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CoM'MEN-TA-RY, n. A book 6f comments and
annotations ; an exposition ; annotation.

CoM'MEN-TA-TpR, 77. An expositor ; an aimotator.

C6m'ment-er or COM-Mi2NT'ER [koin'ment-er.
Ja. Sm. R. 'O. Wb. ; kom-ment'er, S. W. P.],'n.
One who comments.

CoM'MERCE, 77, The exchange of commodities;
trade; traffic: —-intercourse.

S?/7i. — Commerce is appropriately applied to
traffic between different countries ; — f(;reign com-
merce. Traffic or trade is carried on by individu-
als, or between different towns.

fCpM-MSRCE', V. 11. To traffic ; to hold intercourse.

CpM-MlJR'ciAL (kom-mer'shal), a. Relating to
commerce or traffic ; mercantile.

CpM-MiJR'ciAL-LY, ad. In a commercial manner.

Com-MERE', n. [Fr.] A godmother : — a gossip.

Com'mi-GRATE, v. n. To migrate together. [R.]

Com-mi-gra'tion, re. A migrating together. [iC.J

CoM-Mi-NA'TipN, 77. A threat ; a denunciation.

CpM-MiN'A-Tp-RY, a. Denunciatory ; threatening

CpM-MiN'GLE, V. a. To mix together ; to blend.

A, E,T, 0,U, V,long; A, £,1,6,0, Y, short; A,E,I, p, y , Y , obscure. — FARE, FAR, FAST, ALL; IlilR, HJEE-




vOM Min'GLi:, v. n. To unite one with another.

C6m MI-nute, v. a. To grind ; to pulverize.

CoM-MJ-NU'TlON, n. A grinding ; pulverization.

CpM-lviis'ER-A-BLE, a. Worthy of compassion.

CpjM-3lis'ER-ATE. V. a. To pity ; to compassionate.

Com-mis-er-a'tiqn, n. Sorrow for the distresses
or suffering of others ; pity ; compassion.

CpM-Mls'ER-A-TlVE, a. Compassionate.

CoM-Jli^'ER-A-TOR, 11. One who has compassion.

C6m-mis-sa'R|-al, a. Relating to a commissary.

Cuji-mis-sa' Rf-A T, n. [Fr. j The body of olficers
under the commissary-general.

C6m'mis-sa-rv, «. A delegate; a deputy: — an
officer attending an army, who inspects muster-
rolls, or regulates provisions, &c.

Com'mis-sa-ry-^^en'er-al,, n. An officerof an
army who has the ciiarge of providing supplies, &c.

CoM'Mls-SA-RV-SHiP, It. Otfice of a commissary.

CoM-MlS' sioN (kom-mish'un), 7(. Act of commit-
ting ; a trust ; a warrant ; charge ; compensation :

— a document investing one with some office or
authority ; office : — perpetration : — a body of

CoM-Mls'sipN, V. a. To empower ; to appoint.

CpM-Mis'sipN-ER, n. One empowered to act.

CpM-Mis'suRE (kom-mish'yur) [kom-mish'yur,
W. J. F. K. Sm. C. ; kom'mish-ur, S. ; koni-mis'-
ur, Ja.], n. A joint ; a seam ; a suture.

CpM-MiT', V. a. To intrust : — to send to prison : —
to dejKisit : — to do ; to perpetrate -. — to expose.

CpM-MiT'MENT, n. The act of committing.

CpM-MiT'TAL,?i. Act of committing ; commitment.

CpjM-MiT'TEE, 71. A select number of persons ap-
pointed to examine or manage any matter.

CpM-MlT'TEE-SHiP,?;. The office of a committee.

CpM-MiT'TER, n. One who commits.

CpM-MiT'Ti-BLE, a. Liable to be committed.

CoM-MJX', V. a. To mingle ; to blend ; to mix.

CpH-Mlx', V. n. To unite ; to be mixed.

CoM-MiXT'lpN (kom-mixt'yun),?!. Mixture.

CpM-MfXT'lJRE (kom-mixt'yur), n. A compound.

CoM-MODE' or CoM'mode [kom-mod', S. W. P.
J. F. K. ; kbm'mod, Sm.],n. A lady's head-dress :

— a pie^e of furniture or small sideboard.
*CpM-Mo'Di-ous [kom-mo'dyus, S. E. F. K. ; kom-

mo'de-us, P. J.Ja. Sm. R. : kom-mo'de-us orkgm-

mo'je-us, IV.], a. Adapted to its use or purpose ;

conveiiimt ; suitable ; useful.
*C'pM-HO'Dl-oDs-LY, ad. Conveniently ; suitably.
*CpM-Mo'Di-ous-NESS, n. Convenience ; use.
CpH-MOD'!-Ty,?t. Interest ; profit ; wares ; goods ;

Com'mo-dore or CoM-Mp-DORE', 77. An officer

who commands a squadron of ships of war.
CoM'jHON, a. Belonging equally to the public, to

many, or to more than one : — vulgar ; mean : —

not scarce: — public; general; frequent; usual.

— (Gram.) Both active and passive ; both mascu-
line and feminine.

CoM'MpN, 77. An open public ground or space.

Com'mon, v. n. To possess or Ixiard with others.

CoM'MpN-A-BLE, a. Held in common.

C6M'MpN-A(;iE, n. The right of feeding on a

CoJi'MpN-AL-TV, 77. The common people.

Com'mon-CoOn'cil, 77. The council of a city.

CoM'MpN-ER, 77. A man not noble.

CoM'MpN-LAw', 77. Unwritten law, which re-
ceives Its binding force from immemorial usage,
distinguished from the statutes, or laws enacted
by the legislature.

CoM'MpN-LY, ad. Frequently; usually ; jointly.

CoiM'MpN-NESS, 71. State of being common.

CoM'MpN-PLACE, a. Ordinary ; common ; usual.

CoM-MON-PLACE', v.a. To reduce to general heads.

CoM'MpN-PLACE, 77. A memorandum ; a note.

CoM'MpN-PLACE-BooK (-bok), n. A hook in
which things are ranged under general heads.

C5M'ivtpN!j, 71. pi. 'j'ho common people : — the
lower houseof parliament : — ftjod on cciual pay.

C6M-MPN-WEAL', n. The public good.

Com'MON-Wealth, 71. A state ; properly, a free
state ; republic : — the public ; the community.

fCoM'Mp-RANCE, 77. A dwelling ; residence.

CpM-MO'TipN, ?7. Tumult ; disturbance : sedition,

CpM-MO'TipN-ER, n. One causing commotion.

CpM-MOVE', 71. a. To disturb ; to agitate.

CpM-Mu'NAL, a. Relating to a commune.

CpM-MUNE' [kom-mun', W. Ja. K. Sm. C. Wb.
Ash, Rees ; kom'mun, S. j. E. F ; kom-mun' or
kom'mun. P.], v. n. To converse together.

CoM'MUNE, n. [Fr.) A French territorial district.

Cgm-mu^ni-bus aii-nis, [L.J One year with another.

CpM-MU-Ni-CA-BiL'i-TY. n. Communicableness.

CpM-Mu'NJ-CA-BLE, a That may be imparted.

CpM-MU'Ni-CA-BLE-NESS, n. Communicability.

Com-mu'ni-cXnt, 77. A partaker of the sacrament
of the Lord's supper.

CpM-Mu'Ni-CATE, V. a. To impart; to reveal.
Syn. — Commwnicate intelligence ; impart in-
struction ; reveal a secret.

CoM-Mu'Ni-CATE, V. n. To partake of the Lord's
supper : — to have something in common.

CpM-MU-NJ-CA'TloN, 77. Act of communicating ;
common inlet ; conference ; conversation.

CpM-Mij'Ni-CA-TiVE, a. Ready to impart ; free.

CpM-Mu'Ni-c A-TIVE-NESS, n. Readiness to impart.

CpM-Mu'Ni-CA-Tp-RY, a. Imparting knowledge.

CpM-MUN'lON (kom-mun'yun), 77. Intercourse;
fellowship : — celebration of the Lord's supper: —
a religious body or denomination.

Com'mij-ni^M, 71. Community of property.

Com'mv-nTst, n. An advocate for communism.

CpM-Mu'Ni-TY, n. The commonwealth ; the body
of the people; the public: — an association: —
society : — common possession.

CpM-MU-TA-BiL'l-TY, 77. Capacity of exchange.

CpM-MU'TA-BLE, a. That may be commuted.

Com-mu-ta'tion, 77. Change; alteration : — ransom.

CpM-MU'TA-TiVE, a. Relating to exchange.

CpM-Mu'TA-T^VE-LY, ad. In the way of exchange.

CpM-MUTE', V. a. To exchange ; tobuy off.

CoM-MUTE', V. n. To bargain for exemption.

CpM-MijT'i;-AL, a. Mutual ; reciprocal.

Com'pSct, 7!. A contract ; a mutual agreement.

Com-pXct' (114), V. a. To join together ; to league.

CpM-PACT',a. Firm; solid; close; held together.

CpM-PACT'ED-NESS, 77. Firmness ; density.

CPM-pXct'ly, ad. Closely ; densely.

CpM-PACT'NESS, 77. Firmness ; closeness.

fCpM-PACT^URE (kom-piikt'yur), n. Structure.

Com-pa' f}Elj,n. [L.] A system of parts united.

CpM-?X(;t-i-NA'TlpN, 77. Union ; structure.

CoM-PAN'lpN (kom-pan'yun), 77. A partner; an
associate ; a comrade ; a fellow ; a mate.

CpM-pXN'ipN-A-BLE, a. Fond of society ; fit for
society ; social ; agreeable.

CpM-pAN'ipN-A-BLE-NESS, 77. Sociableness.

Cpiw-PAN'lpN-SHlP, 71. Company ; fellowship.

C6m'pa-ny, 77. Persons assembled together : —
assembly: — fellowship; a band; a society: — a
body corporate : — a subdivision of a regiment.

C6m'pA-RA-BIjE [kom'pa-ra-bl, iJ. fV. P. J. .Ja.
Sm.; kom-pir'j-bl, ./9iA], a. That may be com-
pared ; equal ; similar.

Com'pa-rates [kom'pa-rats, Ja. Sm. Wb. ; kom-
par'a-tez, P. K?], n. pi. Two things compared.

Com-pXr'A-tIve, a. Estimated by comparison.

— (Gram.) Expressing more or less.
CpM-P,AR'A-TiVE-LY, ffrf. In a comparative state.
Com-pAre', v. a. To measure one thing by another,

— (Gram.) To show the degrees of comparison.
Syn. — Compare, to show the resemblance be-
tween things ; coiitraxt, to show the diti'crence.

Cpm-pAre', 77. Comparison ; simile ; similitude.
Cpm-pAr'er, n. One who compares.
CPM-pAr'i-son, 71. Act of comparing ; a compar-
ative estimate ; a simile ; similitude.
Com-part', v. a. To divide ■ to mark out.
Cpm-part'!-mEnt,7i. a division of apicture, &c
CoM-PAR-Ti"TlpN, 71. Act of dividing ; division.
Cqm-pXrt'MENT, 77. A division ; separate part.

MIEN, sir; move, nor, s5n ; bOll, bur, rOle — P ^,^,soft! e,G,c,^,hard;§asz; 3f osgz: Tilli




CcSm'pass, v. a. To encircle ; to encompass ; to
grasp : — to procure ; to obtain ; to attain.

CSm'pass, n. A circle ; grasp ; space , extent ;
enclosure ; circumference ; — jiower of the voice :
— a magnetic apparatus for steering ships.

Com;'pass-e§, 71. pL An instrument for dividing,
making circles, &c.

CoM-PAS'sioN (kgm-pash'un), n. Grief for the
suffering of others ; pity ; commiseration.

rpivl-PAS'siON-^TE,a. Inclined to pity ; merciful.

CpiM-PAS'sioN ATE,». a. To pity ; to commiserate.

Com PA.s'sipN-ATE-LV, ofi. Mercifully; tenderly.

Com PAS'siON-ATE NESS, 71. Tenderness.

tCom-pa-ter'ni-ty, n. The relation of godfather.

CoAlPAT-i bil'i-ty,7i. Consistency ; suitableness.

Com PaT'i-ble, a. Suitable to ; fit for; consistent.

Coivi-PAT'! BLE NESS, 71. Consistency; fitness.

CpM-PAT'i ELY, arf. Fitly; suitably.

*CpM PA'TRi-OT (kom-pa'tre-ut, S. JV. P. J. E. F.
Ja. Sm. C. ; kom-pat're-ut, fVb.], n. One of the
same country ; a fellow-countrj'man.

*CpM-PA'TR!-pT, a. Being of tiie same country.

Compeer', n. An equal ; a companion.

CpM PEER', V. a. To be equal with , to mate.

CpMPEL,', V. a. To force ; to oblige ; to constrain.
Syn. — Compelled by poverty ; forced by hun-
ger ; vbliired by conscience ; constrained by fear.

CpM PiiL'r.A BLE, a. That may be compelled.

Com PEL-LA'TipN, 71. Style or manner of address.

CpM-PELL'ER, n. One who compels.

Com'pend, 71. An abridgjtient ; compendiura.

*CpM pen'di-oijs [kom pen'de-us, P. J. Ja. Sm. ;
kpin pen'dyus^ S. E. F. K. ; kom-pen'je us, W.],
a. Sliort ; concise , summary ; abridged.

*CpM-PEN'Dl-ous-LY, ad. Shortly ; in epitome.

*CpM-PEN'Dl-oys-NESS, 71. Shortness ; brevity.

*CpM pen'di-Dm, 71. An abridgment •. summary ;
epitome , an abstract. See Abridgment.

CpM-PEN'SA-BLE, a. Susceptible of recompense

Com-pen'sate [kom-pen'sat, S. W. P. J. E. F.
Ja. Sm. C. ; kom'pensat, fVb.], v. a. To recom-
pense ; to pay ; to requite. See Contemflate.

Com PEN-sA'TipN, 71. Something paid for service,
injury, or privation ; recompense ; amends.

CpM-PiJN'SA-TiVE, a. That compensates.

CoM-PEN'SA-Tp-RY, a. ftlaking amends.

fCpM-PENSE', V. a. To compensate.

CpM-PETE', V. n. To carry on competition; to

CoM'PE-TENCE, ) 71. State of being competent;

Com'pe TiiN-CY, ) capacity ; sufficiency.

CoM'PE-TiiNT, a. Suitable; fit; able; capable.

C6m'pe-tent-ly, ad. Adequately ; moderately.

Com PE-Ti"TlpN, 71. A mutual contest for the
same object • emulation ; rivalry.

Syn. — An honorable competition or emulation ;
severe contest , selfish rivalry.

CpM PET'! TOR, 71. A rival , an opponent, [tion.

Com Pl-LATipN, n. Act of compiling: — collec-

CpM-PiLE', V. a. To collect from various authors.

CpM pTlement, 71. Coacervation ; a piling to-

CpM pil'ijr, n. One who compiles. [gether.

CpMPLA'ciLNCE, ) 71. Gratification ; satisfaction ;

CpM PLA'CEN-CY,] pleasure; civility.

CpM PLA'CENT, a. Civil ; affable ; mild ; easy.

CpM PLA'CENT-LY, ad. In a soft or easy manner.

CpM PLAIN', V. n. To murmur ; to find fault.

CpM PLAIN A-BLE, a. That is to be com|)lained of.

CpM plain'ant,7!. (Law.) One who urges a suit.

CpM PLAIN'ER, 71. One who complains.

CpM PLAIN'ING, 71. Expression of sorrow.

CpM-PLAlNT',71. Accusation ; information against:
— a lamentation : — a malady ; a disease.

Com-plai-sXnce', 71. Civility; courtesy.

Syn. — Complaisance, civility, and courtesy to
equals ; deference to superiors ; condescension to

C6m-plai-§ant', a. Civil; courteous; polite.

CpM-PLAI-§ANT'Ly, arf. Civilly; politely.

Com-PLAI-^Xnt'NESS, 71. Civility ; politeness.

CpM-PLA'NATE 07- CpM-PLANE', V. a. To level.

Com'ple-ment, 71. A full quantity or number.

CoM-PLij MENT'AL, a. Filling Up ; completing.

CpMPLETE', a. Perfect; entire; full; accom-
plished ; finished.

Syn. — Entire house ; complete apartment ; per-
fect work ; finished performance ; full number.

Com plete', v. a. To perfect ; to finish ; to fulfil.

CpM PLETE'LY, a(i. Fully; perfectly; entirely.

COM-PLETE'NESS, 71. Perfection ; completion.

Com PLE'TipN, 71. Act of completing; accom-
plishment ; perfect state ; close ; end.

CpM-PLE'TlvE, a. Filling ; making complete.

CpM-PLE'Tp-RY, a. Fulfilling ; completing.

CoM'PLEX, a. Intricate ; complicated ; entangled 5
of many parts ; not simple.

Com'plex, n. Complication ; collection.

CpM-PLEXED' (-ple.xt'), a. Complicated ; complex.

CpM-PLJEX'ED-NESS, 71. Complication.

CpM-PLEX'ipN (kom-plek'shun), 71. The color of
the skin or of the external parts of any body :— '
temperature or habitude of the body.

CpM-PLEX'ipN-AL, a. Pertaining to complexion.

CpM-PLEX'ipN-AL-LY, ad. By complexion.

Com PLEX'ipN-A-RY, a. Relating to complexion.

CpM-PLEX'ipNED (yund), a. Having a certain

CpM PLEX'l-TY, 71. State of being complex.

Syn. — Oomplezity of the subject; complication
of parts ; intricacy of the plot.

Com'plex-ly, ad. In a complex manner.

CoM'PLEX-NESS, n. State of being complex.

CpM-PLEX'VRE (kom-plex'yur), 71. Complication

CpM-PLl'A-BLE,a. Disposed to comply ; yielding.

CpM-PLl'ANCE, 71. Act of complying , assent.

C'PMPlT'ant, a. Yielding ; bending ; civil

CoM'PLi CA CY, 71. State uf being complicated.

Com'PlI-cate (117), V. a. To entangle one with,
another . to involve mutually ; to join.

Com'pli-cate, a. Compounded ; complicated.

C5m'pli CAT ED, p. a Entangled; involved

C6m'pli-cate-ly, ad. In a complicated manner.

Com'pli-cate ness, 7i. Intricacy; perplexity.

Com PLI CA'TipN, 71. Complexity; intricacy.

CoM'PLl-CA TlVE, a. Tending to involve

CpM-PL'lC'I-TY, n. State of being an accomplice.

CpM PLl'^ER, 71. One who complies

CoM'PLjMENT, 71. An act or exjiression of civility
or respect , delicate flattery , praise.

CoM'PLl-MENT. V. a. To flatter to praise

Com'pli-mEnt, « 71 To use adulatory language

CoM-PLl ment'al, a. Implying compliments

Com PLl-MENT'AL-L V, ad- By way of civility

CoM-PLl ment'a-ry, a. Bestowing compliments;
expressive of civility ; civil ; flattering

CoM'PLl MENT er. 71 One who compliments.

CoM'PLlNE, n. The last prayer at night 111 the
Roman Catholic church

CoM'PLOT (114) fkom'plot, W. S.J F. Sm. C. TVb i
kom plot', P Ja.'\, 71. A confederacy in a secret
plot ; a joint plot.

CpM-PLOT', V. n. To form a plot ; to conspire.

CpM PLOT'MENT, 71. Conspiracy, [r.]

CpM-PLOT'TER, 71. A conspirator.

CpM-PLi.J-TEN'siAN, a. Noting the Polyglot Bibla
published by Cardinal Ximenes in 1575.

CpM-PLY', V. n. To yield ; to assent ; to consent
Syn. — Comply WxW^ a reasonable request; con-
form to good customs ; yield to superiors ; assent
to what is true ; consent to what is reasonable.

CpM-PO'NENT, a. Forming a compound or a part.

CpM-PO'NENT, 71. A constituent part.

Cpm-pSrt', v. n. To agree ; to suit ; to bear

Comport', v. a. To bear ; to endure ; to behave.

tCoM'PORT [kom'port, W.J. F Ja. K Sm. fVb.f
kom-port', S. P \, n Behavior, conduct

Com-port'a-ble, a. Consistent , suitable

fCpM-PORT'MENT, 71. Behavior ; deportment.

Cpk-POSE', V. a. To form, as a compo.ind ; to
put together : — to write, as an author : — to quiet;
to adjust j to settle ; to constitute .- — to arrange,
as types.

5, E, 1, 6, u, Y, long ; A, fi, T, 6, U, Y, short ; A, E, I, p, IJ, y, obscure.— FARB, far, fAst, all ; HfilR, HER,-




COM-p6§ED'(kom pozd'),p a- Calm ; quiet.
Syn. — Composed spirits ; sedate deportment ; calm
passions ; quiet state.

Com po^'ed-ly, ad. Calmly ; sedately ; quietly.

CpMPO^'ED-NESS, K. Sedateness ; tranquillity.

COM-PO§'ER, n. One who composes ; an author.

Com-po§'ing-St'ick,?j. {Printing.) An instrument
in which types are arranged into words and lines.

C<?M-p6s'ite, a. Compounded; united. — {Arch.)
Noting'the last of the five orders of architecture.

C6m-p<?-jI"tiqn (Icom-po-zlsh'un), n. Act of
composing ; thing composed ; a mixture ; a writ-
ten work : — adjustment ; compact. — {Oram.)
Act of joining two words together.

CpM-POf 'i-TiVE, a. Tending to compound.

CoM-PS^'i-TOR, n. One who sets types.

CSin'pQS nien'tis, [L j Being of sound mind.

CoM'POST, n. A mi.xed manure ; any mixture.

CoM-POST', V. a. To manure with compost.

CpM-p6§'yRE (kgm-po'zhur), n. Adjustment;
composition : — tranquillity ; sedateness.

C6m-po-ta'tion, n. Act of drinking together.

C'OM'pp-TA-TOR, 71. One who drinks with another.

Com-pound' (114), «.a. To form of different parts;
to mingle ; to combine: — to adjust.

Cpjl-pcjUND', V. n. To come to term; ; to agree.

CoM'PofJND, a. Formed out of many ingredients :
— formed of two or more words. — Compound in
terest, interest charged both on the principal and

CoM'POUND, n, A mixture of many ingredients.

Com-pound'a-ble, a. That may be compounded.

Com-pound'er, n. One who compounds.

Com-pre-hend', ■«. a. To contain in tlie mind;
to understand : — to include ; to comprise.

CoM-PRE-Hi^N'si-BLE, a. That may be compre-
hended , mtelligible ; conceivable.

Com pre-hen'si-ble-ness, n. Intelligibleness.

C6m-pre-he?<'si-bly, ad. With comprehension.

CoM-PRE-HEN'sioN, n. Act of Comprehending ;
power of comprehending ; capacity

Com-PRE-hen'sive, a. E.xtensive ; capacious ;
large ; vi'ide ; broad.

Syn. — A comprehensive view ; extensive re-
search ; a capacious mmd ; a wide field.

Com pre hen'sive ly, arf. With comprehension.

Com pre hen'sive-ness, 7i. Capaciousness.

Com press', v. a. To press together ; to crowd.

CoM'PRliss (114), n. {Surg.) A bolster of linen.

Cqm PRES-si bil'i ty,7J. The being compressible.

Com PRES'Sj-BLEi a. That may be compressed.

Com PRiiS'si-BLE-NESS, n. Compressibility.

CQM-PRES'sioN (kom-presh'un), n. Act of com-
pressing ; condensation ; compressure

Com PRES'siVE, a. Having tlie power to compress.

Com press'qr, ?(. He or that which compresses.

Com press'ure (k9in-presh'ur),?t. Act of pressing.

Com PRi'^AL, n. The act of comprising.

CpM PRi§E', V. a. To contain ; to include.

Syn. — An Encyclopedia comprises many vol-
umes ; comprehends all the sciences ; embracer all
subjects ; contains much useful matter ; and is
designed tninclude every thing of importance.

CoM'PRO Mi§E, 7!. An adjustment: — a compact
in which concessions are made on each side.

Co.M'PRO Ml.^E, V a. To compound: — to adjust
a dispute by mutual concessions ; to adjust

CoM'PRQ MLfE, V. n. To agree ; to accord.

CoM'Pup-Ml^-ER, n. One who compromises.

CoM'PRQ-MiT, v.a. To pledge; to promise : — to
compromise : — to put to hazard.

CfiMPRO-vJN'ciAL, n. One of tlie same province.

fCOMPT (kbunt), u. a. To count. See Count.

CpMP-TROL'LER (kgn-trol'er), n. {Law.) An
officer who examines the accounts of the col-
lectors of the public money. See Controller.

CpMPriL'sATiVE, a. Compelling; forcing.

Com-pOl'sa TlvE-LY, ad. With compulsion.

CompCl'sa-TQ-rv, a. Compelling; forcing.

CpM pTjL'.sipN, n. Act (if coiiipelliiig ; force.

CpMPOL'SIVE, a. Compelling; forcing.

CpM-PUL'siVE-LY, ad. By force ; by
Cpm-pul'sive-n£ss, n. Force ; compulsion.
CpM-PUL'sp-Ri-LY, ad. By compulsion.
COM-PUL'sp-RY, a. Compelling ; constraining.
CpM-PUNc'Tipk, 71. Act of pricking ; remorse.
Syn. — Compunction for sin ; remorse for great

crimes. See Repentance.
CpM-PUNC'Tlous, a. Repentant; sorrowful.
CSm-pur-ga'tion, ?!. Act of establishing any

man's veracity by the testimony of others.
CoM'PVR-GA-TpR, ?i. One who bears his testi.

monyto the credibility of another.
CoM-pu'TA-BLE, a. Capable of being numbered.
CoM-PU-TA'TlpN, ?j. Act of reckoning ; estimate;

calculation ; account. [estimate.

COM-PUTE', V. a. To reckon; to calculate; to
CpM-PUT'ER, n. A reckoner; a calculator.
CoM'pu-TlST [fcom'pu-tist, S. W. P. F. ; kom-pu'-

tjst, Ja. Sm. C.J, 77. A computer; a calculator.
Com'rade or Com'rade [kum'rad, S. IV. P.J. F.

R. C. ; koni'rad, E. Ja. Sm. ffb.], n. A compan-
ion ; an associate.
Coiv, ad. An abbreviation of the Latin word co?i-

tra ; against ; as, to dispute pro and co7i ; that is,

for and against.
Con, v. a. To study ; to commit to memory.
Co7i a-mo're, fit.] With love or inclination.
-7". 2vj;''^;'s, n. f L.] An attempt ; an effort.
Cpn-i^aM'e-rate, v. a. To arch over ; to vault.
Con-cam e-ra'tion, n. An arch ; a vault.
Con-cat' E-NATE, v. a. To link together.
Con-cat-^-nA'tion, 77. A linking ; series of links.
CoN-CA-VA'TipN, 71. The act of making concave.
Con'cave, a. Hollow ; opposed to co7i7)cx.
CoN'CAVE (kong'kav), 77. A hollow ; a cavity.
Con'cave-ness, n. Ilollowness ; concavity.
CoN-cXv'i TV. n Inside cavity; hollowness.
CoN-CA'vp-coN'cAVE, a. Concave on both sides,
CoN-CA'vp-coN'VEX, a. Concave on one side,

and convex on the other.
CpN-cA'voys, a. Concave ; hollow.
Con-ceal' (kon-s51'), v. a. To hide ; to secrete.
Syn. — Men conceal facts ; hide the truth, or them-
selves ; secrete goods ; dissemble feelings.
Con-ceal'a-Ble, a. Capable of being concealed.
CpN-CEAL'ED-NESS, 7i. Privacy; obscurity.
Con-ceal'er, 71. One who conceals.
CpN-CEAL'jNG, 77. A hiding, or keeping close.
CpN-CEAL'MENT,77. Act of hiding: — hiding-place.
CpN-CEDE', V. a. To yield ; to admit ; to grant.
Con-cede', v. n. To admit ; to make concession.
CpN-CElT' (kon-set'), 77. Fancy ; imagination ;

notion; opinion; idea: — pride ; vanity. — {Rhet.)

An ingenious thought ; fancy ; affected wit.
CpN-CElT', V. a. To conceive ; to imagine.
CpN-CElT'ED, p. a. Proud; opinionative ; vain.
Con-ceit'eu-ness, 77. Pride; opinionativeness.
CpN-CElv'A-BLE, a. That may be conceived.
CpN-CElv'A-BLE-NESS,7(. The being conceivable.
CpN-CElv'A-Bl,Y, ad. In a conceivable manner.
CpN-CEIVE' (kon-sSv'), V. a. To admit into the

womb: — to form in the mind ; to imagine.
CON-CEIVE', v.n. To think: — to become pregnant.
CpN-CElv'ER, ?!. One who conceives.
CpN-CElv'iNG, 77. Apprehension; understanding.
CoN-CENT', 77. Concert of voices ; liarmony.
CON-CEN'TRATE, V. a. To bring together, or to a

centre ; to condense.
Con-cen-trA'tion, 77. Act of concentrating.
CpN-CEN'TRA-TlVE-NEss, 7(. {Phren.) The power

of concentration.
C'pn-cEn'tre (kon-sen'ter), v, n. To tend to one

common centre.
Con-cen'tre (kon-sen'ter), 7j. a. To concentrate.
Cpn-cEn'tric, ) a. Having one common
Cp,\-c£N'TRi-cAL, j centre.
C6N-cEN-TRi<;;'i-Tv, n. State of being concentric,
CpN-cENT'i;-AL, a. Harmonious.
CpN-cEp'TA-CLE, 77. A receptacle ; a follicle,
CpN-ciiP'T!-BLE, a. Possible to be conceived.
C9N-c]iP'TlC)N,77. Act of conceiving: — thing con-

MlEN, SIR; MOVE, NOR. SON; bOll, bUk, rOle — 5,9, ^, so/t/ je,fi,£,g,/iardi §asz;^asgz: Tllia ,




ceived ; notion ; image in tlie mind j thought ;

Cqn-cisp'tive, a. Producing conception.

CON-clJPT'y-AL-iST, 71. One wiio holds that the
mind lias the power to form general conceptions.

Cqn-cern', v. a. To relate to; to belong to; to
affect ; to interest ; to touch ; to disturb.

Cqn-cjlrn', 7(. Business; affair; interest; care.

CON-ciJRiv'lNG, prep. Relating to.

CpN-cisRN'MENT, n. Concern ; care ; business.

Cqn-cert', v. a. To settle ; to contrive ; to adjust.

CON-ciiRT', V. n. To consult; to contrive.

CoJN'ciiRT, 7(. Apian: — a musical entertainment.

CoN-CER' TO, n. [It.] A piece of music ; a concert.

CoN-ciss'sioN (kon-sesh'un), ?;. Act of conced-
ing : — thing conceded ; a grant.

CON-CES'siON-A-RY, a. Given by allowance.

CON-clis'siVE, a. impl}'ing concession.

CoN-ciJs'siVE-LY, ad. By way of concession.

CoNEH (kongk), n. A marine shell.

Con'jBHITE (koag'kit), n. A petrified shell.

CoN'.eHoiD (kbng'kbid), n. A matliematical curve.

Con-£;hoid'ai., a. Resembling the conchoid.

CpN-BHOL'o-c^isT, n. One versed in conchology.

Cq.n-jEh6l.'o-(^y, n. The science of shells, or of
testaceous animals.

CoN-ciL'l-ATE [kon-sil'yat, S. W. E. F. Ja.: kon-
sil'e-at, P. J. Sm. R. C.], v. a. To gain by favor ;
to win ; to reconcile.

Syn. — Conciliate esteem ; win a prize ; reconcile
persons who are at variance.

CON-ciL-i-A'TiON, 7U Act of conciliating ; peace.

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