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28 Jan. 1834, bapt. at Dal-
lington ; died 3 Sept., bur.
at Wimborne Minster, co.
Dorset, 5 September 1879.

Henry Leigh Trotman, born
18 May, bapt. at Burcombe
30 May 1867.

Angela Mary, born 7 April,
bapt. at Langton Matravers,
CO. Dorset, 15 May 1870.


Sybil, bom 13 April, bapt. at
Langton Matravers 14 May

Francis Earle Trotman, born Lucy Evelyn, bom 7 August, Dorothy, born 13 Dec. 1876,
12 January, bapt. at Bur- bapt. at Langton Matravers 15 bapt. at Wimborne Minster, co.
combe 18 February 1869. September 187a. Dorset, 10 January 1877.

Rev. Arthur Lawrence
Trotman of St. Mary's
Hall, Oxford, matricu-
lated 22 October 1867,
aged 32, B.A. 1869,
M.A. 1874, born 23
May 1835.

Georgina Louisa, born
10 June 183S; died 24
December 1839.

Ellen, born 2 February
1839, bapt. at Dalling-
ton ; marr. at Parish
Church. Brighton, in
1861, Arthur Robert
Wickham (son of Wil-
liam John Wickham
of St. Thomas, Win-
chester) of New Col-
lege. Oxford, matri-
culated 13 Oct. 1856,
aged 18, B.A. i860.

Charles Hare
Trotman (twin
with Mary
Georgina), in
the Indian
Army, born 5
January 1840.

Mary Georgina (twin with
Charles Hare), born 5 January
1840, bapt. at Dallington;
marr. at Parish Ch., Brighton,
22 July 1862, Rev. Edward
Valentine Buckle (son of Rev.
William Lewis Buckle of Pyr-
ton, CO. Oxford) of Lincoln
Coll., Oxford, matriculated 14
June 1849, aged 18, B.A.
1853, M.A. 1856, Vicar of
Banstead 1865.

^/z^.u>*ij^ c/^i'^P^^^iZ^ZZiJ


3Rejnart of ^untierkntitoicfe, anti
Hobijreen, to. gorfe.

Anne, only dau. of=
Richard Peirse of
Thimbleby, co. York,
by his wife Rachel,
sister of William
Bayne of Ripon, and
widow of James Shaw
Williamson of Mel-
ton Hill, East Riding
Yorks ; born at Ripon
15 October 1751, and
bapt. there ; marr. 26
February 1791. ist

=Horner Reynard of Hobgreen and Sunderland-^
wick, eldest son of William Reynard of Hob-
green in the parish of Markington, West Riding
Yorks, by his wife Mary, dau. and eventual heir
of George Horner of Woodale, co. York ; born
at Ripon ti December 1764 (old Family Bible) ;
was commissioned as Captain of a Company of
Rifle Volunteers Infantry 17 August 1803, the
commission signed by Wentworth Fitzwilliam ;
in 1812 his maternal uncle Simon Horner of
Sunderlandwick and Prospect Place, Hull, Mer-
chant, made over to him the manor and estates
of Sunderlandwick. He went to reside at Sunder-
landwick in October 1812, and died at that place,
aged 70, 2 April, bur. at Hutton Cranswick
Church 10 April 1834.

^Ursula, dau. of Ed-
ward Elwick of Ain-
derby House, co.
York ; born in May
178^5 ; marr. 2 March
1804 ; died at Sunder-
landwick 24 July,
bur. at Hutton Crans-
wick Church 30 July
i8i;i. M.I. 2nd wife.

Rachel, only child,
bom at Ripon 4
June 1 792 ; marr.
in 1 8 1 2 Charles
Whitaker; she died
at Melton Hill,
East Riding Yorks,
aged 82, 3 Janu-
ary, bur. at Welton
9 January 1874.



Mary Anna, born
at Hobgreen 1 2
January 1 805 ;
marr. at Hutton
Cranswick, 4
May 183 1, Wil-
liam Barkworth
of Cams Cottage,
CO. Hants, 3rd
son of John Bark-
worth of Tranby,
East Riding
Yorks ; she died
s.p. at Leeds 24
Decenaber 1886.

Edward Horner Reynard of Snn-=
derlandwick and Hobgreen, born
at Ripon 17 April 1808, bapt.
there; succeeded his father in the
Sunderlandwick and Hobgreen
estates ; educated at Harrow and
Lincoln College, Oxford, matricu-
lated 12 October 1827, aged 19,
B.A. i83i,a Student of Lincoln's
Inn 1829; was for many years in
the Yorkshire Hussar Yeomanry;
was a J. P. and D.L. for the East
Riding of Yorkshire ; died at
Bournemouth 23 January, bur. at
Hutton Cranswick Church 29


^Elizabeth, only child
by 2nd marr., and co-
heir of Thomas Mason
of Copt Hewick Hall,
near Ripon, by his
2nd wife, Margaret,
2nd dau. of William
Paterson of Braehead,
near Kilmarnock; born
at Copt Hewick Hall
5 April 1828, bapt. at
Sharow Church : marr.
at Ripon Minster 24
Feb. 1846 ; died at
Scarborough 19 Oct.,
bur. at Hutton Crans-
wick 24 Oct. 1891.



Jane Frances, born
1809; died uiimarr.
at Sunderlandwick
3 May, bur. at
Hiitton Cranswick
10 May 1842.

Catherine Anne,
born 181 1 ; died
unmarr. at Sunder-
landwick 26 May,
bur. at Hutton
Cranswick 9 June

William Simon
Reynard, born
at Sunderland-
wick 1813; died
at Fulham 25
February 1827,
bur. in the
chancel of Ful-
ham Church.

George Horner Reynard (twin=
with Robert), born at Sunder-
landwick 7 Feb., bapt. at Hutton
Cranswick 28 February 18 15;
had from his father property at
Middlesmoor, which he sold;
he assumed by Royal Licence the
30 Nov. 1864 the arms and name
of Cookson in addition to those
of Reynard ; was of Whitehill
Park, CO. Durham, in right of
his wife ; died at York 28 March,
bur. at Chester-le- Street, co.
Durham, 4 April 1876.

John George Reynard-
Cooksou, born 10 June
1847, a Lieutenant 12th
Lancers; died unmarr.
in London 28 January,
bur. at Chester-le-Street
4 February 1875.

Julia Augusta, born 2 March 1851 ;
marr. at St. Paul's, Knightsbridge,
London, 18 December 1873, Pryce
Bowman Hamilton (only son of John
Hamilton of Hilston Park, co. Mon-
mouth, by Anne his wife, dau. of
Pryce Jones of Cyfronydd, co. Mont-
gomery), bom II April 1844; J. P.
for CO. Monmouth; late Captain 13th
Hussars. =t=

■Augusta Sarah, 2nd
dau. of John Cook-
son of Whitehill Park,
CO. Durham ; born 22
June 1823 ; inherited
from her father the
Whitehill Park estates;
marr. at Chester-le-
Street 18 June 1846;
died at Whitehill Park
17 October, bur. at
Chester-le-Street 25
October 1872.

Lutwidge Dunbar Reynard-
Cookson, born 20 November
1856; marr., 8 April 1878,
Elizabeth Scholfield ; he died
s.p. at Scarborough j August,
bur. at Chester-le-Street 8
August 1878.

Catherine Ursula, born
at Sunderlandwick 22
August, bapt. at Great
Dritfield 13 October
1847 i marr. at St.
George's, Hanover Sq.,
London, 9 November
1874, Captain Charles
Compton Rising, R.N.,
and son of Robert Ris-
ing of Horsey, co. Nor-
folk ; she died 8 Decem-
ber 1890.

Frederick Reynard=
of Sunderlandwick
and Hobgreen, born
at Sunderlandwick
4 December 1848,
bapt. at Great Drif-
field, CO. York, 24
Feb. 1 849; educated
at Harrow ; late a
Capt. in East York
Militia ; J.P. for
the East and West
Ridings of York,
and D.L. for East

=Edith Maria Gream,
2nd dau. and coheir
of Edward Lloyd of
Lingcroft, near
York, by his wife
Rosabella Susan,
dau. of George
Lloyd of Cowesby,
CO. York ; bom at
Holtby, CO. York,
24 October 1858;
marr. at Nabum,
near York, aa April

Claude Edward Reynard,
born at Lingcroft 9 Febru-
ary, bapt. at Naburn 28
March 1880.

Algernon Horner Reynard, born at
Sunderlandwick 8 August, bapt. at
Hutton Cranswick 7 Sept. 1884;
died at Sunderlandwick 5 March, bur.
at Hutton Cranswick 9 March 1890.


Charles Edward Reynard,
born at Sunderlandwick 8
Jan. 1850, bapt. at Great
Driffield; a Lieut. R.N. ;
served on H.M. Ships
"Wolverine," "Aurora,"
"Audacious," etc. ; died
unmarr. at Bournemouth
14 March 1879, bur. in the
churchyard of Branksome,
near Bournemouth.

Margaret Elizabeth, born
at Copt Hewick Hall a
January, bapt. at Sharrow,
and bur. there 6 Jan. 1851.

Charles Frederick Reynard,
born at Sunderlandwick 14
January, bapt. at Hutton
Cranswick 3 March 1 889.

Robert Reynard (twin with George),
born at Sunderlandwick 7 February,
bapt. at Hutton Cranswick 28 February
1815 ; Lieut. 17th Lancers and after-
wards Captain in Rifle Brigade, retired
1848; marr. at All Saints' Church,
Hessle, co. York, 20 February 1845,
Mary Ann, only dau. of Thomas Bent-
ley Lock of Hessle Mount ; he died at
Harrogate 29 March, bur. at South
Stainley, co. York, 3 April 1858.

Charles Reynard, born at=T=Helen Elizabeth, only

Sunderlandwick 4 December,
bapt. at Hutton Cranswick
16 December 1 816; of Wor-
cester Coll., Oxford, matricu-
lated 25 October 1836, aged
19; resided at Hobgreen and
Norwood House, Beverley ;
he purchased Nether Hall,
NafTerton, co. York, in 1872 ;
died at Nafferton 3 1 October,
bur. at South Stainley Church
3 November 1892.

dau. of William Higgens
of Fairfield House, co.
Hants, by his ist wife,
Elizabeth, dau. of Mr.
Froding of Odessa, a
Merchant ; born at
Highgatein 181 7; marr.
at Hambledon, co.
Hants, 9 July 1839.

Rev. William Reynard,
born at Hobgreen 17
August 1 840 ; educated
at Durham ; M.A. ;
Rector of Willingham
by Stow, CO. Lincoln;
marr., 3 1 December
1874, Caroline Anne,
dau. of John Ashton ;
he died s.p. at Willing-
ham I August, bur.
there 5 August 1878.

Emily Jane, born
at Hobgreen 1 8
October 1842;
married at St.
Mary's, Beverley,
Robert Couldwell
Clarke of Noble-
thorpe, near Silk-
stone (who died
December 1874).


Mary Catherine, Henry Leo-=
bom at Hob- nard Rey-
green in 1 844 ; nard, born
marr. at Harro- at Hobgreen
gate, in January 6 May 1845.
liam Henry Key
of Fulford Hall,
near York (eld-
est son of Rev.
Samuel Key,
B.A., of Ful-
ford), late 58th
Regt.; J.P. and
D.L. for East
Riding of York-
shire. =p

=Marie Aime, dau.
of M. Domange,
and widow of M.
Roie of Monte
Video ; bom in
Paris 3 November
1849; marr. at the
Hotel de la Paix,
Monte Video,
South America, 29
August 1880.

Helen Emily, born
at Punta Arenas,
South America, 13
May 1882, bapt.
on board H.M.S.

Edward William Henrietta Marie
Reynard, born at Lucy, born on the

Santiago di Chili
27 July 1884,
bapt. at Punta
Arenas by Rev.
T. Bridges.

Straits of Magel
Ian 14 March
1886, bapt. at
Fulford, near

Charles Henry
Reynard, born
on tlie Straits
of Magellan 15
August 1888;
died 30 Aug. in
the same year.

Henry Robert Wil-
liam Reynard, born
in York 10 May
1890, bapt. at St.
Lawrence's, York.

Eleanor Blanche, born at Sunderlandwick 11 Febraary,
bapt. at Great Driffield 19 May 1853 ; marr. at St. Peter's
Catholic Church, Scarborough, 28 April 1873, Arthur
Cecil Tempest of Broughton Hall, Skipton in Craven,
and of Coleby Hall, co. Lincoln, Major nth Hussars
(2nd son of the late Henry Tempest of Heaton, co. Lan-
caster, by Jemima his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas de
Trafford of Trafford, co. Lancaster, Bart.), bom at
Croston Hall, co. Lancaster, 2 June 1837, bapt. there
next day ; J.P. for Lincolnshire.

{See Tempest Pedigree, Vol. 11. , page 142.)

Martin Mason Reynard of Otterbury
Tower, CO. Northumberland, bom at
Sunderlandwick 23 January iS^^J,
bapt. at Great Driffield ; educated at
Uppingham ; J.P. for East Riding
York ; marr. at the Oratory Church,
Brompton, London, 12 July 1892,
Eleanor Mary, dau. of the late Tho-
mas Chapman of Liverpool and
Seaforth, co. Lancaster.


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