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advance • to make : — to issue ; to arise ;
to act :_ — to prosecute : — to take a degree.

PRO-CEiiD'ER, ». One who proceeds.

Prq-CiIed'ing, 77, Atransaction ; a procedure,

PRo'CEiiDS or Pko-ceed^' [pro-s5dz', W. P. K. ;
pro'sSdz, Ja. C. ; pros'edz, Sm.], n. pi. Produce ;
income ; rent ; issue.

PRQ-ciiR'i-TY, 7(. Tallness ; height of stature.

Pr69'ess, 77. A progress; procedure: — a course
of law : — the prominent part of a bone.

Syn. — Regular process or procedure ; process or
course of law ; pro/n-ess in improvement ; proceed-
ings of soc\et\es ; transaction of business.

Pr9-ces'sion (pry-sesh'un), 77. Act of proceed-
ing ; a train marcliing in ceremonious solciniiity.

Syn. — A funeral procession ; a train of coaches
or followers.

Pro-ces'sion-ae (pro-sSsh'un-al), 77. A book re-
lating to the processions of tlie Romish church.

PRp-ciJs'sipN-AL, ) a. Relating to, or forming,

Pro-cIjs'sion A-RY, i a proce.ssioii.

Pro' piIE IN (pro'ahen), a. [Fr.J Nearest ; next.

PRo'enRO-Ni^M, 77. All error in chronology by
dating a thing too early.

Pro^'i-dence, 71. A falling down.

Pro-claim', v. a. To declare publicly ; to an-
nounce; to promulgate ; to publish : — to outlaw.

Pro-claim' ER, 7t. One who proclaims.

Proc-la-ma'tion, 77. A public, official notice or
declaration ; a decree ; an edict.

Prq-CL'iv'i-ty, 77. Tendency ; inclination.

Pro-con'svl, 71. A Roman governor.

PRQ-coN'sy-LAR, a. Belonging to'a proconsul.

A,E, I, O, 0, y, loiig; X, E, I, 6, i), Y, short; A, E, I, 9, V, V, obscure.— FARVI, FAR, fAST, ALL; HfilR, WEBi




PRO-coN'su-liATE, n. The office of proconsul.

Pro-con'sul-ship, n. The office of a proconsul.

Pro-crXs'TI-nate, v. a. To defer from time to
time ; to delay ; to put otf.

Pro-cras'ti-nate, v. n. To be dilatory.

Pro-cras-ti-na'tion, n. Delay ; dilatoriness.

PrP-cras'ti-na-tor, n. A dilatory person.

Pro'cre-ate, v. a. To generate ; to produce.

Pro-cre-a'tion, n. Generation ; prod\iction.

Pro'cre-a-tive, a. Generative ; productive.

Pro'cre-a-tive-ness, n. Power of generation.

Pro'cre-a-tor, n. A generator ; a begetter.

Pro-crDs'te-an, a. Relating to Procrustes: —
stretched or contracted, as the case requires.

Proc'tor, n. An attorney in a spiritual court : —
a procurator: — an officer in a university.

tPR6c'TpR-A9^E,7i. Management ; — in contempt.

Prqc-to'ri-al, a. Relating to a proctor.

Proc'tor-shIp, n. Office or dignity of a proctor.

Pro-cum'bent, a. Lying down ; prone ; trailing.

Pro-cOr'a-ble, a. Obtainable; acquirable.

tPROc'u-RA-cv, n. The management of any thing.

Proc-u-ra'tion, 71. Procureuient ; management.

Proc'u-ra-tqr, n. A Roman provincial magis-
trate ; a manager ; an agent ; a proctor.

Proc-u-ra-to'ri AL, a. Relating to a procurator.

Proc-u-ra'tqr-ship, n. Office of a procurator.

Prq-cu'ra-to-ry, a. Tending to procuration.

Pro-cure', v. a. To get by effort, by favor, or by
purchase ; to obtain ; to acquire.

Pro-cure', v. n. To bawd ; to pimp.

Pro-cure'ment, n. Act of procuring.

Pro-cur'er, n. One who procures ; an obtalner.

Pro-cur'ess, n. She that procures ; a bawd.

Prod'i-gal, a. Spending without necessity ; pro-
fuse ; wasteful ; expensive ; extravaa-ant.

Prod'i-gal,, n. A waster ; a spendthrift.

PrSd-i-gXl'i-ty, n. Extravagance ; profusion.

Pr6d'i-gal-ly, ad. Profusely ; wastefuUy.

i'Rp-Di(^'lous (pro-dTj'us), a. Partaking of or like
prodigy ; wonderful ; amazing ; monstrous.

Pro-di^'ious-ly (pro-dij'us-Ie), ad. Amazingly.

PRp-DT(j'loys-r0ss, n. Enormousness ; wonder.

PROD'i-qtY, 71. Something wonderful; a wonder ;
a monster. See Miracle.

Prod'j-tq-RY, a. Treacherous; perfidious.

Pro-duce', v. a. To bring forth ; to yield ; to af-
ford ; to bear : — to exhibit : — to cause ; to effect.

Prod'uce (prod'dus) [prod'dus, W. Ja. Sm. R. ;
prod'jus, S. ; prod'us, .7. E. F. C.],n. That which
is produced ; production ; product ; profit ; increase.

PrP-du'cent, 71. One who exhibits or offers.

Pro-du'cer, 71. One who generates or produces.

Pro-du-CI-bil'i-ty, 7(. State of being producible.

Pro-du'ci-ble, a. That may be produced.

PRO-Du'ci-BLE-NESS,77. State of being producible.

Prod'uct, n. Something produced l)y nature or
art ; an effect ; result. — {Jirith.) The result pro-
duced by multiplying one number by another.

Pro-dOc'tile, a. That may be drawn out.

Prq-dOc'TION, 7t. Act of producing ; product.
Syn. — The productions of the earth or of na-
ture ; productions of art ; product of a country, of
the imagination ; produce of the fields ; produce of

Pro-dDc'tive, a. Fertile i generative; efficient.

PR0-Drjc'TivE-NESS,7i. State of being productive.

PR6':^iVr, n. A preface; an introduction.

Pro-e'MI-al, a. Introductory ; prefatory.

PROF-A-NA'TlpN, 77. A violation of tilings sacred.

Pro-fane', a. Irreverent to things sacred ; irre-
ligious ; impious: — impure: — secular; not sa-
cred ; as, profane history.

Prq-fane', i). a. To violate ; to put to wrong use.

Pro-fane'lv, ad. With irreverence; wickedly.

Prq-fane'nijss, 71. Irreverence of what is sacred.

Prq-fan'er, n. One who profanes or pollutes.

Prq-Fan'i-ty, 71. Quality of being profane ; pro-

PRQ-Ffiss', 73. a. To declare openly ; to avow.

Prq-Fess'ed-lv, ad. With open declaration.

PrO-FES'sion (pro-fesh'un), n. Act of professing;
declaration : — a calling ; a vocation ; an employ-
ment requiring a learned education.

Pro-fes'siqn-al (pro-fesh'un-?l), a. Relating to
a profession ; done by a professor.

Pro-fes'sion-al-ly, ad. By profession.

PRp-FES'spR, 71. One who professes or teaches.

Pro-fes-so'ri-al, a. Relating to a professor.

PRp-FES'soR-SHiP, 71. Office of a professor.

Prof'fer,7). a. To propose ; to offer; to attempt.

Prof'fer, n. An offer made ; a proposal.

Pr6f'fer-er, n. One who proffers.

PRp-Fi"ciENCE (pro-f ish'ens), | 71. Advance-

PRp-Fi"ciEN-cy (pro-fish'en-se), j ment ; im-
provement gained , progress.

PRp-Fi"ciENT (pro-fish'ent), n. One who has
made advances in any study or business.

*PRO'FiLE, Prp-fIle', or Pro'file [pro-fel', S,
P. J. F. K. ; pro'fel, £. Ja. Sm. ; pro'fil o?-' pro-f51',
fV. j pro'fil, C], 7!. A head or portrait repre-
sented sideways ; the side-face ; a half-face.

*PRp-FiL'lST, 71. One who makes profiles.

Prof'it, 7i. Pecuniary advantage; gain; benefit;

Prof'it,?;. a. To benefit ; to improve ; to advance.

Prof'it, v. n. To gain advantage ; to improve.

Pr6f'it-a-ble, a. Affording profit ; gainful ; lu-
crative ; useful ; advantageous.

Pr6f'it-a-ble-ness, 7(. Gainfulness ; usefulness.

Prof'IT-a-BLY, ad. Gainfully ; advantageously.

Prof'it-less, a. Void of profit; useless.

Pr6f'L|-ga-cy, n. Profligate or shameless con-
duct ; gi'oss vice ; depravity ; wickedness.

Prof'li-gate, a. Abandoned to vice ; wicked.

Prof'li-gate, 77. An abandoned, shameless

Prof'li-GATE-ly, ad. In a profligate manner.

Prof'li-gate-ness, 77. Profligacy.

Prof'lu-ence, 71. Progress ; course. [iJ.j

Profor'ma, [L.] For form's sake.

PrP-foOnd', a. Having great deptl» ; deep ; intel.
lectually deep ; learned ; thorough:- low; hund)le.

Pro-foOnd', n. The deep ; the sea ; the abyss.

PrP-foOnd'ly, ad. Deeply ; thoroughly.

PrP-foi7nd'ness, 7i. Profundity ; depth.

PRp-FtjN'Df-TY, 7i. Depthof placeorofVjiowledge.

PrP-fOse', a. Liberal to excess; lavish; prodit
gal ; overabounding ; extravagant.

Pro-fuse'lv, arf. Lavishly; with exuberance.

Pro-FUSE'ness, 7(. Lavishness ; profus-on.

PRp-FU'§IpN (pro-fu'zhun), 7t. Lavishness; prod-
igality ; extravagance ; profuseness : abundance.

Prog, 71. 7i. To shift meanly for provisions- [Luiu.]

Prog, 77. Victuals; provision of any kind. [Low.]

PRp-(;iEN'l-TpR, 71. A forefather; an ancestor

Pr6(^'e-ny, 77. Offspring; descendants; race.

PjRoe-Jvd'&7«, 77. [Gr.] (Med.) The art or power
of foretelling the event of a disease.

PRpG-Nos'Tic, a. Foretokening ; foreshowing.

Prpg-nos'TIC, 71. A sign; a token; omen; pre~

Prog-nos'ti-ca-ble, a. That may be foretold.

Prog-nos'ti-cate, v. a. To show beforehand
by signs ; to foretell ; to foreshow.

Prog-nos-ti-ca'tion, n. Act of foretelling.

PRpG-Nos'Tl-CA-TpR, 77. One who foretells.

Pro'graM, 77. [Progranima, L. ; programme, Fr.]
An edict ; a bill or plan ; preface ; a progranuno.

Pro'gramme, 77. [Fr.] A bill or plan exhibiting
an outline of an entertainment or public perform-
ance ; program.

Prog'ress [prog'gres, S. TV. P. J. E. F. Sm. C. ;

' pro'gres, Ja. K.\, n. Motion forward; course;

Syn. — Regular progress ; course of study ; ad-
vancement in learning ; arithmetical progression ;
proficiency in music.

fPiioG'Ripss, V. n. To move forward. Sliak.

pRp-GRESs', V. n. To proceed ; to advance ; to
make progress. — A modern word, reputed of
American origin; but of late much used in England.

MIEN, SIR ;cvi6vE, NOR, s5n; bOll, BUR, rOle 9,9, ^,soft; )3,et,c,^,hard; §asz; Jfasgz: seilis.




PrO-gres'sion (pro-gresh'uii), n. Regular or

gradual advance ; progress ; course.
Pro-GRES siqn-AL, o. Advancing ; increasing.
Prq-gres'sive, a. Going forward ; advancing.
Prq-griss'sive-ly, ad. By regular course.
Prq-GRES'sive-NESS, n. State of advancing.
Pru hac vl'ce, [L.] For this turn.
Prq-hie'it, v. a. To forbid; to interdict; to

hinder ; to prevent.
PrP-hIb'it-er, ?!. Aforbidder; an interdicter.
PR6-Hl-Bi"TipN (pro-he-bisli'un), ii. Act of pro-

liibiting ; interdiction ; an interdict.
Pro-Hie'i-tTve, ) a. Implying prohibition ; for-
PrP-hTe'i-to-rv, i bidding; prohibiting.
Pro-Je;ct', v. a. To scheme ; to form ; to contrive.
Pro-jEct'. v. n. To jut out ; to shoot forward.
Proj'ect, n. A scheme ; a design ; contrivance.
Pro-j£c'tile, n. A body projected.
Pro-jEc'TILE, a. Impelled or impelling forward.
Pro-jec'tion, ?t. Act of projecting; that which

■.s projected ; a plan ; a delineation.
fPRO jEct'WENT, n. A design ; a projection.
Pro JECT'OK, 71. One who projects or designs.
Pro ject'lire (pro-jekt'yur), jj. A jutting out.
Pmojet (pro-zhd'), n. [Fr.J A project ; a plan ;

a draft for a proposed treaty or convention.
Pro'I.ate [pro'lat, S. E. Wb. ; prol'at, TV. ; pro-
lit', Sm. I, a. Drawn out at the poles ; not oblate.
Prq-LA'tion, 7^ Pronunciation: utterance.
Pro'leg, ?(. A sort of spurious leg in insects.
ProL-E-GoM' E-NA, [Gr.] Preliminary ob-
servations or remarks ; a preface.
Pro-lep'sis, n. (Rhet.) A figure by which ob-
jections are anticipated and answered ; an antici
pation. — (Chron.) Act of dating an event too
early ; a prochronism.
PrO-lEp'tic, )a. Relating to prolepsis ; pre-
Pro-lep'TI-CAL, \ vious ; antecedent.
PRO-Li2P'Ti-CAL-LY, i2(i. By way of anticipation.
Pji6-LE-TAlRE',n. [Ft.] A person destitute of
property: — tlie class" whose labor is their only
capital ; tlie common or laboring people, [people.
Pro-le-ta'ri-an, n. One of the lowest class of
Pro-le-ta'rJ-an, a. Low , base ; vile.
Prol'i-cide, 71. (Law.) The destruction of human

offspring ; infanticide.
Pro-lif'er-ous, a. Producing; prolific.
PRO-L'iF'lC, ) a. Producing offspring ; fruitful ;
Pro-lTf'i-cal, ( productive ; fertile.
PRO-L'iF'i-CAL-LY, ad. Fruitfully ; productively.
Pro-Lif-I-cA'tion, 7t. Generati(m; production.
PRO-LiF'ic-Nisss, 71. State of being prolific.
Prq-lTx'' I pro-liks', S. JV. P. J. E. F. Ja. K. Sm. ;
pro-liks' or pro'Uks, fVb.], a. Long; tedious;
diffuse. — Prolix is opposed to concise ; diffuse, to
PRQ-Lfx'l-TY, n. Tediousness ; tiresome length.
Fro-lTx'ly, ad. At great length ; tediously.
Fro-LIX'Ness, 71. Tediousness; prolixity.
*Pr6l.'o-cu-tor rprbl'.?-ku-tur, S. Sm. ; pro-lo-
ku'turi P. Ja. : pro-lok', ./. F. K. R. C. Wb. :
prol-o-ku'tur, W.],n. (L.) A speaker ; the speaker
of a convocation.
*PROL-o-Ct!'TpR-SHlP, n. Office of prolocutor
*Prol'6giie [prol'og, S. TV. P. J. E. F. Sm. ; pro'-
iog, ./a. K. C. TVb.], n. An introductory piece or
poem; a preface; an introduction.
*Prol'6gue, v. a. To introduce with a preface.
Prq-Long', u. a. To extend the duration of; to

continue ; to protract ; to lengthen out.
Pro-lon GA'TlpN, 77. Act of prolonging ; delay.
Pro-long'er, 77. He or that which prolongs.
Pro-lu'^ion, n. A preluile ; an essay.
PR6M-E-NADE\n. [Fr.] Walk ; place of walking.
Prom-e-nade', v. 11. To walk ; to take a walk.
*PrP-Me'the-AN [pro-me'the-an, K. Sm. Brandc ;
pr5-me-the'anj TVb.],n, A glass tube, containing
sulphuric acid, used in chemistry.
*PRP-Mi3'THE-AN, a. Relating to Prometheus.
Prom'I-nenceJ )n. State of being prominent ; a
PROM'i-NiiN-CY, ( projection ; protuberance.

ProM'I-nEnt, a. Standing out ; conspicuniis.
Syn. — Prominent feature, figure ; conspicuous
situation ; eminent author.
PROiM'i-NiJNTLY, ad With prominence.
Pro-mis'cv-oDs, o. Mingled; confused; mixed.
PRp-Mis'cv-OijS-LY, ad. With confused mixture.
PrP-mTs'cv-ous-ness, 77. The being promiscuous.
Prom'ISE, 77. A declaration which binds the
person who makes it ; a declaration of some
benefit to be conferred ; good or benefit promised ;
an engagement ; word.

Si/7). — Fulfil your promises, perform your en-
garrements, and keep your word.
Prom'jse, v. n. To make a promise ; to bid fair.
Prom'isEj v. a. To assure by a promise.
PrOm-]S ee',71. One to whom a promise is made.
Pr6m'is-er, 77. One who promises.
PromJs-or' or Pr5m'!S-pr, 77. {Lata.) One who

promises : — correlative to promisee.
pROM'ls-spRl LY, ad. By way of promise.
PROM'is-sp-RV, a. Containing a [ironiise.
Pr6m'pn-TP-R¥, 77. High land jutting into the sea.
PrP-MOTE', v. a. To forward : to advance ; to ex-
alt ; to prefer : — to raise in rank or office.
PrP MOT'er, 77. One wiio promotes or advances.
PrP-MO'TION, 7j. Advancement; preferment.
PrP-m6'T!VE, a. Tending to promote ; heli)ful.
Prompt (promt), a. Quick ; ready ; acute ; easy.
Prompt (promt), v. a. To assist ; to incite.
Prompt'er (promt'er), 77. One who prompts.
Promp'TI TUDE, 77. Readiness ; quickness.
Prompt'lv (promt'le), ad. Readily ; quickly.
PrompT'NESS (pronit'nes) n. Readiness.
Prompt'uke (promt'yur), 77. A suggestion.
PrP-mDl'gate, v. a'. To publish; to make

known ; tq^leach publicly ; to proclaim.
Pr6m-ul Ga'TION, 77. Publication ; exhibition.
Prom'UL-ga-TOR fprom-yl-ga'tur, TV. J. F. ; pro-
niul-ga'tur, E. Ja.; pro-mul'ga-tur, S. ; prSin'ul-
ga-tiir, Sm. C. j, 77. One who' promulgates.
PRO-MDLfjtE', V. a. To promulgate ; to publish.
PrP-mDL^-'er, 77. A publislier; a promulgator.
Prone, a. Lying with the face downwards ; not

supine : — bending downward ; inclined.
Prone'NESS, (7. State of being prone ; inclination.
PronGj 77. The tine of a fork, &c. ; a fork.
Pro-NOM'i-NAL, a. Relating to a pronoun.
Pro'NoOn, 77. (Oram.) A word used instead of a
noun, to avoid tlie too frequent repetition of the
same word.
Pro-NOUNCE', 7,'. a. To speak; to articulate; to
declare : — to utter rhetorically. — v. n. To sjicak.
Pro-NOUNCE'A-BLE, a. That may be pronounced.
Pro-noun^'ER, 77. One who pronounces.
PRO-NUN-ci-A-MEN' TO, 77. [Sp.] A procla-
mation ; a declaration.
PRp-NUN-ci-A'TipN (pro-iiiin-she-a' [pro-
nun-she-a'sliun, TV. J. F. Ja. ; pro-iiiiii-se-a'shun,
P. K. Sin. C. ; pro-nuii-slia'shun, S.J, 77. The act
or mode of pronouncing ; utterance ; delivery.
PRp-NDN'ci-A-TiVE, a. Uttering Confidently.
Proof, 77. That by which something is proved ;
enidence ; test ; trial : — impenetrability : — a trial-
sheet of print to be corrected ; proof-shoeL
Proof, a. Impenetrable ; able to resist.
Proof'-SHEist, 77. The first impression of a
printed sheet, for correction ; a trial-sheet ; a proof.
Prop, v. a. To support; to sustain ; to keep up.
Prop, 77. That on winch any thing rests ; a sup-
port ; pillar.
Prop'a-ga-ble, a. That may be propagated.
PRop-A-eAyDA, 77. [L.] A Roman Oatlitdij
association at Rome, called Conn-regatio de Proiia-
n-anda Fide, " Society for Propagating the Faith."
Pr6p-a-gan'ui^m, 77. Proselytisni.
Pr6p-a-gan'dist, 77. A missionary ; a proselyter
Prop'a-gate, v. a. To extend ; to increase; tu

generate ; to disseminate ; to diffuse.
Prop'a-gate, v. n. To have ofispring.
Pr6p-a-ga'tipn, 77. Generation ; extension.
Prop'a-ga TpR, 77. One who propagates.

A, E,T, 6, U, Y, long ,• X, E, t, 6, D, Y, short ; A, E, I, p, V, y, oiscTire.— FARE, FAR, FAST, ALL; HEIR, HEB;




Prq-pEl.', ». a. To drive or urge forward ; to press
forward by force.

Pro-pel'ler, n. He or that which propels. — An
instrument, called the screw-propeller, for the pro-
pulsion of vessels : — a steam-vessel provided
with such an instrument.

Pro-pend', v. n. To incline to any part ; to lean

Pro-pen'den-cy,7i. Inclination or tendency. [M.\

Pro-Pense', a. Leaning; inclined ; disposed.

Prq-Pense'ness, n A natural tendency.

Pro-pen'sion, n. Same as propensity

Prq-pen'si-ty, 7^ Tendency , inclination ; bias.

Prop'er, a. Peculiar ; one's own : — natural ; fit ;
suitable ; just ; right ; real, not figurative : —
peculiar to the individual, as a proper name.

Pr6p'er-LY, ad. In a proper manner , fitly.

Prop'er-ness, n. Quality of being proper.

Prop'ER-tv, n, A peculiar quality : —a posses
sion ; what one possesses ; an estate , goods.

Proph'a-sIs, n. {Med.) Foreknowledge of dis-
eases ; prognosis.

Proph'e-cy, «• Act of prophesying or foretelling
future events ; a prediction.

Syn. — Prophecy of a person inspired ; prediction
of a discerning person ; divination by an augur or

Pr6ph'e-si-er, n. One who prophesies.

Pr6ph'E-SY, V- a. To predict ; to foretell.

Pr6ph'e-sy, v.n. To utter prophecies.

Proph'et, n. One who prophecies ; a predicter.

PROPH'ET-iJSS, 71. A female prophet.

PrP-ph£t'ic, )a. Relating to a prophet or

Pro-phet'i-cal, \ prophecy ; foretelling.

PRp-PHET'i-CAL-L.Y, ad. In manner of a prophecy.

Proph y-lXc'tic, n. A preventive medicine.

Proph-y-lac'tic, ) a. Preventing disease;

Proph-y-lIc'ti-cal., \ preventive.

PrP-pin'QUI-TY, 71. Nearness; kindred.

Pro-pT"ti .^-ble (pro-pish'e-a-bl), a. Placable.

PrP-pi"ti-ate (prp-pish'e-at), v. a. To induce
to favor ; to conciliate ; to make propitious.

Pro-pT-ti-a'tion (pro-pish-e-a'shun) [pro pish-e
a'shun, W'. P. J. fI Ja. K. Sm. C. i i)r6-pe-sha'-
shun, S.],n. Act of propitiating ; atonement.

PrP-pT"ti-a-TPR (pro-pish'e-a-tur), ■«. One who
propitiates ; an appeaser.

PRp-pf'Tl-A-TORY (pro-pTsh'e-a-to-re), a. Hav-
ing the power to make propitious ; conciliatory.

PRp-Pi"Ti-A-Tp-RY, 71. The mercy -seat ; the cov-
ering of the ark in the Jewish temple.

PRp-pi"Tiovs (pro-pish'us), a. Disposed to be
merciful ; favorable ; kind ; auspicious.

PrP-pj"tious-lv (pro-pTsh'us-le), arf. Favorably.

Pro Pi"Tious-NESS (pro-pish'us-nes), n. Qual-
ity of being propitious ; kindness.

Pro'pla^m, 77. A mould ; a matrix.

Pitp PL.iS'TicE, 77. The art of making moulds.

Pro'po-lis, 71. A glutinous substance used by bees.

Pro-po'nent, n. One who makes a proposal.

Pro-por'tion, 71. The comparative relation of
one thing to another ; ratio ; equal degree : — 57/777
melry : — size : — part : — a rule of arithmetic,
called also the Rule of Three.

Pro-por'tion, v. a. To adjust by comparative
relation ; to form symmetrically.

Pro-por'tiom-a-ble, a. That may be propor-
tioned ; proportional. [state.

Pro-por'tipn-a-ble-ness, n. Proportionable

PRp-POR'TipN-A-BLY, od. By proportion.

Pro-por'tion-al, a. Having due proportion.

PRp-POR'TipN-AL, 77. A quantity in proportion.

PRp-POR-TlpN-XL'l-TY, n. State of being pro-

PRp-POR'TlpN-AL-LY, ad. In a stated proportion.

Pro-por'tion-ate, a. Having due proportion;

PRp-POR'TipN-ATE, V. a. To make proportional.

Pro-por'tion-ate-ly, ad. Proportionally.

PrP-por'tiqn-ate-n Ess, n. Pniportionality.

Prq-po'^al, 77. An oflTer ; a proposition ; a design.

PrP-po^e'jC. a. To offer for consideration ; to bid.

PrP-po§'er, 77. One who proposes or ofifers.

PR6p-p-§i"TipN (prop-o-zish'un), 77. Act of pro.
posing ; a thing proposed ; a proposal ; offer.

PR6P-p-§i"TIpN-AL, a. Relating to a proposition.

PrP-poOnd', v. a. To offer ; to propose ; to e.\hibit.

PrP-pound'er, n. One who propounds.

PRp-PRi'E-TA-RY,77. A possessor in his own right ;
a proprietor ; an owner.

Pro-prI'e-ta RY,a. Belonging to a certain owner.

PrP prI'e-TOR, 77. A possessor in his own right.

Pro PRi'E TpR-SHtP, n. State of a proprietor.

Pro PRi'E tress, 77. A female proprietor.

PRp-PRi'E-TY,77. State of being proper ; suitable-
ness ; fitness ; justness : — e.xclusive right.

Pro-pugn' (pro-pun'), »• a. To defend.

PrP pugn'er (pro-pun'er), n. A defender.

PRp PUL'sipN, 77. The act of drivisg forward.

Pro ra'ta, [L.] In proportion.

Pro re n'a'tq, [L.J For the occasion.

Pro-ro-g A'TlpN, 77. Act of proroguing.

Pro-rogue' (pro-rog'), v. a. To protract ; to put
off; to delay : — to adjourn, as a parliament.

Syn. — Parliament is prorogued ; Congress or a
court is adjourned.

PRp-RiJp'TlpN, 77. The act of bursting out.

PrP-§a'ic, a. Belonging to prose ; like prose.

PRp-^A'i-CAL-LY, ad. In a prosaic manner.

*PRp-§A'i§ivi, 77. Form of prose writing.

*PrP-§a'ist [pro-za'ist, K. Sin. Boag. ; pro'zj-Tst,
C. Wb.],n. A writer of firose.

Pro-sce' Ni-UM, 71. The stage of a theatre.

PrP-scribe', i\ a. To censure capitally ; to punish
with civil death ; to doom ; to condemn ; to de-
nounce ; to interdict ; to outlaw.

Prp-scrTb'er,7i. One who proscribes.

Pro-scrip'tion, 77. Act of proscribing; doom to
civil death ; condemnation ; outlawry.

PrP-scrip'tive, a. Tending to proscribe.

Pro^e, n. Language, discourse, or composition
without metre or poetic measure.

Pro^e, v. 77. To make a tedious relation.

Pro^e, a. Consisting of prose ; prosaic.

Pros'e-cute, v. a. To pursue ; to continue: —
to sue by law, as an offender ; to arraign.

Pros'e-cOte, v. 77. To carry on a prosecution.

PROs-E-cO'TipN, n. Act of prosecuting; a pur-
suit ; — a criminal suit.

PROs'E-cuTpR, 77. One who prosecutes.

Pros' e-lvte, 77. A convert to a new opinion.

Pros'e-lyte, v. a. To make proselytes or converta

PROs'E-LY-Ti^M, 7!. Act of proselyting.

Pr5,'^'er, 77. A writer of prose ; a dull relater.

Pr6-slav'er-y, a. Defending or favoring slavery.

PRp-so'Dl-AL, a. Relating to prosody ; prosodical.

PrP-SO'di-an [pro-so'de-an, fV. J. .la. Sm. Wb.;
prg-so'dyaii, S. E. F. K. ; pro-sod'e-an, P.\, n.
One skilled in metre or prosody ; prosodist.

PrP-s6d'!-c AL, a. Of or relating to prosody.

Pros'p-dist, n. One who is versed in prosody.

Pr6s'p-dy, 77. That part of grammar which treats
of accent, quantity, versification, and the laws of

Pjtos-o-PO-PCE' lA (pros-o-p9-p("'ya), n. [L.]
{Rhct.) A figure by which things are represented
as persons ; personification.

Pros'pect, 77. A view of something distant ; a
view ; object of view : — ground of expectation :
— view into futurity ; ojiposed to retrospect.

Syn. — An extensive prospect ; a fine landscape;
a narrow vierc ; a minute survey.

PRp-sPEc'TipN, 77. The act of looking forward.

Pro-spec'tive, a. Looking forward ; future.

PRp-SPiic'TUS, 7!. [L.] P/. PRp-SPEC'TVS-E§.

The plan or oiitline o( a proposed literary work.
Pro.s'per, 7j. a. To make prosperous ; to favor.
Pros'per, v. n. To be prosperous ; to tlirivo.
PRps-piiR'!-TY,77. Success ; good fortune ; welfare.
PRos'pipR-od.'i. a. Successful ; /;rtu77uie; lucky;

propitious ; favorable ; auspicious.
PRos'PER-ons-LY, a/. Successfully; fortunately.
PRos'PER-ovs-NJiss, 71. Prosperity.

MlEN,SIR; MOVE, NOR, SON; bOll, BUR, rOle. — <;•, 9, g, so/^ ; £, G, c, |, /lard ; f asz; 1(.asgz: THIS




tPRO-spfci-ENCE (pro-spish'e-ens), 7!. Foresight.

Pros'the-sis, n. [Gr.] (Grain.) A figure by
which one or more letters are prefixed to a word.

Pros'ti-tiIte, v. a. To sell to vile purposes.

Pros'ti-tute, a. Vicious for hire ; sold to vice.

Pros'ti-tute, n. A hireling ; a public strumpet.

Pr6s-ti-tu'tion, 11. Act of prostituting ; state of
being prostituted ; the life of a prostitute.

Pros'ti-tu-tor, n. One who prostitutes.

Pros'trate, a. Lying tlat or at length ; thrown
down ; humble ; prostrated.

Pros'trate, v. a. To lay flat ; to throw down.

Pros-Tra'tion, re. Act of prostrating ; depression.

Pro'stvle,7i. a range of colunms before a building.

Pr6'§y. a. Of the nature of prose ; dull.

PRO-si;L'LO-(,4lsjM, ?i. {Logic.) A form of an argu-
ment in wliicli the conclusion of one syllogism
becomes the major of the next.

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