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Pa^'er, n. a horse that paces.

P?-cif'|c, } a. peaceable ; promoting

P?-cif'i-C5il, ) peace ; gentle.

Pa^-i-fj-ca'tion, n. the act of pacifying.

Pa^-i-fj-ca'tor, n. a peace-maker.

Pa-cif'j-ca-to-ry, a. promoting peace.

Pa^'i-f y, V. a. to appease ; to quiet.

Pack, n. a bundle ; a set ; a number.

Pack, V. a. to bind up : — to send off.

P&ck'age, n. a bale ; goods packed.

Pack'et, 71. a small pack ; a post-ship,
or vessel for letters and passengers.

Pack'horse, n. a horse of burden.

Pack'man, n. man who carries a pack.

Pack'thread, n. thread for packing.

PSlct, n. a bargain ; a covenant.

Pad, n. a soft saddle : — a robber.

Pad, V. a. to fix with a pad ; to stuff.

Pld'dle, V. to row ; to play in water.

Pad'dle, n. a small oar. [sure.

Rld'dock, 71. a frog : — a small enclo-

Pad'dy, n. rice in the husk : — a heron.

PSLd'lock, 72. a pendent or hanging lock.

Pad-ua-s6y', (pad-u-sbi') n. a silk stuff.

Paj'an, (pe'an) n. a song of praise.

Pa'gfin, 71. a heathen ; an idolater.

Pa'g?in, a. heathenish ; gentile.

Pa'g^n-i^m, n. heathenism.

Pa'g5in-ize, v. a, to render heathenish.

Pa|e, 71. one side of a leaf: — a boy.

Pa|e, V. a. to mark, as pages.

PSle'eant, n. a pompous show.

Ri|'eant-ry, w. show ; a spectacle.

Rl|'i-n?il, a. consisting of pages.

Psi-go'da, 71. an East Indian temple con-
taining an idol : — an Indian coin.

Paid, i. & p. from Pay.

Pail, 71. a wooden vessel for water, &c.

Pail'ful, 71. as much as a pail holds.

Pain, 71. distress ; suffering ; penalty.

Pain, V. a. to afflict with pain.

Pain'ful, a. full of pain ; afflictive.

Pain'ful-ly, ad.'in a painful manner.

Pain'less, a. free firom pain.

Pain;, 71. labor ; care ; trouble.

Pain|'tak-}ng,a. laborious; industrious.

Paint, V. a, to represent ; to color.

Paint, V. 71. to lay colors on the face, &c.

Paint, 71. color ; a coloring substance.

Paint'er, n. one who practises painting.

Paint' ing, n. the art or work of a paint-
er ; a picture ; color laid on.

Piir, 71. two of a sort ; a couple.

PAir, V. n. to be joined in pairs.

Piir, V. a. to join in couples ; to unite.

Pal'^ce, 71. a royal or splendid house.

Pal'a-din, n. knight of the round table.

Pal-an-quin', (pal-an-ken') n. a kind
of covered carriage in the East.

Pal'a-t^i-ble, a, pleasing to the taste.

Pal'51-tal, a. relating to the palate.

Pal'fite, n. the roof of the mouth ; or-
gan of taste.

Pa-la'tial, a. relating to a palace.

Pal'ci-tine, n. one having regal rights.

Pal'^-tine, a. possessing royal privi-

Pai-la'ver, n. idle talk ; flattery.

P^-ia'ver, V. to flatter ; to talk idly.

Pale, a. not ruddy ; whitish; pallid.

Pale, 71. a pointed stake : — a jurisdic-
tion ; an enclosure ; a district.

Pale, V. a. to enclose with pales.

Pale'ness, n. state of being pale.

Pa-le-og'ra-phy, n. ancient writings.

Pa-le-ol'o-gy, n. science of antiquities.

Pa-le-on-tol'o-^y, v. the science that
treats of fossil remains.

Psi-les'tric, ) a. belonging to wrest-

P^-les'trj-c?!, \ ling ; athletic

I^l'ette, n. a painter'* board.

Psil'frey, or RLl'frey, n. a small horse,
fit for ladies.

Pal'ing, n. a fence made of pales.

Pal'in-ode, n. a poem ; a recantation.

Pa.l-i-sade', n. a defence formed by
pales. [sades.

Pal-i-sade', v. a. to enclose with pali-

PSlII, n. cloak ; covering for the dead

P3l11, v. 71. to grow vapid or insipid.

pan, V. a. to make insipid or vapid.

Pal-la'di-um, n. statue ; protection.

Pal'l?ts, 71. a small planet or asteroid.

Pal'let, 71. a small bed : — a painter's
board or tablet ; palette.

Pal'lj-ate, v. a. to extenuate ; to soften.

Psll-li-a'tion, 71. an extenuation.

Pal'li-fi-tive, a. extenuating; easing.

Pal'lj-4-tive,7i.something that palliates.

I^l'ljd, a. pale ; wan ; not bright.

Palm, (pam) 71. a tree : — victory : — in-
ner part of the hand ; a measure.

a,e,I,6,u,y, long;^,e,i,o,n,f, short; 9,e,jj9,u,y, oJscMrc.-fire,f4r,fSst,filllj heir Jier




rillm, (p"4m) v. a. to conceal, impose.
I'al'mat-ed, a, having webbed feet.
Pal-inet'to, n. a species of palm-tree.
Pal'mj-ped, a. web-footed ; fin-footed
I^l'mis-try, ii. act of telling fortunes

by the palm. [ishin

Palm'y,(pa'me) a. bearing palms; tlour-
Pal'pa-ble, u. that may be felt ; plain.
Pal'pa-bly, ad. in a palpable manner.
Pal'pj-tate, v. a. to beat, as the heart.
Pal-pi-ta'tion, n. throbbing of the heart.
Pal'^ied, (pal'zjd) a. diseased with the

palsy ; paralytic. [ralysis.

Pal'^y, n. a privation of motion ; a pa-
Pal'ter, v. n. to dodge ; to play tricks.
Pal'tri-ness, 7J. state of being paltry.
Pa.l'try,a. worthless; despicable ;mean.
Pam'per, v. a. to feed to the full.
Para'phlet,(pam'flet)H. a small stitched

book. [phlets.

Pam-phlet-eer', n. a writer of pam-
Pan, n. a hollow vessel ; a hollow.
Pan-a-ce'a, k. a universal medicine.
Pan'cake, n. a cake fried in a pan.
Pap'cre-as, n, the sweetbread.
Pah'dect, n. a treatise ; digest of law.
Pan-dem'ic, a. incident to a whole
Pan'der, n. a pimp ; a procurer, [people.
Pan'der, v. n. to be subservient to lust.
Pan-dore', n. a musical instalment.
Pane, 71. a square, particularly of glass.
Pan-e-|yr'ic, n, a eulogy ; encomium.
Pan-e-*yr'ic, ) a. containing praise ;
Pan-e-*yr'i-cal, \ eulogistic.
Pan-e-|yr'ist, n. a eulogist.
Pan'e-gyr-ize,r. a. to commend highly.
Pan'el, n. a square in a wainscot, &c. :

— a roll of the names of jurors.
RLn'el, V. a. to form into panels ; to

Pang, ji. extreme pain ; anguish.
PSn'ic, 71. a sudden fright ; an alarm.
Pan'jc, a. extreme ; sudden.
Pan'nel, n. a kind of rustic saddle.
Pan'nier, (pan'yer or pan'ne-er) n. a

basket carried on a horse.
Pan'o-ply, n. a full armor for the body.
Pan-o-ra'm?, or Pan-o-ra'ma, n.a large

painting, representing objects seen

from a single point.
Pan-o-ram'ic, a. relating to a panorama.
Pan'?y, n. a garden flower ; a violet.
Pint, V. n. to beat, as the heart.
Pint, n. a motion of the heart
Pan-ta-Iet', ii. a woman's garment.
Pan-ta-lo6n§', n.-pl. a man's garment.
RLn'the-i^m, 71. the doctrine which

identifies the universe with God.

Pan'the-ist, v. a believer of pantheism.

Pan-the-is'tjc, a. relating to pantheism.

Pan-the'on, //. a temple at Rome.

Pan'ther, 71. a spotted wild beast.

Pan'tile, n. a gutter tile.

Pan-to'fle, Cpan-to'fl) n. a slipper.

Pan'to-graph, n. a copying machine.

Pan-tog'ra-phy, n. a full description.

Pan'to-mime, n. a representation in
gesture and dumb show.

Pan-to-mTm'ic, ) a. representing by

Pan-to-mJm'i-cal, \ dumb show.

Pfin'try, n. apartment for provisions.

Pap, 11. a nipple : — soft food ; pulp.

Pa-pa.', 7!. a fond name for father.

Pa'pa-cy, n. popedom ; papal authority

Pa'pal, a, belonging to the pope.

Pa-pav'er-oiis, a. resembling poppies.

Pa-pa. w', n. a tree and its fruit.

Pa'per, n. a substance to write on, &:c.

Pa' per, v. a. to cover with paper.

Pa'per-hang'ing^, ?t. pi. colored paper
for rooms.

Pa-pil'io, (-yo) n. a butterfly.

Pa-pil-io-na'ceous, (pa-pil-yo-na'shus)
«. resenjbling a butterfly.

Pap'il-la-ry, a. having emulgent ves-
sels, nipples, or paps.

Pa'pist, n. one who adheres to the
pope ; a Roman Catholic.

Pa-pis'tic, or Pa-pis'ti-cal, a. popish.

Pap-p66se', n. Indian word for child.

Pap'pous, a. downj'^ ; soft.

Pap'py, a. like pap; soft; succulent.

Pap'u-lous, a. full of pustules.

Pa-py'rus, n. an Egyptian plant, which
was formerly used for paper.

Par, n. state of equality; equal value.

Par'a-ble, n. a fable ; a similitude.

Pa-rab'o-l?, n. a conic section.

Par-a-bol'ic, ) a. relating to a para-

Par-a-bol'i-cal, \ ble, or to a parabola.

Par'a-^hute, n. an instrument to pre-
vent the too rapid descent of a bal-

Par'a-clete, n. the Holy Spirit, [loon.

Pa-rade',7*. show ; ostentation ; order j
a place where troops assemble.

Pa-rade', v. v. to assemble, as troops.

P?-rade', v. a. to assemble ; to exhibit.

Par'a-dTgm, (par'a-dim) n. an example.

Par'a-dise, 71. a place of bliss ; heaven.

Par-a-di-§i'a-c^l, u. relating to paradise.

Par'a-dox, n. an assertion apparently
false or absurd, but not really so.

Par-a-dox'i-cal, a. partaking of paradox

Par'a-gon, n. a perfect model; a pattern.

Par'a-graph, n. a distinct part of a die
course : — the mark thus [IT].

»iiien,sirjdo,nor,s6n jbull,biir,rule. 9><?>9>Sj*<!/*j f5,&,^^,hard; 5 osz^f as gzj tftia




PSr-^l-lac'tic, ) a. pertaining to a par-

Par-al-lac'ti-cal, \ allax.

Par'jI-lax, 72. distance between the true
and apparent place of the sun, or a

Par'al-lei, a. equally distant; like. [star.

Par'al-lel, ?i. a line equidistant through-
out from another line ; likeness.

Par'al-lel, v. a. to make parallel.

Par'al-Iel-i§m, n. state of being parallel.'o-gram, n, a quadrilateral fig-
ure, whose opposite sides are paral-
lel and equal.

Pa-ral'o^*i§m,7i. a false argument.

Pa-ral'o-|y, n. false reasoning.

Pa-ral'y-sTs, n. loss of motion ; a palsy.

Par-a-lyt'jc, n. one struck by paralysis.

Par-$i-lyt'ic, or Par-a-lyt'i-cal, «. palsied.

Par'a-lyze, v. a. to affect with paralysis.

Par'a-mbunt, a. highest; superior.

Par'st-mour, n. a lover ; a -wooer.

Fafa-pet, n. a breastwork or wall.

Par-a-pher-na'lj-fi, n. pi. the apparel
and ornaments of a wife.

Par'a-phrafe, n. a free translation ; an
explanation in many words.

Par'a-phra^e, v. a. to translate loosely ;
to explain in many words.

Par'a-phrast, ?». one who paraphrases.

Par-a-phras'tic, ) a. relating to para-

Par-a-phi^s'ti-cal, i phrase; diffuse;
free ; not verbal.

Par'?-site, n. a flatterer ; a sycophant.

Par-gi-sit'ic, ) a. flattering : — grow-

KLr-^i-sit'j-CEil, ) ing on another tree.

Par'a-s6l, n. a small umbrella.

Par'bbil, v. a. to half boil ; boil in part.

Fjir'cel, n. a small bundle or quantity.

Far'cel, v. a. to divide into portions.

PSr'ce-na-ry, n. joint inheritance.

Par'cen-er, n. a joint owner.

Parch, v.a. to burn slightly ; to dry up.

Parch'ment,7i.skins dressed to write on.

Pard, 71. leopard : — a spotted animal.

Par'don,(par'dn) v.aAo forgive, remit.

Par'don, (par'dn) n. forgiveness.

Pdr'don-a-ble, a. venial ; excusable.

Pire, V. a. to cut off the surface.

Pa.r-e-gSr'ic, n. an assuaging medicine.

Par-e-net'jc, or, Par-e-net'i-c^l, a. hor-

Pir'ent, n. a father or mother, [tatory.

Pir'ent-age, n. extraction ; birth.

Pa-r6nt'al, a. like a parent ; tender.

Pi-ren'the-sis, n. a clause included in
a sentence ; the mark thus ( ).

PSr-en-thet'ic, ) a. pertaining to a

Par-en-thet'i-cal, \ parenthesis.

Par-en-thet'i-c5il-ly, ad. by parenthesis.

Pir'er, n. a tool to cut the surface.

Par'get, 72. plaster ; gypsum; paint.
Par-he'li-on, or Par-hel'ipn, n. ; pi. p^r-

he'lj-a ; a mock sun ; a meteor.
P?-rl'e-tEil, a. relating to the sides oi

wall. [rind.

Pir'jng, 71. that which is pared off; the
Par'isli, n. an ecclesiastical district.
P^-rish'ion-er, n. one who belongs to a

parish. [likeness.

Par'i-ty, lu equality ; resemblance ;
Park, 71. enclosure for beasts of chase.
Park, V. a. to enclose as in a park.
Par'lrince, ii. conversation ; discourse.
Pir'ley, v. n. to treat verbally ; to talk.
Par'ley, n. oral treaty ; conference.
Par'lia-ment, n. the British legislative

assembly of lords and commons.
P'ar-lja-ment'^-ry, a. relating to parlia-
P'ar'lor, n. a sitting-room. [tnent.

Pa-ro'chj-al, a. belonging to a parish.
Pa-rod'ic, a. relating to a parody.
Par'9-dy, n. a ludicrous caricature of

another's words or performance.
Par'o-dy, v. a. to imitate by parody.
Par'ol, a. oral ; by Vv'ord of mouth.
Pa-role', n. word given as an assurance
Par'o-nyme, 7!. a paronymous word.
Pa-ron'y-mous, a. alike in sound but

different in meaning
Par'o-quet, (par'o-ket) n. a'small parrot.
Pa-rot'id, a. relating to the parotis. [ear.
Pa-ro'tis, n. salivary gland under the
Par'gx-yijm, n. a fit or turn of pain.
Par-ri-ci'dal, a. relating to parricide.
Par'ri-clde, n. the murder or murderer
Par'rpt, n. a bird. [of a parent.

Par'ry, v. a. to turn aside ; to ward off.
Parse, v. a. to resolve by grammar.
Par-sj-mo'ni-ous, a. penurious; sparing
Par-si-mo'ni-ous-ly, ad. sparingly.
Par'sj-mo-ny, n. penuriousness.
Pars'iey, n. a garden plant or herb.
Pars'njp, n, a garden vegetable or root
Par'son, (par'sn) n. a clergyman.
P'ar'son-age, n, a parson's house, &c.
Part, n. a portion ; share ; piece ; side.
Fart, V. a. to divide ; to separate.
P$ir-take', v. [i. partook ; p. partaken ;]

to take part in ; to participate.
P^ir-ta'ken, (p?r-ta'kn)p. from Partake.
Par-tak'er, 7(. one who partakes.
Par-terre',(par-tir') n, a flower-garden.
Par'ti^il, (par'shal) a. inclined to one

party ; not impartial : — not total.
P'Ar-ti-al'i-ty, (par-she-al'e-te) ti. state

of being partial ; an undue bias.
Par'tifil-ly, ad. with partiality ; in part.
Par'ti-ble, a. that may be parted.

R,S«I,o,u,y, long;^,e,1,o,u,y, short; ^,e,\,<},\i,y, o6scMre.-foire,f4r,f«ist,fS.ll;h§ir,her,




Par-tl<j'i-p5nt, a. having share or part.

PHr-tl^'i-piiit, n. a partaker ; a sharer.

Par-tl^'i-pate, v. to partake ; to share.

par-tl^-i-pa'tion, 71. sharing; division.

Par-ti^'i-pa-tor,n. one who participates.

P'Ar-ti-cip'i-^1, a. of the nature of a par-
ticiple, [speech.

P'ar'tj-ci-ple, n. one of the parts of

Par'tj-cle, n. a minute part ; atom.

Par-tic' u-lar, u. not general ; individ-
ual ; exact; minute; peculiar ; odd.

PartTc'u-lar, n. a single case or point.

Par-tic-u-lar'i-ty, n. exactness,

Par-tTc'u-lar-ize, v. a. to specify.

Par-tiC'u-lar-ly, ad. individually.

Par'ti-§an, n. an adherent to a party.

?ar-ti"tion, n. a division ; a part.

Par-ti"tion, v. a. to divide into parts.

Far'tj-tive, a. distributive.

Fart'ly, ad. in some measure ; in part.

PJLrt'ner, n. a partaker ; an associate.

Pirt'ner-ship, n. a joint interest; a
union of two or more in trade.

Par-took', (par-tilk') i. from Partake.

Fa.r'tnil*e, 71. a bird of game.

Par-tu'ri-ent, a. bringing forth.

Par-tu-ri"tion, n. childbirth.

Par'ty, 71. a body of men confederated ;
a faction: — a select assembly: —
one of two litigants. [ors.

Piir'ty-col'ored, a. having different col-

Pas'chal, a. relating to the pas30ver.

Pas-qujn-ade', n. a lampoon.

Pas-quin-ade', v. a, to lampoon, vilify.

Piss, V. n. to go ; to be current.

Piss, V. a. to go beyond ; to spend ; to
omit ; to enact ; to utter ; to thrust.

Piss, n. a passage ; license to go ; push.

PSss'a-ble, a. that may be passed; tol-

P&ss'a-bly, ad. tolerably. [erable.

Pas'sa^e, n. act of passing ; journey ;
u'ay ; incident ; part of n book.

Pas'sen-*er, n, a traveller ; a wayfarer.

Pas-si-biT'!-ty,7i. state of being passible.

Pas'si-ble, a. that may leel or suffer.

Pas'sion, (plsh'un) n. anger; desire.

Pas'sion-ate, a. moved by passion.

Pas'sign-ate-ly, ad. with passion.

Pis'sion-flow-er, n. a plant and flower.

P<is'sion-less, a. undisturbed ; calm.

Pas'sive, a. not active ; unresisting.

Pas'sive-ly, ad. in a passive manner.

PSss'o-ver, n. a festival of the Jews.

Piss'port, V. a permission of passage.

PSss'-word, (-wiird) ii. a watchword.

Past, p. a. not present ; gone by

P&st, n. the time gone by ; past time.

Past, prep, after ; beyond ; as, age.

Paste, n. a tenacious mixture ; cemeni

Paste, V. a. to fasten with paste.

Paste'board, n. a thick, stiff paper.

Pas'tern,7t. lowest part of a horse's leg.

Pas'til, n. a roll of paste : — a crayon.

PSs'time, 71. sport ; play ; diversion.

P&s'ior, 71. a shepherd : — a clergyman.

PSs'to-ral, a. relating to a pastor ; rural

P5s'to-ral, n. a rural poem ; an idyl.

P&s'tor-ate, 71. the office of a pastor.

Pas'try, 7J, pies, tarts, cake, &c.

P4st'ur-a-ble, a. fit for pasture.

PSst'ur-a*e, ii. feed for cattle : grazing

Pist'ure, (pSst'yur) 77. land for grazing.

Pist'ure, (pist'yyr) v. to feed on grass.

Pas'ty, or Pas'ty, n. a pie of paste.

Pas'ty, a. resembling paste ; doughy.

Pit, a. fit; convenient ad. exactly.

Pat, V. a. to strike lightly. — 71. a tap.

Patch, n. a piece ; a spot ; a parcel.

Patch, r. a. to put patches on ; to mend.

Patch'work, (pach'wUrk) ti. work com-
posed of pieces or of different parts.

Pate, 71. the head : — used in ridicule.

||Pat'ent, or Pa'tent, a. open ; public.

yPat'ent, n. an exclusive right or priv-
ilege, granted by public authority.

Pat-en-tee', n. one who has a patent.

Pa-ter'nal, a. fatherly ; hereditarj\

Pa-ler'ni-ty, n. the relation of a father.

Pa'ter-nos'ter, n. the Lord's prayer.

PSth, n. a way ; a road ; a track ; any
passage ; a narrow way.

Pith, V. a. to make way for ; to tread.

Pa-thet'ic, ) a. relating to pathos ;

Pa-thet'i-c^l, \ moving the passions.

Pith'less,a.having no path; untrodden.

Path-o-lo|'j-ci^l,a. relating to pathology.

Pa-thol'o-gist, n. one versed in pathol-
ogy, [their causes, nature, &c.

P^-thol'o-^, 71. the science of diseases,

Pa'thos, 7j. passion ; deep feeling.

PSth'way, 71, a road ; a foot-way.

Pa'tience, (pa'shens) n. act of suffering
without complaint; calm endurance.

Pa'tient, (pa'shent) a. possessed of pa-
tience ; suffering quietly ; calm.

Pa'tient, (pa'shent) 71. a sick person.

Pa'tient-ly, ad. with patience.

Pa'trj-arch, 71. a head of a family or
church. [archs.

Pa-tri-'ar'chal, a. belonging to patri-

Pa-tri-'ar'chate, ) n. office or jurisdic-

Pa'tri-arqh-ship, \ tion of a patriarch

Pa-tri"cian, (pa-trlsh'an) a. noble.

P?.-tri"ciaii, n. a Roman nobleman.

Pat-ri-nio'ni-al, a. hereditary.

Pat'ri-mo-ny, 7i. a patrimonial estate.

nilen,sir;d6,nor,s6n;bull,biir,rule. (^,<p^,q,^,sofi.; £ ,&^,c,'g,kard; § as z.; 5: as gz; thU




I|Pa'tr}-9t, n. a lover of his country.
(Pa-tri-ofic, or Pat-ri-ot'ic, a. relating

to, or full of, patriotism.
||Pa'tri-ot-i§m, n. love of one's country.
P^-troi', n. a night-watch ; a round.
Pfi-trol', V. a. to pass through.
Pa-trol', V. n. to go the rounds.
Pa'tron, n. a supporter ; a protector.
Pat'ron-?ige, n. support ; protection.
Pat'ro-nal, a. protecting ; guarding.
Pa'tron-ess, n. a female patron.
Pat'ron-ize, v. a. to protect ; to support.
Pat-ro-nym'ic, n. a name formed from

the name of a father or ancestor.
Pat'ten, n. the base, as of a pillar : —

a shoe of wood with an iron ring.
Pat'ter, v. n. to make a noise like hail.
Pat'tern, n. a model for imitation.
P3iu'ci-ty, n. smallness of number.
Paunch, or Pslunch, n. the belly.
Pau'per, n, a poor person ; one who is

supported by public provision.
Pau'per-T§m, n. the state of a pauper.
Pau^e, n. a stop ; suspense ; doubt.
Pilule, V. n. to stop ; to deliberate.
Pave, V. a. to lay with stone, brick, «fcc.
Pave'mentjW.a floor of stone,^ brick, &;c.
Pav'er, n. one who paves ; pavier.
Pav'ier, (pav'yer) n. one who paves.
Pa-vii'ion, (pgi-vil'yun) n. a building

with a dome : — a tent ; a house.
Paw, n. the foot of a beast of prey.
P3,w, V. to dig or strike with the foot.
Pawn, V. a. to pledgej to give in pledge.
Pawn, re. something given as security ;

a pledge. [on pledges or pawns.

Pdiwn'bro-ker, n. one who lends money
Pd,w-nee', n. the receiver of a pawn.
Pay, V. a. [i. & p. paid ;] to discharge,

as a debt ; to reward.
Pay, n. wages ; hire ; payment.
Pay'a-ble, a. that may be paid ; due.
Pay'-day, n. day for payment, [paid.
Pay-ee', n. one to whom money is to be
Pay'mSs-ter, n. one who makes pay-
Pay'mentjTi. act of paying; pay. [ment.
Pea, (pe) n. ; pi, pea§ or pea^e ; a plant

and its fruit. [rest ; silence.

Peace, n. freedom from war ; quiet ;
Peace'a-ble, a. free from war; peaceful.
Peace'a-bly, ad. in a peaceable manner.
Peace'ful, a. quiet ; pacific ; peaceable.
Peace'f ul-ly, ad, without war ; quietly.
Peace'ma-ker, n. a promoter of peace.
Peace'-of-f i-cer, n. an officer to keep the
Peach, n, a tree and its fruit, [peace.
Pea'cock, n. a large, beautiful fowl.
Pea'lien,7J. the female of the peacock.

Peak, re. the top of a hill or mountain;
a point.

Peal, re. a loud sound, as of thunder, &&

Peal, V. re. to sound loud. — v, a. to assail.

Peir, (pir) re. a tree and its fruit.

Pearl, (perl) re. a precious, whitish sub-
stance, found in a kind of oyster.

Pearl'ash, n. a carbonate of potash.

Pearl'y, a, full of, or like, pearls.

Pea^'^int, (pez'^nt) re. one of the lower
class of people ; a rural laborer.

Pea§'ant-ry, re. peasants ; rustics.

Pea^e, (pez) re, pi. peas used for food.

Peat, 71. a species of turf used for fuel.

Peb'ble, re. a small, roundish stone.

Peb'bly, a. full of pebbles ; stony.

Pec-ca-bil'j-ty, re. state of being pec-
cable, [sin.

Pec'cgi-ble, a, that may sin ; liable to

Pec-ca-dil'l5, re. a petty fault.

Pec'cant, a. criminal ; corrupt ; bad.

Peck, re. the fourth part of a bushel.

Peck, V. a. to strike with the beak.

Pec'ti-nal, re. a fish. — a. like a comb.

Pec'tj-nat-ed, a. formed like a comb.

Pec'to-ral, re. belonging to the breast.

Pec'u-late, v. a. to embezzle, as public
money. [bezzlement.

Pec-u-la'tion, re. act of peculating ; em-

Pec'u-la-tor, re. one who peculates.

Pe-ciil'jar, (pe-kiil'yar) a. pcirticular ;
singular ; appropriate ; not common.

Pe-cul-i-ar'j-ty, n, particularity.

Pe-cul'iar-ly, ad. particularly.

Pe-cun'ia-ry, (pe-kun'y^-ry) a. relating
to money ; consisting of money.

Ped-a-go^'jc, ) a. belonging to a

Ped-gi-gog'j-cal, \ schoolmaster.

Ped'a-gogue, (-gog) re. a schoolmaster.

Pe'dal, a. belonging to a foot.

Ped'al|, n. pi. the keys of an organ, &:c.

Ped'ant, re. a person full of pedantry.

Pe-dan'tjc, a. full of pedantry.

Ped'an-try, re. ostentation of learning.

Ped'dle, v. n. &. a, to sell as a peddler.

Ped'dler, re. one who peddles.

Ped'es-tal, n, base of a pillar or statue.

Pe-des'tri-an, a, going on foot. [foot.

Pe-des'tri-an, n, one who travels on

Pe-des'tn-an-i^m, re. act of walking.

,^ed'i-gree, re. genealogy ; lineage.

Ped'i-ment, n. a triangular mass over
the front of a building, or over win-
dows, doors, gates, &c.

Ped'Ier, ii. a travelling trader ; peddler

Pe-do-bap'ti^m, re. infant baptism.

Pe-do-ba|)'tist, re. an adherent to infant

Peel, ?;. a. to strip off. [baptism.

a,5,I,5,Q,y, long; a,e,I,o,u,y, short; ?,?,i,9,y,y, oJi'CMre.-fire,rd.r,fSst,fSllj heir,heri




PSel, tJ. n. to be separated ; to come off.

Peel, n. a rind or skin : — a shovel.

Peep, V. n, to begin to appear ; to look
slyly : — to cry as young birds.

Peep, n. first appearance ; a sly look.

Peer, n. an equal : — a nobleman.

Peer'a|e, n. dignity of a peer ; body of

Peer'ess, n. the lady of a peer, [peers.

Peer'iess, a. having no peer or equal.

Peev'ish, a. yetulant; fretful.

P5ev'ish-ly, ad. in a peevish manner.

Peev'ish-neas, n. querulousness.

Peg, n. a small wooden pin.

Peg, V. a. to fasten with a peg.

Pelf, n. money; riches.

Pel'j-c^n, n. a large bird : — a vessel.

Pe-lisse', (-les') 7t. a silk habit or robe.

Pel'let, n. a little ball ; a bullet.

Pel'li-cle, 71. a thin skin : — a crust.

Pell-mell', ad. confusedly.

Pel-lu'cid, a. clear ; transparent.

Pel-lu'cid-ness, n. transparency.

Pelt, V. a. to strike ; to beat.

Pelt, n. a skin ; a raw hide : — a blow.

Pel 'try, n. furs or skins collectively.

Pen, n. an instrument for writing: —
a small enclosure ; a coop.

Pen, V. a. to coop, incage : — to write.

Pe'nal, a. relating to punishment.

Pen'al-ty, n. punishment ; forfeiture.

Pen'ance, k. suffering inflicted for sin.

t^en'case, n. a case to carry pens in.

Pence, 71. plural of Penny. [ing, &c.

Pen'cil, n. a tool for painting, draw-

Pen'cil, V. a. to paint; to draw. [flag.

Pen'dant, 71. a jewel: — a streamer or

Pen'dence, n. a slope. [cision.

Pen'den-cy, n. suspense ; delay of de-

Pen'dent, a. hanging ; projecting.

Pend'jng, a. depending; undecided.

Pen'du-lous, a. hanging ; suspended.

Pen'du-liim, n. a suspended, vibrating
body. [etrable

Pen-e-tr§i-bil'i-ty, 71. state of being pen-

Pen'e-tra-ble,o.that may be penetrated.

Pen'e-tran-cy, n. power of piercing.

Pen'e-trant, a. penetrating ; sharp.

Pen'e-trate, v. a. &, n. to pierce ; to af-
fect ; to enter ; to discern ; to pass.

Pen'e-trat-ing,j>.a. piercing; discerning.

Pen-e-tra'ti9n, n. act of penetrating.

Pen'e-tra-tjve, a. piercing ; sagacious.

Pen'guin, (pen'gwin) n. a large bird.

Pen-in'su-la, n. a piece of land almost
surrounded by water.

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