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Arthur Henry Battye,
born 2 July 1863, and
bapt. at Kaludgee,
Bombay; Captain 4th
Goorkhas, in Burmese
Expedition 1885-87;
(medal with clasp),
with General Symonds
in Chin-Lushai Expe-
dition 1890 (clasp),
Expedition to Mani-
pore 1 89 1 (clasp), with
General Sir Robert
Low in Chitral Expe-
dition 1895 (medal
and clasp).


Captain Charles Forbes Lieut. -General Arthur Battye, C.B., born 30 October 1839, and bapt.
Battye, born 26 April at Monghyr, Bengal; served in Oude 1858, at Lucknow, North-
1838 ; of the 33rd Ben- West Frontier, India, 1864, Hazara 1868, Loshai Expedition 1871-72,
Afghan War 1878-80, Colonel Indian Staff Corps from 1884, accom-
panied Sir Frederick Roberts in the March to Candahar, and was
wounded at the Batde of Candahar (medal with 3 clasps and bronze
decoration), Brevet of Lieut. Colonel and C.B. He accompanied his
brother Wigram in 1870, when they followed the German Army
through the Franco-German War (slightly wounded).

gal Native Infantry,
served from 1853 to 25
December 1867.


Major Wigram Battye, born at 4 Hornton
Place, Kensington, London, 13 May
1842; of the Queen's Own Corps of
Guides ; served as a Volunteer with the
Azimgurh and Jounpore Field Force, and
received the thanks of Government for
his services ; in 1858, he served with Field
Force in China, present at Umbeyla Cam-
paign in 1863; shot through the body,
from which nearly mortal wound he slowly
recovered; in 1866, served with the
Guides in the abortive Lundkhor Valley
Expedition ; in 1869, acted as Orderly
Officer to General Sir Charles Keyes in
Miranzai ; in 1S70, when at home on fur-
lough, he followed the German Army
through Franco-German War (medal for
non-combatants); was present during
Jowaki Afreedee Campaign, and received
the thanks of the Viceroy for his services
in the two expeditions against the Rani-
zais ; in the second Afghan War was shot
through the heart charging at the head of
the Guides Cavalry at Fatheabad, near
Jellalabad, near which place there is now
a fort called after him, 2 April 1879. A
tablet to the memory of his brother,
Quentin Henry, and himself has been
erected by his brother officers in the crypt
ofSt. Paul's Cathedral.

Major Legh Richmond Battye, born=j=Margaret Fanny

at Chupra, Bengal, 29 June 1845,
bapt. at Clifton, co. Gloucester, 16
June 1886; of the sth Goorkahs,
formerly Lieut. 35th Royal Sussex
Regiment, served throughout the
Jowaki Afreedee Campaign, 1877-
78, under General Sir Charles Keyes
(medal and clasp). Inscription on
memorial stone in Abbottabad
Church : "In memory of Major
Legh Richmond Battye, 2nd in
command i Batt. 5th Goorkahs,
aged 42, who was killed in the
Agror face of the Black Mountain,
Hazara, 18 June 1888, whilst gal-
lantly endeavouring to save the life
of a wounded Havildar of his regi-
ment. This stone is erected by the
officers of the sth Goorkahs in
remembrance of a comrade whose
noble Hfe won the esteem of all
who knew him." Will dated 22
Dec. 1875, proved (Prin. Reg., 883,
89) 12 Nov. 1889, by Margaret
Fanny Jane Battye of 3 Woodstock
Road, Redland, Bristol, the relict
and sole Executrix.

Jane, dau. of
Major - General
Augustus Kaye
Moffat, by Jane
Flower his wife,
dau. of William
Baldwyn; born
at Mhow, Cen-
tral India, 22
December 1 847,
bapt. there 24
February 1848;
marr. at Luck-
now 9 Novem-
ber 1868.


Richmond Moffat Battye, born Arthur Baldwyn Battye, born at Ivan Urmston Battye, born

at Lucknow 26 Sept., bapt. there Murree, India, 2 Nov. 1872, and at Abbottabad 5 March,

bapt. there; Lieutenant Indian bapt. there 25 April 1875;

Staff Corps, formerly of the 30th Lieutenant Bengal Staff

East Lancashire Regiment, served Corps (Queen's Own Corps

under General Sir Robert Lowe in of Guides.

the Chitral Expedition 1895.

Oct. 1869; Lieutenant VI.
(Prince of Wales') Bengal Ca-
valry, formerly of 10th Lincoln-
shire Regiment.

George Percival Battye, born at
Abbottabad, India, 23 Oct.

187 1, bapt. there the same day;
died at Abbottabad 23 Aug.

1872, and was bur. there.

Hedley Morton Battye,
Walter Rothney Battye, bom at born at Dunga Gully, near
Rawal Pindi, Punjab, 20 Jan.,
bapt. at Abbottabad 27 March
1874; B.Sc, London.

Murree, 23 July, bapt. there
19 Sept. 1876; Lieutenant
Indian Staff Corps.

Lieut.-Colonel Frederick Drummond Battye, born 27 May 1847 —
of the Queen's Own Corps of Guides ; served under General Keyes
through Jowaki Afreedee Expedition 1877-78 (medal with clasp),
also present at the operations against the Rainizai Village Skhakat
14 March 1878, and in the attack on the Utman Kheigh Villages
21 March 1878; served in the Afghan War 1878-80, and was
present at the capture of Ali Musjid, and at the operations around
Cabul in December 1879 (severely wounded at the storming of
Asmai Heights); in the engagement at Charasail 25 April 1S80
(mentioned in despatches, medal with two clasps); served with the
Hazara Expedition in 189 1 (despatches, clasp); killed in action
at Panjkora River, Chitral, 13 April 1895.



=Isabel Jane, dau. of Major
Robert Ray Adams, by
Frances Charlotte Caroline
his wife, dau. of Captain
Francis John Bellew; born
at Goordaspur, India, i
September 1858, and bapt.
there ; marr. at Allahabad,
India, 16 February 1888;
died at Rawal Pindi, Pun-
jab, 25 November 1888,
and bur. there. Adinon
was granted at the Princi-
pal Registry 9 May 1889,
to Frederick Drummond
Battye of 27 West Crom-
well Road, South Kensing-
ton, CO. Middlesex, Major
in the Bengal Staff Corps.



Miriam McCheyne, bom at Basil Condon Battye, born at Naomi WyclifTe, bom at

Abbottabad, India, 9 Feb- Dunga Gully, near Murree, India, DungaGuUy 30 August 1884.

ruary, bapt. there 27 April 24 September 1882.


Mary, born at Richmond 20
April 1803, bapt. at Rich-
mond 12 June 1804; marr.
I St, Daniel Sparshott, Pay-
master and Purser R.N., who
died at Walmer, co. Kent, i
April, and was bur. there 6
April 1845. She marr. 2ndly,
at Heavitree, near Exeter, co.
Devon, 18 March 1849, John
Woolley of Launceston, co.
Cornwall, who died at Has-
tings 18 April 1890. She died
6 June, and was bur. at Laun-
ceston II June 1 86 1.

Anna, born at
Richmond 26
January, bapt.
there 27 January
1805 ; died at
Richmond 3

June, and bur.
in the cemetery
there 8 June

Louisa, born at
Richmond 23
August, bapt.
there 24 August

Sidney, born at
Richmond 2 2 April,
bapt. there 15 May
1808; marr.atDod-
brooke 28 March
1827, Henry Young
of Dodbrooke, her
ist cousin (son of
Rev. George Chilton
Lambton Young,
M.A. of King's Col-
lege, Cambridge,
by Sophia Palmer
his wife) ; born 8
May, bapt. at Tver,
CO. Bucks, 25 May

Emma, born at Richmond
10 April, bapt. there 23
April 1810; died at Rich-
mond 7 September, bur
there 12 September 181 1,

Margaret, born at Rich-
mond I4junei8i3, bapt
there 26 July 1814 ; died
at Dawlish, co. Devon, 2
July, bur. in the cemetery
there 8 July 1884. Admon
granted 19 August 1884,
at Exeter, to Louisa Young
of Dawlish, spinster, the
sister and next of kin.

Arthur Young,
born at Rich-
mond 12 Feb.,
bapt. there 16
February 1 81 2;
marr. Miss
Piatt ; he died
at Plymouth 9
June, bur.

there 14 June

Edmund Young, born=
at Richmond 1 1 April,
bapt. there 5 October
1 8 1 5 ; diedat Steyning,
CO. Sussex, 3 March,
bur. there 8 March
1886. Will dated 13
August 1863, proved
at Chichester 8 April
1886 by Elizabeth
Young of Steyning,
widow, the relict and
sole Extrix.

^Elizabeth, dau. of
John Cheeseman,
born at Steyning
19 August, bapt.
there 3 October
1815 ; marr. at
Steyning 1 7 Jan-
uary 1845.

Charlotte Dorothy
Jane, born at Dod-
brooke, 3 August
1817; marr. War-
ren Jane, M.D.,
of Tintern, co.
Monmouth. She
died at Newton
Abbot, CO. Devon,
15 August, bur. at
Wolborough, co.
Devon, 20 August


John Charles
Young, bom at
Dodbrooke 23
May 18 1 8, bapt.
there 7 July
1820 ; marr.
Sophia Griffiths,
who was born
and bur. in Aus-
tralia ; he died
at Bishop's Wal-
tham, CO. Hants,
19 May, bur.
there 23 May

John Cheeseman Young, born
14 April 1847 ; died at Steyn-
ing 16 October, bur. there
22 October 1859.

Sophia, born at Salcombe
7 August, bapt. there 3
September 1834; died at
Salcombe, bur. at Mal-
borough, CO. Devon, 12
August 1838. M.L

Catherine Barter, born
at Salcombe 3 August
1836, bapt. at Mal-
borough 15 April 1838;
died 3 March, bur. at
Brompton Cemetery 7
March 1879.

Caroline Julia Ann, born at Salcombe
28 November, bapt. at Malborough
3 March 1838; marr. at St. Pancras,
London, 22 December 18S2, Robert Kerr,
M.R.I.B.A., Professsor of Architecture at
King's College, London, District Surveyor
for Parish of St. James', Piccadilly; born
in Aberdeen 17 January 1823.




2aoptJS of jFaltnge, 3Roc{)liaIe,
CO. Lancaster.

Clement Royds of Falinge and Green-=i=Jane, only dau. of

Arms on record in the College of
Arms. — Ermine, on a cross en-
grailed between four lions ram-
pant gules, a tilting spear erect or,
and four bezants.

Crest. — A leopard sejant, sable,
bezantee, gorged with a collar ar-
gent, resting the dexter fore-paw
on a pheon or.

Motto. — Semper paratus.

hill, Rochdale, J. P. and D.L. for
counties of York and Lancaster, High
Sheriff for Lancashire 1850 (eldest son
of James Royds of Falinge, J. P. and
D.L., by Mary his wife, dau. of Charles
Smith of Summer Castle, near Roch-
dale) ; born at FaHnge 8 October, bapt.
at St. Mary's, Rochdale, 17 November
1785; died, aged 68, 6 September, bur.
in the chancel of the Rochdale Parish
Church 13 September 1S54. M.L

Charles Hudson of
Shaw Hill, CO. York,
J. P. and D.L., by
Jane his wife, only
dau. of John Watson
of South Hiendly,
Felkirk, co. York ;
born 16 January, bapt.
at Parish Church, Hali-
fax, CO. York, 30 April
178S ; marr. there 10
Deceinber 18 10; died
at Cheltenham, aged
65, 16 February, bur.
in the chancel of
the Rochdale Parish
Church 22 B'ebruary
1853. M.L

Susan Eliza, only child=]=Albert Hudson Royds of Falinge, Rochdale, and=
' ■ ■ " ■ Ellerslie, Great Malvern, J. P. and D.L. for

counties of Lancaster and Worcester, High
Sheriff of co. Worcester 1865, late Captain Duke
of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry; born 11 Sep-
tember 181 1, bapt. at St. Mary's, Rochdale, 2
January 181 2; died at Brownhill, Rochdale, aged
79, 17 January, bur. at Christ Church, Healey,
CO. Lane, 22 January 1890. Will dated i May
1888, proved at Manchester by Edmund Albert
Nuttall Royds of Ellershe, Great Malvern, the
son and sole Eisor.

and heiress of Robert
Nuttall of Kempsey
House, Worcester, by
SusanAnne his wife, dau.
of Rev. Randle Andrews,
Vicar of Ormskirk, co.
Lane. ; born at Slaughter
Court, Powick, Worces-
ter, 13 March, bapt. at
Powick 18 March 182 1 ;
marr. at Kempsey, co.
Worcester, 5 March
1839; died at Brighton
21 August, bur. in St.
Clement's Churchyard,
Spotland, co. Lane, 29
August 1869. istwife.


^Christiana, dau. of
Joseph Brook of
Huddersfield by
Anne his wife, dau.
of Samuel Turner ;
born 25 December
1 810, bapt. at Hud-
dersfield Parish
Church 21 January
1811 ; marr. at El-
lerslie, Great Mal-
vern, by special
licence 3 April
1878; died I Sept.,
bur. at Christ Ch.,
Healey, 4 Sept.
1894. 2nd wife.

Clement Robert Nuttall Beswicke-Royds of Pyke House,=
Rochdale, late Lieutenant 4th Dragoon Guards, Captain 3rd
Battalion (Militia) East Lancashire Regiment ; born 3 January,
bapt. at St. Clement's, Spodand, 25 March 1840. Assumed,
by Royal Licence dated 19 July 1869, for himself and issue
the additional surname and arms of Beswicke.


=Mary Alice Gibson, only child
and heir of John Halliwell
Beswicke, J. P., of Pyke House,
Littleborough, co. Lane, by
Maria his wife, dau. of Henry
Wilkinson of Montford, co.
Lane. ; born i March 1840,
and bapt. at Littleborough ;
marr. there 9 May 1867.

Clement Halliwell Beswicke-Royds,
born 5 February, bapt. at Holy Trinity,
Littleborough, 9 March 1868.


Emma, born lo March, bapt. at
St. Mary's, Rochdale, 1 9 May 1 8 1 3 ;
marr. at St. Chad's, Rochdale, 11
October 1836, John Bentley of
Birch House, co. Lane, and of
36 Pordand Place, London, J. P.
and D.L. for the counties of Mid-
dlesex, Westminster, and Lancaster
(son of John Bentley of Birch
House, by Ellen his wife, dau. of
Richard Lomax of Lomax Fold,
Harwood) ; born 11 April 1797;
he died, aged 81, 4 February, bur.
at Harwood Church 8 February
1879 ; she died, aged 72, 28 No-
vember, bur. at Harwood Church
3 December 1885.



William Edward Roydsof Green-=
hill, Rochdale, and of Danehill
Park, CO. Sussex, Captain in
Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeo-
manry Cavalry; born 10 April,
bapt. at St. Mary's, Rochdale,
14 August 181 7; died at Green-
hill ID January, bur. in St.
Clement's Churchyard, Spot-
land, 14 January 1871. ivill
dated 10 January 1871 with
codicil same date, proved in the
Principal Registry by Clement
Molyneux Royds of Greenhill,
Rochdale, the son, and Thomas
Lancaster of Bownham House,
Stroud, CO. Gloucester, the

Edmund Royds, Captain in the
14th Light Dragoons; born 25
September, bapt. at St. Mary's,
Rochdale, 9 December 181 4; died
at Avignon, France, 27 March,
bur. there 29 March 1838

=Mary Ann, eldest dau. of
Anthony Molyneux of
Newsham House, West
Derby, co. Lanes., by
Frances his wife, dau. of
John Blayds (formerly
CO. York ; born 28 July,
bapt. at St. Peter's, Liver-
pool, 30 August 1814;
marr. at St Mary's, Wal-
ton, CO. Lane, 10 June
1841 ; died at Danehill
Park 20 August, bur. in
St. Clement's Church-
yard, Spotland, 28 August

Susan Jane, born 27 June, bapt. at
St. Clement's, Spotland, 10 August
1843; marr. at Abbey Church, Mal-
vern, 26 September 1S72, Henry
Scales Scobell of The Abbey Per-
shore, co. Worcester, Captain Scots
Greys, J. P. and D.L. for co. Wor-
cester, High Sheriff 1872 (son of
Captain Edward Scobell, R.N., of
Poltair, CO. Cornwall, by his wife
Anne Collins); he died 26 April, bur.
at Pershore i May 1873 ; she died 6
Jan., bur. at Christ Church, Healey
13 Jan. 1878. He marr. firstly in
1854, Catherine Sarah Jenner, only
child of John Yeend Bedford of
The Abbey Pershore.


Edmund Albert Nuttall Royds of=
Falinge, Rochdale, of Trinity College,
Cambridge, Student of the Middle
Temple 30 April 1868, called to the
Bar 26 January 187 1, Member of the
Northern Circuit, J. P. for co. Lan-
caster, Lieut.-Colonel 4th Battalion
King's Own Royal Lancashire Regi-
ment, late Lieut. Queen's Own Wor-
cestershire Yeomanry Cavalry ; born
4 January, bapt. at St. Clement's,
Spotland, 5 October 1845; died at
Ellerslie, Great Malvern, aged 47,
22 August, bur. at Christ Church,
Healey, 26 August 1892. Will
dated 6 June 1880, proved in the
Principal Registry 27 November
1892 by Clement Molyneux Royds
and Alfred Fletcher, the Exors.

=Augusta Eliza,
eldest dau. of
Augustus Henry
Lemonius of

Stonehouse, co.
Lane, by his wife,
Susan Le Cras,
dau. of Major
Charles Harrison;
born 24 October
1848, bapt. at St.
Philip's, Liver-
pool ; marr. at St.
Mary's, Child-
wall, CO. Lane,
16 April 1873 ;
died 22 August


Kate Augusta, Albert Henry Royds, born 7 April,

born 25 Jan., bapt. at St. Edmund's, Falinge, 18

bapt. privately May 1876 ; gazetted 2nd Lieut. 3rd

at Brownhill Battalion Princess Charlotte of Wales'

19 Feb.; died Royal Berkshire Regiment (Militia),

the same day, 3 October 1894.

bur. at Christ —

Church, Hea- Wilfred Edmund Royds, born 29 April,

ley, 22 Feb. bapt. at St. Edmund's, Falinge, 5 June

1874. 1877.

Norman John Royds, born 11 April,
bapt. at St. Edmund's, Falinge, 23
May 1879; died 6 February, bur. at
Christ Church, Healey, 10 February

Susan Isabel, born 9 December 1882,
bapt. at The Abbey Church, Great
Malvern, 30 January 1883.

Rev, John Royds=
of Christ's College,
Cambridge, B.A.
1843, M.A. 1847,
Rector of Heysham,
CO. Lane. ; born
23 November 18 18,
bapt. at St. Mary's,
Rochdale, n June
1 81 9; died at Hey-
sham 9 June, bur.
there 14 June 1865.
Will dated 6 June
1865, proved at
Lancaster i July
1865 by Rev.
Charles Smith

Royds of Haugh-
ton, CO. Stafford,
the uncle, sole


=Jane, 2nd dau. Julia, born 19 September, bapt. at St. Mary's, Rochdale, 20

of John Had- October 1820; marr. istly, at St. Chad's there 30 Novem-

don Askwith ber 1842, Thomas Littledale of Highfield House, West

of Ripon by Derby, co. Lane, Captain in late 2nd Royal Lancashire

Catherine his Militia, D.L. co. Lane, Commodore of the Royal Mersey

wife, dau. of Yacht Club (eldest surviving son of Thomas Littledale of

William Har- Highfield House, West Derby, and of Braystones, co.

rison, M.D. ; Cumberland, by Ann his wife, eldest dau. of Thomas

born 30 March Molyneux of Newsham House, West Derby) ; born 3

18 18; marr. at September, bapt. at St. Peter's, Liverpool, 13 October

Campsall, near 1818 ; died 25 March, bur. at St. John's, Knotty Ash,

Doncaster, co. Liverpool, 2 April 1861. She marr. 2ndly, at St Mary's,

York, 23 Nov. West Derby, 4 October 1866, Horace Turner of Liver-

1847. pool. Member of Her Majesty's Legislative Council for

the Island of Antigua, W.L (5th son of Charles Turner

by his wife Mary, eldest dau. of Samuel Byam Athill) ;

born 28 February 1814; he died s.p. 3 September,

bur. at St. John's, Knotty Ash, Liverpool, 7 September




Clement Molyneux Royds=
of Greenhill, Rochdale, J.R
and D.L. co. Lancaster,
J. P. for Borough of Roch-
dale, High Sheriff of Lan-
cashire 1889, Major and
Hon. Lieut.-Colonel Duke
of Lancaster's Own Yeo-
manry Cavalry, Hon. Colonel
2nd Volunteer Battalion
Lancashire Fusiliers 1894;
born 3 April, bapt. at St.
Clement's, Spotland, 26
April 1842.

=Annette Nora Jane,
2nd dau. of Thomas
Littledale of High-
field House, West
Derby, by Julia his
wife, 2nd dau. of
Clement Royds of
Falinge ; born 19
March, bapt. at St.
John's, Knotty Ash,
23 April 1846;
marr. at St. Mary's,
West Derby, 2 1
February 1882.

Frances Marion, born 10 May, bapt. at St.
Clement's, Spotland, 27 August 1845;
marr. at St. Chad's, Rochdale, 17 January
1872, William Fenton of Churchdale
Ashford, Bakewell, co. Derby (son of
William Fenton of Dutton Manor, Rib-
Chester, co. Lane, J. P. and D.L. co.
Lane, by Hannah his wife, dau. of
William Walker of Gateshead, co. Dur-
ham). She died 21 August, bur. at Christ
Church, Healey, 24 August 1878.

Rev. Christopher Smyth of Jesus College, Cambridge, B.A. 1850,=
M.A. 1853, Rector of Woodford, co. Northampton, 1857-84, Rural
Dean of Higham-Ferrers 1862-82, Vicar of Bussage, co. Gloucester,
from 1886 to 1891 (son of Rev. William Smyth, M.A., J.P., of Elkington
Hall, CO. Lincoln, and Annables co. Herts, by Mary his wife, dau. of
Samuel Ray of Tannington, co. Suffolk); born 17 January, bapt. at
Lathbury, co. Bucks, 21 February, 1827.

Clementina, born 11
Decemberi827, bapt.
at St. Mary's, Roch-
dale, 13 August 1828;
marr. at St. Chad's,
Rochdale, 7 Julyi8s7.

Ellen, born 31 December, 1846, bapt. at St. Clara, born 15 Novem- Mabel, born 21 March,

Mary's, Rochdale, 15 March 1847; marr. at St. ber, Greenhill, bapt. at Greenhill,

Clement's, Spotland, 30 April 1873, Charles and entered in the and entered in the

Collins Onley Tylden-Wright of Brownstown, co. Register of St. Mary's, Register of St. Mary's,

Kildare, Ireland, J. P. for counties of Netting- Rochdale, 17 Nov. Rochdale, 22 March

ham, Stafford, and Worcester, late Lieut, in the 1850; marr. at St. 1854; marr. at St.

Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, F.G.S. (son of Clement's, Spotland, Edmund's, Rochdale,

Rev. Edward Collins Wright, Rector of Pits- 10 Dec. 1872, Lieut.- 30 January 1879,

ford, CO. Northampton, by Frances Ellen his Colonel Herbert Leigh William Archibald

wife, dau. of Robert Pemberton, Barrister-at- Gipps, Lieut.-Colonel Napier (son of Major

Law, and sister of Thomas, late Lord late Princess of Wales' the Hon'''^ Charles

Kingsdown) ; born 24 April, bapt. at Pitsford Own Yorkshire Regi- Napier, of the Wood-

6 May 1832 ; by Royal Licence dated 6 Sep- ment, J. P. for co. lands, Taunton, by

tember i860, he assumed the name of Tylden Kent (son of Henry Annabella Jane his

before that of Wright ; she died 27 July, bur. at Plumptre Gipps, M.P. wife, dau. of Colonel

Shireoaks, co. Nottingham, 31 July 1884. He for Canterbury, by Edward Gatacre of

marr., as his first wife, at Milstead 6 September Mary Ann his wife, Gatacre, co. Salop,

i860, Jane Elizabeth, only child of Colonel Sir dau. of Sir William J. P. and D.L.,); born

John Maxwell Tylden of Milstead Manor, co. Lawrence Young, 24 April, bapt. at the

Kent, J. P. and D L., by Elizabeth his wife, Bart., of Hughenden Parish Church, Rugby,

only dau. of the Rev. Henry Lomax Walsh, Manor, co. Bucks); 28 April 1845.

LLD., of Grimblesthorpe, CO. Lincoln; she died born in London 6

at Woodlands, Worksop, co. Nottingham, 23 April, bapt. at St.

September, bur. at Shireoaks 28 September Mary's, Marylebone,

1868. 16 June 1844.

Arthur Molyneux William Herbert Molyneux Royds of Brig-=
Royds, born at stock Manor House, co. Northampton, born
Ventnor, Isle of 17 January, bapt. at St. Clement's, Spotland,
Wight, 17 Decern- 19 March 1844; died at Brigstock 8 Feb-
ber, entered in the ruary, bur. at New Church, Rossendale, co.
Register of St. Lane, 13 February 1883. Will dated 31
Mary's, Rochdale, July 188 1, proved at Peterborough 7 August
i8Decemberi856. 1883 by Clement Molyneux Royds of Roch-
dale, the brother, and Charles Patrick of
Clough Fold, CO. Lane, the Exors.

Mary Ashworth, born
18 March, bapt. at
New Church, Rossen-
dale, 3 June 1875.

=Mary Alice, dau. of John
Ashworth of Clough Fold,
Rossendale, co. Lane, by
Mary his wife, dau. of John
Howorth of Bacup, co. Lane;
born 6 November 1846, bapt.
at New Church, Rossendale,
10 January 184^ ; marr. there
8 May 1873.

Alice Maud, born 30 December 1877,
bapt. at New Church, Rossendale, 8 May
1878; died 23 June, bur. at New Church,
Rossendale, 27 June 1878.

William Horace Royds,
born 21 May, bapt. at
Brigstock 19 July 1880.

Ernest Edmund Molyneux Royds, J. P. for co.=f=Blanche, 4th dau. of Christopher Rawson

Lane, late Lieut. Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeo-
manry Cavalry; born 22 October 1848, bapt. at
St. Mary's Rochdale, 13 February 1849 ; died
at Broadview, Petersfield, co. Hants, 16
January, bur. in the cemetery there 20 January

of the Hurst, Walton-on-Thames, by Ellen
Frances his wife, dau. of John Naylor Wright ;
born 7 August, bapt. at Walton-on-Thames
3 September 1850 ; marr. at St. John's,
Woolwich, 3 April 1872.


Kathleen Mabel, born 18 December 1872, Charles William Rawson Royds (twin with Ellen

bapt. at St. Mary's, Rochdale, 27 January Jessica), Midshipman R.N. ; born i February,

1873. bapt. at Christ Church, Healey, 1 March 1876.

Percy Molyneux Rawson Royds, Sub- Ellen Jessica (twin with Charles William Rawson

Lieut. R.N.; born 5 April, bapt. at St. Royds), born i February, bapt. at Christ Church,

Clement's, Spotland, 6 May 1874. Healey, i March 1876.

loijnson of ^a^i)am anJ) ISaelborne,
(0. Jiorfblfe*

Rev. John Johnson of Caius College, Cam-=f=Maria Dorothy, dau. of George Livius of
bridge, LL.B. 1794, LL.D. 1803; Rector of \ Bedford (who served in India as Commissary

Yaxham with VVelborne, co. Norfolk, 1800-33 >
born at Ludham, co. Norfolk, 15 November
1769, bapt. there the same day; died 29
September, bur. at Yaxham 3 October 1833.
Cousin of the Poet Cowper and the original of

General under Warren Hastings), by Mary
his wife, dau. of Joseph Foster-Barham; bom in
parish of St. Cuthbert's, Bedford, 20 December
1789; marr. at Bedford 26 April i8o8; died
21 February, bur. at Yaxham 27 February


Mary Theodora, born at Bedford
and bapt. at St. Cuthbert's there
8 April 1810; marr. at Yaxham
21 February 1834, Rev. Robert
Green Rogers of Oriel College,
Oxford, matriculated 6 May 1818,
aged 17, B.A. 1822, M.A. 1825,
Rector of Yarlington (son of John
Rogers of Yarlington, co. Somer-
set by Anne Reynolds his wife,
dau. and sole heir of Pickering
Robinson of Rawcliffe, co. York) ;
born at Yarlington 6 November,
bapt. II December 1800. She
died at Yarlington, aged 26, 6
May, bur. there 14 May 1836.
M.I. He marr. 2ndly, 30 De-

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