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Infantry, by Georgina Carohne his wife,
dau. of Captain Arthur Davies, R.N. ;
born at Uxbridge, co. Middlesex, 3 May,
bapt. at St. Margaret's there 3 June 1859;
marr. at St. Andrew's, Hillingdon, co.
Middlesex, 27 November 1S83.

Olivia Mary Georgina, born at
Louth, CO. Lincoln, 7 February,
bapt. there 29 March 1885.

Edwin Henry Francis Salt, born
at Louth 20 October, bapt. there
28 November 1886.

Cecil George Gilbertson Salt, born 7 February, bapt. at St.
Paul's, Bisterne, Ringwood, co. Hants, 26 February 1888.

Arthur Lewis Gardner Salt, born 4 May, bapt. at St.
Paul's, Bisterne, Ringwood, 2 June 1889.

Ernest Charles Parker Salt, born at Haresfield 25 February,
bapt. there 12 April 1891.

Rev. Francis Gardner Salt, born at Windsor,=
Nova Scotia, 26 December 1829, bapt. at
Wem, CO. Salop, 19 April 1835; of St.
John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1852,
Vicar of Bishop's Wood, co. Stafford, and
Chaplain to the Marquess Townshend ; died
9 January, bur. at Brighton Parochial Ceme-
tery, CO. Sussex, 14 January 1878. Will
dated 6 October 1871, proved (Prin. Reg.,
167, 78) 21 February 1878, by Mary Salt of
3 Denmark Terrace, Brighton, co. Sussex,
the relict and sole Executrix.

=Mary, dau. and coheir of James Matthias Gilbertson
of FuUwood, Leckhampton, co. Gloucester, by
Eliza (nee Howard) his wife; born 14 September
1835; niarr. at Leckhampton 4 September 1856;
died in London 26 September, bur. at Brighton
I October 1884. Will dated 7 April 1883, with
codicil dated 2 June 1884, proved (Prin. Reg.,
980, 84) 2 December 1884, by Rev. Charles
Norris of the Vicarage, Briston, co. Norfolk, John
Kenning Smallman Masters of Ellesmere, Gratwick,
CO. Sussex, and Spencer Thomas Smyth of St.
George's Villa, Tyson Road, Forest Hill, co. Kent,
M.D., the Exors.

Lewis Herbert Salt=j=Constance Mary Jessie, 2nd dau. of Major-

of Brooklyn House,
Hounslow, CO. Mid-
dlesex ; born at
Heydon, co. Nor-
folk, 22 May, bapt.
there 17 June i860.

General George Alexander St. Peter Fooks
B.N. I., by Jessie his wife, dau. of Rev. John
Dodgson, Vicar of St. Peter's, Montrose,
Scotland; born at Jaunpore, India, 19 Feb-
ruary 186 1 ; marr. at St. Anne's, Eastbourne,
CO. Sussex, on Wednesday, 11 July 1888.

Ernest George Salt, L.R.C.P.,
L.R.C.S.E., L.F.P.S. Glas-
gow, L.M.E., Member of the
British Medical Association ;
born 27 July, bapt. at Dilham,
CO. Norfolk, I Sept. 1861.

Jessie Muriel, born at Clare-
mont, Southampton, 12 Feb-
ruary, bapt. at St. Barnabas'
there 3 April 1891.

Spencer William Salt=
of Norlands, Alexan-
dra Road, Upper
Norwood, CO. Surrey;
born 7 Nov., bapt.
at Dilham, co. Nor
folk, 7 Dec. 1S62.

=Emmie, dau. of Rev.
William Edward James,
M.A., of Holy Trinity,
Leicester; born 30 April,
bapt. at Yeovil, co.
Somerset, 18 June 1862;
marr. at St. James', Nor-
lands, London, 26 July

Cyril Francis Spencer Salt,
born 3 July, bapt. at
St. John the Evangelist,
Upper Norwood, 26 July

Edith Mary Wilhelmina,
born at Dilham 20 Jan-
uary, bapt. there 13
March 1864; marr. at
Louth, CO. Lincoln, 2
March 1886, Henry
Edmund Tudor (son of
Rev. Charles Tudor,
M.A. of Jesus College,
Oxford, and Vicar of
Newbold, co. York) ;
born at Merton, co. Ox-
ford, II June i860

Beatrice Maude,
born 26 Decem-
ber 1874, and
bapt. at St. Ni-
cholas', Brighton ;
died 23 February,
bur. at the Paro-
chial Cemetery,
Brighton, 27 Feb-
ruary 1876.


^|}alitDelI of Jlort{)all co. #ltt)lilesey.

Anns granted by Christopht
Barker, Garter, to Tho
Shad^vell of Lyjiedowne, lu. t o

Staford, //une I537.-Per I'^^'^^'y '8°S ;
pale or and azure, on a died 25 May,
chevron between three annu- bur. in St. An-
lets four escallops all counter- (Jrew Under-
^''^"S"'^- shaft, London,

I June 1814.

I St wife.

^Right Hon'''^ Sir Lancelot Shadwell,=i=Frances, dau.

Knight, of Barn Elms, co. Surrey,
eldest son of Lancelot Shadwell of
Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, Hneal
descendant and heir male of Thomas
Shadwell of Lyndon in the parish of
Enville, co. Stafford, Grantee of Arms
1537, by Elizabeth Sophia his wife,
dau. of Charles Whitmore of South-
ampton, CO. Hants, and sister of
William Whitmore of Apley, co.
Salop; born 3 May 1779; Piatt
Fellow of St. John's College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1800, M.A. 1803, LL.D.
1842, called to the Bar at Lincoln's
Lin 1803, K.C. 182 1, M.P. for
Ripon 1826, Vice-Chancellor of
England and Privy Councillor 1827,
knighted 16 Nov. 1827, on being
appointed Vice-Chancellor, Com-
missioner of the Great Seal 1835 and
1850, Lord of the Manor of Northall;
died 10 Aug., bur. at Barnes, co.
Surrey, 15 Aug. 1850. M.L in
churchyard there. Will dated 31
July 1850, proved (P.C.C, 640, 50)
27 Aug. 1850, by Dame Frances
Shadwell, the relict and Executrix.

of Captain
Locke ; born
25 December
1788; marr.
at St. James',
Westminster, 4
January 1816 ;
died, aged

66, 27 Octo-
ber, bur. in
yard 2 Novem-
ber 1854. 2nd

Lancelot Shadwell, born 10 March, bapt. at St. George the=
Martyr, Queen Square, London, 18 June 1808 ; Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1829, M.A. 1832, called
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1832, Revising Barrister for co.
Middlesex, Lord of the Manor of Nbrthall ; died 1 1 January,
bur. in Highgate Cemetery, co. Middlesex, 17 January 1861.
M.L there and in Northolt Parish Church. Will dated 23
February 1857, proved (Prin. Reg., 50, 61) 30 January 1861,
by Jane Ellen Shadwell, the relict and Executrix.

=Jane Ellen, 2nd dau. of Iltid
NichoU, Queen's Proctor, by
Sarah his wife, dau. of Henry
Hoyle Oddie; born 3 October
1 8 1 1 ; marr. at Trinity Church,
Marylebone, London, 14 Au-
gust 1838; died 26 March,
bur. at Highgate Cemetery, 29
March 1879. M.L

Lancelot Shadwell, born 19 June, bapt. at Marylebone Parish
Church 25 July 1839; called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1866,
Lord of the Manor of Northall ; died at Macon, France, 9 April
1875, and was bur. there. M.L in Northolt Parish Church.

Charles Lancelot Shadwell of Frewin Hall, Oxford ; born 16 Dec.
1840, bapt. at Marylebone Parish Church 10 March 1841 ; matricu-
lated at Oxford 16 June 1859, Junior Student of Christ Church
1859-64, B.A. 1863, Fellow of Oriel College 1864, M.A. 1866,
B.C.L. 1873, Student of Lincoln's Inn 2 Nov. 1864, called
to the Bar 30 April 1872, Lord of the Manor of Northall, Fellow
of Winchester College 1890, Sheriff of Oxford 1894.

Arthur Lancelot Shadwell,
born 10 August 1842, bapt.
at Marylebone Parish Church
27 November 1842 ; died 13
July, bur. in Marylebone
Parish Church 18 July 1843.

John Lancelot Shadwell,
born 3 April, bapt. at St.
James', Clapton, co. Middle-
sex, 29 May 1844.

(^A^a^^^^c^ c/^^^


Alfred Shad-
well, born 19
May 1817;
died II Ap-
ril 1S18.

Alfred Hudson Shadwell, born at Worthing, co. Sussex, 22=
Aug. 1818; of St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A. 1840,
M.A. 1844, appointed a Taxing Master in Chancery i860';
died 31 May, buried in Willesden Cemetery, co. Middlesex,
7 June 1884. Will dated 9 Dec. 1881, proved (Prin. Reg.,
598, 84) 26 July 1884, by Thomas Lloyd Murray Browne of
Rhyl, CO. Flint, and Maurice Otho Fitzgerald of Burlington
Gardens, London, the Exors.


^Charlotte Mary, dau.
of John Hillersdon of
Barnes, co. Surrey;
born 9 Nov., bapt. at
Barnes ParishChurch
23 Dec. 1824; marr.
there 3 April 1852 ;
died, aged 57, 30
Nov., bur. in Willes-
den Churchyard 5
Dec. 1 88 1.

Mary Campbell Lill, only child, born 14 September, bapt. at Barnes Parish Church 23
October 1853; marr. at St. Mary Magdalene, Paddington, London, 13 June 1878,
Eliott Scarlett Currey of Erlwood, Bagshot, co. Surrey, born 16 November 1836,
bapt. at Windlesham Parish Church, co. Surrey, 19 April 1837.

Rev. John Emilius Shadwell, born 2 Dec. 1809, bapt. at St. George=j=Emma Donna, 2nd dau. of

the Martyr, Queen Square, London, 12 May 18 10; of St. John's
College, Cambridge, B.A. 1831, M.A. 1834, Rector of All Saints',
Southampton, 1835 ; died, aged 33, at Bitterne, co. Hants, i March,
bur. at All Saints', Southampton, 6 March 1843. M.I. Will dated
18 Sept. 1837, proved (P.C.C, 284, 43) 28 April 1843, by Emma
Donna Shadwell, the relict, the universal legatee.

Isaac Cookson of Meldon
Park, CO. Northumberland,
born 23 Feb. 1812; marr.
at Meldon 30 Aug. 1836;
died, aged 49, i Sept., bur.
in the Cemetery at South-
ampton 5 Sept. i860.


Lancelot Emilius=Emily Helen Ingram, Tyrrell Hoare Shadwell, born 19 Aug., bapt. at All
Shadwell, born only dau. of Major Barry Saints', Southampton, 21 Oct. 1839 ; died 4 April,

23 March, bapt. Thomas of the 9th 1
at All Saints', marr. at Butler's Mars-
Southampton, 16 ton, CO. Warwick, i Dec.
May 1838; Lieut. 1863 ; marr. 2ndly at St.
29th Regiment Alphege, Greenwich, co.
(retired 1861); Kent, 10 Feb. 1880,
died s.p. 25 July, Henry Stanley Clarke,
bur. in Lante- Lieut. R.N., who died 27
glos by Fowey Oct. 1890, and was bur.
Churchyard, co. in South America; and
Cornwall, 27 July 3rdly, at St. Luke's, Jer-
1877. M.I. sey, 24 Feb. 1892, Frank
Jacob of Buenos Ayres.

bur. in All Saints' Churchyard 7 April 1842.

John Emilius Lancelot Shadwell of Meadowbank,
Melksham, co. Wilts; born 19 Dec. 1842; Senior
Student of Christ Cliurch, matriculated at Oxford 1 1
Oct. 1 86 1, B.A. 1 865, M.A. 1 869, Student of Lincoln's
Inn II Nov. 1865, called to the Bar 7 June 1869.

Florence Jane, born 15 July 1841, marr. at Slough,
CO. Bucks, 17 Dec. 1861, Alfred Fleischmann, died
10 April 1879, and was bur. in Italy. She died at
Florence, Italy, 15 Dec. 1878, and was bur. there.

.1 I I
Lionel Lancelot Shadwell, born 15 Douglas Lan-
Sept., bapt. at Marylebone Parish celot Shadwell,
Church 7 Nov. 1845; of New College, born 6 March,
O.xford, matriculated 14 Oct. 1864, bapt. at Mary-
Scholar 1864-69, B.A. 1868, M.A. lebone Parish
1873, Student of Lincoln's Inn 25 Oct. Church 16 Ap-
1S69, called to the Bar 30 April 1873, "1 1S56 ; died
Revising Barrister for co. Middlesex. 23 Dec, bur.
— in Highgate
Walter Harvey Lancelot Shadwell of Cemetery, co.
Trewollack, Bodmin, co. Cornwall ; Middlesex 30
born 10 Nov., bapt. at Marylebone Dec. 1856.
Parish Church 18 Dec. 1851 ; District
Probate Registrar for co. Cornwall


Louisa. Julia, marr. at St. Andrew's,

— Wells Street, Marylebone, 12
Ellen. Oct. 1878, Arthur Clement

— Eddis (eldest son of Arthur
Blanche. Shelly Eddis, Q.C., Judge of

County Courts, by Elizabeth
Mary his wife, dau. of Job
Wright of Cheshunt, co. Herts);
born 15 Dec. 1848; of Trinity
Coll., Cambridge, B.A. 187 1,
called to the Bar at Lincoln's
Inn 1874, Assistant Endowed
Schools' Commissioner 1891.


Rev. Arthur Thomas Whitmore Shadwell, born 31 May 1820; of Baniol=
College, Oxford, matriculated 21 October 1841, B.A. 1843, M.A. 1844,
Rector of Langton, co. York, 1850-79, of Little Ilford, co. Essex, 1879;
1879; died 26 October, bur. at Little Ilford 30 October 1893.


=Fanny Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. George Arthur
Firth of Christ Church, Oxford, M.A., Vicar
of St. Michael's, New Malton, co. York;
born 2 March, bapt. at St. Michael's, New
Malton, 28 March i86o; marr. at Malton
II April 1882.

Miriam Olive, born 9 Sep-
tember, bapt. at Kentville,
Nova Scotia, 29 October

Sir Charles Frederick Alexander Shadwell,
K.C.B., F.R.S., of Meadowbank, Melksham,
CO. Wilts; born 31 January, bapt. at St. George
the Martyr, Queen Square, London, 30 April
1814; entered the Navy 1827, Commander
1846, Captain 1853, Superintendent of Haslar
Hospital 1864, Commander-in-Chief on the
China Station 1872, President of the Royal
Naval College, Greenwich, co. Kent, 1878,
Rear-Admiral 1869, Vice-Admiral 1875, Ad-
miral 1879 ; died i March, bur. at Shaw, co.
Wilts, 6 March 1886. M.L in Northolt Parish
Church, CO. Middlesex. Will dated 3 1 January
1881, proved (Prin. Reg., 1077, 86) 6 Decem-
ber 1886, by Charles Lancelot Shadwell and
John Emilius Shadwell, the Exors.

Louis Henry Shadwell,
born I May 181 1,
bapt. at St. George
the Martyr, Queen
Square, 27 January
181 2; of St. John's
College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1832, M.A. 1835,
admitted ad eundem at
Oxford 1 7 October
1842, called to the Bar
at Lincoln's Inn 1847 ;
died 9 December, bur.
at Barnes, co. Surrey,
15 December 1849.

Lancelot Shadwell, born
6 October 1806 ; died i
April, bur. in St. An-
drew Undershaft, Lon-
don, 3 April 1807.

Charles William Shad-
well, born I August,
bapt. at St. George the
Martyr, Queen Square,
27 August 181 2; died
4 January, bur. in St.
Andrew Undershaft 6
January 18 13.

Rev. Julius Shadwell, born 25 December 182 1; of Balliol College,=pLouisa Amelia, dau.

of Rev. John Keate,
D.D., Canon of Wind-
sor, Rector of Hartley
Wespall, CO. Hants ;
born 5 December
1825, bapt. at Eton
CO. Bucks, 18 Feb-
ruary 1826 ; marr. at
Hartley Wespall 6
February 1851.

Oxford, matriculated 8 April 1840, B.A. 1843, Perpetual Curate of
St. Luke's, Heywood, co. Lane, 1850-65, Rector of Washington,
CO. Durham, 1865-75, Vicar of Slinfold, co. Sussex, 1875-82 ; died
22 September, bur. at Lower Rickinghall, co. Suffolk, 25 September


Rev. Edward Louis Gerald Lancelot
Shadwell of The Wood- Shadwell of i6
lands. Monk Sherborne, Griffith Road,
Basingstoke, CO. Hants; South Wimble-
born 9 February, bapt. don, co. Surrey; cember i860, bapt. at Bury, co. Lane, 9 January

Alice Mary, born 6 March, bapt. at Hartley Wespall
4 April 1858; marr. in India, Hugh Fraser Lord.

Leonard Julius Shadwell, born at Heywood 5 De-

at St. Luke's, Hey-
wood, 5 March 1852 ;
of University College,

born 27 Novem- 1861 ; Captain Suffolk Regiment.

ber, bapt. at —

Hartley Wespall Eleanor Frances Margaret, born 17 March, bapt. at

30 December Washington 21 April 1867 ; marr. at Monk Sherborne

1855. 19 November 1891, John Reinholdt Hobson of

Evershold, Eastcote, Pinner, co. Middlesex (4th son

of Captain Anthony Pemberton Hobson of St.

Vincent, and of Rutland House, Hanwell, co.


Mabel Octavia, born 7 March, bapt. at
Langton 29 March 1853; marr. by licence
at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 28 April
1886, Ronald Stanley Clarke (son of Rev.
Charles Leopold Stanley Clarke of Lods-
worth, CO. Sussex, by Anne Elizabeth Isabella
his wife, dau. of Right Hon''''^ Sir Lancelot
Shadwell); born in 1859; of Keble College,
Oxford, B.A. 1881. She died 26 October, bur.
at Perivale, co. Middlesex, 29 October 1887.

Arthur Shadwell, born=
21 September, bapt. at
Langton, co. York, 29
October 1854; of Keble
College, Oxford, matricu-
lated 19 October 1874,
B.A. 1882, M.A. and
B.M. 1883.

=Bertha, dau. of Wil-
liam Parry James of
Cardiff; born 25 Sept.
1852, bapt. at St.
Mary's, Cardiff, 3 July
1853; marr. at St
John's, Canton, Car-
diff, 10 Aug. 1882.


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