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BROIL,?;, n. To be on coals, or in heat.

broil'er, 71. One that broils.

BROKE, i. from break.

bro'ken (bro'kn),7>. from break.

bro'ken-heart'ed (bro'kn-hart'ed),
a. Having the spirits crushed by
grief or fear ; contrite ; penitent.

BRo'ken-wInd'ed, a. Having short
breath, or a diseased respiration.

BRO'KER, 71. A factor ; a money-dealer.

bro'ker-a^e,7i. The pay of a broker.

bron'jEhi-al, a. Relating to the small-
er ramifications of the windpipe.

bron-^jhi'tis, «. Disease in the throat.

BRONZE or BRONZE, 71. A factitious
metal compounded of copper and tin.

bronze, «. a. To harden or color lilie

BROOCH (brSch), 7!. A jewel, [bronze.

brood, ?;. 71. To sit on eggs; to watch.

brood, 71. Offspring; progeny.

brook (bruk), n. A running water ; a

brook (bruk), V. a. To bear, [rivulet.

BROOM, 71. A shrub : — an instrument
or utensil to sweep with ; a besom.

BROOM'STiCK, n. Handle of a broom.

BR 6 6m' y, a. Full of, or like, broom.

BROTH (br&wth or broth), n. Liquor iu
which flesh has been boiled.

BR6Tii':ipL, 71. A house of ill-fame.

broth'er, n. ; pi. broth'ers and
breth'ren. a male born of the' same
parents : — an associate ; a companion.

broth'er-hood (briith'er-hud), n.
duality of being a brother ; fraternity.

br6th'er-ly, a. Like a brother ; kind.

brought (braiwt), i. &. p. from bi-iiig.

brow, n. The arch of hair over the
eye ; the forehead : — edge, as of a hill.

brow'beat,?;. a. To intimidate.

brow'beat-ing, n. Overbearing look.

brown, a. Inclining to black and red.

brown, 71. A brown color.

BRo wn'ish, a. Tending to brown, [tion.

BRowN'-STUD-y, 7j. Gloomy medita-





BROVv'SE, r. a. To eat, as branches.
BROWSE, V. n. To feed on shrubs.
BROWSE, ?t. Tender branches or slirubs.
BRiJ'iN, 11. A cant term for a bear.
BRUISE, V. a. To mangle with blows.
BRUISE, n. A hurt from a heavy blow.
BRUi§'ER, 71. One who bruises ; a boxer.
BROit (brut), 7i, Noise ; rumor ; report.

— V. a. To report ; to noise ab^Dad.
bru'mal, a. Belonging to the winter.
BRU-nette', 7!. A girl or woman with

a brown or dark complexion.
brDwt, ?i. Shock; violence; blow.
BRUSH, n. An instrument of hair, &.c. ;

a pencil : — contest: — brushwood.
BRUSH, V. a. To clean with a brush ;

to paint with a brush ; to skim, graze.
BRUSH, c. n. To move with haste.
BRUSH'WOOD (-wud), n. Bushes; twigs.
brush'y, a. Shaggj' like a brush.
BRUSH, a. Rude ; abrupt ; rough.
BRUS'TLE (bi-us'sl), V. lu To rustle ; to

crackle : — to vapor ; to boast, [cruel.
BRtj'TAL, a. Like a brute; savage;
BRU-t.Xl'j-ty, 7?. Crueltj' ; savageness.
BRUTE, a. Senseless; savage ; bestial.
BRt;TE,7j^ An irrational animal ; beast.
BrC'ti-fy, v. a. To make brutish.
BRUT'isH, a. Bestial ; savage ; ferocious.
bry'P-ny, 7(. A wild climbing plant.
BUB, 71. Strong malt liquor. \_Cant.^
BUB' BLE, 71. A water-bladder ; a cheat.
bCb'ble,!'. 77. To rise in bubbles.
EUB'BLE,r.G. To cheat ; to impose upon.
Bub'bler,??. One who bubbles ; a cheat.
BtJB'BLY, c._ Full of, or like, bubbles.
buc-ca-A"Eer', 77. A pirate.
BUCK, ?i. The male of deer, goats, &c. :

— a dashing fellow ; a beau : — lye.
bCck'bean, 71. A sort of trefoil.
BtJCBL'ET, 77. A vessel to draw water.
BUc'KLE, 77. An instrument for fasten-
buc'kle (biik'kl), V. a. To fasten, [ing.
Buck'ler, 77. A shield for the arm.
BtJCK'iviisT, 71. Fruit of the beech-tree.
buck'ram, 71. A stiffened linen cloth.
buck'ram, a. Stiff like buckram.
BtJcK'skiN, 77. Leather made of a

buck's skin. [cathartic berries.

buck'thobn, m. A shrub that bears
BUCK'M'HEAT,77. A kind of grain. [toral.
bu-col'ic, 0?- bu-c6l'i-cal, a. Pas-
bu-c6l'ic, n. A pastoral poem or poet.
BUD, n. First shoot of a plant ; germ,
BtJD, V. n. To put forth shoots or buds.
BUD, V. a. To inoculate, as a tree.
BxJd'dle, v. a. To wash, as ores.
BtJD^E, V. n. To stir ; to move off.


BUDGE, a. Stiff ; surly ; rigid ; pompous.

BUD'^ET, 77. A bag; stock :— a state-
ment respecting the public finances.

BUFF, 77. A sort of leather made of
a buffaloes skin ; a lisht yellow.

BUF'FA-LO, 71. The wild ox of India.

BUF'FET, 7i. Blow with the fist ; a slap.

Buf'fet,!;. a. To strike with the hand.

buf'fet, v. 77. To play a boxing-match.

buf-f66n', 77. A lo\v jester ; a droll.

buf-foox'er-y, 77. Practice of a buf-

BUG, 77. An insect; abed-bug. [foon.

bug'bear, 77. A frightful object.

Bug'jGy, a. Abounding with bugs.

BUG'^Y, 7?.. A four-wheeled carriage.

BU'GLE, 77. A sort of wild ox ; a plant.

Bu'GLE-HORN, n. A hunting horn.

BU'GLOSS, ?f. A plant; the ox-tongue.

BUHR'STOJfE (bur-),7i.Asilicious stone.

BUILD (bild), V. [i. built or builded ;
p. built or builded.] To raise, as an
edifice ; to erect ; construct, make.

BUILD (bild), 7(. Structure ; form.

BUiLD'ER (bild'er),7i. One who builds.

buIld'ing, 77. A fabric ; an edifice.

BULB, n. A round root or round body.

BUL-ba'ceous (bul-ba'shus), a. Bul-
bous ; having biilbs. [ant.

Bul'bous, a. Having bulbs ; protuber-

BUL^E, 71. A protuberance. See Bilge.

BULK, n. Size ; mass; main part.

bulk'head, 7). A partition in a tltip.

bulk'i-ness, 71. Greatness in bulk.

bulk'y, a. Large ; of great size.

BULL, 77. The male of cattle ; a sign ,
— edict of the pope : — a blunder.

BUL'LA-RY, 77. Collection of papal bulls.

BULL '-B AIT 'lis G, 77. A fight of bulls

with dogs. [dog.

BULL'-DOG, 77. A species of courageous

bul'let,7?.A round ball of metal ; shot.

BUL'LE-TiN-, 7!. An official account.

BULL'-FiGHT, n. A combat with a buU.

bull'fiwch, 71. A small bird.

bull'frog, 77. A large species of frog.

bull'ion (bul'yun), 77. Gold or silver

bul'lock, 71. An ox. [in mass.

bi)l'ly, 77. A noisy, quarrelsome fellow.

bul'ly, v.a. To overbear with menaces.

bul'ly, v. 77. To bluster ; to threaten.

Bt>L'RUSH, 77. A large water rush.

bijl'tel, 71. Bran of meal after sifting :
— a bolter-cloth or bolter.

b©l'"wark, 77. A fortification ; a se-
curity ; woo^-work round a deck.

bum'ble-bee, 71. A humble-bee.

bum'boat, 77. A large boat.

bump, 77, A swelling : a protuberance.

BUMP, t;. n. To make a loud noise.

, V. n, xu Dill , lu luuve uu. auaLf, v, n. xu Jii<ift.e a luuu uuim;.

i, long ; AfiloOlf, short ,■ AEloyy, o&scare.— rARE,FAR,FXsT,FALL ; heir,




BtJMP, V. a. To strike ; to thump.

BtJMP'ER, 71. A glass filled to the brim.

BiJMP'KiN, 71. A clown ; a rustic.

BUNCH, 71. A cluster ; a hard lump.

BtJNCH, V. n. To swell out in a bunch.

BUNCH'y, a. Growing in bunches.

BUn'dle, 71. A parcel bound together.

bCn'dle, v. a. To tie up in a bundle.

BUNG, 71. A stopper for a barrel or cask,

BUNG, V. a. To stop a barrel or cask.

BiJN&'-HOLE, n. A hole in a barrel.

bun'GLE, v. To do clumsily ; to botch.

bun'gle, n. A botch ; a gross blunder.

BUNG'ler, n. An awkward workman.

BUNe'iiiJiG, a. Chnnsy ; awkward.

BiJNK, n. A case of boards for a bed.

bCtnn, n. A sweet bread ; a cake.

BiJNT'lNG, n. A bird :— a thin stuff.

bun'von, ?!. A disease on the great toe.

||BUOY (bwby or boy), n. A cask, piece
of wood, or other object, floating on
the water, to indicate shoals, &c. ;
that which supports in water.

||buo?, v. To keep afloat ; to float.

jJBUo v'AX-cy, n. State of being buoyant.

||BUO y'ant, a. Floating ; light ; hopeful.

BUR, 71. A prickly head of a plant.

BiJR'BEN (bur'dn), n. A load ; cargo.

BiJR'DEN, V. a. To load ; to encumber,

BiJR'DEN-soME, a. Heavy ; grievous.

BiJR'DOCK, 11. A plant with burs.

BU-BEAU' (bu-ro' or bu'ro), /i, ,■ pi. BU-
REAU§'. A chest of drawers ; office.

BUR'qtESS, 71. Citizen; representative.

BURGH (biirg),w. A corporate town.

BURGh'er (biir'ger), n. A citizen.

BURG'i.^R,7i. One guilty of burglary.

burg-la'bi-ous, a. Relating to house-
breaking ; partaking of burglary.

BURG'la-ry, n. Crime of housebreak-
ing by night, with an intent to steal.

bur'go-mSs-ter, n. A city magistrate.

eur'grave, 71. A governor of a castie.

bur'gun-dy, 77. Wine of Burgundy.

bub'i-al (ber're-al), 71. Act of burying.

BU'rin, 71. A graving tool ; a graver.

BURL, V. a. To dress cloth, as fullers do,

BVR-lesque' (bur-lesk'), a. Ludicrous ,
comic; sportive; jocular; waggish.

bvr-lesque', n. A ludicrous repre-
sentation or writing ; ridicule.

Bub-l£sque',7j. a. To turn to ridicule.

BUR'ly, a. Great in size ; bulky ; tumid.

BifRN, V. [i. burnt or burned ; p. burnt
or burned. J To consume, or aflect,
with fire ; to scorch ; to be on fire.

BURN, 77. A hurt or effect caused by fire.

bur'net, n. A kind of plant.

BtJBN'lNG, 71. Inflammation ; fire.

BiJRN'lNG, a. Flaming : — vehement.
BUBN'tNG-GLlsS, 77. A glass wliich

condenses the sun's rays ; convex lens.
bur'nish, v. To polish; to grow bright.
bur'nish, 71. A gloss ; brightness.
BiJR'NisH-EB, 77. A person that bur-
BiJRNT, i. & p. from burn. [nislies.

bur'rel,~sh6t, 71. A sort of case-shot.
BUr'rqck, n. A weir or dam for fisliing,
BUR'BOW, n. A hole for rabbits, &c.
BtJRfROW,7j.7i. To lodge in tlie ground.
BiJR'SAR, 71. A treasurer in colleges, &c.
BUR'SAR-SHIP, n. The office of bursar.
BiJR'sA-RY, 71. The treasury of a college.
BURST, 75. [t. burst;/), burst.] To break

or fly open or asunder ; to rupture.
BURST, n. A sudden disjiuption ; rupture.
BtJR'THEN (bUr'thn). See Burdf.x.
BiJR'TON (bur'tn), 71. A small tackle

formed of two or more pulleys or blocks.
bur'y (ber're), v. a. To inter ; to put

into a grave : — to conceal ; to hide.
BUR'Y-iNG (ber're-ing), n. Burial.
Bt>SH, 71. A shrub ; a bough of a tree.
bOsii'eLi, 71. A dry measure of 4 pecks,
bush'y, a. Full of bushes ; thick, [ner.
BUSILY (biz'e-le), ad. f n a busy mau-
BUSINESS (biz'nes), n. Employment ;

an attair ; concern ; trade ; a point.
BUSK, n. A piece of wood or whalebone,

&c., worn by women under the stays.
bDs'ket, n. A collection of shrubs.
BUS'KIN, 71. A half boot or high shoe.
BiJS'KlNED (-kind), a. Dressed in bus-
B&ss, 71. A kiss; — boat for fishing, [kins.
BUSS, V. a. To kiss.
BiJST, 71. A statue of the human figure,

including the head ,neck,shoulders,&c.
BUs'tabd, n. A bird of the turkey kind.
bOs'tle (biis'sl), V. n. To be busy.
bus'tle (bus'sl), 77. A tumult; hurry.
bus'tler, 71. One who bustles.
busy (biz'e), a. Employed ; active ; offi-
cious ; bustling ; troublesome.
BUSY (biz'e), f. a. To make busy. [son.
busybody (biz'e-),rt. A meddling per-
BVT, conj. Except; besides ; yet.
BUT, prep. Except.— arf. Only.
BUT, n. A boundary ; a limit ; the end.
but, v. a. To touch at one end ; to abut.
BUTCh'er, 71. One who kills animals
butch'er,7j. ffl. To slaughter, [for food.
bijtch'er-ly, a. Cruel ; bloody.
butch'er-y, 71. Trade of a butclier.
BtJT'-END, 77. The blunt or large end

of any thing. [liquors.

BUT'ler, 7i. A servant intrusted with
BUT'ler-shIp, n. Office of a butler.
eut'ment, 77. The support of an arch

HJeR;MiEN,SIRjD6,NOB,s6N;Bt)l,L,BUB,RirLE.9,9,sQ/i; )Z^&,hard;s as,z; ^ as gz.




BUTT, n. A mark :-^a push : — a cask.

BUTT, I', a. To strike with the head.

BUTTEK, n. A substance made from
cream : — substance resembling butter.

BtJT'TER, V. a. To spread with butter.

BUT'TER-BUMP,7i.The bittern ; a heron.

BUT'TER-cuP,7i. The crovvsfoot,a plant.

but'ter-fly, n. A winged insect.

BUT'ter-miIiK, n. Milk v.'hich remains-
after churning cream for butter.

BUT'ter-nut, n. A tree and its fruit.

BUT'ter-prikt, n. A stamp, or piece
of carved wood, to mark butter with.

BUT'ter-t66th,?i. Abroad foretooth.

But'ter-y, a. Resembling butter.

BiJT'TER-Y, n. A room for provisions.

but'tock, n. (tBThe rump.

BUt'tojv (but'tn), n. A knob or catch
for fastening clothes ; a knob, [buttons.

BiJT'TON (but'tn), V. a. To fasten with

BiJT'TON-HOiiE, n. A hole for a button.

but'tress, n. A prop ; a support.

Btix'QM, a. Gay 5 brisk ; wanton ; jolly.

bux'obi-ness, 11. Gayety; amorousness.

BUY (bi), 11. [i. bought ; p. bought.] To
purchase ; to acquire by paying a price.

buy-'er (bl'er), n. One who buys.

BUZZ, t). 71. To hum like bees.

BUZZ, V. a. To spread by whispers.

BUZ z, 71. The noise of bees ; a ^vhisper.

Btjz'ZARD, n. A species of hawk.

BY (bi or be), prep. At ; in ; near.

BY, ad. Near ; beside ; in presence.

by'-and-by', ad. In a short time 3 soon.

BY'-£nd, ft. Private interest.

By'-GONE, a. Gone by ; past.

by'-law, n. A private rule or order.

by'-PXth, 71. A private or obscure path.

BYRE , 11. A cow-house.

BYs'siNE, a. Made of silk or fine linen.

by'-stand-er, n. A looker-on. [way.

by'-way, n. A priyate and obscure

by'-^yord (bl'wiird), n. A proverb : —
an example for reproach and warning.

byz'an-tine, a. Relating to Byzan-


CXb, 71. A Hebrew measure of nearly
tliree pints : — a kind of carriage.

ca-Bal', 71. A junto, or small body of
men, united to effect some purpose.

CA-bal', v. n. To form plots ; to plot.

cab'a-la, 71. Jewish tradition.

cab'a-lIst, 71. One skilled in the cab-
ala, or Jewish traditions.

cab-a-lis'tic, a. Secret ; occult, [ter.

ca-bal'eer, n. One who cabals ; plot-

cab'ba(^e, n. A garden plant, [clothes.

cab'ba^e, v. a. To steal in cutting

cab'in. 71. . A room in a ship ; a cottage.

cab'In-boy, 71. Waiting boy in a ship.

cab' i-NET, n. A closet ; a set of draw-
ers : — the 'body of ministers of state.

cAb'i-ket-coun'cil,7i. a council of
state. [furniture of wood.

Cab'i-net-mak'er, n. Maker of fine

CA'ble, n. A rope or chain to hold a
ship or other vessel at anchor.

CA-b66se', n. The cook-room of a ship.

ca-j0hex'y, n. Bad state of body.

CAc'kee, v. n. To make a noise as a
hen, &c. : — to giggle ; to prate, [goose.

cAc'kle, n. The noise of a hen or

c a-c6ph'Q-ny,7i. a bad sound of words.

cic'TUs, n. A genus of plants.

CA-Dlv'ER-OtJs, a. Like a dead body.

cXd'dow, 71. A chough or jackdaw.
cXd'dy, n. A small box for tea.
CADE, a. Tame; bred by hand.
ca'dence, n. The fall of the voice in

reading or speaking ; modulation.
CA-det', n. A volunteer in the army ;

a pupil in a military school.
CA'Dl_(ka'de), n. A Turkish judge.
CjE-su'ra (sez-u'ra), 71. A metrical

.break or division in a verse or line.'
CjE-su'raLi, a. Relating to the ca3sura.
CAGJ n. A small barrel or.cask ; a keg.
CA^E, 71. Enclosure for birds or beasts.
CA^-E, V. a. To enclose in a cage.
CAIRN (kArn), 71. A heap of stones.
cai'tiff, 71. A mean villain; a knave.
cai'tiff, a. Base ; knavish ; servile.
CA-JOL.E', V. a. To delude by flattery.
ca-joe'er, n. One who cajoles.
c^-jol'er-y, 71. Flattery ; wheedling.
cAke, 7?. A delicate bread : — a mass.
cake, v. To form into cake ; to harden.
cIl'a-bash, 71. A species of large eourd.
cal-A-man'co, 71. A woollen sUifi". [ed.
CA-IiAM'l-TOUS, a. Distressing ; wretcli-
CA-LAM'i-TY, n. Misfortune ; miser}'.
ciili'A-MtJs, 71. A sort of reed or cane,
c a-lIsh', 71. A carriage : — a head-dress.
CAL-CA'RE-otJS, a. Partaking of lime.

liElOiJYilong } i£16C$,5Aor«; A?l<?y¥,o6scMre.— FARE,FAR,FisT,FAliL ; HfilR,




cal'ce-at-ed, a. Having shoes ; shod.

cal'ci-nate, v. a. To calcine.

c AL-c j-NA'TiON, 71. Reduction to ashes.

cal-cine',«. ffi. To burn to a powder.

cal-cine', f. n. To become a calx, or
to be pulverized by heat. [puted.

CAL'cy-E^-BiiE, a. That may be com-

cal'cu-late, ??. To compute ; to reck-

cal-cu-la'tion. 71. Computation, [on.

cal'cu-la-tIve, a. Relating to calcu-
lation ; calculating. [oner.

cAe'cu-la-toe, n. A computer ; reck-

CAe'drqn, 11. A boiler ; a large kettle.

cal-e-fac'tion, 71. The act of heating.

cAii-E-FAC'TiVE, a. That makes* hot.

Cae-e-fac'tq-ry, a. That heats ; heat-

cXl'e-fy, v. To grow or make hot. [ing.

cAl'en-dar, 71. A register ; an almanac.

cal'en-dar, v. a. To enter in a calen-
dar ; to record ; to register, [pressing.

cae'en-der, v. a. To dress by hot-

cXl'en-der, 71. A hot press.

cAl'ends, 71. pi. The first day of each
month in^the Roman calendar.

cal'en-ture, n. A violent fever.

calf (kaO, n. ; pi. calves (kavz).
Young of a cow : — a stupid fellow ; a

01 dolt : — thick part of the leg.

cal'i-b^r, 71. The bore of a gun.

cXl'J-co, 71. A stuff made of cotton.

cXl'i-duct, n. A pipe to convey heat.

CAL'i-PER§, n. pi. Kind of compasses.

ca'liph, n. A successor or vicar 5 a
title of the successors of Mahomet.

c al'iph-ate, v. The office of a caliph.

CAL-is-THEN'ics, 71. pi. Exercise for
health, &c. [seams in a ship.

CALK (kiwk), V. a. To stop or stuff, as

cIlk'er (kawk'er),7i. One who calks.

CALL, V. a. To name ; to summon.

CALL, «. 71, To cry out; to make a visit.

CALL, n. An address ; a summons ; a
demand ; a calling ; a short visit.

cal-li-graph'ic, a. Relating to, or
partaking of, calligraphy.

cal-lig'ra-phy, 71. Beautiful writing.

Call'ing, n. Vocation ; trade; a call.

cal-l5s'i-ty,7?. a hard swelling, [ble.

Cal'lous, a. Hard ; indurated ; insensi-

CAL'LOW(kal'l5), a. Unfledged; naked.

calm (kam), a. Q,uiet ; serene, [pose.

calm (kam), 71. Serenity; quiet; re-

CALM (kam), V, a. To still ; to quiet.

calm'ly (k'am'le), ad. Serenely.

calm'ness (kam''nes),72. Tranquillity.

calm'y (kam'e), a. Calm; quiet.

cal'o-mel, 71. A chloride of mercury.

ca-l6r'ic, 71. Principle of heat ; heat.

CAL-o-RiF'ic,a. Causing heat; heating.

cXL'u-MfiTj^Ti. Indian pipe of peace,
CA-LtJM'Nl-ATE,7;. a. To revile, [tion.
CA-LUM-NJ-A'TION, 71, False accusa-
CA-LtJM'Ni-A-TOR, n. A slanderer.
CA-LtJM'NJ-otJS, a. Slanderous; abusive.
cal'um-ny, n. Slander ; abuse.
CALVE (kav), V. n. To bring forth a calf,
c al' vm-i§iM, 71, The doctrine of Calvin.
clL' vJN-iST, 71. Adherent to Calvinism.
cal-vin-is'tic, a. Relating to Calvin.
cAlx, n. Friable residue of substances

that have undergone combustion.
ca'lix, n. The flower-cup of a plant,
cX]vi'BiST,7i, One skilled in exchanges.
cam'bric, n, A fine linen or cotton.
came, i. from come. [horns,

cam'el,7?. a large quadruped without
ca-m£l'o-pard or cam'el-o-pard,

n. Atall African animal ; the giraffe.
cam'e-o, n._ Engraved stone or shell.
cXm-i-sa'do, 71. An attack in the dark.
cam'let, 71. A stuff of wool, silk, &c
cam'q-mile, 71. A plant of many spe-
cXmp,?/. a place for encamping, [cies.
cam-paign' (kam-pan'), 71. The time

an army keeps the field in one year.
CAM-PAiGN',f. 71. Toserve in campaign.
cam-pan'i-form, a. Shaped like a bell.
CAM-PAN'y-LA, 71. The bell-flower.
CAM-PAN'u-LATE,a. Bell-shaped.
cam-phene',71. Pure oil of turpentine,
cam'phor, 71. A fragrant resin,
cam'pho-r^te, ; a. Impregnated
cam'pho-rat-ed, ^ with camphor.
CAMP'ING, n. Act of one who camps,
CAN, 71. A sort of cup or vessel.
CAN, 7?. n. [i. could.] To be able.
ca-nAl', 71. A watercourse made by

art£ a passage ; a pipe or duct.
ca-na'ry, re. A kind of wine ; sack.
ca-na'ry-b'ird, 7i5 A singing bird,
can'cel, v.a. To blot out ; to efface.
can'cel-lat-ed, a. Cross-barred,
cAn-cel-l a'tion,?!. Act of cancelling.
cAn'cer, n. A sign in the zodiac ; the

Crab : — a livid tumor or sore. [cer.
cAn'cer-ate, iJ.Tt. To become a can-
cAN'CER-qtJs, a. Relating to a cancer.
cAn-de-la'brum, n. ,• pi. can-de-

la'bra. a branched candlestick.
CAN'dent, a. Glowing with heat.
cAn'did, a. Fair ; frank ; ingenuous.
cAn'dJ-date, 71. A competitor; one

who is proposed for some station.
can'dle, n. A light made of tallow, &c.
c AN'DLE-LIGHT, 11. Light of a candle.
cAn'dle-stick, n. An instrument to

hold candles. [fairness.

C An' DOR, 71. Frankness; openness;

HER;]yuENjSiR;D6,NOR,soN;BULL,BUR,RCLE.9,9-,sciA;je,j&,Afflri;§asz; ^a^gz.




cIn'PY, n. A conserve ; a sweetmeat.

CAN'DV, V. To form into candy.

CANE, 11. A reed :— a walking-stick.

CANE, V. a. To beat with a cane.

CANE'BKAKE, n. A thicket of canes.

canine', a. Relating to, or like, a dog.

cAn'is-ter, 71. A vessel for holding
tea, &;c. : — a basket made of osiers.

Cank'er (kang'ker), n. An eating or
corroding humor : — a disease in trees.

cank'eb, i: To corrupt ; to corrode.

CANK'ered (kiing'kerd), a. Malignant.

cank'er-ous, a. Corroding,as a canker.

cank'er-worm (wiirm),?!. An insect.

CAN'NA-BINE, a. Pertaining to hemi>.

CAN'Ni-BAL,7t. A person who eats hu-
man 'flesh, [flesh by men.

CAN'Ni-BAL-T§M, Tu Eating of human

CAN'NON,n. A great gun for battery, &c.

CAN-NQN-ADE', V. a. To attack or bat-
ter with cannons. [nons.

can-non-ade', n. An attack with can-

can'npn-bal,l, I ». A ball to be shot

can'nqn-shot, \ fit^m a cannon.

can-NPN-eer',71. a manager of cannon.

can'non-vr66f,c. Proof against can-

cAn'not, r. 7!. To be unable. [non.

ca-n6e' (k^-noOj n- A small boat.

cXn'on, 71. ' A rule: — Holy Scriptures:
— a dignitary in cathedrals, [prebend.

CAN'ON-Ess, 71. A woman possessed of a

ca-n6n'i-cal, a. According to the
canon; regular; spiritual. [clergy.

CA-n6n'i-c^ls, n. pi. Dress of the

c a-n6n'i-c ATE ,77. The oflice of a canon.

ciN'pN-isT^77. One versed in canon law.

C AN»pN-j-z A'TlpN,77. Act of cauouizing.

CAN'ON-IZE, V. a. To declare to be a
saint ; to enroll as a saint.

CAN'ON-RY, In. OflSce of a canon ; a

cXn'qn-ship, ) benefice in a cathedral.

Can'O-py, 77. A covering over the head.

can'q-py, v. a. To cover with a canopy.

ca-no'rous, a. Musical ; tuneful.

CANT, 77. A- corrupt dialect ; whining
tone ; slang ; hypocritical speech : — a
turn. ' [play the hypocrite.

CXnt, v. n. To speak whiningly ; to

CANT, V. a.^ To sell by auction : — to turn.

CAN'ta-loupe, 77. A small muskmelon.

can-ta'ta, 71. A poem set to music.

can-teen', 71. A vessel for liquors.

cXn'ter, n. An easy gallop, [gently.

Can'ter, v. n. To gallop easily or

can'ti-cle, 77. A song ; a canto.

can'tj-cles, 77. pi. Solomon's Song,

Can'to, 71. A section of a poem.

can'ton, 77. A division of a country.

c an'ton, v. a. To divide into little parts.

can'tqn->i£nt, 77. Quarters for sol'

can-t66n',77. a kind of fustian, [diers.

can'vas, 77. Coarse cloth for sails, &c,

can'vass, v. a. To examine ; to solicit.

can'vass, v. 77. To solicit votes.

can'vass, 77. Examination ; solicitation.

can'vass-er, 77. One who canvasses.

ca'nv, a. Full of canes : like cane.

can-zo-net', 77. A little song. [tic,

caout'chouc (k6'chuk),7i. Gum-elas-

CAP, 77. Covering for the head : — top.

CAP, I', a. To cover the top : — to excel.

ca-pa-bil'i-ty, 77. Capacity ; ability.

CA'PA-BLEJ a. ' Able to hold ; able. [ble.

CA'P^-BLE-NESS, 77. State of being capa-

CA-pA'ciOUS (ka-pa'shus), a. Holding
much ; extensive ; wide ; Targe.

CA-PA9'I-TATE, V. a. To make capable.

CA-PA9'i-TY, 77. State of being capa-
cious or capable ; room; abilit_v.

cap-a-pie', ad. From head to foot.

ca-par'i-son, 77. Gay dress for a horse,

CA-PAR'i-SQN, V. a. To dress pompously,

cipE, 77. A headland : — neck-piece.

c A'PER,77. A leap : — bud used as a pickle,

ca'per, r, 71. To dance; to leap, skip.

CAP-IL-LA'CEoys (kap-il-la'shus), a.
Hairy. See Capillary. [fibr^i*

CA-pil'la-ment, 77. A fine thread or

CAP'iL-LA-RY, 77. Slender like a hair.

CAP' i-TAL, 77. The upper part of a col-
umn.&c: — chief city or to^^Ti : — stock j
principal sum : — a large letter.

CAP'l-TAL, a. Relating to or affecting
the head or life : — chief; principal.

CAP'l-T^L-isT,77. One who has capital.

cap-i-ta'tion,77. Numeration by heads.

CAP' i-TOL, 77. A large temple or edifice

CA-piT'u-L.^R, 77. A statute, [treaty.

CA-PlT'u-LiTE,??. 77. To suiTender by

CA-PiT-u-LA'TlON, 77. Surrender by-
treaty ; cojiditional surrender, [lates.

c^-pxt'v-la-tor,7!. One who capitu-

ca'pon (ka^pnj, 77. A castrated cock.

ca-p6uch' (kEi-p6ch'),77.A monk's hood.

CAP'-PA-PER, 77. Coarse brown paper.

ca-prJce', n. A freak ; fancj-; whim,

CA-PRi"ciovs(ks-prIsh'us), a. Change-
able ; fickle; whimsical; freakish.

CAP'RI-CORN, 77. The tenth sign of the
zodiac ; the winter solstice.

CAP-sIze',j7;. a. To overturn ; to upset.

cap'stan, 77. A machine or engine in
ships, to draw any great weight.

CAP'su-LAR, y a. Relating to a cap-

CAP'su-LA-RY, \ sule ; hollow, as a
eliest or a capsule. [plant.

CAP'suLE, 77. The seed-vessel of a

CAP'TAtN (kap'tju), n. A commander.

AEIOUY, 7077^ }. AEl6u$, sAort/ AEJpyy, oftscwre.— FARE, FABjFASTjF ALL i U£IB,




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