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MoOn-tain-ejSr', 17, An inhabitant of a mountain.

MoOn'TAIN-OUS (mbun'tin-iis), a. Full of moun-
tains ; hilly : — large as mountains ; huge.

MoOn'tain-OUS-ness, 71. The being mountainoua

MoUN'TANT, a. Rising on high. 'Shak. [R.]

MoOn'te-bXnk,77. a quack ; a boastful pretender.

Mot)N'TE-BANK, V. a. To cheat by false boasts.

MoOnt'ed, p. a. Seated on horseback: — fur
nislied with guns: — raised ; finished and embel-

MoOnt'er, 71. One who mounts.

MJSOnt'ikg, n. An ascent : — an embellishment.

Mourn (mom), v. n. To grieve ; to be sorrowful.

Motirn (morn), 7'. a. To grieve for ; to lament.

Mourn'ijr, 71. One who mourns ; a lamenter.

M5urn'fOl, a. Causing sorrow ; sorrowful : sad.

Mourn'fOl-lv, ad. Sorrowfully ; with sorrow.

Mourn'fOl-ness, 71. Sorrow ; show of grief.

Mourn'ing, 71. Sorrow ; the dress of sorrow.

Mourn'ing, p. a. Indicating sorrow or grief.

Mourn'ing-IjY, ad. With a sorrowful appearanreii

Mo0sE,7i. ,• pi. MICE. A little animal which iii
fests houses and granaries.

Moti^E (mbuz), 71. 71. To catch mice ; to be sly.

MoOse'-col-ored, a. Of the color of a mouse.

MoOsE'-iJAR, 71. A plant with a downy leaf

MoOse'-hole, 77. A small hole made by mico,

MiiOff'ER, 71. One that catclies mice, or mouses.

MoOse'-trXp, 71. Trap for catching mice.

MdVA-TAfllE' (most'isi)'). 71. [Fr.] The hail
on the upper lip. See Mustache.

MoOth (97), 71..- pi. MoOTHf. The aperture in

MlENjStR; m6ve,NOR, s6n; bOll, bUr, rOle. — <;,(}, i,soft; E, G,(^,^,liaid , §asz; Tf esgz: THIS




the head at which the food is received and the
voice emitted : — the opening of a vessel ; en-
trance : — the instrument of speaking : — a cry ; a

Mouth, v. n. To speak big ; to vociferate.

MoOth, v. a. To utter with an affected voice.

MoOthed (mbuthd), a. Furnished with a mouth.

MoOth'fOl, n. ; pi. Mof)TH'FOL§. As much as
the mouth holds at once ; a small quantity.

MoOth'-pieciI, n. Part of an instrument for the
mouth : — one who speaks for several persons.

Mov'a-ble, a. That may be moved ; not fixed.

Mov'a-ble-NESS, n. Possibility to be moved.

M6v'a-ble§, 71. p/. Personal ^-oorfs ; furniture.

Mov'a-bly, ad- So that it may be moved.

Move, v. a. To put m motion ; to actuate: — to
propose ; to incite ; to persuade.

Move, v. n. To change place ; to walk ; to stir.

Move, n. Act of moving ; movement.

MoVE'MENT, n. The manner of moving ; a mo-
tion ; a march ; excitement ; disturbance.

Syn. Motion denotes the act of moving ; move-
ment, more particularly the manner of moving. —
The army is in motion ; motion of the earth ; move-
ment of a machine ; march of an army ; movement
or excitement of the mind.

Mo'vent, n. That which moves another. [iJ.]

Mov'er, n. The person or thing that moves.

Mov'ing, p. a. Changing place: — exciting; pa-
thetic ; touching ; affecting.

Mow, n. A heap or mass of hay or grain.

Mow (mo), V. a. [i. mowed , pp. mowing, mowed
or MOWN.] To cut with a scythe ; to cut

Mow'BtJRN, V. n. To ferment in the mow.

Mow'er (mo'er), n. One who cuts with a scythe.

Mow'iNG, n. The act of cutting with a scythe.

Mown (mon), p. From Mow,

Mox'a, n. An Indian moss used for the gout: — a
cottony substance used in cauterizing.

MCcH, a. Large in quantity : — long in time.

Much, ad. In or to a great degree ; by far ; often.

Much, n. A great deal ; abundance.

Mu'ciD, a. Slimy ; musty ; mouldy.

Mu'ciD-NiSss, n. Sliininess ; niustiness.

Mu'ciL-AqrE, 71. A slimy or viscous mass or body.

Mu-ci-LXqt'l-NoOs, a. Slimy ; viscous ; ropy.

Mu-cj-lX^'j-nous-ness, n. Sliminess ; viscosity.

MU-CIP'a-RoOs, a. Secreting or producing mucus.

MtJCK, n. Dung for manure ; manure ; filth.

MOcK, V. a. To manure with muck ; to dung.

MDcK'l-NESS, n. Nastlness ; filth.

MiJCK'woRM (-wiirm), n. A worm bred in dung:
— a miser.

MtJCK'y, a. Consisting of muck ; filthy.

Mu'coys, a. Relating to mucus ; slimy.

Mu'coys-Nfiss, n. Slime ; viscosity.

Mu'CRo, n. [L.] A sharp point.

Mu'CR9-NAT-ED, a. Narrowed to a sharp point.

Mu'cy-LiiNT, a. Viscous ; slimy.

Mu' cus, n. [L.] The fluid that flows from the
nose : — any slimy liquor or moisture.

MtjD, n. Dirt or soil mixed with water ; mire.

MtJD, V. a. To bury in mud ; to pollute with dirt.

MDd'di-ly, ad. Turbjdly ; with foul mixture.

MijD'Dl-NESS, n. The state of being muddy.

Mijd'dle, t). a. To make turbid; to foul: — to
make partially drunk : to stupefy.

Mud'dle, v. n. To be dirty or confused.

MDd'dle, n. A confused or turbid state.

Mud'DY, a. Turbid ; foul with mud ; dull.

MCJd'dy, v. a. To make muddy ; to cloud.

MDd'-wall, 71. A wall built with mud.

MuE (mil), V. a. To moult; to change feathers;
to mew. See Mew.

Mu-EZ'ziN, n. An officer or clerk, in Mahometan
countries, who calls the people to prayers.

MtJFF, n. A soft, warm cover for the hands.

Mi5F'FlN, 71. A kind of light cake.

MOf'fle, v. a. To conceal ; to wrap ; to cover

Mt^F'FLE, 71. A cover of a test or copper : — a

chemical vessel : — the naked part of an animal's

Muf'fler, 71. A cover for the face.

Muf' Ti (maf'te), n. A Mahometan high-priest.

MTiG, 71. A vessel or cup to drink from.

Mu&'6Y orMCJG'siSH, a. Moist ; damp ; close.

My-LAT'TO, n.; pi. mv-lXt'toe^. One born of
parents of whom one is white and the other

MuL'BER-RY, n, A tree, and the fruit of the tree.

Mulch, ti. Straw, leaves, litter, &c., half rotten.

MijLCH, V. a. To cover with rotten straw or litter.

Mulct, 7!. A pecuniary penalty or fine.

MiJLCT, v. a. To punish with fine or forfeiture.

MuLc'TU-A-RY, a. Punishing with fine.

Mule, 71. An animal generated between a he-ass
and a mare, or a horse and a she-ass : — a hybrid
plant : — a machine for spinning cotton.

MO-LET-iJiiR', n. A mule-driver ; a horse-boy.

Mij-Ll-EB'RI-TY, n Womanhood ; effeminacy.

MuL'iSH, a. Like a mule ; obstinate as a mule.

Mull, 71. A snuffbox : — a species of muslin.

MtjLL, 1;. a. To soften and reduce the spirit of; to
heat, sweeten, &c., as wine.

MiJL'LER, n. He or that which mulls: — a stone
or instrument for grinding powder or colors.

Mul'let, 71. A sea-fish, valued for food.

MDl'li-GRUb^, 71. pi. A twisting of the intestines.

MCiL'LipN (mul'yun), 71. {Arch.) An upright post
or bar in a window -frame.

MuLSE, 71. Wine boiled with honey.

MtiLT-ANG'u-LAR, a. Many-comered ; polygonal

MriLT-XNG'u-LAR-LY, ad. Polygonally.

Mijlt-Xng'v-lar-ness, n. State of being polyg-

MtJL-Tl-cXp'su-LAR, a. Having many capsules.

MiJL-Ti-c a'vous, a. Full of holes or cavities.

Mul-ti-den'tate, a. Having many teeth.

Mul-ti-fa'ri-ous, a. Having great multiplicity;
diversified ; numerous ; manifold.

MtJL-Ti-FA'Ri-oiJs-LY, ad. With multiplicity.

MOL-TJ-FA'RJ-oys-Nisss, 71. Multiplied diversity.

Mul'ti-fid, a. Having many divisions.

MyL-TiF'l-DOUs [mul-tif'e-dus, P. Sm. Wb. Ash\
miil-te-fi'dus, Ja.], a. Divided into many parts.

MiJL-Tl'-FLo'Roys [miil-te-flo'riis, K. Sm.; niul
tif'l9-rusj fVb.], a. Having many flowers.

Mul'ti-fold, a. Diversified ; manifold.

MOl'ti-form, a. Having various shapes or forma

MtjL-Ti-FORM'i-TY, 71. Diversity of forms.

MtjL-Ti-LAT'ER-AL, a. Having many sides.

MilL-Ti-LiN'E-AL, a. Having many lines.

MuL-Tl-Loc'y-LAR, a. Having many cells.

Mul-til'o-QUEnce, n. Loquacity.

MyL-TtL'p-QUOUS, a. Very talkative ; loquacious.

MiJL-Tl-NO'Ml-AL, a. Having many names.

MuL-TiP'A-ROUs, a. Bringing many at a birth.

MuL-TlP'AR-TiTE, a. Divided into many parts.

MiJL'Ti-piiD, n. An insect with many feet.

MOl'ti-ple, n. A number which exactly con-
tains another number several times; as, 12 is a
multiple of 3. — A common multiple is a multiple
of two or more numbers ; 12 is a common multi|/le
of 3 and 4.

Mul'ti-pli-a-BLE, a. That may be multiplied.

MijL'Ti-PLl-A-BLE-NESS, n. The state of being
multipliable. [piird.

Mijl-ti-pli-cXnd', 71. The number to be niulti-

MtJL'Ti-PLJ-CATE or MyL-TlP'LI-CATE [lll.ll-

tip'le-kat,\S. P.; mul-tip'le-kat, W.Ja.; nuil'te-
ple-kat, Sm. C. Wb.], a. Consisting of more than

Mul-ti-pli-ca'TIQN, n. The act of multiplying ;
state of being multiplied. — {Arith.) The pr, ce.-i.-i
of finding the amount of a given number, called
the multiplicand, when repeated a certain number
of times, expressed by the multiplier.

MiJL'Tl-PLi-CA-TQR, 71. The number multiplied by.

MDL-T!-PLi9'!-TY, n. State of being many ; many.

MftL'Tl-PLl-ER, 71. He or that which multiplies.

MOl'ti-ply, K. a. To increase in number ; to in-

A, £,I, O, 0. y,long! X, £,I, 6, D,T?,s/lort,- A, E, I, p, U, V, obscure. — FARE, FAR, fIsT, ALL; HfilR, HEB;




crease by generation : — to increase by arithmet-
ical multiplication.

Mul'ti-pl Y, V. n. To grow in number ; to increase.

MvL-TiP'p-TENT, a. Having manifold power.

MtJL-Tl-siL'l-QlioiJs, a. Having many pods.

Mi;L-TlS'p-r;o!js, a. Having many sounds.

MDl'ti-tude, n. A great number ; a great many ;
a throng^ a crowd ; the populace. [dinous.

MCL-TI-Tu'DJ-NA-RY, a. Numerous ; multitu-

MiJL-T<-Tu'D}-NoDs, a. Numerous ; manifold.

Mul'tJ-vIlve, a. Having many valves.

MuL-Toc'li-LAR, a. Having more eyes than two.

JUul'tum'inpdr'vo, [L.] Much m little.

MtJLT'liRE (mull'yur), n. Act of grinding; a
grist : — toll for grinding.

MGm, niterj. Silence; hush. — a. Silent.

Mum, 7i. Ale brewed vv'ith wheat ; a strong malt
liquor made in Germany.

MuM'BLE, V. n. To speak inwardly ; to mutter.

MtJM'BLE, V. a. To utter imperfectly; to mouth

MDm'bler, 71. One who mumbles. [gently.

MOm'chance, n. A game at hazard with dice : —
one stupid and silent : — a fool.

MtJMM, V. n. To mask ; to frolic in disguise.

MOm'mer, 7j. A masker ; a jester; a player.

MiJM'MER-Y, 71. A masking ; farcical show ; frolic
in masks : — folly ; foolery.

MuM-Mi-Fl-cA'TiON, n. The making of mummies.

Mum'M! FORM, a. Having the form of a mummy,

MCM'MI-FY, v. a. To make a mummy of.

MDm'mv, 71. A dead body preserved by the Egyp-
tian art of embalming : — a sort of wax.

MiJMP, V. a. To nibble ; to bite quick : — to beg.

MiJMP'ER, 71, One who mumps : — a beggar.

MDmp'jsh, a. Sullen ; obstinate.

MDmps, n. pi. Sullenness : — a disease in which
the glands about the throat are swelled.

MiJNCH, V. a. & n. To chew eagerly and greedily.

MOnch'er, 71. One who munches.

MijN'DANE, a. Belonging to this world ; earthly,

Mijn'dato-RV, a. Having the power to cleanse.

MuN'Dic, 71. A name for iron pyrites.

MuN-Dl-Fl CA'TlpN, n. The act of cleansing.

MlJN dIf'i-ca-tive, a. Having power to cleanse,

MtJN DiF'pcA-TiVE, 71. A medicine to cleanse.

f Mun'di FY, 71. a. To cleanse ; to make clean.

Mvn-dOn'gus, 71. Stinking tvibacco. [Loio.]

fMu-NER-A'TlQN, 71. See Remuneration.

Mun'GREL, a. Of mixed breed See IMongrel.

Mi; -mc'l-PAL, a. Belonging to a municipality, cor-
poration, or city: — relating to a state, kingdom,
or nation.

Mu-nT9-!-pXl'!-TY, ti. A district and its inhab-
itants ; the government of a city, &c.

Mv-n'if'!-cence, 77. Act of giving bounty ; be-
neficence ; liberality ; generosity ; bounty.

Mi;-NiF'l-CENT, a. Liberal ; generous ; beneficent.

Mv-NlF'i-CENT-LY, ad. Liberally ; generously.

Mu'NI-MENT, 71. A fortification ; a strong-hold
defence. — (Law.) A deed ; a record ; charter.

Mv-Nl"TipN (mu-nish'un), 71. Fortification : —
ammunition ; materials for war.

MDn'jeet, 71. Indian madder.

MOn§, A term for the mouth and chaps.

Mu'rac^e, 71. Money paid to keep walls in repair.

Mtl'RAL, a. Pertaining to a wall.

Mur'der, 7!. The act of killing a human being
unlawfully, and with premeditated malice.

MiJR'DEit, V. a. To kill a man unlawfully, and
with malice prepense; to kilt: to destroy.

M(iR'BER-l!R, 77. One who is guilty of murder.

Mi'R'der-esS, 77. A woman who commits murder.

MiJR'DER oDs, a. Bloody; guilty of murder.

MiJR'DER-oOs-LV, ad. Ill a bloody or cruel manner.

Mu'ri-ate, 71. {Chem.) A salt composed of muri.
atic acid and a base : — common salt is a muriate
of soda.

MO'ri-at-ed, a. Having muriatic acid ; briny.

MO-ri-Xt'ic, a. Partaking of the nature of brine.

Mu'ri-cTte, 71. {Cotick.) A genus of shell.s.

Mu'Rl-FoRM, a. Like bricks in a wall.

Mu'rine, 71. A small quadruped ; a mouse.

Mu'rine (mu'rin), a. Of or relating to mice.

Murk, n. The husks of fruit : —darkness. Shak,

MiJR'KY, a. Dark; cloudy; wanting light.

Mur'mur, 71. A low, continued noise: — a complaint

MliR'MUR, V. n. To make a low, continued noise;
— to grumble.

MuR'MUR-ER, 77. A grumbler ; a repiner.

MiJR'MUR-iNG, 71. A Jow sound ; a murmur.

MliR'MVR-iNG-LY, ad. With a low sound.

MiiR'MUR-oOs, a. Exciting murmur; murmuring..

MDr'rain, 71. A plague among cattle.

MijR'REY (inur're),a. (Her.) Sanguine ; darkly red.

MOr'rhine (miir'rin), 71. A sort of stone 01
porcelain : — a delicate sort of ancient ware.

MtjR'EHlNE, a. Made of inurrhine-stone.

Mur'ri-PN, n. A helmet. See Morion.

MiJR'THER, 71. & V. See Murder.

Mtis'CA-DiiL, n. A kind of sweet grape : — a sweet
wine : — a sweet pear.

MDs'ca-dIne [mus'ka-dln, S. fV. .J. F. K. R. C. ,
mus'kadin, Ja. Sm.], n. A sweet grape: — a
sweet wine ; a sweet pear ; muscadel.

Mijs'c AT, ) 7!. A sweet grape : — a sweet wine.

MOs'ca-tel, ] Same as muscadel and muscadine.

Mus'cLE (mus'sl), 71. A fleshy fibre, the organ of
motion in animals : — a bivalve shell-fish ; mussel.

Mi;s-c6s'i-Ty^ 77. Mossiness, [ij.]

Mus-cp-VA'bo, 77. A sort of unrefined sugar.

MDs'cu-lar, a. Relating to the muscles; com.
posed of muscles ; brawny ; strong.

Mus-cu-lar'i-tv, 77. The state of being muscular.

Mus'cu-LoCis, a. Full of muscles ; muscular.

MufE, 77. One of nine ancient sister goddesses,
fabled to preside over the fine arts : — the powe
of poetry : — deep thought.

Mu§E, V. a. To think oh ; to meditate.

Mu|e, v. 77. To think ; to ponder ; to meditate.

MusE'FyL, a. Musing ; silently thoughtful.

Mu§'er, 77. One who muses: — one absent of mind.

Mu-§ETTE', 77. [Fr.J A musical instrument.

My-^E'yM [mu-zS'um, S. fV. P, J. E. F. Ja. K.
Sm.ajVb.l, 77. [L.] L. pi. MU-ilE'A; Ens.
My-§E'tJM§. A collection, a cabinet, or a repos-
itory of curiosities, — Erroneously pronounced

Mush, 71, Food made of the flour of maize boiled
in water ; hasty-pudding.

Mush'room, 7(. A spongy plant : — an upstart.

Mu'^ic, 71. The art of combining sounds agreeable
to the ear ; the science of harmonical sounds ; in-
strumental or vocal harmony ; melody.

Mu'§!-CAL, a. Harmonious ; melodious.

Mu'§l-CAL-LV, ad. Harmoniously ; melodiously.

Mu'|i-CAL-Ni:ss, 77. Harmony.

My-§i"ciAN'(niu-zish'an), 77. One skilled in music.

Mu'§!C-Mas'ter, 77. One who teaches music.

Mu5'!NG,77. Meditation; contemplation.

MtJSK, 77. A strong perfume :— tlie animal that
produces musk ; musk-deer: — a flower.

Musk, v. a. To perfume with musk.

MDsk'-cXt. 71. The musk or musk-deer.

Mus'ket, n._ A soldier-s hand-gun : — a hawk.

Mus-ket-eer',77. a soldier armed with a musket.

Mus-KET-ooN', 77. A blunderbuss ; a short gun.

Mus'ket ry, 77. Muskets collectively.

Mus'Ki NiSss, 77. The state of being musky.

MD.SK'MliL-pN, 77. A melon of musky odor.

Musk'rAt, 77. An American animal ; musquash.

MDsK' Y, a Having the perfume of musk.

Mu5'LI^', 77. A fine, thin stuff made of cotton.

Mu^-LIN-ET', 77. A coarse muslin ; a cotton stuff

MDs'QUASH (mus'kwosh), 77. An American quad
riiped valued for its fur; muskrat.

Mys-QITl'TO (inus-ke'to), 77. See MosquiTO.

MOs'rol, 77. The noseband of a horse's bridle.

J.ns'SEL (mus'sl), 77. A shell-fish. See Muscle.

Mus'syi^-MAN, 7i. [Ar.] P/. Mus'si,jl-man^. A
Mohammedan or Mahometan.

Mris'si;L-MXN-!Sii, a. Mohammedan.

MdaT, V. auxiliary and defective. To bo obliged.

MIEN, sir; move, nor, son; bOlL, BUR, rCLE 9, y , g, w/£; £,«, c, |, Aari/; Jojfz; ?Mgz : THIS,




Must, v. a, & n. To make or grow mouldy.

MOST, n. New wine not fermented.

MVS-TACHE', n. ; pi. MI/S-Ta'^HE? or MUS-TA'-
^HE§ [mus-ta'shiz, S. JV. P.J. F. C; inus-ta'shiz,
Ja. Sm. iJ.], 71. The hair, when suffered to grow,
on the upper lip.

Mus'tard, n. A plant and its seed ; a condiment.

MOs'TER, V. a. To bring togetlier ; to review.

Mus'TER, V. n. To assemble ; to meet together.

Mus'ter, n. A review or a register of forces.

MOs'ter-MAs'ter, n. An officer who takes an
account of troops, and superintends musters.

Mus'ter-Roll, n. A register offerees.

MOs'Tl-NESS, 71. State of being musty ; mould.

MiJS'TY,a. Mouldy ; spoiled with damp or age.

MO-TA-BiL'l-Ty,?i. Changeableness ; inconstancy.

MO'ta-ble, a. Subject to change; changeable;
variable ; fickle ; unstable ; inconstant.

Mu'ta-ble-ness, 71. Changeableness; instability.

Mu-ta'tion, n. Change ; alteration.

Mu-ta'tis rmi-tan' dis, [L.] After making the ne-
cessary changes.

Mute, a. Silent ; not speaking ; duml) ; not vocal.

Mute, m. One who is speechless: — a utensil to
deaden sound : — a letter not vocal. — The mutes
are b, p, t, d, k, and c and g- hard.

Mute, t). 71. To dung, as birds. — a. Dungofbirds.

MOte'LY, ad. Silently ; not vocally.

Mute'ness, n. State of being mute ; silence.

MO'ti-latEjU. a. To deprive of an essential part ;
to cut off, as a limb ; to maim.

Syn. — A man who has lost a limb is mutilated;
one who has a broken limb is maimed.

Mu'ti-L^te, a. Deprived of some part ; mutilated.

MO-ti-la'tion, 71. Act of mutilating ; deprivation.

Mu'Tf-LA-TOR, n. One who mutilates.

Mu-ti-neer', n. One guilty of mutiny.

Mu'ti-noDs, a. Exciting mutiny ; seditious. ■

Mu'TJ-NOiis-LY, ad. Seditiously ; turbulently.

Mu'TJ-NOtJS-NESS, n. Seditiousness ; turbulence.

MO'ti-ny, v. n. To rise against authority, particu-
larly naval or military authority.

Mu'ti-ny, n. An insurrection against naval or
military authority ; sedition.

Mut'ter, v. n. To murmur ; to grumble.

MiJT'TER, V. a. To utter or speak indistinctly.

Mut'ter, n. A murmur ; an obscure utterance.

MiJT'TER-ER, n. One who mutters ; a grumbler.

Mut'ton (miit'tn), 7i. The flesh of sheep when
dressed for food : — a sheep.

Mut'ton-Chop, n. A slice of mutton for broiling.

*MtlT'i;-AL(mut'yu-al) [mu'chu-al, S. W.J. ; mix'-
tu-fil, P. F. Ja. K. Sm,], a. Each acting in return
to the other ; reciprocal ; interchangeable.

Syn. Mutual supposes sameness of condition

at the same time ; reciprocal supposes a succes-
sion of returns. — Mutual affection ; reciprocal du-
ties or relations.

*MuT-y-XL'l-TY, n. Quality of being mutual.

*MuT^u-AL -LY, ad. Reciprocally ; in return.

MuT'uLE, 7^. {Arch.) A square block, or sort of
modillion of the Doric order.

MtJZ'ZLE, n. The nose or mouth of an animal or
of any thing : — a fastening for the mouth.

MOz'ZLE, V. a. To bind the mouth.

Miiz'ZY,a. Forgetful j half-drunk. ''Local, Eng.]

My or My (mi or me : — ml, when distinct) [mi, Ja.
E. R. iVb. ; ml oV me, S. W. P. F. Sm.], pron.
puss. & adj. Belonging to me.

My-c6l'o-(;jy, re. A treatise on the fungi.

My'e-loiv, re. (Jlnat.) The spinal marrow ;
spinal cord.

MvN-HisER', re. [sir, among the Dutch.] A cant
term for a Dutchman.

My-6g'ra-phy, n. A description of the muscles,

Mv-oL'o-giY, re. The doctrine of the muscles.

My'ope, n. A near-sighted person ; myops,

My'ops, 71. A near-siglited person ; myope.

My'p-py, 7i. Shortness of sight.

My-o'sis, 71. (Med.) Contraction of the pupil.

Mvr'i-ad, re. Ten thousand : — any great number.

Myr'i-a-pod, re. An articulate animal having
many jointed feet.

Mvii-i-p-RA'MA,re. An optical machine presenting
a great variety of views.

Myr'mi DON, n. A rough soldier; a ruffian.

My-ROB'A-LAN, re. A kind of dried fruit or plum.

My rop'q-list, n. One who sells unguents, &,c.

Myrrh (mir), re. A strong aromatic gum.

Mvr'rhine, n. A stone. See Murrhine.

Myr'ti FORM, a. Having the shape of myrtle.

Myr'tle (mir'tl), re. A fragrant tree or shrub.

My self' (me-self or mi-self), pron. I or me,
with emphasis.

Mys'ta-gogue (mis'ta-gog), n. One who inter-
prets divine mysteries : — a keeper of church relics.

fMYS-TE'Rl AL, a. Mysterious.

Mys-te'ri-ar£!H, n. One presiding over myste-
ries. _

Mys-te'ri-ous, a. Full of mystery i unexplained,
inexplicable; obscure; secret.

MysTE'RI-oOs-LY, ad. Obscurely ; enigmatically.

Mys te'ri-OVS-ness, re. Obscurity; perplexity.

Mys'TE-ry, re. Something secret, unexplained, in-
explicable, or above human intelligence ; an enig-
ma : — a trade : — a kind of ancient drama.

Mi'S'Tlc, n. One of a sect or class of Christians ;
one imbued with mysticism.

Mys'tic, ) a. Partaking of mysticism ; ob-

Mys'ti-cal, i scure ; secret; dark.

Mys'ti-cal-ly, ad. In a mystical manner,

M ys'ti-cal-nEss, re. The quality t)f being mystical.

Mys'tj-ci^M, re. A belief in a direct intercourse
between God and the human mind ; the doctrine
of the Mystics.

Mys-ti-fi-ca'tiqn, n. Act of mystifying or ren-
dering mysterious.

Mys'ti-fy, v. a. To involve in mystery.

Myth, n. A fabulous story ; a fable.

Myth'jc or Myth'i-cal, a. Fabulous.

My-THOG'RA-PHER, re. A writer of fables.

M JTH-o-Log'l-CAL [mith-o-18d'je-k?l, JV. J. F.
Sm. R. C. ; mi-tho-lod'je-kal, S." P. Ja. K.], a.
Relating to mythology.

MfTH-p-LOG'i-CAL-Ly, od. In a mythological

My-THOL'p-qJlST, re. One versed in mythtdogy.

My-thol'p-gize, v. re. To explain mythology.

My-TH6L'p-(^y, n. A system of fables ; the fabu-
lous history of the gods of the heathens. — Classical
mythology is that of Greece and Rome.

Mtx'iNE or Myx'PN, re. A fish, the mullet.


Nis a liquid, semivowel, and nasal letter. As an
abbreviation, it stands for north and number. —
JV. S. New Style. JV. A [JVota bene.] Note well.
NXb, v. a. To catch suddenly ; to seize ; to knab.
Na'BIT, n. A powdered sugar-candy.
Na'bob [na'bob, F. J. Sm. Wh. Ash ; nj-bob', S.],

n. The title of an East-Indian prince.
NXck'er, re. A collar-maker ; a harness-maker.

Na'cre (na'kur), n. [Fr.] Mother-of-pearl.

Na'crite, re. A mineral of pearly lustre.

Na'dir, re. The point opposite to the zenith.

NXg, n. A small horse ; a horse.

Na'IAD (na'yfid), re. [naias, pi. naiades, Ii.] PI
na'iad^. a water-nymph. — (Conch.) A fresh-
water shell-fish.

Na'iant, a. (Her.) Represented as swimming.

A, E, I.O,u, y, long ; X, fi, T, 5, tJ, Y, short ; A, 5, 1, p, V, V, obscure.— ^ ARE, far, fAst, All, h£iu, uer,




Nail, n. A homy substance on the human fingers
and toes : — a claw ; a talon : — an iron :?pilve : —
a stud or boss : — 2^ inches, or a 16th of a yard.

Nail (nal), v. a. To fasten with nails.

Nail'er, 7i. One who nails : — a nail-maker.

Nail'er-y, 71. A nail manufactory.

J^a'ite (na'ev), a. [naif, naive, Fr.] Having na-
tive simplicity ; ingenuous.

JVaive T E (lidi'ev-ta.'), n. [Ft.] Native simplicity ;
unconscious frankness ; ingenuousness.

Na'KED, a. Uncovered; unclothed; bare; not
hidden : — open ; defenceless : — plain : — mere.

Na'ked-ly, ad. Without covering ; simply.

Na'ked-ness, 71. Nudity; want of covering.

NaM'BY-pXm'BY, a. Alfected and finical. [Low.]

Name, 71. That by which a person or thing is
called ; appellative ; title ; an appellation : — per-
son : — character: — reputation; repute; fame.

Name, v. a. To give a name to ; to nominate.

Syn. — Persons and things are named ; persons
only are nominated. A duke is shjled his grace : —
he was denominated a. XyxaM ; he was nominated
to office ; books are entitled ; persons and acts are

Name 'LESS, a. Destitute of a name.

Name'lv, ad. Particularly ; to mention by name,

Name'sake, n. One who has the same name.

NIn-keen', n, A kind of yellowish or buff'-colored
cotton cloth ; — written also nankin.

NXp, 71. Slumber ; a short sleep : — down on cloth.

NlP, V. n. To sleep ; to be drowsy or secure.

Nape, n. The joint of the neck behind

fNA'PER-Y, 71. Linen for the table. Skelton.

Naph'tha (nap'tha), n. [L.J A bituminous and
very inflammable fluid, which exudes from the
earth on the shores of the Caspian Sea, &c.

NSp'kin, 71. A cloth to wipe the hands, &c.

Nap'less, a. Having no nap ; threadbare.

Nap'pi-ness, n. The quality of having a nap.

NXp'py, a. Frothy ; spumy : — hairy ; full of down.

JVar-cis'sus, n. [L.J L. pi. nar-cJis' sr; Eng,
NAR-c'is'sus-E§. A genus of plants ; a daftbdil.

J^A.R-cd'sis,n. [Gr.] (Med.) Privation of sense.

Nar-c6t'ic, 71. (Med.) A drug producing lethargy,

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