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28 Sept., bapt. at
Romsey 9 Dec.
1842 ; marr. at Ear-
sham, CO. Norfolk,
6 Aug. 1873.

Montague Nesfield Cookson,
born at Nuneaton 27 May,
bapt. at the Parish Church
there 13 July 1879.

Ellen, born at Great
Easton 17 Sept. 1841,
and bapt. there ;
marr. at Stow Up-
land, CO. Suffolk, 6
Sept. 1864, Edward
Cookson of Ipswich
(eldest son of the late
Rev. Edward Cookson
of Leeds, by Elizabeth
his wife, dau. of
Thomas Chorley of
Leeds) ; born at Leeds
9 May, bapt. at St.
Peter's there 5 July
1833; of Caius Coll.,
Cambridge, B. A. 1854.

Octavius Al-=
fred Cookson
of Leaming-
ton, CO. War-
wick ; born at
Great Easton
8 February,
bapt. there 5
March 1843.

mington i
at All Sai
June 1887.

^Isabella, dau. of
Joseph Badcock
of Birmingham ;
born there 9
April, bapt. at St.
Anne's, Duddle-
ston, CO. Worces-
ter, 29 May 1863;
marr. at St.
Mary's, Leaming-
ton 23 Sept.

born at Lea-
3 May, bapt.
nts' there 15

Albert Bruce Cookson, born 11 September,
bapt. at Burbage, co. Leicester, 7 October 1875.

Robert Alexander Bruce Cookson, born 6
August, bapt. at Burbage 22 August 1876, and
died an infant at Halifax, co. York.

Kenneth Bruce Cookson, born 2 November,
bapt. at the Parish Church, Halifax, 2
December 1877.

Maurice Bruce Cookson, born 22 July, bapt.
at St. Mary's, Halifax, i September 1879.

Walter Stephen Cookson, born at Great
Easton, co. Leicester, 27 March, bapt.
there 9 April 1 844 ; marr. in Australia
Margaret Campbell.

Edith Emma, born at Wilby, co.
Norfolk, 8 June, bapt. there 2 August
1847 ; marr. at Albury, Murray River,
Australia, 19 August 1875, Arthur
Andrews, of Albury, Surgeon. She
died at Albury 31 August 1876, and
was bur. there.

Hugh Alexander
Cookson, of Hali-
fax, CO. York,
Surgeon ; born
at Wilby, 20
December 185 1,
and bapt. there.

=Ada, dau. of
Robert Bruce,
formerly of New
Brompton, Lon-
don, now of
Heme Hill, co.
Surrey; born 21
July 1850; marr.
at St. Martin's-in-
the-Fields, Tra-
falgar Square,
London, 22 Au-
gust 1874.

William Tasman
Cookson, born at
Hobart Town,
Tasmania, 30
May 1853, and
bapt. at Trinity
Church there ;
died at sea 6
June, bur. off
Cape of Good
Hope 7 June

Reginald Bruce Cookson, born 6 October, Nellie May, born at Ferdinand Hugh Cookson,

bapt. at St. Mary's, Halifax, 25 October 1880. Halifaxg May 1885. born at Halifax 14 January

_ — 1889.

Edith Adelaide Nesfield, born at Halifax 18 Jessie Maud, born —

May, bapt. at St. Mary's there 14 June 1882 ; at Halifax 24 Sep- Adelaide Blanche, born at

died an infant. tember 1886. Halifax 13 February 1890.


^unc|)arlJ of ituton, to. iSetfforli.

John Baldry Punchard (son of John Punchard of Parham,=
CO. Suffolk, by Ann his wife, dau. of Thomas Symonds of
Peasenhall, co. Suffolk, who were marr. at Saxted, co.
Suffolk, 17 January 1766); bapt. at Saxted 12 August
1767; died at Framlingham, co. Suffolk, 5 March, bur.
there 9 March 1844. Sold the Manor of Burstonhaugh
in Peasenhall in 1798.

=Rose dau. of Thomas and Susannah
Elgood of Cransford, co. Suffolk ;
born 4 February 1774, and bapt. at
Cransford the same day; marr.
there by licence 31 May 1792;
died, aged 98, at Framlingham 30
March, bur. there 5 April 1872.


Harriet, born at Peasenhall
28 March, bapt. privately
I April 1793, baptism regis-
tered at Peasenhall ; marr.
at Cransford 7 Nov. 18 14,
William Moss of Creting-
ham, CO. Suffolk. She died
at Kettleburgh, co. Suffolk,
1 7 Nov., and was bur. there
21 Nov. 1864.

Rose Susannah, born at Pea-
senhall 5 Feb., bapt. there 5
Feb., 179s ; marr. istly at Earl
Soham, co. Suffolk, Edward
Adams of Earl Soham. She
marr. andly at Framlingham
John Gray of Parham Hall, co.
Suffolk. She died s.p., aged 74,
at Framlingham 9 Nov., bur.
there 13 Nov. 1869.

Susan, born at Peasenhall 3
March, bapt. there 24 March
1797; marr. istly, George Lee
of Earl Soham ; born 8 August
1788, bapt. at Earl Soham 23
April 1789, and died in 1847.
She marr. 2ndly at Framlingham
II September 1854, John Aldous
of Framlingham. She died s.p. 16
September, bur. at Framlingham
21 September 1882.

John Elgood Punchard,=
born at Peasenhall 18
September, bapt. there
20 October 1799; died
at Framlingham 10 Oc-
tober, bur. there 12
October 1876.

^ i.f^

: Elizabeth, dau.
of Stephen and
Ann Piggins
of Great Yar-
mouth ; born
19 May 1820 ;
marr. at Whit-
ton, co. Suffolk,
14 June 1841.

Thomas Punchard,
born at Cransford 15
Feb. 1803, and bapt.
thereprivately ; died
24 Aug., bur. at Par-
ham 28 Aug. 1816.

Mary, born at
Cransford 5 Aug.
1805, and bapt.
there ; died un-
marr. 9 Nov., bur.
at Framlingham 13
Nov. 18S3.

Alfred Punchard, born at Crans-
ford 14 Aug., bapt. there 27 Aug.
1808 ; died in London 12 Sept.
1878, having marr. and had issue.

William P unchard, born at Crans-
ford 3 April, bapt. there 5 April
1 81 2 ; marr. Catherine (Bowen),
who died 16 Nov., bur. at Cat-
ford, CO. Kent, 20 Nov. 1892.
He died i April, bur. at Step-
ney, London, 7 April 1872.



John Edward Punchard,
born at Ipswich, co.
Suffolk, 6 March 1842,
and bapt. at St. Mar-
garet's there; died s.p.
at sea (ship foundered)
in June 1858.

Rev. Elgood George Punchard, born at=i=Catherine Mary, dau. and

Framlingham 18 April 1844, bapt. there
27 January i860; of New Inn Hall, Ox-
ford, matriculated 28 January 1868, aged
23, B.A. 1872, M.A. 1874, B.D. 1880,
D.D. 1884, Oriental Fellow of St. Augus-
tine's, Canterbury, 1878, Vicar of Lins-
dale, CO. Bucks, 18S0, Vicar of Christ
Church, Luton, 1883.

coheiress of Joseph and
Ann Johnson of Windsor,
CO. Berks ; born 28 De-
cember 1S49, bapt. at the
Parish Church, Windsor,
22 March 1850; marr. at
All Saints', Windsor, 5
February 1879.

1 I I

Rose Elgood, born at Shalbourne, Alfred Punchard, born at Edmund Elgood Punchard,

CO. Berks, 30 November, bapt. Luton 22 January, bapt. there born at Luton 21 Oct., bapt.

there 28 December 1879. 24 February 1886. there 20 Nov. 1890.

(^ Q . Juyy^cJaoCa^

Arms granted 7 September i8jo, to Sir John Ratcliff of
Widdrifigton, and to his youngest brother Charles Ratcliff, Fellow
Commoner of Downing College, Cambridge, and their descendants.

Arms. — Per bend, argent and or, a bend engrailed sable, thereon in
chief an anchor of the 2nd, in sinister chief a knight's
helmet proper.

Cresi.— In front of a bull's head erased sable, armed or, collared
argent, three escallops of the last.

Motio. — Fide et fortitudine.

Batcliff of €lJ5ba0ton, to. lHartoufe.

Arms. — Argent, a bend engrailed sable.

Crest. — Out of a ducal crown a bull's head erased sable armed (

Motto. — Sperare timere est.

John Ratcliff of Ledbury, co. Hereford (son of Joseph=f=Mary, dau. of John Lockett of Bir-
Ratchff of Oldbury, co, Warwick, by Anne (Bullifant) | mingham ; born in 1779; marr. at St.
his wife); born 17 June 1775, and bapt. at Oldbury; 1 Martin's, Birmingham, 12 March 1798;

died at Ledbury, 28 October, bur. at St. Paul's,
mingham, 3 November 1836.

died 3 November, bur. at St. Paul's,
Birmingham, 11 November 1833.

Sir John Ratcliff, Knt., of Wyddrington,=

Edgbaston, co. Warwick; born 27 Novem-
ber 1798, bapt. at St. Martin's Birmingham,
25 March 1799; F.S.A., Mayor of Birming-
ham, and J. P. for that borough, knighted at
the Town Hall, Birmingham, on the occasion
of Her Majesty's visit to that borough 15
June 1858; died at Wyddrington, aged 65,
I September, bur. at the Parish Church,
Edgbaston, 10 September 1864. Will dated
12 August, proved at Birmingham 21 March
1865, by his brother, Charles Ratcliff, the
Exor, Jane, the relict, renouncing.

=Jane, dau. of George
Pugh of Rose Cottage,
Coalport, CO. Salop ;
born at Sutton Mad-
dock, CO. Salop, in
1803; marr. there 18
August 1829; died
s.p., aged 71, 12 Sep-
tember, bur. at the
Parish Church, Edg-
baston, 19 September

Eliza, bom 27 July 1800;
marr. Samuel Whitehouse.

William Ratcliff, born 6
November 1802 ; died in
February 1803.

Mary Ann, born 10 Feb-
ruary 1806; marr. Edmund
Heeley of Lime Grove
Lodge, Edgbaston, who
died 9 January, bur. at St.
Paul's, Birmingham, 13
January 1871. She died
13 December, bur. at St.
Paul's, Birmingham, 19
December 1879.

Marianne, marr. at Edgbaston, Wilfrid
Lucas Heeley of Trinity College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1885, and of the Indian
Civil Service. She died, aged 28, at
Kishnagflr, Lower Bengal, 18 Decem-
ber 1862.

Howard Taylor Ratcliff of=j=Charlotte Elizabeth, dau.
Fair View Hall, Edgbaston; of Thomas Glutton Salt;
born 13 January, bapt. at St. marr. at St. John's
Mary's, Birmingham, 9 Feb- Ladywood, Birmingham,
ruary 1836. 9 June 1859.

Joseph Ratclifif=
of Edgbaston,
CO. Warwick ;
born 30 Octo-
ber 1808; died,
aged 55, 26
January, bur.
at the Parish
Church, Edg-
baston, I Feb-
ruary 1864.

=Mary Ann, dau.
of Daniel Row-
llnson of Edg-
baston ; born
in 1805; died,
aged 79, 8
January, bur.
at the Parish
Church, Edg-
baston, 13 Jan-
uary 1885.

Rev. Thomas Ratcliffe, born at=j=Charlotte, dau. of Rev.

St. Paul's Square, Birmingham,
14 February 18 10, bapt. at St.
Martin's, Birmingham, 13 March
181 2; of St. John's College,
Cambridge, B.A. 1S34, M.A.
1S37, B.D. 1864; Rector of
Fisherton Delamere, co. Wilts ;
died there 5 April, bur. in
Brompton Cemetery, London,
9 April 1892. Will dated i
December 1891, proved in the
Principal Registry 20 June
1893, by Edmund Ratchff, the
brother, and Albert Edward
Ratcliff, the nephew, the Exors.


Henry Morice, M.A., Vicar
of Ashwell, CO. Herts, Pre-
bendary of Lincoln, J. P.,
and Rural Dean, by Mary
his wife, dau. of Sir John
St. Aubyn, Bart., of St.
Michael's Mount, co. Corn-
wall ; born at Chipping
Ongar, co. Essex, 22 March,
bapt. there 17 July 1810;
marr. at St. George's, Han-
over Square, London, 27
January 1846; died at
Bickenhill Vicarage, co.
Warwick, 10 May, bur. at
Ashwell, CO. Herts, 14
May 1891.

Daniel Rowlinson=
Ratcliff of Great
Alne Hall, co.
Warwick, and 24
Lancaster Gate,
London ; born 2
Oct., bapt. at St.
Mary's, Birming-
ham, 31 Oct. 1837 ;
J. P. for counties
of Warwick and
Worcester, M.P. for
Evesham 1880.

and heiress of
William Mil-
ner of Liver-
pool, and the
Isle of Man ;
marr. at Port
Erin, Isle of

Rev. Walter Henry Ratcliff=
of Kidbrooke Grove, Black-
heath, CO. Kent; born 16
May, bapt. at St. Mary's,
Birmingham, 5 July 1840;
of Trinity College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1863.

=Evelyn Ann, dau. of Ed-
ward Harris of Hampstead,
CO. Middlesex ; born 24
March 1S55, and bapt. at
Pentonville, London ; marr.
at St. Luke's, Redcliffe Sq.,
London, 27 July 1878.

Jane Milner, born at Liverpool
3 June, bapt. at St. Paul's
there 8 July 1862, marr. at St.
John the Evangelist, Eastbourne,
CO. Sussex, 2 August 1890,
Richard Paddison (only son of
Howard Paddison of Hampton,
CO. Middlesex) ; born at Hamp-
ton 17 September, bapt. at St.
Mary's there 18 October 1863;
of Balliol College, Oxford, ma-
triculated 17 Octolser 1882, aged
19, B.A. 1887, of Lincoln's Inn
June 1882. =f=


William Milner Ratcliff, born
at Mossley Hill, near Liverpool,
12 May 1868 ; of Oriel College,
Oxford, matriculated 18 Oct.
1887, aged 19, B.A. 1891.

Charlotte Marion.

Frederick Rowlinson Ratcliff,
born at Liverpool in 1873,
and bapt. at Aigburth, co.
Lane. ; of Oriel College, Ox-
ford, matriculated 27 Oct. 1892,
aged 19, B.A. 1895.

1 I I

Evelyn Marianne,
5 May 1879.

Walter Harris Ratcliff,
born 2 February, bapt.
at Kidbrooke, Black-
heath, 4 March 1881.

Ethel Bridget, born 16
September 1883.

Edmund Ratcliff=j=Ellen, dau. of George Pugh

of Leamington
born 24 October
181 3, and bapt.
at the Parish
Church, Birming-

of Coalport, CO. Salop;
born 24 April 18 14; marr.
at Madeley, co. Salop, 24
Sept. 1837; died 8 Jan.,
bur. at the Parish Church,
Edgbaston, 14 Jan. 1881.


Albert Edmund Ratcliff, born Julia Ellen,

at Edgbaston 13 Sept., bapt. at bornatEdg-

St. Mary's, Birmingham, 16 Oct. baston 24

1838 ; late Captain ist Battalion Nov. 1846,

Warwickshire Rifle Brigade. and bapt

Charles Ratcliff, bom 29 Dec.=
181 5, bapt. at St. Martin's,
Birmingham, 6 Nov. 1822 ;
of Downing College, Cam-
bridge, and of Lincoln's Inn,
Barrister-at-Law, J. P. for
counties of Warwick, Wor-
cester, and Salop, D.L. forco.
Warwick, Colonel of 4th Sur-
rey Rifle Volunteers; dieds.p.,
aged69, at Matlock, co. Derby,
28 Aug., bur. at the Parish
Church, Edgbaston, 4 Sept.
1885. Willdatedi4Mayi885,
proved in the Principal Regis-
try 19 Oct. 1885, by Helen,
the relict and Executrix.

=Helen, youngest
Jardine, 7 th Bart.,
of Jardine Hall,
Applegarth, co.
Dumfries, by
Jane Home his
wife, dau. of
Daniel Lizars of
Edinburgh; born
4 May 1832, and
bapt. at Jardine
Hall; marr. at the
Parish Church,
don, 28 April

vvuiwn,K.bnue iviue laiigiiue. anu uapL. ^■'O^ .^\


Mary St. Aubyn, born at Tonbridge
Rectory, co. Kent, 19 January, bapt. at
Tonbridge 4 March 1848 ; died at Chel-
sea, London, 22 July, bur. at Ashwell, co.
Herts, 26 July 1887.

Henry Morice Derwentwater Ratcliffe,
born at Tonbridge Rectory 26 April 1850,
bapt. at Rushden, co. Northampton, 24
May 1852 ; of Pembroke College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1873 ; died at Woolwich, co.
Kent, 30 November, bur. at Ashwell 4
December 1879.

Rev. Charles Edward=
Stuart Ratcliffe, born
at Lutterworth Rec-
tory, CO. Leicester, 6
May, bapt. there pri-
vately 1 1 November
1854; of St. John's
College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1876, M.A. 1879,
Vicar of Bickenhill,
CO. Warwick 1890,
Rector of Downham,
Brentwood, co. Essex,
July 1895.

^Constance Charlotte Rose,
3rd dau. of Admiral Sir Corn-
wallis Ricketts, Bart., by his
wife. Lady Caroline Augusta,
4th dau. of Henry, 4th Duke
of Newcastle, K.G. ; born 27
December 1855, and bapt.
at St. Michael's, Chester
Square, London ; marr. at
St. Paul's, Knightsbridge,
London, 30 July 1887.

(See Ricketfs Pedigree, Vol. I.,
page 213.)

Adeline Constance St. Aubyn, born at Old Cornwallis St. Aubyn Ratcliffe, bom at

Charlton, co. Kent, 25 January, bapt. at St. Bickenhill Vicarage 16 March, bapt. at

Luke's there 2 April 1889. Bickenhill 19 June 1892.

Gillian Mildred Clinton, born at Bickenhill Grace Pelham Clinton, born at Bickenhill

Vicarage 13 July, bapt. at Bickenhill 17 August Vicarage 31 October 1893, bapt. at Bickenhill

1890. 14 January 1894.

George Ernest Ratcliff,
born 18 January, bapt.
at St. Mary's, Birming-
ham, 7 August 1842;
died unmarr. 18 March
1890, bur. at Edgbaston
Parish Church.

Frederick William Ratcliff of 69=
Carlile Road, Edgbaston; born 18
April, bapt. at St Mary's, Birmingham,
30 June


^Florence, dau. of Rev.
Edward Roberts, M.A.,
Vicar of Harborne, co. Staf-
ford ; born 19 July, bapt. at
Harborne 1 7 September
1856; marr. at Lynn, co.
Norfolk, 20 April 1884.


Edmund Theodore Ratcliff, born
7 April, bapt. at St. Mary's, Bir-
mingham, 9 July 1846; marr. at
St. John the Evangelist, Soho,
London, 4 May 1889, Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of Thomas Floyd of
Walmer, co. Kent, formerly
Captain Royal Marine Light


Elizabeth Mary, dau. of=j=John Francis=i=Katherine Esther,
"''""' - - - - - dau. of Dr. George

Newton Swinson
of Solihull, CO.
Warwick, by Lucy
Dorothy his wife ;
born 14 February,
bapt. at Kidling-
ton, CO. Oxford,
14 July 1861 ;
marr. at St.
George's, Edgbas-
ton, II July 1888.
2nd wife.

Frederick Smith of Edi^
baston; born 7 January
1855 ; marr. at Edgbas-
ton Parish Church 13
November 1879; died,
aged 25, 30 October, bur.
at the Parish Church,
Edgbaston, 3 November
1880. I St wife.

Ratcliff of
6 Vicarage
Road, Edg-
baston ; born
19 Jan., bapt.
at St. Mark's,
28 Feb. 1849.

Elizabeth Mary Barbara, born
26 October, bapt. at Great Alne,
Redditch, co. Worcester, 21
November 1880.


Francis Gerald Ratcliff, born John Edward Ratcliff, born

27 September, bapt. at St. 27 September, bapt. at St.

George's, Edgbaston, 27 Oc- George's, Edgbaston, 22 No-

tober 1889. vember 1891.

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