; rustic.
BOOSE, 71. A stall for-a cow or an ox.
Boo'sy, a. Partially intoxicated ; tipsy.
BOOT, V. a. To profit ; to advantage : —

to put boots on ; to furnish with boots.

BOOT, n. Profit :— a covering for th-j
leg and foot : — a box in a coach.

b66t-ee', 7?. A short or half boot.

BOOTH, n. A shelter built of boards.

boot'jack, n. Instrument for pulling
off boots. [cess ; unprofitable.

BooT'L,Ess,a. Useless; without suc-

boot'tree,7i. a last to stretch a boot;

BOO'TV^, 71. Plunder; pillage; spoil.

bo-peep', n, A play among children.

bor'a^^e (biir'aj), n. A garden plant.

bor'der, n. The outer part ; edge ; side.

bor'der, v. n. To be near ; to touch.

bor'der, v. a. To adorn with a bor-
der: — to reach; to be contiguous to.

bor'der-er, 71. One near a border.

BORE, 7;. To make a hole ; to pierce.

bore, n. A hole ; the size of any hole :
- person or thing that wearies.

BORE, i. from bear. [the north.

bo're-al, a. Northern ; tending to

BO'RE-AS, 71. The north wind.

bore 'cole, 71. A species of cabbage.

BORN, p. from bear. Brought forth.

borne, j;. from &ear. Carried, [town.

bor'ough (biir'6), n. A corporate

bor'ROW (bor'5), V. a. To take from
another on credit : — to appropriate.

b6r'row-er, 71. One who borrows.

bos'QM (buz'um or bo'zum), n. The
breast; any receptacle. [the bosom.

bo§'om (buz'um) V. a. To enclose in

BOSS, 71. A stud ; a knob ; raised work.

BOSSED (bost), a. Having bosses.

Bos'sY, a. Prominent ; studded.

bo-tXn'ic, ) a. Relating to botany;

bo-tan'i-cal, ) containing plants.

bot'a-nist, n. One versed in botany.

bot'a-nize, v. n. To study plants,

BOT'A-NY, n. The science of plants.

botch, n. A swelling; a pustule.

botch, V, a. To mend awkwardly.

botch'er, n. A mender of old clothes.

botch'y, a. Marked with botches.

both, a. One and the other ; the two.

BOTH, conj. As well ; on the one side.

both'er, v.a. To perplex ; to confound.

B6TS,7i. pi. Small worms in horses.

bot'tle, n. A vessel to put liquor in.

bot'tle, v. a. To enclose in bottles.

eot'tom, n. The lowest part ; foun-
dation : — a dale ; a valley : — a ship.

bot'tom, v. a. To found ; to establish.

bot'tom-less, a. Without a bottom.

BotyD, 71. An insect which breeds in

Bou^E (boj), V. n. To bilge. [malt.

Boi^GH (bou), 71. A branch of a tree.

BOUGHT (biwt), i. &. p. from buy.

BoO^NCE, V. 71. To spring ; to leap.

AEIouy, long ; A£l6tJ5^, slwrt ', AEiQvy, obscure. — fAre, far, fast,fAll ; heir.




EotJNCE, w. A blow or thrust ; a bound.

boun'cer, n. A boaster ; a braggart :
— any ilxing large of its kind. [leap.

BOUND, n. A limit ; boundary : — a

BOUND, V. a. To limit ; to enclose.

BOUND, V. n. To jump ; to rebound.

BoDnd, i. &c p. from bind.

BOUND, a. Destined ; intended to go.

Boun'da-ry, n. A limit ; a bound.

BOUND'EN (bbiin'dii), a. Obliged.

bound'less, a. Without bound.

boun'te-oOs, a. Liberal; bountiful.

Boun'ti-ful, a. Liberal ; generous ;
kind. [munificence; a premium.

Boun'ty, n. Generosity ; liberality ;

BOUQUET (bo-ka'), 71. A bunch of flow-

BOUR-(^Eois', n. A printing-type. [ers.

BOURN (born or born), n. A limit.

BOUT, n. A turn ; a trial ; an attempt.

BO'VINE, a. Relating to cattle, as oxen.

BOW (h'6a),v. a. To bend ; to depress.

BOW, V. n. To bend ; to make a bow.

BOW, n. An act of reverence : — the
jounding part of a ship's side forward.

BOW (bo), n. An instrument for shoot-
ing arrows; any thing curved.

Bow'el,, v. a. To takeout the bowels of.

bow'^'el^ (boa'elz), n. pi. The entrails.

eow'er (bbu'er), n. A shady recess.

bow'er-y (bou'er-e), a.Having bowers.

BOWL (boi),??.. A vessel to hold liquids.

IIBOWL (bo) or bbul), n. A round mass
to be rolled along the ground.

\\BOWL, or B'6wz.,v.a. To roll as a bowl.

II bowl or bowl, 75.JI. To play at bowls.

BOWL'der, M. A large round stone.

BOW'-LfieaED (bo'legd)j a. Crooked-
legged, [bowls.

IIBowl'er or bowl'er, n. One who

bow'line or bow'line, n. A ship's
rope, attached to a sail. [bowling.

IIBOWl'ing-al^ley, n. A place for

IIbowl'Jng-green,??. a level ground
J'or playing with bowls.

bow'man (bo'man), n. An archer.

bow'net, n. A net made of twigs.

bow'sprIt (bo'sprit), n. A spar pro-
jecting" from the head of a ship.

Bow'sTRlNG_,n. The string of a bow.

bow'-win'dow,m. Projecting window.

BOX, 71. A case of wood or other mate-
rial : — a blow ; a driver's seat ; a plant.

BOX, V. a. To put in a box ; to strike.

BOX, V. 11. Tt) fight with the fist.

BOx'er, n. One who boxes ; a pugilist.

BOY, 71. A male child ; a youth.

Bov'hood (boe'hud), 7i. State of a boy.

BOY'ish, a. Belonging to a boy ; child-

boy'ish-ness, 11. Childishness, [ish.

BOY'lf M, n. Puerility ; boyhood.

erab'ble, v. n. To clamor.

:^RACE, V. a. To bind ; to tie up close-
ly ; to strain up ; to suppl)' with braces.

BRACE, 71. Cincture ; bandage ; a line ;
apiece of timber : — a pair ; two.

brace'let, 71. Ornament for the arm.

bra'cer, 11. One who braces.

BRAjeH'lAL,a. Belonging to the arm.

BRA-jeHYG'RA-PHY, 71. Short-hand

BRACK, 71. A breach ; a crack. [writing.

BRACK'et, n. A support; a stay: —
pi. Hooks [thus] to enclose words.

BRACk'ish, a. Somewhat salt ; saltish.

BRACT, 71. A small leaf ; set of leaves.

BRAD,??. A sort of nail without a head.

brAg, v. 11. To boast ; to vaunt.

BRAG, 71. A boast : — a game at cards.

BRAG-GA-DO'ci-6 (-she-o), 7?. A boast-

BRAG'GARD-iSM, 71. Boastfulness. [er.

brag'gart, or BRAG'^tER, 7j. Boaster.

brag'GART, a. Boastful ; ostentatious.

BRAID, V. a. To weave together ; to

BRAID, 71. Something braided, [plait.

BRAIN, 71. The soft mass witliin the
skull ; the seat of sensation and reflec-
tion ; understanding ; fancy.

:6rain, v. a. To dash out the brains of.

BRAIN'LESS, a. Foolish ; thoughtless.

brain'-pan, 71. The skull.

BRAKE, 71. An instrument for dressing
flax : — fern : — part of an engine ; a
ni^achine to retard wheels, as of a car.

BRAKE 'man, n. One who manages a
brake on a railroad car.

bram'ble, 71. A prickly shrub or plant.

brX'min, 71. A Hindoo priest, [mins.

bra-mIn'i-cal, a. Relating to the Bra-

bran, 71. The husk or outer coat of
grain separated from the flour.

brAnch, 71. Shoot or limb ; ofi'spring.

branch, v. n. To spread into branches.

BRANCH, V. a. To divide into branches.

bbAnch'let, n. A little branch.

brAnch'y, a. Full of branches.

BR And, 71. A piece of wood partly burnt ;
mark burnt : — a stigma : — a sword.

brAnd, V, a. To mark with a hot
iron ; to stigmatize. [brent.

brAnd'goose, 71. A kind of goose;

brAn'dish, v. a. To flourish, as a

brAn'dish, 71. A flourish, [weapon.

brAnd'ling, 71. A kind of worm.

BrAnd'-new, a. New ; quite new.

BrAn'dy, n. A strong distilled liquor.

brAn'gle, 71. A wrangle ; to squabble.

bra'§ieb (bra'zher), ?». See Brazier.

brAss, «. An alloy of copper and
zinc : — impudence ; boldness.

HER;MiEN,slR;D6,NbR,s6N;BULL,BUR,RtiLE.9,9^,so/i ; 0,&,hard ; § as z ; ^ a&gz.




BRASs'y, a. Partaking of brass.

BRAT, u. A child, in contempt.

br^-va'do, n. A boast ; a bluster.

BRAVE, a. Courageous ; gallant ; noble.

BRAVE, 71. An Indian warrior, [ance.

BRAVE, V. a. To defy ; to set at defi-

bra'v^-ry, n._ Courage ; heroism.

Bra'vo or bra'yOjW. a daring villain.

BbAwLi, v. n. To quarrel ; to roar.

brawl, n. A noisy quarrel ; uproar.

BRAWL'er, n. A wrangler,

brawl 'IN&,' 71. Act of quarrelling.

BRAWN, n. Flesh of a boar : — the arm.

brawn'y, a. Muscular ; fleshy ; hard.

BRAY, V. a. To pound or grind small.

BRAY, V. n. To make a noise like an ass.

BRAY, 71. The noise of an ass.

bray'er, n. One that brays ; a pestle.

BRAY'iNGr, 71. Clamor ; noise.

braze, i?. a. To solder with brass.

bra'zen (bra'zn),a. Made of brass.

bra'zen (bra'zn), v.n. To be impudent.

BRA'ZEN-FACED (bra'zn-fast), a. Bold.

BRA'ZEN-NESS (bra'zn-),7i. Brassiness.

bra'zier (bra'zher), n. A worker in
brass : — a pan for coals. [ — a quarrel.

BREACH (brech), n. A gap ; an opening :

bread (bred), n. Food made of grain.

BREADTH, 71. Measure from side to side.

BREAK (brak), v. a. [i. broke ; p. bro-
Ken.] To rend ^ to open by force ; to
dislocate ; to- crush : — to make bank-
rupt : — to infringe. [burst ; to fail.

BREAK (brak), v.n. To part in two j to

BREAK, 71. A breach; an opening; a
pause : — a line drawn ; a dash.

BRE ak'er, 71. One that breaks ; a wave.

BREAk'fast (brek'faist), n. The first
meal in the day. — v. n. To eat the first
meal in the day. [place.

BREAK'neck (brak'nek), n. A steep

break'wA-ter, 71. A wall or other ob-
stacle raised at the entrance of a harbor.

bream (brem), n. The name of a fish.

bream, v. a. To clean, as a ship.

breast (brest), n. Fore part of the body.

breast (brest), v. a. To meet in front,

breast'bone, 71. Bone of the breast.

breast'knot, 71. A knot of ribbons.

breast'pin, 71. A pin for the breast.

breast'pi.ate,7i. Armor for the breast.

breast'work (brest' wUrk),7j. A work
thrown up round a fortified place.

breath, n. Air drawn in and expelled
by the lungs ; breeze ; life ; pause.

BREath'a-ble, a. That may be
breathed; respirfible.

breathe, v. 11. To draw air into the
lungs and expel it ; to live ; to rest.

BREATHE, V. a. To exhale ; to respire.
BREATH'iN&, 71. Aspiration ; vent.
breath'Less, a. Out of breath ; dead.
BRED, i. &. p. from breed.
breech, 11. The lower part of the body.
BREiiCH, V. a. To put into breeches.
breech'es (brltch'ez),7t. ^Z. A lower

gannent worn by men.
BREED, V. a. [i. bred ; p. bred.] To

procreate ; to give birth to ; to educate.
BREED, 7>. ?t. To be with young,
BREED, n. A kind ; a family ; progeny.
breed'er, 11. One that breeds.
BREED'iNG, 71. Nurture; education.
BREEZE, n. A gentle gale ; a soft wind.
BREEZ'Y, a. Having breezes or gales.
breth'REN, n. The plural of bruther.
BRE-vet', 71. A commission which

gives an ofiicer a title above his pay.
BREV'IA-RY (brev'ya-re), 7i. Abridg-
ment ; a Catholic priest's office-book.
BREV'i-ATE, 71. A short compendium;
BREV'i^-TtJRE,?!. Abbreviation. [brief.
bre-vier', 71. A small printing-type.
BREV'l-TY, 71. Conciseness; shortness.
BREW (bru), V. To make malt liquor.
BREW (bru), 71. That which is brewed.
BREW'ER (bru'er), n. One who brews.
brew'er-y,7i. ' A place for brewing.
BRE w'house, 71. A house for brewing.
BREw'is (bru'is), 71. Piece of bread

soaked in boiling fat pottage, [duct.
BRIBE, 71. A reward to corrupt the con-
BRIBE,?;. a. To give a bribe to.
brib'er, 71. One who gives bribes.
BRi'BER-Y, n. The crime of bribing.
BRICK, 71. A mass of burnt clay.
BRICK, V. a. To lay with bricks.
brick' -BAT, 71. A piece of brick.
BRICK'-KILN (brik'kil), 7i. A kiln for

burning bricks.
brick'-l AY-ER,7i.One who lays bricks.
brick'-mak-er, 71. A maker of bricks.
bri'dal, 71. A nuptial festival.
BRI'dal, a. Belonging to a wedding.
bride, 71. A woman newly married.
BRIDE '-CAKE, 71. Cake for a wedding.
bride '-CHAM-BER,7i.Nuptial chamber..
BRIDE'gr66m,7i.A man newly married.
BRIDE 'maid, 71. She who attends upon

the bride, [bride and bridegroom.

BRIDE 'MAN, 71. He wlio attends the
BRiDE'WELii, 71, A house of correction.
BRID(^E, 71. A passage erected over a

river, canal., &c. : — a support.
BRID^-E, V. a. To form a bridge over.
BRI'dle (bri'dl), ?i. The instrument

by which a horse is governed ; a check.
BRi'DiiE, V. a. To put a bridle on.

AElouy,ioJi^;AEloiJf,sAorf;AEipuy,ofccwre.— FARE, FiiR,FAST, FALL ; HEIR,




bri'dle, v. n. To hold up the head.
BRIEF, a. Short ; concise 5 contracted.
BRIEF (briif), «• A writing : — a writ.
BRlEF'L,y, ad. In few words ; concisely.
BRi'ER, n. A prickly shrub ; bramble.
ERl'ER-y, a. Rough ; full of briers.
ERi'ER-y, M. Place where briers grow.
BRIG, 11. A vessel with two masls.
BRI-GADE', n. A division of troops.
bri-gade'_, v. a. To form into a brigade.


ER-AL, 11. Commander of a brigade.
BRifG'AND,_re. A robber ; a freebooter.
brig'an-tine, n. A light vessel.
BRIGHT (brit), a. Shining ; witty ;

acute ; clear ; splendid ; perspicuous.
BRIGHT'EN, V. a. To make bright.
bright'en, v. n. To grow bright.
BRXLL'iAiv-CY (-yan-),«. Lustre; splen-
BRiLL'iANT(-yant), c. Shining, [dor.
Brile'iant, n. A cut diamond.
BRIM, 71. The edge ; upper edge ; bank.
brim, v. n. To be full to the brim. [full.
BRlM'FiOE, a. Full to the top ; quite
BRIM'mer, n. A bowl full to the top.
Brim'ming, a. Full to the brim.
brim'stone, 71. A mineral 3 sulphur.
BRiN'DED.a. Of varied color ; streaked.
brin'dee, 71. A brinded or streaked col-
Brin'dled, a. Brinded ; streaked. [or.
BRINE, 7!. Water impregnated with salt.
BRjiifE'-PAN, n. A reservoir of brine.
BRINE'-pit, n. A reservoir of brine.
BRING, V. a. [i. brought ; p. brought.]

To fetch from ; to convey or carry to.
BRINK, 71. The edge, as of a precipice.
BRISK, a. Lively; active; spirited.
brisk'et, 71. The breast of an animal.
brisk'ness, n. Liveliness ; activity.
BRIS'TEE (bris'sl), n. Swine's stiff hair.
Bris'tle (bris'sl),r.a. To fix bristles to.
bris'tle (bris'sl), v. n. To stand erect.
BRIST'ly (bris'le), a. Set with bristles.
Bri-tan'ni-a, n. A sort of mixed metal.
BRiT'iSH, a. Belonging to Britain.
BR'it'on, 78. A native of Britain.
brjt'tle, a. Easily broken ; fragile.
brIt'tle-ness, n. Aptness to break.
broach )broch),7i. a spit. See Brooch,
broach, v. a. To tap ; to open ; to let
broach'er, n. One who broaches, [out.
BRoId (brawd), a. Wide ; large ; clear ;

open ; bold ; coarse ; fulsome, [edge.
BRoAb'axe, n. An axe with a broad
Broad'cAst, 71. Act of sowing seeds by

casting them abroad with the hand.
BRoId'clotHjT?. a fine woollen cloth.
broAd'en (braw'dn), v. a. To make
broId'en, v.n. To grow broad. [broad.

broad'side, n. A discharge of all the
guns at once from the side of a ship.

broab'sw^ord (bra.wd's6rd),?i. A cut-
ting sword with a broad blade.

BRO-c ADE', 71. A kind of flowered stuff.

BRQ-cad'ed, a. JDressed in brocade.

BRO'CA^^E, orBRO'KA(^E,?i. Brokerage.

br6c'co-ei, 71. A kind of cabbage.

BROQK, n. A badger; a brocket.

BROCk'et, 71. A hart two years old.

bro'gan, 71. A thick shoe ; a brogue.

BROGUE (brog),7«. A kind of shoe: — a
corrupt dialect or pronunciation.

BROiE, 71. A tumult ; quarrel ; brawl.

BROIL, V. a. To cook over coals.

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