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Caroline, 4th dau. of Charles Paget
of Ruddington Grange, co. Notting-
ham, J. P. and D.L., M.P. for
Nottingham, by Ellen his 2nd wife,
dau. of William Tebbutt of Kingston,
CO. Nottingham; born at Rudding-
ton Grange 17 June 1837 ; marr.
at Ruddington 27 September i860.

William Moseley=i=Jane, dau. of John
Mellor of Ling- | Fenton of Crimble
dale, Claughton,
CO. Chester: born
25 July, bapt. at
Hanover Chapel,
Peckham, co.
Surrey, 28 De-
cember 1836;
J. P. for CO.

Hall, CO. Lane,
M.P., J.P., by
Hannah his \vife,
dau. of William
Owston of Brigg,
CO. Lincoln ; born
I November 1837,
bapt. at Bamford,
CO. Lane, 16 April
183S ; marr. there
10 April 1867 ;died
14 April, bur. at
Flaybrick Hill
Cemetery, Birken-
head, CO. Chester,
19 April 1894.

Elizabeth Ca-
tharine, born
in November
1837, bapt. 17
April 1838
(baptism regis-
tered at Han-
over Chapel,
22 April, bur.
at Nunhead
Cemetery 27
April 1857.

James Robert Mellor of=
1 6 Craven Hill Gardens,
London ; born 4 May,
bapt. 24 June 1839
(baptism registered at
Hanover Chapel, Peck-
ham) ; of Trinity Hall,
Cambridge, LL.B.

1863, LL.M. 1866, a
Student of the Inner
Temple 15 Jan. 1862,
called to the Bar 17
Nov. 1865, Master
of the Crowm Office,
Roj'al Courts of Jus-
tice, since 1874, and
also Master of High
Court since 1879,
Queen's Coroner from

=Anne Jane,
eldest dau. of
Thomas Shaw
of Everton, co.
Lane, by Isa-
bella his wife ;
born 7 June,
bapt. at Wal-
ton, CO. Lane,
7 July 1841;
marr. at St.
John's, Pad-
dington, Lon-
don, 29 Oct.

William Moseley Fenton Mellor,
born 4 Februar)-, bapt. at Fair-
field, Liverpool, 23 I\Iay 186S.

John Fenton Mellor, born 22
June, bapt. at Fairfield 2 No-
vember 1869 ; died 19 Novem-
ber, bur. at Flaybrick Hill
Cemetery 23 November 1870.

Julia Elizabeth Helen
Fenton, born i July, bapt.
at Bidston, co. Chester,
I December 1870.

Violet Frances Fenton,
born 4 September 1872,
bapt. at Bidston 28
April 1873.

Robert Owston Fenton Mellor, born
17 September, bapt. at Bidston 23
November 1875.

Philip Albert Fenton Mellor, born 2
April, bapt. at Bidston 18 July 1880.

Dorothea Jane Fenton, born 14 Jan-
uary, bapt. at Bidston 11 June 1883.

John Paget Mellor of The=^Mabel Richardson, dau.
Tower House, Tite Street,
Chelsea ; born at Ashley Place,
London, 13 March, bapt. at St.
Andrew's, Westminster, 13 May
1862 ; of Trinity Hall, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 18S3, LL.B. 1S83,
of the Inner Temple, Barrister-
at-Law, Assistant Solicitor to
the Treasury from November

of George Serocold Pearce-
Serocold, Lieut. R.N., by
Amy his wife, dau. of
John Crow Richardson of
Glanbrydan Park, co. Car-
marthen ; born 15 October
1865, bapt. at St. Mary's,
Swansea ; marr. at St.
Jude's, Courtfield Gardens,
London, 24 July 1890.

John Serocold Paget Mellor, born 6
July, bapt. at St. James'-the-Less,
Westminster, 3 August 1893.

Charles Oliver Paget Mellor, born
23 June 1864, bapt. privately;
died 23 July 1864.

Godfrey William Paget Mellor
(twin with Wilfrid Paget), born 19
December 1865, bapt. at St.
Andrew's, Westminster, 8 February
1866; ofTrinity Hall, Cambridge,
B.A. 1887.

Rev. AVilfrid Paget Mellor (twin
with Godfrey William Paget), born
19 December 1865, bapt. at St.
Andrew's, Westminster, 8 February
1866; of King's College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1888, M.A. 1892.

I t

Maria Moseley, bapt. 24 Dec. 1840
(baptism registered at Hanover
Chapel, Peckiiam); died 11 June,
bur. at Nunhead Cemetery, co.
Surrey, 17 June 1854.

Edward Daniel Mellor, born 28
July, bapt. 25 Sept. 1843 (baptism
registered at Hanover Chapel, Peck-
ham) ; of Trinity Hall, Cambridge,
B.A. 1866, M.A. 1870, Chief Clerk
in the Courts of Chancery ; died in
London 8 Nov., bur. in Nunhead
Cemetery 12 November 1890.
Adiiion dated 19 Dec. 1890, was
granted to Right Hon. John William
Mellor of 68 St. George's Square,
CO. Middlesex, Q.C., a Member of
Her Majesty's Privy Council, the
brother and next of kin.

Ellen, dau. of Charles=
Paget of Ruddington
Grange, co. Notting-
ham, J.P. and D.L.,M. P.
for Nottingham, by his
2nd wife Ellen, dau. of
William Tebbutt of
Kingston, co. Notting-
ham ; born at Rud-
dington Grange 1 5
Nov., 1842 ; marr. at
Otterhead, Honiton, co.
Devon, 4 Sept. 1867.
She marr. istlyin 1861,
Ohver Paget of Gyeres,
Transylvania, Hungary.
She died 1 2 March, and
was bur. in Nunhead
Cemetery 18 March
1880. I St wife.

Alfred Mellor,=
of Beechhurst,
Lingfield, co.
Surrey ; bom in
London, 18

May, bapt. 5
July 1842 (bap-
tism registered
at Hanover

Chapel Peck-
ham); late of
the 8th (the
King's) Regi-
ment of Foot,
J.P. for coun-
ties of Devon
and Somerset.

=Emma Seddon,
dau. of John
Jones of Glou-
cester, F. A.S.L.;
bom 7 October
1851, bapt. at
St. Mary's de
Crypt, Glouces-
ter ; marr. at St.
James', Pad-
dington, Lon-
10 November
1881. 2nd wife.

IN. Ml

Gertrude Elizabeth, bom 20 October Elizabeth Catherine, born 20

1868, bapt. at St. James', Padding- June, bapt. at Ruddington, 25

ton, 12 March 1869. July 1873.

Violet, born 17 April, bapt. at Evelyn Mary, born 20 Septem-

Church Stanton, co. Devon, 19 May ber, bapt. at Church Stanton

1870. 27 December 1876.

Margaret Ellen, born 28 April, bapt. Frances Alice, bom 9 Novem-

at Ruddington, co. Nottingham, 6 ber, bapt. at Church Stanton

June 1872. 28 December 1879.

Philip Seddon Mellor,

born 24
1882, bapt. :
Stanton 7

; Church

Isabella Katharine, born
6 May, bapt. at Trinity
Church, Paddington, 1 2
June 1870.

James Gilbert Shaw Mellor,
born 29 March, bapt. at
Trinity Church, Padding-
ton, 4 May 1872 ; of Trinity
Hall, Cambridge, B.A.
1893, L-L-B. 1894.

Ada Dorothea, bom 18
January, bapt. at All Saints',
Paddington, g February

Alfred Shaw Mellor, born
24 December 1875, bapt.
at All Saints', Paddington,
9 January 1876; of King's
College, Cambridge.

Maria Florence, born 2 July, bapt. at
All Saints', Paddington, 2 August 1877.

John Francis Shaw Mellor, born 27
August, bapt. at All Saints', Padding-
ton, 30 September 1879.

Beatrice Alice, bom 31 May, bapt.
at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate,
London, 8 July 1882.

Claud Paget Mellor, born
3 J une, bapt. at St . Saviour's,
St. George's Square, Lon-
don, 29 June 1867 ; marr.
at St. Mary Magdalene,
Longford Street, London,
26 November, 1889, Mary
Eleanor, dau. of Alexander
Kelso of Algiers.

Ellen Mabel, bom 1 2 June, bapt. at St.
Andrew's, Westminster, 11 July 1863.

Bernard Waddington Paget Mellor,
born 18 May, bapt. at St. Saviour's, St.
George's Square, 17 June 1870; died
24 November, bur. at Nunhead Ceme-
tery 26 November 1870.


Geraldine Elizabeth, bom
8 January, bapt. at St.
Saviour's, St. George's
Square, 20 Febraary 1869.

Sydney Paget Mellor, bom
I January, bapt. at St.
James'-the-less, Westmin-
ster, I February 1875.

Charles Mellor, born 14 March,=
bapt. 14 August 1845 (baptism
registered at Hanover Chapel,
Peckham); of Trinity College,
Cambridge, B.A. 1867, a Stu-
dent of the Inner Temple 27
May 1867, called to the Bar
17 November 187 1, Member
of the North-Eastern Circuit.

=Helen, youngest dau. of John Fenton,
of Crimble Hall, co. Lane, M.P., J.P.,
by Hannah his wife, dau. of William
Owston of Brigg, co. Lincoln ; born
16 September 1845, bapt. at Bam-
ford, Independent Chapel, co. Lane,
10 February 1846 ; marr. at Crimble
29 September 1875.

Philip Henry Mellor,
born 28 Oct., bapt. 27
Dec. 1847 (baptism
registered at Hanover
Chapel, Peckham) ;
of Trinity College,
Cambridge; died 26
Feb., bur. at Lytham,
CO. Lane, 2 March

Helen Mabel, born
28 August 1879.

Horace Mellor=f=Edith Jane, dau.
of Woodfield, of Arthur Leyland
Lytham ; born Birley of Milbanke,
21 Feb., bapt. Kirkham, co. Lane,
23 May 1851 by Jane his wife,
(baptism regis- dau. of Richard
tered at Han- Addison of Liver-
over Chapel, pool; born 24 June,
Peckham) ; of bapt. at Kirkham 8
Trinity Hall, i July 1861 ; marr.
Cambridge, there 27 June 1882;

J. P. for CO. died 8 June, bur.
Lane. at St. Cuthbert's,

Lytham, co. Lane,
13 June 1894.

I .
Francis Hamilton:
Mellor, born at 21
Endsleigh Street,
London, 13 May
1854, and bapt.
privately; educated
at Cheltenham Coll.
and Trinity Coll.,
Cambridge, B.A.
1877, M.A. 1890, a
Student of Lincoln's
Inn 5 Nov. 1877,
went to the Inner
Temple 3N0V. 1 880,
where he was called
to the Bar 17 Nov.

=Mabel, dau. of Catherine, born


Phyllis Leyland, born Philip Horace Leyland Mellor,

10 August, bapt. at Ly- born 7 June, bapt. at Lytham

tham 3 September 1883 ; 16 July 1887.

died 29 March, bur. at —

St. Cuthbert's, Lytham, Eric Leyland Mellor, born 20

2 April 1890 January, bapt. at Lytham 15
February 1890.

at 21 Ends-
leigh Street,
London 2 1 Oc-
tober 1855, and
bapt. privately.

Herbert Knowles
of Barnagore, Cal-
cutta, and step-dau.
of John Dalrymple
Maclean of Lazonby
Hall, Penrith, co.
Cumberland, J. P. ;
born 20 August
1866, bapt. at the
Cathedral, Calcutta;
marr. at Lazonby
Parish Church 10
August 1886.

Mary Hope, born 14 September

1887, bapt. at Holy Trinity,
Paddington, London.

Winifred Mabel, born 15 October

1888, bapt. at Holy Trinity,

l^A-'^^-^) jLjljM^


• eKJCi^


Patrick Macnamara (3rd son of MichaeU
Macnamara of Dowra, Burren, co.
Clare, Ireland, by Eleanor O'CarroU
his wife, of Ely, King's County, Ire-
land); born in 1753; bur. at Carrick-
on-Shannon, Ireland, 15 October 1832.

John Macnamara,
M.D., born at
Ballynacraga in
1787 ; Surgeon to
IS on record in the College of Royal Naval Hos-
— Gules, a lion rampant argent, pital. Port Royal,
f two spearsheads or, a crescent Jamaica; died S.p.,
aged 33, 3 August
1820, and bur. at

in ch:

argent for difference.
Crest. — A naked



of Uxbridge, co.
Middlesex ; born
at Dowra 6 Jan-
uary 1 791; Sur-
geon R.N. ; died
at Uxbridge 14
October, bur. at
Iver, CO. Bucks,
21 October 1851.


=Catherine, dau. of
Cornelius O'Gorman
Dw)-er of co. Limerick ;
died at Dowra in
1796, bur. at Bally-
nacraga, CO. Clare.

Frances, eldest dau. of
George Fennell of the
Navy Pay Department,
by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Martin Robin-
son of London, by Mary
(Ellithorn) his wife ;
born 17 March 1802;
marr. at the Parish
Church, Marylebone,
London, 13 Aug. 1823;
died 25 Dec, bur. at
Iver 30 Dec. 1875.

born II May,
bapt. at St.
Lawrence, Ips-
wich, CO. Suf-
folk, 12 July
1824 ; died at
Uxbridge, and
bur. at Iver 1 1
February I S29.

Louisa Eliza, dau. of=pGeorgeHouseman Macnamara, =j=Susanna Ellen, dau

Edward Winckworth of
Cowley Hall, Hillingdon,
CO. Middlesex; marr. at
Hillingdon 6 Sept. 1851 ;
died, aged 31, bur. at
Hillingdon 10 April 1861.
I St wife.

M.R.C.S., L.A.C. ; born 26
July, bapt. at St. Lawrence,
Ipswich, 27 September 1825.

of Francis Fowler
Figg, and grand-
dau. of Archibald
Campbell, nth
Laird of Locknell ;
born at Gobourn,
near Oswestry, co.
Salop, 20 April
1855 ; marr. at
the Parish Church,
24 August 1887.
2nd wife.

George Locknell Macnamara, born 8
August 1888, bapt. at the Parish
Church, East Grinstead, co. Sussex.

Edith Louisa, born 16 January, bapt. at the
Parish Church, Uxbridge, 18 April 1854; marr.
at St. Mary Abbot's, Kensington, London, i June
1882, Henry George Baily (son of Rev. Henry
George Baily of Swindon, co. Wilts) ; born 24
February 1S51. =f=


Nora Millicent, born 12 November 1855, bapt. at
the Parish Church, Uxbridge, 26 December 1855.

Charles Carroll Macnamara, born 5 October,
bapt. at the Parish Church, Uxbridge, 25 No-
vember 1857 ; of Oriel College, Oxford, ma-
triculated 26 April 1876, aged 18, B.A. 1879,
Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple 1881 ;
died unmarr. at Ealing, co. Middlesex, 19 April
1833, and was bur. at Hillingdon. Adfnon
dated 5 February 18S5, granted to George
Houseman Macnamara of 6 Warwick Road,
Ealing, Surgeon, the father and next of kin.


Eliza, born at Uxbridge, co.
Middlesex, i8 March, bapt.
at the Parish Church there
1 8 May 1827 ; died 6 April,
bur. at Iver, co. Bucks, 10
April 1829.

Rev. Henry Macnamara, born
at Uxbridge 5 September,
bapt. at the Parish Church
there 16 October 1828; of
Lincoln College, Oxford, ma-
triculated 22 April 1847, aged
18, B.A. 1851, M.A. 1853,'
Incumbent of St. Paul's, Dun-
dee, until his death ; died
unmarr. at Dundee 1 3 March,
bur. at the cemetery there 1 7
March 1885.

Daniel Macnamara, born at
Uxbridge 5 March, bapt. at
the Parish Church there 11
May 1830; died 6 August,
bur. at Iver 11 August 1832.

Francis Nottidge Macna-==Amy, 3rd dau. of Frederick Dawes

mara, M.D., born at
Uxbridge 11 April, bapt.
at the Parish Church
there 27 May 1831 ; Sur-
geon-Major (retired) Indian

Danvers, Clerk of the Council of
the Duchy of Lancaster; by Char-
lotte Maria his wife, dau. of John
Juland Rawlinson ; born 8 May
1832; marr. at the Savoy Chapel,
London, 3 May 1S53.

Rev. Henry Danvers Macnamara,=
born at Calcutta 24 May, bapt.
at the New Cathedral there 23
July 1854 ; of Magdalen College,
Oxford, matriculated 12 Oct.
1872, aged 18, Clerk 1872-76,
B.A. 1878, M.A. from Magdalen
College, 1881 ; Minor Canon of
St. Paul's i884-93,Rector of St.
James', Garlickhithe, with St.
Michael, Queenhithe, and Holy
Trinity the Less, London, 1893,
Hon. Minor Canon of St. Paul's
1893, Priest in Ordinary to the
Queen 1895.

=Alice, dau. of
Charles Fan-
shawe Glan-
ville; born 12
Nov. 1851 ;
marr. at St.
James', Pad-
dington, Lon-
don, 9 Jan.

Eric Danvers
born at St. An-
drew's, N.B.,
25 May, bapt.
at St. Paul's,
Dundee, 3 1
July 1870 ; of
St. Peter's Col-
lege, Cam-
bridge, B.A.

. c// TVlacTuimam .

Robert Danvers Macnamara, born at Arthur Macnamara, born 18

Great Berkhampstead, co. Herts, 9 Sep- September, bapt. in St. Paul's

tember, bapt. there 18 October 1881. Cathedral 8 November 1887.

Michael Francis Macnamara, born 27 Elsie Macnamara, born 20 June,

August, bapt. in St. Paul's Cathedral 29 bapt. in St. Paul's Cathedral 12

September 1884. July 1889.

Hugh Winckworth Macnamara,=i=Charlotte Maria, dau. of William George Ward of
"""■' - -• ■ Nottingham; marr. at Christ Church, New Radford, Not-

tingham, 8 December 1S87.

born at Uxbridge 8 July, bapt. at the
Parish Church there 4 August 1859,
Surgeon R.N.

Henry Charles Macnamara,
born at Malta 1 2 October
1888, bapt. at the Royal
Naval Hospital Chapel,
Malta, 27 November iSSS.

Hugh John Macnamara, born
at Conduit Street, London, 15
March 1890, bapt. at St. Mary
Abbot's, Kensington, London,
26 April 1890.

Nottidge Charles Macnamara,=
of Grosvenor Street, London ;
born at Uxbridge, co, Middle-
sex, 14 October, bapt. at the
Parish Church there 30 No-
vember 1832 ; Vice-President
of the Royal College of
Surgeons 1893, Surgeon-Major
(retired) Indian Army.

=Maria Louisa, dau.
of the Hon''''= Henry
Vincent Bayley of
the Bengal Service ;
born 25 September
1 84 5; niarr. at St.
Peter's Church, Fort
William, 6 March

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