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July 1864; marr. at St.
Michael's, Star Street,
Paddington, 28 July 1885.

. .1
W illiam Crosbie=

Gilbey of The Lea,
Denham, co. Bucks ;
born 29 July, bapt.
at Willesden, co.
Middlesex, 3 Au-
gust i860; J.P. for
CO. Bucks.

^Margarita Petra, dau. of
Joseph Charles Gordon
of Jerez de la Frontera,
Spain ; born 3 Septem-
ber 1863, and bapt. at
Jerez de la Frontera ;
marr. there 15 January


Alfred Ronald Gilbey, Geoffrey Holland Gilbey,

born in London 23 born in London 12 May

April 1886. 1889.

Wilfrid Holland Gil-
bey, born in London 2 1 Oliver Holland Gilbey,
March, bapt. at St. born in London 8 June
Michael's. Star Street, 1S90.
I May 1887.

AVilliam Gordon Gilbey, born
29 October 1886, bapt. at
the Church of Our Lady, St.
John's Wood, London.

Agnes Margarita Josephina,
Tjorn 14 March, bapt. at St.
Dominic's, Haverstock Hill,
CO. Middlesex, 6 April 1888.

Maria del Rosario, born 10
September, bapt. at St. Do-
minic's, Haverstock Hill, 6
October 1889.

Hugh Lionel Gilbey, born at
Denham 18 June, bapt. at
St. Catherine-the-Martyr, West
Drayton, co. Middlesex, 9 July

Mercedes Christina, born at
Denham 24 July, bapt. at the
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes,
Uxbridge, co. Middlesex, 5
August 1893.

Winifred Hilda, born at Den-
ham 19 May, bapt. at the
Church of Our Lady of Lourdes,
Uxbridge, 23 May 1895.



Newman Gilbey of=j=Maria Victorina, dau. of Enrique Southard Gilbey, of 54 Regent's Park

Mark Hall, Harlow,
CO. Essex; born 2
March, bapt. at Wil-
lesden, co. Middlesex,
16 April i862i

de Ysasi of Jerez de la Frontera,
born 18 August 1864, and bapt.
at Santiago, Jerez de la Fron-
tera ; marr. at El Altillo, Jerez
de la Frontera, 14 January 1886.

Road, London; born 10 December
1863, and bapt. at Wooburn, co. Bucks.

Henry Gilbey, born 12 December,
1865, and bapt. at Wooburn.


Henry Newman Gilbey, born 15 November,
bapt. at The Oratory, Brompton, London,
22 November 1886.

John Newman Gilbey, born 4 February, bapt.
privately 6 February, and received into the
church at St. Mary of the Angels', London,
5 May 1888,

Charles Newman
Gilbey, born 5
February, bapt.
at St. Mary of
the Angels' 2 1
February 1889.

Angela, bom 6 December, bapt.
at St. Mary of the Angels' 19
December 1892.

Carmen, born 2 June, bapt. at
St. Mary of the Angels' 15
June 1894.

Agnes, born 3 September, bapt. at
Wooburn 8 Oct. 1867; marr. at St.
Paul's, Wooburn, 28 July 1891, Rev,
Edward DomA Shaw (son of Rev.
Edward Francis Shaw of Elgin Avenue,
London, by Mary Elizabeth Moore his
wife, dau. of John Villiers St. George
of Rochestown, co. Cork) ; born at
Passage West, co. Cork, 5 Oct., bapt.
at Passage Church 6 Nov. i860; of
Oriel College, Oxford, matriculated 19
Oct. 1880, aged 20, Scholar 1879-84,
B.A. 1885, M.A. 1887, Head-Master of
Bishop's Stortford School 1887-94;
Vicar of High Wycombe, co. Bucks,

Mary, born 29 May 1869, and bapt.
at Wooburn ; marr. at Christ Church,
Lancaster Gate, London, 19 April
1892, Charles Gold of Westfield,
Bishop's Stortford (3rd son of Charles
Gold of The Limes, Stansted Mount-
fitchet, by Fanny Georgiana his wife,
dau. of Henry Gilbey of Bishop's
Stortford); born 30 July 1865.

Elizabeth, born 17 Jan. 1871, and
bapt. at Wooburn; marr. at Christ
Church, Lancaster Gate, 19 April
1892, Walter Gilbey Gold of Stort
Lodge, Bishop's Stortford (2nd son of
Charles Gold of The Limes, Stansted
Mountfitchet, by Fanny Georgiana his
wife, dau. of Henry Gilbey of Bishop's
Stortford); born at Edinburgh 10
Nov. 1864, and bapt. there.


Kate, born 26
October 1872,
and bapt. at

Gilbert Gilbey,
born 22 Jan-
uary 1874, and
bapt. at Woo-

Constance, born
I May 1876,
and bapt. at

bourne of ^talmtne 3|alL
JFleettoooli, co. Eanc.

Cornelius Bourne (3rd son and=
eventual heir of John Bourne of
Stalmine Hall, co. Lane, and Jane
his wife, dau. and coheir of Cornelius
Fox of Fernhill and Stalmine Hall);
born 2 April 1747, and bapt. at
Stalmine ; succeeded to the family
estates on the death of his brother
James ; died, aged 59, i March, bur. at
St. Thomas', Liverpool, 5 March 1806.
Will proved at Chester 19 June 1806.

=Anne, dau. of Thomas
Rymer, and widow of
Edward Glover; born
2 April 1 744 ; marr.
31 July 1774; died,
aged 84, 12 June,
bur. at St. Thomas',
Liverpool, 1 6 June

Jane, born
9 April
1775, and
Arms cm record in the College of died an

Arms.—hxgexA, a chevron sable, gutte infant.

d'eau between, in chief two Uons ram-

pant, and in base an heraldic tyger also , ,
rampant gules. Mary Anne,

Crest. — An heraldic tyger sejant or bom 28

gutte de sang, resting the dexter paw Qct. 1776,

°"f,"°==P^"'^e"''==-., and died

Motto. — Semper vigilans. . . ,

an infant.

John Bourne of Stalmine Hall=
and Little Walton (eldest son
and heir) ; born 2 9 Aug. 1777,
and bapt. at Benn's Garden
Chapel, Liverpool ; J. P. for
CO. Lane. ; died, aged 64, at
Eton Lodge, near Heathfield
House, Wavertree, co. Lane,
15 Jan., bur. at Stalmine 20
Jan. 1 84 1. Will proved at
Chester 10 March 1841.

=Mary, dau. of
John Bury of Sal-
ford, CO. Lane. ;
born 19 Novem-
ber 1777 ; marr.
12 July 1804;
died, aged 55,
21 January, bur.
at Stalmine 27
January 1832.

Cornelius Bourne of Stalmine Hall,=
eldest son and heir; born 2
January 1807 ; J. P. and D.L. for
CO. Lane. ; died, aged 59, 26
February, bur. at Stalmine i
March 1866. Will dated 30
March 1861, proved (Prin. Reg.)
21 April 1866, by John William
Bourne of Stalmine Hall, the son
and Exor.

=Alice, eldest dau. of William
Sharpe, J. P., of Linden Hall,
CO. Lane, by Jane his wife,
dau. and heiress of William
Taylor of Borwick, co.
Lane. ; born i September
1812; marr. at Warton, co.
Lane, 27 July 1841 ; died,
aged 48, 29 November, bur. at
Stalmine 4 December i860.

Margaret, eldest dau., born
24 April, bapt. at Childwall,
CO. Lane, 23 May 1808;
marr. there 21 Feb. 1837,
Thomas Keate Hassall of
Seacombe, co. Chester, and
of Rhyndaston, co. Pembroke ;
died 13 Aug. 1864. She died
4 Oct. 1 868. =j=

John William Bourne,=
sometime of Stalmine Hall
and Newsham Hall, co.
Lane, and Barnston
Towers, Neston, co. Ches-
ter ; born 30 January, bapt.
at Stalmine 4 February
1845 ; J. P. for CO. Lane

=Alice, youngest dau. of Thomas Phillips Pemberton
of Liverpool (who was born 2 July 1791, and died
26 March 1852), by his 2nd wife, Ann Rosamund
Parker (who was born 20 August 1795, and was
marr. at St. George's, Everton, co. Lane, 27 May
1830, and died at Birkenhead, co. Chester, 4 Oc-
tober 185 1); born 10 July, bapt. at St. Bride's,
Liverpool, 21 August 1836 ; marr. at Rockferry, co.
Chester, 22 August 1875.

Alice Dorothy, born 24 Margery Rosamund
January 1880, and died Salkeld, born 28 Feb-
the next day. ruary 1882.

Mary, born 4
June, bapt. at
Stalmine 12
July 1842.


I i

Jane, bom 21 September 1778, and died
an infant.

Thomas Bourne of Hackinsall Hall, co.
Lane, Lord of the Manor of Hackinsall ;
born I January 1779, and bapt. at Benn's
Garden Chapel; J. P. for co. Lane. ; died 7
February, aged 41, bur. at Stalmine, co.
Lane, 9 February 182 1. M.L

Cornelius Fox Bourne, born in 1781, and bapt. at
Stalmine, bur. at St. Thomas', Liverpool, 14 July

James Bourne of Hackinsall, and of Heathfield
House, CO. Worcester; born 3 May 1782, and
bapt. at Benn's Garden Chapel; J. P. and D.L.
for CO. Lane, eventual heir to his brother; died
at Florence 24 July 1835, and was bur. there.

John Bury Bourne, born i9=i=Margaret Sophi;

Anne, 2nd dau..

born 28 March iS

August., bapt. at Childwall,
CO. Lane, 13 September 1809;
of Caius College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1832, M.A. 1836, Rector
of Colmer with Prior's Dean,
CO. Hants, 1839-53; ^^i^d in
October 1868.

eldest dau. of bapt. at Childwall 25 June 1S13; marr.

Henry Wood of there 6 June 1839, Arthur Yates Williams

Littleton, Bram- of Woolton, co. Lane, who died in 1853.

dean, co. Hants ;

marr. there 25

January 1842. Jane, 3rd dau., born 7 August 181 2 ; marr.
Captain Francis Whitelock, R.N.

John Henry Bourne, born
at Colmer 26 Feb., bapt.
there 28 July 1844 ; late
77th Regiment; marr. 9
Aug. 1869, Henrietta Lizzy,
dau. of John Mallinson
Rogers, Commander Pen-
insular and Oriental Steam
Navigation Company.

Thomas Wood Bourne
of Broseley, co. Salop;
born at Colmer 19
April, bapt. there 22
June 1845 ; marr. 8
February 1881, Jessie,
2nd dau. of Charles
Robins of Dublin,
formerly of London.

Mary Elizabeth,
born at Colmer
16 July, bapt.
there 30 August


Robert William Bourne,
born at Colmer 16 De-
cember 1847, bapt. there
18 June 1848.

Margaret, born at Colmer
2 1 March, and bapt. there
30 June 1850.

James Thomas Bourne of Newsham Thomas Rymer Bourne of Carr Hall, Whitby, co. York ;

Hall, CO. Lane ; born 5 October, born 19 September, bapt. at Childwall 4 November

bapt. at Childwall 3 December 1814 ; J. P. for co. Lane ; marr. 4 September 1838, Anna,

1813; J. P. for CO. Lane; died 8 dau. of Alexander Halliburton of Wigan, co. Lane
September 1876.


Peter Bourne of Hackin-=
sail, CO. Lane. ; born 1 3
Oct. 17S3, and bapt. at St.
Thomas', Liverpool; J. P.
for CO. Lane, eventual heir
to his brother James; died,
aged 62, 3 Feb., bur. at
Wavertree, co. Worcester, 9
Feb. 1846. Will proved
at Chester t2 March 1846.

'Margaret, only dau. of James and Mary Anne, born 29 Oct.

Elinor Drinkwater ; born 9 April 1787 ; 1785 ; marr. at Tenby, co.

marr. at Old St. Nicholas', Liverpool, Pembroke, 22 July 1851,

14 May 1 8 10; Lady of the Manor of James Molyneux of Sand-

Maghull, CO. Lane. ; died, aged 78, 12 field, co. Lane. ; J. P. for

May, bur. at Wavertree 1 7 May 1865. co. Lane. She died 22
July,' bur. at Weston, co.


Pembroke, 28 July 1851

CorneUus Bourne, eldest Sir James Bourne, K.C.B., of Hackinsall, in the=
son and heir, born in parish of Stalmine, co. Lane, and Heathfield, in the
Liverpool 7 April, bapt. parish of Childwall, co. Lane. ; born at Liverpool 8
at St. Thomas', Liver- October, bapt. at St. Thomas' there 5 November
pool, 8 May 181 1 ; of 1812; J. P. for co. Lane, Lieut. -Colonel, Comman-
Oriel College, O.xford, dant, and Honorary Colonel of Royal Lancaster
matriculated 9 Decem- Artillery Regiment of Militia, C.B. 1801, M.P. for
ber 1829, aged 18, B.A. Eversham 1865-80, created a Baronet 10 May
1834, M.A. 1837, of 1880; died at Heathfield 14 March, bur. at AVaver-
Lincoln's Inn 17 Octo- tree 18 March 1882. VVill dated 20 December
ber 1833; died at Aix- 1879, with codicil of same date, proved at Liver-
ies-Bains in Savoy 30 pool 22 August 1882, by Sir James Dyson Bourne
June 1839, and bur. at of Heathfield, Bart., the son, and William Frederick
Geneva. Bourne Brandreth of 9 Red Lion Square, London,
the nephew, the Exors.

=Sarah Harriet,
dau. of Thomas
Fournis Dyson
of Everton, co.
Lane, and Wil-
low Hall, CO.
York ; born 24
Nov. 1815;

marr. at Ever-
ton 13 Oct.
1841 ; died 22
Sept., bur. at
Wavertree 26
Sept. 1891.

Sir James Dyson Bourne, 2nd Bart.>
born at Heathfield 29 July, bapt.
at Wavertree 30 September 1842 ;
Colonel 5th Dragoon Guards, D.L.
for CO. Lane ; died in London 1 1
November, bur. at West Drayton,
CO. Middlesex, 18 March 1883.

Xady Marion Jane Loftus, only dau. of John Henry, 3rd
Marquis of Ely ; born in 1846 ; marr. at Carysport, Black
Rock, Dublin, 29 December 1875. She remarr. in 1884,
Lieut.-Colonel James John Neale Buchanan, born in 1855 ;
F.R.G.S., late sth Dragoon Guards, served with loth
Hussars in Crimea 1855, and in Indian Mutiny 1857-59
(retired 1883) ; died in 1893.

Gladys Dyson, born 29
October 1881, and died
the next day.

Thomas Bourne of
Wavertree, co. Lane. ;
born at Liverpool 28
February, bapt. at
St. Thomas' there 25
March 18 14; Lieut.-
Colonel 4th Royal
Lancaster Regiment
of Militia, J.P. for
CO. Lane. ; drowned
in the River Tyne
28 August 1879, and
was bur. at ^Vave^-
tree. Will dated i
February 1870, with
three codicils dated
respectively 2 Sep-
tember 1872, 15
March 1877, and 6
March 1879, proved
at Liverpool 19 No-
vember 1879, by
James Bourne of
Heathfield,and Peter
Bourne of 39 Rod-
ney Street, Liverpool,
the brothers and

Eleanor, eldest dau., born at Liverpool
19 Aug., bapt. at St. Thomas' there 20
Sept. 181 5 ; bur. in the churchyard of
St. Nicholas', Liverpool, 2 June 181 7.

Anne, born at Liverpool 21 Nov.,
bapt. at St. Thomas' there 26 Dec.
1816; marr. at St. George's, Liver-
pool, 12 April 1837, Rev. William
Harper Brandreth (eldest son of
Joseph Pilkington Brandreth of Liver-
pool) ; of Christ Church, Oxford, ma-
triculated 25 June 1830, aged 17,
B.A. 1835, M.A. 1839; Rector of
Standish, co. Lane, 1841-85, Hon.
Canon of Manchester, Rural Dean of
Leyland, co. Lane. ; died at Standish
17 April 1885. She died 18 Nov.
1858, and was bur. at Standish. His
will dated 18 June 1879, with two
codicils dated respectively i March
1880 and 16 July 1881, proved (Prin.
Reg.) 10 June 1885, by William Fre-
deric Bourne Brandreth of 9 Red
Lion Square, London, Solicitor, Henry
Pilkington Brandreth of Standish
Rectory, and Rev. Joseph Pilkington
Brandreth of Tilston Rectory, Malpas,
CO. Chester, the sons and Exors.



Elinor Drinkwater, born at Liver-
pool 18 May, bapt. at St. Thomas'
there i July 1816 ; marr. at Waver-
tree, CO. Worcester, 27 Aug. 1840,
Sir William Leece Drinkwater of
Kirby, Douglas, Isle of Man (son
of John Drinkwater of Liverpool,
by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of
James Gandy of Kendal, co. West-
moreland); born at Liverpool 28
March, bapt. at St. Nicholas' there
28 April 181 2 ; of St. John's Col-
lege, Cambridge, B.A. 1834, M.A.
1837, called to the Bar of the Inner
Temple 1837, H.M. First Deem-
ster of the Isle of Man, Knighted
1877, J.P. and Member of the
Council. =f=

Peter Bourne of Rodney Street,
Liverpool, born at Liverpool 22
Dec. 1819, bapt. at St. Thomas'
there 28 Feb. 1820; J.P. for co.
Lane. ; died at Blackpool, eo.
Lane, 25 Nov., bur. at Wavertree
30 Nov. 1 88 1. Will dated 29 Jan.

1 88 1, proved at Liverpool 10 Feb.

1882, by Sir James Bourne of
Heathfield, Bart., C.B., the brother
and sole Exor.

Harriet Anne Dyson,=f=James William Seaburne May of Hac-
born at Heathfield 15 kinsall Hall, Fleetwood, co. Lane, and
February, bapt. at Wa- Queen's Gate Gardens, London (son of
vertree 12 May 1846; James William Seaburne May, late of
marr. at St. Peter's, Princes Park, Liverpool, and Anne his
Cranley Gardens, Lon- wife, nde Freekleton, of the Hague);
don, 8 August 1883. born in 1842; assumed, by Royal Li-

cence dated 22 June 1892, the name
of Bourne in addition to that of May.

Harriet Irene Bourne Seaburne,
born 21 August, bapt. at St.
Peter's, Cranley Gardens, 25
September 1884.

James Bourne Seaburne May-
Bourne, born 9 January, bapt.
at St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens,
25 March 1886.

Helen Dyson, born 28 April,
bapt. at Wavertree 6 July
1848; died I Jan., bur. at
Wavertree 6 Jan. 1853.

Emily Dyson, born 12 June,
bapt. at Wavertree 29 July
1852; died 30 Jan., bur. at
Wavertree 2 Feb. 1854.

Geoffrey Bourne Seaburne
May-Bourne, born 3 July,
bapt. at St. Peter's, Cranley
Gardens, 10 August 1887.

of Francis Hole
of Tiverton, co.
Devon ; born at
Smytham in the
parish of Little
Torrington, co.
Devon, 30 Au-
gust, bapt. there
3 September
1825 ; marr. at
Tiverton 20
April 1847 ;
died 22 Sep-
tember, bur.
at Weston-sub-
Edge, CO. Glou-
cester, 27 Sep-
tember 1854.
I St wife.

ly dau.=j=^Rev. George Drink-=r=

water Bourne, born
31 Aug., bapt. at
St. Thomas', Liver-
pool, 8 Oct. 1821 ;
of Oriel College,
Oxford, matricula-
ted 10 April 1840,
aged 18, B.A. 1844,
M.A. 1857, Patron
and Rector of Wes-
ton-sub-Edge 1846,
Rural Dean of
Campden 1875,
Hon. Canon of
Gloucester 1880,
F.S.A., J.P. for
counties of Glouces-
ter and Worcester,
and D.L. for co.

Harriet Eliza, dau.
and heiress of John
Moss of Otterspool,
CO. Lane, and Han-
nah his wife, dau. of
Thomas Taylor of
Blakeley, co. Lane,
sister of Sir Thomas
of Roby Hall, Huy-
ton, CO. Lane. ;
born I April 1826 ;
marr. at St. Anne's,
Aigburth, co. Lane,
15 April 1857 ; died
at St. Leonard's-on-
Sea, CO. Sussex, 13
September, bur. at
Weston-sub-Edge 18
September 1867.
2nd wife.

Margaret, born at Liverpool 6
Dec, bapt. at St. Thomas' there
25 Jan. 1826; marr. at St. George's,
Liverpool, 11 July 1848, Henry
Royds of Wavertree, co. Lane, and
Brereton, co. Chester (son of Rev.
Edward Royds, Rector of Brere-
ton, by Mary his wife, dau. of
Thomas Molyneux of Newsham
House, CO. Lane) ; died, aged 56,
16 Dee, bur. at Wavertree 20
Dee 1878. She died at Elm
House 7 Feb., bur. at Wavertree
13 Feb. 1865. His will dated 9
June 1868, with codicil dated 17
May 1869, proved at Liverpool 20
Jan. 1879, by Thomas Brockle-
bank of 76 Bedford Street South,
Liverpool, and Rev. Nathaniel
Royds of Litde Barford Rectory,
CO. Bedford, the brother, the
Exors. =j=



Margaret Hole, born 18 February,
bapt. at Weston-sub-Edge 9 April
1848; marr. at Weston-sub-Edge 24
June 1875, Rev. Francis Edward
Broome Witts of Upper Slaughter,
Bourton-on-the-Water, co. Gloucester
(eldest son of Rev. Edward Francis
Witts, J.P. and D.L., Rector of Upper
Slaughter, and Sophia his wife, dau. of
Rev. Richard Frederick Vavasour,
M.A.) ; born at Stanway, co. Gloucester,
31 January, bapt. there 18 March 1840;
of Trinity College, Oxford, matricula-
ted 31 May 1858, aged 18, B.A. 1861,
M.A. 1865, Vicar of Temple Guyting,
CO. Gloucester, 1866-80, and of Nor-
ton, CO. Gloucester, 1880-86, Patron
and Rector of Upper Slaughter 1886.

Francis Hole Bourne,
born 2 April, bapt. at
Weston-sub-Edge 9 April
1850; Captain 43rd
Light Infantry; died at
Tor Castle, co. Inver-
ness, 5 October, bur. at
Weston 9 October 1880.
AdiSon dated 6 No-
vember 1880, to Rev.
George Drinkwater

Bourne of Weston-sub-
Edge, the father and
next of kin.

Hannah Moss, born at
Otterspool 19 Feb., bapt.
at St. Anne's, Aigburth, 26
March 1858.

William Moss Bourne, born
at Otterspool, 13 Jan.
1861, and bapt. there pri-
vately; died there 15 Feb.,
bur. at Weston 20 Feb.
in the same year.

Louisa Moss, born at
Weston 7 Nov., bapt. there
13 Dee 1S63.

J^^ ^%-^^.>^.

/^- /^'T^yt^

0lixtf)omt of Hambroofe, to. (Blmmttx,
anil Colstertoorti), co. Etmoln.

Arms. — Gules, a bend argent, billettee sable.
Crest. — An armed arm, holding a sword, all proper.
Motto. — Qualis ab incepto.

John Mirehouse of Brownslade and AnglC;
{only son of Rev. Thomas Mirehouse,
Precentor of Peterborough Cathedral and
Rector of Etton, co. Northants) ; bapt. at
Peterborough Cathedral 13 March 1753;
Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, M.A.,
J.P., D.L., and High Sheriff for co. Pem-
broke 1805 ; died 26 March, bur. at Angle
4 April 1823.

CO. Pembroke=|=Mary, dau. of John Edwards of
Machynlleth, co. Montgomery,
and sister of Sir John Edwards,
Bart., M.P. ; bapt. at Machyn-
lleth 13 July 1767 ; raarr. there
30 Sept. 1788; died at Ham-
brook Grove, co. Gloucester,
aged 91, 29 Nov., bur. at
Easton-in-Gordano, co. Somer-
set, 6 Dec. 1856.

John Campbell Mirehouse of Brownslade and Angle, J.P.
and D.L. for counties of Pembroke and Middlesex, Common
Sergeant of London; born at Brownslade 26 June 1789,
bapt. at Castle Martin, co. Pembroke, the same day ; educated
at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1812, M.A.
1817, Barrister-at-Law; died at Brownslade, bur. at Angle 25
February 1850. Will dated i November 1844, proved (P.C.C
301, 50) 6 April 1850, by Elizabeth Mirehouse, widow, the
relict, and the Rev. Thomas Henry Mirehouse and the Rev.
William Squire Mirehouse, the brothers, the Exors.

=j=Elizabeth, younger dau. of the
Rt. Rev. John Fisher, D.D,,
Lord Bishop of Salisbury, Canon
of Windsor, and Preceptor of
the Princess Charlotte, Chan-
cellor of the Orderof the Garter ;
bapt. at Hartley, co. Hants, 4
Sept. 1800; marr. at Salisbury
Cathedral 16 Oct. 1823; died in
London 6 Dec, bur. at Angle
II Dec. 1880. Will dated 12
Jan. 1867, with a codicil dated
6 Nov. 187s, proved (Prin. Reg.
965, 80) 31 Dec. 1880, by
Fanny Mirehouse and Emma
Mirehouse, both of 26 Chester
Square, London, spinsters, the
daughters, the Executrixes.

Elizabeth Mary, bapt. at Easton-in-
Gordano 31 October 1825 ; marr.
at Castle Martin i August 1848,
Richard Byrd-Levett of Milford
Hall, CO. Stafford, J.P. and D.L.
(son of Rev. Richard Levett of Mil-
ford Hall by Louisa Frances his
wife, dau. of Rev. Walter Bagot of
Blithfield, co. Stafford); born 24
November 18 10, and bapt. at Milford
the same day ; of Christ Church,
O.xford, matriculated 26 April 1827,
aged 16 ; late Lieut.-Colonel Com-
manding 3rd Battalion Staffordshire
Rifles. He died in 1888. Upon the
death of her aunt, Mrs. Pike-
Scrivener, she inherited Sibton
Abbey, Yoxford, co. Suffolk, which
estates are now made over to her
3rd son, Egerton Bagot Byrd-Levett-
Scrivener. =y=

John Mirehouse of Brownslade=
and Angle ; bapt. at Castle
Martin 26 November 1826;
educated at Eton and Trinity
College, Cambridge, B.A. 1851,
M.A. 1854; J.P. and D.L. for
CO. Pembroke, Barrister-at-Law;
died at Brownslade 8 January,
bur. at Angle 13 January 1864.
Will dated 16 September 1863,
proved (Prin. Reg. 114, 64) 4
February 1864, by Louisa
Catherine Mirehouse of Brown-
slade, CO. Pembroke, widow,
the relict, the sole Executrix.

=Louisa Catherine, dau,
of Leyson Orton Lewis ;
born in 1 830 ; marr. at All
Saints', Margaret Street,
London, 15 June 1863 ;
died 2 October, bur. at
Capel Issa, co. Carmar-
then, 6 October 1884.
Adiiion was granted in
the Principal Registry 18
November 1884 to Ley-
son Edwin Lewis of
Capel Issa, co. Carmar-
then, the brother and
one of the next of kin.

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