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Cob'web, a. Fine, slight, or flimsy.
CocAGNE (kok-an'), n. [Fr.] An imaginary

country of luxury and idleness ; tlie region of

COjC-^Tf'er-Oijs, a. Bearing berries. [berry.

Cbc'cu-Lus jN'nr-cus, n. [L.J A poisonous
CocH'i-NEAL [koch'e-n5l, J. E. Ja. Wb. ; kuch'-

e-nel', S. W. P. F. K. C. ; koch-e-nCP, Sm.], n. A

substance consisting of dried insects, used in dye-
ing scarlet.
C6eH'LE-A-RY, a. Having the form of a screw.
CofJH'LE-AT-ED, a. Of a screwed form.
Cock, 77. The male of birds: — ahandle and spout

to let out water : — part of a gunlock : — a heap cf

hay : — the form of a hat : — the style of a dial.
Cock, V. a. To set up the hat ; to fix the cock.
Cockade', n. A ribbon or badge worn on the hat.
Cock-ad'ed, a. Wearing a cockade on the hat.
CocK'A-Hoop', ad. In high mirth and jollity.
C6ck-a-t6o', n. A bird of the parrot kind.
COCK'A-TRICE [kok'a tris, IV. J. F. Sm. ; kok'?-

tris, S. E. K. C], n. A kind of serpent fabled to

rise frojn a cock's egg : — basilisk.
Cock'boat, n. A small boat belongingto a ship.
C6cK'CHAF-ER, n. An insect ; dorr beetle.
CocK'cROW-iNG, 77. Time at which cocks crow.
CocK'ER, 77. A cockfighter: — a spatterdash.
C6cK'ER-EL, n. A young cock.
Cock'et, 71. A ticket from the custom-house.
Cock'fight, ) n, A battle or fight between

Cock'fIght-ing, ( game-cocks.
CocK'FiGHT-ER, 71. One who practises cock-
CocK'lNG, ?!. Cockfighting. [fighting.

Coc'kle (kok'kl), T!. A small testaceous fish.
Coc'kle, v. a. To contract into wrinkles.
Coc'kle, v. n. To grow wrinkled.
Cock'ler, 77. One who takes or sells cockles.
Cock'loft, n. The top loft or room.
Cock'match, n. A cockfight for a prize.
Cock'ney, 77. ; pi. c6ck'ney§. A native or

citizen of London, in contempt.
Cock'ne Y-l§M, 77. An idiom of cockneys.
CocK'PiT, 77. The area where cocks fight. — {JtTaut.)

The after part of the orlop deck.
Cock'roach, 71. An insect ; a species of beetle.
CocK's'-CoMB (koks'koin), 77. A plant ; a flower.
CocK'SPUR, 77. Virginian hawthorn ; medlar.
C6cK'st!lRE (kok'shur), a. Confidently certain.
COCKSWAIN (kok'swan or kok'sn) [kok'sn, S. W.

P. E. K. C. ; kok'swan or kok'sn, Ja. Sm.], 71.

^JVaut.) The oflicer who commands the cockboat.
Co'coA (ko'ko), 77. [coco, Sp.] The chocolate-nut

tree and its seeds or fruit ; — written also cacao.
Co'cQA-NiiT, 77. The nut of the cocos nucifera
Co-c66n', 77. The ball made by the silk-worm: —

the egg-shaped case of the chrysalis.
Cq-c66n'e-R¥, 77. A place for silk worms.
Coc'TlLE, a. Made by baking, as brick.
Coc'TlON, 71. The act of boiling or digesting.
C5d or Cod'fish, 77. A common sea fish.
C!!6d, 71. A case or husk containing seeds ; a bag.
Cd'DA,n. [It.] (Mils.) Close of a composition.
Cod'dle, v. a. To parboil ; to fondle ; to caudle.
Code, 77. \codex, L.] A collection or digest of laws,
Cd'DEX,n.;pl. c6d' i-CEti. [L.] A manuscript/

a book ; a code.
Con'GER, n. A nistic ; a clown ; a miser.
Cod'i-cIl, 77. An appendage to a will.
Cod i-Fi-CA'TipN, 7i. Act of codifying.
Cod'i-fy, v. a. To form into a code or system.
C<?-d7lle' (k9-dil'), 7!. [Fr.j A term at ombre.
Cod'ling, n. A species of apple : — a small cod.
Co-fiF'Fl-CA-CY, n. Joint efficacy.
Co-ef-fT"cien-cy (ko-ef-flsh'en-se), 71. Joiirt

efficiency ; cooperation.

MlEN, S'lRj M67E,N0R, s5n J BOLL, BUR, RtlLE.— 9, 9, g, soft i Id , IS, , <^,^, hard ; ^ Orf Z j :?: 05 gZ : THIS.




Co-EF-f1"ctent, n. That which unites in action
with something else. — a. Cooperating.

Co-el'der, n. An elder of the same rank.

CCE'Ll-Xc (se'le-ak), a. Pertaining to the belly.

Co-EMP'TION, re. Act of buying up the whole.

Co-E'QUALJ a. Equal ; of the same rank.

Co-E-QUAL'l-TV (ko-e-kwol'e-te), n. Equality.

Cp-^RCE' (ko-ers'), v. a. To restrain ; to force.
Syn. — Power coerces oi forces ; fear restrains.

Cp-ER'ci-BLE, a. Capable of being restrained.

Cp-ER'cioN (ko-er'shun), re. Restraint: check.

Co-iJR'ciVE, a. Restraining; checking; forcible.

c6-ES-sfiN'TIAL, a. Partaking of the same essence.

Co-es-sen-ti-Xl'!-ty (ko-es-sen-she-al'e-te), n.
Participation of tlie same essence.

C6-Es-sitN'TiAL-LY, ad. In a coessential manner.

C6-ES-tab'lish-MENT, n. A joint establishment.

C6-ES-TATE', n. Union of states or interests.

Co-E-ta'ne-an, 71. One of the same age ; coeval.

C6-e-ta'NE-6Ds, a. Of the same age with another.

Co-e-ter'nal, a. Equally eternal with another.

Co-e-ter'ni-ty, re. Equal or joint eternity.

C6-£'VAL, a. Of the same age with another.

Co-e'VAL, n. One of the same age.

Syn. — Coeval is one of the same age ; contempo-
rary, one living at the same time.

C6-E'voys, a. Of the same age ; coeval.

C6-E5f-iST' (ko-cg-zist'), V. n. To exist together.

('o-EJf-lST'ENCE, n. Existence at the same time.

C6-E3f-lST'Ei\T, a. Existing at the same time.

Co-ex-tEnd', v. a. To extend to the same space.

C6-EX-TEN'sioN, re. Equal extension.

C6-ex-ten'sive, a. Having the same extent.

Cof'fee, n. A berry, and the drink made from it.

CoF'FEE-HoOsfe, n. A house of entertainment.

CoF'FEE-MiLL, re. A mill for grinding cotTee.

CoF' fee-Pot, re. A pot in which coffee is boiled.

*C6f'fer [kSf'fer, IV. P. J. E. F. Ja. Sm. ; ko'fer,
S.], n. A chest; a money-chest: — a treasure.
— {Arch.) A sunk panel in vaults.

*C6f'fer, v. a. To treasure up.

Cof'fer-Dam, n. An enclosure formed of piles, to
exclude the water, in order to construct piers, &c.

Cof'fin, re. A chest in which a dead body is in-
terred : — the hoof of a horse's foot abcive the
coronet : —a wooden frame used in printing.

Cof'fjn^, c. a. To enclose in a coffin ; to cover.

Cog, v. a. To flatter; to wheedle ; to falsify: —
to fix cogs in a wheel.

Cog, v. re. To lie ; to wheedle. [R.]

Cog, re. The tooth of a wheel : — a little boat

Co'<^EN-CY, n. Force; strength; power.

C6'9^ENT,a. Forcible; stnmg ; convincing.

Syn. — Cogent reason ; forcible reasoning ; strong
language ; convincing argument.

Cog'ser, n. A flatterer. [R.]

Cog'jGER-y, re. Trick ; falseh( od. [iJ.l

Cog'jELE-Stone, n. A pebble ; a cobble-stone.

C6qt'l-TA-BLE, a. Capable of being thought on.

C6(^'i-TATE, V. n. To think ; to meditate.

CoqJ-i-TA'TlON, re. Meditation ; contemplation.

C6(;j'i-TA-T!VE, a. Thinking ; given to tliought.

Cognac (kon-yak'), re. [Fr.] A French brandy.

Cog'nate, a. Allied by blood ; kindred ; akin.

Cog-NA'tion, n. Relationship; kindred.

CpG-Nl"TlON (Ifog-nish'un), re. Knowledge.

CSg'ni-tive, a. Having the power of knowing.

*Cog'N!-z A-BLE, a. Liable to be tried or examined.

*C6G'Ni-zX?JCE (kog'ne-zans or kon'e-zansj
[kon'e-zans, S. P. E. Ja. K. Sm. ; kSg'ne-zans,
F. R. C. ; kog'ne-zans or k5n'e-zans, py. J.], re.
Observation ;'knowledge. — {Law.) Judicial no-
tice ; trial ; right to try.

Cog'ni-zant, a. Having cognizance of.

*C6G-Ni-zi2E', re. (Law.) One to whom a fine in

lands, &c., is acknowledged.
*C6g-ni-Zor', ?i. One who acknowledges a fine.
C6(t-n6'31EN, n. [L.] The last of the three names
by which all Romans of good family were desig-
nated : — a surname ; a family name.
CpG-NOM'i-NAL, a. Belonging to the surname.

Cpg-n5m'i-nate, v. a. To give or add a name.
CpG-NOM-i-NA'TiON, re. Act of giving a surnames
CpG-Nos'cENCE, re. Knowledge.
Cog-nos-cen'te, 71.; pi. cda-wps-cEif' Tr.

[It. J One well versed in any thing ; a connoisseur.
CpG-Nos'ci-BLE, a. That may be known.
CpG-N6s'ci-TiVE,a. Having the power of knowing.
CoG-No'viT,n. {Law.) An acknowledgment by

the defendant of the justice of the plaintiff's cause.
Cog'-Wheel, n. A wheel furnished with cogs.
Co-HAB'lT, V. re. To dwell or live together.
Co-HAB'i-T;^NT, re. An inhabitant of the same place.
C6-HAB-i-TA'TipN, re. The act of cohabiting
Co-heir' (ko-Ar'), re. A joint heir with others.
C6-heir'ess (ko-Ar'es), re. A joint heiress.
Cp-HERE', V. n. To stick together ; to fit ; to agree.
Cp-he'rence, )n. Act of cohering ; union; eo-
C'p-he'ren-cy, \ hesion ; connection.
Co-he'rent, a. Sticking together ; consistent.
Cp-HE'^ION (ko-he'zhun), re. Act of cohering ; the

attraction by which the particles of bodies are kept

together. See Attraction.
Cp-HE'siVE, a. Having the power of sticking.
Cp-HE'sivE-NESS, 71. The quality of being cohesive.
Co'lip-BATE, V. a. To distil again ; to redistil.
Co-Hp-BA'TipN, re. Repeated distillation.
t:)6'HORT, re. A body of about 500 soldiers.
CblF, re. A head-dress ; a cap ; a hood.
Coifed (kbift), a. Wearing a coif.
CoIf'fOre, 7i. Ahead-dress; a coif.
CoiGNE (koin), re. A corner: — a wooden wedge.
Coil, v. a. To gather into a narrow compass.
Coil, re. A rope wound into a ring : — a winding.
Coin, re. Money bearing a legal stamp ; metallic

or hard money, as gold and silver.
Coin, v. a. To stamp money : — to make ; to invent.
Coin, n. A corner. See Coigne and QtuoiN.
CoTn'ac^e, re. Act or act of coining : — forgery.
Co-lN-ciDE', V. re. To meet in the same point ; to

agree with ; to concur.
Cp-i'N'ci-DENCE, re. Concurrence ; agreement.
Cp-'in'ci-dent, a. Agreeing with ; consistent.
Co-!N-cTd'|;r, re. He or that which coincides.
Co-iN-Di-cA'TipN, 71. Concurrent sign.
Coin'er, re. A maker of money : — an inventor.
ColT, re. A quoit. See Quoit.
Cp-i"TlpN (ko-ish'un), re. Copulation.
Co-j6Tn', v. re. To join with another.
Co-ju'ror, re. A witness of another's credibility.
Coke, n. Fossil coal burnt to charcoal, or deprived

of its gaseous matter by fire.
Col'an-der, re. A sieve ; a strainer; a cullender.
Cp-LA'TipN, 7!. Act of straining ; filtration.
Col'a-tCre [kol'a-tur, .!a. R. C. ; ko'Ia-tur, S. P.

J. F. Sm.; kol'a-chur, W.], n. Filtration.
CoL'cp-THAR, n. A red oxide of iron.
Cold, a. Not hot ; not warm ; chill ; frigid : — in-
different ; not friendly or affectionate ; without

passion or affection : — reserved.
Cold, 71. Privation of heat : — a disease ; catarrh.
Cold'-Bl6od-ed (-blud-ed), a. Without feeling.
C6ld'-HE ART-ED, a. Wanting feeling or passion.
Cold'ly, ad. Without heat ; without concern.
Cold'ness, re. Want of heat or warmth ; frigidity.
Cole, n. A general name for all sorts of cabbage,
C6-le-op'te-ra, n, pi. {Ent.) Insects of the

beetle tribe.
Co-le-op'te-ral, j a. Having four wings with
Co-le-6p'TE-r6Ds, S sheaths, as the beetle.
C6-LE-6p'TE-rXn, re. An insect having two pairs

of wings ; a beetle.
Cole'wort (kol'wiirt), n. A sort of cabbage.
Col'ic, re. A painful disorder of the bowels.
CpL-LAPSE', re. A wasting or shrinking of the

body ; act of falling together.
Cpl-lXpse' (kol-laps'), V. re. To fall together, as

the sides of a hollow vessel ; to shrink up.
Cpl-lXpsed' (k^l-Iapst'), a. Withered ; closed.
CpL-LXP'sipN, n. Act of collapsing or closing.
Col'lar, n. A ring round the neck ; a neck band :

— a badge : — part of a harness.

i, E, T, 6, u, y, long ; X, E, T, 6, 0, Y, short ; a, E, i, p, V, ¥i obscure.— FkRB, FAR, fSst, All; h£ir, HEBJ




CSl'lar, v._a. To seize by the collar.

Col'lar-Bone, n. The clavicle.

Cql-late', v. a. To compare things similar ; to
confer : — to place in an ecclesiastical benefice.

Col-lXt'ee-al, a. Being sidewise, not direct ;
being side by side ; running parallel ; not imme-
diate : — descended from the same stock ; not
lineal. — CoUaterat security, a separate obligation
attached to another contract, to guarantee its per-

Col-lat'er-al-LY, ad. Side by side:— indirectly.

Col-la'tion, ?!. Act of collating ; comparison : —
a repast : — act of bestowing a benefice.

C6L-L^-Ti"Tloys, a. Contributed by many.

Cql-la'tive, a. Conferred by a bishop as patron.

Col-la'tor, n. One who collates or compares.

Col'league (kol'leg), 7j. a partner; associate.
Syn. — A colleague in office : a partner in trade ;
an associate in an enterprise.

Col-league' (kol-l5g', 114), v. a. To unite with,

Col-lect', v. a. To gather together ; to gain.

Col'lect (114), n. A short, comprehensive prayer.

Cbl.' lec-ta' JVE-A, n. pi. [L.] A selection of
passages from various authors ; collections.

Col-lec-ta'ne-ous, a. Gathered up together.

Cql-lect'ed, p. a. Gathered : — composed ;calm.

Col-lect'ed-ness, n. State of being collected.

CpL-LECT'l-BLE, a. Capable of being gathered.

CoL-LEC'TipN, n. Act of collecting : — tliat which
is collected : — contribution :. — assemblage ; a
group : — a corollary ; a deduction.

Col-lec'tive, a. Gathered into one body or mass.

CoL-L]2c'TlVE-LY, ad. In a general mass.

CpL-LEC'TfVE-NESS, 71. State of union ; amass.

CpL-LiLc'TOR, n. One who collects or gathers ; an
officer who collects customs and taxes.

CpL-LEc'TpR-ATE, n. District of a collector ; col-

CpL-LEC'TpR-SHiP, n. The office of a collector.

CpL-LEG-'A-TA-RV, 71. (Law.) A joint legatee.

Col'le^^e, 77. A community : — a society of men
set apart for learnhig or religion : — a seminary of
learning: — a house in which collegians reside.

CpL-LE'91-AL, a. Relating to a college ; collegiate.

CpL-LE'(;tl-AN, 77. A member of a college.

CpL-LE'9^i-ATE, (7. Pertaining to a college. — A
collegiate church is one to which a college or cor-
poration of clergy is attached.

CpL-LE'9^I-ATE, 77. A member of a college.

Col'let, 77. The part of a ring in which the stone
is set.

CpL-LiDE', V. 77. To'strike against each other.

Coll'ier (kol'yer), 77. A digger of coals : — a coal-

C6ll'ier-y (kol'yer-e), 77. A coal-mine: — coal

Col'li-flow-er, 77. See Cauliflower, [trade.

Col-lJ-ma'tion, 77. Act of aiming at a mark.

Col-lin'GOAL, a. Having the same language.

fCoL'Ll-QUATE, V. a. & 77. To melt : to dissolve,

Col-li-QUa'tion, 77. The act of melting.

CpL-Li'Q'UA-TiVE, a. Melting; dissolvent.

CpL-LiQ-UE-FAc'TlpN, 77. A melting together.

CpL-Ll"5tpx (kol nzh'un), 77. Act of colliding, or
of two bodies striking against each other; oppo-
sition ; aclash ; interference.

Col'lo-cate, v. a. To place ; to arrange.

CoL-LO-CA'TipN, 77. Act of placing ; arrangement.

fCoL-Lp-cu'TlpN, 77. Conference: conversation.

tCoL-t^p-cu'TpR, 77. A speaker in a dialogue.

Cpr^-Lo'Di-oiv, n. A solution of gun-cotton in ether.

(JpL-LOGlJE' (koj-log'), V. 77. To wheedle ; to plot.

CoL'Lpp, 77. A small cut or slice of meat.

CpL-l.o'QUl-AL, a. Relating to common conver-
sation ; conversational ; familiar.

CpL-Lo'QiJ!-AL-l§M, 77. A word or phrase used in

CoL'Lp-QUlST, 77. A speaker in a dialogue.

C6l'lp-quv, 77. A mutual discourse between two
or more persons ; conversation ; a dialogue.

Col-lObe', v. 77. To conspire in a fraud.

CpL-Luu'ER, 77. One who conspires in a fraud.

CpL-LiJ'sipN (kol-lu'zhun), 71. Deceitful agreement

CpL-LU'siVE, a. Fraudulently concerted ; Knavish,

CpL-LU'siVE-LV, ad. In a collusive manner.

CpL-HJ'sivE-Nfiss, 77. A fraudulent concert.

COL-Lu'sp-RY, a. Contaming collusion or fraud.

COL-Lu'vi-E^,n._ [L.] Filth :— a fluid mass.

CoL'LY or Col'lovv', 77. The smut of coal ; grime.

Col'lv, v. a. To grime with coal.

CQL-.r.YR' i-UM,n. [L.] Medicine for the eves.

Col'p-cynth, 77. Ihe pith of the bitter-app'le.

Cologne (kp-Ion'), a. Applied to a perfumed
water or liquid, first made at Cologne.

Co'LpN, 77. Thu point, thus [:], used to mark a
pause. — {Anat.) The largest of the intestines.

Colonel (kiir'nel), n. The commander of a regi-
ment, in rank next below a brigadier-general.

Colonelcy (kiir'nel-se), 77. The oflice of a colonel.

Colonelship (klir'nel-ship), 77. The oflice of
colonel ; colonelcy.

Cp-l5'ni-al, a. Relating to a colony or colonies-

CoL'p-Nl'ST, 77. An inhabitant of a colony.

CoL-p-Nl-ZA'TlpN, 77. The act of colonizing.

CoL-p-Nl-zA'TipN-isT, 77. An advocate of coloni-

Col'p-nTze, v. a. To establish a colony in.

CoL-pN-NADE', 77. A range of pillars or columns.

Col'P-ny, 77. A body of people who remove and
settle in a distant region, continuing subject to the
mortier country : — the country planted.

CoL'p-PHON, 77. [L.J The conclusion of a book,
containing the date and place of publication.

Cp-LOPH'p-NV [ko-lof'o-ne, IV. Ja. ; kol'o-lo-ne,
Wb. ; kbl'o-fSn-e, K. Sm.], n. A black resin.

C6l-p-QuTn'ti-da,77. The bitter-apple ; colocynth.

CoL'pR (kiil'yr), 77. The hue or appearance of
bodies to tlie eye : — the seven principal colors are
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and vio-
let : — the tint of the painter ; paint ; dye : — con-
cealment : pretence. — PI. A standard ; a flag.

Col'pr (kiil'ur), V. a. To mark with some hue ;
to paint ; to dye: — to palliate ; to excuse.

Col'or (kiil'ur), v. n. To blush ; to show color.

Col'PR-a-ble, a. Specious; plausible.

Col'or-a-blv, ad. Speciously ; plausibly.

Col-PR-a'TION, 77. The act of coloring.

CoL-pR-lF'lc, a. xible to give color.

CoL'pR-lNG,77. An art in painting ; actof applying
colors : — appearance : — an excuse.

CoL'pR-iST, 77. A painter who excels in coloring.

CoL'pR-LESS, (7. Without color ; transparent.

Cp-Los'sAL or Col-os-se'an, a. Like a colossus.

Ct)L-os-SE' TIM, 77. [L.j A spacious amphithe-
atre at Rome : — a building of great size.

Cp-L6s'siAN§ (kp-losh'anz), The inhabitants
of the ancient city of Colosse.

Cp-Los'sus, 77. [L.J L. p/. cp-i8s'S/; Eng. cp-
Los's . s-E§. A statue of enormous magnitude.

CpL-poRT'Ai^E, 77. Tho distribution and sale of
books and tracts.

CpL-POKT'ER, 77. rco//7ortc7tr, Fr.] A book-pedler.

Col'StXff, 77. A large staff, on which a burden is
carried between two men on their shoulders.

C5lt, 71. A young horse: — an inexperienced

Col'ter, 77. The sharp iron of a plough.

CoLT'iSH, a. Like a colt ; wanton.

COLT's'-FoOT (kolts'fut), 77. A medicinal plant.

(!6l'v-brine, a. Relating to a serpent ; cunning.

CoL'ijM-BA-RY or Co-LiiiVi'BA-RY [ko-lum'bfi-re,
S. W P. J. F. Ja. ; kol'iim-ba-re, K. Sm. R. fVh.
Kciirick],n. A dove-cot ; a pigeon-house.

CoL'UM-BiNE, 7). A genus of plants.

Col'v-mel, 77. [columella,!-,.] (But.) The central

part of a capsule, or of the theca of moss.
C6l'vMi\ (kSl'uni), 77. A cylindrical pillar: — a
file of troops : — a perpendicular section of a page :
— a perpendicular line of figures.

Co-LriM'NAR, a. Formed in columns.
Cp-LilRE^', n.p<. (Astron.) Two imaginary groat
circles supposed to intersect each other in tlio
jwles of the world.

MIEN, sKr; move, nor, s6n; bOLL, BUR, ROLE.— <;;,9, g, S7>/«; C,«,£,g, A(7rd; Sasz; ^<WgZ: THIS.
15 J*




C6l'ZA, n. A species of cabbage.

Co'M^, 71. (Med.) A morbid disposition to sleep.

Co-mate' [ko-mat', fV. F.Ja. K. Sm. C; ko'niat,
S. P. E. Wb.], n. A fellow-mate ; a companion.

Com-a-tSse', a. Lethargic; drowsy; dozing.

Comb (kom), n. An instrument to adjust the hair:
— crest of a cock: — cells in which bees lodge
their honey : — a measure. See Coomb.

Comb (kom), v. a. To divide and adjust the hair;
to dress, and lay any thing smooth.

*C6m'BAT or CoM'BAT [kum'bat, S. JV. J. F. Sm.
C. Og-ilme ; kbni'bfit, P. E. Ja. K. ff 6.], ». 7i. To
fight ; to contend ; to act in opposition.

*Com'BAT or Com'bat, V, a. To oppose ; to fight.

*C6m'BAT, n. A contest ; battle ; fight ; duel.

*C6M'BA-TANT,?i. One who combats ; a champion.

*C6m'ba-tant, a. Disposed to quarrel, [fights.

*CoM'BAT-ER or C6m'bat-er, n. One who

*C6M'BA-TiVE [kum'bri-tiv, Craig, Ogilvie,Boag],
a. Inclined to combat ; pugnacious.

*CoM'BA-TlvE-Niiss, n. (Plireii.) A disposition
or propensity to fight.

CoMB'ER (kom'er)^ n. One who combs wool, &c.

COM-Bl'NA-BLE, a. Capable of being combined.

Com-bi-nA'tiqn, n. Act of combining; union;
association ; coalition ; cabal ; plot ; conspiracy.

C<)M-bine', v. a. To join together; to unite.

Com-bTne', v. n. To unite ; to coalesce ; to agree.

COM-bIn'er, n. He or that whicli combines.

Comb'less (kom'Ies), a. Destitute of a comb.

COM-BDs-Ti-Bii,'l-Ty, )n. Quality of beiiigcom-

CoM-Bus'Ti-BLE-NESS, ( bustible.

Com-bus'ti-ble, a. That may bum or be burnt.

COM-Bus'Ti-BLE, n. A combustible material.

Com-bos'T!ON, 7i. Act of burning; conflagration.

Come (kuni), v. n. [i. came ; pp. coming, come.]
To draw near ; to advance toward ; to arrive : —
to happen ; to fall out ; to appear ; to arise.

Co-Mii'Di-AN, n. An actor or a writer of comedy.

Com'e-dy, n. A dramatic representation of the
lighter faults, passions, and follies of mankind ;
an amusing drama ; a ploy.

Come'li-nIsss, n. Grace ; beauty ; dignity.

Come'ly, a. Graceful; becoming; decent.

Com'er, n. One who comes.

CoM'ET, n. A heavenly body with a tail or train
of light, and an eccentric motion.

Cp-MET', n. A game at cards.

C6m-et-a'ri-um, ) n. A machine to show the

C6m'et-a-RY, I revolutions of comets.

CoM'ET-A-RY, j a. Relating to a comet oi acomet-

Co-Mi3T'ic, i arium.

C6m-et-6g'ra-phy, n. A description of comets.

Com'fit or CoM'fi-ture, 71. A dry sweetmeat.

Com'fort, v. a. To enliven ^|o console ; to cheer.

Com'fort, n. Support under calamity ; counte-
nance ; consolation ; satisfaction ; pleasure.
Syii. — Comfort at homo ; pleasure abroad.

Com'fqrt-a-ble (kum'furt-si-bl), a. Possessing
comfort ; cheerful ; dispensing comfort.

Com'fort-a-ble-ness, n. A state of comfort.

Com'fort-a-bly, ad. In a comfortable manner.

Com'fort-er, 71. One wlio administers consola-
tion : — the Holy Spirit : — a stuffed coverlet.

CoM'FORT-Liiss, a. Wanting comfort.

Oom'frey, n. A medicinal plant.

Com'ic, a. Relating to comedy ; raising mirth.

Com'j-CAL, a. Diverting ; droll ; ludicrous.

CoM'i-CAE-LY, ad. In a comical manner.

CoM'l-CAL-NiiSS, n. (Quality of being comical.

Com'ing (kum'ing), n. Act of coming ; arrival.

Com'inGt, p. a. Future ; being about to come.

Co-mV'tt-a (kij-niTsh'e-a), 71. pL [L.] Popular
assemblies ot the Romans.

Cp-Mi"TlAL, a. Relating to the comitia.

Com'i-ty, ?i. Courtesy; civility; good-brcoding.

CoM'MA, 71. (Oram.) A |X)int marked thus [,].

t;pM-MAND', V. a. To govern ; to order; to lead.

Com-mAnd', v. n. To have the supreme authority.

Cpm-mand', 71. Act of commanding ; power ; rule ;
direction ; order : precept ; injunction.

C&M-!tiAiV-i>ANT',n. [Fr.] A military officer

CpM-MANDER,?i. One who commands : — a naval
officer next in rank above a lieutenant.

Com-Mand'er-y, n. A body of kniglits.

Cpm-mAnd'ing, a. Ordering ; directing ; power-
ful ; authoritative ; controlling by influence or

Cpm-mAnd'ment, n. A mandate ; a command.

C5m-ma-te'R!-al, a. Being of the same matter.

CpM-MEA§'u-RA-BLE (kom-jnezh'u-ra-bl), a. Re-
ducible to the same measure.
Comnie ilfaiit (kom' e\-[o'), [Fr.] As it should be.

CoM-MiLM'p-RA-BLE, a. Wortliy of remcuihrance.

CoM-MEM'p-RATE, V. a. To preserve in memory ;
to celebrate by some public act.

CpM-MEM-p-RA'TlpN,7i. Act of public Celebration.

CoM-MiiM'p-RA-TivE, a. Preserving in meimoy.

CpM-MiJM'p-RA-Tp-RY, a. Preserving in memory.

CpM-MiiNCE', V. a. &7!. To begin ; to enter upon.

CpM-MiiNCE'MENT, n. A beginning : ^ the limo
wlien students in college receive thei? degrees.

CpM-MEND', V. a. To recommend ; to praise.

Sy7i. — Commend a meritori^us person, and
recommend him to anotlier ; praise a good per-
former ; applaud a public performance ; extol an
heroic action.

*CpM-MEND'A-BLE [kom-mend'abl, P. Ja. K. Sm.-
R. C. PVb.Jo/mson,Msh,Kenric/c:kon'i'men-da,-h'l,
J. F. ,• kom'men-da-bl or kom-mend'abl, S. fV.'],
a. That may be connnended ; laudable ; worthy
of praise. [mendable.

*CpM-MiiND'A-BLE-Ni2SS, n. The being com-

*CpM-MiJND'A-BLY, ad. Laudably.

Co3i-MEN'DAM,n. [L.j (Eng. Law.) The hold-
ing of a vacant benefice till a pastor is supplied.

CpM-Mi3N'DA-TA-Ry, ; 71. The holder of a living

COM-MliN'D^-Tpk, \ in commendam.

CoM-MEN-DA'TipN,?!. Reconunendatioii ; praise

CpM-MiiN'DA-Tp-RY, a. Serving to coiuKiend.

Com-men-sal'i-ty, 7z. Fellowship of table. [R.]

*CpM-Mi3NS-u-RA-BiL']-TY, I n. Capacity oi

*CpM-MlLNS'u-RA-BLE-NESS, | state of having
a common measure.

*CpM-MENS'y-RA-BLE [kgm-men'sliu-ra-bl, W. P.
J. L'. ; kom-men'su-ra-bl, S. Ja. Sm.], a. Having
a common measure.

*CpM-MENS'y-RATE, V. 0. To reduce to some
common measure.

*CpM-MENS'y-RATE [k(?m-men'shu-rat, JV. P. F,;
kpm-men'su-ret, S. ; kom-men'slR.iret, J. ; k9m-
men'su-rat t/a.J, a. Equal; coe.xtensivo.

*CpM-Mi3NS-u-KA'j.'ipN, 71. Reduction to some
common measure ; proportion.

*C6m'MENT [kom'ment, S. W. F. Ja. Sm. R. Wb. ,
kgm-ment', P. J. E. K. C], v. n, Ti anno.
taiO ; to expound ; to write iiotes upon a work.

*C6m'MENT, «. a. To explain, [ij.l

CoM'MENT, n. A noto ; remark explanation ■

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