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tery at Mustapha Superior, Algeria.
Adrnon was granted at Bristol 22
August 1884, to Henry John Mire-
house of St. George's Hill, Easton-in-
Gordano, CO. Somerset the father
and next of kin.

I, Egerton Bagot Byrd-Levett-
Scrivener of Sibton Abbey, Yox-
ford, CO. Suffolk (son of Colonel
Richard Byrd-Levett of Milford
Hall, CO. Stafford, J.P. and D.L.,
by Elizabeth Mary his wife, dau.
of John Campbell Mirehouse of
Brownslade and Angle, co. Pem-
broke); born in 1857; late Bursar
of Keble College, Oxford, Lieut,
(retired) R.N., J.P. for co. Suffolk.
Assumed the name of Scrivener in
addition to and after that of Levett
on succeeding to the Sibton
Abbey property in 1889.

Ednyn Charles Mirehouse, born at
Mustapha Superior 30 June 1870;
killed accidentally at Medea 15
October 1890, and bur. in the Enghsh
Cemetery at Mustapha Superior.

Evelyn Mirehouse, born at Brownslade;
educated at Eton, Lieut. 71st Highlanders,
J.P. for CO. Pembroke ; died s.p., bur. at
Brighton Cemetery, co. Sussex, in Aug. 1863.

Mary, born at Brownslade in February 1828 ;
marr. 3 June 1852, General Charles Algernon
Lewis of Chester Square, London, late of the
Grenadier Guards, served in Crimea and com-
manded the regiment on the taking of Sebas-
topol, Knight of the Order of the Medjidie,
Colonel 64th Foot from 1870.

Fanny, born at Brownslade in October 1830.

Emma, born at Brownslade in 1833.

Agnes, born 17 Oct., bapt. at Castle Martin 21
Nov. 1839 ; marr. at All Saints', Margaret Street,
London, 13 Nov. 1862, Rev. Cecil Edward Fisher
(son of Rev. William Fisher, Canon of Salisbury) ;
born 12 Aug. 1838; of Christ Church, O-xford,
matriculated 4 June 1857, aged 18, B.A. 1861,
M.A. 1878, Prebendary of Lincoln and Vicar of
St- Peter's, Bournemouth, co. Hants.


Seal used by Elizabeth, dau.
of Rev. Thomas Mirehouse,
Rector of Etton, co. Northants,
and sister of John Mirehouse
of Brownslade and Angle, co.

Rev. William Squire Mirehouse (twin with Thomas=
Henry) of Hambrook, co. Gloucester; born 21
December 1790, bapt. at Castle Martin 16 January
1791 ; educated at Harrow and Clare College, Cam-
bridge, B.A. 1814, M.A. 181 7; Rector of Colsterworth,
CO. Lincoln, Perpetual Curate of Fishponds, co. Glou-
cester, J. P. for counties of Pembroke and Gloucester ;
died at Hambrook 26 March, bur. at Fishponds Parish
Church 2 April 1864. Will dated 16 June 1855,
with two codicils dated respectively 25 December
1862 and 25 March 1864, proved (Prin. Reg. 549, 64)
24 August 1864, by Eliza Brunetta Mirehouse of
Hambrook Grove, widow, the relict, and Rev. Thomas
Henry Mirehouse of St. George's Hill, Easton-in-
Gordano, co. Somerset, the brother, the Exors.


Georgiana Eliza, born 18 January 1836, bapt. at
Easton-in-Gordano 30 November 1837; marr. at
Winterbourne, co. Gloucester, 15 June 1865, Rev.
Frank Burges (son of Daniel Purges of Chfton, co.
Gloucester) of St. John's College, Oxford, matricu-
lated 27 June 1831, aged 18, B.A. 1835, Fellow
and M.A. 1839, B.D. 1844, Rector of Winter-
bourne; died at Winterbourne 17 July, bur. there
22 July 1875. Will dated 13 January 1875, with
codicil dated 15 July 1875, proved (Prin. Reg.
707, 75) 29 September 1875, by George Burges of
70 Lincoln's Inn Fields, co. Middlesex, the brother,
and Daniel Travers Burges of the Council House,
Bristol, the nephew,the Exors.


Rev. John Mirehouse of Hambrook, co. Gloucester,
and Colsterworth, co. Lincoln; born 15 Dec. 1839,
bapt. at Frenchay, co. Gloucester, 9 Feb. 1840 ;
educated at Harrow and Clare College, Cambridge,
B.A. 1862, M.A. 1865, Rector of Colsterworth 1864.

^Eliza Brunetta, only dau. of George Arthur
Herbert of Glan Hafren and Llanllugan,
CO. Montgomery, J. P. and D.L., by Eliza-
beth his wife, eldest dau. and heir of
Athelstan Hamer of Glan Hafren; born
16 October 181 o, bapt. at Penstrowed,
CO. Montgomery ; marr. at Cheltenham
Parish Church, co. Gloucester, 2 Feb-
ruary 1832; died at Hambrook 30
June, bur. in Fishponds Parish Church
4 July 1874. Will dated 15 April 1874,
with two codicils dated respectively 22
April 1874 and 27 May 1874, proved at
Bristol 6 December 1874 by Rev. John
Mirehouse of Colsterworth, co. Lincoln,
and William Edward Mirehouse of 9
King's Bench Walk, Temple, London,
Barrister at-Law, the sons, the Exors.

Mary Cornelia Brunetta, bom at Hambrook
5 July, bapt. at Frenchay 25 October 1841.

Esther Avarina, born at Hambrook 29
March, bapt. at Fishponds in May 1843.

William Edward Mirehouse, born 20 Octo-
ber, bapt. at Fishponds in December 1844 ;
educated at Harrow and Clare College,
Cambridge, B.A. 1867, M.A. 1870;
Barrister-at-Law, Member of the Oxford
Circuit, a Student of Lincoln's Inn i May
1867, called to the Bar 26 January 1870;
Recorder of Much Wenlock, co. Salop.

MiUicent Mary, born 1 7 Sept., bapt. at Easton-in-
Gordano 30 Nov. 1837; marr. there 17 April i860,
Rev. Charles Turner Wilton (only son of Henry
Hooper Wilton of St. Mary de Lode, Gloucester) of
Exeter College, Oxford, matriculated 12 June 1851,
aged 18, B.A., 1855, M.A. 1858, Vicar of Foy, co.
Hereford, 1862. =j=

Philip John Mirehouse, born 21 July, bapt. 29 August
1838; educated at Harrow and Cambridge ; died in
Australia in 1867.


Arthur William Leigh Mirehouse, born 20
Aug., bapt. at Easton-in-Gordano 27 Nov.
1839; Captain in 64th Regiment, served
in Persian War, medal and clasp ; served
in Bengal and North-West Provinces in
suppressing the Mutiny 1857-58; with
Havelock's Column at Defence of Alun-
bagh, and at Capture of Bareilly; medal
and clasp and a year's service for Lucknow.

amp})Iett of Horselep, to. g)taffort.

Arms. — Argent, on a fess between three lozenges ■<

a cinquefoil of the first.
Cresi. — A dromedary sable, bridled proper.
Motlo. — Chi legge regge.

Edward Amphlett of Horseley House, Tipton, co. Stafford, Broom,^
Stourbridge, co. Worcester, and 23 Lansdowne Place, Cheltenham, co.
Gloucester (son of Joseph Amphlett of Horseley House, by Mary Davis
his 2nd wife, dau. of Edward Dixon of Dudley, co. Worcester, and of
Ashwood House, Kingswinford, co. Stafford, and grandson of William
Amphlett of Hadzor, co. Worcester, by Christian his wife, dau. of John
Amphlett of Clent, co. Worcester) ; born 28 September, bapt. privately
at Horseley House 4 October, received into the Parish Church, Dudley,
14 November 1794 ; of Worcester College, O.xford, matriculated 5 March
1 81 2, aged 17, J. P. for co. Worcester; died at Cheltenham 25
February, and bur. in the cemetery there 2 March 1867. M.I. Will
dated 16 April 1863, proved (Prin. Reg., 594, 64) 13 March 1867, by
Edward Amphlett of 23 Lansdowne Place, Cheltenham, co. Gloucester,
the son, Caroline Amphlett, widow, the relict, and Caroline Ann Todd-
Naylor, widow, the dau., the Exors.

Caroline, dau. of Jacob
Turner of Park Hall,
Kidderminster, co.
Worcester, by Anne
his wife, only dau. of
Thomas Farley of
Henwick, co. Worces-
ter; born 26 January,
bapt. at Kiddermin-
ster 28 January 1794;
marr. there 4 June
181 7, died at Kil-
kerran House, May-
bole, CO. Ayr, 27
December 1872, bur.
at Cheltenham Ceme-
tery 2 January 1873.

Lavinia Flora Henrietta,
dau. of Benjamin Cuff
Greenhill of Knowle Hall,
Bridgwater, co. Somerset,
by his first wife Henrietta
Lavinia Macdonald, grand-
dau. of Flora Macdonald ;
born at Knowle Hall 21
May, bapt. at Puriton, co.
Somerset, 23 December
1831 ; marr. at the Regis-
trar's Office, Cheltenham,
19 March 185 1, and again
at St. George's, Hanover
Square, London, 19 April
185 1 ; died at Knowle Hall
3 April, bur. at Puriton 8
April 1 87 1, ist wife.


=j=Edward Amphlett of Horseley and 2 Queen's=j=Margaret Louisa

Gate Terrace, London, Lieut. Royal Scots
Greys; born at Ashwood House, Kingswin-
ford, 25 October, bapt. there privately 9
November 1824, received into the church at
Park Hall, Kidderminster, 5 January 1825;
died at Benmore, co. Argyle, 23 November,
bur. at Kilbride, Dunoon, co. Argyle, 28
November 1887. M.L Will dated 29 June
1887, proved in the Principal Registry 21 De-
cember 1887, by Charles Pitt Taylor of 85
Queen's Gate, co. Middlesex, one of the Exors.

Maria, dau. of James
Brewster and grand-
dau. of Sir David
Brewster, K.H.,
F.R.S. ; born at Ra-
mornie, Kettle, co.
Fife, and bapt. there;
marr. at St. John's
Episcopal Church,
Edinburgh, 30 Oct.
1873. 2nd wife.

Constance Ellen, dau. of John=j=John Frederick Bridge (eldest son of John=f=Heien Mary Flora,

Lines Moore of Elm House,
Hoxne, co. Suffolk, by Cathe-
rine his wife (nee Pearl) ; born
at Hoxne 9 August, bapt. there
5 September 1847; marr. at
Hoxne 3 April 1872 : died
there 29 October, bur. in
Hoxne Churchyard i November
1879. ist wife.

Bridge of Smethwick, co. Stafford, by born at 23 Lans-

Rebecca his wife, dau. of John Cox); downe Place, Chel-

born at Oldbury, co. Worcester, 5 De- tenham, 24 January

cember 1844; of Queen's College, Ox- 1852, bapt. there;

ford, matriculated 2 March 1868, aged marr. at Westmin-

23, B. Mus. 12 March 1868, D. Mus. ster Abbey 3 Janu-

1874, Organist and Master of the Choris- ary 1883. 2nd wife,
ters of Westminster Abbey 1875, Gresham
Professor of Music 1890.
k /k



Mary, born at Kempsey
House, CO. Worcester, 2 Oc-
tober, bapt. there privately 6
October 181 8, received into
the church at Kempsey 30
August 1 8 19; marr. at St.
Mary's, Dublin, 22 December
1836, Henry Smyth of the
Middle Temple, London, Bar-
rister-at-Law ; she died s.p. at
Seacombe, co. Chester, 21
June, bur. at Wallasey, co.
Chester, 25 June 1838.

Caroline Ann, born at Broom, co. Stafford, 27 June, bapt. there
privately 6 July 1828, received into the church there 15 January
1829; marr. at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, 30 April
1850 (marr. settlement dated 29 April 1850), John Todd-Naylor
of Aigburth Hill, near Liverpool, and Fulwood Park, co. Lan-
caster ; born at Wakefield, co. York, 1 1 April, bapt. there privately
20 April 1823, received into the church at St. John's, Wakefield,
9 July 1823; died s.p. 29 November 1862, bur. at Everton, near
Liverpool. She died at Torquay, co. Devon, 7 September, bur. at
the cemetery there 12 September 1868. His will dated 9 August
1862, proved (Prin. Reg., 45, 69) 5 January 1869, by Henry
Todd-Naylor of 36 Castle Street, Liverpool, co. Lane, the
brother, one of the Exors.

Caroline Mary, born at S\vyn-
nerton Park, Stone, co. Stafford,
2 1 January, bapt. at Swynnerton
14 March 1875.

Catharine Maitland, born Charles Edward Amphlett, born
at Swynnerton Park 7 De- at Muckross Abbey, Killarney, 30
November 1879, bapt. at Muck-
cross II January 1880.

cember 1876, bapt. at Swyn-
nerton 21 January 1877.

Edward Greenhill Amphlett of Horseley and=
Queen's Gate Terrace, London ; born at Glenbarr
Abbey, Tarbert, Kintyre, 13 July 1853, bapt. at
Cheltenham 25 January 1854; of Brasenose
College, Oxford, matriculated 23 May 1872, aged
18, B.A. 1876, M.A. 1879, of Lincoln's Inn,
Barrister-at-Law 7 May 1879.

=Amye, 4th dau. of Thomas Broughton
Charlton of Chilwell Hall, co. Nottingham,
J. P. and D.L., by Fanny Dora his wife,
dau. of John Walter of Bearwood, co. Berks;
born at Chilwell Hall 5 November, bapt. at
Attenborough, co. Nottingham, 1 1 Decem-
ber i860; marr. there 7 February 1882.

Ruth Amye, born at 46
Cambridge Terrace, Hyde
Park, London 22 November,
bapt. at All Saints', Norfolk
Square, London 26 December

Edward Paul Charlton Amphlett,
born at Woodside, Clewer Hill,
Windsor, co. Berks, 23 March,
bapt. at All Saints', Dedworth,
Windsor, 7 May 1885.

Flora Macdonald Maud, born
at 2 Queen's Gate Terrace
London, 6 June, bapt. at St.
Mary Abbot's, Kensington,
London, 12 July 1893.


Arms on record in the College of Arms.
Azure, issuing from the base point a sea
argent, and thereon a tunny sable, on
a chief argent a rat passant sable.

Crest. — An ibex statant guardant
proper, charged on the body with two
fleur-de-lis fessewise azure, and resting
the dexter fore-leg on a shield argent,
charged with a passion cross sable.

Motto. — In Deo spero.

Joseph Louis Ratton of Gray Friars, East=
Hill, Colchester, co. Essex, and of Tavi-
stock Place, in the parish of St. Pancras,
London; born in Pedras Negras, Lisbon,
Portugal, 14 March, bapt. at the Church
of St. Christopher, Lisbon, 26 March 1773;
educated at the University of Saxony
(founded by the Prince of Hainault
Dessau); died 23 December 1831, bur. in
the vaults at St. Pancras. Will dated 10
November 1831, proved in P.C.C. 29
February 1832. He was 4th and youngest
son of Jaques Ratton, a French subject of
the City of Paris and sometime of Lisbon,
where he was naturalized as a Portuguese
subject in 1762, Knight of the Royal Order
of Christ, Member of Supreme Tribunal of
Royal Council of Commerce, received an
exemplification of arms from the Judge of
Arms of the Nobility of France 1 9 Dec. 1783,
appointed a Hidalgo Cavalliero by Prince
Regent of Portugal by warrant dated at Lis-
bon 14 Nov. 1802; by Anna Isabel his wife,
youngest dau. of Bernard de Clamouse,
French Consul at Oporto, Spain.

=Therese Justinienne
de Clamouse Browne
of Oporto, born
there 14 December
1786; died 4 July
1819 ; bur. at the
Cimfetiere de I'Est-
Paris. M I

James Alban Ratton, Surgeon-Major 3rd Madras Light Cavalry=
(3rd and youngest son); born 18 March, bapt. at the Catholic
Church of St. Patrick, Soho Square, co. Middlesex, 27 March
1814; commissioned as Surgeon in the Hon*''° East India
Company's Service 13 March i860 as from 30 Nov. 1859; died
5 March 1865, bur. at Karinga, Central Provinces of India M.I.
Will dated 28 Dec. 1853, proved with a codicil in the Principal
Registry 14 Oct. 1865, by Frances Mary Ratton of Highbury
Park, Highbury, co. Middlesex, the relict and sole Executrix.

'Frances Mary, 3rd and
youngest dau. of Marcus
Supple of St. George's
Place, Dublin, B.A.
University of
born at Sligo,
18 December



of the
Dublin ;

Catholic Cathedral,
Madras, India, 25 Jan-
uary 1843; died 9
February, 1884, bur.
at Glassnevin Cemetery,
Dublin, 1 2 February

Eliza Mary
only sur-
viving dau.;
born 1 2
1843, bapt.
at the

Alice Mary, dau. of=
James Bellord of
Islington, London ;
born 20 June 1849;
marr. at St. John's
Catholic Church,
Duncan Terrace,
Islington, 22 Aug.
187 1 ; died s.p. 30
Dec. following, bur.
at the Catholic
Cemetery, Point de
Galle, Ceylon. M.I.
ist wife.

=James Joseph Louis Ratton of=
Creswell Park, Blackheath, co.
Kent, Surgeon-Major (retired)
Madras Army (eldest son and
heir); born 16 May 1845, bapt.
by a Catholic Missionary of
the Missionaire Etrangeres of
Paris; commissioned as Assis-
tant Surgeon 9 March 1868 as
from 30 Sept. 1867, and as
Surgeon-Major 22 Dec. 1879
as from 30 Sept. 1879, Doctor
of Medicine and Master of
Surgery of Queen's University,


=Marie Adolphine, only dau. of
John Holroyd Doveton, Brevet
Lieut. -Colonel 3rd Madras
Light Cavalry, British Consul
at Pondicherry, Madras Presi-
dency, India; born in London
4 April, bapt. at the French
Chapel, King Street, Portman
Square, London, 14 May 1859;
marr. at the Catholic Cathedral,
Madras, 7 Dec. 1875; died 27
Oct. 1890, bur. at Brockley
Cemetery, co. Kent, 31 Oct.
iSqo. 2nd wife.

John Michael de Verde Ratton of the Island
St. Kitts, in the Leeward Islands, M.R.C.S., Edin-
burgh (2nd and youngest surviving son); born on
board ship off Cape Verde Island 28 September
1852; died 7 December 1880, bur. at the Catholic
Cemetery, St. Kitts.

of=f=Susan, eldest dau. of Francis Tiemey of
Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin ; born
in Dublin 8 January, bapt. 18 January
1854; marr. at the Cathohc Pro Cathe-
dral, Marlborough Street Dublin, 25
January 1882.

Mary, only child, bom 2 March 1884,
bapt. at the Catholic Church, Basseterre,
St. Kitts, 18 March 1884.


Mary Hohroyd, Joseph Holroyd Ratton, born 4 Feb- Marcus Holroyd Ratton, bom 15

born 21 Sep- ruary, bapt. at the Catholic Church, October, bapt. at St. Mary's, Black-

tember, bapt. at Chittoor, Madras Presidency, India, heath, co. Kent, 23 October 1887.

at the Catholic 11 February 1882. Registered at the —

Cathedral, Ma- Catholic Church, Ranepett Arcot, Wilfrid Holroyd Ratton, bom 9 Octo-

dras, 2 October Madras Presidency. ber, bapt. at St. Mary's, Blackheath,

1876. 17 October 1890.


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