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different states ; a combination of individuals ; a
coalition of parties ; a solemn league ; natural

tAL-LT"ciEN-CY (al-ltsh'en-se), n. Attraction.

tA.L-Ll"ClENT (al-iish'ent), n. An attractor.

AL'Lj-GATE, V. a. To join together ; to unite.

Xl-li-ga'tipn (al-le-ga'shun), n. The act of
tying together : — a rule of arithmetic.

Il'l 1-ga-tqr, n. An American reptile or croco-

6.L'L i-oTH, n. (Mstron.) A star in the tail of the
Gre;it Bear.

,ft.L-rVi ■ siQN (al-lizh'un), n. The act of striking
one tiling against another.

Ai,-LiT-ER-A'TipN, n. The repetition of the same
letter, chiefly at the beginning of words ; as, "./Spt
alliteration's artful aid."

Al-lit'er-a-ti've, a. Relating to alliteration.

/L-LO-cA'TlQN,?!. The act ofplacing or adding to.

AZ-LO-CA'TUR,n. [L.] (Law.) Allowance of a

AL-Lp-cu'TiON, n. The act of speaking to an-

Al-lo'im-ae, o. Not feudal ; independent.

JlL-Lo'Dl-UM, n. [L.] {Law.) Land held by an
individual in his own right.

AL-LON^E' (al-lQnj') [al-lunj', S. W. ./. Ja. Sm.;
al-16nj', P. K.], n. A pass or thrust with a rapier
or sword in fencing ; a lunge : — a long rein.

Al-l66',c. a. To set on ; to halloo. See Halloo.

Xl-lq-path'ic, a. Relating to allopathy.

Al-l6p'a-thTst, n. One who adheres to allop-

Al-l6p'A-thy, n. (Med.) The art of curing dis-
eases by inducing symptoms difl^erent from those
of the primary disease: — the common practice,
opposed to homaopatliy.

Al-l6t', v. a. To assign; to apportion; to dis-

Syn. 9llot a task or portion ; apportion an es-
tate ; distribute gifts ; assign a reward.

Al-l6t'ment, n. A share ; part appropriated.

Al-l6t'ter-y, n. Allotment. Skak.

AL-LOW', V. a. To admit : to permit ; to grant ; to
yield : — to make abatement or provision.

Al-LOw'a-BLE, a. That may be allowed.

Al-lo w'A-BLE-NESS, 71. State of being allowable.

Ae-lov^'a-BLY, ad. With claim of allowance.

Al-Lo\^'ance, w. Sanction ; license ; permission :
— abatement : — a grant or stipend : — settled rate.

Al-low'ance, v. a. To put upon allowance.

AL-Eov', 7(. baser metal mixed with a finer

one: — a dei sed substance.

AL-Eov', 71. a. To debase by mixing, as metals.
AL-LO y'ac^e, ;i Art of alloying ; alloy.

all'spTce, n. Jamai<"a pepper or pimenta.

Al-liide', v. 7!. To refer ; to hint at ; to glance

Syn lillude to an author or an atfair ; refer u- i

datej hivt at a circumstance ; glance at a subjwct.

Al-lu'mi-nqb, n. A colorer or painter upon paper.

AL-LilRE', 71. a. To entice ; to decoy ; to attract.
Sijn. — The love of pleasure allures; words en-
tice ; arts and stratagems decoy ; good qualities at-
tract j_ passions, persons, and things tempt.

fAL-LUBE', n. Something set up to entice ; a hire.

Al-lure'ment, n. An enticement; a temptation.

Al-lur'er, 7j. One who allures.

Al-lur'ing, a. Tempting; seducing; enticing.

Al-lur'ing-ly, ad. In an alluring manner.

Al-LUR'ing-NESS, n. Enticement.

Al-lu'siqn (al-lu'zhun), n. Act of alluding; a
reference to something known ; a hint.

AL-m'siVE, a. Making allusion ; hinting.

Al-Li1'sive-ly, ad. In an allusiv manner.

AL-Lii'sivE-NESS, ?!. Stat of being allusive.

Al-lO'vi-AL, a. Pertaining t- alluvion ; carried
by water ; added to land by tin wash of water.

AL-Lll^vi-ON, n. Alluvial land ; alluvium.

fAL-LU'Vl-OUS, a. Same is alluvial.

AL-Lu'vi-VM,n.; pi. AL-l.v'ri-A. [t,.] An ac-
cumulation of earth, sand; gravel, &c. by action
of water ; alluvial land.

AL-ly', v. a. To unite by kirdred or friendship.

Al-ly', 77. ;pl. al-lTe§'. One who is allied ; oue
united by kindred, friendship, or confederacy.

Syn. — A political ally; a wicked confederate \
an habitual associate.

AL' MA or ai.'me, n. A dancing-girl in the East.

AL-MA-CAN'TAR,n. [Ar.J A Small circle of tile
sphere, parallel to the horizon.

AL-MA-c A n'tar'^-Staff, 7!. Ap instrument used
to take observations of the sun.

Sl'ma-(^est, n. [almagestum, L.] An ancient as-
tronomical work of Ptolemy.

Al'ma Md'ter, n. [L.] " Benign mother" ; a term
applied to tne university or college wliere one was

al'ma-nac, 77. An annual calendar of months,
weeks, and days ; an annual register with u cal
endar ; calendar.

Xl'man-dIne (19), n. A kind of inferior ruby.

Xl'mij-ry, 77. a niche ; cupboard ; locker.

al-migh'ti-ness (al-mi'te-nes), 77. Unlimited
power ; omnipotence ; an attribute of God.

Xl-MIGH'ty (al-mi'te), a. Having unlimited pow-
er ; omnipotent.

al-mIgh'ty (al-nii'te), 77. The Omnipotent ; God,

*AL'MpND (i'mund) [i'mund, S. IV. ./. F. Ja. K,
Sm. ; al'mund. P.], n. The nut of the almond-

*AL'MpND-FiJR-NACE, ) n. A fiimace used

AL'MAN-FtiR-NACE (a'man-), ] in refining.

*al'mpnd§ (a'mundz), 71. p/. {Anat.) Two glands
on the side of the tongue ; the tonsils.

al'MPN-er, 7i. The officer of a prince, &c. em-
ployed in the distribution of alms or charity.

Xl'mpn-ry, 77. The place wliere an almoner re-
sides, or where alms are distributed.

Al'most [al'most, W.Ja.; al-most', S. P ./. Sm.:.
al-most' or al'most, i**.], ad. Nearly; well-nigh.

ALM§ (amz), 7i. sing. & pi. A gift or benefactioa
to the poor ; a charitable donation.

ALMij'DisED (imz'ded), 71. An act of charity.

ALM§'Giv-ER (imz'gTv-er), w. A giver of alms.

ALM^'Giv-lNG, n. Act of giving alms.

ALM^'HoftSE (amz'hous), 77. A house devoted t.
the reception and support of the poor.

XlM!J'mXn (Imz'nian), 77. A man living on alms.

al'ivhjg-Treij, n. A tree mentioned in S'-.'iptiire,

Xl'na(JE, 77. A measure by the ell ; ell-measure.

A L'NA-qtER, n. A measurer by the ell.

Xl'oe, 71. ,• pi. Xl'or^ (al'oz). A tree ; a wood
perfumes : — a resinous, cathartic drug

Xl-P-Et'ic, la. Relating to aloes i consistiuj,

^L-p-fsT'l-cAL, \ chiefly of aloes.

A-l6ft' (21), ad. On high ; above ; in the air.

A, E,1.0, V,\,long; X, E,T,6, Cr, \, short; A, E, 1,0, V<y o(;.v-.Mrc— FARE. FAR, FAST, ALL; HEIR, li EH-




Xl'p-mXn-CY, n. Divination by salt.
iV-LONE', a. Single ; without company ; solitary.
Syn. — A person walks alone, or takes a solitary

walk, in a lonely place.
A-l6ng' (21), ad. Throughout ; forward ; onward.
A-I,6ng', prep. Near ; by the side of.
A-l5ng'-side, ad. By the side of a ship.
A-l66f-, ud. At a distance ; far apart.
A-loud', ad. Loudly ; with a great noise.
Al-pac'a, n. A species of Peruvian sheep.
Al' PHA, n. The first letter in the Greek alphabet,

answering to our A , i/sed for the first.
XL'PHA-BliT, n. The letters of a language.
Xl'pha-bet, K. a. To range in alphabetic order.
Al-pha-bet-a'ri-an, rt. An A B C scholar.
Xl-pha-bEt'lc, ) a. Relating to, or being in
Xl-pha-bet'I-cal, \ the order of, the alphabet.
AL-PHA-BET'i-CAL-LY, ad. In an alphabetical

Xl'pine or Xl'pine [al'pin, W. P. Sm. ; al'pin, E.

Ja. K.], a. Relating to, or resembling, the Alps ;

high ; mountainous.
Al-read'y (tLl-red'e), ad. Now ; at this time.
Al'so, ad. In the same manner ; likewise.
al'so, conj. Noting addition or conjunction.
Xlt, a. &n. {Mus.) High: — high part. See Alto.
Al'tar, n. The place on which sacrifices are

offered : — the table in churches where the com-
munion is administered.
Al'tar-a(^e, 71. {Law.) Emolument of priests

from oblatjons to the altar. [/?.]
over the altar.

Xl'tar-Piece (dl'tar-pes), n. A painting placed

Al'ter, v. a. To change ; to make otherwise.

Xl'ter, v. n. To suffer change ; to vary.

AL'TER-A-BLE, a. That may be changed or altered.

Xl'ter-a-ble-ness, i n. State of being alter-

Xl-ter-a-bil'i-ty, \ able.

Al'ter-a-bly, ad. In a changeable manner.

al'ter-ant, a. Producing change.

Al'ter-ant, n. An alterative medicine.

Al-ter-a'tion, n. The act of altering; change.

AL'TER-A-TfVE, 71. A medicine that operates by
slow and imperceptible degrees.

Al'ter-a-t'ive, a. Having the quality of altering.

*Xl'ter-cate, v. n. To wrangle ; to contend with.

*Xl-TER-ca'TION [al-ter-ka'shun, S. IV. .J. E. F.
Ja. K. Sm,! al-ter-ka'shun. P.], n. Debate ; con-
troversy ; wrangle ; contest ; dispute.

Xl'tern, a. Acting by turns ; alternate.

Al-tjsr'nate, a. One after another ; reciprocal.

Al-ter'nate, n. What happens alternately.

Al-ter'nate or Xl'ter-nate [al-ter'nat, W.

' P. F. K. Sm. R. C. ; al'ter-nat, E. Wb. : al-ter-nat',
Ja.], V. a. To perform alternately ; to change re-

Al-ter'nate-LY, ad. In reciprocal succession.

Al-ter'nate-ness, n. State of being alternate.

Xl-ter-na'tiqn, n. Reciprocal succession.

AL-Ti3R'NA-TivE,7i. A choice given of two things.

Al-ter'na-tive, a. Reciprocally changing.

Al-ter'na-tive-ly, od. By turns ; reciprocally.

Al-tilr'na-tive-ness, n. Reciprocation.

fAL-TER'Ni-TY, n. Reciprocal succession.

Al-the'a, 7j. ; pi. al-the'a§. a flowering shnib.

Al-thou&h' (al-th6),co»7. iSrantthat ; though ; if.

Al-til'o-qu£nce, 77. Pompous language, [r.]

Al-tim'e-ter, 77. An instrument for measuring

Al-tim'e-try, 7!. Art of measuring heights.

Al-TIS'9-nAnt, a. Porr,p<)US or lofty in sound.

Xl'TT-Tude, 77. Height; elevation ; highest point.

XL'To,n. [It.] {Mas.) The highest part for male

al-to-gEth'er, ad. Completely ; entirely ; whol-
ly : — coniiwictly ; in company.

Al'tQ ri-lie'vo (al't9-re-l5'v6), 77. [It.] That kind
of relief in sculpture which projects as much as
the life ; high relief.

Xl'i;-del, 77. A subliming pot, used in chemistry.

XL'yM, n. A mineral salt, of an acid taste.

A-Lif'Mi-NA, n, {Chan.) A kind of earth: tdt

earthy oxide of aluminum.
Xl'v-mine, 77. A kind of earth ; alumina.
A-lu'mi-noOs, a Consisting of alum.
A-lu'mi-nDm, n. The metallic base of alumina.
ai.'um-/sh, a. Partaking of alum.
Ji-LUM'NUS,n.; pi. A-LUM'Nf. [L.] A pupil;

— a graduate of a college or university.
al'um-Stone, 77. A stone used in surgery.
fAL-u-TA'TiON, 71. The tanning of leather. Bailey.
al'v^-A-RY, 77. A beehive. Baret.
Al-Ve'P-lar [^l-ve'9-lar, K. Diuiglison, Branded

al'v^-6-lar, Sm. fVb.], a. Full of sockets or pits.
AL-Ve'o-LA-RY, a. Same as alveolar.
Al-ve'q-late, a. Fonned like a honeycomb.
Al-ve'p-l]te, 71. A fossil zoophyte.
Xl'vine [al'vin, S7J7. ; al'vln,^.], a. Relating to,

or proceeding from, the belly or intestines.
AL'wAYij (al'waz), ad. Perpetually ; constantly.
A-LYS' suM,n. [L.] {Bnt.) Aladwort plantain.
Xm. The first person singular, present tense, of the

verb to be. See Be.
Xm-^-bil'i-ty, 77. Loveliness. See Amiability.
A-main', ad. With vehemence ; with vigor.
A-mal'gam, 77. A combination of mercury with

other metals ; any mixture.
A-mal'ga-mate, v. a. To combine mercury with

other metals ; to mix.
A-mXl-ga-ma'tiqn, 77. The act of amalgamating.

A-MAN-U-EN'SIS, 77. ; pi. A-MAN-U-EN'SE§. [l,.]

A person who writes what another dictates.

Xm'a-ranth, 77. A genus of plants ; a flower
which long retains its color : — a purplish color.

Xm-a-ran'thine, a. Partak'ng of amaranth.

am-a-ryl'lis, 77. {Bot.) A genus of bulbous plants.

A-MASS' (19), V. a. To collect together ; to heap up.

A-mass'ment, 77. Aheap; an accumulation.

Xm-a-teur' (am-^-tur'), [am-a-tur', P. Ja. K. f
am-a-tar', W. ; am-a-tor', F. ; am'^-ti'', E. ; am-
a-tiir', S777. |, n. [Fr.] A lover of any art or sci-
ence, not a professor ; a virtuoso.

Xm'a-tive-ness, 77. {Phren.) The amatory prin-
ciple, or a propensity to love.

xm"-a:?6'ri:an: i -^^ ^<''^«"g t° 1°^'' ; ^'""">y-

am'a-to-ry, a. Relating to love ; causing love.

AM-AU-RO' SIS, 77. [Gr.] {Med.) Diminution or
loss of sight ; drop serene.

A-Maze', ti. a. To astonish ; perplex; confound.
Syn. imaied at what is frightful or incompre-
hensible ; astonished at what is striking ; perplexed,
confounded, or confused at what is embarrassing ,•
surprised at what is unexpected.

fA-MAZE', 77. Astonishment ; confusion.

A-maz'ed-ly, ad. Confusedly ; with amazement.

A-maz'ed-nEss, 77. Astonishment ; confusion.

A-maze'ment, 77. Confusion; astonishment.

A-MAZ'lNG, p. a. Wonderful ; astonishing.

A-MAZ'tNG-LY, ad. Wonderfully.

am'a-zoN, 77. A warlike woman ; a virago.

AM-A-zo'Ni-AN, a. Relating to Amazons ; warlike.

Jil\l-BA' GElf, n. pi. [L.] A circuit of words.

Am-bXs'sa-doh, 77. A foreign minister of the
highest rank sent on public business from one
sovereign power to another.

Syn. — An ambassador and plenipotentiary imply
the highest representative rank. An ambassadi'jr
and resident, or minister resident, are permanent
functionaries. An envoy and resident are func-
tionaries of the second class of foreign ministers ;
and a chargi d'affaires is one of the third or low-
est class.

Am-bas'sa-drEss, 77. The lady of an ambassador.

am'BAS-sy, 77. See Embassy.

Xm'ber, 77. A carbonaceous mineral, highly elec-
trical, of yellow color, and generally transparent.

Xm'ber, a. Consisting of amber.

Xm'ber-grIs (17), 77. A fragrant substance of ani-
mal origin, used as a perfume and a cordial.

Am-bi-dkx'ter, 77. [L.] One that can use both
hands alike : — a double-dealer.

MIEN, SIR; MOVE, NOR, SON; bOll, BUR, rOle. — 9, (?, g, s(/t ; £, fi,(^,^,hard ; Saszj ?a«gB: THI4




Xm-bi-dex-ter't-ty, n. State of being ambidex-
trous : — double-dealing.

Xm-bi-dex'trous, a. Using both hands alike.

SM-Bi-DEX'TROUS-NESS, n. Ambidexterity.

Xm'bi-ent, a. Surrounding ; encompassing.

AM'B!-GU,n. [Fr.j A medley of dishes.

AM-Bj-Gu'l-TY, n. State of "being ambiguous;
equivoeainess ; uncertainty of signification.

i^M-BiG'u-oDs, o. Having two meanings ; doubt-
ful ; equivocal.

Syn. — His language is so ambiguoxLs that his
meaning is dnnbtfid. He seems to use equivocal
words in order to mislead.

Am-big'u-ous-ly, arf. Doubtfully; uncertainly.

Am-bIg'u-ous-ness, n. Uncertainty of meaning.

+Am-bTl'o-QUV, n. Use of doubtful expressions.

Am'BJT, II. The compass or circuit of anything.

AM-Bi"TlON (am-bish'un), n. Eager desire of su-
periority, power, honor, or fame ; emulation.

jA.M-Bi"Tlous (am-bish'us), a. Possessed of ambi-
tion ; desirous of superiority ; aspiring.

AM-BT"Tlous-Ni3SS, n. State of being ambitious.

am'ble, v. n. To move upwn an amble ; to move
easily ; to pace.

Xm'ble, n. An easy motion of a horse ; a pace.

am'bler, n. A horse that ambles ; a pacer.

Xm'bling, p. a. Moving with an amble.

Jm'bling-lv, ad. With an ambling movement.

Am'bS, n. A reading-desk or pulpit.

JiM-BRb' ^i-A (am-bro'zhe-a), n. [L.] The im-
aginary' food of the gods : — the name of a plant.

AM-BRO'^l-AL (am-bro'zhe-al), )a. Of the nature

Am-bro'^i-an (am-bro'zhe-an), ( of ambrosia ;
delicious ; fragrant.

AM'BRY, n. An almonry: — a pantry.

AMB^-ace' (amz-as') [amz-as', W. J. F. Ja. K. ;
amz'as', S. ; amz'as, P. Sm.], n. A double ace.

am'bu-lAnce, n. [Fr.] A military movable hos-
pital attached to an army.

jCm'bij-lXnt, a. Moving from place to place.

tXM'BlJ-LATE, V. n. To move hither and thither.

AM-BV-LA'TipN, w. A walking ; a promenade.

am'bu-la-tq-ry, a. Walking about ; movable.

Xm'bv-la-to-ry, n. A place for walking.

X?i(l'BlJ-RY, n. A bloody wart on a horse.

iM-BtJs-CADE', 71. A secret station in which men
lie to surprise others ; an ambush.

. am-bus-cade', v. a. To lie in wait for.

aM'bush, n. A place where troops lie in wait; an

/m'bushed (am'busht), p. a. Placed in ambush.

Asi-Btjs'TlON (am-bilst'yun), n. {Med.) A burn

Xm'^l, n. Enamel. See Enamel. [or scald.

A-MEL'ip-RATE (a-mel'yo-rat), v. a. To improve ;
to make better ; to meliorate. See Meliorate.

A-mel-iq-ra'tion (a-mSI-yo-ra'shun), «. Act of
making better ; improvement ; melioration.

A'men' [a-men', S. P. J. F. Ja. K. R. ; a'inen', W.
F. Sm. — In singing, it is commonly pronounced
a'men'], ad. A term of assent used in devotions,
meaning, at the end of a prayer, so be it ; at the
end of a creed, so it is.

A-ME-NA-BiL'i-TY, ) 71. State of being amenable ;

A-ME'NA-BLE-Nfiss, \ responsibility.

A-me'na-ble, a. Responsible ; liable to account.

A-mEnd', v. a, to correct ; to rectify ; to reform.
Syn. — To amevd, correct, rectify, reform, and
emend imply the lessening of evil ; to improve

I and better, the increase of good. Amend what is

1 wrong ; correct what is erroneous ; rectify mis-
takes ; improve inventions ; reform the life.

^-MiJND', V. n. To grow better; to reform.

i^-MEND'a-BLE, a. Reparable ; corrigible.

jajfBiVDE (a-mand'), M. [Fr.] A fine ; amends. —
Amende lionorable, an infamous punishment. — An
apology for an injury ; reparation ; satisfaction.

j^-MBNO'lviEiVT, n Act of amending ; improve-
ment reformation ; recovery ; correction.

A-MErvDij', H. Recompense; compensation.

' -\ie.\'!-TV [a-men'e-te, S W. P. J. E. F. Ja.], n.
Pleasantness ; agreeableness.

Xm'ent, n. [amentum, L.] (Sot.) Catkin.

Sm-en-ta'ceous (-shus), a. {Bot.) Hanging aE
by thread ; having catkins.

A-merce', V. a. To punish by fine or penalty.

A-MisRCE'A-BLE, a. Liable to amercement.

A-MERCE'ment, 71. {Law.) A pecuniary fine, ot
penalty, imposed on an offender at the discretion
of the court.

A-MiJR'cER, 71. One who amerces.

A-MER'ci-a-m£NT, n. Same as amercement.

A-MfiR'i-cAN-if M, n. A word, phrase, or idiom
peculiar to America.

ame^-ace' (amz-as'), n. See Ambs-Ace.

am'e-th VST, n. A precious stone of a violet color.

Im-e-thyst'ine, a. Resembling an amethyst.

a-mi-A-bTl'i-TY, n. Loveliness , amiableness.

A'MI-a-ble, u. Lovely; pleasing, charming.

Syn. Amiable is applied to persons or moral

qualities. An amiable woman ; amiable disposi,
tion ; a lovely figure ; a lovely child ; a charming

_ voice; deliglitful or pleasin g mKnuera.

a'mi-a-BLE-ness, ?(. Loveliness; agreeableness.

a'mi-a-bly, ad. In an amiable manner.

Sm'i-anth, n. Earth-flax. See Amianthus.

am-i-Xn'thus, 71. [L.] {Min.) Earth-flax; the
flaxen variety of asbestos.

Xm'i-ca-ble, a. Friendly ; kind ; obliging.

Syn. Imicable relations, terms ; friendly inter-
course ; a peaceable citizen; a kind or obliging

Xm'i-ca-ble-nEss, 71. Friendliness; good-will.

Xm'i-ca-BLY, ad. In an amicable manner.

Xm'ice (am'is), 71, The undermost part of a Cath-
olic priest's shoulder-cloth or alb.

A-mTd', I prep. In the midst of; mingled with ;

A-MIDST', ) among; surrounded by.

A-MID'SHIPS, af/. JVaut. In the middle of a ship.

A-Miss', arf. Faultily; wrong; improperly.

Xm'i-tv, 71. Friendship; good-will; harmony.

AM-MO'NI-A, n. A volatile alkali. See Alkali.

Am-Mo'ni-Xc, n. Sl a. A gum resin : — The name
of two drugs, gum ammoniac and sal ammoniac.

Xm-mq-nVa-cae, a. Containing ammonia.

Am-mo'ni-Dm, n. The metallic base of ammonia.

am-mu-nT"tion (am-mu-nish'un), n. Military
stores, as powder, balls, shells, &c.

Xm'nes-ty, n. An act of general pardon.

A-m6ng', }prep. Mingled with; conjoined with J

A-m6ngst', \ amidst.

fXM'p-RiST, 71. A lover; a gallant.

AM-o-Ro' ?A, n. [It.] A wanton ; a courtesan.

AHi-g-Ro' t}0, n. fit.] A man enamored.

Xm'o-ROlis, a. Relating to or inclined to love ; en-
amored ; full of love ; loving.

Xm'P-roDs-ly, ad. In an amorous manner.

Xm'P-rous-ness, 71. Fondness ; lovingness.

A-MOR'phous, a. Shapeless; without form.

|A-M0RT', a. or a<i. Lifeless. Shak.

A-mor'tise or A-mor'tize [a-mor'tiz, fV. P. F.

' Ja. Sm. ; a-mbr'tiz, S. E. K. JVb.], v. a'. To trans-
fer to mortmain ; to alien.

A-MOR-Ti-ZA'TipN, ) 71. {Law.) The right of trars-

A-MOR'TJZE-MiiNT, ( ferring lands to mortmain.

A-M(JfiNT',7;. 71. To rise to; to compose in the whole.

A-MOUNT', 71. The aggregate; sum total. \

Amour', 71. [Fr.] An affair of love ; intrigue.

A-m6ve', 7'. a. To remove ; to move.

Xm'per-sXnd, 71. The character S,-, representing
the conjunction and.

Am-phib'i-an, 71. An amphibious animal.

AM-PHTB'i-bris (am-fib'e-us), a. Having the fac-
ulty of living in two elements, air and water.

Am-phib'i-ous-ness (am-f ib'e-us-nes), 7i. Capa.
bility of living in diflferent elements.

Am-phib-p-lo^'i-cal, a. Doubtful ; ambiguous.

AM-PHj-BoL'p-GY, 71. Ambiguous discourse.

AM-phTb'p-lous, a. Tossed from one to another.

Am-phib'p-ly, 71. Discourse of various meaning.

Xm'phi-BrXch (am'fe-bnik), n. {Rhet.) A foot,
consisting of three syllables, the middle one long,
the other two short.

1,6, C, Y,long; X, E,T, 6,il,Y,short; .A., E, I, Q, y, y, oftscwc. — FARE, far, fAst, ALL; HEIR, HER;




;A.M:-PHic-Tf -ON'lC, o. Relating to the council of

the Jimpiiictyons in ancient Greece.
AM-PiiiM'A-CER, It. (Rhet.) A poetic foot of three
syllables, the nikldle one short, and tlie otliers long.
j^M-PHIP'ro-stvle, n. {Arcli.) A temple having
a portico in front and rear, but without columns
at the sides.
Am-phI" sci-i {^m-{i?ih's-i), [L.] People
who inhabit the torrid zone, whose shadows fall
sometimes north, and sometimes south.
Xm-ph)-the'a-tre (am-fe-th5'9-ter), n. A build-
ing of a circular or oval form, having its area en-
compassed with rows of seats, one above another,
and used for public shows, such as combats.
Xm-phi-the-at'ri-cal, a. Relating to an am-
phitheatre, or to exhibitions in an auipiiitlieatre.
am' PHO-RA,n.; -pi. am' PHO-R^. [L.] A jug
or vessel with a double spout : — a vase with two
Xm'ple, a. Large; wide ; extended ; spacious ; broad.
Syn. — An ample allowance; a. large ox copious
supply ; a spacious house ; a wide space ; an ez-
tended prospect.
Am-pl£x'!-caul, a. (^BoL) Clasping the stem.
AM-PLl-Fl-CA'TipiN, 71. Act of amplifying; en-
largement : diff'useness.
am'pli-fj-er, n. One who amplifies.
AM'PL.i-FY, V. a. To enlarge; to extend; to ex-
aggerate ; to speak or write diffusely.
AM'PLl-FY, V. n. To speak largely ; to exaggerate.
a>i'pli-tude, n. Extent; largeness; capacity;

copiousness : — an arc of the horizon.
Xm'ply, arf. Largely; liberally; copiously.
Xm-pvl-la'ceou's (-shus), a. Shaped like a bottle

or bladder.
Xm'PV-tate, v. a. To cut off, as a limb or branch.
Xm-pu-Ta'tion, ?!. Act of amputating. (Surg.)

The act of cutting off a limb or part of the body.
A-muck', n. An East Indian term for slaughter.
AM'y-LET, n. Something worn to protect from ni-

jury ; a chann.
j\-mO§e', v. a. To entertain ; to divert ; to beguile.
Syn. — To amuse is to entertain by drawing tlio
attention to, and to divert \'^ to draw the attention
from our present otjupaaun. To be beguiled is
the effect of being amused.
A-MU§e'ment, «. That wliich amuses ; diversion.
Syti. — ^musementin reading or gardeuuig; di-
version atapublicsliow ; entertainment al thetliea-
tre or a concert ; recreation at the game of cricket.
A-MU§;'er (a-muz'cr), ?*. One who anmses.
^-mOs'in&, a. Affording amusement ; diverting.
A-Mu'sivE, a. Amusing; diverting.
A-MVG'da-late, a. Maae of almoi.ds.
A-Mio'da-late, n. An emulsion of ahncnds.
A-M iG'DA-LiNE, a. Reseinblin;? almonds.
A-myg'da-loid, n, (^Min.) A species of trap rock.
Xm-v-la'ceovs (-shus), a. Like starch.
Xm, the same with the article u;. — The article a
nmst be used before all words beginning with a
consonant or a consonant sound ; as, a man, a
unit, a oneness ; and the article an nuist be used
before all words beginning with a vo' I, except
such as begin with the sound of u Icr ,r a conso-
nant sound ; before words beginnin with/; mute,
as, an hour, an heir, &c. ; or before words where
the A is not mute, if the accent is on the second
syllable, as, an heroic action, a/i /tistorica/ account,
&.C. — jS«, by the old writers, is often used for if.
a'ka, ad. [Gr.] A word used in the prescriptions

of physicians, importing in the like qnantity.
a'iva. a Latin termination annexed to tlic names
of authors to denote a collection of their memo-
rable sayings ; as, Johiisoniana.
Xn-a-bAp'tist, ?i. One who allows of, and main-
tains, rebaptizing ; a Baptist.
an-a-bap-tis'tic, ( a. Relating to Anabap-
Xn-a-bap-tis'ti-cal, \ tists or their principles.
X.\-a-cSmp'T!CS, li. pi. Catoptrics.
iiN-A-CA-THAR'Tlc, 11. Medicine working upwards.
iN'A-cltPn-A-LM'o-st!i,n. [L.] Recapitulation.

An-XjEh'O-RET, n. A monk ; anachorite.
Xn-a-jChq-ret'i-cal, a. Relating to an anactao.

rite or hermit.
An-XjEH'q-rIte, 71. A solitary monk ; a hermit.
Aiv-XeH'RO-Ni§M, n. An error in computing time.
AN-XeH-Rp-Nis'Tlc, a. Containing anachronism.
an-a-clas'tics, 7t. ^i. The doctrine of refracted

light ; dioptrics.
an-a-c(E-n6' SIS, n. [Gr.] A figure of rhetoric,

by which the speaker appeals to his opponent.
an-a-c6n'da, n. A very large species of serpent.
A-nac-re-6n'tic, a. Relating to Anacreon.
In'a-dem, n. A wreath of flowers ; garland.
AN-A-Di-PLc' SIS), n. [Gr.] (HheL) The repe-.

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