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5 May 1841, aged 18, B.A.
1845 ; died at Funchal,
Madeira, 31 Jan. 1848. M.I.

Anne Eliza, born 6 Feb.
1824, bapt. at Dunkeswell 7
Sept. 1825; marr. at Eglos-
kerry 22 June 1847, Sedley
Bastard Marke of Woodhill,
CO. Cornwall. She died at
Nice 24 April i86g.

John Kennaway Simcoe of Wolford Lodge ,•=
born at Budleigh Salterton, co. Devon, 26
June, bapt. at Dunkeswell 10 November
1825 ; Captain R.N., J. P. for co. Devon ;
died at Wolford 20 March, bur. in the
private chapel there 26 March 1891.
Will dated 14 January 1891, with two
codicils dated respectively 25 February
1891 and 12 March 1891, proved (Prin.
Reg., 102, 91) 13 July 1891, by Edward
Maurice Greenway of Greenway, Luppitt,
CO. Devon, and William Trevenen of
Ford, Manaton, co. Devon, the Exors.

=Mary, 2nd dau. of
Col. Basil Jackson of
the Royal Staff Corps,
and of Glewstone
Court, CO. Hereford,
by Frances his wife,
dau. of Lieut.-Col.
Muttlebury, C.B. ;
born 12 Jan., bapt.
at Croydon Parish
Church, CO. Surrey, 16
April 1836; marr. at
Goodrich, co. Here-
ford, 13 March 1867.

Mary Northcote, born 7
Jan., bapt. at Egloskerry 4
Aug. 1827 ; marr. there 16
April 1850, John Nicholson
Vowler of Parnacott, co.
Devon (eldest son of John
Vowler of Parnacott, J. P.
and D.L., by Harriet his
wife, dau. of Samuel Nichol-
son); born 12 March 18 18;
High Sheriff for co. Devon,
J.P. ; died 10 July, bur.
at Hatherleigh, co. Devon,
14 July 1871. She died
6 Oct., bur. at Egloskerry
10 Oct. 1890. M.I.


Elizabeth Lethbridge, born 6 Aug.,
bapt. at Egloskerry 28 Sept. 1828;
marr.thereao Sept. 1859, Lieut.-Gen.
Willoughby Trevelyan of Newfargie,
CO. Perth, of the Hon'''« East India
Co.'s Service (son of Rev. Walter Tre-
velyan, Vicar of Henbury, co. Glou-
cester, and Rector of Nettlecombe,
CO. Somerset, by Charlotte his wife,
dau. of John Hudson of Bessingby,
CO. York); died in 187 1, and bur. at
Newfargie. She marr. 2ndly as his
2nd wife, at St. Mary's Cathedral,
Edinburgh, 25 Nov. 1880, the Very
Rev. John Burton, Provost of St.
Ninian's Cathedral, Perth, N.B., who
died at Newfargie 8 July, bur. there
14 July 1885.

Lydia Hannah, born 26 June
1832; marr. at Egloskerry 3
October 1861, Rev. Francis
Charles Cole (son of Francis
Coleof Odiham, co. Hants); of
Wadham Coll., Oxford, matri-
culated 9 March 1853, aged
19, B.A. 1857, M.A. 1859, of
the Inner Temple 1859, Vicar
of Long Sutton, co. Hants,
1863-72, Rector of Skinnand,
CO. Lincoln, 1874-76, Curate
of Odiham with Greywell, co.
Hants, 1876; born 18 Oc-
tober, bapt. at Odiham 20
November 1833.

Samuel PalmerSimcoe
of Penheale, co. Corn-
wall ; born at Pen-
heale 5 April, bapt.
at Egloskerry 1 2 April
1830 ; of Wadham
College, Oxford, ma-
triculated 31 January
1849, aged 18.

Philip Francis Simcoe, born at Pen-
heale 5 February, bapt. at Egloskerry
22 June 1834; of Wadham College,
Oxford, matriculated 9 March 1853,
aged 19, B.A. 1858, M.A. 1863,
J.P. for CO. Cornwall ; died at Pen-
heale 1 2 October, bur. at Egloskerry
16 October 1885. Will dated 3
October 1885, proved at Bodmin
28 November 1885, by Samuel
Palmer Simcoe of Penheale, the
brother, and John Henry Walcot
Vowler of 19 Beaufort Street, Chel-
sea, CO. Middlesex, the nephew, the

Paul Creed GwiUim Simcoe of
New Court, co. Hereford, and
Gwynfe House, Llangadish, co.
Carmarthen ; born at Penheale 30
September 1835, bapt. at Eglos-
kerry 25 February 1837 ; of Wad-
ham College, Oxford, matriculated
14 June 1854, aged 18; died at the
Mumbles 17 February 1875. Will
dated 22 October 1870, proved at
Carmarthen 28 April 1875, by
Philip Francis Simcoe of Penheale,
CO. Cornwall, the brother, and
William Geake of Penheale Farm,
CO. Devon, two of the Exors.

cfa/f^^cuAy /^x.yCu i^Zyui^i-ii/^^

jFloper of Hormastle,
CO. Etmoln.

John Gould Floyer of Ketsby Hall in=j=Sarah, dau. of Rev.

the parish of South Ormesby, co. Lin
coin, and sometime of Louth in the
same county (only child of Anthony
Floyer of Reesby, in the parish of Stain-
ton-by-Langworth, co. Lincoln, by Sarah
his wife, dau. of George Brabins of Ben-
nington Hall, CO. Lincoln) ; born at
Reesby Hall i6 July 1785, bapt. there
privately the next day; died at Louth
20 November, bur. at South Ormesby
25 November 1841. M.I. Will dated
14 August 1837, with codicil dated 28
the College December 1840, proved (P.C.C, 327,

., ^ ^ chevron 42) 3 May 1842, by John Wright, one

between three arrows ardent. „f lu„ „„ • • t?- °

Crest.-h. buck's head erased of the SUrvivmg Exors.

or, holding in the mouth an arrow


Motio. — Floret virtus vulnerata.

Richard Wright, M.A.,
Vicar and Impropriator
of Wrangle, co. Lincoln,
by Susanna his wife,
dau.- of Isaac Hill of
Alford, CO. Lincoln ;
bapt. at Wrangle 22
July 1789; marr. there
26 May 1815; died,
aged 52, at Louth 22
January, bur. at South
Ormesby 28 January
1841. M.L

John Wadham Floyer of Martin Hall,=j=Augusta, twin dau.

near Horncastle, co. Lincoln, sometime
of Cawkwell, in the same county ; born
at Ketsby 23 Aug. 1818, and bapt. there
privately the same day ; of Trinity Hall,
Cambridge; died at Martin, aged 53,
22 Sept., bur. at South Ormesby 26
Sept. 1870. M.I. Will dated 24 May
1865, with codicil dated 28 April 1870,
proved (Prin. Reg., 721, 70) 7 Nov. 1870,
by George Storer of Thoroton Hall,
near Bingham, co. Nottingham, and
Rev. Arthur Wright of Welton in the
Marsh, co. Lincoln, two of the Exors.

of Adkin Jollands
Gilliat of Scrafield
House, CO. Lin-
coln; born 10 Oc-
tober 1822 ; marr.
at Hameringham,
CO. Lincoln, 19
April 1843.

Richard Ayscoghe Martin Floyer,
born at Ketsby 21 June, bapt.
privately at South Ormesby 23
June 1820; of Wadham College,
Oxford, matriculated as Founder's
Kin 25 April 1839, aged 18,
B.A. 1843, of the Inner Temple
1842 ; died unmarr. at Mable-
thorpe, CO. Lincoln, 26 Septem-
ber, bur. at South Ormesby 29
September 1843. M.I.

Alice Matilda, born 2 7 February,
bapt. at Cawkwell 3 March 1844;
marr. at Horncastle 16 January
1866, William Jeffery of Horn-
castle (son of Wells and Eliza-
beth Jeffery of Dalderby, co.
Lincoln); born at Dalderby 13
August, bapt. there 22 August
1835 ; died, aged 49, at Lin-
coln 28 February, bur. at
Scrivelsby, co. Lincoln, i March
1884. She died 1 1 March, bur.
at Scrivelsby 14 March 1870.

Agnes Matilda, born 28
October 1845, bapt. at
Cawkwell 1 1 January
1846; died s.p. and
bur. at Martin 20 Oc-
tober 1869.

Hubert Wadham Floyer,
born at Cawkwell 26
December, bapt. there
privately 28 December,
died the next day, and
bur. at Cawkwell 30
December 1847.

Augustus Wadham Floyer, born at
Martin Hall 12 Dec, bapt. at
Martin 22 Dec. 1850; died in Lon-
don 7 Dec, bur. at Finchley, co.
Middlesex, 13 Dec. 1892.

Hubert Martin Floyer, born 9 Jan.
1852; died at St. Bartholomew's
Hospital, London, where he was a
Medical Student, 10 May, bur. at
Martin 13 May 1875.

Richard Gould Floyer, born 29 May,
bapt. at Martin 10 Aug. 1853.

Rev. Ayscoghe Floyer, born at Ketsby, co. Lincoln,^

26 November, bapt. there privately 28 November
182 1 ; of Wadham College, Oxford, matriculated 18
June 1840, aged 18, B.A. 1844, M.A. 1847, Per-
petual Curate and Impropriator of Marshchapel, co.
Lincoln, 1846-70; died at Putney, co. Surrey, 24
August, bur. at Marshchapel 31 August 1872. M.I.
Will dated 16 September 1871, with codicil, dated 10
May 1872, proved (Prin. Reg., 617, 72) 29 October
1872, by Louisa Sara Floyer of 7 The Terrace,
Putney, the relict. Rev. John Posthumous Parkinson
of Rosendale, near Grimsby, co. Lincoln, D.C.L.,
and William Henry Smyth of Elkington Hall, Louth,
CO. Lincoln, the Exors.

=Louisa Sara, dau. and heiress of the
Hon'''= Frederic John Shore of the East
India Company (2nd son of John, ist
Lord Teignmouth, Governor-General of
India 2 October 1792), by Charlotte
Mary his wife, 2nd dau. of George Cor-
nish of Salcombe Hill, co. Devon ; born
at Sidmouth, co. Devon, 9 November,
bapt. at Salcombe Regis, co. Devon, 12
December 1830; marr. at Marychurch,
CO. Devon, 12 April 1849. Now of
Hermit's Hill, Burghfield, co. Berks.

William Floyer, born
at Marshchapel 3
February, bapt. there
10 February 1850;
died at Uppingham
School, CO. Rutland,
22 May, bur. at
Marshchapel 25 May
1861. M.L

Editb, bapt. at Sal-
combe Regis, 1 6
April, died the same
day, and bur. there
18 April 1851. M.I.

Ernest Ayscoghe Floyer of Cairo, Egypt ; born=
4 July 1852, bapt. privately the same day, bap-
tism registered at Marshchapel; educated at
Charterhouse School ; in the Indian Telegraph
Service 1869, Inspector-General of Egyptian
Telegraphs 7 January 1878, Egyptian Delegate to
Telegraph Conference at Berlin 1885, and at Paris
1890, F.R.A.S., Member of the "Institut Egyp-
tian" of Cairo. Author of "Unexplored Belu-
chistan" 1882, "Etude sur le Nord Etbai "
i8q^, and other works.

=Mary Louisa, eldest
dau. of Rev. William
Richards Watson of
Saltfleetby St. Peter's,
CO. Lincoln ; born 2
December, bapt. at
Saltfleetby St. Peter's
27 December 1863;
marr. there i Septem-
ber 1887.

I .1.

Ernest Ayscoghe Floyer, William Antony Floyer,

born at Cairo 30 June, born at Helouan 31 De-

bapt. there 23 July cember 1890, bapt. at

1888. Cairo 2 February 1891.

George Ayscoghe Floyer, born 10 William Ayscoghe Floyer, Arthur Herewarde Floyer,

November 1854, bapt. at Martin, co. born 25 March, bapt. at born 18 June, bapt. at

Lincoln, 24 January 1855; died i8 Martin 4 May 1856. Martin 9 September 1857.
March, bur. at Martin 21 March 1855.


Edith Louisa, Margaret Sarah, born 8 Sept., bapt. at

born at Marsh- Marshchapel 23 Sept. 1855 ; marr. at

chapel, CO. Lin- St. Mary's, Putney, co. Surrey, 31 Oct.

coin, 13 Feb., 1876, Edward Hockin of Poughill,

bapt. there 26 near Stratton, co. Cornwall, J. P. ; born

Feb. 1854. Au- at Bude, co. Cornwall, 2 Nov. 1838;

thor of "The died in the parish of St. Martin's-in-

Young Huge- the-Fields, London, 29 May, bur. at

nets " and other Poughill 5 June 1S80. His will dated

works. 30 April 1880, proved at Bodmin 25

June 1880, by Margaret Sarah Hockin

of Poughill, the relict, and Edwin

Chamier of Stamford Hill in Poughill,

the Exors. =j=

Frederick Anthony^AUce Maude,

Floyer of Mortimer, dau. of Rev.

CO. Berks ; born

28 August, bapt.

at Marshchapel 5

September 1858 ;

of King's College,

Cambridge, B.A.

1879, M.B. 1883,

M.R.C.S. & L.S.A.


Thomas Ro-
berts Jones,
Vicar of Codi-
cote, CO. Herts ;
born 17 March,
bapt. at Holy
Trinity, Hud-
dersfield, co.
York, 15 April
1862 ; marr. at
Codicote 26
July 1883.

Eric Randolph=
Floyer of Horn-
castle, CO. Lin-
coln; born 27
at Martin, co.
Lincoln, 2 Jan.

Constance Gatehouse, dau. George Frederic Floyer, born at Martin 15
of Stewart Eaton Wyllie of March, bapt. there privately 19 March 1862.
Esher Lodge, St. Leonard's-

Sea, CO. Sussex ; born
January 1859, and bapt. at
Birmingham ; marr. at St.
Leonard's-on-Sea 17 January

Sydenham Ernest Floyer of Horncastle ; born
21 March, bapt. at Martin 28 June 1864.


Constance Muriel Augusta, born 27
December 1884, bapt. at Thornton,
CO. Lincoln 3 February 1885.

Edward Wadham Floyer,
born 18 February, bapt. at
Martin 14 April 1886.

Eric Martyn Floyer, born
1 2 February, bapt. at Mar-
tin 4 April 1887.


Mabel Frances, born 29 April,
bapt. at Marshchapel, co. Lin-
coln, II May 1862; Author of
"Beyond the Argentine ;" marr.
at the Civil Registry, St.
John's, Buenos Ayres, 26 Oc-
tober 1889, Glynne Barring-
ton Leared Williams, formerly
of Rosario de Santa Fe, now of
Estancia San Anselmo, La Co-
lina, F.C.S. Argentine Repub-
lic ; born at Belvedere, co.
Kent, 19 July, bapt. at Erith,
CO. Kent, 20 September i860.

George Wadham Floyer, born at
Marshchapel 19 November, bapt.
there 29 November 1863; Assoc.
M. Inst. C.E., Chief Engineer of
the construction of the Egyptian
Government Railway from Assiout
to Girgeh ; died unmarr. at Assi-
out 29 August 1890, and bur. at
Durunka, near Assiout, the next
day. M.I. at Marshchapel. Will
dated 23 August 1886, proved
(Prift. Reg., 926, 90) 28 October
1890, by John Kestell Floyer of
Wadham College, Oxford, the
brother, the sole Exor.

Rev. John Kestell Floyer,
born 28 June, bapt. at
Marshchapel 9 July 1865;
of Wadham College, Ox-
ford, matriculated 19 Jan-
uary 1888, B.A. 18 June

1 89 1, Curate of Downton,
CO. Wilts, 30 September

1892, Lie. Temp. Assis-
tant Chaplain All Saints'
Cairo, 22 January 1895,
F.S.A. 1895, Minor Canon
of Worcester Cathedral



Herbert of aianartf), to. iWonmoutt).



College of Arms. — Ysx
pale, azure and gules, three
lions rampant argent.

Crest. — A Saracen wo-
man's head affronte ccuped
at the shoulders with long
hair sable, from the ears
double rings pendent or,
veil azure, doubled argent,
wreathed across the fore-

Motto. — Asgre Ian diogel
ei pherchen.

John Jones of Llanarth, Tre-owen,=
and Pen-Uwyn, co. Monmouth, and
of Ufton, CO. Berks; born at Llan-
arth ; died, aged 69, at Llanarth
29 June, bur. there 5 July 1828.

:Mary, his cousin, eldest dau. and co-
heir of Richard Lee of Clytha and
Llanfoist,co. Monmouth, and of Great
Delce, CO. Kent, by Mary his wife,
dau. of John Jones of Llanarth, Tre-
owen, and Pen-Uwyn, who were marr.
at Llanarth i Dec. 1767 (his will
dated 3 March 1824, codicil 19 Feb.
1828, proved 5 Dec. 1829, 715 Liver-
pool); marr. at Llanfoist 18 Sept. 1789;
died, aged 84, at Clifton, co. Glouces-
ter, 4 April, bur. in the crypt of the
Church of the Holy Apostles, Clifton,
10 April 1855.

John Jones of Llan-=
arth, Tre-owen, and
Pen-llwyn; born 5 Au-
gust, and bapt. 8
August 1790, baptism
registered at Llanarth ;
J.P. and D.L. for co.
Monmouth, Captain
in Monmouthshire
Yeomanry Cavalry ;
died, aged 58, at Bute
House, Petersham, in
the parish of Rich-
mond, CO. Surrey, 28
April, bur. at Llanarth
4 May 1848. M.L

=Lady Harriet Plunkett, only dau. of
Arthur James, 8th Earl of Fingall, K.P.,
by Frances his wife, dau. of John
Donelan of Bally Donelan, co. Galway;
born at Killeen Castle, co. Meath ;
marr. at St. Marylebone, co. Middle-
sex, 1 1 September 1 8 1 7 ; died at Teign-
mouth, CO. Devon, 22 March, bur. there
27 March 1871.

Philip Jones of Hill House,
Abergavenny, and Perthyr, co.
Monmouth ; born at Llanarth 7
Dec, bapt. there privately 10
Dec. 1791 ; High Sheriff for CO.
Monmouth 1837 ; died at Paris
20 Oct. 1877, and was bur.
there. Admon granted at the
Principal Registry 12 Jan.
1878, to WiUiam Herbert of
Clytha House, co. Monmouth,
the brother and one of the
next of kin.

John Arthur Edward Herbert of Llanarth, Tre-owen, and=
Pen-llwyn; born 12 October, bapt. at Llansantffraed, co.
Monmouth, 16 October 1818; formerly in the Diplomatic
Service, J.P. and D.L. for co. Monmouth, High Sheriff" 1849 ;
died 18 August, bur. at Llanarth 24 August 1895. By Royal
Licence dated 20 September 1848, he and his issue were
authorized to resume the name of Herbert.

=The Hon'''' Augusta Charlotte
Elizabeth, only surviving
child of Sir Benjamin Hall, <
ist Baron Llanover of Llan-
over, by Augusta his wife,
dau. and coheir of Benjamin
Waddington of Llanover ;
bapt. at Llanover; marr. there
12 November 1846.


Elizabeth, born 2 November, bapt.

4 November 1794, baptism regis-
tered at Llanarth; died at Bruges,
Belgium, in 1808.

Florence, born 3 February, bapt.

5 February 1796, baptism regis-
tered at Llanarth ; died at Llan-
arth, and bur. there 19 September
1796. M.I.

Marianne, born 14 June, bapt.
16 June 1797, baptism registered
at Llanarth ; died 13 September,
bur. at Llanarth 15 December
1S08. M.L

William Jones of Clytha House,=
CO. Monmouth ; born i December,
bapt. 3 December 1798, baptism
registered at Llanarth; J. P. and D.L.
for CO. Monmouth, High Sheriff 1 843;
resumed the name of Herbert in-
stead of that of Jones in 1861; died
1 8 May, bur. in the private Cemetery
at Clytha 22 May 1885.

^Frances, eldest dau. of
Edward Huddleston
of Sawston Hall, co.
Cambridge, and Purse
Caundle, co. Dorset,by
marr. at St. Mary's,
Marylebone, London,
II June 1833 ; died
I Jan., bur. in the
private Cemetery at
Clytha 5 Jan. 1878.

(For issue see Pedigree of Herbert of Clytha, co. Monmouth.)

General Sir Arthur James Herbert, K.C.B., born 21=
January, bapt. at Llansantffraed 25 January 1820;
Knight of the Legion of Honour and of the Medjidie,
formerly Lieut.-Colonel commanding as Major-
General at Aldershot and Dublin, and Quarter-
Master-General at the War Office, served in the
Crimea. By Royal Licence dated 20 September
1848, he and his issue were authorized to resume
the name of Herbert.

=Elizabeth, dau. of
John Hill of Hali-
fax, Nova Scotia ;
born at Halifax in
Feb. 1822; marr.
at Southampton 25
October 1848. She
marr. istly in May
1 840, Major George
Ferguson of the 23'''^
Fusiliers, and of
Houghton Hall, co.
Cumberland, bapt.
at Stanwix, near
Carhsle ; and by
him had issue.

Frances Mary, born
24 June 1822,
bapt. at Llanarth
Court; died in Paris,
and bur. in the
Cemetery of Mont
Parnasse, Paris (7
Division, No. 1084),
20 September 1843.

Ivor John Caradoc Herbert, born 15 July, bapt. at Llanarth=
'Court 22 July 1851 ; entered the Grenadier Guards 5 November
1870, served in the Egyptian Campaign 1882, and in the Nile
Expedition 1884-85, Brigade-Major of the Brigade of Guards
1S82-83, Military Attache at St. Petersburgh 1886-90, Com-
manding the Militia of Canada (with local rank of Major-General)
from 1890, C.B., C.M.G, a Knight of the Medjidie, Colonel in
the Army, Major and Lieut.-Colonel Grenadier Guards, J. P. and
D.L. for CO. Monmouth.

=The Hon"' Albertina Agnes
Mary, dau. of Albert, ist Baron
Londesborough, by Ursula
Lucy Grace his 2nd wife,
eldest dau. of Rear-Admiral
the Hon"= Charles Bridge-
man; born 22 Sept. 1854;
marr. at St. Martin's-in-the-
Fields, London, 31 July 1873.


Florence Mary Ursula, born
at 9 Great Stanhope Street,
London, 9 February 1879,
bapt. there privately the
next day.

Elydyr John Bernard Herbert,
born at Yorktown, co. Hants,
13 January, bapt. there 9 Feb-
ruary x88i.

Mary, born 23 March, bapt. 27 March
1793, baptism registered at Llanarth ;
marr. there 25 June 1821, Simon Thomas
Scrope of Uanby Hall, co. York (eldest
son of Simon Scrope of Danby, by Cathe-
rine Dorothy his wife, dau. of Edward
Meynell of Kilvington, and the Fryerage,
Yarm, co. York); born 17 April 1790;
died at Danby i Oct., bur. in the vault at
Ulshaw 8 Oct. 1872. She died at Bristol
Hot Wells 25 April bur. at Llanarth 3 May
1830. His will dated 14 March 1870,
proved (Prin. Reg., 206, 73) 20 March
1 8 73, by Simon Thomas Scrope of Danby,
the son, and Edgar John Meynell of the
City of Durham, the Exors.

Edward Basil Jones, born
14 June, bapt. 17 June
1 800, baptism registered at
Llanarth; died at Biarritz
13 April 1869. Will dated
5 April 1859, proved (Prin.
Reg., 591, 69) 15 Septem-
ber 1869, by Alfred Zouch
Palmer of 35 Dorset
Square, co. Middlesex, the
sole Exor.



Jane Mary, born 26
September, bapt. 29 Sep-
tember 1 80 1, baptism
registered at Llanarth ;
died at Clifton 12 Feb-
ruary, bur. in the Ceme-
tery of the Holy Souls,
Arno's Vale, Bristol, 14
February 1880.

Henry Wyborne Jones,
born 14 March, bapt. 17
March 1803, baptism
registered at Llanarth ;
died at Rome.

Eleanora, dau. of Colonel=
James Price Gwynne-Holford
of Buckland, co. Brecon,
and of Cilgwyn, co. Carmar-
then, by Anna Maria his
wife, only child and heiress
of Roderick Gwynne of Buck-
land ; born 2 December
1832 ; marr. at the Catholic
Church, Warwick Street,
London, 21 October 1865 ;
died at Cilgwyn, co. Carmar-
then, 10 January, bur. at
Llansantffraed, co. Mon-
mouth, 15 January 1876.
ist wife.

^Edmund Philip Herbert of Llansantffraed ;=
born 24 January, bapt. there 28 Jan-
uary 1823 ; formerly Major Monmouth-
shire Militia, and first Chief Constable
of CO. Monmouth 1857-94. By Royal
Licence dated 20 September 1848, he
and his issue were authorized to resume
the name of Herbert.


^Frances Catherine,
dau. and co-heir of
Robert Canning of
Foxcote, CO. Warwick,
and Hartbury Court,
CO. Gloucester, by
Maria his 2nd wife,
dau. and co-heir of
Rev. Joseph Bonner
Cheston of Longford
House, CO. Gloucester;
born at Gloucester 12
Nov. 1835; marr. at
the Catholic Church,
Spanish Place, Lon-
don, 21 July 1880.
2nd wife.

Edmund Arthur Herbert, born at
Llansantffraed 5 August, bapt. at
Llanarth private Chapel 7 August
1866; Captain 6th Inniskilling
Dragoons, A.D.C. to the Governor
of Straits Settlements.

John Herbert, born at Llansantffraed
21 October, bapt. at Llanarth
private Chapel 23 October 1868;
died at Oystermouth, co. Glamorgan,
13 October, bur. at Llansantffraed
18 October 1875.

Arthur James Herbert, born 22 August 1855, bapt. at Llanarth Court=
24 August 1855 ; of Christ Church, Oxford, matriculated 23 January
1874, aged 18, B.A. 1877, M.A. 1882, 2nd Secretary in the British
Diplomatic Service consecutively at St. Petersburgh, Persia, Buenos
Ayres, and at Brussels, Deputy Lieutenant for co. Monmouth.

=Helen Louise, dau. and
coheir of William Gam-
mell of Rhode Island,
Newport, U.S. A.;
the Catholic Cathedral,
Rhode Island, 14 De-
cember 1892.

Appolonia, born
29 Sept. 1804,
and bapt. the
next day, bap-
tism registered at
Llanarth ; marr.
there 5 Feb. 1834,
Francis Elexis
Rio of Brittany.
She died at Biar-
ritz, and was bur.
there la Sept.

Richard Jones, born 18=
August, bapt. 22 August
1806, baptism registered
at Llanarth; Captain and
Hon. Colonel Royal
Monmouthshire Militia
and Hanoverian Hus-
sars; died s.p. at Stud-
leigh, CO. Worcester 16
April, bur. at Clytha 19
April 1884.

=Mary, dau. of George Lawrence
of Tre-vella, co. Monmouth,
formerly of Moreton Court, co.
Hereford; marr. at Newied,
Germany, 9 June 1866. She
marr. istly at Moreton Parish
Church, 8 Sept. 1857, Nicholas
Llanwarne of the Vineyard, co.
Hereford, who died 10 Dec.
1864. She died at Pau (Basses
Pyrenees) 22 April 1882.

Thomas Jones,
born 1 7 April
1808, and bapt.
the same day at
Llanarth ; died 3
August, bur. at
Llanarth 7 Au-
gust 1828. M.I.

Mary Louisa, born 22 May, bapt. at Llansantffraed, co. Mon-
mouth, 25 April 1824; by Royal Licence dated 20 September
1848, she was authorized to take the name of Herbert instead
of that of Jones; marr. at Llanarth 10 September 1858, John
Hillyer Tozer of Teignmouth, co. Devon. She died 20 October,
bur. at Teignmouth 26 October 1887.

Herbert Gerald Jones, born
at Llansantffraed, 2 Feb-
ruary, bapt. there 1 1 February
1826; died at Boulogne-sur-
Mer, France, 16 July, bur. at
Llanarth 22 July 1852.

Edward Bleiddian Stephen Silurian Charles Her-
Herbert, born 23 bert, born 18 Dec, bapt. at

Llanarth Court 24 Dec. 1864;

died at Llanover 6 April, bur.

there 9 April 1869.

January, bapt. at
Llanarth Court -*
February 1858;
Major 1 7th Lancers.

Henrietta Mary Arienwen, born
26 July 1848, bapt. at Llanarth
Court the next day.

Florence Catherine Mary, born at Llan-
santffraed 17 April, bapt. there 22 April
1850; marr. at Llanarth 13 October
1874, Joseph Monteith of Carstairs, co.
Lanark (son of Robert Monteith of
Carstairs, by Wilhelmina Anne his wife,
dau. of Joseph Mellish of BIythe, co.
Nottingham); born 29 March 1852.


Jlerbert of Clytiba. to. iflonmoutj).

William Herbert of Clytha, co. Monmouth (son of John Jones=T=Frances, 2nd dau. of Edward

of Llanarth, Tre-owen, and Pen-Uwyn, co. Monmouth, by Mary

his wife, eldest dau. and co-heir of Richard Lee of Clytha and

Llanfoist, co. Monmouth); born i December 1798, baptism

registered at Llanarth; J.P. and D.L. for co. Monmouth,

High Sheriff 1843; resumed the name of Herbert instead of

that of Jones 1862; died 20 May, bur. in the private cemetery

at Clytha 22 May 1885.

Huddleston of Sawston Hall,
CO. Cambridge, and Purse
Caundle, co. Dorset, by Sarah
(Barton) his wife; marr. at
St. Mary's, in the parish of
Marylebone, London, 1 1
June 1S33; died i January,
bur. in the private cemetery
at Clytha 5 January 1878.

Charlotte Josephine, eldest dau.=
of Thomas William Giffard of
Chillington, co. Stafford, Lieut.-

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