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Blus'ter-ing, n. tumult ; noise.
Bo'a, n. a huge serpent : — a tippet.
Boar, (bor) n. the male swine.
Board, n. a flat piece of sawed wood :

— a table ; food : — deck of a ship.
Board, «. a. to enter a ship by force :

— to lay with boards: — to diet.
Board, v. n. to receive food ; to diet.
Board'er, n. one who boards.
B5ard'ing-scho6], n. a school where

the scholars live with the teacher.
Boast, (b5st) V. to brag ; to vaunt.
Boast, n. a vaunting speech.
Boast'er, n. one who boasts ; bragger.
Boast'ful, a. addicted to boasting.
Boat, (bot) 71. a small sailing vessel.
B6at, V. a. to carry or convey in a boat.
Boat'a-ble, a. navigable with boats.
BSat'jng, n. act of conveying in a boat.
Boat'man, n. one who manages a boat.
Boat'swam, (bot'swan or bo'sn) n. an

officer who has charge of a ship's

rigging, boats, &c.
Bob, n. something that plays loosely.
Bob'bin, n. a pin to wind thread upon.
Bob'cher-ry, n. a play among children.
Bob'tail, n. a short tail ; a tail cut
Bob'wig, n. a short wig. [short.

B5de, V. a. to portend ; to forebode.
Bode, V. n. to be an omen.
Bod'ice, (bod'is) n. short stays.
Bod'jed, (bod'id) a. having a body.
Bod'i-less, a. without a body.
Bod'i-ly, a. relating to the body ; real.
Bod'ing, n. a foreshowing; an omen.
Bod'kin,7i. an instrument used to bore

holes with ; an instrument used to

dress the hair.
Bod'y, n. the material substance of an

animal ; a person : — mass ; army ;

main part ; the bulk : — a system,
pod'y, V. a. to produce in some form.

Bod'y-guard, (-gard) n. a life-guard
Bog, n. a marsh ; morass ; quagmire.
Bog'gle, n. a bugbear; a spectre.
Bog'gle, V. 71. to hesitate ; to doubt.
Bog'gler, 71. one who boggles.
Bog'gy, a. full of bogs ; marshy.
Bo-hea', n. a species of black tea.
Boil, V. n. to be agitated by heat.
Bbil, V. a. to cook in boiling water ; to
Boil, 71. a painful tumor. [seethe.

Boil'er, n. one who boils ; a vessel.
Bbil'er-y, n. place where salt is boiled.
Bbil'ing, n. act of boiling ; ebullition.
Bbis'ter-ofis, a..stormy ; furious ; noisy.
Bold, a. daring ; brave ; confident.
Bold'faced, (bold'fast) a. impudent.
Bold'ness, n. courage ; confidence
Bole, n. a kind of earth : — a measure.
Boll, 71. a round stalk or stem ; a pod.
Boll, V. 71. to form a seed-vessel
Bol'stpr, n. a long pillow or cushion.
Bol'ster, v. a. to support ; to swell out.
Bolt, 71. the bar of a door ; a pin. [sift.
Bolt, V. a. to fasten : — to blurt out ; to
Bolt, V. 71. to spring out suddenly.
Bolt'er, n. a sieve ; a kind of net.
Bolt'head, 7?. a long glass vessel.
Bo'lus, 71. a large pill ; a kind of earth.
Bomb, (bum) ?i. a shell filled with gun-
powder, to be thrown by a mortar.
Bom-bard', t?. a, to attack with bombs.
Bom-bar-dier', 71. an engineer who

shoots bombs. [bombs.

Bom-bard 'ment, 71. an attack with
Bbm-bist', or Bom'bSst, 71. inflated

style or language ; fustian.
Bom-bis'tic, a. partaking of bombast.
B6m-ba-zette', n. a thin woollen stuflT.
B6m-ba-zine', (bum-ba-zen') n. a slight

stufl" made of silk and worsted.
Bomb'ketch, ) n. a ship for throw-
B6mb'ves-sel, ) ing bombs.
Bond, 71. cord or chain; ligament: —

union ; a written obligation.
Bond'age, 71. captivity 5 slavery.
Bond'maid, n. a female slave.
Bond'man, n. ; pi. bond'men ; a man
Bond'-ser-vant, n. a slave. [slave

Bbnds'man, 71. one who is bound as

security for another. [slave.

Bond'wom-an, (-wum'an) n. a female
Bone, n. the firm, hard substance in

an animal body ; a piece of bone.
Bone'lace, 71. a species of lace.
Bone'set-ter, 71. one who sets bones.
Bon'fire, n. a fire for joy or triumph.
Bon'net, n. a covering for the head.
Bon'ny, a. handsome ; beautiful ; gay

£,e,i,o,ii,y, long; &,S,I,5,fi,y, skoTrti 9,?,i,9,V>y» 0&sc«re.-f4re,fir,fSst,fUl; h^il,hSr>




Bon'ny-clab-ber, n. sour buttermilk.
Bo'nus, n. a premium for a privilege.
Bo'ny, a. having, or full of, bones.
Boo'by, 71. a stupid fellow : — a bird.
Book, (buk) 71. a volume ; a division

of a work or volume
Book, (buk) V. a. to register in a book.
Book'blnd-er, (buk'-) n. a binder of

books. [books.

Book'case, Tbuk'kas) n. a case for
Book'ish, (buk'ish) a. given to books.
Book'keep-er,(buk'-) n. a keeper of ac-
counts, [keeping accounts.
Book'keep-ing, (buk'-) n. the art of
Book'sell-er, n. a seller of books, [dent.
Book'worm, (buk'wiirm) n. a hard stu-
B66m, n. a pole used to spread out a

sail ; a pole : — a bar laid across a

harbor or river.
Boom, V. n. to rush with violence.
Boon, 71. a gift : a grant ; a favor.
Boon, a. gay ; merry ; kind ; bountiful.
Boor, 71. a clown ; a rustic ; a peasant.
Boor'jsh, a. clownish ; rude ; rustic.
Boof e, 71. a stall for a cow or an ox.
Boo'fy, a. partially intoxicated ; tipsy.
Boot, V. a. to profit : — to put on boots.
Boot, n. profit: — a covering for the

leg and foot : — a receptacle.
Bo6t-ee', n. a short or half boot.
Booth, 71. a shelter built of boards.
Boot'jack, n. utensil to pull off boots.
Boot'less, a. useless ; without success.
Boot'tree, n. a last to stretch a boot.
Boo'ty, n. plunder ; pillage ; spoil.
Bo-peep', 71. a play among children.
B6r'a|e, (biir'aj) n. a garden plant.
Bor'der, n. the outer part ; edge ; side.
Bijr'der, v. n. to be near. [to reach,
Bor'der, v. a. to adorn with a border ;
B3r'der-er, n. one near a border.
Bore, V. to make a hole ; to pierce.
Bore, 71. a hole ; tl)e size of any hole :

— something that wearies.
B5re, i. from Bear. [north.

Bo're-al, a. northern ; tending to the
B6're-as, n. the north wind.
Bore'cSle, n. a species of cabbage.
Born, p. from Bear ; brought forth.
Borne, p. from Bear ; carried.
Bor'ough, (bur'6) n. a corporate town.
Bor'row, (bor'ro) v. a. to take on credit.
Bor'row-er, n. one who borrows.
Bi §'om, (buz'um, or bo'zum) n. the

breast; any receptacle, [the bosom.
Bo^'om, (buz'um) v. a. to enclose in
Boss, n. a stud ; knob ; raised work.
Bossed, (host) a. having bosses.

Bos'sy, a. prominent ; studded.

Bo-tan'ic, I a. relating to botany;

Bo-tan'i-cal, ) containing plants.

Bot'a-nTst, n. one versed in botany.

Bot'a-nize, v. n. to seek for plants.

Bot'a-ny, n. the science of plants.

Botch, 71. a swelling on the skin.

Botch, V. a. to mend awkwardly.

Botch'er, n. a mender of old clothes,

Botch'y, a. marked with botches.

Both, a. one and the other; the two.

Both, coiij. as well.

Both'er, V. a. to perplex ; to confound.

Bots, n. pi. small worms in horses.

Bot'tle, 71. a vessel to put liquor in.

Bot'tle, V. a. to enclose in bottles.

Bot'tom, 72. tlie lowest part ; founda-
tion ; a dale ; a valley ; a ship.

Bot'tom, V. a. to found or build upon.

Bot'tom-less, a. without a bottom.

Boud, 71. an insect which breeds in

B6u*e, (boj) V. n. to swell out. [malt.

Bough, (bbu) 71. a branch of a tree.

Bought, (ba.wt) i. &cp. from Buy.

Bounce, v. n. to spring; to leap.

Bounce, n. a heavj' blow or thrust.

Boun'cer, n. a boaster ; bully : — a lie.

Bound, 71. a limit ; boundary : — a leap.

Bound, V. a. to limit ; to enclose.

Bound, V. n. to jump ; to rebound.

Bound, i. & p. from Bind.

Bound, a. destined ; intended to go to.

Bdun'da-ry, n. a limit ; a bound.

Bbun'den, (bbun'dn) a. obliged.

Bbund'less, a. without bound.

Bbun'te-oiis, a. liberal ; bountiful.

Bbun'ti-ful, a. liberal ; generous ; kind.

Bdun'ty, 71. generosity; liberality;
munificence ; a premium. i^^^'

Bou'quet, (bo'ka) n. a bunch of flow-

Bour-gebis', n. a printing-type.

Bourn, (born, or born) n. a bound.

Bout, n. a turn ; a trial ; an attemjrt.

Bo'vine, a. relating to cattle, as oxen

Bow, V. a. to bend ; to depress.

Bow, V. n. to bend ; to stoop.

Bow, (bbu) n. an act of reverence ;
the rounding part of a ship's side.

Bow, (bo) 7i. an instrument for shoot-
ing arrows ; any thing curved.

Bbw'el, V. a. to take out the bowels.

Bbvv'el^, (bbu'elz) n. pi. the entrails.

Bbw'er, (boii'er) 71. a shady recess.

Bbw'er-y, (bbu'er-e) a. having bowers.

Bowl, (bol) n. a vessel to liold liquids.

Bowl, (bol, or bbul) n. a round mass to
be rolled along the ground.

Bowl, or Bowl, v. a. to roll as a bowl.

iuten,sirjd6,nor,36n;bull,bUr,rAle. <?,9^,9,|,so/t; £J,-6r,£,|,Aard; ? as z; ^ 05 gz; thii




»/Bowl,^ Bb^l, V. n. to play at bowls.

Bowl'der, n. a large, round stone.
. B5w'-legged, (bo'legd) a. crooked-
legged, [at bowls.

IjBowl'er, or Bowl'er, n. one who plays

Bow'line,'Jjne, n. a ship's rope.

||Bowl'ing-al-ley, n. an enclosure for
bowling. ' [with bowls.

IjBowl'ing-green, n. ground for playing

Bow'man, (bo'main) n. an archer.

Bow'net, n. a net made of twigs.

Bow'sprit, (bo'sprit) n. a mast pro-
jecting from the head of a ship.

Bow'string, n. the string of a bow.

Bow'-win'dow, n. projecting window.

Box, 71. a wooden case : — a blow.

Box, V. a. to put in a box ; to strike.

Box, V. n. to fight with the fist.

Box'er, n. one who fights with his fist.

Boy, n. a male child j a youth.

Bby'hood, (bbi'hud) n. state of a boy.

Bby'ish, a. belonging to a boy; child-

Bby'ish-ness, ?t. childishness. [ish.

Boy'i^m, n. puerility ; state of a boy.

Erab'ble, v. n. to clamor. — n. a clamor.

Brace, v. a. to bind ; to strain up.

Brace, n. cincture ; bandage ; a line ;
a piece of timber : — a pair.

Brace'let, n. ornament for the arms.

Bra'cer, n. he or that which braces.

Bragh'ial, a. belonging to the arm.

Bra-5^hyg'ra-phy,?i. short-hand writing.

Brack, n. a breach ; a crack.

Brack'et, n. a support ; a stay : — pi.
hooks [thus] to enclose words.

Brack'jsh, a. somewhat salt ; saltish.

Bract, n. a small leaf ; a set of leaves.

Brad, n. a sort of nail withouta head.

Brag, V. n. to boast ; to vaunt.

Brag, n. a boast : — a game at cards.

Brag-ga-d5'ci-6, (-dS'she-o) n. a boaster.

Brag'gard-i^m, n. boastfulness.

Brag'g^rt, o?- Brag'ger, n. a boaster.

Biag'gart, a. boastful; ostentatious.

Braid, v. a. to weave together ; to plait.

Braid, n. a texture ; a sort of lace.

Brain, n. the soft mass within the
skull, the seat of sensation and re-
flection ; understanding; fancy.

Brain, v. a. to dash out the brains.

Brain'less, a. foolish ; thoughtless.

Brain'pan, n. the skull.

Brake, n. an instrument for dressing
flax : — fern : — part of an engine.

Brake'man, n. one who manages a

Bram'ble, n. a prickly shrub or plant.

Br'4'min, n. a Hindoo or Gentoo priest.

Br?-mln'j-cal, a. relating to the Bra-
mins. [rated from the flour.

Bran, n. the outer coat of grain sepa-
Br&nch, n. a small bough ; offspring.
Branch, v. n. to spread in branches.
BrSnch, v. a. to divide into branches.
Brinch'let, n. a little branch.
Br&nch'y, a. full of branches.
Brand, n. a piece of wood partly burnt :

— a brandiron ; a stigma.
Brand, v. a. to mark with a brand.
Brand'goose, w. a kind of wild fowl.
Bran 'dish, v. a. to flourish, as a weap
Bran'dish, n. a flourish. [on.
Brand'lingj^ n. a kind of worm.
Brand'-new, a. new as from the forge.
Bran'dy, n. a strong distilled liquor,
Bran'gle, n. a wrangle.

Bra'fier, (bra'zher) n. See Braiier.
BrSss, n. an alloy of copper and zinc :

— impudence.

Briss'y, a. partaking of brass.

BiSt, n. a child, — in contempt.

Br^-va'do, n. a boast ; a bluster.

Brave, a. courageous ; gallant ; noble.

Brave, n. an Indian warrior.

Brave, v. a. to defy ; to set at defiance.

Bra've-ry, n. courage ; heroism.

Bra'vo, or Bra'vo, n. a daring villain.

Briwl, V. n. to quarrel noisily ; to roar

Brawl, n. a noisy quarrel ; uproar.

Br§.wl'er, n. a wrangler.

Brawl'ing, n. the act of quarrelling.

Brawn, n. the flesh of a boar ; the arm.

Briwn'y, a. muscular ; fleshy ; hard.

Bray, v. a. to pound or grind small.

Bray, v. n. to make a noise like an ass.

Bray, n. the noise of an ass.

Bray'er, n. one that brays ; a pestle

Bray'ing, n. clamor; noise.

Braze, v. a. to solder with brass.

Bra'zen, (bra'zn) a. made of brass.

Bra'zen, (bra'zn) v. n. to be impudent

Bra'zen-faced, (bra'zn-fast) a. bold.

Bra'zen-ness, (bra'zn-) n. brassiness.

Bra'zier, (bra'zher) n. a worker in
brass : — a pan for coals, [quarrel.

Breach, n. a gap; an opening: — a

Bread, (bred) n. food made of flour.

Breadth, n. measure from side to side.

Break, (brak) v. a, \i. broke ; p. brok-
en ;] to rend ; to open by force ; to
dislocate ; to crush ; to make bank-
rupt ; to infringe. [burst ; to fail.

Break, (brak) v. n. to part in two ; to

Break, n. a breach; an opening; a
pause : — a line drawn ; a dash.

Break'er, n. one tliat breaks ; a wave.

ft,e,I,o,Q,y, long; ^,S,Y,o,Q,y, short; 5i,e,i,9,u,y, oJ5CMrc.-firo,far,fast,fail; hfeir^ier;




Break'fast, (brek'fast) n. the first meal
in the day. — v. n. to eat breakfast.

Break'neck,(brak'iiek) n. a steep place.

Break'vva-ter, n. a wall or other obsta-
cle raised at the entrance of a harbor.

Bream, (breni) n. the name of a fish.

Bream, v. a. to clean a ship.

Brecist, (brest) n. a part of the body.

BVeast, (brest) v. a. to meet in front.

Breast'bone, n. the bone of the thorax.

Breast'knot, n. a knot of ribbons.

Breast'pin, n. a pin for the breast.

Breast'plate, n. armor for the breast.

Breast'work, (brest'wUrk) n. a work
thrown up round a fortified place.

Breath, n. air drawn in and expelled
by the lungs ; life ; pause ; breeze.

Breath'^-ble, a. that may be breathed.

Breathe, v. n. to draw air into the
lungs and expel it; to live.

Breathe, v. a. to exhale ; to respire.

Breath'ing, n. aspiration ; vent.

Breathless, a. out of breath j dead.

Bred, i, Sep. from Breed.

Breech, n. the lower part of the body.

Breech, r. a. to put into breeches.

Breech'e?, (brich'ez) n. pi. a garment
worn by men.

Breed, v. a. [i. bred ; p. bred ;] to pro-
create ; to give birth to ; to educate.

Breed, v. n. to be with young.

Breed, n. a kind ; a family ; progeny.

Breed 'er, n. one that breeds.

Breed'jng, n. education ; manners.

Breeze, «. a gentle gale ; a soft wind.

Breez'y, a. having breezes or gales.

Breth'ren, n. the plural of Brother.

Bre-vet', 7i. a commission which gives
an officer a title above his pay.

Brev'ia-ry, (brev'ya-re) n. abridgment ;
a Romish priest's otRce-book. [brief.

Bre'vi-ate, n, a short compendium ; a

Bre'vi-a-ture, n. abbreviation.

Bre-vier, 71. a small printing-type.

Brev'i-ty, n. conciseness ; shortness.

Brew, (bi-u) v. to make malt liquor.

Brew, (bru) n. that which is brewed.

Brew'er, (bru'er) n. one who brews.

Brew'er-y, n. a place for brewing.

Brew'house, n. a house for brewing.

Brew'js, (bru'js) n. bread soaked in
fat liquid. [duct.

Bribe, n. a reward to corrupt the con-
Bribe, V. a. to give a bribe to.

Brib'er, n. one who gives bribes.

Brl'ber-y, n. the crime of bribing.

Brick, n. a mass of burnt clay.

Brick, V. a. to lay with bricks.

BrTck'bat, n. a piece of brick, [hmka.
Brick'kiln, (brik'kil) n. a kiln to bum
Brtck'lay-er, n. one who lays bricks.
I'rick'mak-er, n. a maker of bricks.
Brl'dal, 71. a nuptial festival.
BrI'dal, a. belonging to a wedding.
Bride, n. a woman newly married.
Bride'cake, n. cake for a wedding.
Bride'cham-ber, n. nuptial chamber.
Bride'groora, 7t. a man newly married.
Bride'maid, n. she who attends upon

the bride. [bride and bridegroom.
Bnde'man, n. he who attends the
Bride'well, n. a house of correction.
Brid*e, n. a pathway erected over a

river, canal, &c. ^ — a support.
Bridge, v. a. to form a bridge over.
Bri'dle, (bri'dl) n. the instrument by

which a horse is governed ; a curb.
ErI'dle, v. a. to put a bridle on.
BrI'dle, v. n. to hold up the head.
Brief, a. short ; concise ; contracted.
Brief, (breQ n. a writing ; a writ.
Briefly, ad. in few words ; concisely.
Brl'er, n. a prickly shrub ; the bramble.
BrI'er-y, a. rough ; full of briers.
Brl'er-y, n. a place where briers grow.
Brig, 71. a light vessel with two masts.
Bri-gade', n. a division of troops.
Bri-gade', v. a, to form into a brigade.
Brig-a-dier', or Brig-a^ier'-^en'er-al,

71. an officer commanding a brigade.
Brlg'and, 72. a robber ; a freebooter.
Brlg'an-llne, n. a light vessel.
Bright, (brit) a. shining ; witty ; acute ,

cfear ; splendid ; lucid.
Bright'en, (bri'tn) v. a. to make bright.
Bright'en, (bri'tn) v. n. to grow bright.
BrlU'ian-cy, (-yan-) n. lustre; splen-
BriU'irint, (bril'yant) a. shining, [dor.
BrlU'iant, 71. a fine diamond.
Brim, n. the edge ; upper edge ; bank.
Brim, v. v. to be full to the brim.
Brim'ful, a. full to the top ; quite full.
Brim'mer, n. a bowl full to the top.
Brim'ming, a. full to the brim.
Brim'stone, n. a mineral ; sulphur.
Brin'ded, a. of varied color ; streaked.
Brin'dle, n. a brindled or streaked col-
Brin'dled, a. brinded ; streaked, [or.
Brine, n. water impregnated with salt.
Brine'pan, n. a reservoir of brine.
Brine'pit, ?*. a reservoir of salt water. .
Bring, V. a. [i. brought ; p. brought ;]

to fi;tch from ; to convey or carry to.
Brink, ?i. the edge ; a precipice.
Brisk, a. lively ; active ; spirited.
Brisk'et, n. the breast of an animal.

Inien,sir;d6,nbr,s6n;bull,bur,rt[le. (l^,*^,<i,^,soft; £,GyC,^,hard; § asz; j as gz; tliia




BrTsk'nass, n. liveliness ; activity.

Bris'tle, (bris'sl) n. swine's stiff hair

Brls'tle, (bris'sl) v. a. to fix bristles to.

Bris'ile, (bris'sl) v. n. to stand erect.

Brist'ly, (bris'le) a. set with bristles.

Brj-tan'ni-a, n. a sort of mixed metal.

Brit'ish, a. belonging to Britain.

Brit'on, n. a native of Britain.

Brit'tle, a. easily broken ; fragile.

Brit'tle-ness, n. aptness to break.

Broach, (broch) n. a spit. See Brooch.

Broach, v. a. to tap ; to open ; to let out.

Broach'er, n. one who broaches.

BroM, (brawd) a. wide ; large ; clear j
open ; bold ; coarse ; fulsome.

Broad'axe, n. an axe with a broad edge.

BroaLd'cSst, n. act of sowing seeds by
casting them abroad with the hand.

Broad'cloth, n. a fine woollen cloth.

Broa,d'en.(bra.w'dn)i;. a. to make broad.

Broad'en, v. n. to grow broad.

Broad'side, n. a discharge of all the
guns at once from the side of a ship.

Broad'sword, (brawd'sord) n. a cut-
ting sword, with a broad blade.

Br9-cade', n. a kind of flowered stuff.

Bro-cad'ed, a. dressed in brocade.

Br5'ca*e, or Br6'ka*e, n. brokerage.

Broc'co-li, n. a kind of cabbage

Brock, n. a badger ; a brocket.

Brock'et, n. a red deer two years old.

Bro'gan, n. a thick shoe ; a brogue.

Brogue, (brog) n. a kind of shoe : —
a corrupt dialect.

Broil, n. a tumult ; a quarrel.

Broil, V. a. to cook by laying on coals.

Broil, V. n. to be on coals, or in heat.

Brbil'er, n. one who broils.

Broke, i. from Break.

Bro'ken, (bro'kn) p. from Break.

Br5'ken-heart'ed, (bro'kn-hart'ed) a,
having the spirits crushed by grief
or fear ; contrite. [respiration.

Bro'ken-wiiid'ed, a, having diseased

Bro'ker, n, one who deals in money.

Bro'ker-a*e, n. the pay of a broker.

Brbn'chi-al,ffi. relating to the windpipe.

Bron-chi'tis, n. disease in the throat.

Bronze, or Bronze, 7i. a factitious met-
al compounded of copper and tin.

Bronze, v. a. to harden or color like

Brooch, (broch) n. a jewel. [bronze.

Brood, V. n. to sit on eggs ; to watch.

Brood, n. offspring; progen}\

Brook, (bruk) n. a running water ; a

Brook, (bruk) v. a. to bear. [rivulet.

Broom, n. a small tree : — an instru-
ment to sweep with ; a besom.

Br&om'stick,7i. the handle of a besom

Broom'y, a. full of broom.

Broth, (bra.wth, or broth) n. liquor m

which flesh is boiled.
Brbth'el, n. a house of ill fame.
Broth'er, n. ; pi. br6th'er§, and bretli'-

ren ; one born of the same parents.
Broth'er-hood, (bruth'er-hud) n. quali«

ty of being a brother ; fraternity.
Br6th'er-ly, a. like a brother ; kind.
Brought, (brtlwt) i. &c p. from Bring.
Brow, «.the arch of hair over the eye ;

the forehead : — edge of a hill.
Brbw'beat, v. a. to bear down.
Brbw'beat-ing, n. an overbearing look.
Brown, a. inclining to black or red.
Brown, n. the name of a dark color.
Brbwn'ish, a. tending to brown.
Brown '-stud-y, n. gloomy meditation
Browne, V. a. to eat, as branches.
Browne, v. n. to feed on shrubs.
Brbwi^e, n. tender branches or shrubs.
Bru'in, n. a cant term for a bear.
Bruise, v. a. to mangle with blows.
Bruise, n. a hurt from a heavy blow.
Brui§'er, n. one who bruises ; a boxer.
Bruit, (brut) n. noise. — v. a. to report,
liru'mal, a. belonging to the winter.
Bru-nette', n. a girl or woman with a

brown or dark complexion.
Brunt, n. shock ; violence ; blow.
Brdsh, n. an instrument of hair , a

pencil : — an assault : — brushwood.
Brush, V. a. to clean with a brush 3 to

paint with a brush ; to skim.
Brush, V. n. to move with haste.
Briish'wood, (-wud) n. bushes ; twigs
Brush'y, a. shaggy like a brush.
Briisk, a. rude; abrupt in manner.
Briis'tle, (brus'sl) v. n. to rustle: — to

vapor. [churlish.

Bru'tal,a. like a brute ; savage ; cruel ;
Bru-tal'i-ty, n. cruelty.
Brfl'tal-Ize, v. to make or grow brutal
Brute, a. senseless ; savage ; bestial.
Brute, n. an irrational animal ; a beast.
Bru'tj-fy, V. a. to make brutish.
Brut'ish, a. bestial ; savage ; ferocious.
Bry'o-ny, n. a wild climbing plant.
Bub, ?i. strong malt liquor.
Bub'ble, 71. a water bladder : — a cheat
Bub'ble, V. 11. to rise in bubbles.
Bub'ble, V. a. to cheat ; to impose upon.
Bub'bler, 71. he that bubbles ; a cheat.
Bub'bly, a. full of bubbles.
Buc-ca-neer', w. a pirate.
Buck, n. the male of deer, goats, &c.;

— a dashing fellow : — lye

E,5,I,o,u,y, Ions'; a,e,i,o,u,y, short; 9,e,i,9,u,y,o6o-cM7-e.-fire,far,fist,f2Lll; heir,ber;




Bfick'bSan, n. a sort of trefoil.

Buck'et, 71. a vessel to draw water.

Buc'kle, 71. an instrument for fastening.

Buc'kle, (buk'kl) v. a. to fasten.

Buck'ler, n. a shield for the arm.

Buck'nicist, 71. fruit of the beech-tree.

Buck'rara, n. a stiffened lined cloth.

Buck'ram, a. stiff like buckram.

Bfick'skin, n. leather made of a buck's
skin. [cathartic berries.

Buck'thbrn, 7J. a. a shrub that bears

Biick'whSat, 7i. a kind of grain.

Bu-col'ic, or Bu-col'i-caj, a. pastoral.

Bu-c61'ic, 71. a pastoral poem or poet.

Blid, n. first shoot of a plant ; germ.

Bud, V. 71. to put forth shoots or buds.

Bud, V, a. to inoculate, as a tree.

Bud'dle, V. a. to wash, as ores.

Biid*e, v. n. to stir ; to move off.

Bud*e, a. stiff; surly ; rigid ; swelling.

Bud'^et, 71. a bag ; a stock : — a state-
ment respecting the public finances.

Buff, 71. a sort of leather made of a
buffalo's skin ; a very light yellow.

BiiPfa-lo, n. a kind of wild ox.

Buffet, 71. a blow with the fist; a slap.

Buffet, V. a. to strike with the hand.

Buffet, V. 71. to play a boxing-match.

Buf-foon', n. a low jester ; a droll.

Buf-f66n'er-y, n. practice of a buffoon.

Bug, 71. a bed-bug ; an insect.

Bug'bedr, n. a frightful object.

Bug'gy, a. abounding with bugs.

Biig'gy, n. a sort of chaise.

Bii'gle, 77. a sort of wild ox : — a plant.

Bu'gle-hbrn, 77. a hunting-horn.

Bu'gloss, n. a plant; the ox-tongue.

Buhr'stone, (biir'-) n. a silicious stone.

Build, (bild) V. [i. built or builded ;
J), built or builded ;] to raise, as an
edifice ; to erect ; to construct.

Build, (bild) 71. structure; form.

Build'er, (bild'er) n. one who builds.

Build'ing, n. a fabric ; an edifice.

Biilb, n. a round root, as of a tulip.

Byl-ba'ceous, (bul-ba'shus) a. bulbous.

Biil'bous, a. having bulbs ; protuberant.

Bii!*e, n. a protuberance. See Bilge.

Biilk, 77. size ; the mass ; main part.

Biilk'-head, n. a partition in a ship.

Bulk'j-ness, 7i. greatness in bulk.

Bulk'y. a. large ; of great size.

Bull, 71. the male of cattle ; a sign : —
edict of the pope : — a blunder.

Bul'la-ry, 7i. a collection of papal bulls.

Bull'-bait'ing, v. a fight of bulls witli

Bftll'-dog, n. a courageous dog. [dogs.

Bul'let, 77. around ball of metal ; shot.

BGl'Ie-tjn, n. an ofiicial account.
Bull'-f iglit, 7». a combat with a bull.
BuU'f inch, 7i, a small bird. *
BuU'-frog, 71. a large species of frog.
Bull'jon, (bul'yun) n. gold or silver in
Bul'Iock, n. an ox. [mass.

Bul'ly, n. a noisy, quarrelsome lellow.
Bul'ly, r. a. to overbear with menaces.
Bul'ly, V. n. to bluster ; to threaten.
Bfll'rush, 77. a large water rush.
Bul'tel, n. bran of meal ; a bolter-cloth.
Bul'wark,7i. a fortification ; a security.
Bum'ble-bee, 77. a large bee ; humble-

Bum'boat, n. a small boat.


BQmp, 77. a swelling ; a protuberance.

Bump, 77. 71. &; a. to make a loud noise.

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