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ulous bistory of the heathen gods.

ft,e,i,o,u y, lung: si,e,i,o,u,y, short; a,e,i,o,u,y, oiscure.-fire. far, fSst, fall; heirjhei





NAB, V. a. to catch suddenly ; to
seize ; to knab.

Na'bjt, 71. a powdered sugar-candy.

Na'bob, n. an East-Indian prince.

Na'cre, (na'kur) n. mother-of-pearl.

Na'dir, 71. the point opposite to the ze-

NS.g, 71. a small horse. [nith.

Na'iad, (na'yad) n. a water-nymph.

Nail, 71. a horny substance on the fin-
gers and toes ; a claw : — an iron
spike : — a stud or boss : — 2| inches.

Nail, (nal) v. a. to fasten with nails.

Nail'er-y, n, a manufactory for nails.

Na'ked, a, uncovered^ unclothed; bare.

Na'ked-ly, ad. without covering-

Na'ked-ness, n. want of covering.

Name, 71. that by which a person or
thing is called ; title ; fame.

Name, v. a. to give a name to ; to call.

Name'less, a. destitute of a name.

Name'ly, ad. that is to say.

Name'sake, ti. one of the same name.

Nln-keen', n. a kind of cotton cloth.

Nap, 71. a short sleep : — down on cloth.

Nap, V. n. to sleep.

Nape, 71. the joint of the neck behind.

Naph'tha, (nap'thsi) n. a bituminous
and very inflammable fluid.

Nap'kin, n. a cloth to wipe the hands.

Nap'less, a. having no nap ; thread-

Nap'py, a. frothy ; hairy ; full of down.

Nsir-cis'sus, lu a plant ; a daffodil.

Nfir-cot'ic, 71. a drug producing sleep.

Nar-cot'jc, or N§ir-cot'}-caI, a. soporific.

Nard, n. a plant ; an ointment.

Nar'rate, v. a. to relate ; to tell.

Ngtr-ra'tion, n. an account; a relation.

I^r'ra-tive, a. relating ; apt to relate.

Nar'rji-tive, n. a relation ; an account.

Nar-ra'tor, ti. a teller ; a relater.

Nar'row, a. not wide ; not broad ; con-
tracted ; straitened ; covetous.

Nar'row, v. a. to contract ; to limit.

Nar'row-ly, ad. contractedly ; nearly.

Nar'row-ness, n. want of extent ; pov-

Nar'row5,7i.pZ. a strait ; a sound, [erty.

Na'sal, a. belonging to the nose.

Nas'cent, a. beginning to grow.

Nis'ty, a. dirty ; filthy ; nauseous.

Na't^l, a. native ; relating to nativity.

Na'tant, a. lying on the water; floating.

Ka'tion, n. a distinct people.

Na"ti9n-Eil, (nash'un-^1) a. relating ta
a nation ; public ; general.

Na-tion-al'i-ty, (nash-un-) 71. quality
of being national.

Na'tive,ffl. produced by nature; natural

Na'tive, n. one born in any place.

Na-tiv'i-ty, n. birth ; manner of birth.

||Nat'u-rsil, (nat'yu-ral) a. produced by

nature ; not acquired ; unaflfected.

Nat'u-ral, ti. an idiot; a fool.

Nat'u-r^l-i§m, 71. mere state of nature.

Nat'u-rjil-ist, 71. one versed in natural

science. [uralizing.

j|Nat-u-r§iH-za'tjon, n. the act of nat-

jJNat'u-ral-ize, v. a. to invest with the
rights of a citizen ; to make natural.

(|Nat'u-r^l-ly, ad. according to nature.

Nat'ure,(nat'yur)7i. the visible creation;
the universe ; native state ; natural
affection ; disposition ; sort ; birth.

Naught, (nawt) a. bad ; corrupt.

Nlught, (nawt) n. nothing.

Niugiytj-ly, (niw'te-le) ad. corruptly.

NSiugh'ty, (naw'te) a. bad ; wicked.

NS.u'se-a, (navv'she-9) n. disposition or
tendency to vomit ; sickness.

NSiu'se-ate, (nSlw'she-at) v. to loathe.

N^u'seous, (nilw'shus) a, loathsome.

Nau'seous-ly, (naw'shus-le) ad. loath-

Nau'ti-c?il, a. relating to navigation.

Na'val, a. relating to ships ; nautical.

Nave, n. the middle part of a wheel ;
the middle part of a church, [belly

Na'vel, (na'vl) 71. middle point of the

Na'vew, n. a plant like a small turnip.

Nav'i-gji-ble, a. that may be navigated.

Nav'i-gate, v. to sail ; to pass Dy siiips
on water. [naval science

Nav-i-ga'tion, 71. act of navigating ;

Nav'i-ga-tpr, n. one who navigates.

Na'vy, n. an aasemblage of ships ; a

Nay, (na) ad. no. [fleet.

Neap, (nep) a. low ; — applied to tide.

Near, a. not distant ; dear ; intimate.

Near, prep, close to ; not far from.

Near, ad. almost ; not far off".

Near, v. to draw near ; to approach.

Near'ly, ad, not far ; almost ; closely.

Near'ness, ti. state of being near.

Near-sight'ed, (ner-slt'ed) a. short-
Neat, n. a cow or ox. [sighted

Neat, a. very clean ; cleanly ; pure.

Wlen,sir;d6,ndr,s6n,biill,biir,rtile. (^,^,^,i,,soft; je,j&,£,|,Aar(i,-f asz; j «a gz; thia




NSat'-cSlt-tle, n. oxen and cows.

Neat'ly, ad. with neatness ; cleanlily.

Neat'ness, n. cleanliness ; pureness.

Neb, n. the nose ; beak ; bill of a bird.

Neb'u-la, n. ; pi. neb'u-lse ; a cloudy
appearance ; a dark spot ; a film.

Neb'u-lous, a. having nebulas ; misty.

Ne^'es-S9-rie§, n. pi. things needful.

Ne^'es-sa-rj-ly, ad. inevitably.

Ne^'es-s^-ry, a. that must be ; indis-
pensable ; needful ; inevitable.

Ne-ces'sj-tate, V. a. to make necessary.

Ne-ces-si-ta'tion, n. fatal compulsion.

Ne-ces'si-tous, a. being in want; poor.

Ne-ces'si-ty, n. state of being neces-
sary; fatality; want; poverty, [body.

Neck, n. part between the head and

Neck'clothj n. a cloth for the neck.

Neck'er-chief, n. a kerchief.

Neck'iace, n. a string of beads.

Nec-rol'o-|istj n. a writer of necrology.

Nec-rol'o-|y, n. a register of deaths.

Nec'r(?-man-cer, n. a conjurer.

Nec'r(?-man-cy, n. conjuration.

Nec't^r, n. feigned drink of the gods.

Nec-ta're-an, ) a. resembling nectar ;

Nec-ta're-Olis, ) delicious.

Nec't?i-rine, n. a fruit like the peach.

Nec't5ir-oiis, a. sweet as nectar.

Nec'tji-ry, n. the honey-cup of a flower.

Need, n. exigency ; necessity ; want.

Need, v. to want ; to require ; to lack.

Need'ful, a. necessary ; requisite.

Nee'dle, n. a small instrument for
sewing ; a small steel pointer.

Need'less, a. unnecessary ; not needed.

Need'less-ly, ad. unnecessarily.

Needs, ad, necessarily ; indispensably.

Need'y, a. poor; necessitous; indigent.

Ne'er, (nir) ad. contracted for never.

Ne-f a'rj-ous, a. wicked ; abominable.

Ne-ga'tion, n. act of denying ; denial.

Neg'a-tive, a. implying denial.

Neg'^-tTve, 7J. a word that denies.

Neg'a-tive, v. a. to refuse ; to reject.

Neg'^-tive-ly, ad. with or by denial.

Neg-lect', V. a. to omit; to slight.

Neg-lect', w. inattention ; slight.

Neg-lect'f ul, a. heedless ; inattentive.

Neg'li-|ence, n. inattention ; neglect.

Neg'lj-gent, a. careless ; inattentive.

Ne-go'ti-a-ble, (ne-go'she-a-bl) a. that
may be negotiated or exchanged.

Ne-go'ti-ate, (ne-go'slie-at) v, to man-
age ; to conclude by treaty.

Ne-go-tj-a'tion, (ne-go-sho-a'shun) n.
act of negotiating ; a treaty.

Ne-go't}-a-tor, n. one who negotiates.

Ne'gress, n. a female of the black latj

of Africa. [rica.

Ne'gro, n. one of the black race of Af-
Neigh, (na) v. n. to whinny, as a horse
Neigh, (na) n. the voice of a horse.
Neigh'bor, (na'bur) n. one who lives
Neigh'bor,(na'bur)».a. to adjoin. [near.
Neigh'b9r-hood, (na'-) n. vicinity.
Neigh'bor-ing, (na'-) a. being near.
Neigh'bor-ly, (na'-) a. kind ; friendly
Nei'ther, pron. not either. — coiij. not
Ne-o-lo|'i-cal, a. relating to neology.
Ne-ol'o-gi^m, n. a new word or term.
Ne-61'o-| ist, n. an adherent to neology.
Ne-ol-o-|is'tiCj a. relating to neology.
Ne-ol'o-gy, n. a system of new words

or doctrines.
Ne'o-phyte, n. a new convert, [sister.
Neph'ew, (nev'vu) n. son of a brotheror
Ne-phrit'ic, n. a medicine for the stone.
Ne-phrit'jG, a. relating to the stone.
Nep'o-ti^m, n. fondness for nephews.
Nep-tii'ni-stn, a. relating to Neptune oy
Ne're-id, n. a sea-nymph, [the ocean.
Nerve, n. an organ of sensation and

motion in animals ; strength.
Nerve, v. a. to strengthen, invigorate
Nerve'less, a. without strength.
Ner'vine, a. good for the nerves.
Ner'vous, a. relating to the nerves ;

vigorous : — having diseased nerves.
Ner'vous-ly, ad. with strength.
Ner'vous-ness, n. vigor ; strength.
Nes'ci-ence, (nesh'e-ens) n. ignorance
Nest, n. the bed of a bird ; an abode :

— a collection, as of boxes.
Nes'tle, (nes'sl) v. n. to lie close, move
Nest'lingj n. a young bird in the nest.
Nest'ling, a. newly hatched ; moving.
Net, n. a texture woven with meshes.
Net, V. n. to knit a net ; to knot.
Net, a. clear, after deductions.

Net, V. a. to bring as clear produce.
Neth'er, 0, lower ; not upper ; infernal.
Neth'er-most, a. lowest.
Net'tjng, 71. a reticulated piece of work.
Net'tie,7t.awell-known,stinging plant
Net'tle, V. a. to sting ; to irritate ; to vex,
Net' tie-rash, 71. an eruptive disease,
Net'work, (-wiirk) 7i. reticulated work
Neii-ral'gi-a, 71. disease of the nerves.
Neu-ral'*ic, a. relating to neuralgia.
Neu'ter, (nii'ter) a. of neither party ;

— of neither gender : — not active,
Neu'ter, n. one indifferent or neutral.
Neu'tral, a. not on either side or party
Neu'tral, n. one not on either side.
Neu-tral'i-ty, n. state of being neutral

E^SjIjOjUjj'j long; i.,e,i,o fi^-,shoi-li ?-i9}!j93Viy» o&5CMre,-fare,f5,rjfSst,fil!; heir-.her^




Nea'tral-Ize, v. a. to render neutral.

Nev'er, ad. not ever ; at no time.

Nev-er-the-less', ad. however ; yet.

New, (nu) a. not old ; fresl) ; recent.

New-fan'gled, (-gld) a. new-made.

New'!}', ad. freshly; lateh' ; recently.

New-mod'el, v. a. to model anew.

New'ness, 7i. freshness; recentness.

New§, n. fresh accounts ; intelligence.

Ne>v§'-m6n-ger, n. a dealer in news,

Ne"vv§'pa-per, n. a print or paper that
conveys news ; a gazette.

Nevvt, (nut) n. an eft ; a small lizard.

Next, a. nearest in place, time, or order.

Next, ad. at the time or turn nearest.

Nib, 71. bill of a bird ; point of a pen.

Nib'ble, V. to eat slowly ; to bite.

Nib'ble, 71. act of a fish trjing the bait.

Nib'iiler, n. one that nibbles ; a carper.

Nice, a. exact ; fine ; neat ; delicate.

Nice'ly, ad. precisely ; delicately.

Nice'ness, n. exactness ; delicacy.

Ni'ce-ty ,71. exactness; delicacy; dainty.

Niche, 71. a hollow to place a statue in.

Nick, 7j. point of time; a notch; a score.

Nick, V. a, to hit ; to cut in notches.

Nick'el, n. a whitish semi-metal.

Nick'name, n. a name given in de-
rision, [opprobrious name.

Nick'name, v. a. to call by a false or

Nic'tate, V. n. to wink ; to nictitate.

Njc-ta'tion, n. a winking of the eye.

Nic'tj-tate, ■;;. n. to wink ; to nictate.

Nic-tj-ta'tion, n. a winking ; nictation.

Nid-i-f }-ca'tion,7i.act of building nests.

Niece, (nes) 7J. a daughter of a brother
or sister. [a churl.

Nig'gard, n. a miser ; a sordid fellow ;

Nig'gard, a. sordid ; parsimonious.

Nig'gard-li-ness, ?i. sordid parsimony.

Nig'gard-Iy, a. sordid ; parsimonious.

Nigh, (nl) a. near ; not distant.

Nigh, (ni) prep, not far from ; near.

Nigh, (nl) ad. not far off; almost.

Nigh'ness, (nl'nes) n. nearness ; prox-
imity, [sunrise; darkness; obscurity

Night, (nit) n. the time from sunset to

Nlght'-brawl, tu a brawl in the night.

Night'cap, (nit'-) n. a cap worn in bed.

Night'fall, n. close of day; evening.

Night'gown, 71. gown used for undress,

Night'hawk, 71, a hawk that flies by
night. [night.

Night'in-gale, n. a bird that sings at

Night'iy, a, done or acting by night.

Night'ly, (nit'ie) ad, every night.

Nlgbt'inire, n. a morbid and oppres-
sive sensation during sleep; incubus.

Night'shado, tj. darkness : — a plant.
Night'-watch, (nit'woch) n, a period

of the night ; a watch by night.
Nl-hil'i-ty, 7i. nothingness ; nonentity.
Nini'ble, a. quick ; active ; speedy.
Nim'bie-nSss, n. quickness; activity.
Niiu'bly, ad. quickly ; actively.
Nine, a. one more than eight.
Nine'fold, a. repeated nine times.
Nlue'pin§, n. j)l. a play with nine pins.
Nine'teen, a. nine and ten.
Nlne'tj-eth, a. the ordinal of ninety.
Nine'ty, a. nine times ten.
Nin'ny, n. a fool ; a simpleton.
Nin'ny-ham-mer, n. a simpleton.
Ninth, a. first after the eighth.
Nip, V. a. to cut ; to pinch ; to blast.
Nip, 11. a pinch ; a small cut ; a blast.
Nip'perf ,(nip'perz)7i. pZ. small pincers.
Nip'ple, 71. a teat ; a dug ; pap.
Nit, n. the egg of a louse or small insect.
Nit'id, a. bright ; shining ; gay ; spruce.
Nl'tre, (ni'ter) n. saltpetre.
Ni'trjc, a. containing nitre.
Nl'tro-gen, 7i. a gas which, together

with oxygen, forms atmospheric air.
Nl'trous, a. partaking of nitre.
No, ad. the word of refusal or denial.
No, a, not any ; none.
No-bil'i-ty, 71. antiquitj' of family ; dig

nity; rank; people of rank. [thy.
No'ble, a. exalted in rank ; great ; wor-
No'ble, 7j. one of high rank : — a coin.
No'ble-man, v. one of the nobility.
No'ble-ness, n. greatness : worth.
No'bly, ad. in a noble manner ; greatly.
No'bod-y, n. no one ; not any one.
Noc-tam-bu-la'tion, n. somnambulism.
Noc-tam'bu-list, n. a somnambulist.
Noc-tur'nai,a. done at night ; nightly.
Nod, V. n. to bend the head ; to bow.
Nod, 71. a quick bend of the head.
Nod'dle, n, the head, in contempt.
Nod'dy, 71. a simpleton : — a sea-fowl.
Node, n. a knot ; the point where the

orbit of a planet intersects the plane

of the ecliptic.
No-dose', a. knottv ; full of knots.
Nod'u-lar, a. formed into nodules.
Nod'iile, n. a small lump or knot.
Nog. 71. a little mug ; liquor.
Nog'^in, n. a small mug or cup.
Nbi^e, n. any kind of sound ; clamor.
Nbi^e, V. a. to spread by rumor.
Ndise'less, a. silent ; without sound.
Noi'^i-ness, n. loudness of sound.
NiiT'sonie, a. noxious ; offensive.
Nbl':^y, a. making a noise ; clamorona

tnien,sirido,nQr,s6n;bulijbur,rule. Q,Gr,9,*,sq/lt,- je,,GjC:|5Aar<// f as z; 5 as gz; this




Nom'?bd, n. one who leads a wander-
ing or pastoral life.

No-mad'jc, a. pastoral ; wandering.

No'men-clat-ure, (n5'men-klat-yur) n.
the terms of an art or science.

Nom'i-nal, a. only in name ; not real.

Nom'i-nal-ly, ad, by name only.

Nom'i-nate, v. a. to name ; to propose.

Nom-i-na'tion, n. act of nominating.

Nom'i-nai-tive, a. that names : — ap-
plied to the first case of nouns.

Nom'j-na-tor, n. one who nominates.

N6m-i-nee', n. a person nominated.

Non, ad. {in composition) not.

Non'age, n. minority in age. [ance.

Non-at-tend'ance, n. want of attend-

Non-con-f orm'ist, n. one who does not
conform. [formity.

Non-con-form'}-ty, n. want of con-

Non'de-script, a. not yet described.

None, (niin) a. &c pron. no one; not one.

Non-en'tj-ty, n. non-existence.

N5ne§, n. pi. (Roman Calendar) in each
month, the ninth day, reckoned in-
clusively, before the ides.

None'such, n. an extraordinary thing.

Non-e^-ist'ence, n. the state of not ex-
isting. " [allegiance.

Non-ju'ror, n. one refusing to swear

Non-pa-reil', (-rel') n. an apple : — a
printer's type smaller than minion.

Non-pay'ment, n. neglect of payment.

Non'pliis, n. a puzzle ; a difficulty.

Non'pliis, v. a. to confound ; to puzzle.

Non-re§'i-dence,n.failure of residence.

Non-re|'i-dent, a. not residing; absent.

Non-re-|ist'$ince, n. passive obedience.

Non-re-§ist'sint, a. not resisting.

Non'sense, n. unmeaning language.

Non-sen'si-cgil, a. unmeaning ; foolish.

Non-sen'sj-c^l-ly, ad. foolishly.

Non'sQit, n. stoppage of a suit at law.

Non'suit, V. a. to quash in a suit.

Nook, n. a corner ; a narrow place.

Noon, n. midday ; twelve o'clock.

Noon'day, Noon'tide, n. midday.

Noon'jng, n. repose or a repast at noon.

Noofe, or Noose, n. a running knot.

Noo^e, V. a. to tie in a noose ; to catch.

Nor, conj. a negative particle.

Nor'mal, a. teaching principles.

North, n. point opposite to the south.

North, a. northern ; being in the north.

North-east', n. the point midway be-
tween the north and east.

North-east'ern, a. in the north-east.

Nbrth'er-ly, a. being toward the north.

North'ern, a. being in the north; north.

North'ward, a. being toward the nort*

Nbrth'ward, ad. toward the north.

North-west', n. the point between ih«
north and west. [west.

North-west 'fern, a. being in the north-

No§e, n. the prominence on the face.

N6§e, V. a, to scent ; to smell ; to face

No^e'gay, n. a bunch of flowers; a bou-

No^e'less, a. destitute of a nose. [quet.

No-sol'9-gy, n. science of diseases.

Nos'trjl, 71. the cavity of the nose.

Nos'trum, n. a quack medicine.

Not, ad. a particle of negation.

Not'ai-ble, a. industrious; careful.

Not'a-ble, a. remarkable ; memorable.

Not'?i-bly, ad. carefully ; with bustle.

N5t'a-bly, ad. memorably; remarkably.

No-ta'rj-^il, a. relating to a notary.

No'la-ry, n. an ofiicer who attests ron-
tra^cts, &c. [ a marking.

N9-ta'ti9n, n. act of noting by maiks ;

Notch, n. a nick ; a cut in any thi »g.

Notch, V. a. to cut in small hollows.

Note, n. a mark ; a remark : — an ac-
count : — a tune : — a written paper ;
a billet : — a promissory note.

Note, V. a. to observe ; to set down.

Note'-book, (-buk) n. a book for notes.

Not'ed, p. a. remarkable ; eminent.

Noth'ing, (niith'ing) n. not any thing.

Noth'jng-ness, n. nihility.

No'tjee, n. a remark ; information.

No'tjce, V. a. to note ; to heed, obsei"ve

No'tjce-a-ble, a. worthy of notice.

No-ti-f}-ca'tion, n. the act of notifying.

No'tj-fy, V. a. to make known.

No'tion, n. thought ; idea; opinion.

No'tion-al, a. imaginary ; visionary.

No-t9-ri'e-ty, n. public knowledge.

No-to'ri-ous, a. publicly known ; noted.

No-t5'ri-ous-ly, ad. publicly; evidently.

Not-wjth-stand'ing, conj. nevertheless,

Not-wjth-stand'jng, prep, in spite of.

Nought, (nS-Wt) n. See JVaught.

Noun, n. the name of any thing.

Noiir'ish, (niSr'jsh) v. a. to support by
food ; to maintain ; to encourage.

Noiir'ish-ment, n. food ; sustenance.

Nov'ei, a. new ; not ancient -, unusual.

Nov'el, n. a fictitious narrative ; a tale.

Nov'el-ist, n. a writer of novels.

Nov'el-ty, n. newness ; innovation.

No-vem'ber, n. 11th month of the year.

Nov'ice, 71. a beginner; a probationer.

No-vi"ti-ate, (no-vish'e-at) n. state of
a novice ; time of learning an art.

Now, ud. at this time.

Nbw'a-rlay§, ad. in the present time.

£,e,I,o,u,y, long; a,e,i,b,u,y, short; fi,?,i,9,u,y,oZ(scMre.-fdre,far,fSst,fdllj heir^hSl




N5'whfere, ad, not in any place.
No'wl^e, ad. not in any manner.
Nox'ious, (-shusl a. hurtful ; harmful.
Nox'ious-ly,(nok'shus-le) ad. hurtfully.
Noz'le, or Noz'zle, n. the nose ; snout.
Nii'cle-vis, n. the kernel of a nut ; that

about which matter is collected.
Nu'dj-ty, 71. naked parts ; nakedness.
Nu'ga-to-ry, a. trifling ; insignificant.
NQi's^nce, (nii'sans) n. something of-
Null, a. void ; of no force. [fensive.
Niil-li-fj-ca'tign, n. act of nullifying.
Niil'li-f y, v. a. to annul ; to make void.
Niil'li-ty, n. want of force.
Niimb, (num) a. torpid ; motionless.
Numb, (num) v. a. to make torpid.
Niim'ber, v. a. to count ; to reckon.
Num'ber, n. any aggregate of units ; a

unit; one; many. — p/. verses; poetry.
Num'ber-less, a. innumerable.
Num'ber^, n. pi. 4th book in the Bible.
Niimb'ness, (num'nes) n. torpidness.
Nu'mer-a-ble, a. that may be counted.
Nu'mer-al, a. relating to number.
Nu'mer-|-ry, a. relating to a number.
Nu-mer-a'tion, n. art of numbering.
Nii'mer-a-t(?r, n. ( Fulg-ar Fractioiis) the

number placed above the line.
Nu-mer'i-C|il, a. denoting number.
Nu-mer'j-cal-ly, ad. by number.
Nu'mer-oiis, a. consisting of many.
Nii-mJ5-ma,t'j-cail, a. relating to coins.

Nu-mi^-mat'ics, n. pi. the science of
coins and medals.

Num'skiill, n. a dunce ; a blockhead.

Nun, n. a woman who lives in a nun-
nery, [the pope.

Niin'ci-o, (nJin'she-o) n. an envoy from

Nun-cii'pa-tive, a. verbal ; not written.

Nun'ner-y, n. a convent for nuns.

Nup'tial, a. relating to marriage.

Nup'tial^, (nup'sh^Iz) n. pi. marriage

Niirse, n. a woman who nurses.

NUrse, v. a. to cherish as a nurse.

Niirs'e-ry, n. a plantation of young
trees : — a room for children.

Niirs'ling, n. one nursed ; an infant.

Niirt'ure, (-yur) n. food ; education.

NUrt'ure, v. a. to educate ; to train.

Niit, n. a fruit of certain trees.

Nu-ta'tion, n. a tremulous motion.

Niit'gall, n. an excrescence of the oak.

Niit'meg, n. a species of spice.

Nii'trj-rment, n. nourishment ; food.

Nu-tri-ment'al, a. nourishing.

Nu-tri''tion, (nu-trish'un) n. act of
nourishing ; nourishment ; food.

Nu-tri"tious, (-trlsh'us) a. nourishing

Nu'tri-tive,a. nourishing; nutrimental.

Niit'shell, ru the hard shell of a nut.

Nut'-tree, n. a tree that bears nuts.

Nuz'zle, V. to hide the head ; to nestle.

Nymph, n. a rural goddess ; a lady.

Nyra'pha, n. the chiysalis of an insect.


Ointerj. expressing a wish, or emo-
9 tion ; oh.

Oaf, (5f) Tu an idiot ; a foolish child.

^ak, (6k) 71. a forest-tree and its wood.

fiak'en, (6'kn) a. made of oak.

Cak'um, 71. old ropes untwisted.

Oar, (or) n. a pole to row boats with.

Oar, V. to impel by rowing ; to row.

0'?-sis, n. a fertile spot in a desert.

oat, (5t) 71. a grain. See Oats.

6at'en, (6'tn) a. made of oats.

Oath, (oth) 71. a solemn declaration,
made with an appeal to God for its

Cat'meal, n. flour made of oats.

Cats, (ots) n. pi. a kind of grain.

Ob'dii-ra-cy, or Ob-du'ra-cy, n. impen-
itence ; hardness of heart.

Ob'du-rate, or Ob-du'rate, a. hard of
heart; obstinate; stubborn.

O-be'dj-ence, n. act of obeying ; sub-

' mission to authority.
O-be'dj-ent, a. submissive ; dutiful,
d-be'dj-ent-ly, ad. with obedience.
O-bei'sance, (o-ba'sans or o-b5'sgtns)
' n. a bow; an act of reverence.
Ob'e-lisk, 71. a slender stone pyramid :

— a mark for reference, thus, [f],
O-bese'ness, or O-bes'j-ty, n. fatness.
6-bey', (o-ba') v. a. to yield obedience
' to ; to submit to ; to comply with.
Ob-fus-ca'tion, n. the act of darkening.
O'bjt, n. decease ; a funeral rite.
O-bit'u-a-ry, a. relating to deaths.
O-bit'u-ii-ry, n. a register of the dead.
Ob'ject, n. that about which one ia

employed ; design ; end ; aim.
Ob-ject', V. a. to oppose ; to resist.
6b-jec'tion, 71. an adverse argument;

fault found ; opposition ; doubt.

mien,sir;d6,nar,s6njbull,bUr,rule. g,(?,9,§,so/£; £!,£r,c,|,Aard,- 5 a« z; ? as gz; tfii«




Ob jec'tinn-9-ble, a. liable to objection.

Ob-jec'tive, a. relating to tlie object.

Ob-joct'or, n. one wliu objects.

Ob-jui'ga-to-ry, a. reproving; chiding.

Ob-late', a. flattened at the poles.

Ob-la'tion, n. an offering; a sacrifice.

6b-li-ga'tion, n. the binding power of
an oath, vow, or duty } a contract.

5b'li-gci-to-ry, a. imposing an obliga-
tion ; binding, [ligation; to gratify.

0-bli*e', V. a. to bind ; to impose ob-

6b-li-g5e', n. the person to whom
another, called the 6b-Ii-gor', is

O-blTg'ing, p. a. friendly; engaging.

6b-liqne', or Qb-llque', a. not direct;

* not perpendicular ; not parallel.
Qb-lii|ne'ly, or Ob-llque'ly, ad. not di-

Ob-llq'ui-ty, (-lik'we-) n. state of be-

* itig oblique; deviation frain rec-
titude, [out

Ob-lif'er-itte, v. a. to efface ; to rub

6b-llt-er-ii'tion, n. etfaceuient.

6b-liv'!-on, ?i. forgetCuiness; amnesty.

6b-liv'i-uus, a. causing forgetfulness.

6b'long, a. l;.ngcr than broad.

Ob'lo-cjiiy, n, blame ; slander; abuse.

Ob-nox'i'ous, (gb-Hok' a. subject;
liable ; exposed : — unpopular.

Ob-nox'ioi..lS-nei^s, 11. liableness. [egg.

Ob-o'vatc, a, having the .siiape of an

Ob-scOne', a. olfen.-;ive to chastity ; in-
delicate ; lewd ; immodest. [ner.

Ob-scGne'ly, ad. in an obscene man-

OI)-scen'i-ty, n. impurity ; lewdness.

6b-scu-ra'tion, n. act of darkening.

Ob-s:cQre', a. dark ; gloomy ; abstruse ;
iiidistinct; little known, [obscure.

Ob-scure', v. a. to <!arken ; to make

Ob-3care'ly,a(i,in an obscure manner.

Ob-scu'ri-ty, it. state of hoiiig obscure.

6b se-cra'tiou, //. an entreaty.

f)l)sc-quie^, 71. pi. funeral sulemnities.

Ob s5'qii(-(iii3, a. submissive ; servile.

6b-s.'''qui-oii-s-ly, ad. with servility.

0b-se'qui-ou3-ness, n. mean compli-

'jince ; servility.

Ob-«:erv'a-bIe, a.remarkalile ; visible.

6b-ij<irv'a-bly. ad. so as to be observed.

6b *erv'ance,'/i. respect ; attcnti(,n.

6h-§erv'ant, a. attentive ; watch;ul.

6b-^er-vi'tion, n. act of observing;
siiovv ; n.o'te ; ri'mark ; obicrvance.

9t)-^erv';i-to-ry, n. <i place buiit for

' asthmomicai or pliysical observa-
tions, [to not« ; to obey ; to atttnd to.

Ob-sierve', v. a. &c n. to watch ; to see ,

jOb-§erv'er, n. one who observes.

Ob-§erv'ing, p. a. watchful ; attentive

Ob-sbs'sion, (ob-sesh'un) n. a siege.

6b-so-les'cent, a. growing out of use

Ob'so-lete, a. gone out of use.

Ob'so-lete-ness, n. state of disuse.

6b'sta-cle, n. an obstruction.

Ob-stet'ric, a. relating to obstetrics.

Ob-stet'ncs, n. pi. art of midwifery.

6b'sti-na-cy, n. stubbornness.

5b'sti-nate, a. stubborn ; perverse.

Ob'sti-nate-ly, ad. stubbornly.

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