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CpN-VER'(^ENT, ) a. Tending to one point from

CpN-viJR'f^lNG, \ difi'ereiit places.

Con-Ver'sa-ble, a. Inclined to converse ; social,

CpN-viJR'sA-BLE-NESS, 11. Sociability.

CpN-VER'SA-BLY, ad. In a conversable manner.

Con'ver-sant [kon'ver-sant, E. Ja. Sm. Wb. ;
kon'ver-sant or kon-ver'sant, S. W. J. F. ; kon-
ver'sant, P. K.], a. Acquainted witii ; versed
in ; connected with ; familiar.

Con-VER-sa'tion, 7). Familiar discourse ; talk.
S7/7!. — Common conversation ; formal discourse;
familiar tal/c ; an interesting dialogue ; a minis-
terial conference.

CoN-VER-SA'TipN-AL, a. Relating to conversation.

Con-VER-sa'tion-al-Ist, n. A good couverser.

CpN-VER'SA-TiVE, a. Relating to conversa-
tion. [iJ.]

A, E, i, o, u, Y, long- j X, E, T, 6, ij, Y, short ; A, E, }, p, y, y, obscure.— rkwE, tar, FAST, ALL; HfilR, HER;




Conversazione (kon-ver-sat-ze-o'na), n. [It.]
Conversation : — a meeting of company.

Con-verse', v. iu To associate ; to discourse.

Con'Verse, n. Conversation; aci.aaintance : —
an opposite, reciprocal proposition.

Con'verse, a. Reciprocally opposite ; contrary.

Con'verse-ly or CpN-VERSE't,y, ad. By change
of order or place.

CoN-viJRS'ER, 71. One who converses.

CpN-VER'sioiv, w. Act of converting ; state of be-
ing converted ; change from a bad or irreligious
to a religious or holy life, or from one religion to

CpN-VERT', V. a. To change from one thing, or
from one religion, to another ; to turn : to apply to.

CoN'viJRT, 7i. A person who is converted.

Syn. — A sincere convert ; an interested prose-
lyte ; an apostate from his religion.

CpN-VERT'ER, n. One who makes converts.

CoN-viJRT-i-BiL'j-TY, «. State of being con-

CoN-vi3RT'i-BL,E, a. Susceptible of change.

CoN-viJRT'l-Bl^Y, ad. Reciprocally ; by mter-

Cox'vEX, a. Spherical ; opposed to concave.

CoN'viSx, n. A convex or spherical body.

CQ]v-v1;xed' (kon-vekst'), p. a. Formed convex.

CpN-vfix'ED-L,v, ad. In a convex form.

CpN-vEx'i-TY, n. A spherical form ; rotundity.

C6n'vex-ly or CpN-VEX'LY, ad. In a convex

CpN-vfix'NESS, n. State of being convex.

CpN-viJx'p-coN'CAVE, a. Convex on one side
and concave on tlie other.

CpN-VEX'p-coN'VEX, a. CoHvex on both sides.

CpN-VEY' (kon-va'), v. a. To carry or send to an-
otlier place ; to transfer ; to bear,

CpN-VEY'A-BLE (kgn-va'j-bl) . a. That may be

CpN-VEY' ANCE (kon-va'ans), n. Act or means of
conveying : — a deed for transfen-ing property,

CpN-VEY'AN-CER (kpn-va'^n-ser), n. A lawyer
who draws deeds or writings for transferring
property. See Lawyer.

CpN-VEY'AN^-iNG (kgn-va'ans-ing), iu The busi-
ness of a conveyancer.

CpN-VEY'ER (kon-va'er), ru One who conveys.

Con-vi-cTn'i-TY, tu Neighborhood.

CpN-viCT', V. a. To prove guilty ; to detect in
guilt ; to show by proof or evidence.

Con'vTct, n. One legally proved guilty ; a felon.

CpN-vic'TION, n. Act of convicting; state of
being convicted ; detection of guilt ; persuasion.

CpN-vic'TiVE, a. Tendnig to convict or convince.

CpN-vixcE', V. a. To make one sensible of a
tiling by proof; to satisfy ; to persuade.

CpN-viNCE'MENT, 7?. Conviction. Milton. [il.J

CpJV-viNc'ER, 71. He or that which convinces.

CoN-viN'ci-BLE, a. Capable f conviction.

Cp\-viN9'liVG, p. a. Producing conviction ; con-
futing ; conclusive ; forcible.

CpN-viN^'lNG-LV, ad. In a convincing manner.

CpN-viNC'lNG-NESS, n. Power of convincing.

CpN-Viv'^I-AL or CON-Vlv'lAL [kon-viv'yal, S.
fV. .7. E. P. Ja. ; kon-viv'e-a'l, P. Sm. C. w'b.], a.
Inclined to (festivity ; festive ; social ; gay ; jovial.
Syn. — Convivial meeting ; festive occasion ; so-
cial feeling ; gay and jovial company.

Cp\-viv-!-AL'i-TY, 77. State of being convivial ;
convivialdisposition ; festivity.

CoN'vp-CATE, v. a. To call together ; to convoke.

CoN-Vp-CA'TIpN, 77. An ecclesiastical assembly;
an asseiiiiily o( bishops and clergy ; convention.

CpN-VOKE', V. a. 'I"o call together ; to assemble.

RoN'vp-LrT-lJi),^. a. Twisted ; rolled upon itself.

CoN-Vp-Lu'TipN, 71. A rolling together.

(;pN-v6i^VE' (knn-volv'), V. a. To roll together.

Cqn-vol' vu-Lus, n. [UJ {But.) A genus of
plants ; bindweed.

CpN-viiv', V. a. To accompany lor defence.

C6n'vov, 71. An attendance for defence ; defence.

CpN-vi5LSE', V. a. To shake ; to disturb : to agitata

CpN-vtJL'sipN, 11. State of being convulsed ; tu-
mult ; disturbance : — contraction of the fibres
and muscles ; a spasm ; a fit.

CpN-vuL'siVE, a. Producing convulsion.

CpN-VtJL'siVE-LY, ad. In a convulsive manner.

*Con'y or Co'ny [kiin'e, S. fV. P. J. E. F. Jo.)
ko'ne, fVb. ; ko'ne or kiin'e, Sm.], n. A rabbit.

*CoN'y-BDR'ROW,' 77. A rabbit's hole.

C66, V. 77. To cry as a dove or pigeon.

Coo'iNG, 77. TJie note or invitation of the dove.

*CoOK (kuk, 51) [kiik, P. J. F. Sm. Wb. A'-ares ;
kok, S. fV. E. Ja.], n. One who dresses victuals.

*CooK (kiik), V. a. To dress or prepare victuals.

*Cook'er-y (kuk'er-e), n. Art of cooking.

*Cook'-Maid (kuk'mad), n. A maid that cooks.

*CooK'Y (kfik'e), 77. A sweet cake.

Cool, a. Somewhat cold ; not ardent or wann.

Cool, n. A moderate degree or state of cold.

Cool, v. a. To make cool ; to quiet passion.

Cool, v. n. To lose heat or warmth.

Cool'er, 71. He or that which cools ; a vessel.

Cool'ish, a. Somewhat cool.

Cool'ly, ad. With coolness ; without heat.

Cool'ness, 77. Gentle cold : — want of affection.

Coo'ly, n. {India.) A porter, carrier, or laborer.

CooM, 77. Soot over an oven's mouth : — dirt.

Coomb (kom), 77. A corn measure of four bush-
els : — a dry valley : — a rising ground of a circu-
lar form.

Coop, 77. A barrel ; a cage ; a pen for animals.

C6bv,v._a. To shut up; to confine ; to cage.

Coo-PEi;', 77. [coupe, Fr.] A motion in dancing.

Coop'ER [kop'er, S. W. P.J. E. F. Ja. K. Sm. :
kup'er, ffb.], 77. One who makes barrels, &c.

Coop'er-a^^e, 77. The work or pay of a cooper.

Co-6p'er-ate, v. n. To labor jointly for the same
end ; to work together.

Co-op-ER-A'TipN, 77. Jouit operation ; concur-

Co-op'er-a-tive, a. Promoting the same end.

Co-OP'ER-A-TpR, 71. A joint operator.

Co-or'di-nate, a. Holding the same rank.

Co-6r'dj-nate-ly, ad. In the same rank.

Co-OR'Dl-NATE-NiJss, 77. State of being coordinate.

Coot, 77. A small black water-fowl ; moor-hen.

Cp-PAl'BA, ) n. A liquid resin which exudes from

Cp-Pi'vj, \ a South American tree.

Co'PAL, 77. A Mexican resin used in varnish.

Co-par'ce-na-rv, 77. {Law.) Joint inheritance J
an inheritance by coparceners.

Co-par'ce-ner, 77. {Law.) A joint heir ; a coheir.

Co-par'ce-ny, 77. Equal share of coparceners.

Co-part'ner, 77. A joint partner ; sharer.

Co-part'ner-ship, 77. Joint partnersliip.

Cope, 77. A priest's cloak : — a concave arch.

Cope, v. a. To cover, as with a cope.

Cope, v. n. To contend ; to struggle ; to strive.

Cp-PER'NI-CAN, a. Relating to Copernicus.

Cp-PHO'sis, 77. [Gr.] {Med.) Deafness: — dumb-
ness: — duluL-ss of any sense.

Cop'l-ER, 77. One who copies ; a copyist.

Cop'iNG, 77. Contention : — top or cover of a wall.
— Coping stone, the top stone of a wall.

Co'Pl-OtJS, a. Plentiful ; abundant ; ample.

Co'pi-otis-LY, ad. Plentifully ; abundantly.

Co'Pl-oys-NESS, 77. Plenty ; abundance ; ditfusion.

Cop'PED (kop'pcd or kopt), a. Rising coiiically.

CoP'PEL, 77. An instrument. See Cupel.

Cop'PER, 77. A metal of a pale reddish color: — a
vessel made of copper ; a boiler: — a copper coin.

Cop'PER, 7;. a. To cover with copper.

C6p'per-as, 77. Su'phate of iron ; green vitriol.

C6p'per-plate,77. a plate on which designs aro
engraved : — an impression from the plale. — Cop-
perplate printing, Iho process of taking hnjiressions
from copperplates.

Cop'PtiR-SMiTli, 77. One who works in copper.

C6p'per-y, a. Containing or like copper.

Cop'pice, 77. A wood of small trees ; a cojise.

CoP'PjNG, re. See Coping.

MiENjS'iR; MOVE, NOR, s5n ; BOLL, BUr, rOlE. — 9, 9, gjSo'"' ■ e,iG,C,^, hard ! ^ as Z ; ^(.as^z: 11113





Cftp'PLED (kop'pld), 0. Rising in a conic form.
Cop'ple-dOst, n. Powder used in purifying metals.
Cops, ». A draught-iron ; clevis. [{7. S.]
Copse (kops), n. A wood of small trees.
Cop'tic, 71. Tlie language of the Copts.
CoP'u-LA,n. [L.] (Logic.) A word which unites

the subject and predicato of a proposition.
CoP'u-LATE, V. a. To unite ; to conjoin.
Cop'u-LATE, V, n. To unite as different sexos.
Cop-u-la'tion, n. Embrace of tho sexes.
CoP'U-LA-TlVE, a. Tending to connect or unite.
Cop' Y, n. A manuscript ; — an imitation : — a pat-
tern to write after ; a model ' — a transcript from

an original : — an individual book.
Cop'v, V. a. To write, print, or draw after a pat-
tern ; to transcribe ; to imitate ; to follow ; to

write from ; to learn.
Cop'y-Book (kop'e-buk), n, A book in which

copies arc. written for learners to imitate.
C6p'y-er, 71. A copier. See Copiek.
Cop'y-hold, 7(. (Eng. Law.) A kind of tenure.
Cop'y-ist. n. One who copies ; a copier.
Cop'y-right, 71. The sole right to print a book.
CoQUELicoT (kok-le-ko'), n. [Fr.] The wild

poppy or corn-rose, and its color.
Co-QUi3T' (ko-ket'), 7). a. To deceive in lovo.
Co-QUEt' (ko-kef), V. n. To jilt ; to trifle in love.
Cp-QUET'RY (ko-ket're) [ko-ket're, S. W. P. J. E.

F. Ja. Sill. ; ko'ket-re, fVb.], n. Deceit in love.
Co-QUiiTTE' (ko-ket'), n. A vain, gay, affected,

deceitful girl or woman ; a jilt.
Co-QUEt'tish, a. Having the manners anfl quali-
ties of a coquette.
Cor'A-cle, n. A boat used by fishers.
Cor'al [kor'al, S. PF. J. F. Ja. K. C. Sm. ; kur'al

or kor'al, P.], 7i. A hard, calcareous substance,

growing in tlie sea like a plant : — a child's toy.
Cor'al-line, a. Consisting of coral.
Cor'al-line, 77. A sea-plant, used in medicine.
Cor'al-loTd or C6r-al-lo1d'al, a. Like coral.
Core, n. An ornament in building : — a basket.
Cor'ban, 77. An alms-basket ; a gift ; alms.
Cor'beil, 77. A basket used in fortification.
CoR'BEL, 71. (Arch.) A projecting stone or timber

in the form of a basket : — the vase of a Corinthian

column : — a niche.
Cord, 71. A small rope; a band : — a sinew : — ^a

measure of wood containing 128 cubic feet.
Cord, v. a. To fasten with cords: — to pile in

CbRD'A(^E, 77. A quantity of cords ; ropes.
CoR'DATE, a. Having the form of a heart.
Cor-de-lier' (kor-de-l5r'), n. A Franciscan friar.
♦Cord'ial (kord'yal or kor'de-al) [kor'dyal, S. E.

F. K. C. ; kbr'de-al, P. J. Ja. ; kor'je-ai, IV.], n.

A strengthening or exhilarating medicine or drink :

— any thing that comforts.
*Cord'ial, a. Reviving ; sincere ; hearty ; kind.
*Cord-i-Xl'i-tv (kbrd-ye-al'e-te), 77. Sincerity ;

*CoRD'iAL-t,Y, ad. Sincerely; heartily.
*CoRD'iAL-]VESs, 71. Heartiness; sincerity.
Cor' DON, n, [Fr.] A row of stones : — a line of

military posts : — a band ; a wreath.
CoR'DO-VAN, 77. Spanish leather, from Cordova.
Cor'dij-roy, 77. A thick, ribbed, cotton stuff.
CoRD'ivAlN, 77. A Spanish leather.
Cord'wain-er or Cord'!-ner,77. A shoemaker.
CORE_, 77. The heart : — the inner part of any thing.
C6-re'<^ent, 71. A joint regent or governor.
CO-REL'a-TIVE, a. See Correlative.
Co-re-6p'sis, n. A perennial plant and its flower.
Corf, M. A coal measure of three bushels.
Co-ri-a'ceoijs (ko-re-a'shus), a. Consisting of

jeather ; of a substance resembling leather.
Co-ri-an'der, 77. A plant ; a hot, spicy seed.
Cp-RIN'THI-AN, a. Relating to Corinth: — noting

the third cf th five orders of architecture.
Cork, 77. A. tree and its bark: — a stopple: — a

steel point on a horseshoe ; calkin or cawkcr.
Cork, v. a. To stop or furnish with corks.

Cork'ing-Pin, 77. A- pin of the largest size.

Cork'screw (-skru),7t. A screw to draw corks.

Cork'y, a. Consisting of, or resembling, corlv.

Cor'mo-rant, 77. A water-raven : — a glutton.

Corn, 71,. Cereal grain of different kinds, used fo;
bread, as wheat, rye, maize, &c. ; maize : — an
excrescence on the foot.

Coi4N, V. a. To sprinkle with salt; to salt moder-
ately ; to pickle: — to granulate.

Corn'acje, 77. {Law.) An ancient tenure of lands.

Corn'chSnd-ler, 77. One who retails corn.

C6rn'c6c-kle, 77. A purple-flowering plant.

CoRn'crake, 77. A bird, called also the land-rail,

Corn'cDt-ter, 77. One who extirpates corns.

C6R'NE-A,n, [L.] The horny coat of the eye.

Corned (kbmu), p. a. Moderately salted ; as
corned beef: — intoxicated,

Cor'n^l or CoR-NiiL'iAN, 77. A plant ; a shruU

Cor-nel'ian, 77. A stone. See Carnelian.

Cor'ne-Ous, (7. Horny ; like horn.

Cor'ner, 77. An angle : — a secret or remote place.

Cor'NERed (kbr'nerd), a. Having corners.

Cor'ner-Stone, 77. The principal stone.

Cor'ner-wise, ad. From corner to corner.

Cor'net, 77. A musical instrument: — an ofEcei
of cavalry, who bears the standard of a troop.

Cor'net-cy, 77. The commission of a cornet.

CoR'NicE, 77. Thu top or a column ; a moulding.

Cor'ni-clEj 77, A littla horn.

Cor-nIc'u-late ( rCoR-NK^'ER-otjs, a. Horned,

CoR'NiSH, a. Relating to Cornwall in England.

CoRN'-.MlLL, 77. A mill to grind corn.

CoR-jvy-cd'fi-A, ■<■:.,. [L.J The horn of plenty.

Cqr-nute', v. a. To bestow horns ; to cuckold,

Cor-nOt'ed, (7. flaving horns ; cuckolded.

Corn'y, a. Horny ; producing grain or corn.

Cor'OL, 77. (Bot ) Same as Corolla.

Cp-Roi-'LA, 77. [L,] (Bot.) The inner covering
of a flower, or second envelope, which surrounds
the stamens and pistil.

C6r'ol-la-ry or Co-r6l'la-ry [kbr'o-lar-c, S
W. P. J. E. F. Ja. K. Sm. R. 'fVbl ; ko-ri51'?-re, C,
Bailey, Kenrick, Scott], 77. A consequent truth ;
a consequence ; a conclusion.

Co-Rd'NA,n. [L.j (Arch.) A large, flat member
of the cornice, which crowns the entablature.—
{Astron.) A luminous ring or halo around the
sun or moon. — (Bot.) A union of the stamens of
a flower into a disk.

*Co-ro'nal, a. Relating to the crown ; coronary.

*Cq-ro'nal or Cor'o-nal [kg-ro'nal, S. W J. F,
Ja. ; kor'o-n£il, P. K, Sm, C. Wb.], n, A crown j
a garland.

C6r'o-na-ry, a. Relating to a crown ; coronal.

CoR-o-NA'TipN, 77. Act oreeremony of crowning.

Cor'p-ner, 7!. An officer whose duty it is ti in-
quire how any casual or violent death may havo
been occasioned.

CoR'p-NijT, 77. A crown worn by the nobility.

CoR'pp-RAL, 77. The lowest otficer of the infantry,

CoR'pp-RAL,a. Relating to the body: — corporeal
Syn, — Corporal punishment ; material sub-
stance ; corporeal frame ; bodily strength.

Cor-po-ra' LE, n. [L.] A communion-cloth.

CoR-Pp-RAL'l-TY, 77. The State of being embodied.

CoR'pp-RAL-LY, ad. Bodily ; in the body.

CoR'pp-RATE, a. United in a body ; incorporated.

CoR'pp-RATE-LY, ad. In a corporate capacity.

CoR'pp-RATE-NESS, 77. State of a body corporate.

CoR-pp-RA'TipN, 77. An incorporated body or
body politic, created by law, and composed ol
individuals, united under a common name, au-
thorized to act as a single person.

CoR'pp-RA-TpR, 77. A member of a corporation.

Cor-po're-al, a. Having a body ; not spiritual;
material ; corporal.

CpR-PO'RE-AL-iST, 71. A materialist.

CpR-PO-RE-AL'i-TY, 77. State of being corporeal.

CpR-PO'RE-AL-LY, ad. In a bodily manner.

CoR-Pp-RE'l-TY, 77. Materiality.

CoR'pp-§XNT, 77. [corpo santo. It.] A volatile me-

A,E,i, OjU, Y, long; X, E,I, 6, t5,?,s/i07-i,- A, E, i,p, y, y, oJscTire. — fAre,far, fSst, S.LL; HfiiR, iiERi




teor sometimes seen about the rigging or decks of

ships in the night ; ignis fatuus.
Corps (kot),n. ; pi. cdMP!f{koi-z). [Fr.] Abody

of forces or troops.
Coups diplomatique (kor'dip-lo-ma-tek'), i.

[Fr.] A body of foreign anibassadnrs.
Corpse [kbrps, S. W. P. J. E. F. ; kbrps or kors,

Ja.}, n. A dead human body ; remains ; a car-
cass ; a corse. See Body.
CoR'py-LENCE, )n. State of being corpulent;
Cor'PU-len-cy, \ fatness ; fleshiness.
Cor'pu-lent, a. Fleshy ; fat ; stout ; lusty ; bulky.
Cor'pOs-cle (kbr'pas-sl), n. A minute particle.
CpR-Pus'cu-L^R, )a. Relating to or compris-

Cor-pCs-cv-la'ri-an, \ ing corpuscles or bodies.
COR-RA-Di-A'TipN, n. A conjunction of rays.
COR-RECT', V. a. To free from faults or errors; to

amend; to rectify : — tci punish ; to chastise.
COR-RECT', a. Free from faults ; riglit; accurate.
CoR-RiJc'TlON, m. Act of correcting ; punishment;

discipline ; reprehension : — amendment.

Syii. — Correction of a child ; punishment of a

criminal ; discipline of a school ; reprehension of

an offender : — amendment of life.
CoR-Ri2c'TlpN-AL, a. Tending to correct.
CoR-REC'TiVE, a. Having the power to correct.
CoR-Riic'TiVE, n. That which corrects.
Cor-rect'ly, ad. Accurately ; without faults.
CoR-RiicT'^fESS, n. State of being correct.
Cor-rect'or, n. He or that which corrects.
Cqr-RE,g'j-d6r, n. [Sp.] A Spanish magistrate.
CoR-RE-LATE', V. n. To have a reciprocal relation.
C5r're-late, n. A correlative. South.
CoR-RE-LA'TlpN, n. Reciprocal relation.
CpR-RiJL'A-TlvE, a. Having a reciprocal relation,

as husband and wife, father and son.
CpR-RiiL'A-TiVE, n. He or that which stands in

a reciprocal relation, as a father and son. [tive.
CpR-RiiL'A-TiVE-NESS, n. State of being correla-
Cor-RE-sp6nd', v. n. To suit; to answer; to

agree : — to keep up the interchange of letters.
C6r-re-sp6nd'ence, n. Act or state of corre-
sponding ; relation ; reciprocal adaptation : —

epistolary intercourse : — interchange.
C6r-re-sp6nd'ent, a. Suitable; adapted; fit.
C6r-re-sp6nd'ent, n. Oi\e who corresponds ; one

who writes or interchanges letters.
C6r-re-sp6.\d'ent-l y, ad. In a suitable manner.
OoR-Rip-spoND'iNG,/). a. Agreeing to; suiting.
CoR-RE-spoN'siVE, a. Auswerable.
CoR'Rt-DdR,n. [Fr.] Agallerv: — acovertway.
CoR-Ki-,aEN'DA, [L.] "Things to be cor-
rected ; corrections to be made.
CoR'Ri-f^i-BLE, a. Capable of being corrected.
CpR-Ri'VAL, n. A rival ; a competitor.
CoR-Ri-VA'TipN, n. The unitim; of waters.
CpR-ROB'p-R^NT, a. Strengthening; confirming.
CoR-ROB'p-RATE, V. a. To make more certain :

to strengthenj to confirm ; to establish.
CpR-ROB-p-RA'Tipiv, n. The act of confirming.
CpR-ROB'p-RA-TiVE, n. That which corroborates.
CpR-RoB'p-RA-TlVE, a. Tending to corroborate ;

strengthening ; confirming.
CpR-RouE', V. a. To eat away ; to consume.
CpR-Ro'DRNT, a. Having the power of wasting.
CpR-Ro'DENT, n. That which eats away.
CpR-Ro-Di-BiL'i-TY, n. State of being corrodible.
CpR-Ro'ui-BLE, a. Capable of being corroded.
CpR-RO'S!-BLE,a. Corrodible. See CoRRooinLE.
Cpa-Ro'^ipN (kor-ro'zhim), n. The act of corroding,

or eatjng, or wearing away by degrees.
CoR-Ro'sivE, a. Consuming; wearing away. —

Corrosine sublimate, bichloride of mercury, a very

acrid poison.
CpR-Ro'.siVE, n. A corroding substance.
CpR-Ro'siVE-LV, ad. In a corrosive manner.
CpR-Ro'sj VE-NESS, B. Quality of being corrosive.
C6r'rv-gant, a. Contracting into wrinkles.
C6r'ri;-gate, v. a. To wrinkle or purse up.
C6r'ri;-gate, a. Contracted; wrinkled.
CoR-Ry-GA'TipN, n. Contraction into wrinkles.

CpR-RiJPT', V. a. To turn from a sound to a pu-
trescent state : — to infest ; to defile : — to destroy
the integrity of; to bribe.

CpR-RTiPT', V. n. To become putrid or vitiated.

CpR-RUPT', a. Spoiled ; tainted ; putrid : — vicious,

CpR-RUPT'ER, n. One who corrupts or vitiates.

CpR-RDPT-l-BiL'l-TY, n. Possibility to be corrupted.

CpR-RUPT'i-BLE, a. Susceptible of corruption.

CpR-RtJPT'i-BLE-NESS, n. Corruptibility.

CpR-RUPT'i-BLY, ad. So as to be corrupted.

CpR-RLJp'TipN, B. Actof corrupting ; state of being
corrupted; putrescence; pus: — depravity; vice.

CpR-RUP'TiVE, a. Having the quality of tainting.

CpR-RiJPT'EY, ad. With corruption ; viciously.

CPR-RUPT'NESS, 7^ Corruption.

Cor'sair (kbr'sir), n. [corsaire, Fr.] A pirate ; a
piratical vessel, in the south of Europe.

Corse or Corse [kors, S. IV. P. J. F. Ja. ; kbrs,
K. Sm. Wb.], n. A dead body ; a corpse.

Corse'let, n. A light armor for the body.

Cor'set, H. [Fr.J An article of dress worn round
the body ; bodice ; stays.

Cor'te'ge (kbr'tazh), n. [Fr.] A train of at-

CdR' TEif, [Sp.] The legislative body of Spain,
composed of nobility, clergy, and representatives^

Cor' TEX, n. [L.] The outer bark ; cover.

C6R'Ti-CAL,a. Barky; belonging to the rind.

C6r'ti-cat-ed, a. Resembling the bark of a tree.

CpR-Ti'9'f-FORM, a. Having the form of bark.

Cor-ti-cose', a. Full of bark ; barky.

Cp-RTjs'c^NT, a. Glittering by flashes ; flashing.

Cp-rBs'cate, v. n. To glitter ; to flash ; to shine.

CoR-us-CA'TipN, 7i. A quick vibration of light.

Cqr-vette', II. [Fr.] A sloop-of-war, less than
a frigate : — an advice-boat.

CpR-VET'TO, n. [corvetta, It.] The curvet.

Cor'vine, a. Relating to the crow or raven.

CoR'vp-RANT, n. A voracious bird : cormorant.

Cor'YiYLB, 71. {Bot.) A species of inflorescence.

Cp-rym'bi-at-ed, a. Having clusters of berries.

Cor-ym-bif'er-oijs, a. Bearing fruit in bunches.

C6r-ym-bose', a. Relating to or like a corymb.

Co-rvm'bus, n. [L.] A bunch of berries ; corymb.

CQr- y-piiJe' us, n. [L.J The leader of the an-
cient dramatic chorus : — a chief; leader.

Co-SE'CANT, n. The secant of an arc, which is
the complement of another to ninety degrees.

Co§'EN. See Cozen.

Cos'en-a<^e, 71. {Eng. Law.) An ancient writ.

Co''§EY, a. Snug ; warm ; social ; chatty.

Co'sine, 71. The sine of the complement of an
angle or of an arc.

Cp^-MET'ic, n. A wash to improve the skin.

Cps-Mi3T'ic, a. Increasing beauty ; beautifying.

Cos'Ml-CAl,, a. Relating to the world : — rising or
setting with the sun ; — opposed to acronycal.

Co§'M!-CAL-LY, ad. With the sun ; not acronycally.

Cpl-MO&'p-NisT, 71. One versed in cosmogony.

Cp^-MoG'p-NY, n. The science that treats of the
origin of the world.

Cp^-MOG'RA-PHER, n. One versed in cosmography.

Co^-Jip-GR aph'i-c AL, a. Relatine to cosmography.

C6^-Mp-GRAPH'i-CAl/-LY,ad. With cosmography.

Cp^-MOG'RA-PH Y (koz-mog'r?-fe), n. The science,
or a description, of the world, including astrono-
my, geography, and geology.

Cp^-MoL'p-(,iiST, n. One versed in cosmology.

Cp^-m6l,'p-«y, n. The science that treats of the
structure of the world.

Cp$-m6m'e-trv, n. Measurement of the world.

Co^-Mp-PLAS'TiC, a. Forming the world.

Cft^-Mp-poL'j-TAN, 71. A cosmopolite.

Cp.s-MOP'p-LiTE, 77. A citizen of the world.

C6^-Mp-RA'MA, 71. An optical machine, giving a
picturesque exhibition of the world.

C6.s-Mp-RAM'ic, a. Relating to a cosmorama.

Cos'.SET, 71. A lamb brought up by hand ; a pet.

Cos'set, v. a. To make a pet of; to fondle.

*CosT'(koKt «r ktlvvst, 21) [kost, .S. IV. P. F. Ja.;
klwst, J. K. Wb. JVarti], n. That which is paid

MIEN, sYr; move, nor, s6n; bOll, BiJR, rOle. — 9,9, g,soft; e, G,£,|,Aard; f oszj Jfosgz: IHIS.




t any thing ; price ; ».hargo ; expense : — lux-

niy .' — loss.

Syn. — The price or charge is what is aslcod for

a tiling ; the cost or expense, vvliat is given ; the

vorili, what it will fetch ; the value, what it

ought to fetch.
*CosT (Itost cr VAvfst), V, a. [i. coet ; pp. costing,

COST.] To be bought for ; to be had at a price.
Cos'tal, a. Belonging to the ribs oif side.
Cos'TARD, n. A head ; a large, round apple.
C6s'TARD-MSN'£tER, ) n. A dealer in apples and

COS'TER-MON'^ER, \ frillt.

Cos'tive, a. Bound in the body ; restringont.

Cos'TiVE-NESS, n. State of being costivo.

*CosT'L!-Niiss, n. State of being costly.

♦CosT^LV, a. Expensive, dear; of great price.

Cps-TUME',ra. [Ft.] Style or modo of dress.

Cot, ti. A small house ; a cottage ; a hut : — a
dove-cot : — a cover for tho finger : — a small
bed ; a hammock.

Co- 'j.'Xn'(^ent, n. Tho tangent of tho complement
of an angle or an arc.

C5te, n. A cottage ; a sheepfold ; a cot.

CO-TEM'Pp-RA-KY, n. & o- See Contemporary.

Co-te-kie' (ko-te-re'), n. [Fr.] A small asso-
ciation or circle of friends ; a society ; a club.

Cq-thur'nus, n. ; pi. co-thur'ni. IL.] A
high shoe worn by ancient tragedians ; a buslvin.

Cq-til' LON (ko-til'yun) [ko-til'yun, P. F. E. Ja. ;
ko-til'yong, fV. Sm.], n. [Fr.] A brisk, lively
dance, performed by eight persons.

CoT'QUEAN, n. A man who busies himself with
women's affairs.

Cots' WOLD, n, Sheepcots in an open countrj'.

Cot'tac^e, n. A hut ; a cot ; ;; small dwelling.

CoT'TA-tjJER, n. One who lives in a cottage.

Cot'tcr cr CoTT'lER (kot'ycr), n. A cottager.

CoT'TON (kot'tii), n. A plant : — the down of tho
cotton-tree : — cloth made cf cotton.

Cot'ton (kot'tn), a. IMade of cotton.

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