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un-er'ring, a. Committing no mistake ; certain.

On-es-sayed' (un-es-sad'), a. Unattempted.

un-es-sEn'tial, a. Not essential.

ijN-ES-TiB'LlSHED (-tab'ljsht), a. Not estab-
lished ; unsettled.

IJN-E'VEN (un-e'vn), a. Not even ; not level ; odd.

ijn-e'ven-ness, 77. State of being uneven.

On-e?;-am'i-na-ble, a. Not to be inquired into.

un-E^-Xm'ined (iin-eg-zam'ind), o. Not tried.

On-e^-am'pled (-z^m'pld), a. Without example.

un-ex-cep'tion-a-ble, a. Not exceptionable.

UN-EX-CEP'TION-A-BLV, ad. Above reproach.

tJN-EX'E-cuT-ED, a. Not executed ; not done.

UN-EX'EB-c!§ED (-sizd), a. Not exercised.

On-ex-pect'ed, a. Not expected ; sudden.

tJN-EX-PECT'ED-LV, ad. Suddenly ; unawares.

un-ex-pen'sive, a. Not expensive or costly.

un-ex-pe'ri-enced (-enst), a. Not experienced.

tJN-EX-PERT', a. Not expert; inexpert.

tJN-EX-PLAINED' (-pland'), a. Not explained.

Cn-ex-plored' (un-eks-plord'), a. Not explored.

Dn-ex-po!JED' (iin-eks-pozd'), a. Not exposed.

tJN-EX-PRES'siVE, a. Not expressive J inexpres-

un-ex-tend'ed, o. Not extended.

ijN-EX tin'guish-a-ble, a. Not extinguishable.

Dn-ex-tin'guished (lin-eks-ting'gwisht), a. Not
extinguished : unquenched ; not put out.

fiN-FAD'lNG, a. Not liable to fade or wither.

(Jn-fail'ing, a. Not failing ; sure; certain.

UN-fair', a. Not fair; disingenuous; not honest.

un-fair'ly, ad. Not in a fair, just manner.

un-fAir'ness, 77. State of being unfair.

Tin-faith'fOl, a. Not faithful ; treacherous.

ijN-FAiTH'FUL-LY, ad. Treacherously ; perfid-

un-faith'fOl-ness, 77. Want of faithfulness.

UN-FASH'ion-A-BLE (un-fash'un-a-bl), a. Not
fashionable ; not according to the fashicm or mode.

riN-FASH'lpN-A-BLY,arf. Not according to fashion.

t"jN-FASH'ipNED (un-f ash'und), a. Not fashioned.

On-FAS'TEN (iin-fis'sn), v. a. To loose ; to unfix.

On-fXth'om-a-ble, a. Not fathomable.

ijN-FATH'oM-A-Bi^Y, ad. So as not to be sounded.

On-fa-tigued' (un-fa-tegd'), a. Not fatigued.

fjN-FA'voR-A-BLE, a. Not favorable ; unkind.

Dn-fa'vor-a-blv, ad. Not favorably ; unkindly.

A, E, I, o, 0, Y, long ; X, E, T, 5, 0. ?, short ; a, E, i, 9, y, y, obscure.— fAre, fab, fAst, .111; HfiiR, heb;




fiN-FEATH'ERED (uii-feth'erd), a. Not feathered.

fiN-FED', a. Not fed ; not supplied with food.

UN-FEEL'ing, a. Void of feeling ; insensible.

On-feigned' (un-fand'), o.. Real ; sincere.

un-feign'ed-lv (un-fin'ed-le), ad. Sincerely.

IJN-FELT', a. Not felt ; not perceived.

UN-FENCED' (un-feust'), a. Not fenced or fortified.

tJN-FER-MiJNT'ED, a. Not fermented.

tJN-FER'TiLE, a. Not fertile; not fruitful.

UN-FET'TER, V. a. To free from fetters ; to unchain.

UN-FiL'iAL (un-fil'yal), a. Not becoming a son.

UN-FILLED' (iin-fild'), a. Not filled ; not supplied.

tJN-FiN'lsHED (un-fin'isht), a. Incomplete.

iJN-FiT', a. Not fit ; improper ; unsuitable ; incapable.

tJN-FiT', V. a. To make unfit ; to disqualify.

UN-FlT'LY, ad. Not properly ; not suitably.

tJN-FiT'NESs, n. Want of fitness ; unsuitableness.

UN-Fix', V. a. To loosen ; to make less fast.

Cn-fixed' (un-fikst'), a. Not fixed; erratic.

un-fled(^ed' (un'flejd), a. Without feathers.

UN-foiled' (un-fdild'), a. Not frustrated.

tJN-FOLD', I', a. To expand ; to discover ; to dis-
play ; to open ; to disclose ; to declare ; to tell.

UN-FOLD', V. n. To be expanded ; to open.

i5N-FOR-BlD'DEN (iin-for-bid'dn), a. Not forbidden.

tJN-FORCED'^un-forst'), o. Not forced ; easy.

On-fore-known' (-for-non'), a. Not foreknown.

un-f5ke-seen', a. Not seen or known before.

Cn-For'fe IT-ED (un-fbr'fit-ed), a. Not forfeited.

tjN-FpR-Giv'EN (an-for-§Iv'vn), a. Not forgiven.

tJN-FOR-Glv'lNG, a. Relentless ; implacable.

tjN-FORMED' (un-fdrmd'), a. Not formed.

un-for-sa'ken (iin-for-sa'kn), a. Not forsaken.

Cn-for'ti-fied (iin-for'te-fid), a. Defenceless.

tJN-FORT'u-NATE, a. Not fortunate ; unhappy.

tJN-FORT'u-NATE-LV, ai^. Unhappily; unluckily.

On-found', a. Not found ; not met with.

tjN-FOUND'ED, a. Void of foundation ; false.

tJN-FRE'QUENT, a. Not frequent ; infrequent.

un-fre-QUENt'ed, a. Rarely visited or entered.

un-fre'quent-ly, ad. Not frequently.

On-fri'a-ble, a. Not friable.

On-friend'ed (un-frend'ed),a. Wanting friends.

tJN-FRiEND'Li-Niiss, n. Want of friendliness.

Dn-friend'ly, a. Not friendly ; not kind.

tJN-FRO'ZEN (un-fro'zn), a. Not frozen.

ijn-frOit'fOl (un-frut'ftil), a. Not fruitful.

un-frOit'ful-ness, n. Barrenness; infecundity.

Cn-ful-filled' (lin-ful-fild'), a. Not fulfilled.

Sn-FURL', v. a. To expand ; to unfold ; to open.

UN-FtJR'NlSH, V. a. To deprive ; to strip ; to divest.

fjN-FUR'NISHED (un-fur'nisht), a. Not furnished.

ttN-GAlN'FUL, a. Not gainful ; unprofitable.

tjN-GAlN'LY, a. Awkward ; uncouth ; not expert.

un-gath'ered (un-gath'erd), a. Not gathered.

tJN-(;tEN'ER-ous, a. Not geuerous ; illiberal.

tjN-(jiE'N!-AL, a. Not genial ; unnatural.

tJN-e^EN-TEEL', a. Not genteel ; impolite.

tJN-f^EN'TLE, a. Notgentle ; harsh ; rude ; rugged.

tJN-<jEN''TLE-MAN-LiKE, \ a. Not becoming a gen-

Cn-^ISn'tle-man-ly, ( tleman ; impolite.

t>N-</E\'TLY, ari. Not gently ; harshly; rudely.

fJN-iilLD'ED, a. Not gilded ; not gilt.

On-g'ird', v. a. To loose from a girdle or bandage

On-glazed' (un-glazd'),a. Not glazed ; not fur-
nished with glass.

Cn-glOe', v. a. To loose from glue.

On-God'li-LV, ad. Impiously ; wickedly.

On-goo'li-ness, 71. Impiety; wickedness.

On-god'lv, a. Wicked; impious; profane.

tjN-Gov'ERN-A-BLE, a. Not governable; unruly.

t)N-G6v'ERN-A-Br>Y,a(/. So as not to be restrained.

tJN-Gov'ERNED (ijn-gu v'emd), a. Not governed.

Cn-grace'fOl, a. Not graceful ; wanting grace.

CN-GRACE'FUL-NiiSS, n. Waut of gracefulness.

Cn-gra'cioi,js (un-gra'shus), a. , Odious ; offensive.

ftN-GRAM-MST'l-CAL, a. Not grammatical.

Cn-grate'fOl, a. Not grateful ; unacceptable.

Cn-grate'fOl-ly, ad. With ingratitude ; un-
thankfully ; unacceptably.

tN-GRAT'l-FiED (un-grat'j-fld), a. Not gratified.

un-GROund'ED, a. Having no foundation.

ijN'GUAL,a. Relating to the nail, claw, or hoof.

un-guard'ed (-gard'-), a. Not guarded ; careless.

un'guent (iing'gvvent), n. An ointment.

Dn-guic'u-lar, a. Having claws ; unguiculate.

UN-GUic'V-LATE, a. Having claws; clawed.

un-guid'ed (un-|id'ed), a. Not guided.

un'gu-late, a. Having hoofs ; like a hoof.

ON-HiB'lT-A-BLE, a. Uninhabitable.

un-hal'low, v. a. To profane ; to desecrate.

UN-HiND', V. a. To loose from the hand.

un-han'dled (iin-han'did), a. Not handled.

un-hand'some (un-han'sum), a. Not handsome;
ungraceful ; illiberal ; disingenuous.

UN-HAND'spME-LY,arf. Ungracefully; illiberally.

un-Han'DY, a. Awkward; not dexterous.

UN-HAP'Pi-LY, ad. Miserably ; unfortunately.

iJN-HAP'pi-NESS, n. Infelicity; misfortune.

un-hXp'py, a. Miserable; unfortunate; unlucky.

tJN-HARD'ENED (un-har'dnd), a. Not hardened.

Cn-harmed' (iin-harind'), a. Not injured.

tJN-HARM'FOL, a. Innoxious ; innocent ; harmless.

ijN-HAR-Mo'Ni-oi5s, a. Inharmonious; unmusical.

un-har'ness, v. a. To loose from harness.

UN-HEAD', V. a. To take off the head or top.

riN-HEALTH'FOL,a. Not healthful ; unwholesome.

un-health'i-ly, a(/. In an unwholesome manner.

un-health'i-ness, n. State of being unhealthy.

ijN-HEALTH'Y, a. Not healthy ; sickly.

tjN-HEARD' [un-herd', S. W. P. J. E. F. Ja. Sm.;
iin-herd', Wb.], a. Not heard ; unknown.

fjN-HisAT'ED (iSn-het'ed), a. Not heated.

tJN-HEED'ED, a. Disregarded ; neglected.

UN-HisED'FUL, a. Not heedful ; not cautious.

tJN-HEED'iNG, a. Negligent ; careless.

UN-helped' (an-helpV), a. Unassisted ; unaided

un-hijlp'fOl, a. Not helpful ; not aiding.

UN-HEWN' (un-Imn'), a. Not hewn , not shaped.

un-hTn'dered (iin-hin'derd), a. Not hindered.

On-hincj^e', v. a. To take from hinges ; to loose.

UN-HlTCH', V. a. To unloose ; to set free.

un-ho'li-ness, n. Profaneness ; wickedness.

un-h6'ly, a. Not holy ; profane ; impious.

un-h6n'ored (un-on'urd), a. Not honored.

UN-hoop' riin-hup'), v. a. To divest of hoops.

ijN-HOPED' (lin-hopt'), a. Not hoped or expected.

UN-HORSE', V. a. To throw from the saddle.

ijn-hos'tile, a. Not hostile; not unfriendly.

uN-HotJSE', V. a. To drive from a habitation.

tJN-HiJM'BLED (un-hiiin'bld), a. Not humbled.

UN-hurt', a. Not hurt ; free from injury.

un-hijrt'fOl, a. Not hurtful ; harmless, [iously.

On-hurt'fOl-ly, ad. Without harm; innox-

u'ni-corn (yii'ne-kbrn), n. A beast or quadruped
that has only one horn : — a bird : — a fish.

u'Ni-FORM (yu'ne-fdrm), a. Unvaried in form;
equal ; equable ; even ; regular ; consistent.

u'ni-form (yu'ne-fdrm), n. A like or uniform
dress : — the regimental dress of a soldier.

u-ni-form'i-ty, 11. State of being uniform.

tj'Ni-FORM-Ly, ad. Without variation ; invariably.

u-N!-(^en'!-ture, n. Singleness of birth.

{JN-lM-ACj^'lN-A-BLE, a. Not to be imagined.

UN-lM-Xtji'iNED (-e-mad'jjnd), a. Not imagined.

fDN-iM'i-TA-BLE, a. Inimitable.

un-im-mor'tal, a. Not immortal ; mortal.

iTn-Jm-pair'a-ble, a. Not to be impaired.

un-im-pSs'sioned (un-im-pash'und), a. Not im-
passioned ; tranquil ; calm.

ijn-im-peach'a-ble, a. Not to be impeached.

On-IM-PE ached' (-pecht'), a. Not impeached.

UN-iM-piJR'TANT, a. Not important ; trifiing.

On-JM-pro v'a-ble, a. Incapable of improvement.

Cn-im-proved' (-provd'), a. Not improved.

UN-JN-FECT'ED, a. Not infected ; untainted.

fjUf-iN-FLAlviED' (iin-jn-flamd'), a. Not iiiHamed.

Dn-in-flam'ma-ble, a. Not inflammable.

On-in'flv-enced (-enst), a. Not influenced.

UN-in-formed' (un-jn-fbrmd'), a. Not inforniod.

tjN-JN-f^EN'lova, a. Not ingenious ; stupid.

ijN-lN-fjJfiN'v-oDs, a. Disingenuous.

MIEN, SIR; MOVE, NOR, s6n; bOll, BUR, RtlLE. — 9, <?, ^,so/«; jE, fi, £, |, Aard; Jas z ; Jfajgz: IlllS.




tJN-IN-HXB'lT-A-BLE, a. Unfit to be inhabited.

un-in-hXe'it-ed, a. Having no inhabitants.

iJN-tN'JURED (iin-in'jurd), a. Not injured ; unhurt.

tjN-lN-SPiRED' (un-jn-spird'), a. Not inspired.

tJN-iN-STRUCT'ED, a. Not instructed or taught.

tjN-iN-STRUc'TlVE, a. Not giving instruction.

tJN-lN-TEL,-L.i-(^!-BiL'i-TV, j n. duality of not

i5N-iN-TEL'Ll-(,}l-BLE-NESS, ( being intelUgible.

tJN-lN-TEL'Li-(jJ!-BLE, a. Not intelligible.

ijN-lN-TEL'L}-(,4!-BLV, a(/. Not intelligibly.

tjN-lN-TEN'TlpN-AL, a. Not designed or intended.

Cn-Tn'ter-est-ed, a. Not having interest.

tJN-iN'TER-EST-lNG, a. Not interesting, [rupted.

iJN-lN-TER-MiT'TED, a. Continued ; not inter-

un-Tn-ter-mit'ting, a. Having no intermission.

ijN-m-TER'po-LAT-ED, a. Not interpolated.

un-in-ter-rDpt'ed, o. Not interrupted ; un-
broken ; constant. [tion.

un-in-ter-rupt'ed-ly, ad. Without interrup-

tjN-lN-ilRED' (un-in-yurd'), a. Not habituated.

tJN-iN-VAD'ED, a. Not invaded or assailed.

un-in-ves'ti-ga-ble, a. Not to be searched out.

tjN-JN-viT'ED, a. Not invited ; not asked.

ttN-IN-vlT'lNG. a. Not inviting.

u'ni-o, ?(. [L.] {Conch.) A genus of pearl-shells.

"UN-ioN (yiin'yun) [yu'nyun, S. E. F. K. Sm. ; yu'-
ne-un, fV. P. J. Ja.], n. Act of uniting or joining ;
junction ; concord ; conjunction ; a confederacy.

tJN'ipN-iST, n. A promoter of union.

fj-NiP'A-ROUs, a. Bringing forth one at a birth.

ti'Ni-piJD, a. Having only one font.

U-nTque' (yii-nSk'), a. [Fr.] Sole ; without an
equal or another of the same kind ; unequalled.

iJ'Nl-spN, n. Accordance or consonance of sounds ;
melody ; harmony ; concord ; agreement.

tJ'Nl-soN (yu'ne-sun), a. Sounding alone. -

iJ-Nis'p-NANCE, n. Accordance of sounds.

tJ-N'is'p-NANT, a. Being in unison or concord.

O'nit (ya'njt), n. One ; the least number.

U-NlT'A-BLE, a. That may be united.

U-ni-TA'ri-an, n. One who, in distinction from
Trinitarians, hfilds that God exists in one person
only ; an antitrinifMrian.

C-ni-ta'ri-an, a. Relating to Unitarianism.

ij-Ni-TA'Ri-AN-T§M, n. Doctrines of Unitarians.

U-nite' (yu-nit'), w. a. To join two or more into
one ; to combine ; to cause to adhere ; to join.

u-nite', v. n. To join ; to concur; to coalesce.

fi-NlT'ED-LY, ad. With union ; so as to join.

U-NIT'EB, n. The person or thing that unites.

ij-Ni'"TipN (yu-nish'un), n. The act of uniting.

tJ'Ni-TY, 71. State of being one; oneness: — uni-
formity ; concord ; agreement.

u'ni-valve, n. A shell-fish having but one valve.

Cni-valve, a. Having one shell or valve.

tJ-NJ-VER'sAL, a. Total; whole; comprising all.

U-NI-VJER'SAL, n. The whole.— P^. (Loa-ic.) A
proposition including a general class of particulars.

fj-Nl-VER'SAL-i^M, 71. The doctrine of the salva-
tion of all men. [salvation of all men.

u-ni-ver'sal-Tst, n. One who believes in the

U-NJ-VER-sXL'l-Ty, 71. State of being universal ;
extension to the whole.

u-ni-ver'sal-lv, ad. Throughout the whole.

fj'NlVERSE, n. The whole creation, including the
solar system and all the starry regions beyond ;
the world.

St/ik — Pforld comprises the earth and its in-
habitants ; U7uverse, the mass of worlds, suns,
stars, and all other bodies that exist.

U-Nl-viiR'si-TY, 71. A seminary where all the arts
arid sciences are taught and studied.

fJ-Nlv'p-CAL, 71. A word of only one meaning.

C-!v'iv'p-CAi.,fl. Having one meaning ; certain.

tJN-joiNT'ED, a. Having no joints ; disjoined.

Dn-jTist', a._ Contrary to justice ; iniquitous.

tiN-Jits'TJ-Fl-A-BLE, a. Not to be justified.

t5N-jDs'T!-F'i-A-BLY, ad. So as not to be justified.

flN-jns'TI-FlED (un-jtis'te-fld), a. Not justified.

tJN-JOsT'LY, ad. In a manner contrary to right.

tJN-KEN'NEL, V. a. To drive from a kennel.

Dn-kept', a. Not kept ; unobserved.
On-kind', a. Not kind ; not benevolent.
un-kind'li-nEss, 71. Want of kindliness.
un-kind'lv, a. Wanting kindness ; unfavorable!.
un-kind'lv, ad. Without kindness.
On-kind'ness, ?!. Want of kindness; ill-will.
iJN-KiNG',T). a. To deprive of royalty.
un-kIng'ly, a. Unbecoming a king; base.
UN-KNiGHT'LY (-nit'le), a. "Unlike a knight.
uN-KNfT' (iin-nit'), V. a. To unweave ; to open.
UN-KNOW'A-BLE (un-no'fi-bl;, a. Not to be known.
UN-KNOW' ING (lin-no'jng), a. Not knowing.
uN-KNOw'iNG-Ly,arf. Without knowledge.
UN-known' (un-non'), a. Not known ; obscure.
un-la'bored (un-la'byrd), a. Not labored.
UN-LACE', V. a. To loose from laces ; to unfasten.
UN-lade', v. a. To empty or remove from a ves-
sel ;_ to unload.
ijn-laid', a. Not placed ; not fixed ; not pacified.
UN-LA-MENT'ED, a. Not lamented ; not deplored.
tJN-LATCH', V. a. To open by lifting up the latch.
UN-LAW'Ft)L, a. Not lawful ; illegal.
Tin-law'fOl-ly, ad. In an unlawful manner.
un-law'fOl-n£ss,)(. Contrariety to law.
ijN-LAY', V. a. (JVaut.) To untwist a cable.

UN-learn', v. a. [i. unlearned or UNLEARNT }

forget or cause to forget what has been learned.

ijn-learn'ed, a. Not learned ; ignorant.

On-LEARn'eD-LY, arf. Ignorantly ; grossly.

Dn-leav'ened (lin-lev'vnd), a. Not leavened.

IJN-LESS', conj. Except; if not ; supposing that not.

fjN-LET'TERED (iin-let'terd), a. Unlearned.

ijN-Ll'cENSED (iin-lT'senst), a. Having no license.

ijn-lTcked' (iin-likt'), a. Not licked ; shapeless,

ijn-light'ed (un-lit'ed),a. Not lighted.

uN-LlGHT'spME, a. Wanting light ; dark.

ijn-like', a. Having no likeness ; dissimilar.

IJN-LIKE'LY, a. Improbable. — ad. Improbably.

un-l1ke'ness, 71. Want of resemblance ; diversity.

tJN-LlM'lT-ED, a. Having no limits ; boundless.

On-lTnk', v. a^ To untwist ; to open.

un-lT"que-fied (iin-lik'we-fld)j a. Unnielted.

Dn-lIve'ly, a. Not lively ; inanimate ; dull.

un-LOAd', v. a. To free from load ; to unlade.

un-l6ck', v. a. To open what is shut ; to solve.

ijn-locked' (un-lokt'), a. Not locked.

Dn-loose', v. a. To unbind ; to loosen ; to loose.

ijn-loose', v. n. To become loosened.

IJN-LOVE'LI-NESS, Tn. Unamiableness.

un-lSve'ly, a. Not lovely ; not amiable.

un-lijck'i-LY, ad. Unfortunately ; by ill luck.

un-luck'1-ness, 71. Unfortunateness ; ill luck.

tJN-LijCK'v, a. Unfortunate ; not successful.

UN-made', a. Not made; deprived of form.

UN-MAKE', 7). a. To deprive of qualities ; to ruin.

UN-MAL'LE-A-BI>E, a. Not malleable.

On-mSn', v. a. To deprive of manly qualities :

to deject ; to dishearten : — to disgarrison.

ijN-MXN'AqtE-A-BLE, a. Not manageable.

un-mXn'a^ied (iin-man'ajd), a. Not managed.

On-mXn'like, ) a. Not manly ; unsuitable to a

riN-M5N'LV, V ^nvm ; effeminate ; dishonorable.

ijn-mXnned' (un-mand'), a. Not manned ; not
having men ; deprived of manly qualities.

Tin-mSn'nered (un-man'nerd), a. Rude; unciviL

riN-MSN'NER-Li-Nfiss, 71. Want of manners.

un-man'ner-ly, a. Ill-bred; not complaisant.

Bn-marked' (un-m;irkt'), a. Not marked.

UN-marred' (iin-mard'). a. Not marred.

Tin-mSr'RIED (iin-mar'rul), a. Not married-

riN-MAR'RV,r. a. To separate ; to divorce.

Tin-mAsk', v. a. To strip of a mask or disguise.

un-mAsk', v. 71. To put off the mask.

fJN-MAsKED' (un-mSskt'), a. Ojien to the view.

ijn-mAs'tered (un-mSs'terd), a. Not mastered.

Dn-match'a-ble, a. Unparalleled ; unequalled.

Dn-Matched' (-machf), a. Not matched ; mafch-

UN-MiJAN'lNG, a. Having no meaning. [less.

On-mEa^'ur-a-ble (un-mezh'ur-a-hi), a. Im-
measurable ; boundless. [iJ.J

iT, 6, u, Y.lo7ig ; X, 2,'f, 6, 0, i', short; .a,e, I, p, V; Y, obscure. — fAre,far, fAst, ALL; HfilR .HER|




Bn-Mea?'ur-a-bly, ad. Immeasurably.

Dn-meaI'ijeed (un-mezh'urd), a. Not measured.

On-med'i-tat-ed, a. Not meditated or designed.

tJN-MEET', a. Not meet ; not fit ; not proper.

Dn-meet'lv, ad. Not properly ; not suitably.

tJN-MEL'LOWED (un-mel'lod), a. Not mellowed.

t5N-ME-LO'Dl-ous, a. Not melodious ; harsh.

tJN-MELT'ED, a. Not melted ; not dissolved.

UN-Men'tioned (iin-inen'shund), a. Not told.

CN-MER'cHANT-A-Br,E, a. Not merchantable.

On-mer'ci-fOl, a. Not merciful ; cruel; severe.

tlN-MER'ci-FOL-LV, ad. Without mercy ; cruelly.

riN-MER.'ci-FaL.-NESS, n. Cruelty ; want of mercy.

fllN-MER'lT-A-BLE, a. Having no desert. Shak.

ijN-MiiR'iT-ED, a. Not merited or deserved.

tJN-MlND'FUL, a. Not mindful; careless.

On-MINd'fOl-lv, ad. Carelessly ; negligently.

ijn-mTnd'fOl-ness, n. Inattention.

riN-MiN'GLE, V. a. To separate things mixed.

tJn-min'gled (un-ming'gid), a. Unmixed; pure.

UN-M1t'i-ga-BLE, a. That cannot be softened.

Cn-mit'i-gat-ed, a. Not mitigated ; not softened.

UN-mixed' (un-mikst'), a. Not mingled ; pure.

tJN-MO-LiJST'ED, a. Not molested ; quiet.

un-m6n'eyed (un-miln'jd), a. Having no money.

iin-m66r', v. a. To loose from anchorage.

tJN-MoRT'GA^ED (ian-mor'gsijd), a. Not mortgaged.

UN-MOUR\ED' (un-raornd'), a. Not lamented.

fON-MOV'A-Bl^E, a. Immovable. Locke.

Cn-moved' (un-movd'), a. Not moved ; fixed.

fiN-Mov'iNG, a. Not moving ; having no motion:
— unaffecting.

tJN-MUF'Fi^E, V. a. To remove a muffle from.

iJN-Mfi'51-CAL, a. Not musical ; inharmonious.

un-mTiz'zle, «. a. To loose from a muzzle.

UN-named' (un-namd'), a. Not named.

CN-NAT'y-RAL, a. Not natural; contrary to na-
ture ; alfected._ See Preternatural.

Cn-nat'u-ral-ize, v. a. To divest of nature.

un-nat'u-ral-ly, ad. In opposition to nature.

tJN-NiT'u-RAL-NESS, n. Contrariety to nature.

Ijn-nXv'i-GA-ble, a. That cannot be navigated.

t5N-NE<;'ES-SA-Rl-LV, ad. Without necessity.

1jn-nE(;:'es-sa-R!-ness, n. Want of necessity.

On-ne<^'es-sa-ry, a. Not necessary ; needless.

tJN-NElGH'BOR-LV (iin-na'bor-le), a. Not kind.

tJN-NElGH'EOR-LY (un-na'bor-le), ad. Unkindly.

UN-nerve', v. a. To weaken ; to enfeeble.

ijN-NERVED' (un-nervd'), a. Weak ; feeble.

un-not'ed, a. Not noted ; not observed.

tJN-NO'TicED (uu-no'tist), a. Not noticed.

un-num'bered (un-num'berd), a. Not counted.

Cn-nurt'ljred (un-niirt'yurd), a. Not nurtured.

tJN-pB-JEc'TiON-A-BLE, a. Not objectionable;
not liable to objection.

Cn-ob-scured' (un-9h-skurd'), a. Not obscured.

tJN-OB-^ERV'A-BLE, a. Not observable.

tJN-pB-§ERV'ANT, a. Notobservant ; not attentive.

Cn-ob-served' (iiu-pb-zervd'), a. Not observed.

ttN-OB-iJERV'iNG, a. Not observing ; inattentive.

Cn-ob-stROct'ed, a. Not hindered ; not stopped.

Cn-qb-struc'tive, a. Not raising any obstacle.

tJN-OB-TAlNED' (un-pb-tand'), a. Not obtained.

On-ob-TrC'sive, a. Not obtrusive ; modest.

i5n-oc'cu-pied (un-ok'kii-pid), a. Not occupied.

tJN-oF-FiJND'iNG, a. Harmless; innocent; pure.

tJN-6'PENED (iin-o'pnd), a. Not opened ; closed.

fDN-oP'ER-A-TlVE, a. Inoperative. South.

CN-pp-POijED' (un-9p-pozd'), a. Not opposed.

t)N-oR'GAN-iZED (un-dr'gEiu-Izd), a. Not organ-
ized ; inorganic.

Cn-or-na-ment'al, a. Not ornamental : plain.

CN-oR'NA-MiiNT-ED, a. Not ornamented ; plain.

On-or'tho-dox, a. Not orthodox ; lieterodox.

ON-os-TEN-TA'Tiovs,a. Not ostentatious ; modest.

On-owned' (iln-ond'), a. Having no owner.

Cn-PA-CIF'IC, a. Not pacific ; not peaceable.

Oiv-pXt'i-fTed (un-pas'e-fid), a. Not pacified.

tJN-PXcK', V. a. To open, as things packed.

fiN-PAiu', a. Not paid ; not discharged.

Cn-pAl'at-a-BL.e, a. Not palatable ; nauseous.

t5N-p5R'A-DisE, V. a. To deprive of happiness.

tJN-PlR'AL-LELED (iin-par'^l-leld), a. Unequalled.

un-par'don-a-ble, a. That cannot be pardoned.

tJN-PAR'DON-A-BLV, ad. Beyond forgiveness.

un-par'doned (un-pir'dnd), a. Not pardoned.

un-par-lia-ment'a-ry (un-par-le-ment'j-re), a.
Contrary to the rules of parliament.

un-part'ed, a. Not parted ; not separated.

un-paved' (un-pavd'), a. Not paved.

un-pIjace'fOl, a. Not peaceful ; contentious.

UN-PiiG', V. a. To loose from pegs.

On-Pen', v. a. To open ; to set free.

fuN-PEN't-TENT, a. Impenitent.

tjN-PEN'sipNED(ian-pen'shund),a. Not pensioned.

ijN-PiJo'PLE (un-pe'pl), V. a. To depopulate.

tJN-PER-CElv'A-BLE, a. Imperceptible. [R.]

tJN-PER-CEIVED' (iin-per-sS vd'), a. Not perceived.

ijiv-per'fect-ed, a. Nut perfected ; not completed.

UN-PtSR-FORMED' (-fdmid'), a. Not performed.

un-per-form'ing, a. Not performing.

fuiv-PER'lSH-A-BL,E, a. Imperishable. Hammond.

tJN-PER'jURED (Qn-per'jurd),a. Free from perjury.

UN-PER-PLiix', V. a. To relieve from perplexity.

un-per-plexed' (-plekst'), a. Not perplexed.

ijN-PER-suAD'A-BLE, a. Impersuasible.

On-phil-p-^oph'i-cal, a. Not philosophical.

UN-PHiL-p-§OPH'i-CAL-LY, ad. Not philosophi-

UN-Pli3RCED' (iln-p5rst'), a. Not pierced.

un-pil'lowed (tin-pil'lod), a. Wanting a pillow.

UN-PiN', V. a. To open what is fastened with a pin.

UN-PiT'y-iNG, a. Having no compassion.

IJN-PLACED' (iin-plast'), a. Not placed ; unfixed.

i3N-PLANT'ED, a. Not planted : — spontaneous.

un-plead'a-ble, a. Not to be alleged in plea.

ijN-PLEA§'ANT (iin-plez'^nt), a. Not pleasant.

un-plea^'ant-ly, ad. Not pleasantly ; uneasily.

On-pleaded' (Sn-plezd), a. Not pleased.

0N-PLi3A§'iNG, a. Not pleasing ; displeasing.

Dn-pled9^ed' (iin-plejd'), a. Not pledged ; free.

On-pli'a-ble, a. Not pliable ; not yielding.

On-pli'ant, a. Not pliant ; not easily bent.

UN-plume', v. a. To strip of plumes ; to degrade.

On-po-et'ic, ) a. Not poetical ; not partaking

UN-pp-ET'i-cAL, j of poetry.

On-pq-et'i-cal-ly, ad. Not according to poetry.

On-point'ed, a. Not pointed ; having no point.

0n-p6l'ished (iin-pol'isht), a. Not polished.

UN-Pp-LITE', a. Not polite ; impolite. [-R.]

un-pol-lut'ed, a. Not polluted ; not defiled.

On-pop'V-lar, a. Not popular ; wanting popu-
larity ; not having the public favor ; offensive ;

On-pop-u-lar'i-ty, n. Want of popularity.

On-p6rt'a-ble, a. Not portable.

On-pp!J-§essed' (iin-pi?z-zest'), a. Not possessed.

UN-PR ac'tise d (un-prak'tist), a. Not expert ; raw.

un-prai§ed' (Qn-prSzd'), a. Not praised.

UN-PRii9'E-DENT-ED, a. Not justified by example.

UN preg'nant, a. Not pregnant; not prolific.

Dn-prej'u-diced (un-prej'u-dist), a. Not preju-
diced ; free from_ prejudice or prepossession.

UN-PRE-MiiD'i-TAT-ED, a. Not premeditated.

On-pr^-pAred' (un-pre-pird'), a. Not prepared.

UN-PRE-Pp§-§ESSED' (iin-pre-poz-zest'), a. Not
prepossessed ; unprejudiced.

On-pressed' fun-prest'), a. Not pressed.

On-pre-§Dmp'tv-oOs, a. Not presumptuous ;
cautious; submissive; humble.

On-pre-tEnd'ing, a. Not pretending ; modest.

On-pre-vail'ing, a. Being of no force.

On-pre-vent'ed, a. Not prevented ; unhindered.

ON-PRliisT'LY, a. Unsuitable to a priest.

On-prince'lv, «• Not princely ; ignoble.

On-PrTn'ci-pled (un-prui'se-pld), a. Devoid of
principle; of loose principles : wicked.

On-PRINT'ed, a. Not printed.

un-prIzed' (iin-prTzd'), a. Not prized.

Dn-prp-claimeu' (-klanid'), a. Not proclaimed.

On-prp-dOc'tive, a. Not jiroductive ; barren.

Dn-prof'it-a-ble, a. Affording no profit ; useless.

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