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Ful'ness, n. state of being full.
Ful'some, a. nauseous ; offensive.
Futn'ble, v. to manage awkwardly.
Ffim'bler, n. one who acts awkwardly.
Fume, 71. smoke ; vapor ; rage.
Fume, V. n. to smoke ; to be in a rage.
Fii'mi-gate, v, a. to smoke ; to cleanse.
Fu-mi-ga'tion, n. act of fumigating.
Fu'myj a. filled with fumes ; smoky.
Fun, n. sport ; high merriment ; frolic.
Fu-nam'bu-list, n. a rope-dancer.
Func'tion, n. employment ; office.
Func'tion-al, a. relating to some office.
Func'tion-a-i7,n. one who has an office.
Fund, 71. stock ; capital ; money.
Fund, V. a. to place in the funds.
Fiin'da-ment, n. the seat of the body.
Fiin-da-ment'Eil, a. serving for the

foundation ; essential ; important.
Fun-da-ment'al-ly, ad, essentially.
Fu'ner-al, n. burial ; interment.
Fu'ner-al, a. relating to burial.
Fu-ne're-al, a. suiting a funeral ; dark.
Fun-gos'j-tyj «• unsolid excrescence.
Fiin'gous, a. like a fungus ; excrescent.
Fun'gus,7i. a mushroom ; excrescence.
Fu'ni-cle, 7t. a small cord ; a fibre, [bre.
Fu-nic'u-lEir, a. consisting of cord or fi-
Fun'nei, n. a pipe or passage ; a shaft.
Fun'ny, a. comical ; droll. [hair.

Fiir, 71. soft hair: — a skin with soft
Fur, V. a. to line or cover with fur, &c.
Fur'be-loW, n. fur, fringe, or plaited

border on a garment. [lows.

Fiir'be-low, v. a. to adorn with furbe-
Fiir'bish, v. a. to burnish ; to polish.
Fiir'cate, Fiir'cat-ed, a. fork-shaped.
Fu'ri-ous, a. mad ; frantic ; raging.
Fii'ri-ous-ly, ad. in a furious manner.
Fiirl, V. a. to draw up ; to contract.
Fiir'long, n. the eighth part of a mile.
Fiir'lough, (f iir'l5)7i. a temporary leave

of absence from military service.
Fur'nace, n. an enclosed fireplace ; a

place for melting metals.

Fur'nish, v. a. to supply ; to equip.
Flir'nish-er, n. one who furnishes.
Fiir'ni-ture, n, goods in a house for use

or ornament ; movables ; equipage.
Fur'ri-er, 71. a dealer in furs.
Fur'row, n. a long trench or hollow.
Fur'row, (f fir'ro) v. a. to cut in furrows
Fiir'ry, a. covered with or having fur.
FUr'ther, a. more remote ; farther.
Fiir'ther, ad. to a greater distance.
Fur'ther, v. a. to forward ; to promote.
Fur'ther-ance, n. promotion ; aid.
Fur'ther-er, n. a promoter.
Fiir'ther-m5re, ad. moreover ; besides
FUr'thest, or Fiir't&er-most,a. most dis
Fiir'tive, a. stolen ; thievish. [tant
Fu'ry, 71. madness ; rage ; frenzy.
Furze, n. gorse ; a prickly shrub , goss.
Furz'y, a. overgrown with furze.
Fu§e, V. a. to melt ; to liquefy by heat.
Fu§e, V. n. to be melted ; to melt, [ket
Fu-§ee', 71. part of a watch : — a mus-
Fu-ii-bil'j-ty, 71. state of being fusible.
Fu'fi-ble, a. that may be melted,
Fu'|il,a. capable of being melted, [ket.
Fii'fi], (fu'zil or fu-ze') n, a email mus-
Fu-§i-leer',7i. a soldier armed with a fu-
Fu'^ion, (-zhun) n. act of melting, [sil.
Fuss, n. a tumult ; bustle ; noise.
Fiist, n. the shaft of a column.
Fust'i^m, (fust'ysin) n. a kind of cloth.
Fust'ian,a.made of fustian: — pompous.
Fus'tic, n. a wood used in dyeing.
Fust'y, a. ill-smelling ; mouldy.
Fu 'tile, a. trifling 5 worthless; vain.
Fu-til'i-ty, 71. state of being futile.
Fiit'tocks, 71. pi. the lower tinrtbers in

a ship. [after.

Fut'ure, (fut'yur) a. that will be here-.
Fut'ure, (fiit'yur) n. time to come.
Fu-tu'ri-ty, n. future time.
Fuzz, V. 71. to fly out in small particles.
Fuzz' ball, 71. a fungus ; a puff-ball.
Fiiz'zy, a. rough and shaggy.
Fy, or Fie, inteTJ. a word of blame


GAB, n. the mouth ; loquacity ;
Gab-ar-dine', n. a coarse frock.
Gab'ble, v. n. to talk idly ; to prate.
Grab'ble, n. loud, idle talk ; prate.
Ga'ble, n. the triangular end of a house.
Gad, n. an ingot of steel ; a graver.

Gad, V. n. to ramble about ; to rove idly
Gad'fly, n. a fly that stings cattle.
Gaff, n. a harpoon or hook : — a boom.
Gaf'fle, n. a spur put upon a cock.
Gag, V. a. to stop the mouth ; to shut.
Gag, n. something to stop the mouth.
Ga*e, n. a jjledge ; a pawn ; a rule.

a,e,I,o,u,y, longi a,e,i,G,u,y, shorti fi,e,j,9,u,y, o64-cMre.-fire,fir,fist,fail; heir,he»j




Ga^e, V. a. to engage : — to measure.

Gain, n. profit ; advantage ; interest.

Gain, v. a. to obtain ; to win ; to get.

Gain, »>. n. to grow rich ; to advance.

Gain'ful, a. profitable ; lucrative.

Gain'less, a. unprofitable ; useless.

Gain-say', v. a, to contradict ; to deny.

Gain-say'er, n. a contradicter.

G4ir'ish,a. gaudy; fine; gay; showy.

Gait, n. walk; manner of walking.

Gait'er, n. a covering for the leg.

Ga'la, n. a festival ; a show ; mirth.

Gal'ax-y, 71. the milky way. -

Gale, n. a strong wind ; a gust.

Ga-l6'na, n. a sulphuret of lead.

Gall, n. the bile ; bitterness : — rancor.

Gill, V. a. to rub off the skin ; to tease.

Gal'lant, a. brave ; intrepid ; daring.

Gal-lint', a. polite ; attentive to ladies.

Gal-lSint', n. a polite man ; wooer.

Gal-lint', v.a. to pay attention to ladies.

Gal-14nt'ly, ad. like a gallant.

Gal'lant-ly, ad. bravely ; generously.

Gal'lant-ry, n. quality of being gallant ;
bravery ; generosity ; courtship.

Gral'ler-y, n. a covered passage ; a bal-
cony round a building.

Gal'ley, n. a flat-built vessel : — a frame
which receives the types from the
printer's composing stick,

Gral'lic, or Gal'li-can, a. relating to Gaul
or France ; French,

GsLll'ic, a. relating to the gall-nut.

Gal'li-cif m, n. a French idiom.

Gal-li-gas'kin§, n. pi. large, open hose.

Gal-li-na'ceous, (-na'shus) a. denoting
pheasants or barndoor fowls.

Gai'H-pot, 71. a pot painted and glazed,

Gall'-nut, n. an excrescence on a spe-
cies of oak, used in making ink.

Gal'lon, n. a measure of four quarts.

G^l-166n', 71. a coarse lace ; a ferret,

Gal'bp, V. n. to move very fast.

Gal'lop, n. swiftest motion of a horse.

Gal'lows, (gal'lus) n. an erection for
'hanging criminals,

Ga-lo^he', (ga-losh') 72. a shoe worn
over another shoe or a boot.

Gal-van'ic, a. relating to galvanism.

Gal'van-i^m, n. a branch of electricity.

Gal'van-ize, v. a. to affect with galvan-

Gam'bit, 71. a game at chess. [ism.

Gam'ble, v. n. to play for money.

Gam'bler, 71. one addicted to gambling.

Gam-bo*e', n. a gum-resin.

Gam'bol, v. a. to skip ; to leap.

Gara'bol, n. a skip ; a hop ; a leap

Gam'brel, 71. the hind leg of a horse.

Game, 71. sport; play; a contest:^
animals hunted : — a solemn con-
test, as the Grecian games.

Game, v.n. to play for money, gamble.

Game'some, (gam'sum) a. frolicsome.

Game'ster, n. one addicted to gaming.

Gam'ing, n. the practice of gamesters.

Gam'mon, 71. the thigh of a hog salted
and dried: — a kind of play with dice.

Gam'ut, 71. the scale of musical notes.

Gan'der, 71. the male of the goose.

Gang, n. a company ; a ship's crew.

Gan'gli-on, 7i. a tumor in a tendon.

Gan'grene, n. a mortification. [tify.

Gan'grene, v. a. &. n. to corrupt ; to mor-

Gan'gre-noiis, a. mortified ; putrefied.

Gangue, (gang) n. the matrix of an ore,
or the course of a mineral vein.

Gang'way, 71. a passage in a ship.

Gan'net, n. a large aquatic bird.

Gant'let, n. a military punishment.

^aol, (jal) n. a prison ; a jail : — writ-

9^aol'er, (jal'er) n. a jailer, [ten jail.

Gap, 71. an opening ; a breach.

Gape, or Gape, v. n. to open the mouth
wide ; to yawn ; to stare.

Garb, 71. dress ; clothes ; apparel.

Gar'ba^e, n. the bowels ; the offal.

Gar'ble, v. a. to pick out ; to separate.

Gar'den, (-dn or -den) n. an enclosed
space for plants, flowers, or fruits.

G'ar'den-er, 71. a cultivator of a garden.

Gar'ga-rlze, v. a. to gargle.

Gar'get, 71. a disease in cattle.

Gar'gie, v. a. to wash the throat and
mouth with a liquid. [throat, &c.

Gar'gie, 71. a liquor for washing the

Gar'Iand, 71. a wreath of flowers, &c.

Gar'land, v. a. to deck with a garland.

Gar'lic, n. a strong-scented plant.

Gar'ment, 71. any covering for the body.

Gar'ner, n. a place for grain ; a granary.

Gar'ner, v. a. to store, as in a granary.

Gar'net, 71. a mineral or gem.

Gar'nish, v. a. to decorate ; to adorn.

Gar'nisb,?i. decoration; embellishment.

Gar'nish-ment, n. embellishment.

Gar'ni-tiire, ti. embellishment.

Gar'ret, 71. the upper room of a house.

Gar'ri-son, (gar're-sn) n. a body of
troops in a fortified place.

Gar'ri-son, (gar're-sn) v, a. to securs
by fortresses, &c. [ness. .

Gar-ru'li-ty, n. loquacity ; talkative-

Gar'ru-loiis, a. prattling ; talkative.

Gar'ter, n. a band to fasten a stocking

Gar'ter, v. a. to bind with a garter.

Gas, 71. an elastic, aeriform fluid.

in£en,sir;d6,nbr,s6n3buli,bur,rule. (^,^,(^,^,soft; £,JGryC,g,luird; § as zj ^' as gz; this




GSs-con-5de', n, a boast ; a bravado.

Gas-cgn-ade', v. n. to boast ; to bluster.

Ga^'e-oiis, a. having the form of gas.

Gash, V. a. to make a gash in.

Gash, n. a deep cut ; a gaping wound.

Gas'kin^, n. pi. wide, open hose.

Gas'llght, (gas'llt) 71. light procured by
the combustion of gas. [to gape.

GSsp, V. n. to pant or catch for breath ;

Gasp, n. a catch of breath ; a gape,

Gas'tric, a. belonging to the stomach.

Gas-tril'o-quy, n. ventriloquism.

Gfis-tron'o-my, n. delight in eating.

Gate, n. a large door ; a passage.

Gate'way, n. a way through gates.

Gath'er, v. a. & n. to collect ; to pick
up ; to assemble ; to contract.

Gatfi'er, n. a pucker ; a plait.

G^ath'er-er, n, one who gathers.

Gau'di-ness, 71. showiness ; finery.

Gau'dy, a. showy ; ostentatiously fine.

Gau^e, (gajr) v. a. to measure with re-
spect to the capacity of a vessel.

Gauge, (gaj) n. a measure ; a standard.

Gau|'er, (gaj'er) n. one who gauges.

Gaunt, (gant) a. thin; lean 3 meagre.

Gaunt'let, n. an iron glove.

Gauze, n. a thin, transparent silk.

Gave, i. from Give.

Gav'el, n. a little pile of reaped grain.

Gawk, n. a cuckoo : — a gawky.

Giwk'y, n. an awkward person.

Gawk'y, a. awkward ; clownish.

Gay, a. airy ; merry ; fine ; showy.

Gay'e-ty, n. cheerfulness ; mirth.

Gay'ly, ad. merrily; cheerfully; finely.

Gaze, V. n. to look intently.

Gaze, 71. an intent or eager look.

Ga-zelle',7i. a small, beautiful antelope.

Ga-zette', n. a newspaper.

Ga-zette', v. a. to insert in a gazette.

Gaz-et-teer',7i. geographical dictionary.

Gaz'ing-stock, n. a person gazed at.

jGear, n. furniture ; dress ; harness.

;6reese, (§es) n. pi. of Ooose.

Gel'a-ble, a. that may be congealed.

^el'a-tine, a. viscous ; gelatinous.

^ei'a-tine, n. an animal substance of
the consistence of jelly.

^e-Iat'i-nous, a. containing gelatine or
jelly ; viscous ; cohesive.

;&eld, V. a. [i. & p. gelded or gelt ;] to
castrate ; to mutilate.

jSeld'ing, v. a castrated horse.

Gel'id, (jel'jd) a. extremely cold.

yel'iy, n. See Jelly.

;&elt, i. & p. of Oeid. [stone ; a bud.

pein, (jem) n. a jewel ; a precious

(rem, V. a. to adorn, as with jewels,

^eni'i-nl, the Twins ; a sign.

Gem'me-ofis, a. pertaining to gems.

Gem'my, (jern'me) a. full of gems.

Gen'der, n. the distinction of sex.

^en'der, v. a. & n. to beget ; to pro-
duce ; to breed. [alogy.

Gen-e-a-lo^'i-cal, a. relating to gejie-

^en-e-al'o-gist, n. one who traces de^
scents, [scent of families ; pedigree.

Gen-e-al'o-*y, n. a history of the de-

Gen'e-ra, n. pi. of Oenus.

^en'er-al, a. relating to the whole j
public ; extensive ; common.

^en'er-al, 71. the connnander of an
army. [of an army.

Gen-er-al-is'si-mo, n. the chief office*

^en-er-al'i-ty, n. main body ; bulk.

^en-er-al-i-za'tion, n. act of general-
izing, [general heads.

(^en'er-al-ize, v. a. to arrange under

^en'er-al-ly, general; commonly.

Gen'er-al-ship, n. conduct of a general.

06n'er-al-ty,7i. the whole ; the totality.

(ruji'er-ate, v. a. to beget; to produce.

y^en-er-a'tion, n. act of begetting ; u
race; offspring; an age.

Gen'er-a-tlve, a. producing ; prolific.

y^en'er-a-tor,7?.heorthat whicli begets.

Ge-ner'ic, ) a. relating to, or em-

^e-ner'i-cal, \ bracing, the genus.

Gf^n-er-os'i-ty, 71. liberality; bounty.

Gen'er-oias, a. liberal-, munificent. •

^en'er-oiis-ly, ad. liberally.

Gen'e-sis, n. first book of Scripture.

Gen'et, n. a small-sized Spanish horse

Ge-net'ic, a. relating to birth or origin.

Ge'ni-ai, a. natural ; cheerful ; gay.

^S'ni-o, 71. a man of peculiar turn of

^en'i-tive, a. applied to a case of nouns
expressing property or possession ;

Gen'i-tor, n. a sire ; a father.

^rSn'ius, n. ; pi. *en'ius-e§ ; nature ;
mental power; talent. [mon.

^5'ni-us, 7J. ; pi. *e'ni-i ; a spirit; de-

Gen-teel', a. polite ; polished ; elegant.

y-en-teel'ly, ad. elegantly : politely.

GSn'tian, n. a plant and flower.

^en'tlie, n. a pagan ; a heathen.

Gen'tile, a. belonging to heathen.

(^en-til'i-fy, ti. dignity of oirth ; ele-
gance of behavior; gracefulness of
mien ; politeness.

gen'tle, a. soft ; mild ; meek ; tame.
^ jn'tle-folks, (jen'tl foks) n. pi. peo.
pie well bred ; gentry.

a,e,i,r,ii,y, /■oKn';"a,e,T,o,u,y, short; a.e,i,o,u,y, oJ5C«re.-fare,far,fSst,fSlll; heir,her*




ren'tle-man, n. a man well bred.
Jen'tle-mHn-lIke, I a. becoming a gen-
ren'tle-innn-ly, \ tleman ; polite,
i-en'lle-ness, n. softness of manners,
ren't'.y, ad, softly ; meekly ; kindly,
ren'iry, n people above the vulgar.

i-nu-tiec'tion,?i.a bending of the knee.
ren'u-Ine, (jen'yu-in) /. free from adul-
teration ; native ; unalloyed ; real.

^e'nus, (je'nus) n. ; pL gen'e-ra ; a
class comprehending many species,

Gc-o-cen'tric, a. having the earth for

Ge-og'o-ny, n. geology. [its centre.

ye-og'ra-pher, n. one versed in geog-
raphy, [phy.

Crs-o-graph'i-cal, a. relating to geogra-

Oe-og'ra-phy,«.description of the earth.

^e-o-lo*'i-cal, a. relating to geology.

^3-ol'o-*ist, H. one versed in geology.

(^e-ol'o-*y, n. the science of the forma-
tion and structure of the earth.

^e-om'e-ter,7i. one skilled in geometry.

y^j-o-p.iet'rjc, ) a. pertaining to ge-

(^5-o-met'ri-cal, \ ometry.

(^3-o-met'ri-cal-ly, ad. according to ge-
ometry, [ometry.

^e-om-e-tri"c!an, n. one versed in ge-

(p^e-om'e-tr\-,7!.the science which treats
of the properties of figured space,

Gre-o-pon'ic, a. agricultural, [ture.

Ge-o-pon'jcs, n. pi. science of agricul-

^edr'^ic, n. a poem on agriculture.

Ge-ra'ni-um, n. a plant ; cranebill.

Germ, n. a sprout ; a shoot ; a bud.

^er'man, a. related by blood ; akin.

fter'mi-nant, a. sprouting; branching.

^ar'mi-nate, i:. n. to sprout ; to shoot.

Ger-nii-na'tion, n. act of sprouting.

^er'und, n. a kind of verbal nonn.

Ges-ta'tion, n. the bearing of young,

Ges-tic'u-late, v. to use gestures, act.

Ges-tic-u-la'tion, n. action ; gesture.

Q-est'ure, (jest'jur) n. action or posture
expressive of sentiment.

jGet, V. a. [i. &. p. got ;] to obtain, win.

j&et, V. n. to arrive at ; to become.

jGevv'gaw, n. a showy trifle ; a toy.

jGhist'Ii-ness, n. frightful aspect.

jGhSst'ly,a. like a ghost ; pale ; dismal.

^Iher'kjn, n. small pickled cucumber.

j&host, n. the soul of man ; a spirit.

jGhost'h', a. like a ghost ; spiritual.

£^hyll, (|il) n. a mountain torrent.

Gi'ant, n. a man of extraordinary size,

6i'ant-ess, n. a female ^ant,

pi'ant-like, or ^I'stnt-ly, a. gigantic.

Gib'ber, v. n. to speak inarticulately

Gib'ber-ish, n. cant ; prate.

Gib'bet, (jib'bel) n. a gallows,
^rib'bet, V. u. to hang on a gibbet.
jGjb-bos'i-ty, n. convexity.
Gib'bous, a. convex ; protuberant.
Gibe, V. to scolT; to deride ; to taunt.
Gibe, 71, a sneer ; a scoff; a taunt,
§Mb'lets, n. pi. entrails of a goose, &c
Gid'di-ness, n. the state of being giddy.
.Gid'dy,^;. whirling ; inconstant ; wild
Gift, 71, a thing given ; a present.
Gift'ed, a. endowed with faculties.
Gin, n. any thing whirled round ; a

light cliaise.
Gi-gan-te'an, a. like a giant ; gigantic,
^i-gan'tic, a. like a giant; enormous.
^ig'gle, n. a kind of laugh ; a titter.
jGig'gle, V, n. to laugh idly ; to titter.
Gild, V. a. [i. &c p. gilt or gilded ;] to

overlay with gold.
Glld'jng, n. gold laid on a surface,
^ill, (jll) n. the 4th part of a pint,
iiMlIs, 72. pi. apertures of a fish's head.
^li'ly-flbw-er, n. a garden flower.
Gilt, i. &:p.'of Gild.
^im'crack, n. a trivial mechanism.
£rim'let, n. a small borer.
Gimp, n. a kind of silk twist or lace.
Gin, ??. a trap ; a machine : — a spirit.
Gin, V. a. to catch ; to clear cotton.
^in'*er, n. a plant or root of a hot

quality. [cake.

^in'*8r-bread, (jin'jer-bred)7i. a sweet
^ing'iiam, (|ing'am)?i. a cotton stuff.

In'gle, 71. a shrill noise. See Jingle.

in'seng, 7i. an aromatic root and

Ip'sy, 71. See Gypsy. [plant.

i-raffe', n. the camelopard, a quadru-

ir'an-dsle, n. a large chandelier.[ped.

Ir'a-sole, n. a plant ; a mineral.
JSr'iid, r. a. [i. &, p. girt or girded ;] to

bind round ; to invest. [floor.

£!^ird'er, n. the largest timber in a
£^ir'die, n. a band ; a belt. [tree.

;Gir'dle, v. a. to gird : — to cut round a
Girl,7i.a young woman ; a female child.
Girl'ish, a, suiting a girl ; youthful,
^irt, i. &c p. from Gird.
JSt'irt, or ^irth, n. a band by which a

saddle is fixed on a horse ; a com-
^ist, (jist or jit) n. the main point.
jGive, (|iv) v. a. [i. gave ; p. given ;]

to bestow ; to confer ; to grant.
jGive, V. n. to relent ; to yield ; to melt.
jGiv'er, n. one who gives ; a donor.
G^iz'zard, n. the stomach of a fowl.
Gla'ci-al, (gla'she-al) a. icy ; frozen.
Gla'cj-ate, -v. n. to turn into ice.

irien,sir;do,nbr,s6n;bulljbUr,rtJle. 9>9'>9>o:*<?A> JB,j6,£,g,Afflrd; § a* z; ^ o« gz; this




Gla^'i-er, (glas'e-er) n. a field of ice
aMd snow in elevated valleys.

Glad, a. cheerful ; gay ; joyful.

Glad, V. a. to make glad ; to gladden.

Glad'den, (glad'dn) v. a. to make glad.

Glade, n. a lawn or opening in a wood

Glad'i-a-tor, n. a prize-fighter.

Glad'i-ole, n. a bulbous plant.

Glad'ly, ad. joyfully ; with gladness.

Glad'ness, n. cheerfulness ; joy.

<;lad'some, (glad'sum) a. gay ; glad.

Glair, (gl^r) n. the white of an egg.

Glance, n. a sudden shoot of light j a
snatch of sight ; a glimpse.

GlSnce, v. n. to view ; to fly off.

Gland, n. an organ of the body com-
posed of blood-vessels, nerves, &c.

Glan'der^, n. pi. a disease in horses.

Glan-dif'er-ous, a. bearing acorns.

Glan'di-f brm, u. formed like a gland.

Glan'du-l^rjffl. pertaining to the glands.

Glan'dule, n. a small gland, [glands.

Glan'du-loiis, a. relating to or having

Glcire, V. n. to shine so as to dazzle.

G14re, n. a dazzling light or splendor.

Gldr'ing, a. blazing out ; notorious.

GlSss, n. a transparent substance ; a
glass vessel ; a cup ; a mirror.

Gl&ss, a. vitreous ; made of glass.

Glass, V. a. to cover with glass.

Gl^ss'ful, 71. as much as a glass holds.

GlSss'i-ness, n, state of being glassy.

(xlass'y, a, made of glass ; vitreous.

Glau'cous, a. of a sea-green color.

Glave, n. a broadsword ; halbert.

Glaze, V. a. to furnish with glass.

Gla'zier, (gla'zher) n. one who glazes.

Glaz'ing, n. act of setting glass ; a
vitreous substance on potter's ware.

Gleam, n. a sudden shoot of light.

Gleam, v. n. to shine suddenly, flash.

Gleam'y, a. flashing ; darting light.

Glean, v. a. to gather what is scattered.

Glean'er, n. one who gleans or gathers.

Glebe, n. turf; soil ; church land.

Glee, n, joy ; merriment : — a song.

Glee'ful, a. gay; merry; cheerful.

Glen, n. a narrow valley ; a dale.

Glew, n. See Olue.

Glib, a. smooth ; slippery ; voluble.

Glib'ly, ad. smoothly ; volubly.

Glide, V. n. to flow or move gently.

Glide,n.lapse ; act of passing smoothly.

Glim'mer, v. n. to shine faintly.

Glim'mer, n. weak light ; gleam.

Glim'mer-ingj n. an imperfect view.

Glimpse, V. n. to appear by glimpses.

Glimpse, n. a faint light ; a short view.

Glis'ten, (glis'sn) v. n. tc sparkle.
Glis'ter, V. n. to shine ; to glitter.
Glit'ter, V. n. to shine ; to exhibit light,
Glit'ter, n. lustre ; bright show.
Gloat,' (glot) V. n. to stare ; to gaze.
Glo'bat-ed, a. spherical ; globular.
Gl5be, 71. a sphere ; a ball ; the earth.
Glo-bose', a. globular ; round, [ness.
Glg-bos'i-ty, n. sphericity ; spherical-
Gl5'boiJs,a. spherical ; round ; globular,
Glob'u-lar, a. round ; spherical.
Glob'dle, n. a small round particle.
Glob'u-loiis, a. round ; globular.
G16m'er-ate,u. a. to gather into a ball.
Glom-er-a'tion, 7i. conglomeration.
Gloom, 74. sadness ; melancholy.
Gloom, V. n. to be cloudy or melancholy.
G166m'i-ly, ad. dimly ; dismally.
GI86m'y, a. almost dark ; dismal ; sad.
Glo-dTfl-ca'tion, n. act of glorifying.
Glo'ri-fy,i) honor ; to exalt to glor^^
Glo'ri-oiis, a. very excellent.
Glo'ri-oiis-ly, ad. nobly ; illustriously.
Glo'ry, n. high honor ; praise ; renown.
Glo'ry, V. n. to boast; to exult.
Gloss, n. a comment : — lustre ; shine.
Gloss, V. a. to explain by comment.
Glos-sa'ri-al, a. relating to a glossary.
Glos'sa-rist, n. a writer of a gloss oi

glossary. [mon words.

Glos'sa-ry, 7?. a dictionary of uncom-
Gloss'er, n. a commentator ; a polisher.
Glos'sj-ness, n. state of being glossy.
Glos'sy, a. smooth and shining.
Glot'tis, 71. an opening in the laiynx.
Glbut, r. n. to pout ; to look sullen.
Glove, (gluv) n. a cover for the hand.
Glov'er, n. one who makes gloves.
Glow, V, n. to shine with intense heat.
Glow, (glo) n. shining heat ; passion.
Glow'ing, p. a. shining with heat.
Glow'worm, (glo'wiirm) n. a grub.
Gl5ze, V. n. to flatter ; to comment.
Gloze, n. flattery ; specious show.
Glue, 71. a viscous substance ; a cement.
Gliie, V, a. to join with cement.
Glu'ey, a. having the nature of glue.
GlQm, a. frowning; stubbornly grave
Glut, V. a. to cloy ; to saturate.
Gliit, n. more than enough: — wedge.
Glu'ten, 71. a viscid, elastic substance.
Glu-ti-na'tion, n. act of joining with
Glu'tj-noiis, a. gluey; viscous. Tglue,
Glut'ton, (glut'tn) 7t. one who eats to

excess. [ing-

Glut'ton-oiis, a. given to excessive eat-
Glut'ton-y, n. excess in eating.
Glyp'tic, 71. art of engraving on gems.

Ii,e,i,6,u,y, long: a.e,ij6,u,y, aAort; ?,e,i,9,u,y, o65CMre.-fire,far,f^st,fa.ll; heir^hei*




GnSrl, (narl) w. n. to growl ; to snarl.
Gnarl'ed, (narl'ed) a. knotty ; gnarly.
Gnar'ly, a. having knots ; knotty.
Gnash, (nash) v, n. to grind the teeth.
Gnat, (nat) n. a small stinging insect.
Gnaw, (niw) v. a. to bite off, corrode.
Gnaw,(naw) v. n. to exercise the teeth.
Gneiss, (nis) n. a stratified rock.
Gnome, (nom) n. an imaginary being.
Gno'nion, (no'mon) n. the pin of a dial.
Gno-mon'ics, n. pi. art of dialing.
Go, V. n. [i. went ; p. gone ;] to walk ;

to move ; to travel ; to proceed, pass.
Goad, 71. a pointed stick \o drive oxen.
Goad, V, a, to drive with a goad.
Goal, n. the point to which racers run.
Goat, (got) n. a ruminant animal.
Goat'herd, n. one who tends goats.
Gob, or Gob'bet, n. a mouthful ; lump.
Gob'ble, V. a. to swallow hastily with

noise. [turkey.

Gob'ble, V. n. to make a noise, as a
Gob'bler, n. one that gobbles ; a turkey.
Gob'let, n. a bowl or drinking vessel.
Gob'lin, n. an evil spirit ; a phantom.
G6'-by, n. evasion; a passing by;

omission. [dren to walk.

Go'-cart, n. a machine to teach chil-
God, n. the Supreme Being.
God'dess, n. a female divinity.
God'f a-ther. n. a sponsor in baptism.
God'head, n. deity ; divine nature.
God'less, a. atheistical ; impious.
God'lTke, a. divine ; supremely good.
God'li-ness, n. quality of being godly.
God'ly, a. pious towards God ; good.
God' unexpected acquisition.
God'son, (god'sun) n. he for whom one

has become sponsor in baptism.
G5'er, n. one who goes ; a runner.
GSg'gle, V. 71. to strain or roll the eyes.
Gog'gle, n. a stare. — pi, blinds.
Go'jng, 71. act of walking ; conduct.
Goi'tre, (gbl'ter) ti. tumor on the throat.
Gol'trous, a. partaking of the goitre.
Gold, 7j. % precious metal ; money.
Gold'beat-er, ti. a beater of gold.
Gold'en, (gol'dn) a. made of gold.
Gold'f Inch, n. a small singing bird.
Gold'leaf, 71. gold beaten into thin leaf.
Gold'smith, n. one who works in gold.
Golf, 71. a game played with a ball.
Gome, 71. the grease of cart-wheels.
Gon 'do-la, n. a pleasure-boat.
Gon-do-lier', ti. a rower of a gondola.
Gone, p. from Oo ; advanced ; past.
Gong, n. a sounding instrument.
Good, (gud) a. excellent ; not bad ; fit.

Good, (gud) n. advantage, benefit.
Good'-breed'ing, (gud'-) n. politeness
Good'-by',(gud'bi')ad.adieu ; farewell
Good'lj-ness, (gud'Ie-nes) 7i. beauty.
Good'ly, (gud'le) a. beautiful.

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