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At-teinpt', 71. an essay ; a trial,
^t-iend', V. a. to wait on ; to accom-

psny ; to remain to ; to expect.
At-tend', v. n. to listen ; to be near.
At-lend'ancc, n. act of waiting on;

service ; a train ; attention.
At-tend'ant, a. accompanying.
At teiid'ant, n. one who attends.
At-ten'tion, ti. act of attending ; heed.
At-ten'tjve, a. paying attention 3 heed-
At-ten'tive-ly, ad. heedfully. [ful.

At-ten'u-ant, a. making thin ; diluting.
At-ten'u-ate, v. a. to make thin.
At-ten-u-a'tion, 71. act of making thin.
Attest', V. a. to bear witness of.
At-tes-ta'tion, n. testimony ; witness.
At'tjc, a. relating to Attica ; pure.
At'ric, 7!. an upper story ; garret.
At-tire', V. a. to dress ; to arraj'.
At-tire', 7«. clothes ; head-dress.
At'ti-tude, n. posture ; position.
At-tj-tu'di-nal, a. relating to attitude.
At-lol'lent, a. lifting up ; raising.
At-tor'ney, (at-liir'ne) n. ; pi. at-tor'-

ney^ ; one who acts for another.
At-tract', 7!. a. to draw to ; to allure.
At-trac'tion, (at-trak'shun) n. act or

power of attracting ; allurement.
At-trac'tive, a. drawing ; alluring.
At-trac'tive, n. that which draws.
At-trac'tor, 71. one who attracts.
At'tra-hent, n. that wliich attracts.
At-trih'u-ta-ble, a. imputable.
At-trib'ute, V. a. to ascribe ; to impute.
At'tri-bute, n. an inherent quality.
At-tri-bii'tion, n. act of attributing.
At-trlte', a. ground : worn by rubbing.
At-tri"tion, (at-trish'un) n. act of wear-
ing or rubbing ; abrasion.
At-tune', 7?. a. to put in tune ; to tune,
^u'biirn, a. reddish brown ; dark.
Suc'tion, 71. a public sale i)y bidding.
&uc-lion-€er', n. one who sells by

auction. [pudent.

Su-da'cious, (iw-da'shus) a. bold ; ira-
^u-dac'|-ty, n. effronterj' ; boldness.
&u'di-bie, a. capable of being heard.

Au'di-ence, n. a hearing ; an audito
- ry ; an assembly of hearers.

.^u'dit, n. the settling of account?.

Au'djt, V. a. to adjust, as an account.

Au'di-tor, 77. a hearer : — one who au-
dits an account. [hearing.

Au'dj-to-ry, a. having the power of

Au'di-to-ry, 71. an audience ; an assem-
bly of hearers.

Xu'ger, 77. a tool to bore holes with.

5;uglit, (dwt) 77. any thing ; any part.

Augment', v. a. to enlarge, increase

Aug-tuent', V. n. to grow larger.

Aug'ment, 71. increase.

Aug-men-ta'tion. n. act of increasing.

Aug-men'ta-tive, a. that augnient5.[er.

Au'gur, 77. one who augurs ; a soothsay-

Au'gur, V. 77. to conjecture by signs.

Au'gur, V. a. to predict by signs.

Au-ga'rj-al, a. relating to augury.

Au'gu-ry, 71. prognostication by signs.

Au'gust, 77. eighth month in the year.

S.u-gust', a. great ; grand ; majestic.

Au-let'ic, a. belonging to pipes, [court.

Au'ljc, a. belonging to an imperial

Aunt, n. a father's or mother's sister

Au-re'lj-a, 77. chrysalis of an insect.

5^u-re'o-la, 77. a circle of rays ; crown
of glory. [ear.

Au'ri-cle, (Sw're kl) ti. the external

Au-ric'u-la, 77. a species of primrose.

Au-ric'u-lar, a. conveyed to the ear.

Au-rifer-oiis, a. producing gold.

Au'rjst, n. a surgeon for the ear.

iiu-ro'rfi, 77. the dawn of day.

Au-ro'ra bo-re-a'lis, 77. the northern
daybreak, or lights.

Au-ro'ral, a. relating to the aurora.

Aus-cul-ta'tipn, 77. act of listening to.

Au'spjce, 71. an omen ; influence.

Au-spi"cial, a. relating to prognostics.

Au-spi"cious, (a.w-spish'us) a. pros-,
perous ; propitious ; lucky.

Au-stere', a. severe ; harsh ; rigid.

Au-ster'i-ty, 77. severity ; rigor.

Aus'tral, a. southern.

Au-then'tic, a. genuine ; not fictitious,

Au-tben'ti-cate, v. a, to prove by au-
thority, [thentic

Au-then-tT^'i-ty, 7?. state of being au-

Au'lhor, 77. first beginner ; a writer.

Au'thor-ess, 77. a female author.

Au-thor'i-ta-tive, a. having authority.

Au-thor'i-ty, 77. legal power ; influ-
ence; rule ; support; testimony.

Au-thor-i-za'tion, 71. act of giving au-
thority, [justify.

Au'thor-Ize, v. a. to give authority ; t4

inien,9ir jdd,nor,s^n;bull,bUr,rule. ^,^y^,t}»ofi; ld,)&,z,^,hard; ^ as z-^j as gz; tbia




Au'thpr-ship, n. state of an author.

Au-t^-bj-og'rEi-pher, n. one who writes
his own life. [autobiography.

Xu-to-bi-o-graph'i-c?il, a. relating to

Au-to-bi-og'r5i-phy, n. life or biography
of a person written by himself.

Au-tbc'ra-cy, n. absolute power.

Au't9-crat, n. an absolute sovereign.

Au-to-crat'i-c^il, a. relating to autocracy.

Su'to-graph, n. a person's own hand-
writing, [tograph.

Au-to-graph'i-cal, a. relating to an au-

Au-to-mat'ic, a. like an automaton.

^u.-tom'a-ton, n. ; pi. au-tom'?i-ta, au-
tom'a-ton§; a machine so constructed
as to imitate the actions of men,&c.

Xu'tumn, (§LVv'tum) n. the season be-
tween summer and winter.

Au-tiim'nal, a. belonging to autumn.

Au^-il'i^-ry, (2Lwg-zil'ya-re) n. a help-
er: — pi. troops of a foreign nation.

Au^-il'ia-ry, (awg-zil'ya-re) a. assist-
ing : — a term applied to a verb.

i^-vail', V. a. to profit ; to promote.

^-vail', V. n. to be of use or benefit.

i\-vail', 71. profit ; advantage ; benefit.

A-vail'fi-ble, a. profitable ; powerful.

Av'^-ian^he', TO. a body of snow, ice,
&c., sliding down a mountain.

Av'si-rlce, TO. inordinate desire of gain.

Av-?-ri"cious, (av-Ei-rish'us) a. pos-
sessed of avarice ; covetous.; greedy.

A-v&unt', interj. hence; begone.

A-venge', v, a. to take vengeance on.

Av'e-nue, to. a passage ; an entrance.

A-ver', V. a. to declare positively.

Av'er-a^e, to. a mean proportion.

Av'er-age, v. a. to reduce to a medium.

Av'er-9*e, v. to. to be in a medial state.

Av'er-a*e, a. medial ; having a mean.

A-ver'ment, to. strong affirmation.

A-verse', a. having a dislike to.

A-ver'sion, to. hatred ; strong dislike.

A-vert', V. a. to turn aside ; to put by.

A-vert', V. «. to turn away.

A'vj-a-ry, to. a place to keep birds in.

A-vid'i-ty, TO. eagerness ; greediness.

Av-o-ca'tion, n. business that calls
aside ; employment.

A-void', V. a. to shun ; to escape from.

A-void'51-bIe, a. that may be avoided.
A-vdTd'jnce, to. act of avoiding.
Av-oir-du-pois', (av-er-du-pbiz') to. & a

a weight of 16 ounces to a pound.
A-vouch', V. a. to affirm ; to vouch.
A-vbw', V. a. to declare ; to own.
A-vow'a-ble, a. that may be avowed.
A-vbw'al, 11. an open declaration.
A-vu!'si9n, n. the act of tearing away
A-wait', V. a. to expect ; to wait for.
A-wake', V. a. [t. awoke or awaked j

p. awoke or awaked ;] to rouse from

sleep ; to wake.
A-wake', v. n. to break from sleep ; to

A-wake', a. not sleeping.
A-wa'ken, (a-wa'kn) v. to awake.
A-waird', V. a. to adjudge ; to sentence.
A-ward', v. n. to decree ; to judge.
A-ward', TO. judgment ; sentence.
A-w4re', a. vigilant ; prepared.
A- way', ad. at a distance off.
Awe, (aw) 71. reverential fear ; dread.
Awe, V. a. to strike with reverence.
Aw'ful, a. striking with awe ; dread
A-whlle', ad. for some time. [ful

Awk'ward, a. unhandy ; clumsy.
Awl, (all) TO. instrument to bore holes
Awn, n. the beard of grasses or grain
Awn'ing, n. a cover of canvas spread

over a boat, or any place without a

roof, for shade.
A-woke', t. from Awake. See Awake.
A-wry', (a-ri') ad. &c a. aside ; asquint.
Axe, (ax) to. a cutting instrument.
Ax'il-lEi-ry, a. belonging to the armpit.
Ax'iom, n. a self-evident truth.
Ax-i-9-mat'ic, ) a. relating to or con-
Ax-i-o-mat'j-c^l, \ taining axioms.
Ax'is, TO. ; pi. ax'e§ ; the line that

passes through a body, and on which

it revolves.
Ax'le, (ak'sl) ) to. a bar on which a
Ax'le-tree, \ carriage wheel turns
Ay, or Aye, (ae) ad. yes.
Aye, (a) ad. always ; for ever.
Az'ote, 71. a kind of gas ; nitrogen.
A'zure, (a'zhur or azh'ur) a. blue ;

faint blue ; sky-colored.
A'zure, n. the color of the sky j sky.


BAA, (ba) TO. the cry, or bleat of a
Baa, (ba) V. TO. to cry like a sheep.

Bab'ble, v. to. to prattle ; to talk idly.
Bab'ble, to. idle talk ; senseless prattlei
Bab'bler, to. an idle talker.

l,g,I,6,u,J, hngi Si,S,l,5,u,y ,aA<7rt; ?t,9,j,9,u,y, oftscur6.-fire,far,f4st,failj hefj^&f




Babe, n. an infant ; a young child.
B?-b6dn', n. a large kind of monkey,
Ba'by, n. a young child ; infant ; babe.
Ba'by-Ish, a. like a babe ; childish.
B&c-C9-lau're-^te, n. the degree of a

bachelor of arts.
Bac'ghji-nal, n. a drunkard ; a sot.
BSLc-^ha-na'lj-^n, n. a drunkard.
Bac-cha-na'li-an, a. drunken > noisy.
Baclre-lor, tu an unmarried man : —

one who has taken his first degree.
BSch'e-lor-ship, n. state of a bachelor.
Back, n. the hinder part of a thing.
Back, ad. to the place left ; behind.
Back, V. a, to mount : — to maintain.
Back, a. being behind or passed by,
Back'bite, V. a. to censure the absent.
Back'blt-er, n. a privy calumniator.
Back'brt-ing, n. secret slander.
Back'bone, n. the bone of the back.
Back'door, n. a door behind a house.
BSck-gain'mon, n. a game at tables.
Back'grbund, n. the part behind.
Back'piece, n. armor to cover the back.
Back'side, n, hinder part of a thing.
Back-slide', v. ru to fall off j to apos-
Back-slld'er, v. an apostate, [tatize,
Back'ward, a. nnvv^illing ; dull ; late,
Back'vvard, ad. vrith the back forward,
Ba'con, (ba'kn) hog's flesh salted and

dried with smoke.
Bad, a. ill ; not good ; evil ; vicious.
Bade, (bad) i. from Bid. See Bid.
Bad|e, n. a mark of distinction.
Bad'^er, 7j. a quadruped : — a dealer.
Bad'|er, v. a. to confound ; to tease.
Baffle, V. a. to elude ; to confound.
Bag, n. a sack ; a pouch ; a purse.
Bag, V. a. to put into a bag ; to swell.
Bag, V. 71, to swell like a full bag,
BSlg'ga|e, n. luggage of an array, &c,
Bagn'io, (bSLn'yo) n. ; pi. bagn'io| ; a

bathing-house ; a brothel,
Bag'pipe, n. musical wind instrument.
Bail, 71. surety for another : — a handle.
Bail, V. a. to release by bail,
Bail'^-ble, a. capable of being bailed.
Bail-ee', n, a person to whom goods

are bailed or delivered,
Bai'liff, 71. a sheritTs deputy,
Bail'i-wick, n. jurisdiction of a bailiff.
Bail'ment, n, delivery of goods in trust.
Bail'dr, n. one who bails goods.
B4irn, (bArn) or Barn, n. a child.
Bait, V. a. to put meat upon a hook ; to

give refreshment ; to attack.
Bait, V. n. to take refreshment.
Bait, 71. a lure ; refreshment.

Baize, j^ a coarse woollen stuff.

Bake, wfa. to dry or cook by heat.

Bake, v. n. to heat and harden,

Bake'house, n. a house for baking.

Bak'er, n. one who bakes bread, &c

Balifer-y, n. a house for baking,

Bal'ance, n. a pair of scales : — differ-
ence of an accoxint : — a sign.

Bal'ance, v. a. to weigh ; to regulate.

BSLI'ance, v. n. to hesitate,

B&l'co-ny, or Batl-co'ny, n. a frame be-
fore a window or a house.

Bald, a. wanting hair ; unadorned.

Ba.l'der-dash, n. a rude mixture.

Bild'ness, n. the state of being bald.

Bald'pate, n. a head destitute of hair.

Bald'rjck, n. a girdle : — the zodiac.

Bale, n. a package of goods : — misery.

Bale, V. a. to lade out ; to pack up,

Bale'ful, a. full of misery or sorrow.

Bsllk, (bawk) n. a great beam,

BSilk, (biwk) V. a. to disappoint.

BSiU, n. a round body ; a globe j a bul-
let: — entertainment of dancing,

BSLl'lad, n. a song ; a small poem,

Bai'last, 71. heavy matter placed in a
ship or vessel to keep it steady.

Bai'lgist, V. a. to make or keep steady.

BSll'let, 71, a kind of mimic dance.

Bal'ljs-ter, n. a warlike engine.

Bjil-loon', n. a hollow vessel filled with
gas for sailing in the air,

Bal'lot, 71, ball or ticket used in voting.

Bai'lot, V. n. to vote by ballot,

B'ilm, (bamXn, an ointment ; a plant,

Bilm'y, (bam'e) a. soothing ; fragrant.

Bal'sjim, 71. a resinous substance.

B^il-sam'ic, a. partaking of balsam,

Bal'us-ter, n. a small column or rail

Bal'us-trade, n. a row of balusters.

Bam-b66', n. a large kind of reed.

Bam-boo'zle, v. a. to deceive.

Ban, n. public notice : — a curse,

Ba-na'na, or Ea-na'na, n. a species of
West Indian plantain.

Band, n. a bandage : — a company.

Band, v. a. to unite together ; to unite.

Band, v. n. to associate ; to unite.

Band'a|e, n. a flllet ; roller of linen.

Ban-dan'na, a. noting a kind of silk.

Band'box, n. box used for bonnets, &.c.

Ban'de-iet, n. a flat moulding or fillet.

Ban'djt, n. ; pi. ban'djts ; a robber.

Ban-dit'ti, (bS.n-dit'te) 71. pi. a compa»
ny of outlaws or robbers,

Ban'dog, n. a kind of large dog.

Ban-do-leer', 71, a case for powder.

Ban-dore', n. a musical instrument.

mten,sir5d6,n<Jr,86n5bulI,biir,raie. 9,^,9,|,»oyi;£!,^,2,g,Aard,- f asz; ? as gz; this




B^lnd'rol, n. a little flag or stumer.

Ban'dy, n. a club for strikinlPl ball.

Ban'dy, v. a. to beat to and fro.

Ban'dy-leg, n. a crooked leg.

Bane, ?i. poison ; mischief; ruin.

Bane'ful, a. poisonous ; destructive.

Bang, V. a. to beat ; to thump.

Bang, n. a blow ; a thump.

Ban-ian', (ban-yan') n. a morning-
gown : — an Indian fig-tree.

Ban'ish, v, a. to drive away ; to exile.

Pan'ish-ment, n. the act of banishing.

Ban'is-ter, n. a pilaster. See Baluster.

Bank, n. steep side of a river ; a heap :
— a place where money is laid up.

Bank, V. a. to enclose with banks.

Bank'-bill, or Bank'-note, n. a prom-
issory note of a banking company.

Eank'er, n. one who keeps a bank.

Bank'ing, n. management of banks..

Bank'rupt, a. unable to pay ; insolvent.

Eank'riipt, n. a trader who fails, or
is unable to pay his debts.

Bank'riipt-cy, n. state of a bankrupt.

Bank'-stock, 7i. capital in a bank.

Ban'ner, n. a military standard or flag.

Ban'ner-6l, n. a little flag ; a bandrol.

Ban'nock, n. a cake of barley-meal.

Bann§, n. pi. the proclamation in a
church of an intended marriage.

Ban'quet, ri. a feast ; entertainment.

Ban'quet, v. a. to treat with a feast.

Ban'quet, v. n. to feast ; to give a feast.

Ban'quet-ing, n. the act of feasting.

Biin'tam, a. noting a kind of fowl.

Ban'ter, v. a. to play upon ; to rally.

Ban'ter, n. light ridicule ; raillery.

Bant'ling, n. a little child ; an infant.

Bap'ti^m, n. a rite of the church.

Bap-tif'mal, a. pertaining to baptism.

Bap'tjst, n. one who denies the validi-
ty of infant baptism.

B'ap'tjs-ter-y, n. a font for baptism.

Bap-tize', V. a. to immerse in water j
to administer baptism ; to christen.

Ear, n. a bolt ; obstruction : — a tribu-
nal ; the body of lawyers: — an
enclosed place in a tavern.

Bar, V. a. to fasten ; to shut out.

Barb, n. any thing like a beard ; point.

Barb, i\ a. to furnish with armor.

J'ar-ba'ri-an, n. an uncivilized person.

Bar-ba'ri-an, a. uncivilized ; savage.

Ear-bar'ic, c.foreign ; rude ; barbarous

Bar'ba-ri?m, n. inhumanity ; cruelty.

Far-bar'i-ty, n. savageness ; cruelty.

Bar'bar-ize, v. a. to render barbarous.

Bar'bar-ous, a. uncivilized ; cruel.

BAr'bat-ed, p. a jagged with points.

Bar'be-cue,7i. a hog, &c. dressed whole.

Bar'be-ciie, v. a. to dress a hog whole

Bar'bed, p. a. having barbs.

Bar'bel, (bar'bl) n. a river fish.

Bar'ber, n. one who shaves.

Bar'ber-ry, n. a shrub and its fruit.

Bar'bet, n. a species of dog.

Bard, n. a poet ; a Celtic minstrel.

Bard'ling, n. an inferior bard.

Biie, a. naked ; uncovered ; poor

Bire, v. a. to strip ; to uncover.

Bare'faced, (bir'fast) a. shameless.

BAre'foot, (bdr'fiit) a. having no shoes.

Bire'foot, (bir'fiit) ad. without shoes.

Bire'head-ed, a. Avith the head bare.

Bar'gain, (bar'gjn) n. a contract.

Bar'gain, v. n. to make a contract.

Barge, n. a large boat.

Bar|e'man, 71. the manager of a barge.

Bar*e'mSs-ter, n. the owner of a barge.

Ba-ril'la, n. an alkaline plant.

Bark, 7t. the rind of a tree ; a ship.

Bark, V. a. to strip trees of their bark.

Bark, v. n. to make the noise of a dog.

Bar'ley, n. grain used in making beer.

Bar'ley-brake, n. a rural play or game.

Bar'ley-cbrn, (bar'le-korn) 71. a grain
of barley : — the third part of an

Barm, n. yeast ; foam or froth, [inch.

Bar'my, a. containing barm.

Barn, 71. a storehouse for hay, corn, &c.

Bar'n^-cle, n. a shell-fish: — pi. an
instrument for holding a horse.

Ba-rom'e-ter, n. an instrument to meas-
ure the weight of the atmosphere.

Bar-o-met'rj-cal, a. of a barometer.

Bar'on, n. a lord ; rank of nobility.

Bar'on-a*e, n. the body of barons.

Bar'on-ess, 71. a baron's wife or lady.

Bar'o-net, n. an hereditary knight.

Bar'o-net-age, n. the body of baronets.

Ba-ro'nj-fil, a. relating to a baron.

Bar'o-ny, n. the lordship of a baron.

Bar'o-scope, 71. a sort of barometer.

Barouche', (ba-rosh') n. a carriage.

Bar'ra-can, n. a thick kind of camlet

Bar'rack, n. a building for soldiers.

Bar'ra-tor, n. one guilty of barratry.

Bar'ra-try, v. foul practice in law.

Bar'rel, n. a cask; any thing hollow

Bar'rel, v. a. to put into a barrel.

Bar'ren, a. unfruitful ; sterile ; dull.

Bar'ren, n. an unfertile tract of land.

Bar'ren-ness, 71. state of being barren.

Bar-ri-cade', 71. an obstruction ; bar.

BJir-ri-cade', v. a. to fortify ; to stop up.

Bar'ri-er, 71. a defence ; a stop ; a bar.

a,ea,5,u,y, ^071^^; ii,e,i,o,il,y, short; ^,e,i,9,u,y, o65CMrfi.-fire,far,fist,fail; hSir,hgrj




BSr'ns-ter, 71. a counsellor at law.
Bar'rSvv, 71. a hand carriage : — mound

of earth : — a castrated hog.
Bar' -shot, n. bullets joined by a bar.
Bar'ter, v. n. to traffic by exchanging.
BAr'ter, v. a. to give in exchange.
Bar'ter, 7t. traffic by exchanging com-
modities : — a rule of arithmetic.
Bar'trara, n. the pellitory, a plant.
Bar'y-tone, a. noting a grave accent.
Ba'sal, a. relating to the base.
B?h-s4lt', 71. a grayish-black stone.
Bjt-sal'tjc, a. relating to basalt.
Bas'cj-net, n. a basin-shaped helmet.
Base, n. bottom ; foundation ; pedestal.
Base, a. mean ; vile ; low ; worthless.
Base, V. a. to lay the base ; to found.
Base '-born, a. born out of wedlock.
Base'less, a. without a base.
Base'ment, 71. a ground-floor.
Ba-shaw', 71. a Turkish governor.
Bash'ful, a. modest ; shamefaced ; shy.
Bash'ful-ness, 71. rustic modesty.
Ba^'il, n. the angle of a joiner''s tool.
Ba^'il, V. a. to grind to an angle.
Bas'i-lisk, 7i. a serpent : — a cannon.
Ba'sin, (ba'sn) 7i. a small vessel j a

small pond ; any hollow place.
Ba'sis, n. ; pi. ba'se§ ; foundation ;

base ; that on which any thing rests.
BSsk, V. a. to warm in the sun.
Bisk, V. n. to lie in the sun or warmth.
BSs'ket, n. a vessel made of twigs, &c.
BSss, n. a fish ; a tree : — (bas) a mat.
Bass, a. low; deep; grave.
Bas'set, n. a game at cards.
Bas-s66n', 71. a musical instrument.
Bass'-vi'ol, n. a musical instrument.
BSs'tard, n. one born out of wedlock.
BSs'tard, a. illegitimate; spurious.
Bis'tar-d}', ju state of being a bastard.
Baste, V. a. to beat with a stick : — to

drip butter on : — to sew slightly.
Bas-tj-na'do, 7i. a beating on the soles

of the feet with a cudgel, [tinado.
Bas-ti-na'do, v. a. to treat with the bas-
Bast'ion, (bast'yun) n. a mass of earth

standing out from a rampart.
Bat, n. a stick : — a small animal.
Batch, n. the bread baked at once.
Bate, V. a. to lessen ; to abate.
Bat-eau', (bat-6') 71. ; pi. bat-eaux',

(bat-6z') a long, light boat.
Bath, n. a place to bathe in.
Bathe, V. a. to wash in water. [ter.
Bathe, v. n. to lave one's body in vva-
Ba'thos, n. a sinking ; anticlimax.
Bat'let, 71. wood for beating linen.

Ba-t66n', 71. a club ; a staff.

Bat-tal'ion, ( n. a body of troops.

Bat'ter, v. a. to beat down ; to dull

Bat' ter, 71. a mixture of several ingre-
dients, [ry engine.

Bat'ter-ing-ram, 71. an ancient milita-

Bat'ter-y, n. a raised work for cannona
to rest on : — : a violent assault.

Bat'tle, 71. a fight between armies.

Bat'tle, V. n. to contend in battle.

Bat'tle-ar-ray', n. order of battle.

Bat'tle-axe, iu a weapon of war.

Bat'tle-door, (bat'tl-d5r) 71. an instru-
ment used to strike a shuttlecock.

Bat'tle-ment, 71. a wall or parapet with
embrasures or interstices.

B9.w'ble, 71. a gewgaw ; a trinket.

Bawd, 7?^ a procurer, or procuress.

Baw'dy, a. filthy ; obscene ; vile.

Bawl, V. n. to hoot ; to cry aloud.

Biwl, V. a. to proclaim as a crier.

Bay, a. inclining to a chestnut color.

Bay, n. an arm of the sea : — the lau-
rel-tree : — a state of being kept off.

Bay, V. n. & a. to bark as a dog.

Bay'ber-ry, 77. a small shrub.

Ba'yo-net, 71. a dagger on a musket.

Ba'yo-net, v. a. to stab.

Bay'-salt, n. salt made of sea-water.

Ba-zaar', (ba-zar') n. an Eastern mar-
ket : — a collection of retail shops.

Be, V. n. [i. was ; p. been ; j to have
some certain state ; to exist.

Beach, n. the sea-shore ; the strand.

Bea'con, (be'kn) 77. a lighthouse.

Bead, (bed) n. a little ball ; globule.

Bea'dle, (be'dl) n. a messenger; crier.

Bead'roU, n. a list of persons to be
prayed for. [pray.

Bead§'man, n. a man employed to

Bea'gle, (be'gl) n. a hunting hound.

Beak, n. the bill of a bird ; a point.

Beak'ed, a. having a beak.

Bea'ker, (bS'ker) 71. a drinking-cup.

Beam, (bem) n. main piece of timber :
— a part of a balance : — ray of light.

Beam, v. n. to ahine ; to emit rays.

Beam'y, a. radiant ; shining.

Bean, 71. a garden vegetable.

BeAr, v. a. [L bore ; p. borne ;J to car-
ry ; to support ; to endure.

Beir, (bir) v. n. to suffer ; to endure.

Beir, (b4r) v. a. [i. bore ; p. born or
borne ;] to bring forth.

BeAr, (bAr) n'. a rough, savage animaL

Beir'a-ble, a. that may be borne.

Beard, n. hair on the lips and chin.

Beard, v. a. to take by the beard.

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BSard'ed, (berd'ed) a. having a l)eard.
Beard'iess, a. without a beard.
Be&r'er,' n. a carrier ; a supporter.
Beir'-gar-den, n. a place for bears.
Bedr'herd, n. one who tends bears.
Beir'jng, n. position ; gesture.
Beir'§'-foot, (bdrz'fut) n. a plant.
Beast, n. an irrational animal ; a brute.
Beast'ly, a. like a beast ; brutal.
Beat, V. a. [i. beat ; p. beaten or beat ;]

to strike ; to surpass ; to conquer.
Beat, V. 71. to strike ; to dash ; to throb.
Beat, 71. a stroke ; act of striking.
Beat'en, (be'tn) p. See Beat.
Be-a-tif'ic, a. very happy ; blissful.
Be-at-i-fj-ca'tion, n. act of beatifying.
Be-at'}-fj, V. a. to bless ; make happy.
Beat'ing, n. act of striking ; correction.
Be-5t'j-tude, n. heavenly joy.
Beau, (b5) n. ; pi. beaux, (boz) a fop ;

a coxcomb ; a gallant ; a lover. [pish.
Beau'ish, (bo'jsh) a. like a beau ; fop-
Beaii'te-ous, a. fair ; beautiful.
Beau'tj-fi-er, n. that which beautifies,
Beau'ti-ful, a. having beauty ; fair.
Beau't}-fy, v. a. to adorn ; to embellish.
Beau'tj-fy, v. n. to grow beautiful.
Beaii'ty, (bu'te) n. an assemblage of

graces ; a beautiful person.
Beau'ty-spot, n. a patch ; a foil.
Bea'ver, n. a quadruped valued for fur ;

the fur of the beaver ; a hat.
Be-calm', (be-kam') v. a. to quiet.
Be-came', i. from Become.
Be-c§lu§e', conj. for this reason ; for.
Be-chftnce', v. n. to befall ; to happen.
Be-charm', v. a. to please ; to charm.
Beck, V. n. to make a sign with the

head. [head.

Beck, V. a. to call by a motion of the
Beck, 71. a sign with the head ; a nod.
Beck'on, (bek'kn) v. to make a sign.
Beck'on, n. a sign ; a beck ; a nod.
Be-clbud', v. a. to obscure ; to cloud.
Be-c6me', (be-kum') v. n. [i. became ;

p. become ;] to be changed to ; to be.
Be-c6me', v. a. to befit ; to suit.
Be-c6m'ing, a. graceful ; fit ; proper.
Be-crip'ple, v. a. to lame ; to cripple.
Bed, n. something to sleep on ; a bank ;

a layer ; a channel.
Bed, V. a. to place in bed ; to fix.
Be-dab'ble, v. a. to wet ; to besprinkle.
Be-dag'gle, v. a. to beniire.
Be-dash', V. a. to bespatter; to dash.
Be-daub', v. a, to smear ; to daub over.
"Be-daz'zle, v. a. to make dim by lustre.
Bed'bug, 7!. insect that infests beds.

B5d'ch5ni-ber, n. a chamber for a bed
Bed'clcthe§, n. pi. coverlets.
Bed'ding, n. the materials of a bed.
Be-deck', v, a. to deck ; to ornament.
Be-dew', (be-du') v. a. to moisten.
Bed'fel-low, n. one in the same bed.
Bed'hang-ing^, n. pi. curtains of a bed
Be-dight', (be-dit') v. a. to adorn.
Be-dim', v. a. to make dim, darken
Be-di'zen, (be-di'zn) v. a. to adorn.
Bed'lam, n. a hospital for lunatics.
Bed'lam-ite, n. a madman ; a lunatic
Bed'mak-er, n. one who makes beds.
Bed'mate, n. a bedfellow.
Bed'post, n. the post of a bedstead.
Be-drag'gle, v. a. to soil on the dirt.
Be-drench'. v. a. to arench ; to soak.
Bed'rid, a. confined to the bed. [bed.
Bed'rid-den, (-dn) a. confined to the
Bed'room, n. a ^oora to sleep in.
Be-drop', v. a. to besprinkle.

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