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An-ti-qua'rj-an, o. relating to antiquity

An-ti-qua'ri-an, «. an antiquary.

An'ti-qu^i-ry, n. one versed in antiqui-
ties, [lete.

An'ti-quate, v. a. to make old or obso-

An-ttque', (an-tek') a. ancient ; old.

An-tique', n. a piece of ancient art.

An-tiq'ui-ty, (an-tik'we-te) n. old
times, or remains of old times.

An-ti-sc9r-bu't}C, ) a. efficacious

An-ti-sc9r-bu'ti-c?l, J against the

An-ti-sgp't}C, a. resisting putrefaction.

An-tj-slav'er-y, n. opposition to slavery.

An-ti-so'ci?il, a. averse to society.

An-ti-spa|-m5d'ic, a. resisting spasms.

An-tith'e-si8, n. ; pi. ^n-tith'e-sg^ ; op-
position of words or sentiments.

An-ti-th6t'j-c9l, a. relating to antithe-
sis ; placed in contrast.

An'tj-type, n. the original, or that of
which the type is the representation.

An-tj-typ'i-cal, a. relating to antitype.

Ant4er, n. the branch of a stag's horn.

An'vji, n. the iron block for smiths.

Anj-i'e-ty, (^ng-zl'^-te) n. trouble of
mind ; concern ; solicitude.

Anx'ious, (angk'shus) a. solicitous.

An'y, (en'e) o. every ; whoever.

A'9-rist, n. an indefinite tense.

A-i5r't?L, n. the great artery. [speed.

A-pace', ad. quickly ; hastily ; vpith

A-p'Art', ad. separately ; at a distance.

A-p'4rt'ment, n. part of a house ; room.

Ap-a-thet'}C, a. having no feeling.

Ap'^t-thy, 71. want of feeling.

Ape, n. a kind of monkey.

Ape, V. a. to imitate ; to mimic* [tive.

A-pe'ri-6nt, a. gently purgative ; laxa-

Ap'er-ture, n. an opening; a hole.

Ap'e-ry, 71. act of aping; imitation.

A-pit'ai-lous, a. without petals or flow-
er leaves.

A'pgx, n. ; pi. a'pSx-ef or a.p'i-ce5 ; the
tip or angular point ; the top.

mten,sir;dd,n(>i-,s6n;bull,bur,ritle. <;),9,9,|,sQ/i; £5,j&,£,g,AarJ; g a« z; :|^ £» gz; this




i^-phS'l)-Sn, «. ; pi. 9-ph5'li-9; the
point of a planet's orbit that is far-
thest from the sun.
iph'g-rifm, n. a maxim ; axiom,
iph'o-rist, n. a writer of aphorisms.
Aph-o-rist'i-cail, a. having aphorisms.
A'pi-ai-ry, n. a place for keeping bees.
iA.-pigce', (|t-pes') ad. to each one's

A'pish, a. like an ape ; foppish ; silly.
A-poc'a-ljfpse, n. book of Revelation.
A-poc-st-lyp't;c, ) a. relating to tlie
A-poc-?-lyp'ti-cal, \ Apocalypse.
A-pCc'o-pe, n. the cutting off of the

last letter or syllable of a word.
A-poc'ry-pha, n. pi. books appended to

the Old Testament.
A-poc'ry-phal, a. not canonical.
Ap'o-pe, n. the point in the orbit of
the moon, and the apparent orbit of
the sun and planets, in which they
are farthest from the earth.
Ap'o-graph, n. a copy ; a transcript.
A-pol-o-|et'}c, ) a. containing apol-
A-pol-o-^et'j-csil, \ ogy or excuses.
A-pol'o-^ist, M. one who apologizes.
A-pol'9-|Ize, V. n. to make an apology.
Ap'o-logue, (ap'o-log) n. a fable ; story.
A-p61'o-ty» »• a defence ; an excuse.
Ap'oph-thera, (ap'o-them) n. a maxim.

See Apotheg^m.
Ap-o-plec'tic, a. relating to apoplexy.
Ap'o-plex-y, n. a disoi-der which sud-
denly takes away all sensation.
A-pos't^-sy, n. a departure from the
principles which one has professed.
A-pos'tate, n. one who apostatizes,
^-pos'ta-tlze, V. n. to renounce one's

principles, faith, or party.
Ap'o-steme, ji. abscess ; imposthume.
A-pos'tle, (a-pos'sl) n. a person sent :
— one of the Twelve Apostles of
A-pos'tle-ship, n. office of an apostle.
Ap-os-tol'ic, i a. relating to, or
Ap-os-tol'j-csil, ) taughtby the apostles.
A-pos'tro-phe, n. a digressive address.
The mark (') showing that a word
is contracted.
Ap-os-troph'jc, a. denoting apostrophe.
A-p6s'tr9-phize, v. a. to address.
^-p6th'e-ca-ry, n. a keeper of a medi-
cine shop; compounder of medicines
Ap'o-thegra, (ap'o-them) n. a remark-
able saying ; maxim ; aphorism.
Ap-o-thS'o-sis, n. deification,
^p-pill', V. a. to fright, terrify, [dren.
Ap'p;t-n9ge, n. lands for younger chil-

Ap-pa-ra'tus, n. ; pi. ap-p?-ra'tu9, or Spi

pa-ra'tus-e§ ; furniture ; equipage.
Ap-i^r'ei, n. dress ; clothing ; vesture,
Ap-par'el, v. a. to dress ; to clothe.
Ap-pir'ent, a. plain ; visible ; open.
Ap-pa-ri"tion, (ap-pa-rish'un) n. ap-
pearance ; visibility ; ghost ; spectre.

Ap-par'i-tor, n. a messenger in a spir-
itual court. [higher tribunal.

Ap-peal', V. n. to refer to another or

Ap-peal', n. application for justice tea
superior tribunal ; recourse.

Ap-peal'^-ble, a. that may be appealed.

Ap-pear', v. n. to be in sight ; to seem.

Ap-pear'?nce, n. act of coming in sight j
semblance; Show; probability.

Ap-pea§'si-ble, a, that may be appeased.

Ap-peafe', v. a. to quiet ; to pacify.

Ap-peas'ive, a. mitigating ; quieting.

Ap-pel'lant, n. one who appeals.

Ap-pel'late, a. relating to appeals.

Ap-pel-la'tion, n. a name ; title ; style.

Ap-pel'l^-tive, n. a title : — a common
name or noun. [noun.

Ap-pel'l^-tive, a. noting a common

Ap-pel-le5', n. one who is appealed
against. [peal.

Ap-pel-lor', n. one who makes an ap-

Ap-pend', v. a. to hang ; to add to.

Ap-pen'da^e, n. something annexed.

Ap-pen'dant, a. hanging to ; annexed.

Ap-pen'dant, n. an adventitious part.

Ap-pen'dix, m. ; pi. ap-pen'dj-ce^, or
ap-pen'dix-e§ ; a supplement to a

Ap-per-cep'tion,n. consciousness.

Ap-perrtain', v. n. to belong ; to relate.

Ap'pe-tence, J w. desire ; sensual de-

Ap'pe-ten cy, \ sire ; appetite.

Ap'pe-tent, a. very desirous ; desiring.

Ap'pe-tite, n. desire ; relish for food.

Ap-pi3iud', V. a. to praise highly, extoL

Ap-pia.use', n. loud commendation, [ly.

Ap-plau'sive, a. applauding ; laudato-

Ap'ple, n. a fruit: — pupil of the eyeu

Ap'ple-tree, n. a tree producing apples.

Ap-plJ'a-ble,a.capable of being applied.

Ap-pli'ance, n. the act of applying.

Ap-pl}-ca-bil'j-ty,n. state of being appli-

Ap'plj-ca-hle, a. that may be applied.

Ap'plj-cant, n. one who applies.

Ap-pli-ca'tion, n. act of applying; en.
treaty ; assiduity ; intense study.

Ap-ply', V. a. to put to ; to devote.

Ap-ply', V. n. to suit ; to have recoursa

Ap-pc5int', V. a. to fix, settle, establish

Ap-point'ed, p. a. settled ; equipped.

ft,e,I,o,u,y, long', a,e,ij6,Q^, sliort; si,e,j,9,u,y, o65CMr«.-fire,fir,fast,fall5 hfeirjhei*




iJ^p-piJint'ment, n. act of appointing;

decree ; direction ; equipment.
^p-p6r'tion, v. a. to divide in just parts.
/\p-p6r'tion-ment, n. division into
shares. [plied.

Ap'po-§ite, a. proper ; fit ; well ap-

Ap'po-^ite-ly, ad. properly ; suitably.

Ap-po-5i"tion, n. addition : — the put-
ting of two nouns in the same case.

<^p^ praise', v. a. to set a price upon.

Ap-prai§e'ment, n. the act of apprais-

Ap-praif 'er, n. one who appraises. [in g.

Ap-pre'cj-a-ble, (ap-pre'she-a-bl) a. that
raaj' be appreciated or estimated.

Ap-prS'ci-ate, v. a. to estimate.

Ap-pre-cj-a'tion, (ap-pre-she-a'shun) n.
act of appreciating ; estimation.

Ap-pre-hend', v. a. to lay hold on; to
conceive by the mind ; to fear.

Ap-pre-hen'sj-ble, a. that may be ap-

Ap-pre-hen'sion, n. conception ; fear.

Ap-pre-hen'sjve, a. perceiving ; fearful.

Ap-pren't}ce, n. one who is bound to
a tradesman or artisan.

\p-pren'tice, v. a. to put out as an ap-
prentice, [an apprentice's service.

Ap-pren'tice-ship, n. state or term of

Ap-pri§e', V. a. to inform ; to give no-
tice to. [appraise.

Ap-prize', V. a. to set a price on ; to

Ap-proach', v. n. to draw near.

Ap-pr6ach', v. a. to draw near to.

Ap-proach', n. act of drawing near.

Ap-proach'a-ble, a. accessible.

Ap-pro-ba'tion, n. act of approving ;

Ap'pro-ba-tive, a. approving, [support.

Ap'pro-ba-tp-ry, a. approving, [priated.

Ap-pro'prj-a-ble, a. that may be appro-

Ap-pro'pri-ate, v. a. to set apart ; to
annex to ; to consign to some use.

Ap-pro'pri-ate, a. peculiar; adapted.

Ap-pr5-pri-a'tion, n. act of appropriat-
ing ; any thing appropriated.

Ap-pr6v'Ei-ble, a. meriting approbation.

Ap-pr6v'al, n. approbation ; praise.

Ap-prove', V. a. to like ; to commend.

Ap-prox'i-mate, a. near to.

Ap-prox'i-mate, v. a. & n. to draw near.

Ap-prox-j-ma'tion, n. approach to.

Ap-prox'i-raai-tive, a. approaching.

Ap'pulse, n. act of striking against.

Ap-pQl'sion, n. act of striking against.

Ap-piir'te-nance, n. that which apper-

Ap-piir'te-nant. a. joined to. [tains.

X'prj-cot, 71. an early stone fruit.

A'pril, 71. fourth month of the year.

X'pron, (a'purn) n. a part of dress.

Apt, a. fit ; proper ; ready ; quick
Ap'ti-tude, n. fitness ; tendency.
Apt'ness, 71. fitness ; aptitude.
A-qua-fbr'tis, 7i. nitric acid.

A-quat'ic, a. living iu water.

Aq'ue-duct, (ak'we-dukt) 71. an artifi-
cial channel for water.

A'que-oiis, (a'kwe-us) a. watery, [ter.

A'qui-form, a. having the form of wa-

Aq'uj-line, or Aq'ui-line, a. resem-
bling an eagle ; hooked.

Ar'a-besque, (ar'a-besk) a. relating to
Arabic architecture.

A-ra'bi-an, a. relating to Arabia.

Ar'a-bic, a. relating to Arabia.

Ar'a-bic, n. the language of Arabia.

Ar'a-ble, a. fit for the plough or tillage.

Ar'bi-ter, n. a judge ; an umpire.

Ar-bit'ra-ment, 71. will ; determination.

Ar'bi-tra-ry, a. bound by no law ; des-
potic ; absolute ; unlimited.

Ar'bi-trate, v. a. to decide ; to judge of.

Ar'bi-trate, v. n. to give judgment.

Ar-bi-tra'tipn, n. determination of a
cause by persons mutually agreed.

Ar'bi-tra-tor, n. an umpire ; judge.

Ar'bj-tress, n. a female arbiter.

Ar'bor, 71. a place covered with
branches of trees ; a bower.

Ar-bo're-ous, a. belonging to trees.

Ar-bo-res'cent, a. growing like a tree.

Ar'b9-roiis, a. belonging to a tree.

Arc, 71. a segment of a circle ; an arch.

Ar-cade', 71. a series of arches with a
walk under them ; a small arch.

Ar-ca'num, n. ; pi. ar-ca'na ; a secret.

Arch, 71. part of a circle ; an arc : — a
concave, hollow structure.

Arch, V. a. to form with arches.

Arch, a. waggish : — chief; first.

Ar-£hse-61'o-ty5 «• the science which
treats of antiquities ; antiquities.

Ar-^ha'jc, a. old ; ancient ; obsolete.

Arch-an'|el, n. a chief angel.

Arch-bish'9p, n. a chief bishop.

Arch-bish'op-ric, n. office, jurisdiction,
or province of an archbishop.

Arch-dea'con, (arch-de'kn) 71. a sub-
stitute for, or deputy of, a bishop.

Arch-diich'ess, 71. archduke's wife.

Arch-duke', n. a prince of Austria.

Ar'chedjp. a. (arch'ed or archt) formed
like an arch.

Arch'er, 71. one who shoots with a bow.

Arch'e-ry, 71. the use of the bow.

Ar-che-ty'pal, a. original.

Ar'che-type, n. the original ; a model

Arch-fiend', n. the chief of fiends

Baien5Sir;d8jnbrjs6n;bull,burjrule. 9,^j5,^,so/t; ^,^,£,|,/(ard; § as z; j as gz; tfiis




Jtr-chi-e-pTs'co-pal, a. belonging to an
archbishop, or archbishopric.

Ar-ghj-pel'a-go, n. asea which abounds
in small islands.

X.r'chi-tect, n. a scientific builder.

S.r-chi-tect'u-r?il, a. relating to archi-
tecture. " [building.

Sr'chi-tect-ure, n. the art or science of

S.r'chi-trave, n. a chief beam.

Ar'ghlve^, n. pi. ancient records.

Arch'ness, n. shrewdness ; sly humor.

ivrch'vvay, n. a passage under an arch.

Arc'tic, a. northern : — Arctic circle, the
circle which forms the southern
limit of the northern ftigid zone.

Ar'den-cy, n. ardor ; eagerness ; heat.

Ar'dent, a. having ardor ; hot ; burning.

Ar'dor, n. heat ; heat of affection ; zeal.

Ar'du-ous, a. lofty ; high ; difficult.

A're-a, n. superficial content.

Ar^e-fac'ti9n, n. act of growing dry.

A-re'nEi, n. an open space.

Ar-e-na'ceous, (-na'shus) a. sandy.

A-re-om'e-try, n. the art of measuring
the specific gravity of fluids.

Ar'|ent, a. silvery ; shining like silver.

Ar'len-tlne, a. pertaining to silver.

Ar'gjl, n. clay ; argillaceous earth.

Ar-|il-la'ceous, (-la'shus) a. clayey.

Ar'go-sy, n. a large merchant vessel.

Ar'gue, V. n. & a. to reason ; to debate.

Ar'gu-ment, n. a reason alleged ; plea.

Ar-gu-men-ta'tion, n. process of rea-
soning, [gument.

Ar-gu-ment'a-tive, a. consisting of ar-

A'ri-an-ism, n. the doctrine of Arius.

Ar'id, a, dry 5 parched with heat.

A-rid'j-ty, n. state of being arid.

A'ri-5^, n. Ram ; a sign of the zodiac.

A-rlght', (a-rit') ad. rightly ; correctly.

A-rlfe', V. n. [i. arose ; p. arisen 3]
to get up ; to ascend ; to rise.

Ar-is-toc'ra-cy, n. government by no-
bles ; nobility ; gentry.

Ar'js-to-crat, or A-ris't9-crat, n. one
who favors aristocracy.

Ar-js-to-crat'jc, ) a. relating to aris-

Ar-is-to-crSLt'i-cjl, \ tocracy ; haughty.

A-rith'me-tic, n. science of numbers.

Ar-ith-met'i-cal, a. according to arith-

A-rith-me-ti"cian, (a-rith-me-tish'an)
n. one who is versed in arithmetic.

Ark, n. a chest : — a large vessel.

Arm, 71. the limb which reaches from
the hand to the shoulder : — a branch.

Arm, V. a. Sc n. to furnish with arms.

Ar-ma'd?, 71. a fleet of armed vessels

Ar'm?-ni5nt, 71. a warlike force.
Ar'ma-ture, n. armor for the body
Arm'-chiir, n. an easy chair, [hold.
Arm'ful, n. as much as the arms can
Arm 'hole, n. a cavity under the shoul
Ar-mi|'er-ous, a. bearing arms. [der.
Ar'mjl-la-ry, a, resembling a bracelet.
Ar-min'isin, (ar-min'y^n) 7^ a follower

of Arminius. [minius

Ar-min'ian-i^m, n. the doctrine of Ar-
Ar-mip'9-t6nce, n. power in war.
Ar'mis-tice, n. a cessation from arms.
Arm'iet, n. a little arm ; a bracelet.
Ar'mor, n. defensive arms for the body.
Ar'mor-er, 71. one who makes arms.
Ar-mo'ri-al, a. belonging to armor.
Ar'mo-ry, n. a repository for arms. [der.
Arm'pit, n. the cavity under the shoul-
Arm§, n. pi. weapons.
Ar'my, n. a large body of armed men
A-ro'ma, n. the odorant principle o(

plants ; a pleasant odor.
Ar-9-mS.t'ic, a. spicy ; fragrant.
Ar-o-mat'jcs, 71. pi. fragrant spices.
A-ro^e', i. from Arise. See Arise.
A-rbund', ad. in a circle ; about.
A-rbund', •prep, about ; near to.
A-rbu§e', v. a. to rouse, as from sleep.
Ar'que-buse, n. a hand gun ; a fusee.
Ar-rack', 71. a spirit procured from the

cocoa-tree, rice, &;c. [accuse

Ar-raign', (ar-ran') v. a. to indict ; ta
Ar-raign'ment, n. act of arraigning.
Ar-ran|e', v. a. to put in order.
Ar-ran|e'ment, n. act of arranging.
Ar'rjnt, a. bad in a high degree 5 vilflf.
Ar'r^s, n. a rich kind of tapestry.
Ar-ray', ti. order of battle j dress.
Ar-ray', v. a. to put in order ; to deck
Ar-rear', 71. that which remains unpaid.
Ar-rgar'^ge, ti. remainder ; arrcar.
Ar-rect', a. erected ; attentive ; erect.
Ar-rfist', 71. a seizure by legal process.
Ar-rest', v. a. to seize ; to obstruct.
Ar-ret', n. decree ; decision of a court.
Ar-rl'val, n. act of coming to a place.
Ar-rlve', v. n. to come to any place.
Ar'ro-gance, ti. assumption ; insolence
Ar'ro-gant, a. assuming ; haughty.
Ar'ro-gate, v. a. to claim unjustly.
Ar'row, Tt. a weapon shot from a bow
Ar'row-root, 7t. a farinaceous substanca
Ar'se-nEil, n, a magazine of arms.
Ar'se-nlc, n. a poisonous substance.
Ar-sen'i-cal, a. containing arsenic.
Ar'son, ti. the crime of house-burning
Art, 2d person of the verb to be.
Art, 71. a science ; skill ; cunning.

a,5,i,o,ii,y, longj §l,S,ij6,u,y, short; 9,e,i,9,u,y,(;iscure.-firc,fa.r,fist,fyij heir,il^




i^r-tS'rj-?!, a. relating to an artery.

Xr'te-ry, n. a vessel conveying blood
from the heart to all parts of the body.

Xrt'ful, a. cunning; sly ; dexterous.

Ar-thrit'ic, a. relating to the gout.

Ar'tj-choke, n. an esculent root.

Ar'tj-cle, n. a part of speech : — a sin-
gle clause : — pi. terms ; stipulation.

Ar'ti-cle, v. a. to bind by articles.

iA^r-tic'u-l^ir, a. relating to articles or
joints. _ [join.

^r-tic'u-late, v. a. &c n. to speak ; to

Ar-tic'u-late, a. distinct : — jointed.

i\r-tic-u-la'tion, n. act of articulating :
— a joint ; a juncture.

Ar'ti-f ice, n. trick ; fraud ; deceit.

Ar-tifj-cer, n. a mechanic.

Ar-t}-fi"cial, (ar-te-f ish'al) a. made by
art, not natural ; fictitious ; artful, [ly.

Ar-ti-fi"ci5il-ly, ad. by art ; not natural-

Ar-til'ler-y, n. weapons of war ;
troops that manage ordnance, &c.

Ar'ti-f a.n, n. a mechanic. [fine arts.

Art'jst, n. one who practises one of the

Ar-tls'tic, a. relating to the arts.

Art'less, a. void of art ; simple.

A?, conj. &; ad. in like manner j that;
for example ; like ; equally.

As-bes'tine, a. pertaining to asbestos,

As-bes'tos, or As-bes'tus, n. a soft,
fibvQus mineral, incombustible.

As-cend', v. n. to move upwards.

As-cend', v. c. to climb up ; to mount.

As-cend'ant, n. elevation ; superiority.

As-cend'ant, a. superior ; elevated.

As-cen'den cy, n. influence ; authority.

As-cen'si9n, n. act of ascending.

As-cent', n. act of rising ; rise.

As-cer-tain', v. a. to make certain.

As-cer-tain'51-ble, a. that may be as-
certained, [ing.

As-cer-tain'ment, n. act of ascertain-

As-cet'jc, a. austere ; recluse.

As-cet'ic, ji. a devout recluse ; hermit.

As-cet'j-ci^m, n. practice of ascetics.

As-crl'ba-ble, a. that may be ascribed.

^scribe', v, a. to attribute to.

As-crip'tion, n. act of ascribing.

Ash, n. a tree ; the wood of the ash.

A-shamed', a. touclied with shame.

Asli'e;^, n. pi. the dust or remains of
any thing burnt; remains.

A-ehore', ad. on shore ; to the shore.

Ash'y, o. ash-colored ; like ashes.

A-sj-at'ic, (a-she-SLt'ik) a, pertaining to
Asia : — 71. a native of Asia.

A-alde', ad. to one side ; apart.

ks'j-nine, a. relating to an ass.

Ask, V. a. to beg, demand, question.

Ask, V. n. to petition ; to make inquiry

As-kance', > ad. sideways ; obliquely

As-kant', I aside ; askew.

A-skevv', (^-sku') ad. aside; awry.

A-slant', ad. in a slanting manner.

A-sleep', a. <fc ad. sleeping ; dead. [ly.

A-sl6pe', ad. with declivity ; oblique^

Asp, n. a poisonous serpent.

As-par'^-giis, n. an esculent plant.

As'pect, 71. look; countenance; air.

As'pen, n. a species of poplar.

As-per'i-ty, n. roughness ; harshness.

As-perse', v. a. to vilify ; to censure.

As per'sion, n. censure ; calumny.

As-phalte', ji. a bituminous stone.

As-phal'tic, a. gummy; bituminous.

As-phai'tum, n. bituminous substance.

As'pho-del, n. the day-lily.

As'pjc, n. a serpent ; asp.

As-pir'ant, n. one who*aspireg.

As'pi-rdte, V. a. to breathe upon ; to
pronounce with full breath.

As'pi-rate, a. pronounced with full
breath. [pirated pronunciation.

As'pi-rate, n. a mark to denote an as^

As-pi-ra'tion, n. a breathing after ; an
ardent wish. [ger'y-

As-pire', V. n. to aim at ; to desire ea-

As-pir'ing, p. a. ambitious.

A-squint', ad, obliquely.

iss, n. an animal of burden.

As-sa-fcBt'i-d?i, (as-a-fet'j-d?) n. a very
fetid gum-resin.

As-sail', V. a. to attack ; to assault.

As-sail'a-ble, a. that may be assailed.

^s-sail'ant, n. one who attacks.

As-sas'sin, n. a secret murderer.

As-sas'si-nate, v. a. to murder by se-
cret assault. [nating.

As-sas-si-na'tion, n. the act of assassi-

As-siult', n. a hostile attack ; storm.

As-sault', V. a. to attack ; to storm.

As-say', (^s-sa') n. a trial ; attempt.

As-say', V. V. to try ; to endeavor. [als.

As-say', w. a. to try or prove, as met-

As-say'^r, n. one who assays metals.

As-sem'blage, n. an assembly.

As-sem'ble, v. a. to bring together.

As-sem'ble, v. n. to meet together.

As-sem'bly, n. a company ; a meeting.

As-sent', n. act of agreeing ; consent.

As-sent', V. n. to concede ; to agree to.

As-sert', V. a. to maintain ; to aflarm.

As-ser'tion, n. act of asserting.

As-sess', V. a. to charge ; to rate.

As-ses'sa-ble, a. that may be assessed.

^s-sSss'ment, n. act of assessing ; sum.

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/\s-s5ss'9r, 71. one who assesses.
Xs'sets, n. pi. goods and chattels for

the discharge of debts, legacies, &c.
^s-sev'er-ate, v. a. to affirm solemnly.
^s-Sev-er-a'tion, n. solemn affirmation.
As-si-du'i-ty, 71, great diligence, [stant.
^s-sid'u-ous, a. very diligent ; con-
i^s-sign', (as-sin') v. a, to mark out ;

to appropriate ; to make over.
As-sign', n. an assignee.
As-sig-na'tion, n. appointment to meet.
As-sign-ee', (as-se-ne') n. one to whom

an assignment is made.
As-sign'ment, (as-sin'ment) jt. act of

assigning ; a transfer of interest.
As-sjgn or^, n. one who assigns,
i^s-sim'i-late, v. n. to grow similar.
As-sim'i-late, v. a. to make similar,
^s-sim-j-la'tion, n. act of assimilating.
^s-sist', V. a. to help ; to aid, succor.
As-sist'ance, n. help ; aid ; support.
As-sist'ant, n. one who assists.
As-size', 71. a court of judicature.
As-size', V. a. to fix the rate or price.
As-slz'er, n. one who assizes.
As-so'cj-ate, (as-so'she-at) v. a. to unite

with ; to join in company.
As-so'cj-ate, v. n. to unite in company.
As-so'ci-ate, (as-s6'she-at) a. united.
As-s5'ci-5ite, n. a partner ; companion.
As-s5-ci-a'tion, (as-s6-she-a'shun) n.

a confederacy ; an assembly.
As'so-nance, 71. resemblance of sound.
As'so-nant, a. having a similar sound.
As-sdrt', V. a. to arrange ; to class.
As-sbrt'ment, n. a quantity assorted.
As-sua*e', (as-swaj') v. a. to soften.
As-suale'ment, n. mitigation.
As-sua'sive, (as-swa'sjv) a. softening.
As-siime', v. a. to take ; to arrogate.
As-sQine', v. n, to be arrogant.
As-sum'jng, p. a. arrogant ; haughty.
As-siimp'tion, (as-sum'slmn) 71. act of

assuming ; supposition.
>\s-sur'ance, (fi-shfir'ans) n. an assur-
ing ; confidence ; insurance.
.A.s-sure', (j-shur) v. a to make secure ;

to assert positively ; to insure.
As'ter, 71. a plant : starvvort.
As'ter-isk, n. mark in printing, as (*).
As'ter-i^mjTi, a constellation •, asterisk.
A-ste"in', arf. at the hinder part of a
As'te-roid, n. a small planet. [ship.
Asth'nia, (ast'-) n. shortness of breath.
Asth-mat'ic, a. relating to asthma.
As-ton'ish, v. a. to amaze ; to surprise.
As-ton'jsh-ing, a. very wonderful,
^s-ton'ish-meiit, n. amazement.

As-tbflnd', V. a. to astonish ; to stun.

A-strSLd'dle, ad. with the legs apart.

As'tr^l, a. starry ; relating to the stara

A-stray', ad. out of the right way.

As-tric'Lion, 71. contraction.

A-strlde', with the legs wide apart

As-trin|e', v. a. to draw together.

As-trin'|en-cy, n. power of binding.

As-trin'|ent, a. binding ; contracting.

As-tr61'o-ger,»i. one versed in astrology.

As-tro-lo|'ic, ; a. relating to astrol-

As-tro-lo|'i-cal, | ogy.

As-trolVtys n. the art of foretelling
events by the aspect of the heavens.

As-tron'o-mer, 71. one versed in as-
tronomy, [tronomy.

As-tro-nom'j-cal, a. belonging to as-

As-tron'o-my, n. the science which
treats of the heavenly bodies.

As-tute', a. cunning ; shrewd ; acute.

A-sun'der, ad. apart ; in two parts.

A-sy'lum, 71. a sanctuary ; a refuge.

At, prep, near to j by ; in ; on ; with.

Ate, i. from Eat. See Eat. [a God.

A'the-i§m, 71. disbelief in the being of

A'tbe-ist, 71. one who denies the ex-
istence of God.

A-the-is'tjc, } a. pertaining to athe-

A-the-is'ti-cal, ) ism ; impious.

Ath-e-nae'um, n. a public seminary j a
public library and reading-room.

A-thirst', a. wanting drink ; thirsty.

Ath'lete, n. a contender for victory.

Ath-let'jc, a. relating to wrestling j
strong of body ; vigorous.

A-thvvart',;)rep. across ; transverse.

At'lfts, 71. a collection of maps. .

At-mos-phere, (at'm9S-fer) 71. the fluid
whicli encompasses the earth ; air.

At'mgs-pher'jc, ) a. relating to the

At-m9S-pher'i-cal, \ atmosphere.

At'om, 71. an extremely small particle.

A-tom'ic, ) a. consisting of, or re-

A-tom'i-cjl, ) lating to, atoms.

A-tone', V. 7i. &. a. to answer for ; to
reconcile ; to expiate ; to satisfy.

A-tone'ment, 7t. reconciliation.

At-ra-men'tal, a. inky; black.

A-tr5'cious, (a-tro'shus) a, wicked in a
high degree ; enormous ; flagitious.

A-tr6(j'i-ty, 71. great wickedness, [ing.

At'ro-phy, 71. a consumption ; a wast-

At-tach', V. a. to take ; to seize ; to fix.

At-tach'a-ble, a. that may be attached.

At-tach'ment, 71. adherence ; aftection :
— act of taking by legal process.

Attack', V. a. to assault ; to assail.

At-tack', 7). an assault ; invasion.

S,e,I,o,u,y, long; a,,G,i,o,u,y, short; ^,e,j,o,u,y, oi5CMre.-tare,fir,fftst,fall; heir,her




At-tain', v. a. to gain ; to obtain.
Attain', v. n. to reach ; to arrive at.
^t-tain'a-ble, a. that may be attained.
At-tain'der, n. act of attainting.
At-tain'ment, n. acquisition.
At-taint', V. a. to disgrace ; to taint,
^t-taint', 71. a stain : — a kind of writ.
At-taint'ment, 78. the being attainted.
At-tem'per, v. a. to mingle ; to soften.
At-tempt', (at-temf) v. a. to tiy j to

endeavor ; to essay ; to attack.

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