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CoN-ciL'l-A-TOR, n. One who conciliates.

CpN-ciL'i-A-TQ-RY [kon-sil'e-a-tiir-e, IV. P. J. Ja.
K. C. ; kon-sii'ya-tiir-e, E. F. Sm.], a. Tending
to reconciliation ; pacifying ; persuasive.

Con-cin'ni-TY, ?!. Decency; fitness.

Con-cIse', a. Brief; short; comprehensive.

Con-cise'ly, ad. In a concise manner; briefly.

Con-cise'ness, n. State of being concise ; brevity.

CoN-ci"§lpN (kon-sizh'un), n. Act of cutting off.

CoN-ci-TA'TlpN, 11. The act of stirring up.

tC6N-cx,A-MA'TipN, 71. A general outcry.

Con'claVe, n. An assembly of cardinals.

CpN-CLUDE', V. a. To determine: — to finish.

Cpn-clCde', v. n. To end : — to infer ; to deter-

CpN-CLJjD'ER, 7i> One who concludes. [mine.

CpN-CL.u'§ipN (kon-klu'zhun),7i. Act of conclud-
ing ; final decision : — the close ; the end : — infer-
ence ; deduction.

Con-ClO'sive, a. Decisive ; final ; ending debate.
Syn. — Conclusive reasoning; decisive opinion;
final decision.

CpN-CLu'siVE-LY, ad. In a conclusive manner.

CpN-CLu'siVE-NESS,7i. State of being conclusive.

C6n-cp-Xg'u-late, v. a. To congeal together.

Con-co-Xg-V-la'tion, n. Act of coagulating.

CpN-coCT', V. a. To digest ; to purify ; to ripen.

Cpi*f-c6c'TipN, 71. Act of concocting ; digestion.

CpN-c6c'TiVE, a. Of a concocting nature.

CpN-coM'l-TANCE, j 71. Act or state of subsist-

CpN-coM'i-TAN-cy, ) ing with something else.

Con-com'i-tXivt, a. Accompanying; attending.

CpN-coM'i-TANT, 71. An attendant ; companion.

CpN-coM'l-TANT-LY, ad. In company with others.

Con'cord (kong'kbrd), 7t. Agreement; union: —
agreement of words : — harmony of sound.

Cpn^-cord'ance, 71. Concord: — a dictionary or
index to the Scriptures.

Cpn-cord'an-cy, n. Concord.

Con-cord'ant, a. Harmonious; agreeing.

Cpn-cord'ant, n. That which is correspondent.

CpN-coRD'ANT-LY, ad. In conjunction.

CpN-coR'DAT, 71. [Fr.] Acompact; a convention.

CpN-coRD'isT, 71. A writer of a concordance.

CoN-coR'pp-RATE, V. a. To unite in one body.

CpN-coR'pp-RATE, V. n. To unite into one body.

CpN-coR-Pp-RA'TipN, n. Union in one mass.

CQn'course (kong'kors), n. A confluence ; an
assembly of men ; a meeting ; a multitude.

CoN'cRE-MliNT, 71. A mass formed by concretion.

CpN-CEES'CENCE,7!. Growth by union of particles,

Con-cres'cive, a. Growing together ; uniting.

CpN-CRETE', V. 71. To coalesce into one mass.

CpN-CRiLTE', V. a. To form by concretion.

*C6n'crete or Con-crete' [kon'kret, S. P. £.
F. Sm. C. IVb. ; kon-kref, fV. Ja. K.], a. Formed
by concretion ; compounded. — {Logic.) Applied
to or connected with a subject, not abstract.

*C6n'crete (114), 71. Amass formed by concretion.

*C6]v'cRETE-i.Y or CpN-CRETE'LY, ad. In a
concrete^manner. [agulation.

*C6n'crete-ness or Cpn-criste'ness, 71. Co-

Con-cre'tion, 71. Act of concreting ; amass.

CpN-CRE'TipN-AL, a. Implying coiicretiim.

CpN-CRE'TiVE, a. Coagulative ; coalescing.

Cpiv-cu'Bl-NA(^E, 71. The act of living with a wo-
man as a wife, though not married.

CpN-cu'Bl-NAL, ) a. Relating to concubinage,

CpN-cu'El-NA-RY, \ or to a concubine.

CoN'cy-BiNE, 71. A woman kept in concubinage.

CpN-cu'pis-ciiNCE, 71. Irregular desire : lust.

CpN-cu'pis-cl3NT, a. Libidinous; lecherous.

CpN-cu'Pis-ci-BLE, a. Impressing desire ; eager.

CpN-ciJR', V. 71. To meet in one point ; to agree.

Con-cur'rence, 71. Act of concurring ; union.

CpN-ciJR'RENT,a. Acting in conjunction ; uniting.

Con-cur'rent, 71. A joint or contributory cause.

CpN-ctJR'RENT-LY, ad. In an agreeing manner.

CoN-ctJS'sipN (kon-kl3sh'un), 71. The act of shak-
ing ; agitation ; the state of being shaken.

CpN-cDs'siVE, a. Having the power of shaking.

CpN-DEMN' (kon-dem'), iJ- a- To find guilty; to
doom to punishment ; to censure ; to blame.

CpN-DEM'NA-BLE, a. Blamable ; culpable.

CoN-DEM-NA'TipN, 71. Act of Condemning ; a sen^
fence of punishment ; severe censure.

CpN-DiiM'NA-Tp-RY, a. Implying condemnation.

Cqn-dem'ner, 71. One who condemns.

CpN-DEN'SA-BLE, o. Capable of condensation.

CpN-DliN'SATE,!). a. To make thicker; tocondensa

CpN-DitN'SATE, V. 71. To condense.

CON-DiJN'SATE, a. Made thick ; condensed.

06n-den-sa'tion, 71. Act of making more dense.

CoN-DiiN'sA-TiVE, a. Tending to condense.

CpN-DjiNSE',7). a. To make more dense ; to thicken.

CpN-DlJNSE', V, 71. To grow dense or thick.

CpN-DiJNSE', a.- Thick ; dense ; compact.

CoN-DiJNS'ER, n. He or that which condenses: —
a metallic vessel for condensing air or steam.

CoN-DliN'si-TY, 71. Condensation ; denseness.

Con-de-scend', v. n. To descend from superior
rank ; to yield ; to submit ; to stoop.

CoN-DE-sciiND'ENCE, 71. Voluntary submission.

CoN-DE-scEND'lNG, 71. Voluntary humiliation.

CoN-DE-sciiND'iNG, p. a. Stooping ; kind ; meek.

Con-de-scen'sion, 71. Descent from superiority ;
voluntary humiliation ; deference ; complaisa7ice.

CpN-DiGN' (kon-din'), a. Merited ; deserved; fit.

CpN-DiG'Nl-TY, 71. Merit ; desert.

Con-dT&n'Ly (kon-din'le), ad. Deservedly.

CpN-DlGN'NESS (kon-din'nes), n. Suitableness.

CoN'Dl-MJJNT, 71. A seasoning; a sauce.

CoN-Dls-ci'PLE, 71. A fellow-disciple.

CpN-DlTE', V. a. To pickle ; to preserve.

CpN-Di"TIpN (kon-dish'un), 71. Situation ; cir>
cumstance ; quality ; state ; temper ; rank : —
stipulation; terras of compact ; article.

CpN-Dl"TipN, V. n. To contract ; to stipulate.

CpN-D'i"TipN-AL, a. Containing conditions ; not
absolute ; stipulated ; dependent. [al.

CpN-Di-TipN-AL'l-TY,7i. State of being condition.

CpN-Dl"TipN-AL-LY, ad. With certain limitations.

CpN-Di"TlpN-A-RY, a. Stipulated ; conditional.

CpN-Dl"TipNED (kon-dish'und), a. Having qual-
ities or properties good or bad ; stipulated.

Con'dj-tp-ky, 71. A repository.

CpN-DOLE', V. 71. To lament with and for others.

CpN-DOLE', V. a. To lament with or for.

CpN-DOLE'MENT, 71. Grief; condolence.

CpN-DO'LENCE, 71. Act of Condoling ; grief fol
another's sorrows ; sympathy ; pity.

A, E, 1, 6, u, V, lo7ig- ; S, £, 1, 6, 0, 1?, short ; A, e, I, p, y, ¥, obscure.— FkRE, fXr, fAst, All; h£ir, her,




CC)N-d5l.'EK, n. One n'ho condoles.

Cqn-dol'ing, ?!. Exf ression of condolence.

Con'DQR, n. A very large bird ; the great vulture.

C<?n-duce', v. II. To tend ; to contribute.

CpN-DUCE'MENT, M. Tendency. [R.]

Cqn-dO'c!-bi.e, a. Promoting; tending to.

CoN-DU'ci-BLE-NESS, n. Quality of conducing.

CON-Du'ciVE, a. Tending to conduce ; aiding,

CON-DU'ciVE-Niiss, 11. Quality of conducing.

CSn'dDct, 7i. Management; behavior; demean-
or ; depfirtment ; direction ; carriage.

Con-dOct' (114), V. a. To lead; to direct; to
manage ; to guide ; to regulate.

Syn. — Conduct a stranger, a train ; guide the
young ; lead a child, a horse ; direct or regulate a
movement , manage business.

Con-dDc'tion, n. The act of conducting.

C6N-Dyc-Ti"Tious, a. Employed fur wages.

Cqn-duc'tive, a. Directing; managing.

CQN dDc'tqr, 7i. He or that which conducts; a
leader, chief: — manager; director. — (Elec.) A
substance that transmits the electric fluid

Con dDc'tress, n. A woman who conducts.

CoN'DUlT [kun'djt, W. P. .J. F. Ja. Sni, ; kon'
dwit, S. ; kon'dit, £. ; kon'dwit, vulgarly kun'-
dit, C.], n. A water-pipe ; a canal.

CpN-DU'PLi gate, a. Doubled together.

Con DU PLi-CA'TipN,n. A doubling ; aduplicate.

Con'dvle, 71. The rounded head of a bone.

Cone, n. A solid body in the form of a sugar-loaf.

Co'NEY or Con'ey, M. See Cony.

Con fab'u late, v. n. To talk together ; to chat.

CpN FAB u-LA'TlpN, n. Talk ; conversation

CpNFAB'u-LA TOEV-. a. Belonging to prattle.

CpN FiicT', V. a. To make up into sweetmeats,

CoN'FiiiCT, n. A sweetmeat ; a confection.

Con Fiic'TipN, 71. A sweetmeat ; a preserve.

■fCpN FEC'TipN A Ry, 77. A Confectioner.

CpN Fiic'TipN ER, n. A maker of sweetmeats.

CpN FJic'TlON ER-y, 77. Sweetmeats in general :
— a place for sweetmeats.

CpN fEd'er A-cy, 77. A league ; federal compact;
confederation ; alliance ; association.

Con FED'ER ATE, V. a. & 77. To join in a league.

CpN FiiD'ER-ATE, a. United in a league ; allied.

CpNFED'ER ATE, 77. All ally; an accomplice.

Con FiiD-ER-A'TlpN, 77. A league ; confederacy.

CpN fer', v. 77. To discourse together ; to consult.

CpN-FER', V. a. To give ; to bestow ; to grant.

Con'fer-ence, 77. Formal discourse ; an oral
discussion ; conversation , a parley.

Con-fer'rer, 77. One who confers. [weed.

Cqn-fer' rA,n. [L. ] (Bot.) River-weed ; hair-

CpN-FESs', 71. a. To acknowledge, as a crime or
fault , to admit ; to own ; to grant : — to hear the
confession of, as a priest.

CpN-FESs', 7!. 77. To make confession ; to reveal.

CpN-FESS'ED-LY, ad, Avowedly ; indisputably.

CpN-Fi3S'sipN (kon fesh'un), ?7. Act of confessing ;
acknowledgment ; profession ; avowal : — a for-
mulary of articles of faith. [sion-chair.

CpN-Fii.s'sipN-AL (kon-fesh'un-fil), n. Confes-

CpN-Fiis'sipN-A-Ry, 77. A confessional.

CpN FES'sipN-A-RV, a. Belonging to confession.

CpN Fii.s'sipNisT, 77. Ono who professes his faith.

Con'fes-sor or CoN-FES'soR [kon'fes-sur, S. PV.
J. E.' F. Ja. Sin. R. C. ; kon-fes'sur, P. fVb. .3sh,
Rees]. 77. One who confesses: — ono who makes
profession of his faith in face of danger: — one
who hears confessions.

CpN-FEST', a. Avowed : — properly, confessed.

Con-fi-dXnt' [kon-fe-danf, S. IV. E. F. Ja. K. Sm.
C. ; kJii'fe-dant, P. J. Wb.\, n. A confidential
friend : — one trusted with secrets.

Con-fi-uAnte', 77. A female confided in.

CpN-FiDE', 7j. n,. To have confidence ; tn trust.
Syn. — Confide in the ability of a person, and
trust to ins honesty.
CpN-FlDE', V. a. To trust, to intrust.
C6n'F!-d£nce, 77. Act of confiding ; trust ; firm
belief; assurance ; credit ; reliance : — boldness.

Con'fi-dent, a. Positive ; daring bo]J ; impudenl
Con'fi-dent, 77. A confidant, which see.
CoN-FJ-DEN'TlAL, a. Private ; trusty ; faithfuL
CoN'ri-DENT-Ly, ad. Without doubt or fear.
CoN'Ff-DENT-NJiSS, 77. Confidence; assurance.
Con-fId'er, 77. One who confides.
CpW-FiG'u-RATE, V. 77. To show like the aspects
of the planets towards each other,

CpN-FiG-v-RA'TipN, 71. External form ; figure.

CpN Fl&'URE, V. a. To dispose into any form.

CpN-ri'NA-BLE, a. That may be confined.

Con'fine, 77. Common boundary ; border ; edge.

CpN-FlNE' or CoN'FiNE, i). 77. To border upon.

CpN fine', v. a. To limit ; to shut up ; to restrain.,

Con-fIne'less, a. Boundless; witliout end.

CpN-FlNE'MENT, 77. Imprisonment; restraint,

CpN FiN'ER,7i. A restrainer : — a borderer.

CpN-FiN'l-TY, 77. Nearness; neighborhood.

CpN-FiRM', 7). a. To put past doubt ; to corrobo-
rate; to establish ; to ratify: — to admit to com-

Syn. — Truth is confirmed by circumstances,
established by witnesses, whose testimony is corrob-
orated by others ; confirm reports ; ratify treaties.

CpN-FiRM'A-BLE, a. Capable of being confirmed.

Con FlR-MA'TipN,77. Act of confirming , evidence ;
convincing testimony: — an ecclesiastical rite.

CpN FiRM'A-TivE, a. Having power to confirm,

CoN-FlR-MA'TpR, 77. One who confirms.

CpN-FiRM'A Tp-Ry, a. That serves to confirm.

CpN-FiRM'ED-NESS, 77. State of being confirmed.

CpN-FlRM'ER, 77. One who confirms.

CpN FiRM'iNG LY, ad. With confirmation.

Con Fis'CA BLE, a. Liable to forfeiture.

CpN-Fis'CATE [kpn-fls'kat, S. fV. P. J. E. F. Ja.
Sm. R. C. ; kon'fjs-kat, H^b. Kenrick], v. a. To
transfer private property to the state ; to cause to
to be forfeited. See Contemplate.

CpN-ris'CATE, a. Forfeited to the public.

Confis-ca'tion, n. The act of confiscating.

CoN'Fls-CA-TpR, 77. One who confiscates.

Con Fis'cA-Tp-Ry, a. Consigning to forfeiture.

CpN-FLA' GRANT, a. Burning together.

C5n-fla-gra'tipn, 77. A great or general fire.

CpN-FLA'TlpN, 77, Act of blowing together.

CpN-FLiCT', V. n. To strive ; to contest ; to fight.

Con'flict, 77. Collision ; contest ; strife ; struggle.

Con FLicT'iNG, p. a. Opposing ; contending.

CpN FLic'TlVE, a. Tending to conflict.

Con'flv-ence, 77. The junction of two or more
streams : — a concourse ; collection : — concur-

Con'flu-ENT, a. Flowing together ; meeting.

Con'flv-ent, 77. A tributary stream.

Con'flux, 7i. Union of several currents; a crowd.

CpN-FORM', 7). a. To make like, or of one form.

Con-form', v. n. To comply with ; to yield.

Con-FORM'a-BLE, a. Corresponding with ; agree-
able ; suitable ; consistent.

CoN-FORM'A-BLy, ad. Agreeably; suitably.

CpN-FOR'MATE, a. Having the same form.

Con FpR-MA'TipN,77. Act of conforming; likeness
of form ; form ; structure.

CpN-FORM'ER, 77. One who conforms.

CpN-FORM'iST, 77. One who conforms, orcomplies
with the worship of the established church.

CpN-FORM'i-Ty, 71. Compliance; similitude.

CpN-FouND', 7!. a. To mingle; to perple-x ; to
puzzle: — to amaze;'to astonish: — toabas/i; to
stupefy : — to destroy ; to overthrow.

CpN-FoiJND'ED, 77. a. Mixed ; confused ; abaslied j
astonished : — enormous. [ Vulgar.']

Con-FoOnd'ed-LY, arf. Enormously. [ Vulgar, j

Cpn-foOnd'ED-ness, 77. The being confounded.

CpN-FoOND'^R, n. One who confounds.

CoN-FRA-TEli'Nl-TY, 77. A rclifiious brotlierliood.

CoN-FRl-CA'TipN, 77. Act ol rubbing against.

CpN-FRONT' or CON-FRONT' \koii-front', iJ. IV. F.
Ja. K. ; kon-frunt', P. J. E. Sm. C. IVb.], v. a.
To set face to face; to face: — to oppose: — to

MlEN, SIR j MOVE, NOR, SON; BOLL, BUR, U OLE. — 9, y, ^,sw/Y ,•£,«,£, |,/70rd; f OS Z J ?f OS gZ : THia




C5n-FRON-t1'tion, n. Act of confronting.

CpN-FU§E', V. a. To confound ; to mix ; to perplex.

CON-FUf 'ed-ly, ad. Indistinctly ; not clearly.

Con-fus'ed-ness, 71. Want of distinctness.

Coiv-FU'§lON (kon-fu'zhun), v. State of beingcon-
fiised ; irregular mixture : — tumult; disorder: —
overthrow : — astonishment.

Con-fD'ta-ble, a. That may be confuted.

Con-fu'tant, n. One who confutes.

Con-fu-ta'tion, 7t. Act of confuting ; refutation.

Cojv-fOte', v. a. To convict of error ; to disprove.
Syn. — Confute an argument ; refute a charge ;
disprove a statement.

tCoN-FUTE'MENT, 71. Disproof; confutation.

Con-fut'er, n. One who confutes.

CoN'fiE (kon'je), 71. [Fr.J Act of reverence;
bow ;_courtesy : —leave ; nirewell.

C6n'9 E or C6n-^e', v. 71. To take leave.

CoN'cjtE, 71. (^rch.) A sort of moulding.

CpN-(;JiiAL', V. a. To turn, by frost, from a fluid to a
solid state ; to freeze.

CON-qtEAL', V. n. To gather into a mass by cold.

CpN-(}£AL'A-BLE, a. Susceptible of congelation

CoN-c^iJAL'MENT, 7!. Congelation; a clot.

CbiV/JB j>'£i/i{£ (kbn'je-de-lGr'),7i. [Fr.] (En^.
Law.) The king's permission to a dean and
chapter to choose a bishop.

CSn-^e-la'tiqn, n. Act or state of congealing.

C(JN'f}E-NER,n. [L.] One of the same nature.

C6n-(^e-ner'!C, a. Being of the same genus.

*Con-(j^e'ni-al or CoN-c^JSN'lAL. [kon-je'ne-al,
W. P. J. ja. C. ; kon-je'nyal, S. E. F. K. Sm.], a.
Of the same nature ; kindred; cognate; similar.

*CoN-qtE-N!-AL,'!-TY, 71. State of being congenial.

*c6N-9E'Ni-AL-N£ss, n. The state of being con-
genial : congeniality.

CON-^EN'l-oOs, a. Of the same kind ; congenial.

CpN-(,ii!;N'iTE, ) a. Of the same birth : — existing

CpN-(^)3N'i-TAL, ( at the time of birth.

C6N'fij;R (kong'ger), n. The sea-eel.

Cpn-^e'ri ES, n. [L.] A mass of small bodies.

CpN-<^EST', V. a. To heap up ; to gather together.

CpN-f/ES'TipN, 71. A collection of matter ; amor-
bid accumulation, as of blood or humors.

Con-^es'tive, a. Implying congestion.

C6n'9i-^-rV,_7i. a gift of the Roman people.

Con-gla'ci-ate (kon-gla'she-at), ■«. 71. To turn
to ice ;_to congeal.

CoN-GLA-ci-A'TioN (kon-gla-she-a'shun), 71. The
act or sjate of being changed into ice.

Con-glo'bate, v. a. To gather into a ball.

Con-glo'bate, a. Moulded into a Arm ball.

Con-glo'bate-ly, ad. In a spherical form.

CoN-GLp-BA'TipN, n. Collection into a ball.

CpN-GL,6B'u-LATE,7). 71. To gather into a globule.

CpN-GLoM'ER-ATE, V. a. To gatlier into a ball.

Con-glom'er-ate, a. Gathered mto a ball.

CpN-GLoM'ER-ATE, 7^. (Mhi.) A rock formed
of water-worn stones cemented together.

CpN-GLOM-ER-A'TipN, 71. Collection into a ball.

Con-GLO'TI-Nant, a. Uniting; closing up.

CpN-GLu'Ti-NATE, V. a. To Cement ; to reiinite.

CpN-GLu'Ti-NATE, V. 71. To Coalesce ; to unite.

Cp^f-GLu'TI-NATE, a. Joined together.

CpN-GLU-TI-NA'TIpN,7^. The act of uniting bodies.

CpN-GLu'TJ-N^-Ti'VE, a. Tending to unite.

CpN-GLfj'Ti-NA-TpR, n. He or that which unites.

Con'go (kong'go), 7!. A species of black tea.

CpN-GRAT'u-LANT, a. Rejoicing in participation.

CpN-GRAT'il-LATE (kon-grat'yu-lat), v. a. To
wish joy to ; to felicitate on some happy event.

Syn. — Felicitate one^s self; coiiffratulate others :
friendship congratulates; politeness /c/fcitatcs.

CpN-GRAT'v-LATE, V. 71. To rejoice in participa-

Cpn-grXt-u-la'tipn, n. An expression of joy.

CpN-GRAT'y-LA-TpR, n. One who congratulates.

CpN-GRiT'v-LA-Tp-RY, a. Expressing or wishing

Con'gre-gate,?;. a. To collect together ; to gather.

Con'gre-gate, v. n. To assemble ; to meet.

CoN'gre-gate, a. Collected; congregated.

Con-gre-gA'tion, 7). A collection of persons; a
meeting ; assemblage ; an assembly.

Con-gre-ga'tion-al, a. Pertaining to a congre-
gation or to Congregationalists ; public.

CoN-GRE-GA'TipN-AL-i^M, n. That mode of
church government which maintains the inde-
pendence of separate churches.

CoN-GRE-GA'TioN-AL-iST, n. One who adheres
to Congregationalism ; an independent.

Con'gress (kong'gres), 7i. A meeting ; an ossbtti-
bly : — the legislature of the United States.

CpN-GREs'sipN-AL ( gresh'un-al), a. Relating to
the congress of the United States ; parliamentary,

CpN-GREs'siVE, a. Coming together ; conflicting,

CoN'GRU-ENCE, ) n. Agreement ; correspond-

CpN-GRu'EN-CY, I ence; consistency.

Con'gru-ent, a. Agreeing; correspondent.

CpN-GRu'i-TY, 71. Suitableness ; consistency ; fit-
ness ; a proper adaptation.

Con'gru-Ous, a. Agreeable ; suitable ; fit ; meet.

C6n'grv-Pus-ly, ad. Suitably ; consistently.

Con'ic, ) a. Having the form of a cone ; re-

Con'i-cal, \ lating to a cone and its sections.

C6n'i-cal-ly, ad. In the form of a cone.

CoN'ics, 71. pZ. The doctrine of conic sections.

CoN'ic Sec'tipn?, n. pi. Lines formed by the in-
tersections of a plane with the surface of a cone.

Cp-NlF'ER-oiJS, a. Bearing cones or conical fruit.

Co'ni-form, a. Having the form of a cone.

Cp-Nl's'TRA, 71. [Gr.J The pit of a theatre.

CoN-JECT'y-RA-BLE, a. Possible to be guessed.

CpN-JECT'y-RAL, a. Depending on conjecture.

CpN-JECT'u-RAL-LY, ad. By conjecture or guess.

CpN-JECT'URE (Jkon-jekt'yur), n. A guess; anidea.
Syn. — A conjecture is more vague than a guess.

CpN-JECT'VRE (kon-jekt'yur), v. a. To judge by
guess. — V. n. To form conjectures.

Con-ject'ur-er (kon-jekt'yur-er), n. A guesser.

CpN-JolN', V. a. To unite ; to associate.

CpN-JOiN', V. n. To league ; to unite.

CpiNf-JoiNT', a. United ; connected ; associated,

Con-joint'ly, ad. In union ; together.

Con'ju-gal, a. Relating to marriage , matrimonial.

Con'ju-sal-lv, ad. Matrimonially.

Con'ju-gate, v. a. To decline or inflect, as a verb.

Con'JU-GATE, a. {Oeom.) Ji conjugate diameter is
a right line, bisecting the transverse diameter.

Con-ju-ga'tion, 77. Act of conjugating ; union:

— the form of inflecting verbs.
CpN-jO'91-AL, a. [conjugialis, L.] Conjugal.
CpN-jTjNCT', a. Conjoined; concurrent; united.
CpN-JUNC'TipN, n. Act of joining ; union. —

{Oram.) A part of speech which joins parts of
sentences and words together.

Con-jDnc'tive, a. Closely united ; uniting.

CpN-juNC'TlVE-LY, ad. In conjunction.

CpN-JUNc'TiVE-NJiss, 71. The quality of joining.

CpN-jTiNCT'LY, ad. Jointly ; in union.

Con-jOnct'iire (kon-jiinkt'yur), n. A combina-
tion of causes or events ; a crisis ; occasion.

Con-ju-ra'tion, 77. Incantation ; a plot.

CpN-JURE', V. a. To summon or enjoin solemnly.

Coiv'JURE (kian'jur), v. a. To influence by magic.

CoN'jyRE (kiin'jiir), v. n. To practise charms.

C6n'jur-er (kun'jur-er), n. An enchanter.

CoN-NAS'cENCE, 7?,. Common birth or origin.

CpN-NATE''[kon-nat', .S. JV. P. ./. E. F. .Ja.K. Sm.. ;
kon'nat, C. IVb.]., a. Born with another; of the
same birth. — {Bot.) Growing togetlier.

CpN-NAT'v-RAT., (kon-nat'yu-rsil), a. Connected
by nature ; partaking of the same nature.

CpN-NAT-u-RAL']-TY, n. Union by nature.

CoN-NAT'y-RAL-iZE, V. a. To connect by nature.

CpN-NAT'v-RAL-LY, ad. By nature ; originally.

Con-nXt'U-RAL-ness, 71. State of being connat-

CpN-NECT', V. a. To join ; to link ; to unite.

Con-nect', v. n. To cohere ; to be joined.

Con-nE;c'tion,7i. Union; junction: — arelation.

— Written both connection and connexion.

A, E,i, 6, u, Y,long; X,fi, T, o, C, ?,sAort; A, 'E,l,Q,y,Y, obscure. — f1re,far, FAST, ALL; HEIR, HERj




CoN-TfEC'TiVE, a. Having the power of connecting.

Cqn-nec'tJve, n. That which connects.

CON-NEC'TIVE-LY, ad. In conjunction.

Cqn-nejc'ion, 71. Union. See Connection.

CpN-NEX'lVE, a. Connective.

CON-Nl' VANCE, 71. A voluntary bhndness to an act

CON-NIVE', V. n. To wink ; to forbear to see.

Cqn-nI'vent, a. Dormant; not attentive.

CpN-Niv'ER, 71. _ One who connives.

*ci>N-Nois-SEuii' or Cojr-Nois-sEi/R' [kon-
nes-siir', P.J.F. fVb.; ko-njs-sar', W. Ja. ; ko-nis-
sur', S. ,• kon'is-sur, E. ; kon-nas-sUr', Syn.], n. A
judge in the tine arts or literature ; a critic.

*C6n-nois-seur'ship, n. Skill of a connoisseur.

CON-Nu'Bl-AL, a. Nuptial ; matrimonial ; conjugal,

Con-nu-me-ra'tion, n. A reckoning together.

C5'NoiD, 77. A figure resembling a cone.

Cp-NOiD'i-CAL, a. Approaching to a conic form.

*Con'QUER (kong'ker) [konk'ur, S.J. ; kong'kwer,
F. ; kongk'ur or kong'kwer, fV. Ja. ; kong'ker,
S77i.). V. a. To gain by conquest ; to vanquish ;
to subdue ; to overcome.

Syn. — Conquer an enemy ; vanquish a foe ; S7tj-
due a country ; overcome difficulties ; surmount

*C6?('quer (kong'ker), v. n. To overcome.

*C6n'QUER-.\-ble, a. Possible to be overcome.

*C6n'Qi;er-or, 71. One who conquer.s.

C6n'Qu£;st (kong'kwest), 71. Act of conquering ;
acquisition by victory ; victory ; success.

Con-san-guin'e-ous, a. Of the same blood.

CoN-SAN-GUiN'l-TY, n. Relationship by blood.

Con'science (kon'shens), ?7. The faculty of judg-
ing of one's own conduct with reference to some
standard of right and wrong ; the mora! sense ;
sense of right and wrong ; scruple ; justice.

Con-sci-Ijn'tious (kon-she-en'shus), a. Regu-
lated by conscience; scrupulous ; just; exact.

CoN-sci-)3N'Tioys-LY, ad. According to con-

CoN-sci-EN'TlOt;s-NESS, 77. Quality of being Con-
scientious ; scrupulousness.

C6n'scion-A BLE (kon'shun-a-bl), a. Reasonable.

C6n'scion-a-bly, ad. Reasonably ; justly.

CoN'scioys (kon'shus), a. Knowing one's own
thoughts ; knowing by mental perception.

Con'scioijs-ly, ad. in a conscious manner.

C6i\'scious-NESS (kbn'shus-nes), n. The percep-
tion of what passes in one's own mind. — Reflec-
tion is the voluntary action of the mind on itself or
other objects. Consciojisness is involuntary.

C5x'script, a. Written ; registered ; enrolled. —
Conscript fathers, the senators of Rome.

Con'script, 77. One enrolled for the army

Cqn-.scrip'tion, n. An enrolling, as of soldiers.

Con'se-crate V. a. To make sacred; to appro-
priate to sacred uses ; to dedicate ; to devote.

Con'se-crate, a. Consecrated ; sacred ; devoted.

CoN'SE-CRAT-ED, p, a. Made sacred ; devoted.

CoN-SE-CRA'TipN, 71. Act of consecrating ; dedi-
cation to sacred use ; canonization.

CoN'sE-CRA-TpR, 77. One who consecrates,

CoN'sE-cRA-Tp-RY, a. Making sacred.

Con'sec-ta-ry, a. Consequent; following.

C6n'sec-ta-ry, n. A deduction from premises.

CoN-SE-cO'TiON, n. A train of consequences.

Cqn-sec' (J-TiVE, a. Following rn order; successive.

CpN-sii;c'u-TiVE-i.Y, ad. Successively ; in order

CoN-sijNT', 77. Agreement ; compliance ; assent.

CpN-siiNT', V. 71. To be of the same mind ; to
yield ; to agree ; to comply ; to assent.

Con-sen-ta'ne-oD.s, a. Agreealile to ; accordant.
('6n-sen-ta'ne-ous-ly, ad. Agreeably.

C6n-sen-ta'ne-oi;55-nbss, n. Agreement.

Cqn-sEnt'er, 77. One who consents.

CoN-siiN'TlENT (kon-seii'shent), a. Agreeing.

CoN'sE-ijuiiNCE, 71. That which follows; the
effect produced by a cause ; an inference : — event ;
issue : — importance ; moment.
CoN'sF.-QUiiNT, a. Following naturally.
Con'se-quEnt, 71. Consequence ; effect.

Con-se-quen'tial, a. Following as the effect ;

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