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englanti anti Males



VOL. 19


J. w



Barnard . . . 153, 160

Bolton 10

Burdett, Baronet . . .107


Cazalet of Fairlawne, co.

Kent i

Corder . 133, 134, 137, 144

Cross of Shrewsbury, co. Salop 191

Denne 187

Douglas of Salwarpe, co.

Worcester . . . 177

Farnham of Quorndon, co.

Leicester . . . .116
Ficklin of Tasburgh Hall,

co. Norfolk . . .148

Firth 97

Fripp . . . . 151

Good of Aston Court, co.

Worcester . . . .48
Goodman, formerly of Leighton

Buzzard, co. Bedford . .102
Gower of Glandovan, co.

Pembroke . . . 50

Haversham, Baron 20

Holmes of Gawdy Hall, co.

Norfolk, and of Fressing-

field, co. Suffolk . . . 204
Jackson . . . -91

Jex-Blake of Swanton Abbots,

co. Norfolk . . -37

Landon . . S3, 54, 60

Lombe of Bylaugh Park and

of Melton Hall, both co.

Norfolk .... 85


Madan . . . . -3°
Nelson of Holme-next-the-Sea,

co. Norfolk •
Parmoor, Baron .
Penny, formerly of Sherborne,

co. Dorset ....
Pytches of Melton, co.

Suffolk ....
Rushbrooke of Rushbrooke,

co. Suffolk ....
Scott of Great Barr, co.

Stafford, Baronet
Staples of The Old Hall,

Spondon, co. Derby .
Suckling of Barsham, co.

Suffolk ....
Surtees of Redworth, co.

Durham ....
Surtees of Mainsforth Hall,

co. Durham
Tarleton of Breakspears,

Uxbridge, co. Middlesex
Tennyson -D'Eyncourt of

Bayons Manor, co. Lincoln 93






5 9S




Woollcombe of Hemerdon

co. Devon .
YVoollcombe-Adams of Anstey

Hall, co. Warwick
Wolseley, Viscountess .
Worthington of Hillesdon

Leek, co. Stafford
Zetland, Marquess of .






Book-plate " William Marshall Cazalet of Fairlawn
1902" .......

Armorial Bearings of Baron Haversham

Portrait of the Very Rev. Thomas William Jex- Blake
D.D., Dean of Wells ....

Armorial Bearings of Viscountess Wolseley

Portrait of Thomas Goodman . . »

Portrait of Carolina, wife of Thomas Goodman

Armorial Bearings of Baron Parmoor .

Book-plate "Philip Berney Ficklin, Tasburgh

Armorial Bearings of the Marquess of Zetland


face page


11 11


11 11


11 11


11 11


1* 11


11 M


11 11


11 11




Cablet of JFatrlatone,
to. ^ent

Arms on record in the College of Arms. —
Azure a castle triple-towered argent between
two fleur-de-lis in chief and a boar passant
in base or.

Crest. — A casque and in front thereof a
tilting-spear fessways all proper.

Motto. — Spero meliora.

Peter Clement Cazalet of 18 Lewes=
Crescent, Brighton, co. Sussex
(eldest son of Noah Cazalet of
St. Petersburg, Russia, by
Charlotte his ist wife, dau. of
John Moore of Surrey Street,
Portsmouth, co. Hants) ; born
at St. Petersburg 14 November,
bapt. there n December 1785;
Russian Consul at Brighton ; died
at sea 6 July, bur. in Volchoff
Cemetery, St. Petersburg, 11 July
1859. Will dated 25 June 1859,
proved (Prin. Reg., 590, 59) 5
October 1859, by the Rev. George
Searle Ebsworth and the Rev.
William Meade.

=01ympia (his cousin),
dau. of Peter Cazalet
of Halstead Place, co.
Kent, by Sarah his wife,
dau. of James Langston
(formerly Haughton),
of Sarsden House, co.
Oxford ; born in London
in 1788 ; marr. at St.
George's, Bloomsbury,
London, 30 March
1 81 8 ; died at Kemp
Town, Brighton, 31
January 1848, buried
at South Holm wood,
Dorking, co. Surrey.

Rev. George Searle Ebsworth of Holly=j=Sarah Marianne,
Bank, Hollington Park, co. Sussex bom at Kensing-

ton of Thomas Ebsworth of 66 Cole
man Street, London) ; educated at
St. Paul's School, London, admitted
13 October 1823, aged 8, and at
Clare College, Cambridge (Pauline
Exhibitioner, 1833), B.A. (28th
Wrangler) 1837, M.A. 1840 ; Curate
of Hoxton, co. Middlesex, 1838-40,
of Brighton 1840-42 ; Vicar of
Ilkeston, co. Derby, 1842-63, and of
Croxton Kerrial, co. Leicester, 1863
-82 ; died at Holly Bank, Hollington
Park, 30 October 1894, bur. at
Hollington. Will dated 21 May
1890, proved (Prin. Reg., 1175, 94)
31 December 1894, by George
Clement Ebsworth, the Rev. Algernon
Frederic Ebsworth, and Edward
Henry Ebsworth, sons. /t\

ton, London,
31 January 18 19 ;
las,' Brighton, 5
July 1843 ; died
6 April 1890, bur.
at Hollington.

Rev. Charles Augustus^
Halson ; of Pembroke
College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1841, M.A. 1844;
Curate of Enfield, co.
Middlesex, 1849 J died
at St. Stephen's Villas,
Shepherd's Bush, co.
Middlesex, 10 No-
vember 1859, bur. at
Arreton, Isle of Wight.
Will dated 10 May
1858, proved (Prin.
Reg., 27, 60) 10 Jan-
uary i860, by Olympia
Maria Halson, relict.

=01ympia Maria,
born 14 April
1820; marr. at
St. James', West-
minster, 9 Jan-
uary 1849 ; died
at Stickworth,
near Arreton, 17
January 1892,
bur. at Arreton.
Will dated 1 1
February 1888,
proved (Prin.
Reg., 927, 92)
2 1 September
1892, by Arthur
Harbottle Est-
court and Ar-
thur Sotheron


Fanny, born William Clement Cazalet of Grenehurst,=

at St. Peters- co. Surrey ; born 14 February 1823 ;

burg 16 June Captain West Surrey Militia ; died at

1821, bapt. Grenehurst 17 November 1890, bur. at

there; died Holmwood. Will dated 10 February

8 February 1890, with three codicils dated 24 April,

1823, bur. at 31 May and 9 November 1890, proved

Holmwood. (Prin. Reg., 16, 91) 9 January 1891,

by Edward Henry Ebsworth, William

Dawes Freshfield, and Henry Bacon,


=Emmeline Agnes, dau. of Colonel
William Fawcett of the 60th Foot, by
Agnes his wife, dau. of W. Wickham of
North Lodge, Frome, co. Somerset ; born
at Mendip Lodge, co. Somerset, 17 Sep-
tember 1837 ; marr. at St. James', Padding-
ton, London, 10 June 1856 ; died at
Tanhurst, Dorking, 10 April 19 10, bur.
at Holmwood. Will dated 15 May 1896,
with codicil dated 20 June 1903, proved
(Prin. Reg., 698, 10) 2 May 1910, by Henry
Bacon, nephew.

Rev. Francis Bacon of Much Hadham Hall, co. Hertford 1
(younger son of Nicholas Bacon and grandson of Sir
Edmund Bacon, 8th and 9th Baronet); born 17
February 1824; of St. John's College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1846, M.A. 1849; Vicar of Hundleby, co.
Lincoln, 1860-63; died at Much Hadham 28 June
1882, and buried there. Will dated 21 November
1872, with codicil dated 24 June 1881, proved (Prin.
Reg., 604, 82) 2 August 1882, by Caroline Cecilia
Bacon, relict, and Edward Cazalet, brother-in-law.


=Caroline Cecilia, born at Hoddesdon,
co. Hertford, 23 March 1825 ; marr.
at St. Nicholas', Brighton, co. Sussex,
19- June 1855; died at Bad Nauheim,
Germany, 6 October 1897, bur. at
Much Hadham. Will dated 18 Jan-
uary 1895, proved (Prin. Reg., 1182,
97) 8 November 1897, by the Rev.
Reginald Cazalet Bacon and Henry

John Horsley Palmer of Broomhill, Wormley, co. Surrey (eldest son=
of John Carrington Palmer of Mixbury House, Eastbourne, co. Sussex,
by Mary his wife, dau. of John Lowis of Plean, co. Stirling) ; born at
21 Lowndes Street, Belgrave Square, London, 7 July, bapt. at
St. George's, Hanover Square, London, 10 July 1847 ; educated at
Repton ; an East India Merchant ; Master of the Worshipful Company
of Mercers 1901-1902 ; Chairman of the Governors of St. Paul's
School 1901-1902; died at Broomhill, Witley, co. Surrey, aged 67,
on Monday, 20 July, bur. in the churchyard at Witley on Thursday,
23 July 1914.

=Agnes Lilian, born
at St. Petersburg 21
February 1857, bapt.
there ; marr. at Capel,
co. Surrey (by her
great-uncle, the Rev.
Edmund Dawe Wick-
ham), on Thursday,
30 September 1879.

Elfrida Mary, born at St.
Petersburg 12 March, bapt.
there 21 July 1858.

Theodora, born at St. Peters-
burg 12 July, bapt. there 23
July 1859.

Madeline, born at St. Peters-
burg 15 September i860, bapt.
there 2 March 1861.

Henry Ellis Dobson (2nd son of Charles Dobson of Broome=pConstance Olympia, of Way Close,

Park, Betchworth, co. Surrey, by Julia his wife, dau. of
Colonel Clementson) ; born at Westbourne Terrace, London,
2 May, bapt. at Holy Trinity, Westbourne Terrace, 13 June
1855 ; died at Way Close, Reigate, co. Surrey, aged 52, on
Wednesday, 11 December 1907, bur. in the cemetery at

Reigate ; born at Sydenham, co.
Kent, on Friday, 4 November
1864, bapt. there ; marr. at Capel
(by her great-uncle, the Rev.
Edmund Dawe Wickham) on
Wednesday, 14 January 1885.


Rev. William Meade of Binegar, co. Somerset (2nd son of the Rev.=
Richard John Meade, Canon Residentiary of Wells, and Vicar of Castle
Cary, co. Somerset) ; born at Norton St. Philips, co. Somerset, 7 January
1821; of Balliol College, Oxford, matriculated 14 June 1839, B.A. (3rd-class
Lit. Hum.) 1843, M.A. 1847; Curate of Walton, co. Somerset, 1844-50;
Rector of Binegar 185 1 till death; died at 16 The Circus, Bath, co.
Somerset, aged 72, on Saturday, 22 April 1893, bur. at Binegar. Will dated
22 June 1892, with two codicils dated 18 March and 13 April 1893,
proved at Wells 3 August 1893, by Margaret Eugenia Meade, relict,
and Edward Cazalet Meade, son. He married 2ndly at Ston Easton, co.
Somerset, 16 April 1863, Charlotte Mary, 2nd dau. of John Hippisley, F.R.S.,
of Ston Easton; and 3rdly at St. Andrew's, Bath, in 1892, Margaret Eugenia,
dau. of the Rev. Thomas Hayes, formerly Rector of Staunton, co. Worcester.

Charlotte, born
3 1 October 1826;
married at St.
Nicholas', Brigh-
ton, co. Sussex,
19 June 1855;
died at Lewes
Crescent, Brigh-
ton, on Tuesday,
27 March i860,
bur. at Holm-
wood, co. Surrey.
1 st wife.


Frederick Lawrence Rawson of Barwell Court, Chessington, co.=
Surrey (son of Sir Rawson William Rawson, K.C. M.G., C.B.,
Governor-in-Chief of the Windward Islands, by Marianne Sophia
his wife, dau. of the Rev. the Hon ble Henry Ward, Rector of
Killinchy, co. Down); born at Cape Torre, South Africa, 27 July
1859, bapt. there; educated at Westminster School, admitted 23
January 1873; Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers,
Assoc. M.Inst. C.E.

=Evelyn Trevelyan, born
at Malvern College, co.
Worcester, 3 1 December
1865, bapt. there; marr.
at St. Mary Abbott's,
Kensington, London, 18
February 1890.


Clement Haughton Langston Cazalet of Whitehall Court,=Gertrude Violet, dau. of Hugh
Westminster; born at Bearehurst, Holmwood, co. Surrey, Rosebury of Melbourne, South
16 July 1869; of Trinity College, Cambridge, matriculated Australia; marr. at St. George's,
Michaelmas Term 1887; temporary Captain in the Army Hanover Square, London, n
22 February 1915, formerly Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Royal December 1900.
West Surrey Regiment.

Florence Violet
(twin with Hilda
Beatrice), born
at Bearehurst,
Holmwood, on
Thursday, 2 1 No-
at Holmwood.

Hilda Beatrice (twin
with Florence Vio-
let), born at Beare-
hurst, Holmwood,
on Thursday, 2 1
November 1872,
bapt. at Holmwood.

Edward Henry Clementson of=
Upper Lostiford, Wonersh, co.
Surrey (2nd son of General
Charles Doxat Clementson of the
Indian Staff Corps, and of Wal-
thamstow, Ootacamund, Madras
Presidency, by Annie Frederica
Beck his wife, of Cape Town) ;
born at Bellary, India, 12 October
1853 ; educated at the Royal
EngineeringCollege, Cooper's Hill,
co. Middlesex ; died at Upper
Lostiford, Wonersh, aged 54,
2 November, bur. at Wonersh
6 November 1907.

=Irene Gwendoline,
born at Grene-
hurst, Dorking, co.
Surrey, on Friday,
n August 1876,
bapt. at Capel, co.
Surrey ; marr. at
Rangoon, Burmah,
12 December 1897.

Edward Cazalet of Fairlawne, co. Kent ; born at=
Brighton 9 November 1827, bapt. there; educated
at St. Petersburg; J. P. and D.L. for co. Kent;
purchased Fairlawne in 1872 ; died at Constantinople
21 April 1883, bur. at Shipbourne, co. Kent. Will
dated 23 July 1870, proved (Prin. Reg., 487, 83)
5 June 1883, by Elizabeth Sutherland Cazalet, relict,
James Archibald Marshall, Edward Henry Ebsworth,
nephew, and James Lawrence Boyd.

=Elizabeth Sutherland, dau. and heiress of
William Marshall, Danish Consul-General
for Scotland, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of James Miller of Leith, co.
Midlothian and sister of Sir William
Miller, 1st Baronet ; born at Leith
5 October 1837, and bapt. there; marr.
at 93 Constitution Street, Leith, 15
March i860 ; died at Fairlawne 7 June
1888, bur. at Shipbourne. Will dated
12 August 1884, proved (Prin. Reg.,
1038, 88) 14 December 1888, by William
Marshall Cazalet, son.


William Marshall Cazalet of Fairlawne, of 19 Grosvenor Square,=pMaud Lucia Heron, dau. of

London, and of Villa Liserb, Cimiez, Nice, France ; born
at Peterhof, Russia, 8 July 1865, bapt. at St. Petersburg; of
Christ Church, Oxford, matriculated 30 May 1885, B.A. 1889;
Lieutenant West Kent Yeomanry Cavalry ; J.P. and D.L. for
co. Kent, High Sheriff 1900; Lord of the Manor of Shipbourne.


Sir John Heron-Maxwell, 7th
Baronet, by Caroline Harri-
ette his wife, 3rd dau. of
Richard Howard-Brooke of
Castle Howard, co. Wicklow ;
born at The Mumbles,
Swansea, co. Glamorgan, 9
June 1867, bapt. at Ankle
Macadam, Ovoca, co. Wick-
low ; marr. at St. Peter's,
Eaton Square, London, 20
July 1893.

Edward Cazalet, born at 4
Whitehall Gardens, West-
minster, 13 May 1894, bapt.
at Shipbourne ; educated at
Eton and at Trinity College,
Cambridge, matriculated in
1913; 2nd Lieutenant 5th
Battalion The Buffs (East
Kent Territorial Regiment)
17 November 19 14, Lieu-
tenant 1 June 1 91 5 ; trans-
ferred as 2nd Lieutenant
17 February 1916, to 2nd
Battalion Welsh Guards.

Victor Alexander Cazalet,
born at 4 Whitehall
Gardens, Westminster, 27
December 1896, bapt. at
St. Peter's, Eaton Square,
London (Queen Victoria
stood sponsor) ; educated
at Eton ; 2nd Lieutenant
West Kent Yeomanry
11 August 19 1 5 ; trans-
ferred to 1st Life Guards
15 January 19 16.

Thelma, born
at 4 Whitehall
Gardens, West-
minster, on
Sunday, 28 May
1899, bapt. at

Peter Victor Ferdi-
nand Cazalet, born
at 19 Grosvenor
Square, London, 15
January igo7,
Shipbourne (Queen
Victoria Eugenia of
Spain, and King
Ferdinand and
Queen Marie of
Rou mania stood



Arms. — Or on a chevron sable three garbs of the first.
Crest. — A greyhound sejant.
Motto. — Semper vigilans.

Charles Walker of Seymour House, Jubilee Place, Chelsea, =
co. Middlesex (son of Richard Walker of Maidstone, co.
Kent, by Jane his wife) ; bapt. at All Saints', Maidstone,
15 June 1768; Attorney, admitted 4 February 1789;
Freeman of the City of London December 1816; died at
Chelsea, aged 88, on Tuesday, 21 October, bur. in Brompton
Cemetery, London, 28 October 1856. Will dated 30 De-
cember 1854, proved (P.C.C. 960, 56) 1 December 1856,
by Benjamin Lawrence and Robert George Smith. He
married 2ndly at St. Luke's, Chelsea, 22 July 1820, Sarah
Carter, who died s.p. at 5 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill,
co. Middlesex, 28 January 1859. Adrnon was granted at
the Principal Registry 21 May 1859, to Arthur Hemsley,

=Sarah, dau. of
John Chorleyj
and widow of
Colonel Hughes;
marr. at Chatham,
co. Kent, in Jan-
uary 1805 ; died
14 June 1816.
1st wife.

Charles John Walker, born at Chelsea 25 December 1806,=
bapt. at St. Luke's, Chelsea, 20 May 1807 ; of Brasenose
College, Oxford ; Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple ;
Magistrate of Van Dieman's Land (now Tasmania) ; died at
Blairgowrie, South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia, 18 February
1870, bur. in the cemetery at St. Kilda, Melbourne. AdrSon
(with will dated 18 May 1869) was granted (Prin. Reg.,
698, 70) 25 October 1870, to Frederick Augustus Du Croz
and Henry Wilson Demain Saunders, the attorneys of
Harriett Kent Walker, relict.

=Harriett Kent, dau. of Thomas
Cole of Boisland Hall, Norwich,
co. Norfolk ; born at Boisland
Hall, Norwich, 21 March 18 19;
marr. at Launceston, Tasmania,
n July 1837; died at Prahran,
Victoria, Australia, 5 January
1894, bur. in the cemetery at
St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Charles Augustus Walker, born at Westbury, Tasmania, 1
18 June 1838, bapt. there; died at Geelong, Victoria,
Australia, 1 April, bur. at Kew, Victoria, 3 April 1907.

Catharine, dau. of William Turner
of Huddersfield, co. York, by
Eliza his wife, dau. of Joshua
Stott ; born at Huddersfield 26
April 1848, bapt. at the parish
church, Huddersfield ; marr. at
St. John's, Launceston, Tasmania,
5 February 1870.

Edwin Brown Primrose of Rushworth, Victoria,-
Australia (eldest son of Ebenezer Brown
Primrose, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John
Marshall) ; born at Richmond, Victoria, 14 June
1856. A,

Ketha Clarisse, born at Launceston, Tasmania,
31 December 187 1, bapt. at St. Paul's,
Launceston ; marr. at St. John's, Launceston,
18 October 1892.

Herbert Frederic Walker, born at=j=Eleanor Seaflower, dau. of Henry Bardolph Connew,

Westbury, Tasmania, 31 December
1839; died 11 February 1880, bur.
at sea, off the Sandheads, Bay of

Captain Royal Marines, by Mary Ann Matilda his wife,
dau. of Robert Kerr; born at sea 11 November 1853;
marr. at Calcutta, India, 13 February 1872.

John Horatio Lindquist (son of William
Lindquist of co. Dorset, by Maria his
wife, dau. of William Dyer) ; born at
Calcutta 10 April 187 1, bapt. at St.
Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta ; Branch Pilot,
Bengal Pilot Service.

=Ethel May, born at Cachar,
India, 15 May, bapt. there
26 July 1873 ; marr. at
St. John's, Calcutta, 16 April

Gertrude Alice, born
at Sylhet, India, 30
November 1874, bapt.
there ; died at Calcutta
30 December 1875, bur.
there the next day.

William Adcock (son=
of the Rev. Joseph
Adcock, by Hannah
his wife, dau. of
Thomas Greenfield);
born in 1852.

=Ellen Louisa, born at
Westbury, Tasmania,
1 January 1843 >
marr. at Hawksburn,
Melbourne, Australia,
30 September 1886.

George Eyre-Giderson of=
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
(son of Henry Giderson) ;
born 27 January 1846 ;
died at St. Kilda, Mel-
bourne, 6 May, bur. in
Brighton Cemetery,Victoria,
8 May 1910. /\

=Fanny Harriett, born
at Launceston, Tas-
mania, 16 February
1846 ; marr. at
Richmond, Victoria,
4 March 1873.

Charles William Dan vers -Walker of=
Sutton, co. Surrey ; born at Rostella,
Launceston, Tasmania, 29 September,
bapt. at St. Paul's, Launceston,
in October 1873 ; educated at
Launceston Church Grammar School,
Tasmania ; Associate of the Chartered
Institute of Secretaries ; assumed the
additional name of Danvers by Deed
Poll dated 27 March 191 2.

=Lilian, youngest dau. of Frederick Charles Danvers of
The Park, Addlestone, co. Surrey, Registrar and
Superintendent of Records in the India Office, by
Louisa his wife, 2nd dau. of Elias Mocatta of
London; born at Ealing, co. Middlesex, 25 December
1874, bapt. at Christ Church, Ealing, 19 May 1875;
marr. at Addlestone on Saturday, 31 August 1901.

(See Pedigree of Danvers, Vol. 8, page 63, and
Addenda, Vol. p, page v.)

Aubrey Charles Danvers Danvers -Walker, born
at 50 Egmont Road, Sutton, on Friday,
9 December 1904, bapt. at All Saints', Benhilton,
co. Surrey, 15 January 1905.

Cyril Frederick Danvers Danvers -Walker,
born at Wyuna, Belmont, co. Surrey, on
Thursday, 11 October, bapt. at All Saints',
Benhilton, 18 November 1906.

Frederic Walker born at=f=Eva Isabella, dau. of Henry Bardolph Connew, Captain Royal
rinkie. Launceston Tas- Mirm« k„ A/To,., a h/t_».:ij- u:_ -r , ',. ~ r , _ '

Pinkie, Launceston, Tas
mania, 6 November 1847,
bapt. at Launceston.

Wilfred Percy Walker,
born at Brighton, Aus-
tralia, in 1879, bapt.
there ; died at St.
Kilda, Melbourne,

Australia, in 1880, bur.

Marines, by Mary Ann Matilda his wife, dau. of Robert Kerr ■
born at Calcutta, India, 28 October 1858, bapt. there; marr. at
Calcutta in 1877 ; died at Dibrugarh, Assam, India, and bur. there.

Frederic Percy Walker,=plris Mary Constance, dau. of Arthur

born at Calcutta 17
November 1882, bapt.
there; Deputy-Commis-
sioner of Police,

Madgewick Good of Highgate, co. Middle-
sex, by Jessie Louisa his wife, dau. of
Joseph Benjamin Foley ; born at Highgate
4 April 1886, bapt. there; marr. at St.
Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, 24 November

Betty Constance Josephine, born at
Calcutta 1 6 September, bapt. at St. Paul's
Cathedral, Calcutta, 8 November 191 2.

Nina Blanche Myrtle, born at Nelli Nelli, India, 8 February 1892
bapt. there; marr. at Golaghat, Assam, 30 October 1912, Charles
Lestock- Wilkin. =

Two other children
died in infancy.

Herbert Frederick^
Walker, born at
Rostella, Launces-
ton, Tasmania, 17
May, bapt. at St.
Paul's, Launceston,
in June 1875 '>
educated at Laun-
ceston Church
Grammar School,
Tasmania, and at
Edinburgh Uni-
versity ; L.R.C.P.,
L.F.P.S.Glas. 1903.

=Annie Lynch, dau.
of Alexander Fraser
of Edinburgh, by
Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of John Smith;
born in London 31
August 1875, bapt.
at St. Paul's, Ken-
nington, co. Surrey;
marr. at St. Peter's,
Edinburgh, 20 Oc-
tober 1903.

Catharine Doreen,
born at Launceston
13 August 1904,
bapt. at Cullens-
wood, Tasmania.

Cyril Turner Walker,
born at Rostella,
Launceston, 8 April
1877, bapt. at St.
Paul's, Launceston ;
educated at Laun-
ceston Church
Grammar School,
Tasmania, and at
Edinburgh Univer-
sity ; B. Sc. Edin. ;
Assoc. M. Inst.C.E.

=Doris, younger dau. of Richard
Anderson of Kilham, co. York,
and of Melbourne, by Mary
Jane his wife, eldest dau. of
John Keep of Sydney, New
South Wales, and of Broughton
Hall, Leichhardt, Sydney; born
31 May, bapt. at All Souls',
Leichhardt, in June 1887 ;
marr. at St. Peter's Garrison
Church, Colombo, Ceylon, 22
April 191 1 ; died at Coonor,
India, 28 June 1916.

Richard Turner Walker, born at Secunderabad,
Hyderabad, India, in September 1914, bapt. there. '

Charles Alexander
Walker, born at St.
Mary's, Tasmania,
4 August 1905,
bapt. at Cullens-

William Turner Walker,
born at St. Mary's, Tas-
mania, 20 August 1906,
bapt. at Christ Church,
St. Mary's, Tasmania.

Cyril Herbert Walker,
born at Beechworth,
Victoria, 7 May 191 1,
bapt. at Christ Church,

Arthur Kent
Walker, born
at Rugby, CO.
Warwick, 14
March 1855;
died at Mel-
bourne 1 July
1888, buried
at St. Kilda,

=Mary Fulford, dau. of the
Rev. Canon John Watson
of Melbourne, by Martha
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of
John Fulford of Fulford
Hall, co. Devon ; born 1
September 1855 ; marr. at
Coburg, Victoria, 14 De-
cember 1876 ; marr. 2ndly
at Ascot Vale, Victoria,
Colonel Charles Stuart

Brenton Murray Sheppardqf=Gertrude, born at

of Brighton, Victoria, Aus-
tralia (son of Sherbourne
Sheppard of Clonmore,
North Road, Victoria, by
Sophia his wife, dau. of
J. B. Were) ; born at Brigh-
ton, Victoria, in i860; died
at Melbourne in 1897, bur.
at St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Pinkie, Launceston,
Tasmania, 21 March
1857 ; marr. at
Brighton, Victoria,
in 1882 ; died at
Melbourne 5 Jan-
uary 1894, bur. at
St. Kilda, Melbourne.


Edward Arthur Fulford Walker,
born at Brighton, Victoria, 28
November 1877, bapt. there.


Hector Ernest Walker,
born at Prahran, Vic-
toria, 13 April 1879.

Dorothea Elizabeth,
born at Toorak,
Victoria, 10 May

Aubrey Turner Walker, born at Rostella,=f=Zoe Irene Dardis, dau. of Joseph Dardis Furlonge

Launceston, Tasmania, bapt. at St.

Paul's, Launceston, 18 November 1879 ;

educated at Launceston Church Grammar

School, Tasmania, and at Tasmania

University; called to the Tasmanian Bar | January 1911.

August 1903

of Montserrat, West Indies, by Florence Fanny
his wife, dau. of William Hele ; born at Norwood,
South Australia, 29 March 1888; marr. at
St. Peter's, Melbourne East, on Thursday, 26

Chota Catherine, born 10 February, bapt.
at Holy Trinity, South Brisbane, Queensland,

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