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that titles so circumstanced ought not to be mixed up indifferently with those upon

which no doubt hangs, he has collected them in a separate section of his book under

the largely expressive title of ' Chaos.' In many respects ' Chaos ' is as interesting

as it is undoubtedly important. Of this Peerage it may with truth be said that it

will compare in point of magnitude and laborious research with some of the very

greatest literary undertakings of the day. For all purposes of reference the work

will be found to be a comprehensive and accurate record of our titled classes and

their blood relations." — Morning Post.

"We are glad to notice the publication of a new Peerage and Baronetage,

the erudite composer of which — Mr. Joseph Foster — forsaking the too frequently

practised and inveterate fashion of treating uncorroborated statements of private in-
dividuals as gospel truths, has boldly stepped into the arena and has searchingly

investigated the true foundation of every claim to dignity. . . . We prefer

this work in every respect to the existing compilations of a similar character, and

we heartily recommend it as a trustworthy book of reference to the two services." —

United Service Gazette,

" We strongly recommend Mr. Foster's ' Peerage ' ; it is lucid, reliable,

admirably arranged, splendidly printed — a volume which must be placed in all

libraries, public as well as private. Moreover, it is a herculean literary task, con-
scientiously and thoroughly well performed." — Whitehall Review.

" It might have been thought that books of the Peerage were already sufficiently


numerous, but Mr. Joseph Foster shows good cause to the contrary. He has approached
his subject from the point of view of the scientific genealogist and student of heraldry —
a circumstance which at once places his work in another category from any of the
ordinary Peerages." — The Scotsman. ^

" The pedigrees have been considerably amplified, and contain more biographical
information than is usually to be found in other Peerages ; and this applies not only to
the lineal, but also to the collateral descents, more especially those of the Baronets.
Much of the detail connected therewith l<5 now published for the first time, and has
been collected from private sources. Of the various Orders of Knighthood and the
shields of the English Sovereigns, both have ■ been well cared for ; and the ^ood
engraving of the one and the accurate treatment of the other leave nothing more to be
desired." — Spectator.

"This is quite a notable book. The coats of arms are bravely and handsomely
drawn. The work is a laborious and conscientious compilation, a valuable record, and
a fine handsome volume." — Vanity Fair.

" This is the first issue of a new Peerage, which surpasses all others in the splendour
of its get-up, and which joins issue with Lodge, Uebrett, and Burke in a way which is
likely to excite something more than mere curiosity, for everything which the Editor
considers 'sham,' either title, arms, or pedigree, he unhesitatingly sets down as such.
Each page of the work has evidently been made a study. The heraldic illustrations
are all new in design, quaint, effective, and well executed, and iNIr. Foster has followed
a mode of printing the pedigrees by which their perplexing details can be easily
understood and traced with less trouble, as it appears to us, than in any existing publi-
cations of a similar kind. . . . Ijut the most important part of the work, genea-
logically, is the Baronetage, which has a special department named ' Chaos.' We will
merely remark on this head that the Editor is evidently a courageous man, as well as an
honest one, and we hope that his labour of five years may be rewarded by all the
success it merits. . The volume is altogether one of the most attractive we have ever seen, and on account of

its many special features is certain to become a popular one." — Dublin Daily Express.

" Mr. Foster's method of separating the Peerages which have descended through heiresses or which have been
revived in favour of co-heirs from the paternal descent of the present holders of them is a great and manifest improvement.
Mr. Foster's is an ampler record of the Knights and their immediate families than is to be met with anywhere else ; and he
adds a full and useful catalogue of the Companions of all the various Knightly Orders of the Empire." — Pall Mall Gazette.
"A handsome volume of ambitious design. i\Ir. Foster has devoted the last five years to the production of a trust-
worthy book of reference. . The whole work has been prepared with great care and taste, and gives promise of taking
its place in the foremost rank of such publications." — The Globe.

"The amount of work expended in the collection of the details contained in this book is something appalling to the
ordinary mind. These facts require study before they can be estimated or criticised, but there is one feature -of the book
which will be apparent to the most casual turner-over of the leaves. We all know the trim arms usual in Peerages
where all the coats are at first sight as much alike as two peas. But here all is different. The supporters look as if they
were supporting something, and many of the shields would evidently fall into space without their assistance. All is life
and action, so that these woodcuts, which are all drawn from authentic sources, give a liveliness to the volume which it
would not otherwise possess." — Temple Bar.

" Sir. Foster, as the result of most arduous labours, has succeeded in compiling a woxV containing in all its several
parts a vast amount of ut-eful and much novel information, and has done this in a manner that deserves high praise." —
Lami and Water.

"Mr. Joseph Foster, than whom no man is better qualified for the task, has, in the sumptuous, the regal volume before us,
produced, assuredly", the finest, the most masterly, the most carefully arranged and best thought-out Peerage and Baronetage
of the age. Those who know (and what genealogist does woV.) his important volumes of county pedigrees, which have been
favourably noticed in these pages, must have been struck with the admirable manner in which they were prepared, and have
felt how thoroughly competent the compiler was for the task. The present work, gigantic in its proportions, is a fitting con-
tinuation of his labours, and will remain a lasting monument to his
judgment and skill. Considerable pains appears to have been taken
to weed out 'doubtfjls' among the Baronets, and these, with many
spurious claims, are thrown by Mr. Foster Into 'chaos,' from which,
we opine, it will be almost a hopeless task even for the Heralds' Col-
lege itself to extricate them. His avowed object has been 'to pro-
duce a useful and trustworthy book of reference, such a hookas will
supply, in a condensed form, the genealogical as well as biographical
history of the principal personages of the present day, including the
near blood relations of every Peer and Baronet' ; and to this end he
has certainly, and with admirable results, ' worked up, to an in-
finitely greater extent than has hitherto been attempted, the very
numerous, and for the most part uncollected, accounts of collateral
descents' especially relating to the Baronets; and thus a vastly
augmented value is given to his work over others. We are not, after
a careful examination of Mr. Foster's volume, going to affirm that it
is faultless, for it would be utterly impossible to produce a work of \
its kind that should in every case be free from error ; but this we
will say; that it seems to us to be far more accurate even in the
smallest details than others, and bears evidence of scrupulous care
in the verifying of dates, and in other particulars. The engravings,
several hundred in number, are deserving of all praise. Drawn in
the true spirit of the early heralds, and executed with strict fidelity
to heraldic details, they form a feature of Mr. Foster's work that is
eminently attractive, and give it a tone of originality and of pure
artistic feeling that is quite refreshing." — The Reliquary.


♦• THG + DESCEIQfP + OB •<>-





OBlooD IRo^al

Edward I., crowned i9=j=Margaiet(2nH. wife), dtiu.

Aug. 1274, b. >7june, 1239,
d. 7 July, 1307

Edmund, of Woodstock,=
b. there 5 Aug. 1301, cr.
Earl of Kent 1321, beheaded

of Philip III. of France,
m. 8 Sept. 1299, d. 14 Feb.

-Margaret, dau. of John,
Lord Wake of Liddell, d.
21 May, 1349.

SirThomasHolland K.G.,=j=Joan, " Faii-=j=Edward the

Earl of Kent, d. 28 Dec.
1360 (1st husband).

Maid of Kent," I Black Prince
d. 8July, 1385. f2ndhusbd.).

Thomas Kcllnjnd,=
2nd Earl of Kent,
d. 25 April, 1397.

Alice, 2nd dan. of Richd.
FitzAlan, K.G., 9th Earl
of Arundel ; she died 17
March, 141 7.

Richd. 11.

Margaret. 3rd d. of Thomas,=f=Sir John Beaufort, Earl of

and sister and co-heir of
Edmund Holland, Earl of
Kent (she re-m. to Thomas,
Duke of Clarence, 2nd son
Henry IV.), d.31 Dec. 1440.

Somerset and Marquis of
Dorset, so cr. 1397, d. 21
April, 1410.

Edmund, Duke of Somerset,=Eleanor, 2nd d. and co-h.
so cr. 31 March 1449, slain I of Richard Beauchamp,
at the first battle of St. Earl of Warwick, d. 12
.\lb&ns, 22 May 1455. I March 1467.

James Butler, Earl Ormonde and=Eleanor, =Sir Robert Spencer,

Wiltshire. K.G., beheaded at co-h. of I of Spencer Combe,

Newcastle i May 1461 s.p. her | Devon, lent.


Katharine = Henry Percy, 5th
Earl of Northum-

Margaret = Thomas Gary, of
I Chilton Folliott,
I Wilts, esq.


SirJohnCary, ofPIashyand=Joyce, widow of

of Thremhall Priory, Essex,
knt., bd. at Hunsdon, 8
Sept. 1551.

Walsingham (father of Sir
Francis), and 5th dau. of Sir
Edmund Denny, knt., baron
of the exchequer, her w.d.
/I^io Nov. 1560.


continued aiave.

W-VN ^-Xr^N X.^

cf (ZBnglanD.


ctmiinuedj'rom behnu.
Sir John Cary.^uyce Walsingham.

Sir Edward Cary. of Alden-;
ham and Great Berkhamp-
slead, Herts, and of llunslet,
Yorks., knt., d. 18 July

:Catherine, dau. of Sir Henry
Knyyett, of Buckenhani,
Nolfolk, knt., and widow o(
Henry, 2nd Lord Paget, d.
I 20 Dec. 1622.

Anne (6th dau.), bapt. lo^Sir Francis Leke, of Sutton,

Aug., 1585, m. 16 Sept.

CO. Derby, knt. and bart.,
cr. Baron Deincourt 1624
and Earl of Scarsdale 1645,
d. 9 Apl. 1655.

Anne, eldest dau. and in her=Henry Hildyard, of Wine-

issue co-h. of her nephew,
Nicholas, 4th Earl of Scars-
dale, bapt. at Newark, 18
Aug. 1614.

stead, Yorks., and East
Horsley, Surrey, chamber-
lain of the exchetiuer, b. 26
Jan. i6og, d. Jan., 1674.

Henry Hildyard, of Wine-=Dorothy, 1st wife, dau. of

stead, and after of Kelstern,
CO. Line, b. 2 July 1637,
d. in 1705.

Thomas Grantham, of
Gollho, CO. Line, esq., IxL
at Wiuestead I Nov. 1667.

I '

Christopher Hildyard, of=Jane, dnu. of George Pitt,,
Kelstern, d. 28 Aug. 17 19, | of Strathfieldsaye, Hants
bd. at K. I Sept. aged 51. (royal descent).

I '

Dorothy, m. at North Cock-^George Clayton, of Grims-

erington 30 Jan. 1719, she
bd. at Gt. Grimsby 5 March
1781, aged 80, having re-m.
to Ralph Tennyson.of Grims-
by, attorney (see pedigree).

by, a Baltic merchant.

Elizabeth Clayton. 5th child:
(and only one to have issue),
b. 30 Dec. 1725, d. 6Jan.,

George Tennyson, M.P., of;
Bayons Manor and Usselby
Hall. CO. Line, b. 7 Feb.
1749-50. d 4 July 1835. M.I.

:=Michael Tennyson, of Pres-
ton, CO. York, and if Slain-
fon, CO. Line, bapt. at
Barton St. Peter, 20 Sept.
1 72 1, d. 6 Oct. 1796, M.I.

zMary, d. and eventual heir
of John Turner, esq., of
Caistor, co. Line, m. 1775,
d. 20 .Aug. 1825, aged 72.

George Clayton Tenny-=Elizabeth, d. of Rev. Charles Tennyson-D'Eyn-^Frances Mary, only child

son, rector of Benniworth
vicar of Grimsby, &c.,
bapt. at Market Rasen,
10 Dec. 1778, d. 16
March, 1831.

Stephen Fytche, of
Louth, m. 6 Aug. 1805,
d. 21 Feb. 1865.

court, P. C, M.P., of Bayons

Manor and Usselby Hall,

CO. Line, J.P., D.L , bapt.

at M.R. 20 July 1784, d.^,26 Jan. 1878

21 July 1864. See p. 25.

.^nd heir of Rev. John
Hutton, of Morion, co.
Line, m. i Jan. 1808, d.

Frederick Tenny-=Maria Caro-

son, of Gt. Grims-
by, CO. Line, b.
5 June, 1807.

lina, dau. of
Signor Giu-
lotti, of Siena.

Alfred, Lord
T ennyson,
poet laureate,
b. 1809.

:Emily Sarah,
dau. and co-h.
of Hy. Sell-
wood, Esq.



Arthur, Tennyson,

m. twice, b. 25 SepL

s.p. 1819.

Horatio =Charlotte(lstwf.),
dau. ofC.npt.D. C.
Cary-Elwes, d. 31
Oct. 1868.


Hon. Hallam Tennyson, m. Hon. Lionel, m. s Feb. 1878,
i'S June, 1884, Audrey, only Eleanor Bei tha Mary, only
CRU. of C. J. Boyle, Esq. child of F. Locker, Esq. =


Bert: am.
Charles Percy.


Cecilia Mary, m. 2 June,
1878, to Rev. Richard Wm.
Massey Pope, M.A.






— I

p. 23.

"1 — I



Alfred. Cnarles. Michael.

^ Alf cash subscribers for Vols.^^ and II., price 6 guineas, can have their royal descent set out in chart form
as above. To minimize corresj; onabjce, and to obtain the work at subscrijition prices, all orders should be
accompanied bv cheoue or nost-offia order Framed royal descents for hanL'inc in the library or study.


MOTTO? — By sending Name and County, with 3s. 6d., a plain drawing
-will be sent; if painted in Heraldic, 7s. Pedigrees traced. The arms of
Man and Wife blended. The proper colour for Servant's Livery, what buttons to
be used, and how the Carriage =hould be painted, according to Heraldic Rules.
"The Manual of Heraldry," 400 Engravings, 3s. 6d. ; post-free by T. CULLETON,
■Genealogist, 25, Cranbourn S reet (corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C. The Heraldic
Library open from Ten till Four. •


k^_/ — Crests engraved on Seals, Rings, Book-plates, and Steel Dies, for stamping
paper. Livery Button Dies, £,2 2s. Crests engraved on Silver Spoons and Family
Plate. A neat Desk Seal, with engraved Crest, 12s. 6d. Registered Letter, 6d.
extra. Medal Dies and Medals. — T. CULLETON, Engraver to the Queen and
Royal Family, 25, Cranbourn Street (corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C.


V—X STATIONERY contains a ream of the best Paper and 500 Envelopes, all
stamped with Crest and Motio, Monogram, or Address, and the Steel Die engraved
free of charge. — T. CULLETON, Die Sinker to the Board of Trade, 25, Cranbourn
Street (corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C.


JLv TON. — Quarter-ream of Paper and 125 high-flap Envelopes, stamped in
rich colours, with Monogram, 6s. No charge for engraving die. — T. CULLETON,
Engraver to the Queen and Die Sinker to the Board of Trade, 25, Cranbourn Street
(corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C.


k_^ 18-carat, Hall-marked. The most elegant Patterns in London. — ^2 2s.,
£z 3^-> £i\ 4^-! £^^ ^'^■1 £^ '^^- ' ^^T massive, £,10 10s. ; heavy knuckledusters,
^16 i6s. Send size of finger, by fitting a piece of thread, and mention the price ring
required, .-^rms. Crests, or Monogram engraved on the rings. — T. CULLETON,
Seal Engraver, 25, Cranbourn Street (corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C


V— '' LINEN require no preparation and are easily used. Initial Plate, is. ; Name
Plate, 2S. 6d. ; Set of Moveable Numbers, is. 6d. ; Crest or Monogram Plate, 7s. 6d.,
with directions, post free for cash t.T stamps, by T. CULLETON, 25, Cranbourn
Street (corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C.


V Fifty, best quality, 2s. 8d., post free, including the engraving of copper
plate, \yedding Cards, fifty each, fifty embossed envelopes, with maiden name,
13s. 6d. Memorial Cards printed, and Hatchments painted, on the shortest notice. —
T. CULLETON, Seal Engraver, 25, Cranbourn St. (corner of St. Martin's Lane), W.C.


-L/ TON. — All the newest designs in Ball Programmes and Menu Cards for the
reason. Ball, Breakfast, Dinner, and Wedding Invitation Canls and Notes of every
description, printed in gold, silver, and colour, and beautifully stamped with arms,
crest, or monograms. Silk Banners painted, Illuminated Vellums for Presentations,
Votes of Thanks, &c. — Paintings on Berlin Paper for Needlework. — 'T. CULLE TON,
Engraver to the Queen and all the Royal Family, 25, Cranbourn Street (corner of
St. Martin's Lane), London, W.C.


Zarge ^to, Jirice 2"hree Guineas, 540 ;pages, elegantly hound fi r the Draiviiig-room.

©ur ji^ot5le anD (©cntle JFamilies of iRopal Dcjjcent,


" Mr. Foster has not even yet done with the
destructive criticism which has earned him so for-
midable a name among genealogists ; but his latest
work breathes no iconoclastic spirit. It is almost in
the nature of a genealogical Reform Bill, so framed
as to extend the franchise of royal descent to the
majority of the English nation. . . . The number of
baronies in fee is very large, and the fact that so
many of them are in abeyance implies anything but
lack of surviving offspring to the first grantees. It is
quite possible therefore that a majority of English
gentlemen are in succession to peerages. . Re-
viewing his work as a whole, we must praise it as a
moi ument of most patient research and accurate
compilation." — The Times.

' ' The latest product of Mr. Foster's untiring in-
dustry in collecting genealogical materials contains
upwards of two hundred and fifty pedigrees and
narrative genealogies, and forms an exceedingly
handsome volume. It will certainly be a source of
keen delight to a great number of young people
whose names are enrolled in its pages, and whom it
furnishes with proofs of their royal descent, and it
also constitutes a very welcome addition to the book-
shelves of genealogists." — AiJieficriim.

" If genealogy should ever recover the position it
once held in the public estimation, much of the
change will be due to Mr. Foster for the zeal and
courage with which he has rejected the fabricated
and ridiculous pedigrees once freely admitted into
works claiming special authority." — Manchester

"The narrative pedigrees, of which there are
several, will be found especially complete and rich
in detail. ... It will doubtless astonish those who
have never studied these matters to learn how much
of illustrious descent is to be found in families. This,
combined with the comprehensive nature of this
book, reni.irknble for the beauty of its tv^se and
bintling, should ensure its being well received by
those who are thus provided with a ' trustworthy
history of their ancestors,' and by all who occupy
themselves with the study of genealogy." — Morning;

' • Mr. Foster may be trusted in genealogical
matters. He is lynx-eyed for doubtful claims and
illegitimate connections, and if he declares a man's
great-great-grandfather to be So-and-io, the chances
are a hundred to one he is riglit. He is a born
burrower among family records, and has already
brought out many valuable works on the pedigrees
and histories of notable families." — Bradford Ob-

" Between Professor Freeman and Mr. Foster,
Ulster King-at-.\rms comes in fora severe castigation,
showing that even in the dignified science of heraldry
' two of a trade can never agree. ' We should rather
like to know Sir Bernard Burke's private opinion on
the chart pedigrees in Mr. Foster's hook."— Stafford-
shire Advertiser.

"The volume will .amply repay minute examina-
tion on the part of those persons who are concerned
with the subject of which it treats. The skill, fidelity,
and lucidity with which Mr. Foster lias set fortli the

information he lias so laboriouslv got together will
be unhesitatingly acknowledged 'by every one who
examines his work." — Birmingham Daily Gazette.

" It is, however, only fair to the learned compiler
to say that his labours do him infinite credit. He
has produced a \-olume which is practically without a
rival, both as regards beauty, accuracy, and conscien-
tious research." — Observer.

" The work is one that every county family should
have." — Tlie Taunton Courier.

" The book is handsomely bound, beautifully
printed, and is certainly one of the most valuable
and perfect of tlie kind ever brought out." — Hult and
Lincolnshire Times.

" This is a very splendid library book, and one of
the most perfect of the sort ever brought out." —

"Mr. Joseph Foster, a genealogist honoured alike
by his patience in tracing true pedigrees and his
courage in overthrowing false ones, has produced a
work which will no doubt be lavishly praised." —
Daily Telegraph.

"Thus this book may be implicitly relied upon,
and that makes the information valuable and gives
these pedigrees an historical character which should
be widely recognised." — Court Circular.

"We have said enou^li, we think, to show the
value and the interest of Mr. Foster's work. But no
words of ours can give an adequate conception of
the labour and research which have been devoted to
its production, and which make it indeed a standing
marvel." — Durham County Advertiser.

' ' Mr. Foster is one of the most skilful and scien-
tific of modern genealogists ; he has, indeed, been
almost too correct in his work to please everybody,
seeing that he has exploded one or two family
bubbles. . . . We rise, in short, from a perusal of
this book with a feeling of admiration for the untir-
ing and painstaking industry wliich has enabled Mr.
Foster to place before the public so laborious and
valuable a work." — Exeter and Plyinoutli Gazette.

" The work represents an amount of patient study
which entitles the author to the especial respect of
antiquaries, and we have no doubt that his book will
be welcomed not only by the persons more imme-
diately interested, but by all who delight in historical
lore. Tlie volume is handsomely bound, and con-
tains a family register for recording births, marriages,
and deaths as they occur in 'Our Noble and Gentle
Families of Royal Descent.' " — Buds Herald.

"The sumptuously attired and laboriously com-
piled work, of which this is the second \olume, is a
monument of Mr. P'oster's industry, and his labours
ought to be successful, for he makes his appeal to
what seems to be a natural and ineradicable instinct
among all civilised jaeoples." — .Manchester Examiner.

" The labour which the compiler must ha\'c under-
gone is simply incredible, for the most laborious
investigation marks every page. An index to all the
living persons mentioned in the course of the book
greatly facilitates reference, while the volume itself
can only be described as the most comprehensive
genealogical work of the kind which has ever yet
been attempted." — Liverpool Mercury.

London: HATCHARDS & Co., 187, Piccadilly; and of all Bookskllers.

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