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imal, plant, <fcc., unformed, [tion.

5-mend'a-ble, a. capable of emenda-

Em-en-di'tion, n. correction.

5-m6n'da-to-ry, a. improving.

Em'e-rald, n. a green precious stone.

]E-m6rge', v. n. to rise out of water, &c.

5-mer'|ence, ) n. act of emerging ;

5-mer'|en-cy, ) exigence.

5-mer'gent, a. rising into view.

Em'er bid^, n. pi hemorrhoids ; piles

]'sion, n. act of emerging.

Em'er-y, n. a very hard mineral, [ita

5-met'ic, 71. a medicine causing vom-

Jp-met'jc, a. provoking vomits.

Em'i-grant, n. one who emigrates.

Em'i-grate, v. n, to leave one's native
country to reside in another.

Em-i-gra'tion, n. act of emigrating.

Em'i-nence,n. loftiness ; height; lame.

Em'j-nent, a. high ; exalted ; famous.

Em'i nent-ly, ad. conspicuously.

Em'is-sa-ry, n. one sent on a mission.

5-mTs'sion, n. act of sending out.

5-mit', V. a. to send forth ; to let go.

Em'met, n. an ant ; a p'smire.

E-mol'lient, (e-mol'yent) a. softening.

JE-mol'u-ment, n. profit; advantage.

E-mo'tion, n. a moving of the mind.

]^m-pale', v. a. to fence with a pale ;
to enclose ; to fix on a stake.

Em-pale'ment, n. act of empaling.

|im-park', v. a. to enclose in a park.

Em-per'il, v. a. to endanger ; to peril.

Ein'per-or, n. the ruler of an empire.

Em'pha-sis, n. ; pi. em'pha-se^ ; stress
or force of voice laid on a word.[on.

Em'pha-size, v. a. to place emphasio

Em-phit'ic, ) a. uttered with em-

Em-phat'i-cal, \ phasis ; impressive.

|im-phat'i-cal-ly, ad. strongly ; forcibly

Em'plre, n. an extensive region gov-
erned by an emperor.

Em-plr'ic, or Em'pi-rTc, n. a quack.

Em-pir'i-cal, a. relating to empiricism.

Em-pir'i-cifm, n. dependence on ex-
perience only ; quackery.

Em-pMs'ter, v. a. to cover with plaster.

Em-ploy', r. a. to keep at work; to
exercise ; to use ; to make use of.

JEm-plby', n. business ; occupation.

Em-plby'er, n. one who employs.

Em-plby'ment, n. business ; office.

Em-pbi'^on, (-pbi'zn) v. a. to poison.

Em-po'rj-um, 71. a place of commerce.

Eni-pov'er-ish, v. a. to make poor.

|;m-pbw''er, v. a. to authorize, enable,

Em'press, n. the wife of an emperor.

Em-pri§e', n. enterprise.

Emp'ti-ness, (em'te-nes) n. vacuity.

Emp'ty, (em'te) a. Void ; unfurnished.

Emp'ty, (em'te) v. a, & n. to make voi^.

Emp'ty-ing§, nl pi. lees of beer, &c.

Em-pur'ple, v. a. to make purple.

^in-pyr'e-al, a. formed of fire or light.

Em-py-r6'an, or Jgm-pyr'e-an, n. the
highest heaven.

a,e,i,5,u,y, long; a,G,i,o,u,y, short; a,e,i,o,u,y, oi(iCMre.-fire,far,fistjfiill; heir,herj




Ern-py-re'an, or l^lm-pyr'e-an, a. high-
ly refined ; empyreal.

Em'u-late, v. a. to rival ; to vie with.

Em-u-la'tion, n. rivalry ; contest.

Em'u-la-tive, a. inclined to emulation.

Em'u-la-tor, n. a rival ; a competitor.

^-mul'|ent, a. milking ; draining out.

Em'u-lofis, a. rivalling ; ambitious.

5-mul'sion, re. a lubricating medicine.

E-mul'sive, a. tending to soften.

E-munc'to-ry, n. a secretory gland.

En-a'ble, v. a. to make able, empower.

En-act', V. a. to establish ; to decree.

Rn-act'ment, n. the passing of a bill

$n-act'or,?«.one who enacts.[into a law.

En am'el,u. a. to variegate with colors.

jln-am'el, n. a substance used in en-
amelling ; fine covering of the teeth.

JEn-am'our, v. a. to inflame with love.

jn-c5*e', V. a. to sliut up ; to incage.

^n-camp', v. to pitch tents ; to halt.

En-camp'ment, n. act of encamping.

En-Cdus'tic, a. burnt in.

pn-cuve', V. a. to hide as in a cave.

En-chafe', v. a. to chafe ; to enrage.

En-chain', v. a. to fiisten with a chain.

En-chant', v. a. to charm ; to delight.

En-ch&nt'ment, n. act of enchanting ;
charm; spells; incantation.

En-chant'ress, n. she who enchants.

^n-chase', v. a. to infix ; to adorn.

En-cir'cle, v. a. to surround, environ.

JRii-clTt'ic, a. throwing back, [include.

fiH-close', V. a. to environ, surround,

Eii-clo;<'ure, (en-kl6'zhur) n. act of en-
closing; thing enclosed ; inclosure.

En-c5'mi-ast, n. a panegyrist.

^n-c6-mi-'as'tic, ) a. laudatory: be-

jfcn-co-mi-as'ti-cal, \ stowing praise.

]Rn-co'mi-iim, n. panegyric ; eulogy.

^i-com'pass, (en-kum'pas) v. a. to
enclose ; to encircle ; to surround.

Encore, (ang-kor') ad. again.

5n-cbun'ter, n. battle ; fight ; meeting.

En-cbun'ter, v. a. to meet ; to attack.

En-cbun'ter, v. n. to engage ; to fight.

5u-coar'a*e, (en-kur'aj) v. a. to ani-
mate ; to incite ; to give courage to.

J5n-cour'a*e-ment, (en-kQr'aj-ment) n.
act of encouraging ; favor; support.

pii-cour'a^-Ing, p. a. favoring.

fn-croach', v. n. to invade ; to intrude

$n-cr6a(h'ment,7j. unlawful intrusion.

Jpn-CLJm'ber, v. a. to clog ; to impede.

fn-cum'brance, n. clog ; impediment.

^n-cyc'Ij-cal, a. circular; sent round.

pn-cy-clo-pce'dj-a, n. a dictionaiy of
the arts, sciences, and literature.

En-cyst'ed, a. enclosed in a vesicle.
End, n. conclusion ; final doom ; point ;

period ; termination ; design.
End, c. a. to terminate ; to conclude.
End, ?J. n. to come to an end ; to die.
gn-dani'a*e, r. a. to injure ; to hurt.
a. to expose to danger.

!^n-dan'^er, v.
^n-dear', v. a.

En-dear'ment, n. cause of love ; aflec-

j^n-deav'or, n. eff'ort ; labor ; aim.

^u-deav'or,u. a. & n. to attempt ; to try.

0n-deav'or-er, v, one who endeavors.

En-dem'ic, ) a. peculiar to a country

|;n-dem'i-cal, \ or place.

End'jng, 71. conclusion ; termination.

En'dive, n. a plant used as a salad.

End'less, a. without end ; perpetual.

Endorse', v. a. See Indorse.

^n-dbw', V. a. to furnish with a por-
tion ; to invest ; to enrich.

En-dbw'ment, n. act of endowing.

Eu-due', V. a. to supply with, invest.

5n-dur'a-ble, a. tolerable ; sufferable.

fn-dur'ance, re. state of enduring.

En-dure', v. a. to bear; to sustain.

En-diire', v. re. to last ; to remain.

End 'wife, ad. erectly ; on end.

£n'e-my, re. a foe ; an adversary.

En-er-*et'ic, ) a. forcible; strong;

En-er-get'i-cal, I active; powerful.

En'er-|ize, v. a. to give energy to. •

En'er-|y, n. power ; force ; vigor.

5-ner'vate, v. a. to render feeble.

E-ner'vate, a. weakened; deprived of

En-er-va'tion, n. act of weakening.

$n-fee'ble, v. a. to weaken, enervate.

Jpn-feofF, (en-fef) v. a. to invest with
possessions in fee.

En-feoff^ment, n. act of enfeoffing.

En-fi-lade', n. a straight line. [line.

En-fi-lade', v. a. to pierce in a right

J^n-fbrce', V. a. to strengthen ; to urge ;
to prove ; to constrain.

5n-force'ment, n. act of enforcing.

^n-fran'chi§e, v. a. to make free.

|ln-fran'chi^e-ment, n. act of freeing.

Jpn-ga|e',r. a. to enlist ; to induce ; to
bind ; to employ ; to encounter.

?n-gage', v. n. to conflict ; to fight.

|;n-ga|ed', (en-gajd') p. a. enlisted.

J^n-gal'ed-ness, re. earnestness ; zeal.

$n-ga|e'ment, n. act of engaging;
promise ; employment ; conflict.

En-ga^'ing,p. a. attaching ; attractive.

£n-*eil'der, v. to beget ; to produce.

En'^ine, (en'jin) re. a mechanical in-
strument ; a machine ; an agent.

mten,sir^do,nbr,s6n;buli,bur,rule. ^,Q^,^,^,soff.; e,)&,c,^,hard; ? asz; if aagz; this




Bn-gi-n§Sr', n. one who constructs or
manages engines. [gineer.

En-^i-neer'jng, n. business of an en-

£n'gine-ry, n. engines of war.

^jln-gird', V. a. [i. & p. engirt or en-
girded ;] to encircle.

Eng'lish, (ing'glisli) a. belonging to
England. [of England.

Eng'ljsh, (ing'glish) n. the language

^n-glut', V. a. to swallow ; to glut.

ipn-gbrge', v. to swallow ; to gorge.

gri-grail', v. a. to indent in curve lines.

$n-grain', v. a. to dye in the grain.

|;n-grave', v. a. [i. engraved ; p. en-
graved or engraven :] to cut with a
chisel ; to imprint.

pn-grav'er, n. one who engraves.

JEii-grav'ing, n. work of an engraver.

fn-gross', V. a. to forestall ; to buy up :
— to copy in a large hand.

Pn-gross'er, n. one who engrosses.

fiii-gross'inent, 71. act of engrossing.

fin-gulf, V. a. See Ingulf.

gti-hirice', V. a. to raise ; to increase.

^u-liSnce'nient, n. increase ; aggrava-

g-nig'nia, 71. a riddle. [tion.

E-nig-mat'jc, ) a. partakingof enig-

E-nig-mat'i-cal, I ma; ambiguous.

gn-joln', V. a. to direct ; to enforce.

Igu-jby', V. a. to have or obtain posses-
sion or fruition of; to delight in.

En-jby'a-ble, a. capable of enjoyment.

Pn-jby'ment, 7*. pleasure ; fruition.

En-kin'dle, v. a. to set on fire.

I^u-lard', V. a. to grease ; to baste.

Ign-lar^e', v. a. to increase ; to extend.

^u large',?;. 71. to expatiate ; to swell.

5n large'ment, 71. increase ; release.

]En-lIght'enj (en-ll'tn) v. a. to illumi-
nate ; to supply with light.

5n-list', 77. a. &?i. to enroll ; to engage.

^n-list'ment, 71. act of enlisting.

^lu-U'ven, (en-li'vn) v. a. to make
alive, active, or gay ; to animate.

Jin-lT'ven-er, n. he or that wiiich enli-

Eii'mj-ty, 7t. hatred ; hostility, [vens.

5n-no'ble, v. a. to mak^; noble, exalt.

gn-no'ble-ment, 71. exaltation.

Jgl-nbr'mi-ty, n. depravity , atrocity.

g-nbr'nious, a. excessive ; very bad.

]E-nbr'niOijs-ly, ad. beyond measure.

jg-nougli', (e-nuf) a. suthcient.

f^-noQgh', (e-nuf) 77. a sufficiency.

ig-nough', (e-niif ) ad. in a sufficient

jpii-qulre', v. to ask. See Inquire.

Ipn-qui'ry, n. See Inquiry.

Pn-iage', ?;. a. to make furious ; to vex.

5n-rSnk', v. a. to place in ranks.

Jn-i^pt'ure, (en-iupt'yur) v. a. totranft
port with pleasure ; to enchant.

5n-rich', V. a. to make rich, fertilize.

5n-rTch'ment, 71. act of making rich.

En-i6be', v, a. to dress ; to clothe.

5u-r6ll', V. a. to register; to inwrap.

4ln-r6l'ment, 71. a register ; record.

]pn-r66t', ?;.,a. to fix by the root.

^n-san'gujne, (en-sang'gwjn) v. a. to
smear or stain with blood.

5n-sconce', 7;. a. to shelter ; to secure.

4;n-s6al', V. a. to impress ; to seal.

jpn-shield', (en-sheld') v. a. to shield.

5n-shrine', v. a. to preserve as sacred.

En'sign, (en'sin) 71. a flag or standard
of a ship or regiment ; an officer.

En'sjgn-cy, (-sin-) 77. office of ensign.

jgn-slave', v. a. to reduce to slavery.

4ln-slave'ment, 7t. servitude ; slavery.

^n-slav'er, 71. one who enslaves.

5n-stiire', v. a. to entrap ; to insnare.

^u-sn'lrl', V. a. to entangle ; to snarl.

5n-sue', V. n. to follow ; to succeed.

jpn-sure', (en-shur') 7;. a. See Imrure.

j^n-tiib'la-tdre, 71. part of a column.

5n-tail',77. an estate limited in its de-
scent, [an estate to a particular heir.

En-tail', v. a. to settle the descent ol

Jn-tail'ment, 77. act of entailing.

jgln-tan'gle, v. a. to twist ; to involve.

|ln-tan'gle-ment, 7i. involution.

^n-tan'gling, p. a. involving.

fin'ter, v. a. & n. to go in ; to initiate.

£n'tei-pri?e, 77. a bold undertaking.

En'ter-pri^-jng, «. having enterprise.

£n-ter-tain', v. a. to treat at the table ;
to keep ; to cherish ; to amuse.

£ii-ter-tain'er, 77. one who entertains.

En-ter-iain'ing, a. amusing ; diverting.

En-ter-tdin'menl, 71. act of entertain-
ing ; a feast ; amusement ; diversion

5n-thr6ne', v. a. to place on a throne.

]^n-thu'§i-a^ni, n. iieat of imagination,
ardent zeal ; fanaticism.

5 n-thu'^i ast, ?7. a zealot ; a fanatic.

En-thu-^i-as'tjc, a. zealous ; ardent.

gn-tice', V. a. to allure to ill, incite.

jpii-tice'inent, 71. act of enticing.

^u-tl(j'ing, p. a. alluring to i.l.

En tire', a. whole ; undivided ; full.

En-tlre'ly, ad. in the whole; fully.

^n-ti'tle, V. a. to '/ive a title or a right
to ; to superscribe ; to style.

Erftj-ty, 7J. a real being. [tomb,,

^n-tonil)', (en-tonf) v. a. to put into u

En-to-niol'o-glst, 7i. one versed in ehto-

a,5,i,5,u,y, lonnr; a,e,i,o,u,y, short; ^,e,\,Q,\i,y, o6j,-C7irc.-fire,far,fast,full; heir,her




En-t9-mol'9-^, n. the natural history

of insects.
En'trails, n. pi. intestines ; bowels.
En'trance, n. act of entering ; avenue.
5n-trance', r. a. to put into a trance,
pn-ti^p', V, a. to insnare ; to catch,
jfln-treat', v. to importune ; to beseech,
ipn-trea'ty, n. petition ; prayer.
En'trj', n. passage ; entrance ; ingress,
fin-twine', v. a. See Fntwine.
g-nu'cle-ate, v. a. to disentangle.
]p-nu'me-rate, v. a. to number.
5-nu-me-ra'tion, n. act of numbering.
|i-nun'ci-ate, (e-nun'she-at) v. a. to

declare ; to relate ; to announce.
5-nun-ci-a'tion, (e-nun-she-a'shun) n.

declaration ; manner of utterance.
5n-vel'op, V. n. to inwrap ; to cover,
jgn-vel'op, V. a wrapper.
Envelope, ("ang-ve-l6p') n. a wrapper,
pn-vel'op-ment, n. entanglement.
]^n-ven'om, v. a. to taint ; to poison.
En'vi-a^ble, a. that may excite envy.
En'vj-ous, a. full of envy ; jealous.
5n-vi'ron, v. a. to surround, enclose,
jjn-vi'ron?, or En'vi-ron?, n. pi. places

adjacent ; neighborhood.
En'vby, n. a public minister sent from

one government to another.
En'vby-ship, 71. the office of an envoy.
En'vy, V. a. to hate or grieve at an-
other's good ; to grudge
En'vy, n. vexation at another's good.
E'pact, n. the excess of the solar month

or solar year above the lunar.
5-paule'ment, n. a side-work made of

earth, in fortification.
Ep-au-let', n. a shoulder-knot.
E'pha, n. a Hebrew measure of a little

more than three pecks.
]gl-phem'e-ra, n. an insect that lives

only one day.
5-pbem'e-ral, a. lasting only a day.
jp-phera'e-ris, n. ,• pi. eph-e-mer'j-de? ;

a calendar ; an account of the daily

motions of the planets.
Eph'od, n. a girdle worn by the Jew-
Ep'jc, a. narrative ; heroic, [ish priests.
Ep'ic, n. an epic or heroic poem.
Ep-i-ce'di an, a. elegiac ; mournful.
Ep'i-cene, a. common to both sexes.
Ep'i-cure, n. one given to luxury.
Ep-j-cu-re'an, n. one of the sect of Ep-
icurus ; an epicure.
Ep-i-cu-re'an, a. devoted to pleasure.
Ep'i-cu-ri§m, n. voluptuousness.
Ep-i-dem'ic, n. a disease that attacks

many persons at the same time.

Ep-l-d5m'|c, ) a. general ; affecffng

Ep-i-dem'i-cal, ] great numbers.

Ep'i-dote, n. a mineral. [a point.

Ep'j-gram, n. a short poem ending in

Ep-i-gram-mat'ic, ) a, like an epi-

Ep-i-gram-mat'j-cal, \ gram ; pointed

Ep-igram'm^i-tist, n. a writer of epi-

Ep'i-graph, n. an inscription, [grams

Ep'|-lep-sy, n. falling sickness.

Ep-i-lep'tic, a. relating to epilepsy.

Jg-pil-o-^is'tic, a. pertaining to an epi-
logue, [speech at the end of a play.

Ep'j-logue, (ep'e-log) n. a poem or

]p-plph'a-ny, n. a festival on the I2th
day after Christmas. [by bishops.

5-pis'c<?-pa-cy, 71. church government

]p-pis'c9-pal, a. relating to episcopacy ;
vested in a bishop. [episcopacy.

?-pis-c^-pa'Ii-an, n. an adherent to

ll-pis'co-pate, n the office of a bishop.

Ep'i-sode, 7i. incidental story ; digres-

jg-pls'tle, (e-pis'sl) 7i. a letter. [sion.

f-pis'to-la-ry, a. relating to epistles.

Ep'i-taph,7i.inscription on a monument.

Ep'i-thet, n. a term ; a title.

^-pit'o-me, 7t. abridgment ; abstract.

?-pit'9 mist, n. one who abridges.

j|-pit'o-mize, v. a. to abridge, reduce.

Ep'och, or K'poch, n. an era.

Ep'ode, 71. an additional ode.

Ep-o-pee', n. an epic or heroic poem.

E-qua-bil'j-ty, ti. uniformity.

E'qua-ble, a. equal ; even ; uniform.

E'qual, a. like another ; uniform ; just.

E'qual, n. one of the same age or rank.

E'qual, V. a. to make or be equal to.

5-qual'i-ty, (e-kwol'e-te) n. state of

_ being equal ; uniformity.

E-qual-j-za'tion, n. act of equalizing.

E'qual-Ize, v. a. to make equal.

E'qual-ly, ad. in the same degree.

E-qua-nim'i-ty, n. evenness of mind.

^g-qua'tion, 71. act of bringing things
to an equality.

5-qua'tor, ti. a great circle which di-
vides the earth into two equal parts,

_ north and south. [tor.

E-quMo'rj-91, a. relating to the equa-

Eq'uer-ry, (ek'we-re) n. a stable ; an
officer who has the care of horses.

?-ques'tri-an, a. relating to a knight,

_ to a horseman, or horsemanship.

E-qui-an'gu-lar,a. having equal angles.

E-quj-dls'tant, a. at the same distance.

E-qui-forra'i-ty, n. uniform equality

E-qui-lat'er-al, a. having equal sides.

E-qui-li-bra'tion, n. even balance.

E-qui-lib'ri-oiis, a. equally poised.

tDien,srrjda,nbr,s6njbull,bur,rule. (^,^,<i,^,soft; jB,j&,£,g,ftar(i; ^ as z;j as gz; tfiit




E-quj-lib'ri-ty, n. equality of weight.

E-qui-lib'rj-um, n. equipoise.

E'quine, a. relating to horses.

E-qui-noc'tifil,a.relatingto the equinox.

E-qui-noc'tigil, n. the equator.

E'qui-nox, n. the time in which the sun
enters into the first point of Aries or
of Libra, when the nights and days
are of equal length.

^-quTp', V. a. to furnish ; to accoutre.

Eq'ui-pa|e, (ek'we-paj) n. furniture for
a horseman ; accoutrements.

g-quip'ment, n. act of equipping.

E'qui-pbi§e, n. equality of weight.

E-qui-pol'lence, 71. equality of force.

E-qui-pol'lent, a, having equal power.

E-qui-pon'der-^nce, 71. equal weight.

E-qui-pon'der-ant, a. equal in weight.

E-qui-ro'tal, a. having equal rotation.

Eq'ui-ta-ble, (ek'we-ta-bl) a. just ;
right ; impartial ; fair.

Eq'ui-ta-bly, arf. justly ; impartially.

Eq'ui-ty, (elt'we-te) n. justice ; right.

Jg-quiv'^-lence, 71. equality of power.

]|-quiv'a-lent, a. equal in value, merit,
or power. [value.

]^-quiv'a-lent, n. a thing of the same

5-quiv'o-cal, a. ambiguous ; uncertain.

5-quiv'o-cal-ly, ad. ambiguously.

]^-quiv'o-cate, v. n. to evade, quibble.

^-quiv-o-ca'tion, n. a quibble ; evasion.

]E-quiv'o-ca-tor, who equivocates.

Eq'ui-voke, n. an ambiguous term'.

E'rst, 7J. an epoch ; a pei'iod of time.

5-ra'di-ate, v. n. to shoot iike a ray.

]^-rad'i-cate, v. a. to root up ; to end.

JS-rad-i-ca'tion, w. act of eradicating.

$-rase', v. a. to expunge ; to rub out.

$-rase'ment, n. act of erasing.

^-ra'^ion, n. act of erasing ; erasure.

jp-ra^'ure, (e-ra'zhur) n. act of erasing.

Ere, (ir) ad.&cprep. before; sooner than.

Ere-long', (ar-long') ad. before long.

5-rect', V. a. to place upright ; to raise.

?-rect', a. upright; not leaning; firm.

J?-rec'tion, n. act of raising ; elevation.

?-rect'ness, n. uprightness of posture.

Er'got, w. excrescence in grain ; spur.

Er'mine, n. an animal and its fur.

^-r5de', V. a. to eat away ; to corrode.

^-rS'^ion, (e-ro'zhun) n. corrosion.

Err, (er) v, n. to miss the right wa}' ;
to commit error ; to mistake.

Er'rand, w. a message ; mandate ; com-

Er'rant, a. wandering; roving ; bad.

gr-rat'ic, a. wandering. [printing.

ifr-ra'tum, n. ; pi. er-ra'ta ; an error in,

Err'ing, p. a. committing error ; fallible

5r-r6'ne-oi3s, a. incorrect ; false ; un-

|;r-r6'ne-ous-Iy, ad. by mistake, [true.

Er'ror, w. a mistake ; blunder ; offence

Erst, ad. first ; formerly ; till now.

Er-u-bes'cence,M. redness ; a blush.

Er-u-hes'cent, a. reddish ; blushing.

Er-uc-ta'tion, ?i. the act of belching.

Er'u-dite, a. learned ; well-read.

Er-u-di"tion, (er-ii-dish'un) n. knowl-
edge of books ; literature ; learning,

51-riip'tion, n. act of bursting forth : —
efflorescence ; pustule ; humor.

]^-ri3p'tive, a. having an eruption.

Er-y-sip'e-las, n. an inflammation of
the skin, called St. Anthony's fire.

Er-y-sj-pel'fi-tous, a. having erysipelas

Es-ca-lade', n. act of scaling walls.

Es-cape', v. a. to shun ; to flee from.

Es-cape', v. n. to fly ; to avoid danger.

i^s-cape', 71. act of escaping ; flight.

|is-cape'ment, n. that part of a watch
which regulates its movements.

Es'char, n. a scab on a wound,

^s-cheat', n. lands forfeited to the
state by want of heirs, [ure of heirs.

Es-ch5at', i\ 71. to be forfeited by fail-

5s-chew', (es-chii') v. a. to shun.

Es'cort, 71. a military force for a guard.

^s-cort', V. a. to attend as a guard.

Es'cu-lent, a. good for food ; eatable.

]Els-cutch'eon,(e3-kiich'un)?u the shield
of a family ; ensigns armorial.

Es-paKier, 71. a tree on a frame.

Es-pe^'ial, (es-pesh'al) a. chief; special.

js-pe^'ial-ly, (es-pesh'ai-e) ad. chiefiy.

Espi-o-na*e, n. a close watch.

Es-pia-nade', 71. the sloping of a coun-
terscarp ; a glacis : — a grass-plot.

53-pbu'§al, a. relating to the act of es-
pousing, [riage.

Es-pbu'§alf, 71. pi, a contract of mar

ils-pbu^e', V, a. to betroth ; to defend

^s-py', V. a. & 71. to see, discover, look

Es-quire', 71. title of a justice of the

^s-qulre', v. a. to attend, [peace, &;c.

^s-say', V. a. to attempt ; to try ; to
endeavor. [treatise ; a tract.

Es'say, 71, an attempt ; a trial ; a short

Es'say-ist, n. a writer of essays.

Es'sence, 71. the nature or substance
of any thing ; existence : — perfume.

Es'sence, v. a, to perfume ; to scent.

^s-sen'tial, a. necessary ; principal.

Es-sen'ticil-ly, ad. necessarily ; chiefly.

Es-lab'lish, v. a. to settle; to fix, found.

Igs-tab'lish-ment, ti. settlement ; fixed
state ; foundation ; allowance.

6,e,I,o,ii,y, /onjO-;a.,e,i,o,u,y, short} ?je,i,9,u,y, o&5CMre.-fire,fir,fS3t,fa.ll; heir,heiy




^s-tate', n. fortune ; possession ; rank.

ps-teem', v. a. to value, prize, think,

$s-teem', n. estimation ; high regard.

Es'ti-ma-ble, a. worthy of esteem.

Es'tj-mate, v. a. to set a value on.

Es'ti-mate, n. computation ; valuation.

Es-ti-ma'tion, n. esteem ; valuation.

£s'ti-ma-tor, n. one who estimates.

fis'ti-val, a. relating to the summer.

5s-top', V. a. to bar ; to stop.

Jps-top'pel, n. a stop to a legal process.

!5s-tran|;e', v. a, to make strange, alien-

$s-tran*e'ment, n. alienation. [ate.

jls-tray', ii. a beast lost ; a straj'^.

Est'u-a-r}', tj. arm of the sea ; frith.

Est'u-ate, V. a. to swell and boil.

£st-ii-a'tion, n. act of boiling.

Etch, V. a. to engrave on copper by
means of aqua-fortis. [plate.

Etch'ing, n. an impression of a copper-

5-ter'nal, a. without beginning or end.

JE-ter'nal, n. an appellation of God.

Ip-ter'nal-ly, ad. forever ; always.

JE-ter'ni-ty, n. duration without end.

J|-ter'nize, v. a. to make eternal.

E'ther, n. an element purer than air :
— a fluid exceedingly volatile.

£-the're-al, a. formed of ether.

Eth'ic, ) a. relating to ethics or mor-

£th'i-cal, j als ; moral.

£th'i-cal-ly, ad. in an ethical manner.

Eth'ics, n. pi. the science of morals.

E'thi-op, n. a native of Ethiopia j a

Eth'njc, } a. heathen ; pagan ; re-

Eth'ni-cal, ^ lating to ethnology.

jpth-nog'ra-phy, n. a description of the
races of men. [men.

?th-nol'o-^y, n. a treatise on races of

j; thol'o-^y, TO. a treatise on ethics.

E'ti-o-late, v. a. & 7*. to whiten in shade.

£t-i-quette', (et-e-ket') to. ceremony;
civility. [mology.

Et-y-mo-16*'i-cal, a. relating to ety-

El-y-mol'o *ist, TO. one versed in ety-

Et-y-mol'o-|y, to. the derivation of
words : — a treatise on grammar.

£t'y-mon, n. a"^rimitive word.

Eu'cha-rist, to. the Lord's supper.

Eii-cha-ris'tic, ) a relating to the

Eu-cha-ris'ti-cal, \ Lord's supper.

Eu-di-om'e-ter, to. an instrument to
determine the purity of the air.

Eu-log'i-cal, (yu-loj'e-kal) a. contain-
ing praise.

Eu'lo *Tst, TO. one who eulogizes.

Eu-l6'*i-um, TO. same as eulngy.

Eii'lo-gize, 77. a. to commend, praise.

Eu'lo-*y, TO. a panegyric ; praise.

Eu'nuch, n. one that is castrated.

Ea-pep'tic, a. easj' of digestion.

Eu'phem-i§m, to. use of an inoffensive
word instead of an indelicate one.

Eu-phon'ic, ) a. sounding agreea

Eu-phon'i-cal, ) bly ; harmoniou.««.

Eu-pho'ni-ous, a. hai'monious.

Eu'pho-ny, n, agreeable sound.

Eu-ro-pe'an, a. relating to Europe.

Eu-ro-pe'an, to. a native of Europe.

Eu'rus, n. the east wind.

Eu-than'a-sy, to. an easy death.

5-vac'u-ant, to. a purgative medicine.

|i-vac'u-ate, v. a. to empty j to quit.

E-vac-u-a'tion, w. discharge.

?-vade', V. a. to elude ; to avoid.

Ev-a-nes'cence, to. act of vanishing.

Ev-a-nes'cent, a. vanishing.

E-van-gel'i-cal, or Ev-an-gel'i-cal, a.
agreeable to the gospel. [gospel.

Jp-van'ge-lT^m,?!. the preaching of the

4i-van'*e-list, to. a preacher of the
gospel. [gospel.

5-van'*e-lIze, v. a. to instmct in the

E-vap'o-rate, v. to. & a. to fly off or dis-
perse in vapor.

^-vap-o-ra'tion, to. act of evaporating.

5-va'§ion, to. subterfuge ; artifice.

]|-va'sive, a. using evasion j elusive.

Eve, or E'ven, (6'vn) to. the evening.

E'ven, (e'vn) a. \eve\; uniformj equal ;

_ parallel ; calm j quiet; not odd.

E'ven, (e'vn) v. a. to make even.

E'ven, ad. verily ; likewise ; still.

E'ven-ing, n. the close of the da}\

E-vent', TO. issue ; end; consequence.

5-vent'ful, a. full of events.

E'ven-tide, n. the time of evening.

5-vent'u-al, a. ultimate ; final.

Ev'er, ad. at any time ; always.

Ev'er-green, a. verdant throughout the

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